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January 10, 2018

Iran Will Become Hopes Gained to Hopes Shattered


The protest started in Mashhad, the second or third largest city in Iran, on December 28, 2017, over prices and the poor economy. The demonstrators were largely the poor and some students but rapidly spread both along economic grounds to store owners and their employees and to every city. We are now into the second week of the protests and thus far, the leadership of Iran has shown little concern for the problems in their society. That includes both the supposed elected officials and the self-appointed leadership, which includes the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution who choose the Supreme Leader as well as vetting all candidates running for elected office, eliminating all candidates who show even the slightest glimmer of new ideas which might run contrary to their ninth century thinking. That has been both a good thing and a bad thing. It is kind of a blessing in disguise as the government not reacting means that they have been allowed to protest without overt actions such as loosing the Basij Militias upon the demonstrators as in 2009, but the government has also ignored their plight simply brushing away their complaints as unsubstantiated. Despite not forcefully opposing the demonstrations in their streets, the Iranian protesters have seen more than two-dozen of its members murdered. There have been reports of protesters after-dark firing shots at police armed with rifles and handguns. This is before the totalitarian government has moved to restrict or destroy the protests as they had in the Green Revolution bringing those protests to an end in 2009. The main question we have received is exactly what one would suspect, “What will happen with the demonstrations in Iran and what will President Trump do to support them?” Well, perhaps it is time to answer that composite and comprehensive question.


Iranian Protests December 30, 2017

Iranian Protests December 30, 2017


Allow us to answer the easier question first, what will President Trump do? Well, he will Tweet about the horrors and how the violence, once it comes, has to end and how he has the ability to strike Iranian leadership with a ‘yuuge’ can of whoopash. Truthfully, he will go to the United Nations Security Council demanding that Chapter Seven mandatory worldwide economic sanctions be imposed on Iran. This will probably result in a complete rejection of the Trump request with a vote where maybe two or three others on the Security Council with Poland and Côte d’Ivoire the only votes we might think to promise supporting such sanctions and with at least three; China, France and Russia, opposing such a resolution resulting in nobody even having to think of pulling out their veto power as the United States was forced to do over the Jerusalem resolution. The next obvious step, which if wise he will not even bother, would be to bring the same resolution under Chapter Six, a nonenforceable motion, form of the resolution which would meet with similar if not identical rejection. Taking any such resolution to the General Assembly would be useful only in displaying to the world how upside down the United Nations has become supporting dictators over people and condemning the free nations for any independent moves they might execute on the international stage. The combination of condemning the United States over recognizing Jerusalem, condemning Israel for existing, and protecting Iran and seldom condemning the slaughters in Syria; and while condemning Israel for Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and Palestinian Authority semi-autonomous regions for beating wives and at the same time saying nothing for the shelling, barrel bombing and use of chemical agents on the largest Syrian Palestinian Arab refugee camp destroying the camp and murdering hundreds if not thousands in the process, have already shown anyone paying even the slightest attention the duplicity of the United Nations at all levels and throughout every last one of its agencies with the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) leading the way. President Trump does not need to feed the media beast out to consume and destroy him, but he does need to go to the Security Council for whichever version of obvious defeat, Chapter Six or Seven, just to place on the international stage the complete rejection of willing principled action even for protecting citizens protesting the corruption in their government. The reason is obvious, why should the citizens have any right to protest their government because in socialist governance and dictatorial governance, the government knows best and the people should be thankful for whatever dregs are permitted them.


Now for the less obvious part of the question, what will happen as a result of these protests. That will come down to what happens after the initial crackdown. What will happen initially is obvious, sooner or later, more likely sooner; the Iranian government will make a pushback over the protesters. How, you wish to know. The initial anti-protest move will be a violent encounter between the civilian protesters and the ‘civilian’ pro-government protesters where the pro-government protesters will be made up of IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and Basij Militia members in civilian attire. These are military and paramilitary groups trained in hand-to-hand combat likely armed with batons and other handheld weaponry to wield against protesters largely armed with nothing or sticks from their protest signs. The civilian protesters will be unprepared for this pushback, as up to that point they will have faced uniformed police who were only in place to steer and limit their protests from spreading beyond certain limitations. This would be little different than how protests are handled in most nations with soft power but these protests have a different element, they are not going to end by themselves and that is where the problem arises. The Iranian government will not tolerate the bad media they are receiving from having the limitations and internal problems transmitted to the entire world. The Iranian government will need to end the protests so they can return the transmissions from Iran, especially through western media, of a nation where the people are satisfied and all is well.


Iranian Protests January 2018

Iranian Protests January 2018


Once this initial pushback had played-out and the Iranian leadership has weighed the reactions of the world and the nations within and as long as there is no overt outspoken a direct protest, then they will proceed to the next level of opposition. This will bring on a number of such pushbacks spreading to other cities with the Iranian government continuing to measure international responses. Once they have received some number of international reactions that such violence must end, then the Iranian government will have received the permission they require to put an end to the demonstrations, both sides. The first and initial confrontation between uniformed security police and the protesters will show them engaging with both sides. While the protesters who were taking the government side against the initial civilian protesters will appear to be being imposed upon just as harshly as the anti-government protesters but the reality is the pro-government protesters will shrink back quickly disappearing from the scene while the anti-government protesters have not been let in on the show and will receive the blunt end of government suppression. This low-level police action will last only a few days if that long. As long as their actions do not meet with actual threats of actions taken against Iran, direct actions as they could care less about sanctions, then the protests are doomed. The final stage will be mass arrests, shootings and heavy methods of disruption breaking the will and the spirit of the protesters. Such a put-down of the protests will require a number of days, probably less than a week to a week and a half, will continue with no remorse or limitation growing more violent with each passing day.


This will be the sorry state unless there is some direct intervention by the world or some nation capable of intervening and siding with the protesters and bringing down the government and remaining for probably a year or two and assisting keeping the peace until a new government has taken root, a democratically elected government in which everybody is permitted to run for office. There should be elected temporary governance which will draft a Constitution and establish the new governance and its structure then holding another election for a permanent government after the Constitution has been accepted by the people. Within the initial period will be necessitated that the Basij Militia members be sought out and prevented from being a subversive element intending to return the governance to being a religious theocracy. The problem is what nation would be willing and able to intervene and back the protesters demand for a greater voice in their government? The immediate answer is always the same, the United States. Many will claim that President Donald Trump would be ready, willing and able to jump in and take the fight to the Mullahs and bring Iran back within the family of nations. Those would be the words of those believing such is even a possibility. We are really sorry, but it is necessary that we pop your bubble if you are part of the interventionist political group. There is almost no possibility of the United States intervening in Iran short of Iran attacking another nation such as Saudi Arabia or Israel directly. Even with Iran using the Houthis in Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia including firing missiles at Riyadh which is the Saudi Arabian capital city and nothing from President Trump or the United States. Even if Hamas in Gaza and Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria were to attack Israel with hundreds or thousands of rockets and missiles there would be no reaction beyond speeches, Tweets and hopefully rearming of Iron Dome intercepting missiles as quickly as possible.


President Trump was elected to repair the damages of the last couple of decades since the Gingrich revolution and the Contract with America. His primary objective was the economy which included mostly tax reform and regulation reform. President Trump passed an initial tax reform and reduction legislation and invoked an Executive Order that every cabinet position, with very few exceptions, had to revoke two resolutions for every new resolution they invoke. This would, at the very least, be an incentive to reduce the number of new resolutions any agency would invoke because they would be want to revoke two existing resolutions. Reality be stated, each agency probably has so many redundant resolutions that revoking one of the many would make little if any difference. President Trump also promised to make trading with the rest of the world more equal while assuring the American voters he was not in favor of using the United States military in nation building or interventions in any actions which were not a direct threat to the nation itself. Where the Iran governance could potentially become a large threat to the United States and the world once they become an announced and obvious nuclear-armed nation with thermonuclear weapons, super EMP weapons and the ICBMs with which to launch them to any part of the globe, they are not currently so armed to the best intelligence currently available. Yes, we know we have made exception with the current intelligence and fully believe that Iran is and have been building a nuclear weapons arsenal for the past two decades and now have the missiles required for launching them anywhere on the globe and in numbers sufficient to overcome any current non-space-based interception systems. That possibility is probably included in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) and would be further reason not to intervene with anything in Iran unless it was a full-scale intervention using virtually all weaponry at the military’s disposal. Such an intervention is not likely in the near future unless Iran does an overt act against another nation and not for acts internally. The Iranians will eventually take down the protesters with more than required violence against the protesters using extreme prejudice arresting thousands with many of the leadership taken to Evin Prison where they will face torture and most will never be seen again. It will be another sorry week/month in human history which future generations will be clueless on why no actions were taken, should humanity have that long a future.


Frightening Nuclear Proliferation Map

Frightening Nuclear Proliferation Map


Between the Iranian Mullah’s religious belief that they are determined by Allah to rule the world and spread Shia Islam to every person on the globe and North Korea eventually overplaying their hand and following through on one of their threats triggering a horrific war or China, Russia, United States or somewhere electing or choosing a ruler who is more mentally unbalanced than any in history starting a conflagration as the extent of nuclear proliferation is about to explode and soon most nations will posses a full range of nuclear weapons and the missiles to launch them virtually anywhere, certainly at their neighbors. Life on planet earth is approaching a vital choice where either a new age of cooperation brought on by the acknowledgment that the major powers have developed a space fleet in cooperation with their uniting the world eliminating differences and the imposition of world governance or flying uncontrolled beyond the cusp defined by a nuclear Armageddon and the destruction of all civilization as we know it and pockets of survivors left who after a few generations will have lost the knowledge with which we build the modern world and humanity returns to the stone age. The near future hold unlimited promise and a singular threat of total destruction and the choice will be made by the most powerful nations who at some point may have to choose between total and complete destruction of an area of the planet turning it into a wasteland for thousand years or more in order to save the remainder of the world for the future. Will the leaders who eventually face this choice have the nerve to make that choice or will they leave humanity’s future up to a far more perilous set of events. May we live to see the resultant earth from such decision or better yet, may that choice never be required.


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October 23, 2016

Barack Obama’s Wild Search for Any Legacy

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President Barack Obama entered office with even a great number of Europeans having sky high hopes for his future. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize largely due to his soaring rhetoric describing his desires and designs for a world blanketed in peace rather than strife, free of nuclear weapons rather than bristling with them, shared bounty benefitting all replacing areas torn by hunger and want, and his fresh message promising hope replacing despair. There appeared to be other areas of the world which also caught Obamaitis, a feeling of great hope due to dulcet tones of rhythmic rhymes and rhetoric promising the end of deprivation and the opening for all a grand cornucopia providing great giving filling the world with divine satisfactions and serenity, comforts and calm, lullabies and love. The world had to be at the leading edge of the Age of Aquarius.



This expectation of greatness and having found the leader for the new century who would wipe away all the old and stodgy ideas which presumably underlined the policies and failings of his predecessor, George W. Bush led to the reelection as if the expectations which had begun to fade could be brought to fulfillment if just the people would show their support and promise to stay the course with full support and continued adulation. Americans, as a whole, virtually all hoped that President Obama would be the President that all America could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with and repair the real problems facing the nation. Even, or possibly because of, many who initially feared that Obama would rule as what they perceived as an extreme leftist progressive anti-American still grabbed on to this prayer, this hope. I know as I was one such who had predicted that President Obama would be a President Jimmy Carter on steroids. I was wrong as I missed the part which would rival President Lyndon Baines Johnson with the steamrolling over all opposition; Constitution be damned. So now we sit in the closing months of a wounded Presidency which failed in even its own measuring stick. Gone beyond repair is Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits, the end of coal for energy, fracking continues, livable wage remains a dream, government run healthcare is in a shambles and the final crash is still ahead, universal nuclear disarmament is dead with the promise of proliferation like never before is about to spread these weapons across the most unstable Middle East and into North Africa (MENA) and, worst of all, there are numerous more wars with entire nations in various stages of disintegration as in Libya, Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine and the world seems closer than ever to the Eve of Destruction.



Musical interludes aside, the world is far more violent with more conflict and more nations in a state of complete anarchy where the governance has either disintegrated or no longer cares or represents the population. The continued anarchy and destruction in Syria and Libya can be indirectly or even directly attributed to actions or lack thereof by the United States under the directions of President Obama and largely the State Department. There have been reports online and in the mainstream media of recommendations made by the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff being ignored and even directly countermanded by the White House. Examples of such advice being completely ignored which led directly to many of today’s problems include pulling almost every American military force after refusing to provide a new set of terms and protections for the troops as President Obama refused to permit the Pentagon to work with the Iraqi government leaving the State Department to negotiate which was postponed until a mere ten weeks before the then existing agreement lapsed. Then there was the shifting, sliding and finally fading to nothing Red Line in the Sand to bring destruction down on Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad if he unleashed chemical weapons. The final example we will give was the entire concept of leading from behind which directly led to the decapitation of Libyan governance without providing even a modicum of force in place providing time to form new governance resulting in tribal internal warfare tearing the nation apart.


Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Pentagon

Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Pentagon


To the present we are witnessing a change and President Obama taking the lead very quietly while attempting to force what his passivity failed to accomplish. We have witnessed stronger language targeting Russian President Putin while arming rebels more directly, though which rebels has been kept somewhat vague. Some reports claim they are al-Nusra and others who were once claiming allegiance to al-Qaeda but have since renounced any allegiances. Some unofficial sources not aligned with the State Department or Pentagon has shown alliances with some of these rebels with the Islamic State. Even more troubling has been the unprincipled support using American air power of Turkey President Erdogan bombing the one group which deserved the greatest support, the Kurdish Militias (Peshmerga پێشمەرگە), who have been the most successful against the Islamic State all the way back to their initial ISIS or ISIL stage and the main force rescuing the Yazidi while the world governments sat silent feigning helplessness with one exception which has provided light weapons, anti-tank weapons and special forces to train Kurdish fighters, a nation which must remain unnamed. President Obama has made the known fallacious claim that Turkey is fighting the Islamic State when the reality is they are attempting to wipe out the Kurdish forces and people in a genocidal war and assisting the Islamic State which has recovered Aleppo from Kurdish control. These anti-Kurdish efforts are pushing some Kurds to seek protection with Islamist forces they once fought against. Talk of turning friends into enemies, what a great strategy.


President Obama still claims his brilliant nuclear treaty with Iran, which even the French had to be beaten into submission after initially vetoing the agreement, prevents Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. The statement can only be made valid if one adds, “while I am President,” onto the end. Even the White House had admitted that Iran will be fully nuclear capable and free of any restrictions after just over a decade from now. Then we have the most recent evidence of the hard-line being taken in response to a pair of missiles fired from Yemen originating in the area held by Iranian backed Houthis Rebels. The American Naval forces were freed to respond in kind. Further the United States Navy was ordered to cross into the expanded regions now claimed by China after they built a number of new islands placing military assets including artillery and anti-ship missiles in an effort to control an important Asian trade route. This new and unprecedented stance by President Obama has come with minimal if any inclusion of the Pentagon or Joint Chiefs of Staff other than to relay the orders and is being executed in order to shore up support for Democrat candidates in the coming elections. This also permits Hillary Clinton to imply that she may have had a hand in this new direction by the White House to accommodate her stronger stance in foreign policy. It is all a feint to make her appear to separate from the lead from behind strategy when in reality she will not lead at all with one exception which is worthy of discussion before closing this article.


A President Hillary Clinton will continue to bow to Iranian hegemonic plans in the MENA region and continue to snub Egypt, Israel, Jordan and other allies unless they curry favor as was the way to play when she was Secretary of State with higher entry fees as she is now the President. Further, she will allow China to extend their hegemonic desires throughout the western Pacific Ocean and into the Indian Ocean. This will revive an ancient animosity between China and India, an India which is likely to surpass China as the most populous nation within a decade or two. Hillary Clinton will further aid the influx of Islamic immigrants all but unvetted into Europe, mostly western Europe, while also increasing the rate for accepting immigrants from across MENA and including the Horn of Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Islamic nations except Iran, they need to remain strong with a large and capable military with secret side deals done without Congressional oversight or knowledge when possible. There is one place where Hillary Clinton will not only stand strong but will seek new venues to pressure, Putin and Russia. For reasons known only to the least sane amongst us, there has been an undertone softly growing demanding that Russian President Putin be brought low and to bend and surrender to the “equality of women” and raise the position of Russian women to their “rightful place” in Russian society. This is partly the demand for a “No Fly Zone” in Syria as this would soon lead to a direct confrontation. Do not doubt that any Russian fighter caught entering such a zone, even after dropping their ordinance and simply transgressing on way back to base, they would be intercepted and very likely fired upon or, even worse, shot from the sky using missiles pressing the Russians to respond. Even if Putin would take such a situation and apologize, explain and request for unarmed aircraft, after dropping ordinance, for Russian pilots to use the “safe zone” for returning to base, the request would be refused bluntly and with no regard for any damage as such would be intentional. What is the end desired? We wish we knew!


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February 15, 2016

Radically Changing Power Structures in the Middle East


First allow us to note the passing of a great Constitutional scholar and jurist, Antonin Scalia, who was seventy-nine and had served for twenty-nine years on the Supreme Court. There will be a ton of second guessing on whom exactly President Obama will pick to replace the conservative, Constitutional scholar but the one thing we would like to put forth is they will mostly be wrong. President Obama’s previous choices of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan surprised almost all in his previous Supreme Court appointments. Our guess is of a more general nature as we believe his choice will be an academic who shares the leftist view of a living and ever mutating Constitution in which all forms of new and existing rights can be found to be implied if only the founders had the wisdom of the leftists of today. Whoever President Obama chooses will have the effect of changing the nature and status of the Supreme Court likely for a long while into the future. President Obama has had the rare opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the Supreme Court as he has had the opportunity of appointing one third of the current members sitting on the Supreme Court. This will be the true legacy next to Obamacare and the initiating the accepting of tens if not hundreds of thousands of Syrian and other Middle Eastern “refugees” and potentially resulting in millions by the time the entire story becomes known. One can hope to be pleasantly surprised that the President’s appointment turns out to be more of a purist when interpreting the Constitution as being appointed to the Supreme Court has shown some strange and unexpected results as people take the honor to heart and have the importance of the position lay heavily on their minds and their direction of thoughts on the exact definition of protect and defend the Constitution will inevitably mean to them. We can only hope for a discerning and wise person who weighs all the ramification of their decisions.



Antonin Scalia Supreme Court Judge 79 years old, 29 years on Supreme Court

Antonin Scalia Supreme Court Judge
79 years old, 29 years on Supreme Court



Everyone has, including us to some extent, expressed their feelings on the path to nuclear weapons power that Iran received in the Iran Nuclear Agreement 7/14/2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the inevitable ways it will change the entire makeup and distribution of power across the Middle East and many, again including us, have attempted to predict what the wholesale introduction of nuclear weaponry across the Middle East and potentially slowly seeping across Norther Africa and whether it will make Nuclear Armageddon more likely or usher in an understanding of the new and ruinous implications of starting a war might cause to bring as the outcome. Of course if anyone was looking to bring the greatest possible turmoil, chaos, death and destruction on the world as a whole and not care about the consequences because that turmoil, chaos, death and destruction actually was their only goal, then the nuclearization of the Middle East and beyond is exactly what the doctor ordered. A nuclear armed apocalyptic maniac is the exact formula to a future which could act to set human development back ten centuries or potentially lead to the next round of massive mutations across all surviving life forms eventually leading to the next apex predator to rise to the top of the food chain and with any luck also me closer to human development than the simple brute power of T-rex had attained before they and their species being brought down by an assumed impact wiping clean the slate of development leading to mankind’s rise to eventual dominance.


There have been other changes which are probably not as dire or noticeable as yet on how these developments will play out. The biggest has been the introduction of highly effective antiaircraft missile batteries at both ends of the Middle East with Iran to soon have delivery of the Russian S-300 antiaircraft batteries to Iran and the recent deployment by the Russian forces defending their port and the Alawites in the area including Bashir al-Assad of the S-400 antiaircraft batteries. These systems render an air assault or targeting within their range far riskier and problematic. Further, with Russians manning the S-400 antiaircraft batteries in Syria, they are far less likely to be shut-down as was the entirety of the Syrian air defense network by the Israelis when they bombed the nuclear development complex facility in September 6, 2007. These changes in the balance of power brought by these changes are going to be difficult to discern as the variables are significant. One also has to add two other important notes to this volatile mix of conditions, one from the Middle East and the other affecting the Middle East.



Russian S-400 Antiaircraft Batteries Now Stationed Around Latakia, Syria Placing Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport Easily Within Range for Interception

Russian S-400 Antiaircraft Batteries
Now Stationed Around Latakia, Syria
Placing Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport
Easily Within Range for Interception



The first is the affect that North Korea may play onto the Middle East puzzle as well as the future of the United States. As we and numerous others have pointed out is the fact that both Iran and North Korea have practiced and actually placed satellites into low earth orbits which have polar orbits rather than an equatorial orbit which makes them pass over the United States mainland alternately from the direct north and from the direct south. The northern approach is not that important as it would pass over the teeth of the United States NORAD and other defensive systems placed to intercept any Russian attack during the cold war and thus would be facing formidable defensive structures. The interesting passes are the one approaching from the south, particularly those passing over Mexico or the Gulf of Mexico and crossing over the United States anywhere from New Mexico to Arizona where the entirety of the United States monitoring systems have one of the largest blind-spots and thus vulnerability. Both Iran and North Korea have practiced what is understood by military strategists to be the perfect height and orbit for delivering an EMP, or Super EMP which is the latest craze, device to explode near the center of the United States and southern Canada taking out the entirety of the North American power grid. The resultant damages to the transformers and other high voltage system hardware as well as destroying virtually all of the software run control systems would result in as high as ninety-five percent civilian deaths in the first decade with the largest loss being at the front end two years having the greatest impact.


Such an assault could effectively take out almost all of the ground based systems the United States would be reliant on for its defense from invasion or to retaliate against their attacker. This would not mean the perpetrators of such an assault would be free and clear of retribution raining down on their heads as the United States has a large enough contingent of its forces located around the globe that United States power projection would remain credible. The large nuclear missile carrying submarines, often called Boomers (hey, we do not make up these names, honest) would still carry in their tubes sufficient nuclear strike capabilities of destroying virtually the entirety of human existence globally and definitely could remove the populations of North Korea and Iran without losing their critical and definitive threat against any others planning in taking advantage of the problems back home caused by such an attack. Where this would bring little solace to the Americans facing brutish conditions as their entire food and other supply networks would have been destroyed in such an attack, this deterrent power of the United States nuclear powered Navy that eventually the United States would return onto the world stage meaner and leaner but even more determined to take vengeance unto which the world has never known. The last part in this section of the puzzle is that Iran and North Korea have had a high level of cooperation in nuclear development and rocket/missile technology. Keeping such in mind, the recent test carried out by North Korea of a hydrogen powered nuclear device now believed to be, here comes the new buzzword, Super EMP device capable of on detonation generating a series of EMP Gama-radiation waves which could destroy if detonated over Kansas City or St Louis or anywhere between which would be sufficiently potent to effect sensitive electronics in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D. C., Norfolk Naval Base, Andrews Airforce Base, the Pentagon (except for its shielded emergency generators), Richmond on down to Atlanta, Georgia. That would include the East and West Coasts leaving potentially the Coronado Naval Base and Marine Base intact and slight possibility of not destroying the Bremerton shipyards. Still, such a wide ranging area of destruction of electronic devices would be devastating and would be felt world-wide as there would be other ramifications such as GPS satellites not receiving update information largely controlled by the United States and a loss of large sectors of the Internet, phone networks and any other functions which pass through the United States communications hubs which carry the largest volume of the entire world’s communications. This would have far reaching effects many of which are irreplaceable and even unpredicted. The best case scenario, and only best case scenario, is that such an attack never occurs; but with a child-like egotistical and maniacal megalomaniac in charge in North Korea who believes himself one of the most powerful people ruling a giant amongst nations who murders any general or even family member who attempts to implant even the slightest glimmer of reality into the equation being executed on the spot, who knows? Just think about the day, which might be today or tomorrow, when Kim Jung-un decides it is time to teach the United States a lesson. Just ponder that for a moment and then try to return to your normally scheduled day as such would never happen, would it? Adding the Iranian fanatical and suicidal Mullahs in Iran and have fun sleeping tonight, they do not really mean it when they claim to desire bringing chaos, turmoil, misery and a general state of conflagration worldwide just so their messiah the Twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, who will emerge from his hiding place down a well in Qom where he has been hiding since before the year 1000 AD. You cannot make this stuff up. So there is that threat and they share technology and many believe the tested nuclear Super EMP device tested by North Korea recently was actually an Iranian design and was carried out by North Korea for the Iranians so they would not break their treaty quite yet.



North Korean President for Life Kim Jung-Un Signaling that He’s Number One!

North Korean President for Life Kim Jung-Un
Signaling that He’s Number One!



The other side of the coin is Israel. The Israelis have not been taking all these developments as fait accompli but instead have been working, one could say feverishly, on their layered missile and aircraft defense systems. The world was given a demonstration of the effectiveness of the Iron Dome on locally launched missiles, mortars and rockets during the last Gaza war. Since then there have been further upgrades made possible by the data acquired during that conflict. Many of the upgrades were software but the other was a new interceptor which would improve the accuracy and lethality of the system, a system which already proved to be over ninety percent accurate in its initial deployment during the last Gaza Hamas war. Israel also has a multi-layered system of interceptor which would make interception possible on an ICBM or Continental Ballistic Missile such as what Iran would need to use if launching from within their borders. Should they launch from Syria or Lebanon then the intercept would be performed by a faster reacting system such as the Iron Dome or other slightly more encompassing system. The kind of layered system which will be required to keep Israel and the Israeli population safe from any device with the emphasis on early detection and removal of threats on their ascendant prefecture over the downward flight as it is most often on the approach to target after apogee that missile systems deploy avoidance technologies. While the Israeli nuclear capability has been pondered and guessed at, it is still not 100% proven if such systems exist or where and how they would be stored and/or deployed, what delivery systems exist and whether these systems kept in hardened bunkers atop ICBM and Continental Ballistic Missiles or if they exist, are they simply bombs requiring aircraft to fly the mission to deliver these weapons which may not even exist. As we covered recently on February 13, 2016 in our article What Israel Must Learn from President Obama concerning, amongst other items of importance, the F-35 JSF and its serious limitations and no freedom of action when using these fifth generation fighters that they make second guessing any nation relying on these systems to come under United States control potentially at the most critical of moments. Further, the fact that an EMP device would necessarily affect the very support systems which would allow the F-35 JSF to deploy would be destroyed or isolated such that they could not release the aircraft when most needed, the F-35 JSF would become just so much advanced electronics and composites composited dead on the runway. There are a number of other links to other articles both ours and outside corroborative articles all worth a quick read as they lay out much of the thought patterns since even before 2010 when we first finally got around to addressing the next generation of aircraft which are going to become a necessity for air defense at close range and possibly further missions run from a control aircraft. Perhaps another article is due on such future systems; we will try to look into such but no absolute promises on when.



The Mouse that Roared A comedy to lift the spirits

The Mouse that Roared
A comedy to lift the spirits



As is noticeable the world is changing, the sides are lining up and one errant move could force ramifications too dire to face but face them we must; otherwise, they could occur and have no mitigating systems in place to avoid hostilities falling into place where one act creates another leading to a more vigorous act which forces a full deployment and the next thing you know the Grand Duchess Gloriana XII of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick will order Prime Minister Count Rupert of Mountjoy to deploy their finest archers to voyage across the seas and attack to defend the honor of the wines of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick from a California cheap imitation. The troops under Field Marshal Tully Bascombe, a recent promotion of sorts, assault the United States and , well, you will need to rent the movie “The Mouse that Roared” and enjoy Peter Sellers at his hysterical best, well, next to the Pink Panther. Unfortunately the world today is almost as insane as the Mouse that Roared but all too dangerous to really joke about, but we must keep a balance and our sanity so some light hearted entertainment might mitigate the sense of dread, well, for around an hour and a half. Think we will make some buttered popcorn and watch a movie, later.


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