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December 2, 2015

How Should Israel Answer Her Challenges?


The first step to answering challenges is to recognize they exist. We can accept that Israel and her people recognize there are challenges. Many have even figured that these challenges come from several different fronts. So the first task would be to identify the biggest challenge facing Israel in these times. The interesting thing is that we will usually run into the problem, every group had their own pet peeve and thus are working to gobble up as much of the funds, support and attention as possible as their primary function and addressing their particular challenge comes in as their second largest priority, this has got to change. Zionists, both secular and religious and those of us in between, need to unify and work on the only item of any real importance, establishing Jewish roots in every inch of our lands and do it to such an extent that the Supreme Court will be unable to answer our statement and to be tenacious enough that eventually the court will surrender on this issue. May we suggest a rallying cry that is fair game after the Arabs claiming to be Palestinians have absconded with our history and, as they were working with a blank slate, perhaps it is time we stole something of theirs and use, “From the river to the sea Eretz Yisroel will be free.” We realize that may be a tad bit weak, but it is a start. We need to have all of the disparate Zionist themes to gather under one banner and accept all who truly wish to see Eretz Yisroel be established on all of her lands. This includes groups from Temple Mount activists to the lawyers who work so diligently to see that our efforts are protected in what often appears to be a full press by our Jewish adversaries.


But even before we tackle these problems, we need to also visit those Jews who are so intent of giving away our lands to the Arabs in the mistaken idea that one last surrender of land will be the final one. We have been giving land to the Arabs almost continuously and it has only brought more violence and greater demands which will eventually be the end of all of our lands as only after all the lands have been surrendered and all its Jewish and Christian inhabitants have been slaughtered and Israel has been blamed for the final solution will the Arab efforts cease; their aim is total and absolute victory. We need to add one more commandment borrowed from the medical community, ‘First of all do no harm.’ If you are a Jew, even if it is in name only, the first and foremost duty is to obey the Ten Commandments, upon which all the civilized world bases their laws, secondly, even if you did not quite make the grade on the Ten Commandments, especially the first three, the eleventh commandment of Do no harm is of paramount importance. We realize that not everybody is capable of manning the battlements but everybody is capable of at the least not opposing those working to save our heartlands of Judea and Samaria from the voracious appetite of Islam. Look at a realistic map of what the world very well may look like in only a decade once Islam cements their current conquest of Europe and remember the bloodbath that will have come to preeminence in Europe and how two-thirds of a secular society flocked to their closest Mosque to swear their fealty and their surrender to Islam. The map tells much of the problem but one must remember that their plans include adding the United States and Canada to their list of civilizational jihad. The map is below and after a glance, please tell us how it is that Islam does not control sufficient lands already.


Arab and Muslim World After the Islamization of Europe except for Switzerland and Israel in Red Both Standing Against any Islamic Assault or Tide


Another thought is why are the Muslims so up in arms over Israel and our almost insignificant little holdings on the map? The truth of the matter is that in Islam they are instructed to never, ever, ever allow one millimeter of land which was once ruled by Islam to ever fall into the kafirs hand, and when it comes to kafirs, the Jews are the most feared and as such are the first and foremost of kafirs who must never be permitted their homelands’ return. The surrender of Europe should be a clarion call for the Jews as such is the intent for us. Remember when the swords fell and heads severed, some mercifully quickly and most excruciatingly slow requiring more sawing than striking, we need to remember that this was the first major offensive in this the final push by Islam. When the end of this century comes to fruition the world really will be divided into the World of Islam and the World of War as any lands not already under the heavily oppressive sword of Islam will needfully be at war with Islam for the direction of the future. The stakes are not all that high, only the survival of liberty, freedom and the rule of law and sanity holding that final line against the repressive maw of Islam once again set upon world domination. This is the final battle and if the forces of sanity and liberty are to prove triumphant, they will necessarily need to demand total victory and the imposition of control over the school books as they must remember that it was through the children that the Five Pillars of Islam was presented as the ultimate motto to live by as the socialist leftists had given up their independence to fight for the Islamists figuring they would subvert Islam with their message; a step they did not live long enough to figure out would never be taken as they were the first useful idiots to be purged, that is if we Jews don’t interfere first and discuss this “Australian style (depicted below)” as the only religion to have lasted almost four thousand years solely due to Torah, which is why the Islamists know we are their greatest challenge.



There is a reason, actually a number of reasons why Islam makes the conquest and submission of the Jew their first priority as it had been the Jews who fought against the mystique of Islam in its infancy and was the first to have entire tribal slaughters. One might be tempted to say that it was against the Jews which Islam held their first Jihad and that is remembered to this day and is the chant used by Islamists when fighting Jews which goes, “Khybar, Khybar, oh Jews, the armies of Muhammad are coming!” This phrase relates to the genocidal slaughter of the Jewish tribes of Medina who lived a short distance from Medina at an oasis named Khybar and had refused Mohammad as their prophet and paid a horrific price. This chant is often heard on European and American campuses juxtaposed with “From the River to the Sea Palestine Must be Free.” The first chant is a call for the genocidal eradication of the lands of the Jews residing in the Middle East while the other promises to do the same wherever Jews are found. This is why in Hadith Book 041, Number 6985: Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying:


The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.


The way that some Jewish agencies, NGOs and activists act. they will not need the trees and stones as a select groups of Jews will, for a pittance even just the spoils of those they turn over, identify other Jews just as a young George Soros reputedly did with the Nazis during the Holocaust. These groups that perform such “services” for the “betterment of the community” and as a way to “decrease violence” and “promote a cooperative relationship” which will “lead to a peaceful resolution of the difficulties” are at best delusional and at worst traitors to their people’ they must be shown the error in their thinking. The violent Islamists really mean they will murder or convert every last non-Muslim are not joking in the slightest. This time there will be no survival of the collaborator, their family, their children or their grandchildren; they will simply be left to witness the slaughter of every last Jew from their region before they themselves are given the task of convert or die, that is the only end which will ever be offered. This is not a normal war which the Europeans and the Americans close behind them are about to find out.


Those no-go zones ringing so many cities in France and clustered around other cities or slowly broadening their area in places in the United States such as Hamtramck, Detroit, Michigan, which are the places where the Islamists can operate with almost no fear of discovery. These will be the places from which they will slowly advance in neighboring zones or break off an advanced group to open the next neighborhood to be surrendered. Then there are a few areas out beyond the heavily populated regions where they hold live-fire exercises and combat training. There are those who have given this a great amount of historic research but be it assured, eventual total control of every place on Earth is the final goal and this is the third push from the radicalized Islamists and possibly the final push in which they plan on conquering the Western World first and then use their weapons, advanced research and massive military stores to vanquish the entirety of the third world. One might inquire as to how such could be possible and the answer is nuclear intimidation where they challenge a group of nations spaced so as to grasp the attention of their neighbors and demand they lay down their arms and submit to Allah and Mohammed as his messenger or face annihilation. If they submit then they are taken into the Caliphate and used as the base for the next phase and if they refuse then every major inhabited area is struck in all those nations which refused with sufficient nuclear weaponry to wipe that nation from the map, rinse, repeat. Such is the way one goes from an oil economy to world dominator and the final ruler of all of planet Earth. Any questions?


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January 17, 2014

Iran Aims to Attain Virtual Border with Israel Using Proxies

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We will never be able to determine whether or not the near surrender by the P5 +1 following the lead taken by President Obama with able support by the equally absent forcefulness of European Union Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton to the Iranians over their nuclear weapons program in enabling Iran will allow them to impose their control over the heart of the Middle East from Lebanon and Syria on the Mediterranean Sea through Iraq to Iran on the Persian Gulf and adjacent to the Indian Ocean. The war over Syria is making much noise in the American and world media and has taken the lead for concern in the West. Getting considerably less attention is the battle in Iraq and in Lebanon, both of which are offshoots now of the war in Syria. The battle in all of these countries has Sunni Islamists fighting against Shiite fundamentalists with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood taking the Sunni side of the battle against Hezballah, the Iraqi Military and Shiite militias along with IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) and other Iranian military assets backing the Shiite side which basically is the representation of Iran. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and the other members of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are providing the necessary financial support as well as funneling weapons to the Sunni forces in Syria which likely also provides some funds for the Sunni forces in Iraq. The sad truth is that most of the Anbar Province and Fallujah particularly have fallen under complete control of al-Qaeda forces completely undoing the hard fought gains won with United States and her allies’ blood and treasure. This fact is a result of the lack of concern or attention to foreign policy by the Obama Administration and the Congress and is just another tragedy along the same exact lines and root causes as the disastrous Benghazi Consulate 9/11/12 ambush which took four American’s lives including the United States Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. There will be many ramifications to the Sunni and Shiite sectarian war raging across the central Middle East, some of which may be predictable.


The initial crucial battle is in Syria with the slowly escalating civil war in Iraq taking a close second. Lebanon will fall to whichever side is victorious in Syria. The actual war is being fought between Iran and Saudi Arabia as the Western powers are mostly sitting the entire conflict on the sidelines debating the morals of intervening. Without Western backing the civil war in Syria and the broader sectarian war stretching from Iran to Lebanon will simply continue without either side likely to win a quick and decisive victory. The eventual victor will likely be Iran as they appear to have the greater stake with greater investment and will to win at any cost. When one includes the noncommittal attitude from the Western Powers and the Chinese willingness to block any Western efforts in the United Nations and the Russians not only joining the Chinese in the United Nations votes and also taking a moderate active role in supplying Syria and Iran with special weapons assistance and aiding Iran with technical assistance including nuclear research, it is not difficult to predict that Iran will eventually take the upper hand whenever they feel their position is beyond challenge due to their having attained nuclear weapons status. The one threat which has tempered the level of the Iranian intervention has been the possibility of an Israeli attack and their desire to lull the United States and European powers into a sense of security. Once Iran has attained nuclear weapons production, then we can expect their interference to take a measurable and obvious increase as they make a push to bring the conflicts to a conclusion in their favor. Once Iran has solidified their hold on all of Iraq south of the Kurdish held northern provinces and firmly reinforced Bashir al-Assad in Syria and as a byproduct reestablished Hezballah’s preeminence in Lebanon, then comes the final move which is the lynchpin of this struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Jordan. What can be expected is for Iran to take the Palestinian side in Jordan against the Hashemite monarchy mostly through their alliance with Hamas and befriending the Palestinian Authority through Fatah and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. This was part of the reason behind the effort to include Jordan in the GCC despite the small and inconvenient fact that Jordan does not border the Gulf as do the other member states.


The entire aim of this game by Iran is two-fold, first to gain a foothold on Israel’s doorstep and surround her on all three landed sides and to cut a swath clean across the heart of the Middle East in order to give Iran the foothold from which they can attempt to threaten the rest of the oil-producing states and take control of OPEC. If the other OPEC nations choose not to bend to the Iranian pressures, then Iran can be expected to enforce their control over oil prices by actually taking control of the actual oil fields by force starting by having the Shiite Muslims living in these lands rioting and claiming they are being persecuted by the Sunni rulers and begging for Iranian intervention. These Shiite populations will play the part of the Sudeten German ethnic citizens of northern Czechoslovakia at the lead into the Second World War. Once Iran has complete control either through influence and threat or after actual military takeover of the actual oil fields, then they will attempt to press their influence through control of oil prices by which they plan to bring the Western nations to their financial knees. What Iran plans on pursuing once they have financially decimated the Western nations, then proceeding to spread their version of Shiite Islam across the entire world would not be a surprising result. Of course the reason for taking Jordan is to completely surround Israel and to make a show of arms to make a statement to the Gulf oil countries. Iran has been the number one progenitor of terror throughout the world since the 1979 revolution. They have succeeded at this sponsoring and not having to pay a price as they have mastered appearing removed from the actual acts of terror. Once one looks into terrorist activities throughout the globe, a careful inspection will reveal the hidden arm of Iran playing the puppet master in a surprising number of cases. To list a couple, there were the bombings of the Israeli Embassy and the Association Mutual Israel Argentina (AMIA) Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an endless list of terrorist crimes by Hezballah in Lebanon, financial and tactical support for Hamas in Gaza, Hezballah’s presence, training and staging camp in the Tri-border Area of South America at the point where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet and none will dare intrude, and the continuing wars they are currently supporting from the Iran-Iraq border all the way to where Lebanon and Syria meet the Mediterranean Sea. Iran has been building slowly and steadily with their aim of taking hegemonic control initially across the Middle East and then to spread until stopped or until they control everything. Their aim is to complete the conquest by the Aryan master race first the impetus behind the Nazis. There is a reason that Iran is no longer called by their historic and proud heritage won over thousands of years, Persia, and are now called Iran which just happens to be how one says Aryan in Farsi, the original Persian language in Iran. They are simply attempting to resurrect the dream and complete what failed during World War II. Be warned.


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