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November 4, 2012

Abbas Speaks Again with Forked Tongue

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave an interview to Israeli Channel 2 television in which he suggested the he would be willing to give up the “right of return” and that he believes that the Palestinian State would only contain the lands liberated by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War. Israeli President Peres was very quick to laud with great compliment the statements made by Abbas and stated that the statements were a positive sign and revealed that Israel indeed has a man of peace with whom they may reach a negotiated and lasting agreement. I can only forgive President Peres as he has invested much of his life in the folly of Oslo and is still to this day the dreamy eyed optimist who grabs onto any morsel to prove that his part in instigating Oslo was not in vain. Unfortunately for over a thousand Israelis all that Oslo brought was the Second Intifada and death and we dare not forget the thousands more who have suffered permanent serious injuries and that almost no Jew in Israel has not been touched by the violence spawned by Oslo and Yasser Arafat and his close second in command, Mahmoud Abbas. It was less than a day later when Nabil Abu Rudeineh published a clarification refuting everything stated or implied by Abbas. Every concession implied by Abbas now stands refuted and withdrawn excused as a simple misstatement or misunderstanding.


This ploy by Mahmoud Abbas is the same one used by Yasser Arafat and by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian negotiators in the matter of their nuclear program. This method is to offer forth an olive branch then refute that the offer was made and put it up to a misunderstanding, a miscommunication and was not what they had actually stated. They then will claim that the other side is making false claims and that such lies make any agreement or negotiation impossible. This is done with complete faith that as reasoning people who value life above almost everything else their adversaries will offer up concessions if only the talks are resumed and pledge this time to be more lenient to the Palestinian or Iranian claims. Then the talks are scheduled and often called off due to Islamic holiday or other difficulties or the Palestinians schedule an election which never materializes but delays negotiations. The aim is to wear down the opposite side and slowly gain concessions even if they are but an inch at a time, knowing that the inches will eventually mount and yield miles of advantages. These tactics work as the West and Israel both suffer from the same malady, they honestly wish for peace and will do almost anything to avoid conflict and especially avoid war. As long as there is no penalty for such deceptions and as long as the Western and Israeli leadership are willing to grasp at even the suggestion that a solution is possible and is just around the next corner if only they talk and offer that little bit more, then the feints and false offers will continue and the negotiations will go nowhere and the willingness of the West and Israel to continue to be taken in is used as propaganda at home to cast them as fools who are too ignorant and dimwitted to catch on to the sophisticated maneuvers being played upon them. The sadness is that eventually the lies and the ploys will be refuted and refused and on that day there will be a reckoning for all the time and efforts wasted over their deceit. It will be said in the history that the West and their allies were slow to anger and had unimaginable patience but once that patience was worn out, then they answered with definitive force and truth. Such will be a terrible reckoning but it is inevitable as is the fact that the lies and deceit will continue to mount and no true peace will ever be found.


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