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July 31, 2013

Obamacare and the Slippery Slope

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare, was first passed it was Democrats against the Republicans and passed purely by the Democrat unstoppable majorities. The Democrats had a large majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster proof sixty vote majority in the Senate. This was used by many in the Republican Party as their campaign cry which blew them through the midterm elections allowing them to take the House of Representatives and ended the Democrat domination in the Senate. The call was that the Republican politicians were going to kill Obamacare by hook or by crook. Well, here we are after another Presidential election and approaching another midterm election and Obamacare is rumbling towards the people unabated. Even with President Obama overstepping his constitutional limitations granting exemptions to preferred friends, large campaign contributors, unions, and other friendly entities and just recently granting a one year reprieve for employers from the Employer Mandate requirements, he has already proven there is no limits to what he will do, legal or not, to fulfill his dream of Government mandated healthcare. After losing the Presidential elections and only controlling the House of Representatives, the Republicans have come up with a different way to prevent Obamacare being inflicted upon the American populace, either by depriving funding by omitting it from any budget or from any continuing resolutions or if they are unable to pass a budget which specifically excludes any funding for Obamacare, then shutting down the government until such an agreement can be forced through the obstinate Democrat majority Senate.


But there are problems developing in the Republican ranks as many recall the Gingrich government shutdown that reflected poorly on the Republicans as President Clinton used it to berate the Republicans and demonize them. What makes matters even more complicated is that there is another faction within the Republican Party who believes the best way to put Obamacare in its grave and make any future ideas for the Federal Government to enter the healthcare industry bring back memories of the worst blundering fiasco ever produced by mankind is to allow it to be implemented and fail. Their obtuse plan is to allow Obamacare to proceed to implementation as it stands and allow it to collapse, implode, fly completely out of control or catastrophically fail as an example of government gone horribly wrong. So, which would be the best route to address the monstrous, government expanding, cataclysmic program; prevent its release on the American public or allow it to be inflicted upon the American public and allow it to flail as it displays the worst side possible of government gone wrong. With the health exchanges scheduled to be deployed this October 1 and the remainder of Obamacare rolling out at the start of the New Year, any actions to prevent the actual attempt to implement Obamacare needs to start immediately after the August recess at the very latest.


The very first step requires the Republican Party to decide on which way they want to address Obamacare from the options they are currently considering. The Republicans cannot afford to be split with separate factions going in one direction while others are off in another direction. This is especially pertinent when you consider that some decide that the best plan would be to prevent Obamacare by any means necessary while others want to allow it to be implemented and utterly fail. These two plans are about as incompatible as possible. The Republican leadership has a proven track record of being absolutely unable to solidify the rank and file behind a singular approach. This means that the only thing that can herd the Republicans into an organized group behind a singular approach is by the American people speaking up loudly and making their desires heard. This means that the 9/12 groups, the Tea Party groups and the individual precinct captains all get out, organize and make some noise. It might also be advisable for the leaderships of these separate groups to get together and get behind a singular mode of attack. Of course such efforts are only necessary if the desired end is to prevent Obamacare from being deployed as if anyone simply agrees with the let it loose to fail away, then there is no need to do anything as that is the default position which will happen without any interference. But to stop the disaster before it is loosed there is plenty of work to be accomplished and not much time in which to implement the plans. But there is one more group that needs to join with the Republicans if Obamacare is to be prevented from destroying the United States, those Democrats who also love their country and know that this monstrosity will bring down the United States just the same as government provided centralized healthcare eventually bankrupted much of Europe. If the people do not stand and make sure they are counted now, then they will have no honest right to complain once Obamacare has been implemented. And for those who are claiming that they have decided to let it fail gloriously and use it as an object lesson, name one failed Federal Government program that upon failure was not simply propped up by throwing more and more money at it? Face the truth, the Federal Government never admits they failed, they simply bellow out their call of last resort, “It just hasn’t been sufficiently funded, throw more money at it and it will work, you’ll see.”


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