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January 29, 2013

Israel Needing New Leaders with New Validating Justifications

Israeli leadership are finally realizing that the old arguments and the old reasoning for supporting Israel have been corrupted and turned on their heads as a result of decades of propaganda. The spreading of half-truths, utter falsehoods, and other fronts of agitprop has turned Israel from the underdog facing overwhelming odds defending against the entire Arab World into an oppressor which uses means and oppressions against the nearly defenseless Palestinians which are reminiscent of the Nazi crimes against humanity thus corrupted the memory of the Holocaust turning it into a liability instead of an event of horror that must be remembered if it is to be avoided in the future. With the Palestinians stealing the Jewish history and claiming it as their own, Israel needs to reestablish their legitimacy and disprove the Palestinian house of lies which the world has eagerly adopted in order to facilitate and validate their hatreds of Israel and Jews in general. The spreading of anti-Semitism, which has broken out attaining unprecedented heights with the promise that the steep increase is just the beginning, is simply the tip of the iceberg of cold hatreds and calculated threats to eradicate Israel and the Jews.

So, what is required for Israel to turn the tides of abrogation of the Jewish State by supplanting it with a Palestinian binational state or a two state solution which will render Israel indefensible? Some of the initial steps would be to state in simple but firm language the positions which Israel is prepared to defend and not bend or surrender their positions any further. The sacrifices of territories Israel has made from the agreement by the early Zionists, who ceded all of the Mandate Lands east of the Jordan River in return for a promise by the British and the countries of the League of Nations that all of the remaining Mandate Lands west of the Jordan River would remain as the Jewish State in perpetuity free of any future partitions, was a huge gift of seventy-eight percent of the promised Mandate lands for the purpose of establishing a Palestinian Arab state to guarantee a peaceful future. Display the White Paper treaties which frame this guarantee which established what is owed Israel under International Laws. Remind the world that Israel liberated Judea and Samaria in a defensive war which would allow the Israeli retention of all or parts of the lands gained from the hostilities in 1967 and 1973 under International Law and the Geneva Conventions in particular. Israel needs to remind the world which claims Israel has made no concessions for peace and demands that Israel surrender land for peace in order to establish yet another state for the Arab population which mostly immigrated subsequent to the initial return of Jews from the Diaspora during the Nineteenth Century. One such claim was the surrender of the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula back to Egyptian control in exchange for a peace with Egypt and in that treaty the Egyptians ceded any claims to the Gaza Strip. Point out that the treaty made with Jordan that the areas west of the Jordan River which had been illegally occupied by Jordan was returned to the previous owners of these lands under numerous treaties and conventions back to Israel fulfilling the obligations made by the League of Nations and acknowledged in Article 80 of the United Nations Carter.

But Israeli and Jewish leadership must go beyond the dry facts of treaties, conferences, proclamations, and edicts of governments and men and reassert the expressions of the inspirations, dreams and aspirations of the Zionists and their love and desire to reestablish and rebuild their historic homeland. The Zionists and Israelis must reclaim the emotional front and thus personalize their claims to their Biblical homelands and the establishment of the dream of an Israel that would be a light unto the nations through exemplary conduct, establishing a just state, and leading development in all fields dedicated to the betterment of the human existence. Israel must proclaim the good they have presented to the world and the potentials of future miracles, scientific developments, agricultural inventiveness, medical discoveries, and general improvements in countless fields of human endeavors complimenting and furthering knowledge and accomplishments. Above all of these arguments must be accompanied by the human emotions and inspirations which tie Eretz Yisroel and the Children of Israel and attach the modern return to the first return out from Egypt and away from Pharaoh. The Biblical establishment of the claim to the land must become a driving force and validation just as it drove the Zionists to expend their energies in reestablishing the State of Israel with the blessings and cooperation of not solely Europe and the United States but also with the blessings of King Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi who signed numerous treaties, conventions, and conference agreements as the reigning Arab leadership in setting aside lands for the establishment of a Jewish State. The real histories which prove that the initial investments of the world towards the establishing of Israel were committed beginning at the end of World War I and had nothing to do with the Holocaust. The agreements to found a Jewish State in the Middle East was an idea that has its roots in the mid to late Eighteen-Hundreds and the returning of the Jews to the area which would become Israel began even earlier. It must be expressed and displayed that there has been a Jewish presence in the areas which now constitute Israel with an emphasis on the facts that a Jewish presence and historical relationship has existed for over three-thousand years with large presence of Jewish communities in cities such as Jerusalem, Hevron, Tiberius, Shechem (Ramallah), and among many other towns and villages throughout the lands.

The need for an update of the arguments used to validate the Jewish presence in the Middle East may require an entire change of the leadership with a passing of the torch to a new generation. The old leadership which are still steeped in the old arguments and who dream of a return to the times when Israel was loved by most of the world believing that is possible to rekindle must be supplanted by those who are ready to establish new and uncorrupted by Arab propaganda arguments and validations of the correctness and promise of Israel as the Jewish State. New arguments which reveal the perfidy of the lies which the Arabs utilize to steal the legitimacy of Israel being established for the Jews and are making every effort to corrupt and adapt the Jewish history and rights into a falsified collection of arguments establishing a Jewish Israel to establish an Arab replacement must be revealed and the truth reestablished. They must no longer present the apologetic appearance which begs for favor and recognition all the time presenting a meekness which is unbecoming and undermines their arguments. This is the time for rekindling the fire of Zionism in the souls of the Israeli leadership. The Jewishness of Israel and the right of the Jews to their eternal homeland must be presented forcefully, beaming with pride and challenging any who might choose to deny these truths. The old ‘if I may’ attitude should be relegated to the scrapheap of history and a new, inspired, reinvented Zionism needs to be presented the world, the same Zionism which burned hot and bright resulting in the Balfour Declaration and the ensuing documents which laid the foundations for the current state of Israel. Inspired presentations of the truth in an unapologetic manner even to the point of arrogance rather than meekness is necessitated due to the surrender of the preeminent claims to the lands being perceived to stand with the invented entities of the invented peoples, the Palestinians, who are simply Arabs who before immigrating to what is today is Israel since the late nineteenth century were simply Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraqis and other native Arabs from neighboring lands. The time for polite discourse passed decades ago and, as was predicted, the only arguments and reasoning that will be heard by the rest of the world are those presented with a forcefulness with which truths must be presented. The phrases which need be adopted by all the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora are those of the late Meir Kahane, “Never Again” and “Am Yisroel Chai.”

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