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February 28, 2014

Obama to Bushwhack Netanyahu Over Impending Kerry Failure

In case you have been visiting the outer reaches of the solar system vacationing allow us to bring you up to date on what you may have missed; Secretary of State Kerry has been befuddled over his thwarting at every turn in his pursuit of forcing an agreement between the Palestinians and Israel. Surprising as it may be, the fault is not entirely due to Secretary of State Kerry not exactly being the world’s greatest salesperson though I am sure that his ponderous manner of speaking and his condescending tone have not been as forceful as he may have intended and still managed to infuriate all parties. Secretary Kerry recently met with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas while both were in Paris. Despite Paris being a magical city which reputedly can make any pairing of people react more favorably, Chairman Abbas took such exception at the offers and alternatives offered by Secretary Kerry that Abbas threatened to terminate the peace negotiations and return to his previous hardline positions. I’m not quite sure how much more intransient and hardline Chairman Abbas could be as his basic position for as long as he has been one of the Palestinian leaders, stemming from 1964 when he was among the core founders of the PLO which declared their main purpose as the destruction of Israel, has been to accept nothing less than the complete destruction of Israel. The incriminatory fact of Secretary of State Kerry’s efforts over the Palestinian Authority and Israeli peace process is that he has also managed to infuriate a significant number of the Ministers in the Israeli Knesset with the majority of those being members of the ruling coalition. Still, the Israelis have continued throughout the entirety of these newest efforts to meet and attempt to work for a solution which they hope both sides will be able to accept and still retain sufficient points in order to meet some level of security in order to provide safety for the Israeli people.


What will be telling is a pair of meetings between United States President Obama and both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas that are upcoming in the next couple of weeks. The first meeting will be between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu and there are already numerous reports discussing the intent of the President to pressure the Israeli leader in an attempt to force him to accept whatever resultant framework that Kerry will present presumably before the end of April. Within the next couple of weeks after that meeting, President Obama is scheduled to talk with Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas. If history is any indication, this meeting should be as cordial and respectful with both men working to mince out how much they believe can be forced from Israel. If Chairman Abbas is appreciative of the great and favorable assistance that President Obama has provided over the past five years in supporting and even advancing the Palestinian cause and being critical with Israel pressing them for concessions and keeping up the pressure. Chairman Abbas owes President Obama grateful recognition for providing Chairman Abbas with the ideas for many items which are currently purported by Chairman Abbas as red-lines that he insists that Israel accept.


If we remember back to one of the very first acts concerning the Israel-Palestinian peace process within the first few months of the first term of President Obama we find that the very first imposition of a building freeze being instituted on Israel forbidding continued construction of housing for Jews in the communities in Judea, Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem for ten months in order to, presumably, give Chairman Abbas a chance to negotiate without facing the pressures of Israeli construction. This worked so well that after one meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Abbas where they posed shaking hands for the cameras, smiled, and both commented how they hoped for peace and afterwards Chairman Abbas simply made additional demands for almost nine of the ten months before finally agreeing to meet the Israelis where the Palestinian negotiator demanded the building freeze Israel had imposed be made permanent or they would refuse to continue negotiations. Subsequently, President Obama proposed for more demands on the Israel-Palestinian peace process when he stated that the final borders should be the 1967 lines which existed before the Six Day War in 1967 and were the result of the armistice of 1949 which demarked the front lines at the end of hostilities in a war where over a half dozen Arab armies invaded Israel the first day of its existence intending to drive the Jews from the lands and failed. Then President Obama added insult to injury by stating that East Jerusalem was the legitimate capital city for any Palestinian State. When one adds the insults which President Obama has heaped upon Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu including but not limited to numerous meetings at the White House insisting that Netanyahu enter and depart through a back entrance and not the main front entrance, refusing to hold joint press address with Netanyahu for much the first term of President Obama, declining to meet Netanyahu when both men were at the United Nations in New York claiming no free time yet President Obama had time to visit the set during broadcast of the television show “The View”  and, among others, schooled Prime Minister Netanyahu and his advisors midway in a meeting informing them that he was going to leave them and have dinner with his family and that they should work on their positions during the time granted them and if they came around and saw the light they should then inform the staff to inform the President and simply walked out.


These meetings over the next month and the remainder of the scheduled peace negotiation should be very telling as to exactly where President Obama is placing American efforts in this area. There have been a distressing number of press briefings during the events and shuttling between the Middle East and the United States by Secretary of State Kerry as well as leaks of statements that Secretary Kerry has made during meetings with Israeli leadership which contained veiled and outright threats. Secretary Kerry has warned so blatantly and with seeming effrontery that should the peace process fail that Israel could expect a third intifada, complete isolation in the community of nations, and trade embargos, boycotts and divestments which could easily economically cripple Israel permanently. Secretary of State Kerry has repeated the threat of the trade embargos and political isolation. Secretary Kerry warned menacingly that Israel could expect to face extreme chaos should the peace talks fail to produce a Palestinian state. What has been even more alarming and ominous has been these threats have been leveled solely targeting Israel with no such ramifications mentioned or implied for the Palestinian Authority if the peace negotiations fail. The side effect of these supposed friendly warnings and guidance from Secretary of State Kerry being passed only upon Israel has been Chairman Abbas and the Palestinian Chief Negotiator Erekat have taken the most extreme stands and insist that they are immovable and fully expect Israel to fold before them aided by Secretary Kerry and European threats and it is a definite possibility that these tendencies are probably going to be only amplified by President Obama in these upcoming meetings. Will this unified front force Israel to compromise making concessions that will place her people and future in jeopardy? Unfortunately that is one definite possibility which would only result in a terrible and horrific war which could easily further ignite the Middle East tinderbox in an even greater infernal conflagration. If there are friends of Israel anywhere throughout the world, now is the time to make the greatest noise letting the rest of the world know that you stand with Israel as your support just might be contagious. The only way Israel’s friends can make a difference is if they stand tall, and if I may butcher a well-known Shakespeare quote, suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.


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August 16, 2013

Is This Obama’s Dangerous Plan for Israel?

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At the end of yesterday’s article we opined on the rumors that President Obama has given Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu guarantees that there will be peacekeeping troops placed in the areas which Israel releases for the formation of the Palestinian state in order to prevent terrorist strikes or rockets and mortars being launched into Israel as is done by Hamas out of Gaza. The soldiers manning the peacekeeping forces would come from any of the following; only United States, NATO countries, or even the United Nations. It is likely that Israel would prefer not to depend on either the United Nations or any of the European nations, so such a force will most likely be manned by Americans. We would like to express our distress should these rumors have even one iota of credibility and beseech that no foreign troops be placed in a position where they are presumed to be protecting Israel. The potential for horrific results and of so many ways such a situation could turn out ugly that it would be best to never even tempt fate and disaster so brazenly.


Thinking and researching further on these rumors we came across other ideas of where the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations may be headed should the talks themselves fail to reach an agreement. Some of this information we gleaned from a number of sources painted a picture that was very distressing. The negotiations which are currently in progress were entered with Prime Minister Netanyahu offering to impose a building freeze over almost all of the West Bank but Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas refused that offer and instead substituted the demand for the one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners serving life sentences and already having served the longest of Palestinian prisoners to be released in groups as the negotiations proceeded and progress was attained. When Israel agreed after a fair amount of distress and many demonstrations by the Israeli people against such a release of murderous terrorists, especially the relatives of those murdered by these very terrorist prisoners, Netanyahu informed Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian leadership about the imminent announcement of Israeli construction in the settlement blocks which have been agreed since the beginning were to remain under Israeli rule and were part of the land swaps to be formalized through negotiations. So, all the screaming and protesting, posturing and threatening, condemnations and petitioning the world to also condemn Israeli construction plans was a put on act as there was no surprise and they had already approved the Israeli construction. The whole intent of the Palestinian show of rage at the Israeli announcement of new housing was perpetrated in order to draw further condemnations and maybe even stimulate more nations to place Israel under sanctions or other political isolations and restrictions and their plotting worked as planned as the European Union took the opportunity to place an embargo on all Israeli products from the settlement blocks responding to the Palestinian temper tantrum act.


In order to fully understand the end game that President Obama may be planning to execute, one has to understand that President Obama is determined to be the person who forges a Palestinian state and an end to the Arab-Israeli animosities. Another fact that needs to be understood is the entire scheme of the Palestinians from the very outset of the entire Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been to never agree to any solution and continuing the fraud all the while conducting a concentrated, well planned, and well supported propaganda campaign to demonize the Israelis and glorify the idea of the Palestinians as the victims of horrendous treatment under Israeli occupation. The intent the whole while was to take the historic story behind the history of the Jewish people and forge a Palestinian mystique that paralleled the Jews story and use the same ideas right down to using some of the same terms such as the “Right of Return”. The end target the Palestinians are seeking is to have forced mediation and settlement from the United Nations with the Security Council using Article 33 through 37 of the United Nations Charter. One more part of the Palestinians plans is to, as much as possible, have the Israelis treated as the obstacle to finding a peace agreement which they have depended on two main items, first that as they have shown a resolute refusal to bend in even the slightest manner that nobody bothers to place any demands on the Palestinian forcing all compromises to be forced out of the Israelis, and second they have depended on the historic suspicions of the Jewish people and anti-Semitism especially amongst the Muslim world and the Europeans as well as many on the extreme left politically. Using this multi-front attack the Palestinians have managed to successfully attain most of their targets to a sufficient amount that the only thing left for them to accomplish is to convert the United States leadership to turn against Israel in the Security Council and allow for the United Nations and the rest of the world in support force a solution on Israel which grants the Palestinians everything they could ever have asked for.


This target may be within sight, or at worst just around the corner. Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama have both been pressing Prime Minister Netanyahu stressing the point that should these last gasp attempts not produce a peace between Israel and the Palestinians with the formation of Palestine to the Palestinians’ satisfaction then Israel may just find themselves completely isolated and friendless amongst the nations of the world. This has been the reason and message behind the constant repetition that there is a limited window of opportunity for peace to be negotiated. The critically important phrase is ‘limited window’ as it implies that should these negotiations fail, then there is no longer any way of reaching a peace through negotiations. If negotiations can be declared defunct and useless to pursue any further, then the only way to solve such a situation is where the United Nations Charter sets out the requirements and the steps in order to impose an equitable peace as determined by mediation by the United Nations. President Obama had made references to the potential need to impose a peace on the Palestinian-Israeli situation in some talks he held during his first term with some of the Arab rulers and also with Abbas. Add to that, Abbas has made mention of the approaching situation where it may be necessitated to impose a peace agreement on Israel by a coming together of the world to solve this otherwise intractable problem.


So, exactly how would things proceed if the end result being aimed for is a solution by agreement or imposition or however it turns out is required? These negotiations will reach close to their nine-month time limit with no complete resolution attained but with some progress has been attained as there is a requirement for progress in order for the Palestinian terrorist murderers to be released by Israel. The ninth month arrives without any treaty so there is a call to make one last six-month push as the two sides are so close. As per usual, the Palestinians refuse to return to continue the negotiations holding out until some preconditional demand or two are forced out of the Israelis. The likely demand will be for the continuation of the Palestinian terrorist prisoner release likely leading to virtually every terrorist is freed and of course there would now be the call for a building freeze and finally there might be a possible demand for Israel to remove some of the Israelis in the furthest settlements that exist in Area B. After six weeks of strenuous and exhausting negotiations with Secretary of State Kerry making two a week trips to the Middle East or at least somebody from the State Department or Defense Department and possibly a guarantee of sale of some desired weapons for the Israelis and the negotiations recommence. The six weeks pass and instead of progress even things that had been resolved during the nine-month negotiations are no longer settled as the Palestinians go back on agreements and then claim the Israelis have been dealing deceitfully and misrepresenting what was already agreed to because they are refusing to meet their obligations. This is a repeat of previous acts performed by Abbas and by Yasser Arafat before him. When everything blows up with Abbas and Erekat both storming from the negotiations and holding a well-polished and fully practiced press conference where they denounce the Israelis for deceitful negotiating methods, relenting on agreements and every other possible sin one can commit breaking any good-faith negotiations. The mainstream world media runs headlines for a week denouncing Israel for blowing up any hope for peace and then comes the trip by Abbas to the United Nations demanding that the Security Council recognize Palestine and force Israel to comply with their obligations. This time the United States abstains rather than using their veto and the rest is, as they say, obvious. The world turns their forces towards Israel and the entirety of the world, with possibly a few exceptions, all scramble to provide troops to assist the Palestinians in cleansing their territory of any Israeli presence and forcing Israel to retreat at best back to the 1949 Armistice Lines and who knows what could be worse. One must remember that there have been votes taken in the General Assembly of the United Nations where Zionism was equated with Racism and another time to repeal the November 1948 Partition Plan which led to the declaration establishing the state of Israel the following May 14, 1949. What would prevent the United Nations from deciding to replace Israel with the state called Palestine rather than merely forming Palestine alongside Israel?


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