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January 17, 2018

Why Palestinian Arabs Will Never Accept a State


There are an almost countless number of reasons for why but perhaps just the top few is all which will be required to set the record straight and perhaps show people the reality which they have thus far failed to seek out. We are not trying to claim that people are blind, willfully or otherwise, simply that people are busy individuals and will often take the most immediate explanation set before them, especially if it is one echoed endlessly by those supporting one side with funds to soak media with their version, one we call out as lies. We promise that we are not going to go into the history of who came first or who conquered whom and all the other usual Zionistic arguments, we will use modern real life reasons. These are reasons which can be recognized by studying the history of negotiations and statements by Palestinian Arab leaders. What it breaks down to in the end is that the Palestinian Arab leadership has a singular reason for their being, and it has nothing to do with an Arab state, it has to do with the destruction of the Jewish State. That is why they spent over 1.2 billion shekels promoting terrorism in 2017.


We could begin with the heart of the matter, but what fun would that be. So instead, we will begin with Hamas. The Hamas Charter is written as are all Islamic documents for claim of lands, from the perspective that the history of the area begins with their conquest and before that the lands were inhabited by beings who are inconsequential. Islamic history is written from a perspective where all history expanded with Islamic conquest and those who existed before have no relevance. There was no Persian Empire, no Egyptian Empire, no Byzantine Empire, no Roman Empire, no Indian Civilization, no Berber Lands, nothing came before Islam. That is extremely convenient if your plan is to inevitably conquer the entire world, convert every person in it to your newly formed faith, execute all who show the slightest sign of resistance or insincerity, impress strict oppressive rules making all other forms of religion or governance illegal under penalty of death and, with any hope and good fortune, in some distant future allow for expansion of knowledge beyond the limitations of the only permitted knowledge being that which is within the Quran. Strict Islamic rule as Hamas would impose would not permit science beyond the development of weaponry to be used for further conquest. With history starting with the Islamic conquest of the Holy Lands, there can be no other civilization or peoples who came before them and thus only they have the rightful ownership of the Holy Lands. That means that before the year of 634 on the Gregorian Calendar, which corresponds to the year 13 on the Hijri Islamic Calendar, there were no inhabitants in the lands of the Holy Lands. This is very interesting as the Islamic faith claim the Jesus was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, Avraham was a Muslim, Noah was a Muslim as well as Adam and Eve being Muslims, yet the Holy Lands did not exist before the year 634. If you demand a clarification on this discrepancy, the answer you get is that though there were some more advanced and developed individuals such as the above all of which recognized the Quran as the literal word of Allah and that Allah was the One responsible for all creation and the rest of humanity were of little consequence as they either were idolaters or they followed some corrupted form of the Quran. The Torah of Judaism and both the Old Testament and New Testament recognized as such by Christians are all corrupted and fraudulent versions of the Quran and the Quran was required because all others had lost their way and varied of the straight and defined path defined by the Quran. Thus, despite Moses having led the Israelites (Jews) to the Promised Lands, there was no history of consequence before the arrival of the Islamic invaders. Below is a map of the paths taken by the Islamic forces when conquering the Holy Lands.


Initial Islamic Conquest of Levant and Israel

Initial Islamic Conquest of Levant and Israel


This is why the Palestinian Arabs claim that the Jews never had a nation where Israel stands today, that there was never any Temple of Solomon or Second Temple. But there are other statements in the Quran which throw this idea into more of a conflicted view and that the Jews are to inherit the Holy Lands. One such reference of the promise or grant of the Land to the Israelites found in the Qur’ān is, “We said then unto the Israelites: ‘Dwell in the Land.’” (wa-qulnā min ba‘dihī li-Banī Isrā’īla ’skunu ’l-arḍ) This promise comes towards the end of Chapter Seventeen. Much more research into the Quranic verses which denote the Jews prophesy to live in the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea can be read here. There is one difficulty with these promises made in the Quran; they were all parts of the Mecca Quran and not the Medina Quran. The importance can be read about in a brief description of the differences and reasons for there apparently being two separate and quite contradictory set of writings and why for outsiders it is difficult to understand which parts of the Quran are still applicable and which have been abrogated, replaced. Because the references to the Jewish homeland coming from the Mecca version of the Quran, many Muslims believe that the only writings which matter are the Medina verses of the Quran believing that the entirety of the Mecca Quran were abrogated, not just those which were contradictory.


The Quran states in verse 2:106, “Whatever verse we abrogate or cause it to be forgotten, we bring a better verse than it or like it,” and in verse 16:101 the Quran states, “And if we exchange one verse in a place of another verse, and Allah knows what he sent down.” Abrogations were written into the understanding and commentaries on the Quran by Ibn Kathir. The abrogation has become a tool used by Muslims to reject anything they find inconvenient from the Quran, especially if the verse in question can be relegated to have been part of the initial writings of the Mecca Quran. Hamas and much of the Arab and Muslim worlds have decided that in order to speed the coming of their messiah, the Mahdi, they know tradition is they must fight the Jews and eradicate them first. This is another reason they fight against Israel existing as the largest concentration of Jews residing in a nation are in Israel as Israel has surpassed the United States in number of Jews. They also know that should Israel be defeated, the remainder of the Jews will largely cease to exist within a few generations. As far as destroying Israel, the Muslims believe all they need do is destroy Zionism as once Zionism dies, then the Jews in Israel will be forced to simply have a western democracy with all the weaknesses. Once Israel is made into simply a democracy, then the Palestinian Arabs can simply demand to be allowed to join melting everyone into a one state solution. Then, by using a simple demand for their relatives to join them in family unification, they can become the majority. Once the Arab Muslims have a majority, or possibly before, then, they can vote Israel into becoming an Islamic state and then force the Jews to convert, leave or die. That would be the end of the Jewish State. This is why the Palestinian Arabs were upset about President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital.


These are the reasons beyond simply that the Muslims also believe that any lands once conquered by Islam must never be permitted to fall from Islamic rule. The other reasons above are just additional justifications for why the Jews have no claim to the land of Israel. This is what is behind every claim the Palestinian Arabs make, be they Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the Palestinian Authority (PA) which is nothing more than the PLO disguised as a peace partner. There is no design for the making of a Palestinian Arab state, just plans for the destruction of Israel. The PA never modified their charter which they had promised President Clinton and was verified presumably by letters and a witnessed vote where the witness did not speak Arabic and thus was unaware that the vote was to appoint a committee to consider whether or not to amend the charter, a committee which was never formed. The end is the charter remains unchanged from its 1964 writing when Jordan held the Shomron and Egypt held Gaza and the “Palestine” they were to liberate was all of Israel inside the Green Line. Their idea back in 1964 was to conquer all of Israel and turn it over to Jordan. When the Arabs held the areas they today claim to desire their state, there was no clamoring for a new state called Palestine. The demand for a state began in 1967 around the middle of the second week of June when Israel liberated the lands occupied by Jordan after Jordan entered the Six Day War on the second day of the war believing the Egyptian and Syrian claims of victories and closing on Tel Aviv and Jordan wanted in on the destruction of Israel. They found out that the Egyptians and Syrians were not exactly winning and neither did Jordan.


Yes, Israel was occupying the lands they held west of the Jordan River and that land always was to be part of Israel. None of that matters to the Palestinians; they are the bludgeon which the Muslim world uses to end the Jewish State. Hamas desires a little more and the cleansing of the Jews from the planet once they have destroyed Israel. This is another reason that Israel must continue to exist as without Israel the Jews would face a threat as anti-Semitism grows as it has in Europe and without Israel the Jews would again have nowhere for them to run. That is but one reason for the continued existence of Israel but there are far more pertinent reasons of which the strongest of all is the promise by Hashem to return the Jewish People to their lands in the Middle East and even the date of 1948 was predicted by the Prophets way back over two-thousand years ago. The reality became evident even to President William Jefferson Clinton during the Camp David negotiations and everything that followed and he was willing to tell the media so when he related how Arafat simply would reject every offer and never offer a counter proposal and simply demanded that Israel offer more. When Israel, Ehud Barak, came back with an offer even Clinton could hardly believe was being offered, all Arafat did was refuse, return to Ramallah and a few months later release the Second Intifada. That has been the one constant from Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas and will continue on to whoever follows Abbas. It will not matter who is the next version of Arafat the one constant will remain, they will say “no” to every offer of a state. The reality is there are only two solutions to the Arab Israeli conflict, either the Arabs destroy Israel or Israel declares sovereignty of all of the Shomron and send any Palestinian with a connection to terrorism from these lands, allow the remainder of Arabs to choose between remaining as resident aliens with no political rights or accept a buy out with a relocation bonus and promise to never return to the lands of Israel.


As far as permitting the Palestinian Arabs to become Israeli citizens, if such should ever become something considered viable, the means and qualifiers will need to be determined at that point in time. As for the immediate future, as long as the world desires the destruction of Israel and back anything the Arabs demand, then there will not be a solution. When the Israelis finally do reach the point where they no longer are willing to continue a fruitless pursuit of a settlement which can never be accomplished, then Israel will be required to make a final decision. Either Israel will declare her borders and leave an Arab region beyond without reaching any actual agreement or to annex all the lands which are truly Israeli under International Law and then decide how to treat the Arabs they decide may remain. This will only come to fruition once Israel decides that her own existence and future is far more important than relations with naysayers whose deep-seated desire is to watch the destruction of Israel. We have an idea what will bring this day closer, that day will come once Israel realizes that her existence is more important than being accepted by Europeans or anybody else for that matter. When Israel is ready to consider itself over the rest of the world, then, perhaps, she will finally do exactly what is required to secure her safety, and that includes the entirety of the Shomron allowing the Jordan Valley and Jordan River to be her defendable eastern border. Holding these highlands also permits for long-range radar pickup of incoming aircraft from everywhere east of Israel, as without the Shomron highlands, then eastward radar would be limited not providing sufficient warning of incoming aircraft. That is the last reasoning, military necessities dictating the realities of what can be accepted. The Arab Palestinians are playing for Israel’s destruction, why should Israel play for anything less. Compromise had failed, that is the final reality which need be faced. The other truth is that the far left will never realize the truth and will always claim that by giving and giving peace will come, and they are right, but the peace of the end of Israel should never be an acceptable outcome.


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January 16, 2018

President Trump and Middle East Peace


Seemingly forever, we have listened to what we are going to call Middle East poker. They have been playing five-card stud where you are dealt one card face-down and two face-up then bet, another face-up then bet and a final card face-up followed by final bets. This has been one of the slowest games of poker having started with the initial deal at the onset of the Oslo Accords. Apparently, according to Mahmoud Abbas, he has made his final bet and may be retiring from the table. For the sake of brevity, allow us to quickly review the dealt cards before discussing the final deal which apparently came recently. There are five hands at the table, the Palestinian Authority (PA), Hamas, United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and Israel with the United States dealing the cards. We know very little about the down-card, as it is face-down, but the three face-up cards are as follows; the PA has two 2’s and a J; Hamas has an A, 7 and 5; the UN has three clubs with a 2, 5 and 10; the EU has three hearts with a 4, 9 and an A; and Israel has two K’s and a 10. As is obvious, it appears that it is anybody’s game to win all depending upon that last card. What we know but the others do not is that Israel has a K as their down-card giving them two pair and thus they can only possibly lose to the PA, UN or EU with Hamas holding the weak hand where a pair of A’s is their best possible hand. So, just as in reality, it comes down to the last card to be dealt except for Hamas who will likely fold taking their remainder of their chips, Gaza, and heading off to play their terror war a while longer.


Now would be a good time to also define some of the other realities surrounding this game. The EU and UN are playing such that should it appear that the Palestinians and the Arabs are not going to defeat Israel on their own, and they get the right last card, they will extend the game demanding a new hand. They can only extend the game to a new deal, they cannot actually dictate a solution as only the United States actually has that power along with Russia, but both the United States and Russia would need to agree for that to work and that is highly unlikely with a few choice exceptions which depend on the last card being dealt. The Oslo Accords were supposed to last only five years and bring a settlement or the effort was to be abandoned. That changed when the United States under President Clinton made a deal with Ehud Barak to extend the Oslo Accords framework indefinitely, or at least until all the cards have been dealt. Technically, if Israel were to demand that it is game over, the game would end right there, the final cards dealt and everybody would show their hands. Not even the United States could get away with that without Russian agreement. The game has been drawn out by the EU and the UN raising the pot by one chip when it was their bet so as to slow everything down at the request of the PA and Hamas. This is why without any real gains or change in the board there has been an unbelievable time between any significant changes as the only strong bets would come when a new card has been dealt, which appears to be once every three to four years which also tends to correspond with new talks.


What changed, you ask. President Trump entered as the new dealer when he was elected. He first took a walk around the casino and talked with the others assembled in the Muddle East Casino and gathered them all together in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a big dinner where they spoke frankly. The Donald, as he likes to be known, asked each at the table, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the others from the various Gulf States and across Northern Africa and around the Middle East what was the biggest problem for them, the Palestinian statehood or the Iranian threat. Well, Egypt and Saudi Arabia pretty much spoke for the majority and stated that Iran was the big deal and the Palestinians had long outlived any usefulness and were now a sideshow which they enjoyed as it sometimes made Israel squirm, but even that had lost its appeal as Israel could be of more assistance having the same worries about Iran. So the Arab leaders threw in the towel and said let the last card be played and we will live with the results. That was when The Donald informed them that it was up to them to inform Mahmoud Abbas that the last card was being dealt and that he would need to show his hand. At the same time The Donald with assistance from his staff informed the EU and UN that the final card was being played and that the smallest bet permitted would be either all-in or fold, one bet and that was it. Then, The Donald settled into the dealer’s chair and has dealt the final cards to the players.


The PA got their second J giving them a pair of 2’s and a pair of J’s. The UN got a diamond to go with their three clubs and folded while the EU also got a diamond to go with their three hearts and also folded. Hamas folded before receiving a final card realizing they should simply forget unity with the PA and keep what they had already won on a side bet with the PA, that being Gaza. Israel got a second 10 giving them two pair of K’s over 10’s. So that leaves the PA and Israel to bet with the PA to lead the betting. This was where Mahmoud Abbas started to sweat before stomping around the table screaming and throwing the EU’s and UN’s now empty chairs as they have retreated to the bar to watch. Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu sat quietly not even glancing one last time at his hold-card confident he remembers what it was. Some of what Mahmoud Abbas screamed is worth repeating as it has an aroma of total defeat and his knowing that, but it could be a rouse to draw Bibi in, there is that down-card and the PA might just have a full-house filling in their two pair. But first, some of the rant needs be told.


Among his openers was his reference to the White House peace ‘deal of the century’ as the “slap of the century,” promising to slap the United States back. This came about the same time as this outburst, “I am saying that Oslo, there is no Oslo.” He added for insult, “Israel ended Oslo.” He screamed about, “Jerusalem is Mecca. Jerusalem is Mecca,” comparing Jerusalem to Islam’s holiest site elevating Jerusalem from third holiest behind Mecca and Medina, definitely a sign of apparent desperation in an attempt to make the result of the deal void by such a declaration. Many will dismiss this as pure rhetoric and unimportant except that it does depict a reality about the importance of Jerusalem in Islam, a completely false exclamation as anybody serious about the truth knows. Abbas slammed two outspoken US officials, Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, referring to them as, “These two personalities are an insult for a self-respecting administration.” The Donald raised one eyebrow giving Abbas a sideways glaring glance.


Point Made and Point Rejected

Point Made and Point Rejected


These were but a few of the outbursts scattered between the other temper tantrums and then he kind of trailed off mumbling where only some of what he muttered was discernible. One such phrase was, “We are an authority without any power and under an occupation without any cost. We will not accept it remaining like this.” That was soon followed by the middle of a sentence being just slightly louder so we hear, “popular and peaceful resistance,” pause “resistance,” which he called “stronger and more effective than any other,” some heavy huffing and puffing and then he said, “is our path to force out the occupation from our land.” Then referring to Ramallah’s policy of paying salaries to Palestinian security prisoners, he let out loudly that he, “completely rejects,” any attempt to change the policy as it is rightful to pay these holy fighters, by which he refers to what most of the world recognize as terrorists. Of the United States’ offer to the Palestinians of the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis as the capital of a future Palestinian state he fumed and cursed and stated the most significant but likely overlooked declaration pointing directly at The Donald yelling, “May God demolish your house.”


What became obvious during the ranting by Mahmoud Abbas was that when he was ordered to meet with the Saudi Royal Family in Riyadh, the message sent from Saudi Arabia about the “deal of the century” being drawn up by the Trump administration and that he need accept the deal or resign as they would no longer support the Palestinians. President Trump had likely reached a deal which the Saudis agreed to back completely and that they would convey that message to Abbas. He may actually have heeded that and this may be the end of his tenure as he also told the assembled that this may be the final time they see him speaking as their leader. Some have commented this sounded like a summation and a resignation speech. This was also a declaration of war as we pointed out yesterday with his insistence on continued peaceful resistance, code words for terrorist attacks.


Perhaps now for the explanation of the meaning of the Arab curse delivered by Abbas on President Donald Trump of, “May God demolish your house.” Perhaps it would be easiest to simply quote Dr. Mordechai Kedar from his article “The speech in which Abbas Dug His Own Grave.” Here is what he told us about this curse.

This imprecation does not merely relate to someone’s present home, but to all the members of his family being thrown into the street to lead lives of destitution, humiliation and shame.

His entire article is really well worth reading as it spends time covering some of the history and other events which we did not cover here having done so over the years. Now back to the card game.


We already know that even should the PA have their full-house, their best hand would be three J’s over a pair of 2’s and Israel has a full-house of three K’s over a pair of 10’s thus Israel holds the winning hand and Bibi likely knows this. This means that the PA’s bet only matters if they fold and try to salvage some position and a way to deal with President Trump who is determined to end this charade. He stated in his campaign that he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the embassy, which has now been done and is in motion and he also stated he intended to make the deal of the century in the Middle East and bring the Arab Israeli conflict to a close, and it looks like he meant every word of that as well. He stated he would give it his best deal-making ability and if that did not work then there was likely no solution. By that, he obviously meant that he would have the United States wash their hands of the whole thing and leave it to the PA and Israel to hash out alone. He has ended the idea of Jerusalem being up for grabs, granted Israel, and he terminated UNRWA’s funding which will likely not be picked up by Saudi Arabia, as we would bet that was also discussed and if they desire assistance with Iran, then they will toe the line they had drawn for them. The EU and UN cannot afford to take up the slack as the EU is almost broke and the UN would be risking all United States funding if they did so as President Trump has intimated. So, UNWRA is all but finished as President Trump may even instruct the UN to close it down or face a complete lack of funding from the United States which would be the death knell for the UN and they know this. Apparently, the people holding all the cards are Israel in the Middle East and The Donald worldwide.


In the end, he started to trail off a bit murmuring, “We do not take instructions from anyone, and say ‘no’ to anyone if it is about our destiny, our cause, our country and our people… 1,000 times no,” In one true statement there he unknowingly summed up the entirety of the Palestinian position since the beginning when he had stated, “No, a thousand times no!” We hope he either eventually sits and makes his bet or folds and walks away, either way; Israel will win. Apparently, this game is over, deals made and the only thing left is for the shouting, and Abbas is definitely doing much of that.


Beyond the Cusp


January 15, 2018

Palestinian Leadership Declare War on Israel


Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) head-man and ruler of the Palestinian Arabs as well as being leader of the revolt and instigator for terrorism, Mahmoud Abbas has decided to wage war through surrogates throughout the world. Abbas has announced standing with French President Macron that the United States has disqualified itself from Mideast peace process. Apparently, Mahmoud Abbas is serious about this, for now, as he has also refused to answer Jared Kushner’s phone call and turned down the United States invitations for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. But he has been a busy little beaver beyond refusing everything offered which might actually be capable of finding a solution. But Abbas does not desire a solution; he simply wants to destroy Israel by any means he can leverage. His current target is President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and future sight for the American Embassy. Abbas is drooling over the chances he might grab allowing him to hold the Temple Mount, Old City, Mount Olives Cemetery and all of Eastern Jerusalem where he can evict three entire neighborhoods for the fact that they are Jews, the unwanted, what he terms invaders despite the fact that two of these neighborhoods are Jews reclaiming what was their homes before the Jordanians performed their ethnic cleansing, something Abbas intends to repeat. Abbas hungers for all of East Jerusalem and every inch of the lands Jordan occupied for nineteen years. Abbas and the “PLO Executive Committee praised the “uprising of the Palestinian people” in response to the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and stressed the importance of further strengthening the “popular struggle by peaceful means.”


Salim Zanoun, the chairman of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), who also serves as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Central Council, demanded on Sunday that the Central Council members, who are meeting in Ramallah to take a stand on the future of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and to reexamine the PLO’s recognition of Israel, renege on the Palestinian supposed recognition of Israel, something which despite Abbas constantly pretending, was never accepted. The reality is the Arab leadership will once again claim that Israel is a European colony with no connection to the Jews. Additionally they will restate a claim with a slight twist, that the Arabs were the Canaanites who originally built Jerusalem six thousand years ago. They also claim that the largest navy in the world at the end of World War II, the Netherlands Navy, to transport European Jews, the ones with no connection to Israel, to take the lands away from the Palestinian Arab founders of the area and, according to another older claim, the Palestinian Arabs invented the Canaanite language which was the first written language on Earth. You cannot make these claims up and outdo their wild declarations.


Abbas has gone to one of his favorite Jew and Israel hating entities, this time the European Union. He has demanded that they join him in declaring the State of Palestine as an independent nation with East Jerusalem as its capital and the June 4, 1967 lines. The date he is demanding is quite important as it is the day before Jordan joined Egypt and Syria, who had conjoined to become the United Arab Republic (UAR) who had invaded Israel intending to destroy Israel and force the Jews from the land one way or another the next morning of June 5, 1967 and the war concluded on June 10, 1967 after only six days, thus the name Six Day War. Instead of driving the Jews out of Israel, Israel had defeated the combined forces of three Arab nations, Egypt, Syria Jordan and Saudi Arabia with units from Lebanon and Iraq and additional assistance from Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan and Tunisia. Below is a map of Arab nations’ military moves which predicated the Six Day War as the threat encircled the Jewish State.


Arab nations’ military moves which predicated the Six Day War

Arab nations’ military moves which predicated the Six Day War


The threats became war when Israeli intelligence intercepted the attack orders and in a defensive move attacked the Egyptian Air Force while the majority of the planes were still on the ground. Israeli intelligence was so thorough that they left the decoy aircraft which were plywood replicas spread on the airfields to confuse any attacker as to which were the real aircraft so they would waste resources attacking the decoys. Israel struck only the real aircraft cementing their air superiority for the war. Later that fateful day in June of 1967 the Israeli Air Force defeated the Syrian Air Force and when the Jordanian Air Force attacked that afternoon they were met and routed by the Israeli Air Force. By the end of the war on June 10, 1967 when the United Nations, Soviet Union, United States, Britain and numerous other entities all demanded that the Israeli forces cease their advances and realizing the Arab forces had been routed and completely defeated and Israel stood ready to capture Cairo, Amman and Damascus if not prevented by the rest of the world, there was no other choice, Israel had to be prevented from capturing any Arab capital city. Israel was threatened by the world powers thus preventing Israel from declaring total victory and instead settling for territorial gains and without capture of any Arab capitals. Below are two maps showing the starting positions and resulting territories Israel captured or liberated (Judea and Samaria were occupied by Jordan renamed West Bank) during the Six Day War.


Six Day War Beginning and Resulting Positions from June 5, 1967 to June 10, 1967

Six Day War Beginning and Resulting Positions from June 5, 1967 to June 10, 1967


So, now we understand Abbas and his inspiration for choosing June 4, 1967, as he desires a reset to the starting points from the Six Day War. Egypt already made peace and all of the Sinai Peninsula was returned by Israel and Egypt relinquished all claims to Gaza which was later gifted to the Palestinian Authority in August and September of 2005, and then taken over in a coup by Hamas in 2007. This also would return the highlands overlooking the densely populated and industrialized lands within Israel allowing for direct firing of rockets into Tel Aviv and surrounding areas. Abbas is not relying solely on the European Union as he has a great idea for using the United Nations. He desires for the United Nations convening of an international conference with full powers to resolve all the outstanding issues and all final status issues. He insists that this United Nations conference be empowered to set the final borders of the Palestinian State along the June 4, 1967 lines, the 1949 Armistice Lines or the Green Line, all names for what Israeli Abba Eban; Israeli diplomat, politician and scholar, who referred to the pre Six Day War lines as Israel’s “Auschwitz borders.” The reasoning becomes evident in the two pictures below, one before Israeli retreat back to the June 4, 1967 lines and the lower one within days if not minutes after Israel is forced back behind the Green Line, the Auschwitz borders.” That is why Israel can never accept such a solution and even should the entire world demand Israel fold and accede to Mahmoud Abbas and his eternal demands, the only result would be an inevitable war as even one attack would be intolerable.


Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace and Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace

Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace
Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace


Abbas is attempting to collect every adversary of Israel’s continued existence calling on the United Nations and European Union to join him in declaring the maximum potential borders as reality including forcing all the Israeli residents from their Judea and Samaria communities, East Jerusalem and even areas of Western Jerusalem which would become no-man’s land just as it was when Jordanian snipers would randomly shoot any Israeli which came within their scope sights. Not only would parts of Jerusalem become areas where one’s life would be endangered just traversing, but also major Israeli roadways and even Ben Gurion Airport (see images below). For people who regularly use Trans-Israel Highway Route 6 daily, they would be required to find an alternate route using secondary roads and finding a longer and more time consuming route to and from work, family, friends or simply to go to another area of Israel as simply by constructing what appears to be a residence in order to use the roof to place a sniper making this section of the Trans-Israel Highway Route 6 completely unusable unless encased in a rocket and bullet proof encapsulation. A person with a MANPAD standing on the grounds overlooking Ben Gurion Airport they could blow any aircraft landing or taking off right out of the sky. These are further examples why Israel would not be able to permit a Palestinian State to have the June 4, 1967 borders demanded by Mahmoud Abbas, and he is totally aware of this which is why his demands.


Trans-Israel Highway Route 6 (c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)

Trans-Israel Highway Route 6
(c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)


Ben Gurion Airport Plane Vulnerability from Palestine (c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)

Ben Gurion Airport Plane Vulnerability from Palestine
(c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)


Mahmoud Abbas can get the European Union, United Nations and any other group, organization or grouping of allied nations to declare whatever borders or solution he can arrange, no such declaration will have any effect on the current situation and will most definitely establish any real borders which he is chasing so eagerly. The only place that Mahmoud Abbas can go and readily arrange to have borders, peace and an actual state is to meet with Israel. Only Israel is capable of making an agreement which would be enforceable. Not the United Nations and all its various institutions, not the European Union or any of its members, not Russia, China or the United States and not the Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation or the entirety of Islam and the force of Allah can force a solution. If Mahmoud Abbas truly desires peace and actually wants a real nation then instead of refusing every offer and grandstanding collecting condemnations of Israel, United Nations statements which are completely unenforceable or other meaningless denunciations of the situation, then he simply need to sit down with the Israelis and not demand that Israel get nothing and he gets his entire wish list. But being reasonable or even settling for anything which does not instantly destroy Israel would be not making good on his endless promises to destroy Israel and that is why he will never accept peace as he believes that if the Arab press this long enough the world will tire of the entire affair and destroy Israel just to be rid of the conflict. We will not ruin it by providing a spoiler, as that exact situation was already predicted and the result of the ensuing conflict was given in the Bible. The world should hope it never comes to that, as the end is less than pretty.


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