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April 4, 2014

News Roundup and Commentary in Bits and Bites

Some days offer either too many items of relative importance or simply lack any one item which offers sufficient angles for a complete article and the recent past has been a perfect example of both. The most pressing story is also the most sad as it combines the horrors of recalling past horrors with a similarly horrific series of events in the present. I am referring to the mass shooting at Fort Hood Texas where an emotionally scarred and unbalanced soldier presumably experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) went on a shooting spree where he murdered three innocents and injured reportedly as many as sixteen others with nine requiring extended hospital treatment before turning his weapon on himself almost immediately after armed enforcement personnel appeared on the scene. This event occurring as it did at Fort Hood brought back the sickening memories of the “work place violence” committed by Major Nidal Hasan. Despite the United States Military classification of Major Hasan’s murder spree, many commentators and others expressed their belief that that shooting should have been classified as a terrorist attack, especially when reports revealed that the Major had been shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he murdered his victims. The one truth this horrific and senseless shooting spree will produce will be the inevitable references and comparisons between the two shootings which will hopefully not result in any excuses or insensitive statements minimizing the horrors and emotional tragedies attached to either incident.


Another crisis which is continuing on its rise in temperature and getting dangerously close to boiling over, emitting some loud and unignorable blasts this past week is the ever-present Korean peninsula’s low-grade war. It began in its usual fashion with the North Koreans informing their neighbors in South Korea that they planned on holding some military exercises. They cautioned the South Koreans to avoid approaching even the offshore maritime zones of North Korea. Once their war games began, predictably and unsurprisingly the North Koreans lobbed numerous shells and armed projectiles south of the demarcation lines between the two nations striking in South Korean waters. As has been the custom, the South Koreans responded with expressed indignation and stressed their displeasure with a few well-placed rounds into the North Korean maritime waters. The reason for alarm over what is not exactly a new occurrence is that the new, young, neophyte North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is still very much an unknown quantity. It has definitely not served to lower the blood pressure or lessened tensions with the recent revelations that Kim Jong Un had carried out a purge which included his hanging family members. This along with other signals that the new North Korean leader may be quite unstable and unpredictable leading many to fear that he may not be easily predictable and thus an unknown quantity which presents a far more troubling situation than the already problematic relations between North Korean and the rest of the world, and especially for South Korea. Just add one more possible war-mongering megalomaniac onto the list of such players on the world stage. Where Kim Jong Un will not be as threatening a potential menace as Russian President Putin, known in our office as Vlad the Invader, or as dangerous as the slowly ever reaching tentacles from China slowly eating up all the disputed islands in the South China Sea and other area off their coasts and included in their newly declared enlarged maritime borders; these rising threats make one question, who will represent a viable opposition to these opportunistic hegemonic imperialists.


There were reports of some last ditch efforts to resuscitate the Israel Palestinian peace negotiations. Reportedly, Israeli Chief Negotiator Tzipi Livni and Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat met with United States Mediator Martin Indyk in what was described as a very stormy session where the two required repeated separating by Mr. Indyk as they exchanged threats, curses and excessively abusive language in efforts to allow them to cool their jets and hopefully calm their animosity and belligerence. Eventually Mr. Indyk called an end to the session as everything he attempted proved ineffective and the atmosphere was proving beyond rescue making any hopes for any reconciliation being obviously impossible. In other developments, the Palestinians released updated requirements, actually conditional demands, upon the Israelis if any chance would exist for them to return and extend the negotiations. Their demands for a building freeze remained the same, an absolute freeze on all Israeli building within Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem including any areas the Palestinians define as rightfully belonging to their future nation while their previous demand that the Israelis release four hundred additional terrorist prisoners above the final twenty-six from the original one-hundred-four that were to be released as a condition for the Palestinians to even attend any negotiations was increased demanding the release of one thousand terrorist prisoner with the release terrorists Ahmed Saadat and Marwan Barghouti heading their lists. Finally, the Palestinians added one last threat that should the Israelis be perceived to have taken any undesired actions concerning the Palestinians that they would “pursue the Israelis in all international forums and make sure they were branded as war criminals.” At the end of everything that has occurred since Israel initially postponed the final release of twenty-six Terrorist prisoners, Israel finally announced that they were officially cancelling the final release reacting to the application to fifteen United Nations and world bodies and agencies by Palestinian Chairman Abbas carrying out his threat to seek world affirmation to establish the Palestinian state. One wonders how such might eventually be resolved as even with all these memberships the Palestinians will still lack some of the requirements of an actual nation under the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States as stated in Article 1 which states, “The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a) a permanent population; b) a defined territory; c) government; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.”


The Earth has been shaking all over with Chile suffering aftershocks and what was potentially a second earthquake yesterday registering 7.6 on the Richter Scale following a larger earthquake the previous day which measured a destructive 8.2 on the Richter Scale. Further north, Panama was struck by an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter Scale. In the past day there were reportedly sixty earthquakes considered notable, 2.5 or higher on the Richter Scale, by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) with the most significant being: 4.6 Richter Scale in Nobeoka, Japan; in ascending order, 4.5, 4.6 (x2), 4.7, 4.8 (x4), 4.9 (x6), 5.0, 5.1 (x4), 5.2 (x3), 5.5, 5.6 (x2), 5.8, 6.2, 6.5, 7.6 Richter Scale in Iquique, Chile; 4.9 Richter Scale in Putre, Chile; 5.3 Richter Scale in Lambasa, Fiji; 4.5 Richter Scale in Gura Teghii, Romania; 5.6 Richter Scale in Bengkulu, Indonesia; 5.0 Richter Scale at the Southwest Indian Ridge in the Indian Ocean; and 5.6 Richter Scale in Kamaishi, Japan. The news covered the two major earthquakes near Iquique, Chile while mentioning there had been numerous aftershocks while the figures above shows how absolutely horrified the people living in the area have been suffering almost constant earthquakes and aftershocks since the initial jolt reported earlier this week. The one thing writing commentary and reporting news daily does is give you a perspective on how fortunate most of our lives are when we compare them to the miseries or disasters which strike so many fellow earthlings each and every day. It has given those of us who have this perspective reason to thank G0d that our lives have been blessed with a steady diet of what could be classified as boredom but is actually blessed calm and persistent quiet.


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August 4, 2013

Why the Secrecy Mr. Secretary?

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United States Secretary of State Kerry has emphasized twice that the peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians will be held in complete secrecy from the Press and that both sides have been instructed not to release any information concerning any progress, problems, concessions, agreements, or probably even what the menu was for lunch. The clamping of such secrecy can only lead one to surmise that the negotiations are going to be controversial and that there will be positions resulting that would prove provocative and very possibly disheartening. Since Secretary Kerry has also pointed out that any information which may become public will not have any validity unless it comes from Secretary Kerry himself, and he added that he will not be speaking about the talks very much if at all, so anything that is stated by any media will be purely conjecture. Well, I almost feel like sending Secretary Kerry a thank you note for his kindness for putting the rest of the media with yours truly on a level and equal playing field. With such a challenge, how could one not make predictions and estimations of what will be the final outcome. Let the guessing games begin.


Well, my first supposition is that while Palestinian President and Chairman of the Palestinian Authority and the leader of the Fatah faction of the PLO which also includes the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist wing Mahmoud Abbas may have been forced to declare he will forgo requiring the entire litany of preconditions of the Israelis before allowing negotiations to proceed, Palestinian Chief negotiator Saeb Erekat has made no such promise and will begin to threaten to refuse to return to the negotiations unless Israel meets the very same preconditions. Rumors have already been spreading on Saturday night when this article was written that he has already demanded that Israel once again implement a complete building freeze. Maybe you remember the building freeze was the brilliant suggestion from none other than United States President Obama at the beginning of his first term when he boldly announced he had the answer to the Israeli-Palestinian deadlocked peace process. President Obama had the impression that Israel was the impediment in the peace process and if Israel were to be leaned upon and forced to negotiate from a weak and compromised position that the Palestinians would receive their state and Palestine and Israel would then live side-by-side in peace and security. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu under pressure gave President Obama a ten month building freeze which Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas wasted almost the entire ten months waiting until well into the ninth month to agree to meet only to use the meeting to demand that the Israeli Prime Minister extend the building freeze until a peace agreement was reached. We will never know whether President Obama attempted to pressure Netanyahu to comply or not, but Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to bend to that further demand and the peace process remained frozen.


So, now Mr. Erekat has assumed the responsibility for running interference by demanding the imposition of the preconditions in order to avoid any possibility that any negotiations may accidentally lead to a peace agreement. His announcement that went along with his demand for Israel to reinstitute a building freeze Mr. Erekat said, “The talks have ended. The government of Binyamin Netanyahu is trying to scrap all what was agreed upon in previous sessions of negotiations. They want to take us back to point zero.” The next claim when pressed on why the Palestinians are attempting once again to push for preconditions, which if accepted by Israel would be a total surrender on every single one of the final status issues, will be to claim that he is not demanding Israel meet preconditions but rather these demands are for Israel to meet their obligations and he is only asking for the world to assist the Palestinians in enforcing these obligations which Israel has refused to meet. The Palestinian leadership does not desire to negotiate and will only accept a complete Israeli surrender, and by a complete Israeli surrender they do not mean to the pre June 1967 positions which are the Armistice Lines from the 1949 end of hostilities from the initial war to eradicate Israel. The only solution the Palestinians will ever accept is the complete eradication of Israel replacing it with their Palestinian state. Whether they will allow the Israelis to continue to remain within the Palestinian state as a protected Dhimmi people or if they intend to simply deport or worse every Jew currently living in Israel, their intentions have not yet been definitively stated. The only question is what will President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and the now apparently unemployed mediator Indyk going to do now that Mr. Erekat has walked away from the negotiations almost before they officially started. At least the Palestinian negotiating tactic has continued to be consistent, meet once for the initial handshake and walk away crying foul and demanding Israel unconditionally surrender by precondition. This has just begun to get interesting. How much abuse will President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry take from the Palestinians playing them in this disrespecting manner before they decide that they have been presuming the wrong side as the obstructionists and finally demand an initial concession from the Palestinians, that they actually negotiate in earnest and end their obstructionism? This will never happen though I do believe that the leadership of the United States will probably figure out the realities of the situation long before the Europeans even get clue one.


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