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May 19, 2016

Peace Farce Being Pushed Again

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Mahmoud Abbas has been a busy beaver running to and fro pleading for anybody to press Israel and squeeze more concessions which he can gather for free and brag that he is the hero of the people. He has been pressing the French with a modicum of fruitfulness. He recently ran off to Cairo pestering President Sisi to also press for a renewal of a peace he will never accept. Abbas has no ability to accept anything less than the complete obliteration of the Jewish State, Israel, or as he refers to it, the Zionist Entity. Mahmoud Abbas has made it clear to the Arab world that he is aware that the only peace he will allow is for the replacement of Israel with an Arab state and the Jews liquidated. This is the only promise Abbas feels he need honor and any agreement with anyone else including the French, Sisi, the United States, The United Nations and any other entity are to be a ruse towards reaching the desired end of Israel and that is the only truth. But Sisi has enough on his plate and needed Abbas pressing like he needs a hole in his head. Possibly just to clear his plate of this annoyance or possibly in earnest desire to do what is right Sisi made a statement pressing for a restart of the “Peace Process.” Now the circus begins anew and Israel can only now attempt to mitigate this renewed threat taking as little damage as possible.


The immediate reaction to Sisi’s pressured request has been as expected. Mahmoud Abbas is delighted and immediately took to demanding that Israel prepare to restart the peace process and take the required steps to allow for the negotiations to begin. This is not what many will think it is as it is most definitely not a demand to schedule a meeting as that had been offered and on the table for the last sixty years if only the Palestinians desired peace rather than conquest. This desire for Israel to prepare for negotiations actually means for Israel to start making offers of concessions until Abbas decides which concessions he desires to accept and may even add a few suggestions of his own. He might even renew his demand that Israel permit a land connection between Gaza and Ramallah a mile wide across Israel as dividing the two Palestinian entities is unfair to any who have family in both sides. That such a grant would divide Israel in half separating the north from the south is, of course, of no consequence as only Abbas and the Palestinian desires to be considered valid and Israeli rights as secondary. That has been the basic rule of the game when the outside world intervenes and takes to pressing for progress, a word which has come to mean Israeli concessions and Abbas lies and deceptions accepted as progress.


But Abbas was not the only one pleased with this request. Another took full advantage of the ploy to pry concessions from Israel in a naked political maneuver hoping to gain advantage in any coming election at the potential cost of the safety of the nation. This advantage was pressed by the leader of the minority party leader, the Labor Party leader Yitzhak Herzog. This was of no surprise as Yitzhak Herzog has never missed any opportunity to direct pressures against the government and risks the safety of the Israeli public if he can make any political points. The real shame of Herzog and his jumping excitedly on this Abbas attack on Israel is made all the worse as the mood of the peoples of Israel as proven in the last election and has only deepened has been towards the Zionist and nationalist camp as well as becoming more religious. Herzog and his party are socialists and internationalist and has teamed up with Tzipi Livni and her party, which has all but collapsed, and in an attempt to mislead the public adopted the name “Zionist Union” despite being anything but Zionist and running claiming to be the peace party which could lead Israel and the Palestinian Entities, Hamas and Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, to a peace agreement and willing to make whatever painful sacrifice necessary for peace. Perhaps he is not aware that to make peace he would need to sacrifice the entire nation but if that is true then he is completely unaware of reality or is being deceitful, neither of which is a good qualification for leading the nation.


Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis

Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council
Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis




Abbas United Nations Math which takes year 2015 subtract his desired 67 years erasing history to 1948 before Israel founded

Then there is the French call for a peace conference to discuss the Israel Palestinian Peace Process where they have pressed for numerous countries to send representatives to make discussions as to what steps need to be explored for restarting the peace negotiations. It has been rumored that a number of Arab nations are sending representatives as well as many European nations, all of which are at best questionable in any list of friends of Israel. Further, the United States is debating having Secretary of State Kerry giving the French initiative the boost of their participation. There is one country which has been expressly not invited and will not be admitted even if they desired to join the confab, Israel. What devilish schemes are going to be considered that Israel is expressly excluded from a peace conference under the banner of making peace between the Arab world and Israel starting with the Palestinians where everybody is welcome except Israel? Israel should make it known that they will not be considering anything coming out of the French initiative without allowing the Israeli public and their representatives in the Knesset and the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have reviewed and seriously considered any and all consequences of the prospective solutions.


The one item which appears to have escaped everybody was the offers already made in the past which during the peace talks sponsored by President Clinton had been told by Yasser Arafat he would accept and after pressing Israeli Prime minister Ehud Barak to accept the night before. When President Clinton and Secretary of State Albright presented Arafat with the deal he had told President Clinton he would accept just twelve hours or so earlier, Arafat replied by stalking out of the talks refusing to return or make any further demands returning to Ramallah and starting the Second Intifada which murdered over a thousand Israelis and injured innumerably more. Since then there have been at least four more offers made which were comparable or even surpassing that deal and all have been refused out of hand. All included sharing Jerusalem between the two states as their Capital. All included ninety-five percent of Judea and Samaria with equal land swaps making up the remainder. All were thought by the United States to be sufficient to initially meet with their approval. All were rejected by Mahmoud Abbas as insufficient without so much as even a hint at what would be acceptable. All were then declared as failures by Israel to make sufficient sacrifice for peace by the media and all of Europe, the United Nations and even the formerly approving representatives of the United States.


Left Side Depicts World's View of Two States While Right Side Depicts Abbas' and Arabs' view of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed Throughout Europe America and Western Nations

Left Side Depicts World’s View of Two States,
While Right Side Depicts Abbas’ and Arabs’ view
of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed
Throughout Europe America and Western Nations


Why Israel should even pretend to accept such overtures knowing that Abbas will never make peace and any agreement made Abbas demands that terror attacks be continued, demands for more sacrifices from Israel meaning giving up land that the Palestinians never resided on, knowing that in the Palestinian schools they teach the children that they are from cities and towns inside Israel and that they will return to their homes which in most cases never existed, and knowing that the world would gladly sacrifice Israel in the hope it would spare them future terrorist attacks, which is beyond any reasonable doubt as proven by past actions and statements. Why the world is even wasting time and effort would be beyond understanding except that it is the worst kept secret that they would sacrifice Israel for even the lie that it would protect them from future Islamic terror or subversive acts as part of a civilizational jihad. Israel need save the world from their own foolishness as the truth is that Israel is the stopper in the bottle between the Islamic world and Europe and the rest of the world. Israel may not prevent some incursions by terror but Israel does make such less likely as Israel by her existence is the first target on their list. Further, Israel provides the best intelligence by which some attacks are prevented though an attack prevented never makes any news and thus no news is good news. News of such might compromise the avenues by which the intelligence was acquired, thus no news is doubly good news as it allows for future times of no news being good news. Unfortunately, the aims of these peace initiatives are to make news which eventually will bring bad news as such news serves simply to aggravate the problems and agitate hidden terrorist potentials. The world would be better served by allowing direct negotiations to take place when the Arab leadership is willing to honestly approach a real peace and not just another attempt to destroy Israel first and Europe next. Pray that somebody somewhere comes to their senses and prevents more damage than has already been accomplished.


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March 31, 2014

Israeli Palestinian End Game Maneuvers Concerning Peace Process

The first step to understanding how the peace process led those involved to where they are is that on one side it is all about peace while the other side it is all about process. Going all the way back to 1993 and the start of the Oslo Accords a cursory investigation will reveal one glaring inequality where one side has made virtually all the concessions while the other side makes additional demands every time they manage to draw a concession to any one of their demands. This methodology has brought us from where the debates started with Israel expected to retain at least half of Judea and Samaria to where we are today where Israel is being pushed to the point where it would not be beyond reason to realize that with the addition of the Bedouins making claims on as much as a quarter of the Negev with assistance from the Palestinians that Israel may have even less land for her population that she had at the initiation of the peace process. The difference in attitude is easily stated and explained simply by pointing out that the Palestinians use the process of demands for concessions even to negotiate allows them to pocket concession after concession while Israel has willingly made concessions after concession seeking to find the magic formula which sufficiently satisfies the Palestinians demands allowing for a treaty establishing peace. The problem arises once it becomes obvious that the only concession which will satiate the Palestinians would be for Israel as the home for the Jewish People to cease to exist and be replaced with Palestine which they demand is free of any Jews. That brings us to the current presumed tragedy that has stymied the peace process for the immediate future.


The blame game will now go into full ahead with the accusations that the Israelis exploded what had been peace negotiations which were proceeding making progress towards reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Of course that is not a true assessment of the peace talks leading up to this crisis. At the beginning of this round of negotiations the Israelis bending to American pressure offered the Palestinians a choice between two concessions; either they could have Israel enforce a building freeze on any of the areas in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria including even those communities which both sides had presumably agreed upon Israel retaining as part of any peace agreement or they could have over one-hundred terrorist prisoners serving sentences since before 1993 most often for multiple terrorist acts resulting in the deaths of many Israeli civilians often including women, children and senior citizens. Almost every single one of the terror masters offered for release had Jewish blood on their hands yet Israel agreed to offer their release as an alternative to a building freeze. Many in Israel were adamantly against allowing any of these murderous terrorists to go free, especially those whose family and friends had been their victims. The crimes these terrorists had planned and often committed resulted in hundreds if not thousands of maimed and crippled for life victims in addition to those they slaughtered. The Palestinians chose to have their terrorists released in exchange for nine months of talks and, as they emphatically asserted, not one second longer.


Immediately after the negotiations resumed the Palestinians began demanding that Israel be forced to enforce a building freeze in addition to releasing the terrorist prisoners as why should the Palestinians be forced to demand only one concession when two were offered. Meanwhile, as the talks progressed, the Palestinians threatened repeatedly to walk away from the talks if Israel did not grant a particular point or just in order to go to the world at large and the United Nations and affiliated agencies to seek their declared statehood and have the world force their demands on the Israelis. The terror prisoner releases were scheduled to be made in four separate releases of twenty-six totaling one-hundred-four total prisoners to be freed. As each of the release dates came due the Palestinians would stress that they were solely negotiating to gain the release of their heroic freedom fighters unfairly imprisoned by the Israelis. They held victory parades and other celebrations with each release and gave these terrorist prisoners large cash rewards and positions within the Palestinian bureaucracy complete with very substantial salaries, often equal in amount to a command rank officer in the Palestinian Security Forces. Needless to point out, these celebratory receptions and the fanfare and exalting of the released terrorist murderers as role models for the Palestinian youth was simply rubbing salt in the emotional scars and wounds that resulted from the acts of these terrorists who were released.


After the third set were released and only the final twenty-six remained for release the Palestinian leadership almost to an individual declared repeatedly and openly that as soon as the final terrorists were released they would blow-up the talks and not even meet through April thus freeing themselves to seek statehood at the United Nations or by any other means available. The shrill repetition of this threat only became more intense and frequent as the end of March and the date for the final release approached. Still the United States through Secretary of State Kerry and Martin Indyk made certain that Israel would release the final set or else face the wrath due them for not making the necessary sacrifices for peace. Meanwhile, the Israeli citizenry were up in arms against any further releases as it had become obvious that the entire negotiations by the Palestinians was a ruse that made a farce of the entire process and showed how the Americans had been played and out-maneuvered by the Palestinians and used to gain the release of some of the worst of the worst of terrorist prisoners. These prisoners were the Israeli equivalent on the terror prisoners the United States held at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Even after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu informed Secretary of State Kerry that making the final terrorist prisoner release would collapse his coalition, the United States still refused to mediate their demands for Israel to complete their concessions to the Palestinians and that the threat by the Palestinians to blow-up the talks once they received all their terrorists freed from Israeli prisons was not a worthy concern that might question the wisdom of making that final release.


What has to be remembered is that often throughout the twenty plus years of the Oslo Accords the Palestinians and even the United States, especially under President Clinton, had attempted to push Israel to such an extent that it would collapse their governing coalition. This was most often the tactic used when there was a Likud governing coalition in order to attempt to replace it with a Labor headed coalition as the Labor party was seen as more likely to roll over and allow themselves to be doormats meeting every demand despite any evidence that doing so was a useless attempt to satisfy the Palestinian hunger for destroying the Jewish state. Under President Clinton the United States, more accurately the Democrat Party, and even more accurately, the leaders of the Clinton election machinery not only was utilized to break the first term ruling coalition of Prime Minister Netanyahu, but were dispatched to Israel to assist the Labor Party and other leftist parties in defeating the Likud candidates who would have returned Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Their assistance did pay off as Netanyahu was defeated and Ehud Barak became Prime Minister. Even then with what was presumably a willing Israeli government the Palestinians refused to accept even the most generous of offers which was mostly written by United States President Bill Clinton and his staff. Prime Minister Netanyahu was not going to repeat the same mistake and allow the administration of President Obama to accomplish the same meddling in Israeli politics as was effectively enacted by President Clinton.


The Israelis worked to retain their governing coalition they elected despite facing the Americans allying with the Palestinians and enforcing their demands to pressure the Israeli Prime Minister into a risky situation in return for absolutely nothing. We had pointed out here last week that it appeared that crashing Netanyahu and his coalition had become the main goal of the Palestinians along with their allies in that effort, the United States State Department. Now that Netanyahu has taken a stand and resisted the pressures that would have produced new elections in Israel, we will witness the blame game start with the Palestinians and likely the Americans pointing out that Israel destroyed any possibility for peace by refusing to release the last of the terrorist prisoners agreed upon as their concessions in return for the Palestinians pretending to negotiate for nine months. The Palestinians have already jumped on the blame train and are demanding that instead of the additional twenty-six terrorists to be released, they are demanding and claiming that Israel has agreed to and are thus obligated to release four-hundred terrorist prisoners. This claim has been forwarded not in any manner of seriously expecting it to actually be considered but has been stated so it can be utilized by the Palestinians in future pre-talks negotiations where the Palestinians state what bribe they require to pretend to hold peace talks. They will bring up that as they stated when Israel made the poisonous denial to releasing the final group of prisoners that there had been talk about the Israelis releasing four-hundred prisoners and that the Israelis are thus obligated to meet that number solely because it was mentioned during the days after Israel failed to meet obligations. The Palestinian have also claimed they might consider extending the talks if Israel would release more terrorist prisoner with Marwan Barghouti in particular as well as enacting a complete building freeze. There had been mention of also permitting the return of Palestinian refugees from all of the camps but that was backed off from fairly quickly. Expect that it might return if the Palestinians desire not to resume talking but wish to blame Israel for not meeting their obligations, the Palestinians’ word which actually denoted outrageous demand they knew Israel would refuse. We can expect the Arab League, the United Nations along with its numerous separate agencies, the European Union, numerous Arab and European governments, and very likely the United States State Department and even President Obama along with many of the developing nations who are members of the Arab dominated Non-Aligned Nations (NAM) group to all pile up and blame Israel for destroying what was obviously the greatest opportunity for peace in the Middle East. Of course this latest lost opportunity will only remain the greatest of all opportunities until the next round of Palestinian intransigence and demands coupled with forced Israeli concessions which will automatically gain the new title as the greatest opportunity for peace in the Middle East. There will probably be that select few who will go so far as to blame Israel’s not releasing the final group of murderers as being responsible for the continued strife in Syria as well as any other problem the world might be suffering. It would be a revelation if just once the Palestinians were pressed to make a single concession to persuade Israel to negotiate, but that will never come to pass. The next week or two bears watching the over reactions from the world and particularly the United States to the breakdown of the peace, more process than peace talks. Expect President Obama to find pressuring Israel more urgent a priority than addressing Russian President Putin threatening to reestablish the Russian sphere of influence back to the glory days of the Soviet Union by next swallowing the rest of the Ukraine. President Obama is not a fool and knows that it is far easier to pressure Israel to firm up his image as being competent regarding foreign policy than it would be to address the Russian’s continued threat and belligerence towards Eastern Europe. President Obama might even place the blame on Israel for Putin’s voracious appetite for his neighbors’ lands.


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March 25, 2014

United States to Side with Palestinians in Blaming Israel

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There has been much made over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insisting that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish People. He has stated that just as Israel has accepted the Palestinian demands for their own homeland, that Israel should receive the same recognition from the Palestinians as being the state for the Jewish People. Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas has repeatedly drawn a line refusing to recognize Israel as the state for the Jewish People claiming that no nation has the right to claim to be home to a particular religion. Obviously Chairman Abbas would make exceptions and claim that Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are not really nations whose existence is based on preference of a single religion or perhaps he would claim that Islam is more than just a religion and since it also has a political structure as part of practicing the religion, that it is therefore different and entitled to establish national entities. Of course the same argument could be made about Judaism as there are rules in the Old Testament which pertain to limits and responsibilities of a King or ruling body in relation to the Jewish People when they would form a government in the Promised Land, Israel.


The real reason for both men making these demands is being skirted and avoiding direct mention as part of the debate is the demand from Chairman Abbas that over five-million Palestinian refugees be given the right to resettle in Israel as they left Israel right before or during the 1948-9 war during which half a dozen Arab armies attempted to annihilate the nascent Jewish State immediately after Israel declared their independence from British rule. The original number of refugees has been estimated to have been approximately six-hundred-fifty-thousand individuals, the majority of which left voluntarily in response to the demands of the commanders of the invading Arab forces along with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini who claimed that they should allow room so that the Arab armies could freely slaughter every individual in the new state of Israel and the Arabs could return after the victory and share in the spoils of the defeated Jews; but under United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) rules every descendent of a Palestinian refugee is also to be counted as an individual new refugee and is granted the same status and rights as the original refugees hence forth and permanently into the future generation after generations, a separate and unique definition of who qualifies as a refugee separate and different than the definition used in every other instance of refugee status throughout human history. This special situation is the reason that the original approximately six-hundred-fifty-thousand individual refugees numbers have swelled to the number today being quoted as being over five-million refugees spread out in refugee camps in several Arab nations and the Palestinian ruled areas in the disputed territories. The reason for this separate and unique definition being implemented for the Palestinian refugees was the Arab League demand that these refugees be granted special consideration in perpetuity so as to use their existence as a bludgeon to eventually destroy the Jewish identification of Israel through their eventual return no matter the amount of time that might transpire. To simply have utilized the normative definition of a refugee population which counts solely those individuals who were displaced at the time of the hostilities or other cause of their dispossession would have made the threat or repatriating these refugees to have dissolved over time.


The United States State Department had originally agreed with the Israeli demand to have the Palestinians give Israel recognition as being the home for the Jewish People but that changed after the recent meeting between Chairman Abbas and President Obama where Chairman Abbas refused the demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish People. To be completely accurate, Chairman Abbas not only refused to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish People, he also refused the two other demands which were presented as necessary compromises the Palestinians would need to make to reciprocate the actions Israel had already agreed to make which were, abandon the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and commit to the peace bringing a final end to the conflict. Chairman Abbas has also refused to compromise on numerous other demands which include but are not limited to the complete removal of every Jew from the lands which will be surrendered to form the Palestinian state, compensation for every last Palestinian refugee including those who return to live within Israel as well as those living elsewhere, automatic and immediate citizenship for those refugees returning to live in Israel, complete removal of all IDF forces from all lands that will make up the Palestinian state, complete return to the 1967 lines with any exchange swaps of land completely dependent on Palestinian approval, Palestinian capital to be in East Jerusalem including all of the Old City, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Kotel all of which Palestinian leaders have sworn will return to being denied access and made beyond reach for Jews for all time just as they were when they were under Jordanian control. So, why has the State Department, one may assume that their statement along with that of Secretary of State Kerry also represents a recent change of mind by President Obama, has now chosen to back the Palestinian demand thus directly opposing the Israeli insistence. One idea that would explain such a reversal is that it is much easier and more likely to gain worldwide support to agree with the Palestinians and demand Israeli surrender on any given point than it would be to continue backing the Israeli side and attempt to have the Palestinians actually make any sacrifice in order to gain a homeland; a homeland they could have received in 1948 had they simply agreed with the stipulations of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 which suggested that the lands between the Jordanian border and the Mediterranean Sea be divided evenly into an Arab state and a Jewish state and suggested the boundaries for the two entities. As a General Assembly Resolution, the document never had the rule of law or any enforceability and was simply a recommendation. The Arab League refused to accept United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 as doing so would have meant accepting Israel as a Jewish state, something that the Arab powers have yet to accept to this day. Their refusal and the Zionist acceptance is why Israel came into being and there was no Palestinian state.


The latest rumors circulating state that the United States is considering offering Israel the release and return of Israeli Johnathan Pollard, who is serving the twenty-ninth year of a life sentence for spying, if Israel would be willing to continue the negotiations beyond their agreed upon ending date in April. What makes this offer so unusual and unexplainable is that Israel has already committed to continue the negotiations provided the Palestinians are also willing. Israel has not demanded any special consideration though the release of Johnathan Pollard has been an Israeli request for many years now but has been repeatedly denied, though President Clinton had intimated he would release him as part of an agreement concerning negotiations only to then refuse and virtually laugh in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s face implying he was a sucker to have believed that the United States would release Pollard. The sole stipulation from Israel for extending the negotiations is that there are no additional concessions placed on Israel or the Palestinians. The belief is the one-hundred-four terror prisoners Israel will have already released as their concession to bring Chairman Abbas and the Palestinians to the negotiation should be sufficient. So, why then is the Obama Administration now offering to release Pollard as a possible enticement to bring Israel to continue the negotiations? The reason has to do with the meeting between President Obama and Chairman Abbas. When the question was breached about extending the negotiations past their April end date, Chairman Abbas reportedly will only agree to extend talks if Israel allows a “right of return” for all five-million Palestinian Arab refugees, free additional terrorist leaders including Marwan Barghouti among them, and Israel must withdraw from Judea and Samaria. It is obvious that the motivation behind Chairman Abbas making these maximalist demands is to bring the negotiations to an end as continuing them would cause Abbas to lose face and possibly face overwhelming opposition from the leadership of Fatah, the Palestinian Authority and the PLO as well as provide Hamas with more arguments to use in any future elections to paint Abbas as being too lenient concerning Israel and the Jews. So, Abbas is making maximalist demands knowing that there is no possibility that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu can agree to allow a “right of return” for all five-million Palestinian Arab refugees, free additional terrorist leaders including Marwan Barghouti among them, and have Israel must withdraw from Judea and Samaria without losing his coalition and thus face new elections while the Obama Administration is offering to release Israeli spy Johnathan Pollard if Israel will agree to continue the negotiations, something the Israelis have already agreed to continue if possible. What is up with this obviously weird set of circumstances?


The release of Pollard is being presented to Israel so that when Secretary Kerry, with the full knowledge and backing of President Obama and the State Department, demands that Israel meet the concessions demanded by Chairman Abbas and the Israelis refuse, as obviously they must as granting the concessions demanded by Abbas would leave nothing to negotiate unless Abbas plans on negotiating to reclaim what he always refers to as “all of Palestine from the River to the Sea,” then all of the blame for the negotiations not being extended can be placed on Israel. The news across the globe the next day and continuing for weeks if not months will be that Israel refuses to extend negotiations with Palestinians as Israel not serious about peace. There will be absolutely no mention of the demands made by Abbas which are beyond reason. The only thing that will matter is Israel even refused the release of Johnathan Pollard rather than accept extending the peace process; this proves that Israel is not a serious partner for peace in the Middle East. Then the European Union and many European nations will be pressured by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and the United States State Department to initiate complete boycotts, sanctions and embargos on Israeli goods, services, academics, financial institutions and anything else that they can think up. The Palestinians will be informed that the United States would completely understand should they react by turning to violent uprising and start a third intifada. Then when the United Nations Security Council is petitioned to grant unilaterally statehood for the Palestinians the United States will argue that they can no longer protect Israel as it had become obvious that it has been Israeli intransigence all along that has blocked peace and their recent refusal to continue negotiations even when offered the release of Johnathan Pollard and the United Nations will establish a Palestinian state implementing the 1949 Armistice Lines, the same lines that the Arab League demanded when hostilities ceased would never be used to implement or denote a border as such would recognize Israeli existence, and then time will tell if they would use force to implement that decision. How immediate after the end of the negotiations would the United Nations establish a Palestinian state; but my best guess at an estimate would be after the coming midterm elections in the United States, though if it would be sooner it would be implemented at the opening ceremonies of the Fall session of the United Nations General Assembly with Chairman Abbas once again returning to the United Nations seeking the destruction of Israel, or at least the initial step, as he has done numerous times previously though he has not dared to petition the Security Council as he has known in the past he faced the United States veto. That may no longer be the case as President Obama, with the able assistance of the State Department, Secretary of State Kerry, and the able advice from Senior Advisor Valerie B. Jarrett, has chosen to side with the Palestinians or at least has chosen to twist the Israelis’ arms as that has proven to be easier than attempting to gain concessions from the intransigent Palestinians. We must remember that Ms. Jarrett once purported in an interview that the United States should use military force to impose a settlement on Israel and that it would be necessary to subsequently defend the Palestinians from the Israelis.


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