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November 19, 2014

Senseless Anti-Semitic Slaughter in Jerusalem Synagogue

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Yesterday morning two Palestinian cousins who hold full Israeli citizenship carried out an act of brutal terror disrupting morning prayers at the Kehillat Bnai Torah Yeshiva Synagogue in Har Nof where they brutally murdered five and injured many others. These terrorists hold blue teudat zehut identity cards (resident identity cards which denote status and citizen by their color with blue meaning full citizenship) as they reside within the East Jerusalem areas that Israel has officially annexed. The annexation of the rest of Jerusalem immediately after the June 1967 defensive Six Day War where Israel responded to Egyptian casus belli of blockading the Israeli access to the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf on into the Indian Ocean created a situation where the Palestinians living within could have been granted full Israeli citizenship and this was exactly what Israel did making the East Jerusalem residents full citizens of Israel with all the benefits, rights, responsibilities and full and equal treatment in relation to all the rest of the Israeli civilian population. The two cousins, Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal (pictured below), who resided in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukhaber, entered the Har Nof’s ‘Kehilit Yaakov’ synagogue and as one opened fire the other began assaulting worshipers with a meat cleaver while they shouted “Allahu Akbar”, a chant often yelled by terrorists and Muslim protesters in Western nations. One of the terrorists was employed at a grocery store in the Jewish neighborhood which was located adjacent to the synagogue. The two terrorists were armed with axes, knives and handguns as well as a viscous hatred for Jews which has been carefully honed and supported by the never-ending incitement which permeates every facet of Palestinian life being injected into the media and every other aspect if Palestinian society such that it borders on brainwashing. These murdering cousins assaulted worshipers draped in their prayer shawls and wearing their phylacteries, as is Jewish custom for morning prayers, making their repulsive acts all the more detestable within any civilized society. Also pictured below is the meat cleaver used in the attack with the blood of victims still soaking its entirety.



Terrorist cousins Uday and Rassan AbuJamal who attacked Jerusalem Synagogue murdering five Jewish worshipers

Terrorist cousins Uday and Rassan AbuJamal who attacked Jerusalem Synagogue murdering five Jewish worshipers


Cleaver Used in Jerusalem Terror Synagogue Assault by Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal

Cleaver Used in Jerusalem Terror Synagogue Assault by Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal



The PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), which are a faction of the Mahmoud Abbas headed PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), military wing, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, claimed credit for this attack referring it to a mission against the occupiers who are building and colonizing neighborhoods, usurping Muslim lands. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad members and officials celebrated the terrorist murderous massacre which claimed five innocent worshipers’ lives, injured as many as a dozen other worshipers with a half dozen injured sufficiently they required treatment at Shaarei Tzedek and Hadassah Hospitals. Five of those hospitalized have sufficiently serious wounds that they were placed into intensive care and post-operative care wards. These victims’ survival is not guaranteed and prayers are requested for their health and recovery such that their lives will not show obvious signs of having been crippled by these horrific acts of terror having such limitations working as constant reminders of this fateful day. Mahmoud Abbas gave a tepid response condemning the terrorist acts while United States Secretary of State John Kerry also condemned the assault telling reporters, “This morning in Jerusalem Palestinians attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue.” Secretary Kerry went on to label these acts as “act of pure terror and senseless brutality.” Kerry further called on the Palestinian leadership to denounce the attack, a request which fell mostly on deaf ears. The Abbas headed Fatah faction of the PLO on its Facebook page had entries from numerous officials, leaders and functionaries which praised the attack calling the terrorists martyrs fighting to free Palestine from its Jewish occupation.


There were the usual protestations as they struggled to understand the reasoning behind this assault on their closely knit religious community. One resident commenting on how he had narrowly avoided being at the scene after oversleeping. “This is a yeshiva community. Ninety percent don’t serve in the army. We’re not violent,” Moshe Eliezer queried as he tried to understand the carnage. Shaken by the level of violence in a house where many had prayed for peace, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat perhaps summed up the shock and inappropriateness of these acts of pure and violent hate stating, “To slaughter innocent people while they pray… it’s insane,” Many across the length and breadth of Israel are asking themselves the same question as they try to wrap their heads around the reasoning behind this inhuman carnage. That is the one fact which is beyond reasoning which perplexes many after each horrific assault on the Jewish communities and brought to the fore on Agassi Street yesterday morning. Some will never understand that acts such as these are the result of the communities of hate which are being raised and nurtured around the feelings that their everyday problems are the fault of the other, those who are outside their community making it impossible for those within their community to succeed. This feud has gone beyond any reason as it is stoked by a false sense of injustice and frustration. If there is anything which should be taken from this massacre it is that reason and logical explanation have no place on this field of battle. The motivations are the lessons learned during a childhood steeped in hatred where any unfulfilled desire is the fault of the Israelis and in particular the Jews. The fact that the Israelis appear to have so much and similar levels of wealth are unseen in their communities has nothing to do with their leaders but instead is the fault of the Jews and all of Israel. The Palestinians never get to see the villas and billions of dollars of funding which is placed in the numbered Swiss bank accounts of their leaders and their friends and families.


The Palestinians teaching their youths to hate in place of educating them with the tools to succeed is never the problem. The hatreds ingrained in them by repeated propaganda which permeates their lives through the lessons in the schools, the sermons in the Mosques, the stories depicted in their childhood cartoons and the glorifying of the martyrs who died before them. Setting such martyrdom as the only and highest goal worth seeking, many disaffected young Palestinians see no other achievement to fulfill their lives’ purpose and choose to end their suffering going out in what they perceive as a crowning glory of jihad. The Israelis are at a loss to figure out that the conflict is centered around religious teachings which place all important goals for life as to die for Allah and go to heaven where the martyr receives pleasures which were denied them in this earthly life. Until the Israeli leadership comes to grips with the incitement combined with an education devoid of building young adults with the skills for succeeding in their lives instead taught that their lack of skills to succeed are due to the Israelis stealing those items from the Palestinians and that all misery comes from the Israeli oppressions, then these fruitless acts of barbarity steeped in hatred will continue to be the dead-end for too many lives, both those guilty of the burning suicidal hatreds who die for Allah and their victims whose only crime was being an Israeli. That is the lesson that Israeli leadership must realize from this tragedy and in order to start working to prevent more of these calamities they will need to take control of the Palestinian educational system and replace all their teachers and provide them with the kind of lessons which will provide them with the skills necessary to succeed and not just the seeds of hate. Even should the Israelis come to their senses and realize that it is the poison of the nurturing within the Palestinian society for jihad and only jihad that it will take literally two or three generations before these acts will be able to be mitigated early enough to make the needed difference. The past twenty years, where the future leaders of Palestinian society provided their people an education based on hatred for those people over there in that opulent society and until that system is replaced with an education which provides a sense of worth and dignity, teaching how to realize positive goals rather than throwing their lives on the bonfires of hatred which will be utilized to lionize the next generation in hate and towards the empty lives of jihad, then lives will fall wasted and incomplete causing only regrets, horrors and emptiness for both societies, the victims and the murderers. In the meantime, the Israelis will clean away the blood-soaked stains and try to patch their lives back together and continue on seeking answers which will prevent the next murderous slaughter as the Palestinian society awaits their next glorious celebration of blood and death. That is the true cycle of violence and it will continue until the world wakes up to the monsters being raised and trained to respond to life’s difficulties in a constructive manner and not using those difficulties to fuel a raging hatred which can only be extinguished in the fires of jihad and one final act of suicidal vengeance as what alternative does the jihadist leave Israeli law enforcement but to extinguish their lives so their death will instruct their younger siblings to follow their path of hatreds and wasted lives. It all starts with the educational system.


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November 11, 2014

Yesterday Answered Why Israel Must Have Security Before Peace

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There will be reports that this is just another episode triggering the next round in the cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Then should Israel exact a price for the death of a young woman and injuring of a soldier and an elderly man at a ride stop where a Palestinian initially aimed to strike these three people waiting for their ride with his car but they managed to dive out of the way. The Palestinian driver then sprung from his car and started slashing and stabbing the three victims of this latest in a string of terror attacks where cars were initially used as weapons and like a former attack where after running down people a Palestinian driver jumped from his car and attacked people with a tire iron and then attempted to strike the police who demanded he drop the iron before being forced to shoot him. In this stabbing attack the security officer at the entrance to a community saw the events and charged over and when the Palestinian turned his attention on the security guard he responded shooting the terrorist. The other stabbing attack occurred at the entrance to the Hahagana train station where a Palestinian who had illegally entered Israel from Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria whose victim was a twenty-year-old IDF soldier and Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics tried to resuscitate the young soldier whose condition was not known at the time of writing this article. These attacks come on top of an attack Sunday evening outside the Arab town of Taibeh. In this attack an Israeli driver returning home had his car come under rock attack, something which had been restricted to Judea, Samaria and the Jerusalem area until very recently. He was forced to duck to the floor of his car to avoid the barrage of rocks so the mob set his vehicle on fire. He survived in what must be considered a form of miracle as apparently some in the mob were not prepared to commit blatant murder, should one of the cars struck with the rocks have lost control, that would have been different, this was an obvious assault with the intent which guaranteed the victim’s death. These former assailants turned good Samaritans and dragged the victim from his car and snuck him into a nearby car and drove him to an IDF station and left him off where he could receive assistance. This assault was part of a called for ‘Day of Violence’ which also included rock attacks on the Jerusalem light rail system and riots in various Arab neighborhoods both in the Palestinian areas and within Israeli Arab towns.


Of all these attacks, one matched something I have been waiting to arrive as I was curious if the reactions would match my suspicions. I have long suspected that should a terrorist attack strike within Tel Aviv, especially in either the central areas or northern Tel Aviv or any of the northern and eastern suburbs, I predicted that then there would be a general out-calling for action against terrorism and an increased level of security forces to any level necessary to make the lives of those in the ‘nice’ neighborhoods of Tel Aviv safe for the people living within the central city and hub of all that matters. Within a couple of hours of the attack on the IDF soldier at Hahagana train station close to central Tel Aviv, we started hearing from one Knesset minister after another demanding security be increased and Israel made safe once again for its citizens. There had been the occasional peep about turning up the level of efforts to secure places from terrorist violence with most of the calls centering on Jerusalem but seldom calls for securing beyond the Green Line in the so-called settler areas except for the religious Zionist parties and the more right-wing members of Likud. Now, even one of the most centrist and critical of the right wing and ardent Zionists such as Naftali Bennett even spoke up, Tzipi Livni spoke demanding action. The Justice Minister stated, “We should fight against terrorism. We need to understand that everything is connected – Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank (Judea-Samaria) and Tel Aviv, and there will be those who will try to take advantage of these days to market childish and irresponsible slogans. It is our responsibility to tell the truth even when it hurts.” Livni went further stating, “For some of the citizens of Israel, Arab citizens of Israel are seen as the enemy; for the Arab citizens of Israel, the government is perceived as a regime over outsiders. We must put an end to it, we must first stop it and say that responsibility rests on the shoulders of our representatives – we are the ones who need to calm the situation before it is too late, even if we say things contrary to public opinion.” Aside from some snide allegations, Minister of the Knesset and Justice Minister Livni’s statement was extreme when compared with her normal measured and restrained language when referring Palestinian violence which seldom receives her most vindictive and acid tongues; that is reserved for the likes of Naftali Bennett, Danny Danon or even Prime Minister Netanyahu. Still, it is appreciated her finally realized that the terrorism can and will strike anywhere and anyone and that it is just a matter of time until wherever you are that terrorism will finally reach your neck in the woods, or train station in Tel Aviv.


There was also commentary from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s fellow Palestinian spokespeople. Political advisor Nimer Hammad stated, “Abbas is making sure that our people are not drawn into a cycle of violence and counter-violence, according to the Netanyahu government’s plan to curb the diplomatic and political pressure against it.” Meanwhile, Abbas advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein, wrote on Facebook, “Today, Jerusalem is seething with rage; behold the volcanoes of rage spewing lava in the faces of those who have defiled it, and in the faces of the occupying usurper. The earthshaking reaction came from the heroes of Jerusalem.” Al-Einein has also recently praised those perpetrating violence against Israelis including the assassin who almost murdered Yehuda Glick calling these perpetrators of deadly violence as, “illustrious and blessed children” who are “saturating the land of the homeland with their pure blood and igniting the flames of rage.” This is the usual response from the Palestinian leadership with contradictory statements with one set aimed for European and American audiences while making completely opposite statements for the ears of Palestinians, others in the Arab and Muslim world as well as for those Muslims in Western societies to be utilized as a recruitment or prevocational tool to facilitate terrorism throughout the West as often such terrorism has caused some Western leaders to place even more pressures on Israel blaming Israel for the terrorist activities within their borders such as what President Obama claimed that it was Israel’s inability to reach a peace with the Palestinians and in reaching an accord which formed a Palestinian state around the 1967 lines that caused the situations which led to the formation of ISIS. This would have been ridiculous except it followed within the week of a similar claim and threat from the leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between self-proclaimed enemies and friends.


The one benefit which will result from this is that finally there will be a reevaluation of the severe restrictions placed on the police, IDF and other security and law enforcement personnel when facing such acts as the rock assaults and other provocations including rioting and throwing firebombs (Molotov Cocktails) at Temple Mount police such that Palestinian violence, and any other forms of violence, can be thwarted and restore sanity and order in all the areas under Israeli security control by treaties which constitute international law. I really wish in many varied ways that the attack in Tel Aviv and the other attacks had not occurred and regret that there is a young lady who is no longer with us and a family with a hole which can never be closed opened up in their lives. Even potentially worse is that there may be one or two more who may not survive their wounds from the assaults today and other families whose tables will have an empty chair at every family celebration in the future. These losses would be in addition to the thousands on both sides who have paid the ultimate price in what has been an intractable problem which has persisted due to the inability of a large number of people from all across the globe and across almost every classification and nationality to accept the Jewish state of Israel and a subset of those who are willing to commit acts of horrific violence to protest and with aims to terminate that tiny state’s existence.


Would it be beyond reason to hope that there will come a time when Israel will no longer be the most crucial and most scrutinized nation where so many invest so much time, efforts and vitriol on Israel and simply ignoring so many other threatening and dangerous problems? Russia has sent columns of tanks, artillery and MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) including minimally Grad systems as reported by authorities in Kiev, Ukraine. There has been violence in Nigeria where Boko Haram exploded another school killing many children. If you must choose to protest occupations because they are the highest crime against other societies, then why not protest and concentrate on one that has been ongoing for long before the 1967 War which resulted in Israeli holding the lands now contested and far more oppressive and consisting of population transfers designed to destroy an ancient civilization which almost rivals Judaism in age, that is the Chinese occupation of Tibet and their attempt to destroy the Buddhist culture of that ancient and peaceful nation started initially in 1950 and was completed by 1959 with parts of Tibet falling in stages to Communist Chinese aggressions. The Chinese even went so far as to appoint their own Dalai Lama claiming their choice to be the true and real leader of the Tibetan Buddhists despite the original Dalai Lama being in exile and still revered by the Tibetan people. Then there are the people of the Basque Country regions which are subsumed by Spain and France and have desired their independence for many years with their cries being met by the deaf ears of the European Union which is spending much of their time and trouble castigating Israel. Where did the new European Union Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini make her first intervention? Was it the Basque Country? No, she left the boundaries of Europe leaving the problems both economic and others in order to visit Jerusalem where she demanded the Israeli capital city be split and become the capital city for the Palestinians as well even if that might mean that Israelis will be denied access to the holy sites in eastern Jerusalem just as things had been when the Jordanians destroyed numerous Jewish holy sites which is exactly what the Palestinian Authority leadership has promised to do in speeches to their people in Arabic. But does the European Union Foreign Minister Mogherini bother her little head over such threats? She probably claims that she never heard of such threats and would then claim that such threats are made only for the consumption of the Palestinian people and that the Israelis must be exaggerating their claims of Jordanian destructions of Jewish sites between 1949 and 1967 despite Israeli proofs. One item before closing this article, I have noticed that with many European political elites when weighing Israeli claims and objections backed by photographic, video, and published evidence such as the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist teachings and textbooks which have mostly been paid for by European and American funding and Palestinian simple rebuttal of Israel is lying about us again, the Europeans take the evidence into consideration and back the Palestinians almost universally. Maybe the Europeans should take some of the time they spend attempting to destroy Israel and instead rebuild the Greek infrastructure and economy, assist the Spanish in their well-intentioned and potentially beneficial revamping of their tax system and repeal of their strangling environmental restrictions which killed their economy and climb back to become a contributing economic power within Europe or assist with the infrastructure repair and rebuilding in eastern Europe and the other difficulties plaguing so many within the European continent and find some solution to the threats from Putin to freeze the continent if they do not bow to his will. Maybe you might try to make a deal with Israel for natural gas as there is a rumor that Israel has much natural gas to sell and if you are nice about it, perhaps Israel will grant you a good price. Try, you might be pleasantly surprised.


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July 8, 2014

Is Israeli Momentary Anger Worse than Arab Systemic Violent Terrorism?

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This past week has displayed all of the potentials resultant from hatreds, vengeances, brutalities and genocidal intentions all centered on Israel. The world, especially the Western media, is currently all anguished and expressing their shock and their sharing of the pain of the families of the Palestinians victims of Jewish and Israeli violence. The emphasis is centered on the horrific crime of the abduction of an Arab youth and his subsequent murder by immolation which is being bewailed as the ultimate exhibit of bestial hatred that has ever been committed by mankind in all of history. And making the victimization even worse is the fact that Israeli police were filmed using apparent unprovoked brutal force arresting his cousin during demonstrations where a half-dozen of the rioters were arrested. These two incidents are the central story being recounted every half hour at the top and bottom of the hour by the Western media. These two stories are being presented partially as proof that all the terrorism and violence that the Palestinian may inflict upon the Israelis has now been proven to be deserved. The ugly underbelly of Jewish revenge has been exposed and we now have the proof of the extent and depths of evil that are usually hidden from the world’s view. The Palestinians have finally brought to the world’s attention the validating truths for their victimhood and thus the verification of the righteousness of their cause.


The previous actions over the past three weeks have all faded down the sinkhole of lost memory, being shoved from our view as inconsequential events lost due to their mendacity and normalcy. They have been replaced with the sensational stories of Israeli perpetrated violence which makes news as it is outside the unusual story and so unexpected but also because it validates the desire to excuse the violent and hateful actions of the Palestinians as understandable and worthy of our forgiveness. Forget the approaching two-hundred rockets and mortars fired at Israeli towns and kibbutzim. Forget the newly unemployed workers from the two destroyed factories just outside Sderot where they were struck by Hamas rockets and burned to the ground, a paint and a plastics manufactory. Never mind the house struck in the middle of the night where five children and their parents lived. And definitely forget the originating act of abducting three Israeli Yeshiva students on their way home from classes and their subsequent murder. All of these and the continuous rioting over the last week are excusable as a few Israelis lost their normal restraint and reacted violently to these provocations. Palestinians assaulting, murdering or committing destructive violence is a ‘dog bites man’ story while Israelis reacting with similar violence is a ‘postal worker bites dog’ story and thus worthy of repeated coverage until a more tantalizing story breaks. The three dead Israeli teens have had their ten seconds of coverage and now the one dead Palestinian will be given coverage ad-nauseum.


Such is always the case as can be easily proven. How many remember the murders in Brussels just a number of weeks back which resulted in the arrest of a French national who had committed these senseless murders after returning from fighting with the rebels in Syria. How about the Toulouse, France murders of a Rabbi and three children at a Jewish School. Remember the suicide bomber at the Burgas, Bulgaria airport which exploded next to a tour bus hired by a group of Israeli tourists. Or have you heard any coverage about the man who was assaulted in Malmö, Sweden, on Sunday and almost killed for the sole crime of hanging an Israeli flag in his window? Miss or forget most of these? Not to worry, that simply makes you normal as most news we feel is commonplace we simply file under what else is new and move on until something strikes us that is out of the ordinary, now that’s a story. That is why whenever Israelis reach their breaking point and react violently it makes sensational news, because it is the exception and not the norm. That does not make it right or forgivable and the Israeli government quickly sought those responsible for this heinous crime and they have been arrested and will face trial for their crimes. Meanwhile, the fact that the Hamas perpetrators of the abduction and murder of the three Israeli youths are known but thus far have not been arrested has disappeared from the news cycle, why? They are suspected of having fled either into areas under Palestinian Authority security and governance or made it into Gaza, but either way the Arab security and law enforcement are not going to turn them over or arrest them for any meaningful punishment.


There is no excuse for any of the violence and all those who resort to violence must be held equal before the law. And apart from the news coverage which makes it appear that Israelis who act violently are given a pass and only Palestinian violence is condemned, the truth is quite different. The Israelis who were responsible for the death of a Palestinian youth and others who may or may not have had supportive rolls are currently arrested, being interrogated and will face trials for their complicity in their heinous crime. The Palestinian Hamas members who committed an at least similar heinous crime have yet to be discovered despite their names and pictures being identified and arrest warrants placed by Israeli authorities but yet are being protected by Palestinian officials and society. Whether out of fear of retribution if they should aid in the arrest of the Hamas operatives or because they support those who victimize Jews, the refusal to turn over those who abducted and murdered three innocent boys is inexcusable. There lies the difference. Israeli violence is not excused or forgiven or accepted as acceptable, Israelis who commit violence are arrested, tried and imprisoned and that will be born out as time proceeds with the case of those who murdered an innocent Palestinian youth. The Palestinian lionize and celebrate those who murder Israeli civilians naming streets, parks, summer camps, sports arenas, and schools after them. They teach of these acts of terror as martyrdom actions and teach their children to aspire to perform atrocities that may be their equal. The Palestinians teach, encourage and celebrate violence while Israelis arrest and put on trial and condemn those from amongst them who commit acts of violence or hatreds. That is the difference between the two societies and what makes Israeli acts of violence newsworthy while Palestinian violence is dismissed as simply another act we have come to expect and unfortunately accept. It is sad that a Palestinian life is breaking news and an Israelis life is not worthy of note.


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