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November 23, 2018

Paranoid Ravings in my Head


Israel is in an extremely vulnerable place at this moment, and it has little to do with anything outside of the government. The first and most obvious reality is that a sixty-one Minister coalition in a one-hundred-twenty Minister Knesset is cutting a majority as fine as possible. Add to that the reversal of the Jewish Home Party leadership of Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked to remain in the coalition presumably preventing the need for elections. Still, there is a danger as this feels so much like former periods, either 1992 or 2005. What are these years that pop right out of my fevered mind? Well, in 1992, the right of center coalition collapsed into a big balagan (mess). When the elections were held, a left of center, fairly far to the left, came to power and within a year we had the Oslo Accords which has led to most of the tragedies ever since. Then in 2005, the Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was unable to push through the United States pressed idea that if the Palestinian Authority were to be given Gaza completely free of all and any Israeli presence or interventions then there would be peace. He dissolved the government he had and replaced it with a new coalition of left of center parties, parties which have simply and often monetary demands to be part of a coalition who have no concern between right and left, and his newly formed Party of Kadima, currently headed by Shaul Mofaz and Tzipi Livni. This government enacted the Gaza disengagement which became every disaster which the Zionist right predicted including everything we are facing today including the current balagan. Now, there is one more reason to be worried, Benyamin Netanyahu has previously stated that Ariel Sharon was his role model and he saw him as a mentor. So, now let’s talk about the paranoid ravings going on in my head.


My paranoid ravings include the reason that Jewish Home Party (our party) remained in the coalition and it is a doozy. By remaining in the coalition, there is absolutely no reason for Prime Minister Netanyahu to form what is often called a National Unity Government. My twisted mind could not help but see Prime Minister Netanyahu turning around and forming such a coalition bringing the Zionist Union (Labor plus Kadima) and Yesh Atid which would actually give the center left parties the majority of votes as in a coalition of sixty-five members, the votes would be Likud (right) with thirty and Zionist Union and Yesh Atid (left) with the other thirty-five. The other parties of the coalition would probably be evicted to make this coalition, especially any right wing, nationalist or Zionist parties, as that would be a demand from the Zionist Union in order for their agreeing to join. This would have led to some decisions which could have produced some catastrophic results and would be sold as reversible should they not produce the desired results. Funny, that was the guarantee given by United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush when the Gaza disengagement was enacted. Well, there is no doubting that the Gaza disengagement was a complete failure and there has been no concept of Israel simply taking back the region, as the world, the United States included, appear to treat Gaza as if it were an actual country. The Zionist Union still believes that the rosy scenarios of the Oslo Accords will bring peace if only they would be enacted and Yair Lapid is another Two-State Solution politician though he talks as if he were far right depending on the audience. Lapid is very good at reading a teleprompter and as such can say anything to any group sounding convincing due to his former profession as a newscaster who could be convincing reading the news. It is plausible that such a National Unity government would go so far as to removing the majority of the Jews beyond the Green Line including all in the parts of eastern Jerusalem and surrendering parts of the Triangle of Arab towns bordering the Green Line such that the area is equal to the area of land of the Jordanian region held between 1949 and 1967. The one fortunate thing is that it is very likely that Mahmoud Abbas would refuse such an agreement, but it is also possible that this may be part of the “Deal of the Century” and as such Abbas may not have any choice as it is possible that President Trump might tell him either accept the settlement or be replaced by one who will accept the deal. This would be a disaster for Israel, as it would grant the Palestinian Arabs a region overlooking Tel Aviv and surrounding areas. What makes it even worse is it would probably take Hamas almost two or three weeks before they would take control in another coup and Abbas would be fortunate to get his three sons and himself out before they would be put on trial and executed by Hamas, it would be a very quick trial. Then Hamas would have the overlooking hills noted below. They would also have a perfect ambush position for Trans-Israel Highway Route 6, a major north-south highway.


Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace and Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace

Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace
Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace



Trans-Israel Highway Route 6 (c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)

Trans-Israel Highway Route 6
(c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)


It is fine to call me an alarmist who imagines the worst of all possible available options. Well, there is an advantage in that I am often pleasantly surprised and at worst, I am prepared for the worst, unless there is something even worse, which is possible. The problem which causes me to see these less than optimum potentialities is called experience. Whenever the left, the liberals, and the right, the conservatives share power, what I have experienced is that the left gets most of their agenda and manage to pretty much destroy the agenda on the right. Remember that President Ronald Reagan was presumed to have accomplished most of what he desired despite having a Congress where at least one chamber was controlled by the Democrats. They claim he got much of his defense budget and a fair amount of his tax cuts and kept regulations down to a mere simmering. The problem is he will always remain known for increasing the national debt to levels which were before his Presidency considered impossible and would lead to economic disasters. AIDS advocates have asserted Mr. Reagan’s lacked leadership on fighting the disease despite it being discovered by the Centers for Disease Control early in his administration. Reagan’s attempts to shrink the government and turn many functions over to the individual state saw some victories and some direct set-backs as he lost ground to the unions and Democrats protecting their little fiefdoms. Perhaps his greatest victory in this area was his firing of the Air Traffic Controllers and replacing them as he threatened to do if they chose to go one strike, they called his bluff and Reagan was not bluffing. President Reagan’s subsequent President, George H. W. Bush, lost to Democrat pressure when he went back on his promise of “No new taxes.” His raising taxes as a compromise with the Democrats led to his loss in the ensuing election putting William Jefferson Clinton in the White House. You cannot lose any more than that. When the left supposedly shares power with the right, they appear to almost always come out gaining far more of their agenda than does the right. This also has been evident in the general drift of politics as a whole in the developed world with one exception, Israel, but the struggle is nowhere near decided.


If one were to examine what the left supported back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s one would think they were examining the platform of the current right. The theory is that the pendulum in politics swings left, then right, and back to left and right and on and on. Well, that is valid to a point but then when one takes a far lengthier examination, one sees a constant drift to the left end of the political spectrum. Examples are abundant. First, the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence were far left platforms and agendas at the time of their adoption and the Founding Fathers were on the far left of political outlooks. Before the American Revolution the left was represented by the revolutionary concept contained in the Magna Carta. The idea was in Britain that the slave trade was an abomination when Parliament passed on March 25, 1807, the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. It took a while for enforcement to catch up with traders and before the century was out the British navy was firing on slave ships often sinking the ships putting them out of the business. This fairly soon led to the end of slave trade in the western hemisphere. These are landmarks where leftist ideas were enacted and, in many cases, never were reversed. We could list women’s rights such as the vote and then the civil rights movement leading to the vote for blacks. We are not complaining about these advancements, but this shows that humans are making progress in granting greater freedoms and rights to the people over the years. But are these ideas honestly from the left or can they be found in something far more ancient?


Some of you probably know where we are heading, so off we go. Slavery was set to be abolished in the Torah given by Moses to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Where it did not outright ban slavery, something which was common in every other civilization in the world, but it placed a limit on the length of time a slave could be kept before being granted their freedom. This was limited to other Jews which is always pointed out in order to claim it was not as great an idea as stated. This was the first time that any form of slavery was placed under a limit. The Torah also states the rights of slaves to proper treatment, being well cared for and fed as well as some form of salary for their own uses. When all the rules are considered, these people were more employees than they were slaves. The reason they were considered slaves was that they resided either in their master’s house or in some place on the owner’s property in housing which had minimal requirements to provide for their comforts. There were a number of other laws and views within Torah and later in the Talmud, which is the Rabbinic commentary and discourse from which the Oral Law is derived and it is still possible to add to these writings starting new discourse. Jews, often not the most religious, have been at the forefront of leftist movements throughout history, even those which resulted in unbelievable anti-Semitism. A perfect example of such is Communism where in Russia one of the founders was Leon Trotsky who was Jewish and was murdered by Stalin. Jews were part of the formation and organizing of the early labor unions which faced some extreme violence such as the Coal Wars and the Colorado Union Wars at the start of the twentieth century. This has continued right to the modern day where the Jews, particularly the non-Torah observant, are still standing at the liberal left cusp and beyond the cusp at the furthest leftist edges. This includes those who want to give the Palestinian Arabs their own nation which would be founding something which had never previously existed. The idea of giving the Palestinian Authority a state or recognizing Hamas in Gaza would be commensurate with recognizing the State declared by ISIS when they announced they were the new Caliphate. They even had a flag and held a parade declaring their being the Caliphate, the true state leading the entirety of Islam.


The ISIS Caliphate

The ISIS Caliphate


Back to Israel and the entities claiming that they are the real owners of everything between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, with Hamas actually claiming they will be a worldwide force which will rid the entirety of the globe of Jews and other non-Muslims who refused to convert. For all arguments sake, there is little if any difference between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas other than the Palestinian Authority is a nationalist group with religious overtones and Hamas is religious revolutionary group with nationalist overtones and basically in the final result there is no difference between them and little difference with either of these terrorist entities and ISIS. This is an important fact because the world, or at least a great amount of the world even including Islamic forces, gathered with many having to be transported from one-quarter of the way to half-way around the globe in order to eradicate the Caliphate formed by ISIS but Israel is pressured to find common ground with Hamas and provide the Palestinian Authority lands so they can have a state. Does anyone else see a double standard in these political machinations? We most definitely do and hope that at no point is there a state for the Palestinian Authority while making nice-nice with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. So a word unifies to rid the world of Islamic terrorists claiming to be a new nation but Israel is supposed to live with terrorists claiming to be a new nation and provide another terrorist group lands from out of our nation which is the size of New Jersey so they can claim to be a new nation.


Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red making the relative size of Israel evident and consisting of under one percent of the land mass

Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red


This double standard will eventually, the sooner the better, reach a date where it will have become so stale that it will no longer prevent corrective actions. Those actions will be Israel finally taking back the regions which actually legally were set aside by the world after World War I for the Jewish State. But there will probably be further actions in which Israel will also advance such that the Litani River will be her northern border and the eastern Beqaa Valley in Lebanon replacing the regions currently being used by Hezballah. The one remaining question is what will be the initiating event which will bring on this further development of the State of Israel and the return of the remainder of Lebanon to the Maronite Christians for whom Lebanon was initially set aside for them. This will right some serious and historically deadly wrongs which have plagued the Levant. The remaining question is whether or not Syria and Iran will be involved in such a defining struggle. This is not something anyone in Israel anticipates with anything but abject fear and abhorrence. Israel would far prefer that the nations of the world would simply find a righteous solution which manages to keep the promises made to the Zionist Congress in the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, and enforceable under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Israel is small when compared to the Arab and Muslim world as depicted in the above map where Israel is in red so it is visible and the green is the Muslim world. Does anybody know how many of the so-called Palestinian Arab refugees the Muslim world has absorbed rather than forcing them to remain in camps surrounded with barbed wire? The answer is none or virtually none. These Arabs are mostly people who came to Israel after 1875 following the initial Zionists arriving and providing jobs. Eventually, the British found that there were not sufficient Arabs to outnumber Jews so they started to pay Arabs to move to the region which was to be Israel and in the end forcefully brought Arabs into the region. One might ask why the British were being so treacherous and the answer is simply they were attempting to prevent Israel from being founded. Finally, the vast majority of the refugees fled from what would become Israel at the behest of the Mufti of Jerusalem who promised them the spoils of the Jews once the Arabs slaughtered the Zionists. The Arabs failed to wipe Israel from existence but they did manage to take half of Jerusalem, parts of the Shomron by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt. Those were areas held illegally and were the result of an offensive war. Then in 1967 Egyptian President Nasser said that Egypt and Syria, at that time the United Arab Republic, were going to drive the Jews into the sea and Jordan joined late in the first day. The result of their assault on Israel was the loss of the Golan Heights, Eastern Jerusalem and the areas of the Shomron held by Jordan, Gaza and the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula. All of these lands could remain with Israel until the nations who lost made peace, then whatever the two parties agreed upon would be the new borders. Egypt released their claim to Gaza but refused to take the people which were questionable under international law, as they had allowed many Egyptians to move into the region making them responsible for the population. Jordan relented on Jerusalem and the Shomron making the Jordan River as the border. Their later claim was they had ceded the Shomron and East Jerusalem to the PLO, which was an illegal move under international law. Unfortunately, we once again find that there apparently are two completely separate sets of rules, one entirely delineated and set down in laws and another being made up as we go along always attempting to destroy Israel and replace it with anything which is not Jewish. This has been the basic concept behind much of the world and how they treat the Jewish State of Israel. Europe has been working for the destruction of Israel to the extent that British and German officers from World War II were advising Arab forces in their war to eradicate Israel on the day of her birth, May 15, 1948. They have never let up on pressuring Israel by many means despite gladly accepting those items discovered, produced, invented, programmed, scripted and other various creations which better their lives or provide a better or richer life. The Arab and Muslim worlds have also worked often to destroy Israel largely through the terrorist groups perched on the Israel borders. The United Nations has altered their feelings towards Israel from favorable in 1948 to adversarial by the 1960’s all but attempting to revoke their recognition and expelling Israel from the United Nations. Then there are the Nonaligned Nations of the NAM group who are allied with the Muslim and Arab worlds, especially the ones favoring the left. Finally, Israel is moving rapidly to a partisan issue in the United States where the Democrats are sliding over to an adversarial position while the Republicans are supporters due to the Evangelical Christians. The Soviet Union started by supporting Israel but soon decided Israel was not going to be another Communist nation and started backing the Arab world. There is the prediction that the entire world will one day stand against Jerusalem, or Israel, and that is when the Messiah comes and the forces from Hashem and Heaven come down and Hashem then judges the nations. I am not sure that such an event would be as glorious as many claim, as such a force would be fought with everything the rest of the world has in their arsenals. That would prove futile, but still would be quite destructive to the Earth itself. Not a day which anybody would desire witnessing, but the way everything is falling apart, that day could be here before we know it. Bless Hashem, as we will accept as He sees fit.


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November 21, 2018

Rebirth of an Ancient Hatred: Part 1

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Anti-Semitism has returned to our world with a vengeance and many are demanding to know how, why and from where. The answer is actually very telling and exceedingly ugly requiring many of us to take a long and hard look into the mirror on our souls, and this terrifyingly includes a sizable number of Jews. This time around it is easy to blame the initial root cause, but the truth is the root cause has been in the hearts of far too many for whom even the horrors of the Shoah (Holocaust) was not a sufficient wake-up call to rid themselves of their deeply seated hatred for Jews. Many people have come upon their own reasons for permitting the seed of Jew-hatred to grow which are directly traceable to their politics and the convenience of justifying everything by blaming the Jews. The worst part of this latest wave over-washing nearly every society is that they refuse to demand those stoking this hatred stop their incitement. Even more to the root, many refuse to even consider their hate to be unfounded and some even sit at the gateway to information and are knowingly complicit. This round of hatred began around fourteen-hundred years ago and has festered with periods of increased hate and periods of tolerance, but the present time has seen a serious increase in the hatred against the Jews and against the Jewish State, Israel.


This hate had been building in the Islamic Worlds, specifically the Arab Muslim World, and had continued to grow in direct proportion to the efforts of the Zionists to kindle the hope and promise for the Jews to return to their ancient homelands. The Arabs and Muslims were aware that the originating lands for the Jewish People were in the Middle East centered on Jerusalem as it is written in the Quran. The Quran even instructs that if the Jews reside in these lands and follow scripture, the Torah, keeping the Commandments, then they are to be left at peace. But there is that pesky little item known as Abrogation by which if a verse contradicts an earlier verse, then the earlier verse is superseded by the later verse. This is where one of the shorter verses which was said to be amongst the last given by Muhammad, Verse 9:5, which is translated below, by abrogation completely altered the former Quranic claims that the area of Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews who follow the laws of Torah.

Mohsin Khan: Then when the Sacred Months have passed, then kill the Mushrikun (disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, idolaters, polytheists, pagans, etc. according to V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Accordingly, Quran Verse 9:5 was also said to include the Jews and Christians also giving succor to those Islamic leaders who wished to confiscate the wealth of the Jews and Christians residing under their rule to force them to convert or die. When one performs Iqamat-as-Salat, what they are doing is reciting the verses which profess to have become Muslims and faithfulness to Allah renouncing their former beliefs. What would often be the price to prove their dedication to their new faith would be to give a hefty sum of money to their Sultan, Emir, Ayatollah, Imam or other leader which could be anywhere from a mere 35% to everything they had and owned. A true follower of Allah needs not material items, especially when the leader is short of funds. Of course, if they refused conversion, upon their death everything would be taken to their ruler as spoils of the spread of Islam. In more recent times, other teachings have also come to the fore such as any lands which had once been cleansed and purified by Islamic conquest and served Allah must forever remain under Islamic rule. This became a primary cause upon the return of the Zionists who were buying lands and planning on creating their own country with time. Every piece of land bought by a Jew was now grist for the Imam’s sermon claiming that these plots of land must be retaken for Allah and the usurpers who were stealing Arab Muslim rightful lands must be punished. This led to numerous pogroms with the major occurrences of violence from April 1936 through August 1939, Hevron and Jerusalem anti-Jew violence on August 23, 1929 to August 29, 1929, further rioting came in October of 1933 spilling into November, and finally, 1920 Jerusalem riots starting on Sunday, April 4, 1920 running through Wednesday, April 7, 1920. These were the culmination of growing anger at the Jewish, by Arab standards, stealing, despite often paying premium prices and sometimes having to buy the same plot of land from multiple Arabs who claimed ownership and demanded they be paid for their land which a Jew or Jews had stolen. Such fabrications were just the start of what would with time become an industry.


Inventing facts continued and has had devastating influence to the facts which many believe to be valid and thus cling to them in the Western World, as after all, it was on the news with film and everything. The two best examples of this kind of reporting which both went viral and were considered absolute truth were the Jenin Massacre and the shooting Death of al-Dura. Both turned out to be complete fabrications. We have covered the Jenin Massacre lie in our article What is Said About the IDF? replete with a typical picture used by the world media and an overhead of the complete city of Jenin, a blown-up picture of the refugee camp and from there a picture of the actual combat area which measures slightly larger than two football fields laid side-by-side. The other story about the “death” of al-Dura exploded when the French television station which first carried the story, this had the most to lose, sued the main debunker of the lie who refused to cease speaking of their insidiousness. They lost their libel suit and their entire falsehoods were laid bare when the judge, to his enormous credit, demanded to see the entire unedited and uncut film of the event. When he was given a slightly less edited film which still was missing about half of a minute of film which had been cut from mid-clip, he made his request into an order and demanded that this time he receive the complete and full film. Once the Judge viewed that piece of film, he immediately dismissed the libel suit demanding that the television station pay for the plaintiffs legal costs and reimburse him for his time lost, an extreme order especially in Europe. That should have been the end of the al-Dura myth, as it has become to be known. Neither of these two bald faced lies have gone away. Within the Arab and Muslim World both are just as true as they were at their height. Many still believe that thousands were killed at the Jenin Refugee Camp and that they were largely families and innocents and even more hold to the story that al-Dura was mercilessly murdered by the IDF during a firefight with terrorists and that the IDF refused to stop shooting long enough for father and son to get to safety. These lies are still repeated anywhere in the world you wish to sample.


But with what we have learned and realized about the news going back to Viet Nam and we must assume further back, that the news is manufactured to present the views that the largely leftist news presenting companies desire you to understand. Probably the greatest lie ever perpetrated on the United States television from the last century had to be Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man on the planet, when he reported about how the United States forces in Viet Nam had been routed and the war was lost after the highly successful operations by the North Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive. The reality was that at the end of the day, or the fighting, the North Vietnamese had suffered such a devastating loss that their military capabilities had been completely destroyed and their forces devastated. But that did not meet with what Mr. Cronkite’s minders desired for the American public to think. For Communism to spread, Viet Nam had to fall such that then Cambodia would fall and the dominoes would all topple. Well, Cambodia went Communist and it kind of just petered-out at that juncture. The infestation known as Communism has struck numerous other places along with other forms of socialism, all of which resulted in an impoverished nation with a small number of self-appointed elites getting whatever funds they desired and living very well. Most of these nations which went to the far-left with extreme forms of socialism or some variation of Communism all more often than not also had rampant anti-Semitism. In a fair number of these nations, even ones with next to no Jews residing within, would blame their economic woes on the Jews, either their small minority or the international Jewish cabal and related conspiracy theories. But these were not the main driving force behind resurgent anti-Semitism.


International Jewish Cabal

International Jewish Cabal


Much of the anti-Semitism we are witnessing today in the United States and most definitely in Europe is centered on hate and distrust of Israel and sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs. This has had the backing of millions of dollars invested in propaganda and the infiltration of Arab citizens of the Western nations into selected positions of local governments which are now reaching the point of attempting to win seats in national governments. Much of the anti-Semitism has an ulterior motive working the plan to isolate Israel from the developed world. Their message was more readily accepted in third world nations and those in the developing nations with a few outstanding exceptions such as Brazil and India. Largely, these nations have been inducted into a voting block in the United Nations such that it has become automatic in the General Assembly for any motion condemning Israel to pass overwhelmingly often with votes such as 109 condemning Israel, 30 to 40 abstaining or not voting and as many as 12 actually voting against the condemnations of Israel. Having such a voting block has led to virtually every United Nations agency or committee also falling in line and voting to condemn Israel or even deny any Jewish attachment to their ancient homelands as witnessed both in the Bible and by archaeological finds. The worst of these have been the Human Right Council, UNESCO, UNICEF, the Durban Conferences which were initially called the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance and lastly, the we hope soon to be defunct, UNWRA. For another example, the Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions against Israel than all other countries combined and Israel is the only nation in the world that has a standing agenda item against it at the start of every session before any other business can be attended. Oh, we did leave out one position which bears mention as it is designed with two purposes, to repeat ad-nauseum every gripe made by the Palestinian Authority and work diligently to tarnish Israel to the point that it can be declared a non-nation and stripped of its right to self-rule placing them under the kindly tentacles of the Palestinian Authority if at all possible, and this position is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights. Israel was condemned by the forty-five-member Commission on the Status of Women because of honor killings of women within the Palestinian semi-autonomous regions and other obstacles for Palestinian women’s advancement. We could continue with the United Nations but this should be more than sufficient.


The problem with all of these is that they write headlines and are grist for the opinion mill where the United Nations can be used to justify anti-Semitism and any form of condemnation of Israel. If you can imagine a reason why Israel is the worst thing to happen in all of history, then it is highly probable that some United Nations agency or approved NGO has found data and reason to back-up your claim and give it the gravitas it should have been denied. When people read in the New York Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune or any of a thousand other left-leaning or pure leftist newspapers at least once a month if not per week an article above the fold on page one about Israel being condemned for some inhuman acts or atrocities, this will have an effect on people and their reaction will not be just concerning Israel, but most will also apply it to Jews generally. It is common knowledge that Israel and Jews are interchangeable and that every Jew loves Israel even more than the country in which they reside. The only problem is that statement is as false as any trope we have heard concerning Jews. There are even some orthodox sects of Jews who do not recognize the right of Israel to be the Jewish State because their interpretation is that only the Messiah can bring the Jews back to Israel and until then we are condemned as Jews to wander the world from nation to nation as their will to permit us to exist flows. There are a number of such Jews who live in Israel and are so convinced of this that they refuse to take citizenship or vote, though they do take the healthcare. There are a number of Jews which would surprise many who place their leftist political proclivities far ahead of Israel and their Judaism. Other Jews have replaced the Commandments and Mitzvahs of the Torah with the political platform of the Democrat Party. These are the Jews who belong to such groups as If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, Breaking the Silence, Not in Our Name, Jews for Justice for Palestinians and others who work diligently against the Israeli government. Many of these groups would be quiet and happy if only the “correct and proper” people who “think properly” and who support a “sane and rational” set of policies. They would not protest much of anything were the Labor Party to form the government coalition with Meretz, the other parties in the Zionist Union (which is largely not Zionist) and whichever other parties were to form a government. The fact that a pro-Zionist government, which also includes religious parties, is in power is the major reason why these groups are so furious. They desire an Israel which is a democracy with no attachment to Judaism and which would simply give the Palestinian Arabs anything and everything they demanded even to the point of allowing them to make a single nation with all the Palestinian Arabs granted full citizenship and even some would permit the millions of “Palestinian refugees” to also come into Israel with citizenship because they honestly have swallowed the idea that were Israel to be a nation with seven-million Jews and four-million Arabs with one million people of other religious denominations including Christians and add in ten to twelve-million Palestinian Arabs that Israel would remain free and the Basic Laws would protect the Jewish minority. The problem is that these Jews, especially the ones who are Israelis, give those who desire to blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East the backing to do so because they can claim that even Jews realize that Israel is horrible.


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October 1, 2018

Gaza Continues to Erupt Daily

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The violent rioting which much of the world reported as ‘peaceful protests against Israeli oppression’ which began the last two weeks of March have abated in size but still gather sufficient numbers to cause concern for the security of the border every Friday. Of course the Western World’s newspapers only report on this situation in the fourth or fifth paragraph, assuming it is not completely edited out, while leading with such reports that ‘Israeli jets pounded Gaza’ or ‘Israeli Merkava Tanks target Gaza’ and contain news that Israel has blockaded Gaza as if this was a new development and not an action taken after Hamas violently took control of Gaza. Often they treat Gaza as if the Palestinian Authority (PA) were still ruling there and ignoring that the Gaza Government is made up of whomever Hamas chooses. They treat the violence as simply an inconvenience for Israel. Since the start of these riots, there have been two goals. The first and preferred goal is to breach the border with tens of thousands of Gazans armed with clubs, machete, steel rods and rifles and proceed to the closest Israeli town or kibbutz and start murdering Jews. The second is to burn down as much of the area surrounding Gaza forcing the Jews to leave the region so they can then make claims that Israel has abandoned these lands which the Arabs in Gaza need because they are overcrowded. Never mind that Gaza has large tracts of farmland, they claim they have the greatest density of population in the world and the United Nations acts as if this were true. They are aware that if they force the Jews from their homes, then the world will eventually force Israel into surrendering these lands and then the same tactic can be used to gain the next five miles onto Israel erasing Israel in stages. Below is a map of the fires started around Gaza by incendiary balloons, kites, birds and some even targeting using drones.


Hamas Caused Fires in Israel Neighboring Gaza

Hamas Caused Fires in Israel Neighboring Gaza


These fires completely wiped out an entire wheat harvest leaving numerous farmers without any crops to sell. The government is presumably granting the affected farmers bailouts for their losses, but we all know that this will drive many to give up half way through the red tape. Even those who manage to survive the endless forms and other demands by government bureaucrats, they still will not make nearly as much as their crops would have brought them. The wildlife reserves will eventually recover but there may be some endangered animals which will not survive this blatant attack on their habitats, yet not a single wildlife advocate dares criticize the fires set by Hamas because in leftist circles, as the Arabs are considered even more precious than the most endangered of animals. The forests almost need not be mentioned, as the reaction from the world will be that the trees will grow back and the Gazans’ right to be heard is worth a few thousand trees within Israeli forests. The Western World, especially the leftists, believes that any of their sacred principles become sacrificial sheep as long as it is the Arabs protesting against Israel and those Jews. They will still hold out to their idea that Israel has no right to take away the sacred Arab lands which have been declared a sacred Waqf which is nonnegotiable for all time. Their reasoning is impeccable. They claim that everything in history began in each area at the time it was conquered by the Arab forces. This means that nothing before around 630 A.D. actually is real. This is the Gregorian date for the start of the Islamic calendar. So, despite that, they claim that Noah was a Muslim; his existence is irrelevant as it predates the Islamic Calendar. The same can be said for Abraham and even Ishmael. Here is where things get rather interesting. Despite claiming their lineage through Ishmael, they consider Moses to be an Islamic prophet. Moses was not the product of the line of Ishmael, but it does not stop there. The Palestinian Arabs claim that Jesus of Nazareth was a Palestinian Arab. We are not making this up. When Jesus lived, the Arabs were still largely in the Mecca and Medina region worshiping their Moon Goddess whose name just happened to be Allah.


Allah was merely one of the idols in the Ka’aba in Mecca and was one of the idolatrous gods of Muhammad’s tribe though Allah was an important god as it represented the crescent moon

Allah was merely one of the idols in the Ka’aba in Mecca
and was one of the idolatrous gods of Muhammad’s tribe
though Allah was an important god
as it represented the crescent moon


The fact that Allah was merely one of the chief idols representing the crescent moon, this was the name chosen by Muhammad to be the god of his new religion hoping the familiar name would aid in finding converts. Note the original idol has its hand out as if to accept sacrifice. These sacrifices were often of a more grotesque nature of a blood sacrifice, often undesired children. In the days of idolatry, the form of abortion was to take the unwanted child and sacrifice it at the time of the crescent moon immediately after the new moon. This little fact is refuted by every Muslim and for obviously good reasons. Still, if the memory of the old customs of having your children sacrificed to Allah protecting you from hell, then this would be a possible motive and reason why so many Palestinian Mothers are so glad when their child becomes a martyr, not only will they now receive blood money from the Palestinian Authority or PLO but they are also indemnified against being sent to hell. But we are more interested at this time of the price exacted by the incendiary attacks against Israel.


These attacks have basically been a bombing campaign by alternative means. The most gruesome of these means has been using live birds to fly an oil soaked rag over the border and into Israel with the bird eventually succumbing to the flames and dropping to the ground setting fires. Some of these birds at the end attempted to land in a tree to seek refuge only to die hung up in the tree (see image below). Balloons and kites with incendiary devices were a sufficient threat and their results evil enough, but to use an innocent bird knowing it would die most horribly in the process is just a further indication of their maliciousness. These rioters have no regard for human life and equally lack regard even for innocent animals as long as they serve their purpose of hopefully killing Jews or destroying their lives. These protests have been marked by an expression of a desire to kill Jews, not just Israelis, but all Jews. This has been a consistent theme often chanted by Arabs both within the Palestinian Arab community and within those from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and beyond. The entire reason behind the Gaza riots has been to try to force the Jews to forfeit additional lands from which they can expand the attacks pushing the Jews ever further until they have been forced from Israel in its entirety. But the Gaza violence is but one side of a many faceted attack.


Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


Hamas and Islamic Jihad have other means of striking at Israel. One such is by using infiltration tunnels. There has been at least one tunnel discovered each month and then abruptly destroyed. Often Hamas, once a tunnel has been compromised, will rush youths into the tunnel knowing it is about to be destroyed. This is done so as to claim that Israel is intentionally blowing up the tunnels when the youths are inside in order to murder children. Children are defined as people under thirty for these purposes. When Israel has detected such events, the destruction has been delayed while the tunnel is cleared. This is seldom if ever reported; the only reports are the ones where it is Israel who gets the blame when youths are killed presumably working in the tunnels and never Hamas for rushing them into the tunnel immediately before its destruction. These forces in Gaza also have a full range of rockets with which to attack Israel. During the last conflict, Hamas had rockets capable of reaching the outskirts of Jerusalem and almost as far north as Haifa. This places all of Tel Aviv and surrounding region within the range of Hamas rockets with the largest warheads (see chart below). The M302 is also called the “Jerusalem Rocket” for the most obvious of reasons and has a monument to it in Gaza City. That rocket also has a considerable warhead at one-hundred-fifty kilograms, three-hundred-thirty lbs. which would be capable of toppling one of the fifty-stories plus towers in the center of Tel Aviv and spread throughout the city. The cost in lives from such a catastrophe would be the horrific cost as the building can be cleared and rebuilt providing jobs, but the people cannot be replaced as each has a perfect soul with only the imperfections they have added during their lives. Fortunately, Hashem is generous in his forgiveness accepting all honest confessions. Those who do not seek such forgiveness or act in an abominable manner are a completely different matter, but even they can receive forgiveness through having a change of heart which alters their actions and modifies their thoughts. People are irreplaceable, which is one of the main differences between the Israeli thought patterns and those of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PLO, as they believe that only a chosen few are important and the rest of their people are expendable if they further the goals of their leadership. This is the kind of society which produces suicide bombers often sending the most fragile and vulnerable amongst them including children and mentally challenged in order to murder innocents.


Hamas Rockets and Missiles Nomenclature, Ranges and Payloads


The rational behind the Hamas sponsored rioting is to have youths destroy Israeli crops and deny the use of the land while merely risking the lives of youth who have been indoctrinated to believe that through death they will find immortal life in a garden with lush grass, beautiful waterfalls, babbling streams, fruit trees abounding and, of course, their seventy-two raven haired virgins who magically remain virgins forever and much much more. Many of these youths actually believe such and as the economy in Gaza is close to collapse due to the money wasted on attempts to destroy Israel, some simply do not treasure life. Hamas also keeps the people of Gaza under strict control and censorship only permitting limited news which is often Hamas designed. Many in Gaza believe that life in Israel is so much worse and that every Israeli is a blood-thirsty monster deeply wanting to murder every Gazan. This is part of why so many Palestinian Arab youth, whose education consists of indoctrination to hate Jews and Israel, are willing to die in an effort to kill Israelis (see video below). The Hamas leadership also does all it is able to block Gazans, who would be better served in an Israeli hospital, refuse them permission even after Israel has approved their treatment. This control over the population is necessary, as the people cannot be permitted to know that their government is wasting tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars and Euros in futile efforts to destroy Israel. Most of the Palestinian leadership, which includes Fatah, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and more have stashed away millions of dollars in accounts around the globe. Despite this, the people remain loyal because they believe the lies as the lies are reinforced by the United Nations and a whole network of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and thus anti-Semitic NGOs and organizations.



Using anti-Israel or Jew hatred as the basis of any group has become an automatic money-making venture. The United Nations will provide you a platform such as the Durban conferences which were titled as World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance but were nothing more than an Israel bashing, Jew hating event which the United Nations will continue ad-infinitum. The BDS movement which calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel was born from the Arab boycott of Israel and has worked to further feed the Palestinian terror systems as well as towards furthering the hatred of Israel and Jews on college campuses across the Western World. These are but two of the more obvious examples. What is really sad, sickening actually, are the numbers of groups such as J-Street which have decided that as long as Israel is not beholden to leftist extremism, then even Jews are supposed to hate Israel, especially American Jews and these groups provide a venue for such hate. The Jews who belong and profit from such groups, and that includes Rabbis for Peace who also call for Palestinian rights but demand that Israel surrender to every Arab demand claiming that the Arabs are being fair and refusing to believe the reality that the only solution the Arabs will accept is the destruction of Israel, mostly are not religious with some exceptions amongst the Haredi such as the Neturei Karta. Hatred of Israel is anti-Semitism when Israel is the sole nation to have committed presumed crimes such that it does not deserve to exist. There is even a person whose job at the United Nations is to dream up plans to harm Israel in any way conceivable. The position is “special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories,” which was originally held by Richard A. Falk who was followed by his wife after he hit term limits and is currently held by Michael Lynk who has called for the United Nations to review Israeli membership as it may need to be suspended for violations of International Law. This is not even a new charge but it is interesting that Syria, Yemen, China, Turkey and all the other one-hundred-ninety-plus nations other than Israel has ever had anywhere near the numbers of attacks and special investigations performed through United Nations authority nor has any other nations ever been placed on the agenda permanently such that every time the organization met, it was to first denounce Israel for crimes against the Palestinians or Humanity, pending on their mood of the day, and then they could get down to the actual business at hand. This was, of course, the United Nations Human Rights Council who easily wind being in the top ten anti-Israel world organizations. Yet, apparently there is nothing wrong with setting your neighboring nation on fire intentionally as there have been next to no condemnations of the persistent state of riots from Gaza, or should we call it what it really is, Hamastan, the worlds first purely terrorist nation, well, until Palestine is born as then there will be another thing for these two groups to fight over, who gets first claim.


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