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July 17, 2017

Terror Attack Grants Israel Prime Opportunity


The terror attack at the Lion’s Gate on the Temple Mount where three Arab Palestinians armed with two rifles and a pistol intentionally targeted three police officers killing two and leaving the third with severe to moderate wounds in the extremities, neck and torso according to one early report was simply a reinitiating of the terror paradigm resulting from Palestinian leadership’s payments to terrorists and terror families. Below we have included a brief interview with an MDA medic summarizing the attack. United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman stated to media, “I am shocked and horrified by the despicable attack today in Jerusalem. Terrorism must be condemned by all and defeated. We pray for the victims.” This is the unfortunate response we get time after time, attack after attack, fatality after fatality and still the world demands that Israel cater to and bend before every demand made by the same institutions which condone and support the murderous terrorism. These are the same institutions which pay terrorists in Israeli prisons and the families of terrorists who were eliminated in their murderous acts thousands of dollars making murdering Israelis the highest paying profession for the Palestinian Arabs.



We did see a quote with which we could work with as apparently somebody else has reached well past the point of believing it is time for an alteration to be made. Israeli Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev offered the following commentary and a good suggestion, “The murderous terror attack which occurred today immediately after the terrorists left the Temple Mount, forces us to examine thoroughly the Temple Mount’s status-quo. It’s time the Temple Mount was opened to everyone, without limiting the hours they can come or the areas which they can visit. The Temple Mount should be like any other site in Jerusalem. The Waqf should only run the mosque – not the entire Temple Mount, which is under Israeli sovereignty and is the responsibility of the Israeli government. This is the only way we will be able to restore quiet and security to the Temple Mount and the Old City. We will all pray for the welfare of the victims, and we wish them a speedy recovery.”


We discussed the so-called status-quo several times over the years here, here, here and here. Now is the time for a change whether the rest of the world approves or not, it is time to do just as Miri Regev stated and just open the Temple Mount to the world. I can almost hear the world’s reaction to Israel doing exactly the correct act in response to this murderous terrorist attack. There will be cries from Europe that punishing the Palestinian Arab Muslims by taking away their Holy Site because of a terror attack which they had no responsibility. That is the big lie that will be sold and Israel should simply not allow that to pass unopposed and without revealing the payouts from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to terrorists and their families, the incitement that permeates Palestinian Authority media, television, schools, children’s camps, naming of soccer tournaments, parks, roads, schools and the immortalizing of terrorists all to encourage their youth to want to be terrorists, some even to be martyrs. Don’t believe us, here it is in their own words and from the mouths of babes in the videos below, which is such a crime it actually makes us sad because these youths are not naturally evil but are corrupted by an evil regime which thinks nothing of the lives of their own children.





The Waqf will demand that the status-quo of no Jews permitted onto the Temple Mount except through the most stringent of circumstances and that only Muslims have the right to pray and all non-Muslims also have to use the Jewish entrance, as the main entrances must be reserved only for the holy people, the Muslims. The Israeli response should be to inquire, would you wish to be responsible for the Mosques on the Temple Mount or not. The Waqf will simply demand as their Allah given right to monitor and control the entire Temple Mount and will try and instruct Israel that they have no power against their rights which come from Allah. At this point, Israel should inform Jordan that their Waqf are no longer permitted in Israel and will be returning to Amman, Jordan immediately and escort the Waqf and the security personnel who are Jordanians to the Allenby Bridge and see that they cross and not permit their return. Then Israel should declare the Temple Mount open to all people using all entrances as an Israeli World Heritage Site. When UNESCO then informs Israel that their having decided that the Temple Mount belongs wholly to the Muslims and that there can be no Jewish claims or control allowed, Israel should simply challenge them to enforce their preposterous declaration. In the meantime, until they successfully enforce their declaration the Temple Mount will remain an Israeli site and open to the general public. Israel also will not permit UNESCO to influence their decision in any way, period. Israel should still enforce the sanctity of the Mosques and if the Muslims decide they do not allow non-Muslims to enter the Mosques, then so be it, that is not an Israeli concern, just the open areas where tourists can experience this holy ground. As for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, its visitation rights will be left to the numerous religious priests who care for this Christian holy site as to whether they will permit tourists or just restricted supervised tours or closing it to the public, it will be their call. Then, once the noise and declarations of extreme aggravation and indignation finally calms, then Israel might desire to make plans for the construction of the Third Temple on some open area of the Temple Mount and until the Temple is built, there should be no further Mosque construction or extensions permitted and this should be strictly enforced otherwise there would be massive mosque construction simply to cover every piece of open ground just to deny it to the rest of the world. We provide a picture of how the Third Temple can be placed on the Temple Mount without any damage or impingement on the other holy sites already on the Temple Mount including the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock below.


Temple Mount with Proposed Options to include Third Temple Without Destroying or Interfering Other Religious Structures

Temple Mount with Proposed
Options to include Third Temple
Without Destroying or Interfering
Other Religious Structures


Then the United Nations will likely decide in the General Assembly with some fair and impartial decision where the vote runs somewhere around 138 in favor to 9 against which will likely be Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Panama, Palau and the United States, with 41 abstentions which will mostly be from European nations who are too frightened to stand with Israel but still are not quite ready to turn their backs completely on their Judeo-Christian roots and a few African nations mixed in. The Security Council will likely refuse to accept any motion for them to vote on such an issue simply because the United States would use their veto and not likely bother to beg the other nations to avoid their doing so. President Trump and United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nicky Haley are likely all but drooling for their first opportunity to veto an anti-Israel motion in the Security Council simply to make a statement that there is a new sheriff in the Security Council and the old management has left the building. After this has had absolutely no effect upon any actions by Israel and the Temple Mount has become one of the favorite sites that tourists make a must see location and has been secured such that it is also extremely safe, maybe the world will simply accept the new reality. Wait, whom are we kidding. The world will continue to carry on caterwauling and screaming making the most dire claims bordering on the edge of going over the edge, beyond the cusp, into the darkness and eventually leading them to sulking when it has absolutely no effect.


This terrorist attack upon police officers that took the life of two and wounded a third should not be allowed to pass without making a change to the situation would be criminal and this could be used as a statement that no longer will terrorism simply pass without any consequences. This should be taken as the start of the new era where the Palestinian Arabs and their terrorist laden leadership will pay a price for every terrorist attack and that no longer will these murderous assaults be permitted to pass without consequences. The era of Israel as the world’s patsy must end and this should be the turning point where Israel now stands up and faces the world as an equal if not as one of the elite and most advanced nations on the planet with few equals. It is time Israel stands up for its rights and impress upon the Palestinian Arabs that the war is over, they lost and if they do not settle soon for what Israel will permit they could very soon have nothing at all and all be somewhere in Syria dodging Bashir al-Assad fired artillery and other forms of murderous attacks. Should the PA decide that they still have the upper hand and can get away with murder and never have to pay a price, they must be disabused of such ideas and educated that things are going to be different and their time to settle for a settlement where they get anything has become limited. Perhaps this Victory Caucus can step up and make the bold statement needed and necessitated right now. They and Daniel Pipes said that they are calling for President Trump to simply tell Israel the war is over and Israel won, well, we could use the backing and we believe that Israel needs to stand up for herself and make the move and then President Trump will find backing Israel far easier and will very likely have the opportunity soon thereafter at the United Nations, of all places. Imagine this as the events over the next few weeks. Israel internationalizes the Temple Mount opening it up to all people with free access using all gates and entrances and prayer permitted for all peoples of all religions or no religion if the feeling strikes them. The United Nations getting all their panties in a bunch and bringing a motion to the Security Council brought by Egypt and backed by China, France and the Russian Federation and President Trump making the veto for the United States in person and announcing his full support for the new Israeli initiative whereby terrorism will no longer be tolerated and will cost the PA after every attack with no exceptions. Now is the opportunity to start a new era where terrorism ends or else, no exceptions.


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December 3, 2012

What Lessons Resulted from United Nations Palestinian Statehood Vote?

The World did not learn anything from this vote, it simply confirmed once more that the Jew is still vilified and any charge or claim made against Jews, no matter how offensive, ridiculous, unfounded, or insanely ludicrous it may be, it will generally be accepted as fact without any request or investigation into the facts. In a World body consisting of one-hundred-ninety-three countries, a sole nine countries supported Israel and by doing so reaffirmed United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 which was passed by a slim majority exactly sixty-five years earlier to the day. The World taught the lesson that had the Jewish people sought their ancient homeland, as affirmed in the Five Books of Moses, better known as Torah, the Christian bible and even in the Koran, in these modern times they would be refused and told by the world that their nearly two-thousand year exile had not yet come to a close. The vote revealed that no longer does the World recognize the rights of the Jewish people to their homeland. There will be those who protest that this vote did not erase the Jewish Homeland but they would be taking a limited and blinkered view of the ramifications of this vote. The only long term result that could result from this vote, which if enforced would allow heavy weapons and rockets to be rained onto the remainder of Israel which thus far had been beyond the range of Hamas and Hezballah, would be the end of normalcy and eventually even existence throughout the lands of Israel.

Israel got a good view of which countries she may rely and call friend. This select group of countries consists of the United States, Canada, Panama, the Czech Republic, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau. There are a few interesting historical facts held within these countries. Foremost is that Canada has become the leading supporter of the State of Israel in the modern world. The Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau have also proven to be dependable supporters of Israel which is a fact that escapes any reasoning with the possible exception that these small Pacific Ocean islands have more integrity than any of the continents of the World outside North America. But the most impressive cote is that of the Czech Republic. What makes this vote interesting is that the Czech Republic is very likely the closest and longest ally and stout defender of the state of Israel in the World. Many people when asked who supplied weapons to Israel in 1948 during the time the nascent State of Israel fought against the combined armies of seven Arab countries and several additional militias and an internal Arab population which was shooting the Israelis from behind their lines, the answer you are most likely to receive is the United States. This misconception likely arises from the fact that President Truman was one of, if not the, first leaders to recognize Israel on May 15, 1948 when she declared her independence. What is forgotten is that immediately thereafter the United States imposed a complete arms embargo on Israel even forbidding any American company from selling Israel arms or munitions even to include bullets. The country which stepped up and almost completely by themselves supplied Israel with weapons and munitions and whatever they were able to produce and supply was Czechoslovakia. My theory on the reasoning behind the Czech support of Israel is that they identified with Israel after the way the World betrayed Czechoslovakia at the lead into World War II. During the Munich Accords Britain and France sacrificed the northern sections of Czechoslovakia ceding these lands vital to the Czech ability to defend their country to the German Nazis in the hope that doing so would appease Hitler’s lust and ambitions misreading that his goal was the whole of Europe. In attempting to avoid a war the French and British instead sacrificed Czechoslovakia by ceding the very mountain passes that would have proven near impossible for the Germans to fight their way through thus guaranteeing the conquest of the remainder of Czechoslovakia which came weeks after the agreement. Even after Hitler’s Germany rode over and crushed the remainder of Czechoslovakia, the British and French reneged on their mutual defense treaties with Czechoslovakia and made Poland their line in the sand. Czechoslovakia, and thus today’s Czech Republic understands well betrayal and sacrifice in a cowards move by those they had considered friends.

Europe will not even realize that there is a lesson for them in this vote, but yet one still does exist. The European nations who supported this vote were Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Belarus. The rest, other than the Czech Republic, took the noncommittal coward’s way out of the vote and simply abstained or did not cast a vote. When one looks back to actions taken through conventions, treaties, referendums, proclamations and the entire gauntlet of the varieties of positions and promissory that can be issued by nations in regard to intents and support for other nations or declarations of actions, there is an entire litany of such emanating from Europe which had the sole intent of establishing a Jewish State in the Middle East. The crucial center-point of these issuances was that the British Mandate Lands were to be used for the establishment of a Jewish Homeland. The one treaty which made a definitive change to these promises was the Churchill White Papers which established a second homeland out of the British Mandate. The final and important results of this agreement which was signed by the leaders of the Arab League and the Zionists was that once the 78% of the British Mandate Lands which included all of the lands east of the Jordan River were utilized to establish a Palestinian Arab homeland called Transjordan and ruled by the Hashemites, the remaining 22% consisting of all the lands west of the Jordan River and reaching to the Mediterranean Sea were to become the Jewish homeland with absolutely no further divisions. This was the promise put forward by the British and later confirmed by the French and the United States. The French signed another report which restated the results of the Churchill White Papers and the United States had a resolution passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President thus making it a binding resolution. Europe should take away a simple truth and the rest of the World should take note of this simple truth; the Europeans, especially France and Britain, cannot be trusted to keep their word even under the stipulations of a treaty and that any promise coming from these countries is not a binding agreement but simply a statement referencing their feelings of the moment.

What are the universal lessons which can be gleaned from this vote? What is likely the most important is that the United Nations has no regard for previous treaties and promises and has become an echo chamber for the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) which will almost without exception follow the lead of the Muslim nations and this is even more true when the subject is Israel or Jews. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights is not slanted towards singling out Israel any more than the entirety of the United Nations and the World in general is guilty of the same bias. Israel may as well stop paying dues to the United Nations even if doing so will result in their being removed from the “august” body as they have no real say and carry negligible weight when it comes to any issue even those that may involve Israel’s future. And lastly that other than the United State and Canada, not to minimize their importance, that the rest of the countries of the World which support Israel if combined into one single country would still be in the second half in lists of countries by size, population, or virtually any other measure one may care to apply with the exception of dedication to truth and honor, in these two areas these otherwise minor countries are giants.

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