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April 5, 2012

Iran, Israel, and Obama

Iranian leaders claim they are not pursuing nuclear weapons, only nuclear power and medical applications which is an understandable position for them to take whether it is true or not as by treaty they are obliged not to seek nuclear weaponry as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israeli nervousness over Iranian nuclear program is equally understandable when one considers the bombast from Iranian President Ahmadinejad declaring intent to destroy the Zionist entity and similar statements coming from others of prominence in Iran. And lastly, President Obama claims that the military option remains on the table and with the apparent intent to leave it right there on the table and instead appeasing Iranian delaying tactics hoping the only decision he will be forced to make is stating his having reached some agreement after the fact by which he will claim that Iran has been deterred and has signed on to peace in our time. With all this understanding of every side, what then could there be to complain about as everything appears to have an explanation. Well, almost everything, there is still the small matter of the leaks which appear to emanate from the White House having the effect of revealing any move or preparation covertly made by Israel in order to frustrate any Israeli intent to act against the Iranian nuclear program.

Sometime about a month ago there was Secretary of Defense Panetta announcing that the United States best diagnosis of the situation between Iran, Israel and the Middle East was that Israel was probably likely to make a move on the Iranian nuclear program sometime late Spring to early Summer, probably between April and June inclusive. This was followed over the ensuing weeks by announcements describing Israeli military practice maneuvers describing them in detail and how they could be interpreted as a practice run for an attack on, once again, the Iranian nuclear program. Then there was the parade of high State Department and Defense Department officials as well as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Martin E. Dempsey and one haranguing lecture by phone from Secretary of State Clinton to Prime Minister Netanyahu all making it excessively clear that Israel would pay dearly if they should cross President Obama’s path by moving against the Iranian nuclear program. When all of this appeared to have fallen on deaf ears and Israel took actual moves clandestinely to arrange the use of a couple of unused airstrips in Azerbaijan which is Iran’s northern neighbor, suddenly an article appeared in Foreign Policy Magazine written by Mark Perry, known for his dislike of everything Israel, quoting a State Department memo released by WikiLeaks revealing the arrangement. This led immediately to Azerbaijan denial that they would ever allow anyone to use their country in order to attack Iran or any of their neighboring countries. Had this actually been an Israeli attempt to gain a staging area for an attack, well, that ship has sailed. Almost every time Israel takes a step in any direction that could signify anything Iran it has been made public or warnings and threats have been loosed on Israeli leaders immediately.

In what could be considered to be a related matter, President Obama has placed the blame for the rising price of gasoline and petroleum on the Israel threatening to attack the Iranian nuclear program. This is an interesting new definition of having somebody’s back as President Obama proudly and loudly affirmed when speaking to AIPAC last month. President Obama placed claim to leading the friendliest and most supportive administration in United States history when it came to covering and protecting Israel from all threats or possible harm. One might look at the actual evidence from the insulting treatment given Prime Minister Netanyahu on the majority of his trips to the United States with insults spanning anywhere from having the Prime Minister enter and depart the White House meeting with the President through a side entrance with no press coverage to walking out on their meeting during a subsequent meeting to have dinner with his family and instructing Mr. Netanyahu to sit there and consult with his people and have somebody tell President Obama if they had worked out a different approach which he would find more appealing to going on a vacation and telling the Israeli delegation which included the Prime Minister and the Commander of the IDF that there was nobody remaining in Washington DC with whom they would be able to meet when they were all in the United States for a conference which the White House had knew they were going to attend months earlier. About the only thing that the President has not done while having Israel’s back has been to sink a knife into it. Nope, he has sunk a two handed sword into Israel’s back and is looking for something bigger yet.

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