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January 4, 2019

Great Leader Netanyahu Shows His Ugly Side


It was not sufficient that Bibi Netanyahu held the Prime Ministership and Minister of Foreign Affairs, but when it became available, he grabbed the power of the Minister of Defense as well, but at least at that point he appointed people who would ask his permission more than likely to replace him from holding the Ministries of Economy, Health and Regional Cooperation. He had recently held the Ministries of Pensioner Affairs and Communications. One wonders why we bother to have anything outside the purview of the complete control of the Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of All Things Available? But that is not what is at issue at this point, as perhaps our current issue only concerns the act of either the Prime Minister or the Minister of Defense to settle the difficulty. Usually, when a decision is required from either the Prime Minister or the Defense Minister and one of them is being received as if he were royalty in Brazil, the other, if necessary, could confer with the other and then a decision reached and acted upon. But there is the rub. Benyamin Netanyahu has taken on the position of Defense Minister while also being the Prime Minister and others, as noted above, and even if he as Defense Minister conferred from the right side of his brain with the Prime Minister left side of his brain and thought to take action, his being received with such pomp and celebratory elation in Brazil has captured both sides of his brain. We hope, for his sake and to avoid further investigations, that the government and its representatives of Brazil do not offer gifts of expensive champagne or exclusive cigars for Bibi Netanyahu or any expensive jewelry or other items of value for Sarah Netanyahu because in Israel, and probably only in Israel, such is considered scandalous. Honest, there was a full-blown investigation about guests who dined at the Prime Minister’s official residence who mistakenly offered such gifts which brought on an indignant rage from the left who demanded and received an investigation to determine if there was any quid pro quo for these billionaires who proffered these gifts to the Prime Minister and his wife. Most Western nations wish this was the greatest of scandalous behavior which was forthcoming from their leaders present and past. But let us get to the problem and why we are taking such affront from this difficult, mournful and heartbreaking situation which has needlessly been thrust upon the Religious and Zionist communities of Israel and potentially beyond.


The situation has drawn condemnations from much of the right wing, nationalist, religious and Zionist communities. Earlier this week, the State Prosecutor’s Office issued an ultimatum over several buildings which were to be evacuated in preparation for destruction stating that if they were not dismantled within forty-eight hours, they would be confiscated. This condemnation of the structures was issued despite their being legally purchased at a cost of several millions of shekels as well as additionally having been approved by the Civil Administration recognizing the legality of the purchase. The difficulty comes due to the fact that the region being in the Shomron is also under military control as the government under Prime Minister Netanyahu has refuted several attempts to place the Shomron regions under normal civil control leading to this unfortunate and sorrow-filled situation. Because of the reluctance, nay, refusal by the Prime Minister to advance these regions to normative regulation, these structures also required an additional approval, that of either the Prime Minister or the Defense Minister, which are currently under a singular dictatorial control of Bibi Netanyahu. This may have been partly the reason that Netanyahu took the Defense Ministry under his control upon the resignation of Avigdor Lieberman thus making him the sole adjudicator over the Shomron. Bibi Netanyahu refused to grant his approval to this purchase, which would have slightly increased lands used by the community of Amona by a mere two buildings. What makes this situation even more exasperating is the situation of the illegal settlement which has been scheduled for destruction since early in the 1990’s and repeatedly blocked only to have the Supreme Court repeatedly refusing the petitions for blocking the destruction only to face numerous additional petitions with a fair number by NGO’s which are heavily, if not majority, financed by the European Union and its member governments. These structures were built with foreign funds, without permits, without any utilities, without access roads or internal roads and have had numerous different groups utilizing them including but not limited to Palestinian Arabs, Bedouins and others. These structures are called Khan al-Ahmar which can hardly even be called a community or even an outpost as they lack all facilities and utilities required for human inhabitation and pose a health risk to any inhabitants and the immediate area. Further, they were placed within the areas which under the Oslo Accords and all subsequent agreements placed outside of the areas set aside for Palestinian Arab construction or inhabitation. Meanwhile, Amona is an established community, and actual city, the structures in question are ready for inhabitants, have all utilities and, as noted above, were legally purchased. These had no foreign interference and were completely legal by all nominal qualifications and had no destruction order, they simply required the approval of either the Prime Minister or Defense Minister, in other words, Bibi Netanyahu. The reason for the order for the inhabitants who are the legal owners of the buildings to be removed and be pending potential destruction was solely because Bibi Netanyahu refused to lift a finger to assist the Jews who had purchased the structures. The Prime Minister has never intervened to extradite the destruction of the illegal structures of Khan al-Ahmar and had no difficulty standing aside to permit Jews to be dispossessed of their legal purchase on the outskirts of Amona. This leads one to question why the Prime Minister/Defense Minister, one Bibi Netanyahu, decided that the legal purchase of these structures by Jews was not worthy of even the slightest action on his part to finalize their purchase which had been approved by all required civil authorities and was logged as a legal purchase only requiring his approval. Let us venture a guess as to why this lack of action was seen as expedient and what future plans could this have caused further complications requiring the difficult situation.


We all know that elections are due to take place in early April and that the Likud is seen as the obvious winners of the largest mandate and thus Bibi Netanyahu, as the head of the Likud Party, will be reassuming the position of Prime Minister and forming the next ruling coalition. The Religious Zionist and right wing in general are currently facing problems caused by the split of the Jewish Home Party with Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, the former top two position holders in the Knesset list, leaving the party immediately as elections were being called to form their own party where they would have complete freedom to choose their list for the Knesset and thus avoid the primary system of Jewish Home which may have posed some difficulties in the choice of Ministerial candidates for the list. This split will also have ramification on partnerships and other arrangements between the different parties and could be the initial cause for more parties to further split the vote on the right and the religious and Zionist parties spreading the votes over more selections and potentially having some not make threshold leaving these sectors of the Israeli public underrepresented. This could even play right into a possible scenario which we suspect Bibi Netanyahu could have in his plans. Let us make clear that these are our suspicions which have nothing more to validate them other than our own gut feelings. What follows is a scenario which we hope does not come to fruition. Everything will depend on how the Israelis elect parties and the strength each receive but we suspect what we fear will be a viable result.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


The first requirement will be that Likud does actually receive the largest number of mandates for positions as Ministers of the Knesset. Virtually every poll currently validates this assumption as it is the most likely outcome. According to most of the early polling, the center-right would receive sixty-three mandates, sufficient for a coalition and the center-left would receive fifty-seven even including the Arab Joint List which would be insufficient to form a coalition. Most pundits are calling that the definitive results but are overlooking one thing, Bibi Netanyahu and a legacy. Thus far, despite over a decade as Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu does not have any definitive legacy and this will probably be his final stint as Prime Minister. He looks back at the great and the significant former Prime Ministers and sees Menachem Begin who made peace with Egypt, Simon Peres forged Oslo Accords, Yitzhak Rabin made peace with Jordan and even Ariel Sharon gets credit for the Gaza Disengagement, or would that be blame. Bibi made his greatest contribution initially as Finance Minister as he was credited with making the modern Israeli economy possible though this has had a dark side as many Israelis did not benefit greatly and much of the development was contained within the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area not reaching far beyond to what is referred to as the periphery. It is entirely possible that Bibi Netanyahu sees an opportunity for a legacy by reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinian Arabs in the Shomron (West Bank or Judea and Samaria) and probably believes that any peace plan that President Trump proposes could become his legacy if he can have it foisted upon the Palestinian Authority led by permanent Refusenik Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas, like Arafat before him, has refused every peace plan and proposal while never making any counter demands or presenting what he would accept, at least not in English. In Arabic he has been adamant that the only peace plan he will accept is the total destruction of Israel and the Jews removed by whatever means the world prefers up to and including another Final Solution for approaching seven-million Jews. With President Trump pressing Abbas, and if Netanyahu can cobble together a government coalition which would accept almost any sacrifice in the name of peace, then it is entirely plausible that President Trump could force a peace plan between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. Such an agreement would fall completely apart almost immediately after President Trump leaves office, but should he be reelected in 2020, then Bibi Netanyahu will likely have retired while the plan is still in effect and thus his legacy in place and any dissolution into violence which came later being blamed on whomever replaces Netanyahu. How, you may ask, could Prime Minister Netanyahu ever hold a right-center coalition together while making such a peace plan work which would require the evacuation of close to a million Israelis from many of the communities in the Shomron while splitting Jerusalem in half once again? The answer is simple, he would not be able to have such a coalition remain intact which is why we suspect he may be looking at a National Unity Government where the parties in the coalition are a combination from both sides of center. With his Likud plurality, Bibi Netanyahu could easily invite parties such as Yesh Atid, Kulanu, Israel Resilience (Gantz) and any of the minor parties which pass threshold which could give him a coalition of comfortably over sixty, especially if he included the Labor Party promising them some preferred ministerial positions. With such a coalition, Bibi Netanyahu would be able to do almost anything and as many of the parties he would be including are actually more left than center-left, they would simply go along, as he would be doing exactly as they had been calling for the government to do for the past decade or more. Would such a peace deal in the end have the same results as we have seen in Gaza? Well, actually the end results would be a million times worse than Gaza as it was feasible, Hamas would take over the region surrendered and Tel Aviv would soon thereafter be attacked directly with rockets. This would result in the next Prime Minister being forced, not only to reoccupy, but to cleanse the region west of the Jordan River and east of Tel Aviv including eastern Jerusalem of all its Arab population and do so with the blessing of most Israelis, even the most left wing Tel Aviv barista latte drinker; as rockets falling on Tel Aviv would serve as a desperate wake-up call. That would assure that Prime Minister of a legacy as well. Unfortunately, it is what ensued in making the two legacies which would not be desirable.


Beyond the Cusp


October 22, 2018

Trump’s Pending Peace Plan Will be Dead on Arrival


The one guarantee we can give about President Trump’s pending Middle East Arab Israeli peace plan, otherwise known as the ‘Deal of the Century,’ is that it will be based on hopes, prayers and will have a snowballs chance in the Negev at high noon in August of surviving past any forced Israeli concessions. That is the part which scares us half to death, that there will be demands that Israel once more release murderers, give land within the Shomron or possibly build a multi-lane highway between Gaza and the Palestinian regions so that Hamas can make nice with the Palestinian Authority. The promises and hints which have been floated have claimed that there will be parts which both sides will hate and which both sides will love. We can explain this more easily by telling you that what Israel likes they will hate and what Israel hates they will love and demand that Israel meet those conditions and then they might give President Trump their answer. We can also tell President Trump what that answer will be after they pocket whatever Israel would then be forced into allowing, they will claim that Israel did not fully meet the stipulations and will double down hoping that President Trump will give them more presents and once the President tells them they need to now give something, they will turn their backs and start another Intifada. That has been how it has always been ever since the initial Oslo Accords. Every peace plan has been Israel sacrifices and then Israel is sacrificed under a barrage of murderous attacks.


The problem is that President Trump will put the Israeli Prime Minister on the spot pointing out that he recognized Jerusalem and moved the American embassy there though he also reserved that East Jerusalem might still have to be gifted to the Palestinian Authority. That might just be the generous gift which President Trump has in his plans when he has said that the Palestinians are next to receive something good. They already have received plenty of presents all at the expense and safety of Israel. Perhaps President Trump might be served by having a heart to heart conversation about what happened when President Clinton was told by Yassir Arafat what terms he would accept from Israel and after he cajoled Prime Minister Ehud Barak to meet everything which Arafat had demanded, good old Yassir, may he rot in…, he simply walked out of the talks without even demanding anything and refused to meet again. I am sure that President Trump would love to hear that story and perhaps it might provide him with some insight as to how the Middle East works. When a leader from an Arab Muslim nation tells you something that you find pleasing and encouraging, you should immediately stop and look into the past dealings and see where the hidden double meaning is and after that look even deeper and find the truth of what was stated. Very often the truth, the reality is the exact opposite of what was stated and the stated intent was only to gain your trust and take something for nothing before pulling the rug from beneath your feet and laughing at the silly Westerner who does not understand anything about how to barter. We just hope President Trump will allow Israel to unleash an offensive to drive the entirety of the Palestinian Arab population beyond the Jordan River and Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea or at least the Sinai Peninsula. The reality is there would be little difference as once they are within Egypt; they will drive them into the Mediterranean Sea.


Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large

Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large


President Trump, you have likely talked with Abdullah II of Jordan and probably felt the visceral hate he has for Mahmoud Abbas and the entire idea of allowing the Palestinian Arabs to become even an auxiliary part of his kingdom. Perhaps you should look up on the internet, and we will include the link for your viewing ease, Black September which was also the name of the terrorist squad which took the name to honor Arafat when they murdered the Israeli Olympic Team during the Munich Olympics. Just for good measure, we thought we would include a second link just to further explain exactly what kind of people you are attempting to deal with on an honest basis. Just to be frank, there is no means of dealing with Mahmoud Abbas on an honest basis and just slightly more likely with the Hamas leader, Yehiya Sinwar, who is more likely to just tell you from the outset that he wants every Jew in the world dead and then he will be coming for the United States. Why do you think that Hamas has sponsored the riots every day nonstop since March 30 of this year and will very likely ignore Egyptian President Sisi demands for him to at least keep his enraged rioters a distance from the border fence before they spark a response from Israel. He desires an armed confrontation with Israel because he knows that Israel warns the Gazans where they are going to move next and with such information he can tie Gazans up in their homes which will be rigged with explosives and when the IDF soldiers attempt to move them to safety, they will detonate the house. Hamas, in coordination with the United Nations through UNRWA, built a clinic in Gaza which was also the transfer point between a number of their tunnels and they placed explosives inside the walls and when three IDF soldiers entered the clinic, Hamas terrorists detonated the clinic. Just in case you needed a definition of evil incarnate, that is exhibit one.


These are the kinds of people with whom you are dealing, and we use the reference people very loosely. The Western mind frame cannot easily understand and digest the extent and depth of the hatred felt by Arabs for all others. They even have difficulty getting along with each other. Perhaps you should read the diary written by T.E. Lawrence While Travelling in Arabia where an insight into the petty little people they were according to his words where he tried to explain to an educated Arab leader how their tribalism would inhibit their ever advancing their civilization. Little has changed since his efforts to bring them together to help the British in World War I. Are there Arabs who are nice people. Yes, and actually Arabs are some of the most hospitable people you could ever meet, individually. It is when they are in groups their attitudes and manners change. Then the only thing which matters is their family honor and they will kill to protect it including killing a daughter who even dates the wrong man. They refer to such as a Honor Killing. We are sure you have heard of such in the News and how it has become a problem in Europe and has occurred in North America. We do not expect that our article would alter your plans, and that is simply too bad. You will be like every Western leader before you who will simply not understand the people with whom you are dealing. There is a reason why Israel will be hard pressed to sacrifice land to the Palestinian Authority, especially land which overlooks Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. When Jordan held what they called the West Bank illegally against International Law, this also might be something nobody has informed you about, but during that time Israelis could not enter the streets which were in direct line of sight from the Jordanian areas as doing so would place them in danger of being shot by the Jordanian snipers who were placed on any high ground overlooking parts of Israeli Jerusalem. Certain Israeli buildings had to have walls built between them and the sniper positions in order to be occupied. Things would be exactly the same if the Palestinian Arabs had lands overlooking Jewish areas. If you ever wish to visit Israel and fly into Ben Gurion International Airport, you do not desire to have the Palestinian Authority holding the land overlooking the airport, especially flying an airplane so obviously marked as a target saying shoot me first. Let’s face it, a 747 which says on it in large letters “United States of America” and painted all nice in bold colors, as someone with a Stinger Missile would be waiting almost salivating at the great opportunity. Should the Palestinians be granted the pre-Six Day War borders, then Tel Aviv would soon have a smoldering ruin where the downtown towers currently stand. That is a reality which Israel must never permit and if we balk at anything you should recommend, it is because Israel is not going to commit suicide for anybody, even you. Please look up the San Remo Conference and realize that Israel already gave away 78% of the British Mandate so the Arabs could have Jordan, and we assume you know this. When they claim they only want 22% and smile approvingly when leaders from Western nations ask, ‘you mean the West Bank and Gaza’ and refuse to say anything further. They do not answer because they mean the 22% of the British Mandate which is Israel, they want everything from, as their protester exclaim, from the River to the Sea. No, Mr. President, we are not being obstinate, we just want to live and be free to realize our twenty-five-hundred-year-old dream, to return to Zion and rebuild our Temple and reunite with our land and with Hashem.


Beyond the Cusp


December 6, 2017

Games Played by Mahmoud Abbas


Mahmoud Abbas knows that he is detested by many of the people over whom he rules in an area, which is permitted semi-autonomous governance, and spends his time all but trapped in his compound in Ramallah. He is viewed, or pretended, to be the key person who decides whether or not there will be peace and is the person most sought when Presidents of the United States decide to tackle the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is plied with bribes, platitudes and given additional pieces of precious real estate all in a fruitless effort for some magical two-state solution to the Palestinian problem. He is currently awaiting the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, to come bearing gifts and bribes in his effort to make what the President himself describes as the “ultimate deal” claiming it presents him with what may be his greatest challenge in solving. The fact that President Trump has set making peace where all before have failed likely has brightened the eyes of Mahmoud Abbas as he knows that he holds the final card to be played and has always laid down the deal breaker instead of playing the peace card. This is a problem of his own making as he has countless times promised that there can be no peace as long as Israel remains the Jewish State. By this, he means that Israel retains its Jewish majority and has not permitted the influx of five to as many as eight million Muslim Arab refugees who will simply vote the Jew out of existence. That is the deal-breaking card he holds to play last. How President Trump can change this reality, does not need remain a mystery. Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, the Heart of Judaism and the center of Israeli governance with the location of the Supreme Court, almost all government central offices and the Knesset Building (see image below) itself where the governance sits as well as the offices of the President and Prime Minister are all nested plus the Temple Mount, the site of the future Temple and place of the First and Second Temples.


Ariel View of Knesset Building

Ariel View of Knesset Building in Jerusalem


Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas has his toes in the waters warmed to a pleasing temperature by Iran where the initial requirement is reconciliation between Fatah, the PLO and the Iranian backed Hamas government in Gaza. There has been a tentative agreement reached and the initial phase has been established with Hamas permitting the Palestinian Authority to take over the Rafah Crossing into Egypt, a crossing the Egyptians currently have closed. This turnover is far more symbolic than any actual concession as Hamas brings in most of their weaponry through tunnels under the Egyptian border and receives almost all necessary trade goods, foods, medical supplies and exports their produce and products through the Erez Crossing and the Kerem Shalom Crossing through which numerous tons of goods are transferred.


According to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Well over a million tons of humanitarian supplies entered Gaza from Israel over the last 18 months equaling nearly a ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza.” These deliveries are usually a well kept secret the media prefers not to discuss as it would take away from the image they prefer to paint Israel as the militarist giant which crushed Gazan hopes by shooting Gaza flotilla ships out of the water, another lie as they actually simply have them unload their goods at the port in Ashkelon and truck their goods into Gaza after assuring there are no weapons or dual use forbidden provisions. Israel also provides Gaza with approximately one third to one half of their electricity and much of their fresh water which is also not covered as the “blockade” which had been investigated by the European Union and United Nations and found both necessary and allowing humanitarian aid passage to both groups satisfaction, also something not often discussed. Much more fun to claim Israel is an awful task master as that is a far more popular image painted.


Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily

Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily


Further, Mahmoud Abbas has also left himself open to offers from Iran to provide all the necessary items to arm the Palestinian Authority, PLO and any other forces willing to assist in the Iranian dream of destroying Israel. Such weapons and other wonderful explosive items would be stored in Area A where the IDF is not permitted to operate, which includes but is not limited to places such as Nablus (Biblical Shechem), Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jenin and Hebron (Biblical Hevron). The Iranians would also desire to infiltrate IRGC* troops and likely their vaunted Quds force, a group specifically trained to take control of Jerusalem, specifically the Temple Mount and Old City which makes up much of what the Arabs refer to as East Jerusalem; Israelis and Jews simply refer to Jerusalem as an undivided city and it is governed as such. The main reason that Mahmoud Abbas is not jumping quite yet for the Iranian promised goodies, as well likely large amounts of funds which he can siphon off a good thirty or forty percent, is because he is waiting for a separate and potentially more lucrative deal from President Trump. This is why any Iran dealings either must be very deeply kept secrets, something an IDF intercepting Iranian weapons smuggling would expose. If President Trump were to suspect that Mahmoud Abbas was on the cusp of making a deal with Iran, then President Trump would be disabused of the notion that peace was possible. That would spoil any hopes of deal-making.


The Hamas reconciliation has continued at a painfully slow rate and is currently not exactly proceeding smoothly, another good point for making deals with President Trump is problems with completing reunification with Hamas. Everything Mahmoud Abbas does, he does with great care to make sure that he can, at any point, refute charges that he is making or breaking any deal he has in the works. Deal with Hamas, well, it is on for Hamas while working out particular and off as far as President Trump is told as it fell apart as you can plainly see but still moving forward as far as Iran is concerned so as to meet their expectations. If at this point you are confused, then Mahmoud Abbas has succeeded in dealing honestly with you. If you are capable of following this, well, he has muddied the water far more thoroughly than our simple little explanation has displayed. This is the typical number of balls the clown that is Mahmoud Abbas juggles on average with sometimes an Intifada to arrange while decrying the Israeli violence when police or IDF soldiers stop an attack or prevent one by intercepting the terrorist or sometimes shooting one. More often than reported, the shot terrorist is then given Israel assistance in an Israeli hospital free and nursed back to health and returned home when able where they receive a hero’s welcome.


Then there was this gem as reported in the New York Times, captioning a picture by Reuters of the teen in an Israeli hospital bed (see image below) “President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority said Ahmad Manasra, 13, was killed by an Israeli on Monday. Then Israel released video of the living boy being treated in a hospital on Thursday.” Numerous news outlets quickly picked up the Abbas story word-for-word from the liar’s lips right onto their front pages or lead on the evening news all about the Israelis murdering this innocent young man simply for running when police ordered him to stop. Below the image is a video of him and his cousin chasing down Israelis with their knives in hand for stabbing them and at the end of the video with knife at the ready about to charge two armed Israeli police officers across the street. This was when he was shot. The story of his survival took from one day to close to a week if ever being corrected by news broadcasts and print and on-line media. Well, which story fits the average world media site better, Israel treats teenage terrorist shot while attacking police or Israeli police murder Palestinian child in cold blood, hear Mahmoud Abbas and his cold description of this horrid act of cold-blooded murder. Also, news providers hate being duped and hate reporting they were duped even worse. They should not feel bad, Mahmoud Abbas is a master at duping the media, which, of course, is not difficult as they drool for any Israel is evil story and then rush when they have one, forgetting to check their facts, but why allow facts to ruin a perfect accusation.


Picture by Reuters of the Teen Abbas Reported Killed in an Israeli Hospital Bed

Picture by Reuters of the Teen Abbas Reported Killed in an Israeli Hospital Bed



Now Mahmoud Abbas is readying to dupe the media and another United States President as he has been doing since he came to power after the death of master terrorist Yasser Arafat. It should be noted that Mahmoud Abbas was directly included in the oversight of the planning and execution of the Munich Olympic Games Terror Attack in which almost the entire Israeli Olympic team was murdered by Black September Group terrorists, a special core group of the PLO which was led by Yasser Arafat, and Mahmoud Abbas was in charge of financing and making arrangements for movement, accessing platforms and other details vital to mission success. Mahmoud Abbas initiates terror, encourages terror and pays terrorists and their families for their acts of murder. The remunerations are tied directly to the number of Jews they murder. This reaches such a scale and is so abhorrent to any civilized person that the United States Congress has passed the Taylor Force Act to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority uses for this purpose. This is mostly a feel good piece of legislation as Mahmoud Abbas will simply rename the funds and continue to pay the families and terrorists in prisons exactly what they get before this legislation and nothing will have changed. The United States will continue funding Mahmoud Abbas and his merry band of murderers and Abbas will continue the pay to slay salaries and incentives. Abbas has done everything he possibly can or will as soon as he thinks of new ways to reward terrorists. He made what has become his most infamous speech encouraging the beginning of the Stabbing Intifada with his “Filthy Feet” speech presented below.



Mahmoud Abbas has come up with a new incentive for terrorism by now promising that should the Israelis demolish your or your family’s house, the Palestinian Authority will build them an entirely new house for free, no more renting, no more mortgage payments, and a brand new house to replace whatever you lived in before. What a deal. There has been Arab terrorists who commit repeated attacks because in prison, they are fed and it is a means of making an income to support their family. Life in the Israeli prison for the terrorists includes soccer games, pretty much an open cell policy, frequent family and conjugal visitations and the prisoners have their own social life and picnic style lunches. For a description of the life of a terrorist, please read the article, “The Hard Life of Muslim Terrorists in Israeli Prison” for a fairly detailed and descriptive story. Needless to point out that this article is the exception, as again it does not paint Israel and the big, bad monster country run by a mob of venomous vipers who simply revel in the pain of others. Those stories are such a preponderance of evidence against Israelis that many people who came to Europe and took a Mediterranean cruise not realizing that Haifa, Ashkelon or even Tel Aviv were in Israel are shocked if they are brave enough to leave the ship and they find out Israelis are normative western society with some unique problems which have much to so with location and that Israel is not a police state with soldiers with machine guns on every corner just looking for an Arab without their identity card to shoot on the spot. Sure there are soldiers in uniform and many are carrying their service weapon with them, but that is part of what reduces the number of attacks and is what keeps our visitors safe as well as ourselves.


What amazes many is when they find out that the vast majority, approaching one-hundred percent, of Arabs or anyone shot in Israel by police or soldiers were in the commission of an act of crime which threatened lives. We do not shoot children for steeling an apple at the shuk. Many of the terrorists shot by police or soldiers were shot while actually attacking the obviously armed police or soldiers. One would ask why would a terrorist attack a heavily armed soldier carrying an assault rifle, a real capable of fully automatic assault rifle, not the pretend assault rifle Nancy Pelosi wants to ban which is really just a gun she believes looks ugly and threatening. The reason the terrorists, particularly the younger terrorists, attack heavily armed soldiers is two fold. First, they know if they get shot dead then their family receives an added bonus in their monthly payment for having a member of the family attack Israelis and this means their brothers and sisters will have enough to eat. Terrorism is quickly becoming the most popular, though not the longest lasting, job for Arab youths in the Palestinian Authority as their economy is ignored and poor at best. Secondly, it is an escape from a life where they have next to no possibility of getting married as their family is poor and men without money do not get wives. And finally, even should they survive, a good possibility as the soldiers and police are trained to shoot to injure rather than kill against lone terrorists, only if their lives are threatened are they even permitted this much defense. Often IDF soldiers have simply disarmed their attacker if not surprised, especially if they are very young, and then taken them home and turned them over to a worried mother still clutching the note from their ten year old or younger child telling mom not to worry, they have taken the knife missing from the kitchen and are going to kill the Jews. Turning them back to their mother will probably serve as a far better deterrent in many instances than arresting them. Yes, there are exceptions where parents send youths out to get the money from the government for the child perpetrating a terror act. The money paid by the Palestinian Authority is a great incentive to many and is a definite problem for all.



Meanwhile, President Trump according to reports is still stuck on two states for two people living side-by-side in peace, harmony and security. That is a pipe dream and a boat that will not float. If the Arab leadership had actually desired peace, there would be peace and if the IDF really did desire to genocidally murder Palestinian Arabs, there would be no Palestinian Arabs. Those are two truths which are basically ignored by the media and world leaders alike. President Trump will also ignore these truths at his own peril. Our advice, go one step beyond all other Presidents and move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, recognize an undivided Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and tell Mahmoud Abbas he has four months to reach an agreement with Israel after which the United States will support Israel taking complete control of all of Judea and Samaria and any resorting to terror or violence will bring that decision that much faster and Israel will be permitted to relocate as many Palestinians as Israel deems necessary with your blessings. Either you are going to make the deal of a lifetime or you are going to give the Israelis the deal of a lifetime, Abbas can choose which.


Beyond the Cusp


* IRGC stands for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps


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