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May 26, 2019

The Problem with the Peace Process and Beyond

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Some of you may be asking, what peace process, and you would probably be closer to reality than those who know immediately to what we refer. For those asking, the peace process we are referring to is the Arab Israeli peace process. Currently it involves a number of main players, so allow us list them. There is the Palestinian Authority which also represents the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). The PLO is determined to liberate all of Palestine from the river to the sea leaving no Israel and as many as seven million dead Jews and other non-Muslims. Then there are Islamic Jihad and Hamas which rule in Gaza. Islamic Jihad is under the command of their superiors in the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) under direction from Iran. Hamas is aligned with Iran as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and has as its goal the eradication of Jews, that means within the boundaries of Israel followed by the rest of the Jews living on planet Earth. North of Israel in Lebanon there is Hezballah which is another group directed by the IRGC and who have around one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles which they can launch at Israel with over half of them able to strike anywhere within Israel and beyond. In the middle of these forces is Israel, the one democratic nation which actually has real elections and where all are treated as equals with shared rights. Most of the developed world believes that the problems in the Middle East lie with Israel and the refusal of the Jewish State in giving the Arabs what they demand in order to make peace. This is the raw data with which people are required to find a solution.


Now, if you were paying attention, the Arab forces all demand one thing in order to have a viable solution, Israel destroyed and whatever is left, after all the Jews have been eradicated, to be ruled by Islamic forces under Arab rule. The main choice is whether the Arab rulers are fascist nationalists or religious fanatics ruling under Sharia. Either one will rule over all the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea with absolutely not a single Jew remaining. Just in case the other side is of any interest to the world, which thus far has appeared to be an insignificant point which has been ignored by the United Nations, European Union and many within the United States starting with the State Department, is the Jewish State which simply would love to live in peace. Israel has made sacrifice after sacrifice for peace and in return has been attacked having well over a thousand of her citizens slaughtered presumably in the name of peace. What makes everything all the more insane is that every single piece of law starting with the end of World War I defines Israel as some measure of the British Mandate with the minimal definition being, wait for it, from the River to the Sea. You may have noticed the use of the same phrase, once to define the Arab desires and the other to define what has been promised to the Jews to be their homelands. If so, give yourself a gold star for the day and let us see if you can earn a few more.


Before the Six Day War and after 1964 the PLO came into being, designed by the KGB and assistance from the Arab League with its headquarters within the Jordanian occupied regions of Judea and Samaria, also called the Shomron, headed by Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, trained agents of the KGB. Arafat was an Egyptian citizen who became the leader of the Arab forces for the destruction of Israel. The PLO claimed they were going to liberate Palestine which was defined as all of the lands which belonged to Israel. There were two regions which the PLO made no claim to and insisted that they were the Shomron which was held by Jordan and Gaza which was held by Egypt. Then came the Six Day War and after this attempt by the Arabs to erase Israel once again and failing, the PLO adjusted their stated demands. Their actual demands were still to replace Israel with Arab rule and no Jews, but their stated desire was the Shomron region previously held by Jordan and Gaza previously held by Egypt. Anyone realizing that the PLO went from excluding two regions to making them the two regions they desired for their new country, give yourself a gold star. Their rationales for demanding the Shomron and Gaza was since Arab forces had illegally held these regions after the 1948 War to annihilate the Jews and erase Israel from the map of the world, their claim to these regions would be easily swallowed by the world. This was assumed as valid as they relied on the inherent hatred for the Jews which permeated much of the world even if it was left unspoken, this undercurrent of hatred was still evident especially to the Arabs who judged the world by the actions in Europe.


The Arab, and thus the Palestinian, position has always been and continues to be the complete eradication of Israel. Their intent is to turn the lands over to whichever side would win the ensuing civil war between Hamas and the PLO. Hint, Hamas would win as they would have the assistance of Hezballah if they required such. What is preventing the region surrounding Israel from becoming another Syrian civil war? The Jews are in the way and their little nation of Israel prevents a war between the two Islamic terror groups and their allies from fighting one another to control the region. This is so guaranteed that should Israel simply have every last one of her citizens take a six-week vacation in the Bahamas, they could return and there would be almost nothing left of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PLO as they would have engaged in a civil war and decimated both sides. Then the returning Israelis would have their land all but unopposed. Such an event is never going to occur, but what would ensue is exactly what would follow any destruction of Israel. There might even be the intervention of the armies of the surrounding nations which have all attacked Israel unsuccessfully in the past. The one thing which the world would not get if the Jews vacated Israel is peace. The level of violence would greatly increase as the national forces and terrorist armies vied for control of the region which formerly was Israel. The violence might even reach a point that even the European Union would request that the Jews return just to end the violence. Right, that is probably asking too much of the Europeans, they would simply watch as the different Arab forces killed one another.


Fortunately, for all involved, the Jews are going nowhere and will eventually claim all the lands that were promised to them. That, of course, does not include another Arab nation cut from her tiny borders. All one need do to see that the Arabs do not require any of the regions promised to the Jews for their homeland is to simply look at a map of the Arab world and Israel. This map also proves that Israel is not threatening the Arab world. The invention of the Palestinians was in an attempt to make them a separate group from the rest of the Arab world in order to make Israel appear as the stronger force picking on the poor Palestinians. The reality is that the majority of the Arabs residing in Gaza are of Egyptian origins and the vast majority of the Arabs in the Shomron are Jordanians with a few from Syria and Iraq. Within Israeli areas, the majority of the population has been Jewish for much of the last few thousands of years. Some of the Jews living in Israel, specifically those in Jerusalem, have resided in the region and can trace their family roots back to before the fall of Rome with some tracing their roots back to the time of King David or King Solomon. Jewish history in the lands predates this era going back to when they first appeared in the land led by Joshua when the Israelites entered the lands at the close of the exodus and their forty years wandering in the desert. Below is a map of the routes Joshua and the Israelites took in their conquest of the lands and the twelve tribes at the end of their settling the land.


Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes

Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes


There is an effort which is gaining momentum despite it being completely futile. It involves a number of United Nations agencies but is mostly centered in UNESCO. The reason for the escalation is the appointment of Mahmoud Abbas to head the Group of 77, a one-hundred-thirty-four nation block which basically makes up the majority in every United Nations institution even extending to the Security Council. The sole reason that this alliance cannot control the Security Council is due to the United States veto, something which very likely will disappear when the Democrat Party wins the White House. This group, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, is going to introduce motion after motion initially to have UNESCO recognize areas within Israel of historic significance be declared to be Palestinian historic locations which had significance in their history in the region. This has already been claimed concerning the Temple Mount and the burial cave of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob and their wives. They are doing exactly what Islam has claimed from Jewish history with their claim that Abraham was a Muslim and that Moses was a Muslim and even gone to people who predate Judaism and thus are not even claimed by Jews to have been Jewish when Islam also claimed that Noah was a Muslim as were Adam and Eve. According to Islamic claims, every person ever born was born a follower of Islam and then they strayed under the influence of parents, society or the devil away from the only true faith and require being returned to their origins and the only holy path, Islam. This is how they claim that the founders of the United States relied on Islamic law when crafting the United States. This claim is somewhat odd when one listens to the leadership of CAIR and other Islamic institutions and Imams who claim that the United States needs to have their Constitution replaced with Sharia. If the United States was crafted under Islamic influences and guidance, how is it that the United States Constitution requires replacing with Sharia? Something here does not make sense, but that is nothing new when considering Islamic claims such as that Moses was Islamic.


The world needs to awaken to the threat which Islam poses to the rest of the world not currently under their control as Islam is making another push to conquer the world. This time they are using the Western World’s democratic institutions to elect people into the governments such that when they have a plurality and can persuade others and then discard the founding documents and principles of these nations installing Sharia in their place. They also will begin to impose their preferred form of rule based on a dictatorial regime led by Imams as in Iran or under the strict guidance of Imams as presumably is the case in Saudi Arabia. Then they will start to impose restrictions on the Dhimmis, all those who are not Muslims, which eventually will make their lives so miserable that they convert simply to be left alone. They will also attach the Jizya, a tax placed upon non-Muslims to cover the cost of protecting them. This tax can become so onerous as to impoverish even the wealthiest of people. Once the profits of the Jizya become less and less as they tax wealth which quickly impoverishes those it is levied upon, they then make their demands of convert or die. This has been their modus operandi since they broke out of the Arabian Peninsula in the Seventh Century and spread across the Middle East, Northern Africa, the Far East and the Balkans. This has been the fate they wish for Israel with one minor adjustment, they would immediately slaughter the Jews of Israel given even the slightest opportunity and simply take their wealth. Jews, unsurprisingly, are the one group of people who are not automatically given the chance to convert and may be murdered simply because they are Jews. They will claim that Islam holds that they are a protected people as they are People of the Book, but that ruling as far as applying it to Jews was overturned by abrogation replacing it with verses which demand that the Jews be exterminated. Christians presumably are protected as People of the Book, but one need look no further than what is happening to the Coptic Christians in Egypt and the numbers of Christians fleeing the regions ruled by the Palestinian Authority such as Bethlehem to realize that such protection does not prevent Christians from persecution by Muslims when they come under their rule. In conclusion, one can look at rulings by UNESCO over the last decade and realize that they have already made much of Jerusalem Islamic and under Palestinian ownership as well as holy sites in Hevron and throughout the areas of Judea and Samaria. All these sites are holy in Judaism and predate Islam often by over a thousand years but as is the case with Noah, Adam and Eve, Islam apparently can trace itself back to the dawn of humanity if not the Big Bang itself. One will someday, when the human race colonizes other solar systems, face the claim that the Big Bang was an Islamic event and everything it spawned belongs to Islam. One can only wonder about the multiverse and beyond.


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April 19, 2019

How to Recognize Arab-Israeli Acceptable Peace Plan

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There exist certain exacting criteria which have become the watchwords demanded of any peace plan if its presenters expect general support. Without these particulars incorporated into your plan, then you are doomed to fail finding yourself left out in the cold space of rejection. The Arabs will laugh in your face, then when you pivot, you will receive a full and proper scolding, all as openers for putting their stamp of approval upon your plan, but not until they are permitted to amend your plan bringing it in line with their experts. Who, you might ask, are the experts and how did they become such experts? Well, that is not as difficult an answer as you may think. An expert is anyone who has published works which insist on a solution where the lands gained (liberated from illegal Jordanian rule) in the Six Day War are returned to their rightful owners, the Palestinians. As an expert, you are completely convinced and aware that the invented convention that the Palestinians have this country called Palestine and the Jews made an amphibious assault taking the beaches in May of 1948 and from that established beachfront, the Jews expanded threatening to conquer the entirety of the Arab World. Fortunately, the Arab armies managed to stop the Jews at what is called the Green Line, thus at least this should be the border. Jerusalem must also be split in half as that was the way it was supposed to be. As long as your scholarly opinion is in agreement with the Arab and European talking points, then praises will be heaped upon you, you will receive invitations to address scholarly conventions with others who believe as do you. Your plan is safe as long as it meets with “the requirements” which everyone who is anyone should be familiar with the points. Vary from the well-worn path which all previous failed plans traveled before yours, then you must be a racist, a radical, you are an instigator who is not serious about reaching a solution. These are the rules for all proposed plans for settling the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Oh, and one last word to the wise, we who decide all do not use the dated terminology of Arab-Israeli Conflict, the newly discovered term which we insist has always been how the problem has been framed, it is now called the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Get with the program if you ever expect to address the Human Rights Council or even the big time and address the General Assembly.


This is the atmosphere into which President Trump will be placing his “Deal of the Century” aiming to settle the problem upon which, according to those experts we referenced earlier, any solution must meet with their approval. Further, according to these experts, there must be another nation for the Arabs, oh, sorry, we stand corrected, the Palestinians must receive their rightful state no matter how much the Jews whine about their needs for a secure and defensible set of borders. We experts realize that is just code wording for establishing a “Greater Israel” over half of the Middle East. All of we experts are aware of the deep hidden desire the Jews have to rule over the world and control all the governments. That is why it will be so important that those who have been gifted with recognizable enlightened knowledge be permitted to dictate a proper solution to this conflict respecting the dignity and historical perspectives. We have the credentials given us by our governments who rely upon us to set the height of the bar and the parameters any plan must meet if anything is expected to result from its presentation. We are aware that this set of parameters has been tried repeatedly with the same results, no peace and further increases of terrorism. But trust us, this time it will work if only Israel would allow additional lands to be turned over to the needed Arab entity.


Let us look at the Israeli demands which are largely directly attributable to her security and ability to defend her people. The main pieces to any settlement have changed since the Oslo Accords, both I and II, are dead and buried. Mahmoud Abbas has declared this repeatedly, and for a change he is correct. Israel insists on retaining the Golan Heights and the Jordan River Valley (it more resembles a steep sided gorge) and the western cliffs overlooking the river. These are the strategically necessary positions in order to both stop a land assault from the east as well as serving to prevent any Arab entity from importing heavy weaponry. The reasons for the strategic land positions become very evident on the map below which shows the Golan Heights and the Jordan River Valley in topographic relief. Another reason for retaining the overlooking cliffs is for eastward facing radar for early warning of any approaching aircraft. There was a period immediately after the Oslo Accords when Israel offered over ninety percent of the former West Bank (the Shomron or Judea and Samaria) and proffered land swaps in exchange for the main settlement blocks and was also offering the return of eastern Jerusalem. These offers were put forward by both of the left-wing governments, one headed by Ehud Barak and the other by Ehud Olmert. These offers were co-authored by President Clinton assisting Ehud Barak and by George W. Bush with Ehud Olmert. President Clinton had even twisted Barak’s arm until he agreed to every demand by Yasser Arafat. Arafat then refused his own terms and returned via Jordan and finished implementing his plans for the Second Intifada. Even the most minimal demands, actually more like requests, by Israel are unacceptable to the Arab side.


Topographic Map of Golan Heights and Jordan River Valley

Topographic Map of Golan Heights and Jordan River Valley


So, what exactly is the Arab side of the argument. What exactly will they accept in order to make peace? Unfortunately, their demands are spoken of only in Arabic, but thanks to MEMRI, Palestinian Media Watch, Honest Reporting, CAMERA, Stand With Us as well as blogs such as ourselves and Chaim Report, Elder of Ziyon and many other worthy efforts, these speeches have been translated and, except for the United States State Department, anyone can go to these locations and find what Abbas and the rest of the terrorist entities both in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria have been saying to their own people. The first realization one reaches is that what they say in Arabic contradicts almost everything said in English. Odd as this concept may seem, but this form of lying to the infidel in order to advance the conquests, interests, positions or simply to obscure the truth of Islam is a religious obligation known as Taqiyya. There is a saying that the way to know when an Arab leader is using Taqiyya is very simple, if it is in English, it is Taqiyya and if it is in Arabic, then the odds drop to around fifty percent depending largely if the speaker will gain from what they are communicating. But when they are using English and placing it for Western consumption, when stating such things as Islam is the religion of peace, terrorism is against Islamic principles and other such statements, it is most definitely Taqiyya so you would be closer to reality by negating everything presented which one finds pleasing to hear. These are stories told to lull the West, the enemy, into a false sense of calm and security all the while undermining everything they are able, and infiltrating the rest. There are exceptions such as when emotions get the better of them and the truth tumbles out. The most obvious recent example has been Mahmoud Abbas consistently stating that President Trump and his Deal of the Century are going to be refused because President Trump has proven by moving the American Embassy to the Capital city of Israel, Jerusalem, that he is biased and serves only Israel. This was simply telling the truth that any peace deal, it does not matter whose it is, as they refused President Obama’s overtures, is dead on arrival if anywhere within the peace plan the Jews are permitted self-rule. There is one point which the Arab Palestinians insist upon in any peace agreement, that they rule all the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and that the Jews are removed completely from these Islamic Waqf or they will remove them in their fashion. Abbas has repeatedly stated, nay, insisted that every millimeter of lands under Palestinian Arab rule must be free of Jews. He has stated that he does not care where they go, just that they go. So, if Abbas and his Hamas, Islamic Jihad and whatever other terror groups currently are nested in Gaza or Judea and Samaria are ever granted their state of Palestine from the river to the sea (Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea), there will be no room for the Jews and Israel will have been destroyed. These are the demands of the Arabs, that the Jews be returned to their proper place of a people without a country chased from one nation to the next cursed by Allah. Anything short of a complete victory and the utter decimation of Israel leaving the Jews at the tender mercies of the world is unacceptable to the Arabs and they will simply walk away from any negotiations which grant them less and claim Israel is not serious about making peace.


The one item which is in Israel’s favor is that according to international law derived from the San Remo Conference, the League of Nations unanimous decision for the establishing of the Jewish State and the Mandate System set up for that expressed purpose, all of which is further backed by the United Nations Charter Article 80 which placed the full enforcement of the United Nations towards realizing the results spelled out in the Mandate System, mean that unless Israel signs a treaty forgoing her ownership of any of the lands west of the Jordan River, the lands are legally all belonging to Israel. Currently, Gaza is a semi-autonomous region ruled by Hamas and parts of Judea and Samaria are a semi-autonomous region ruled by the Palestinian Authority. Neither of these governing entities has held elections for over a decade and Mahmoud Abbas is in his fourteenth year of a four-year term. Whenever it appears that there will be an agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, some technicality or misunderstanding always prevents their union and the holding of elections. Every time elections have been scheduled by the Palestinian Authority, some problem or emergency has caused Abbas to cancel the elections. These are the real reasons that the Palestinian Arabs have not voted for a long time and it has nothing to do with Israel. At least Hamas has declared themselves to be a dictatorial ruling power, Abbas claims to be a democracy where elections just never materialize. Mahmoud Abbas knows he would lose any election and that Hamas would be the victor and unless he escapes in time, he would be tried and hanged. But the media refuses to report the reality as they have taken a position critical of the Jewish State and forgiving of all sins towards the Arab entities. The Europeans have worked with great diligence in their attempts to rid the world of the Jewish State starting even before Israel had declared her independence.


This is where the Arab refusal to accept Israel ruled by the Jews in any size or configuration has saved Israel almost despite herself. When the United Nations on November 29, 1947, in the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 181 which would have divided the lands west of the Jordan into equal sized states, one Arab and one Jewish; the Jews accepted this terrible idea and were saved because the Arabs refused to permit any Jewish state and had already planned to invade Israel immediately after she declared her independence. This was the war which began on May 15, 1948, and is misnamed the Israeli War of Independence, but we like to give it its real name as described by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” That is what the Arabs expected, a war of annihilation where every Jew and probably others even including some of the Muslims who did not hate the Jews with sufficient fervor. Six Arab armies invaded Israel as described on the map below and somehow, without an actual organized military, Israel survived. Israel lost Gaza to Egypt and parts of Judea and Samaria to Jordan. When the PLO was founded in 1964, three years before the Six Day War, their claim was to destroy the Jewish State and turn the lands where Israel had existed over to Jordan and Egypt. They expressly laid no claim to Gaza or the parts of Judea and Samaria under Jordanian control as they were in Islamic hands and did not require cleansing. After the Six Day War, their claims immediately changed to specify the regions lost by Egypt and Jordan claiming in English that this was all they desired.


Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948

Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948


Still, they have turned down numerous offers which would have given them almost exactly what they claimed to demand and they refused every time. There have been times that a near majority if not a definitive majority of Israelis feared the offer being made to the Palestinian Arabs as they foresaw what would follow. Each time their fears were allayed as Yasser Arafat and then Mahmoud Abbas after him refused every offer. The world knows their only acceptable peace is one where the Jews are destroyed, preferably the world over, but it is easier to blame Israel than officially recognize the truth and work from there. When will the Arab Israeli conflict end? There are two answers. One is after Israel delivers such a blow to the Arab world that they fear for their existence. The other is upon the coming of the Messiah. Until then, every president will try and fail because until a President offers to destroy Israel for the Arab Palestinians so they can have a larger failed state, there will be no solution.


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April 12, 2019

Trump Deal of the Century to Die a Tormented Death

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The very first reason that President Trump’s overly touted Deal of the Century will never fly is quite simple, the people crafting the plan. When you browse the names of those who have had access to the plan and were instrumental in its crafting, the problem becomes glaringly evident. These names are United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Kushner’s aide Avi Berkowitz, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, four Jews. That’s racist some will scream. Actually and technically it is more anti-Semitic than racist though in this case it is also four white males, and as many have intimated, white males are at the bottom of the list of trustworthy people, all previous evidence to the contrary is to be considered irrelevant as they have enjoyed white privilege, male privilege and probably wealth privilege. None of these, other than the fact that they are Jews, will matter in the end.


Mahmoud Abbas has already refused the Deal of the Century without requiring knowing what is in the deal. The thing is, knowing his position on the ways of the world, whatever deal is presented is, under his standards and those of the Khartoum Resolution and the infamous three no’s; “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” The truth behind the Islamic and Arab position is easily understood, though most ignore this and insist on blaming Israel and the Jews for the impasse; which is their position that there must not be any Jewish State with Jews permitted to rule themselves. Their position is simply that Israel either is placed under Islamic rule or ceases to exist. The Islamic principles laid out in the Quran is that the Jews, as well as all others who are not Muslims, are inferior peoples or worse, infidels, and must be placed under the rule of their superiors, the Muslims. This is also their view of Europe, the United States and the remainder of the world they do not currently rule. Islam places the world into two camps, Dar al Islam and Dar al-Harb, the house of Islam and the House of War. In Islam the world consists of those who have been perfected by Islamic rule and those yet to be suppressed and conquered placing them under Islamic rule. Thus, any peace plan which leaves the Jews with self-rule under even a square millimeter of land is unacceptable. Thus, Israel must be placed under Islamic rule or the peace plan is unacceptable.


Of course, there are a couple of other little matters which have the Arabs in an uproar, though a quiet one thus far, which include but are not limited to the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital city, the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the general acceptance of the State of Israel, the Jewish State. As far as Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Islamic world are concerned are steps in the wrong direction. Their view is that the Golan Heights belong to Syria, if one can even find a Syria which is intact, and all of the lands between the Joran River and the Mediterranean Sea are part of an Islamic Waqf. This means that they must be placed under Islamic rule and the Jews reduced to being Dhimmi completely under Islamic rule and subject to their whims and desires which at any point in time could result in an order of convert to Islam or die. As far as Mahmoud Abbas is concerned, all of Israel must come under his rule with the Jews dependent upon his favors and at any point of his choosing, the Jews would face the same results as the Jews of Medina. This is exactly what Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezballah and almost countless other Islamic forces have in store for Israel and its Jews should they ever prove victorious in a war against Israel. It is also the only resolution to the present conflict which they will accept. Their entire worldview is based around Islamic supremacism, and when it comes to Israel, then their view that the Jews are some form of sub-human just makes Israel all the more an abomination in their eyes. All of this is explicitly state in the Quran, particularly the Medina Quran which is deemed as superior and replacing much of the Mecca Quran. For a brief introduction and numerous links for further study, please read our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? as an introduction to the actual Quran. These, amongst other reasons based within Islamic presumed supremacy over all other religions, governmental systems and all other social constructs, are behind the rejection of any peace where the Jews are permitted self-rule.


Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance

Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance


These are not the reasons behind why President Trump’s Deal of the Century will be rejected, these are the reasons why anything other than their own ideas of world conquest and dominance have destroyed all efforts previously and will continue to be the reason why all future peace proposals will be rejected by the Arabs and Mahmoud Abbas and whoever becomes his replacement and his replacement henceforth and forever. But, believe it or not, this is not an Israeli problem as we know with whom we are dealing, or at least most of our electorate know with whom we are dealing; this is a problem for the rest of the world beginning with Europe and bridging the ocean to the United States, as Islam has begun their final push to spread their poisonous ideology to the remainder of the world in their final push, their idea to define it as such, in their conquest as delineated in the Quran where they were promised to rule over all the lands known to Allah. Europe is just awakening to the threat within their borders and it only took Islam rising to take control over half their cities and their awakening is proving to have come too late. The United States still has time to realize the evil within her gates, but as the Democrats have apparently already succumbed to their Islamic infiltrators, things do not bode well.


Americans must awaken and realize that they are facing an Islamic invasion crafted long ago with the Hart-Celler Act which altered the targeted immigration from Europe to the Middle East, Northern Africa and the remainder of the Islamic world. Yes, it really began way back then and you can thank Teddy Kennedy for this wonderful idea to change the makeup of America. The fruits of his, and other politicians’, labors are just now starting to bear fruit. These politicians, in their finite wisdom, yes, finite, actually believe that if they were to back Islam in the unification of the planet through conquest, that they could then appropriate Islam altering it such that it represented their world view of universal rights for the LGBTQ rights, equal rights for women, universal healthcare and the rest of their socialist/communist agenda. What they fail to realize is that many of those in the leftist community would be the very first people rounded up and dealt with under Sharia and never given the opportunity to press for their agenda. Islam has not remained pure and in its original form it adopted in Medina for over a thousand years by not being true to their doctrine, it has remained in the mindset of world conquest and domination by strict adherence to the doctrines set as supreme under the filter adopted around 700 CE of abrogation. This is the problem the world, specifically the Western world, must realize while time still exists to react to this invasion.


Israel realizes this threat, or at least much of the voting public realize this threat and has voted accordingly. The problem every election is that Bibi a few hays before the election screams that if he does not receive all the right-wing votes, then another surrender first, left-wing government will take power. This has worked potentially for the last time. The Israeli electorate is waking to his games and this may finally begin to show a shift and others to finally take the helm. Time will tell and we will be here to try and make sense of it all and make that somewhat interesting. We hope everyone will join us for the trip.


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