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April 2, 2019

Israel Often Asking the Wrong Questions

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For centuries the Jews have, more often than not, been asking the wrong questions. While it was pertinent during their exile and ordeal of slavery within Ancient Egypt, their enslavement was not an active part of the problem until the very end. The family of Israel should have been asking whether or not they had accomplished what was necessary for ending the exile. It is often told that the Jewish People, the family of Abraham, was enslaved in Egypt for the sin of the brother’s selling, while almost murdering, their brother Joseph. There was another reason for their exile, for their numbers to increase far from the view of leaders who would become nervous about the growing size of the Jewish People. Towards the end, the Pharaoh did become nervous and ordered that the first-born male of every household be killed. The Jews still rose up and left after the Ten Plagues were rendered upon Egypt. They perceived that the reason why Pharaoh was pursuing them was to slaughter most and place the others back in bondage and pressed against the sea they believed their plight to be hopeless. They had been placed in such peril simply to prove the power and dominion of Hashem as he divided the waters and they escaped while the waters were closed upon the Egyptian army killing the vast majority. Even after the miracle of dividing the waters and seeing the presence of Hashem upon the mountain during the giving of Torah, the Jewish People were not capable of the task and was required to be replaced by the next generation born free of slavery which took, unsurprisingly, forty years in the wilderness to build the new generation and train them for the struggles ahead. Now we will try and explain the more modern situations and see of we can find the more suitable questions which should have been asked.


When addressing the Gaza situation, we ask if there are more reasons to be rid of Hamas than there are to keep them ruling Gaza. There is the fear that should Israel decapitate the Gaza leadership that an even worse group very likely directed from Iran would replace the current leaders. There is also the fear that Islamic Jihad, a direct arm of Iran, would rise and take control of Gaza permitting Iran to directly control another border of Israel. Then some claim that Israel could simply remove the terrorists and its infrastructure and allow the Gazans to elect new and hopefully better leaders. The Gazans elected Hamas last time, a step in the wrong direction voting out those who simply desired to destroy Israel replacing them with a group which desires to murder every Jews on the planet. The odds are that were the Gazans provided with an opportunity to elect their own government with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all other terrorist structures removed, somehow they would find somebody to continue the attacks upon Israel. Additionally, it is pointed out that once pushed into the Sinai Peninsula, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any new friends and Iranian allied forces would be able to launch attacks from within Egypt. This could present the opportunity for Israel and Egypt to solve our mutual problem of terror groups training and designing attacks within the rough terrain of the Sinai Peninsula. Further, should Egypt elect somebody who preferred a more belligerent stance than the present position of their current government led by President Sisi, this would permit those groups to operate with the assistance, or at a minimum, no hindrance from the Egyptian government. The one item which Israel can be assured about, Egypt would rather cooperate behind the scenes with Israel than have to face Iran alone, which is pretty much the choice Egypt would need face. This presents a problem for Egypt as they are one of the nations high on the Iranian list which they require conquest. The other two are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The map below depicts the closest cities and communities along with their relative size.


Gaza Communities and Relative Sizes

Gaza Communities and Relative Sizes


What should be asked is why leave anything of Gaza. Why not have the IDF, backed by airpower, simply push the people, everyone, into the Sinai Peninsula? This would be called going Biblical on those who are attempting to destroy you and your way of life. There is little surprise over the fact that the terror groups in Gaza are fully supported by the people of Gaza. The two are willing compliments to one another. There is no doubt as to the enmity felt by the average Gazan towards Israel which has been proven time and again in polls and other means which depicts that over 80% of Gazans fully back their government in the desire to eliminate Israel and slaughter every Jew found there. As time passes, much the same could be stated about the Arabs residing under the Palestinian Authority (PA). Polls have shown that there is a great amount of support for Hamas in the PA regions, one which rivals Gaza. What is surprising is that there are those within the PA ruled regions who would prefer to be ruled over by Israel even if this meant that they would not be permitted to vote in national elections and only permitted the vote in local elections. Should Israel ever push all Gazans into the Sinai Peninsula, this should be performed in conjunction with Egypt such that they too would be permitted to arrest those from Gaza whom they believe would incite against their rule. Still, a recent poll of the Israeli reaction to the response to the rockets fired into Israel where one struck a house injuring seven, where the people of Israel overwhelmingly believed that the response was weak and lacked sufficient will to bring this recent rising level of terrorist attacks to an abrupt end. The Palestinians are playing a very dangerous game of baiting a nation which has shown great control but the people are getting very close to demanding that the Biblical solution of cleansing the lands be applied to the Palestinian Arabs, or at the very least, those in Gaza.


Regarding Europe we ask what can we do to appease them and reduce their apparent hatreds. Israel often treats the difficulties with Europe as a misunderstanding rather than a confrontational problem. Israel and the Israelis need to understand that many of the power elite within Europe look upon Israel as the cause of Arab unrest. It is their contention that were Israel to be removed, then relations between the Europeans and the Arab Islamic World would improve drastically. The other problem is that the Europeans see Israel as endangering their lucrative trade with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf States which deals with oil in one direction and manufactured goods in the other. Many European leaders were enamored of President Barack Obama feeling that he was a kindred spirit. They particularly approved completely his craven lack of resolve to end the Iranian nuclear program and to merely kick that can down the road and in the meantime provide the leadership of Iran with literally pellets of hundred dollar bills, if not thousands. To the Europeans, this was to their favor as it provided Tehran with hundreds of millions if not billions or tens of billions which the Europeans expected to grab the lion’s share of the cash in exchange for goods from Europe. The JCPOA to the Europeans was simply an invitation to them to make serious money and conduct profitable trade while Iran saw it as an open door through which they could attain the last items on their nuclear shopping list. Israel does not need to acquiesce and appease the Europeans or even gain their approval. Israel simply needs trade with Europe when it is advantageous and walk away totally ignoring them when it is not favorable for Israel. As far as adapting Israeli policies in order to make them pleasing to European sensitivities, this must be terminated immediately as it is not a healthy endeavor. What we should ask is where do we need to turn so we can dismiss Europe and her old, embedded hatreds.


Regarding most relations we ask what must we sacrifice to retain relations. That is a defeatist attitude and one taken by a weak adversary in the hopes that they will receive sympathy. It is a plaintiff attitude, and not one from a nation with any pride or certainty in their actions. Israel actually could very well find themselves manufacturing everything they require within her borders making trade a luxury instead of a necessity. Israel need read the tealeaves, or at least the polls in Europe, all of which depict a continent becoming ever more steeped in anti-Semitism and displaying it largely through hatred of and working for the destruction of Israel. Israel gets many items such as motor vehicles, appliances and countless other items which are manufactured in Europe. The European Union and member nations are less than a decade away from completely turning against Israel and fully backing the Arabs in their struggle to eradicate Israel from the map. What need be asked is how can Israel become self-sufficient such that we can exist alone if need be and realize that it is Israel which they all depend and not us depend upon them.


With Hezballah to our north perched in Lebanon, we ask how can we refrain them from attacking us. What we need ask is why do we tolerate over one-hundred-fifty-thousand missiles and rockets targeting our people and how long would it take to completely erase all presence of the Iranian menace on our northern border. This is a question of national survival. Would Israel survive if a mere ten percent of these rockets were launched before the Israeli response silenced their launching? That would mean the fifteen-thousand rockets and missiles (mostly unguided rockets) launched within ten to fifteen minutes. Of these probably twenty percent, or three-thousand, are guided missiles and they are made up of the largest warheads with sufficient range to reach anywhere in Israel. Allow us to paint a picture of the scenario. The twelve-thousand unguided rockets would have warheads sufficient to destroy a vehicle and cause sizable damage to a home. The Iron Dome would likely intercept numbers of these rockets heading for civilian areas and the ones which were permitted to land in open areas would simply make quite a bit of noise. Numerous of these rockets would get past the Iron Dome defenses and strike buildings where people reside causing some widespread panic. Now to address the three-thousand larger guided missiles. These most likely have Iranian provided guidance systems which are accurate, from our latest information, to within ten meters and very often within three to five meters. Trust us when we explain with a warhead which is capable of killing people up to one hundred meters depending on walls and plant growth and whether the shell is set to penetrate delaying exploding until anywhere from three seconds to thirty seconds before detonation, explode on impact or explode while overhead and heading towards its intended target. These would be aimed at the nuclear power stations, the tallest buildings which also hold the most offices and thus people. What Israel need determine is she and her people willing to live with this threat, this virtual declaration of war just sitting in preparation for the day that Iranian leaders awaken feeling just somewhat ill-at-ease, so they give the order to let loose the rockets and missiles, all of them. Fortunately, some of the rockets require loading as well as fueling making it impossible for Hezballah to launch all the rockets simultaneously. There is one target which we know will be targeted, the Dimona Nuclear Reactor as well as the nuclear electrical generation plants. Their aim is to make as much area unlivable for humans such that they can declare they drove the Jews from the lands and ended the Zionist threat which was pervasive throughout Israel and now they have made the area uninhabitable. This is one of the ways the Arabs are proving that they truly love the land as their intent is to so utterly destroy the region that nothing remains alive and merely robotic machines are permitted within a certain radius of the main cities of about twenty kilometers. Perhaps this is the particular threat which requires an immediate intervention by Israel removing of most of the threat. Such a Sword of Damocles hanging over one’s head is totally unacceptable. Perhaps we could demand that these rockets and missiles be aimed at targets further from Israel or were decommissioned, but Israelis in the north and south should not be expected to live with a constant threat of rockets raining down upon them.


Turning to Iran and we see what may be the greatest threat to peace throughout the Middle East, both currently and in the foreseeable future. Iran is largely responsible for the violence plaguing Iraq, is adding to the conflict in Syria, is responsible for the discord in Lebanon (as well as the flight of the Lebanese Christians), has armed the Houthis who are conquering Yemen with assistance from the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and is behind some of the violence emanating from Gaza as well as directly responsible for the threats of violence and isolated incidents of violence along the Golan Heights. Iran has established their desired Shiite Crescent reaching from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea (see map below). Iran also now controls in addition to the Strait of Hormuz also control the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait thus they control a choke point through which over half of the Middle Eastern oil travels in tankers and also the southern exit to the Red Sea and thus closing off Israel from the Asian sea routes blocking the port of Eilat as they control the southern exit from the Red Sea and thus control the Suez Canal. Iran is potentially capable of cutting off all oil from Europe other than what can be provided by Russia. Iran has stated they intend to have hegemonic power in the Middle East while at the same time accusing Israel of hegemonic power. Iran has also stated their intent to remove Israel from the map of the world and that they will also bring down the Great Satan (United States) after they defeat the little Satan (Israel). The Supreme Leader as well as their current President has both been broadcast as well as filmed joining in on the Friday afternoon few hours of hate where crowds gather at selected locations with one in Tehran where they chant for hours Death to America, Death to Israel. Iran has stated that they plan to conquer or otherwise take the Saudi Arabian oil fields as well as the Kuwaiti oil fields, and they intend to conquer the Red Sea region along Saudi Arabia including the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina and gain control of the heart of Islam. Iran intends to make Shia Islam dominant with themselves as the unrivaled rulers. What we need ask is who is willing immediately to go and free the Iranian people from their nightmare and bring their dreams of world conquest to an early termination. There are a great number of Iranians who would very much love to see this hegemonic religious cult destroyed and them permitted to have a real democratic state and not any form of Theocracy.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


In reference to the United Nations, we ask how we can appease their insatiable appetite for condemnation of Israel. We wonder what acts of contrition we could take which would bring their constant year in and year out, month in and month out in many of their agencies, condemnations of Israel to an end. Israelis have grown mostly numb to the inanities and insanities performed regularly at the United Nations. Those who attempt to defend Israel are ruled out of order after being shouted down repeatedly and then have their microphone shut off and nothing further translated for the rest of the hall to hear. When any pro Israel individual or Israeli representative stands to speak before the General Assembly or the Security Council, the members disappear from the room leaving a hall filled with empty seats. Their condemnations of Israel are performed as a ritual with such agencies as the Human Rights Council having an actual order to condemn Israel before even hearing any new business. Eventually the members of the United Nations will evict Israel and then proclaim Israel a non-country striping her of her statehood as best they are able. This is in direct contradiction to the United Nations Charter Article 80 where they are sworn to uphold the Mandate System. Israel need discuss and ask themselves and discuss this in the Knesset where Israel can ask themselves do we even bother remaining in such a hateful and dysfunctional institution. Are their any advantages in staying in the United Nations when one has to realize that Israel is one of the few nations to never have been permitted to sit on the Security Council or chair any committee. Israel need realize that there is little need for her to remain in an institution which regularly slaps her across the face while never permitting her the same privileges provided every other member.


Finally concerning the world we ask what can we do to change the growing anti-Semitism we see around us. What we need ask is how can we make the Jewish presence so strong that others will fear spiting on us full of disrespect for Israel and through Israel the Jews. Were we to declare our restoration of our promised borders and applied Israeli law to the lands west of the Jordan River, such a bold move would awaken many people. We should or could then apply the three choices to the Arabs and other non-Jews residing within the finally realized promised borders under International Law, Treaties and all starting with the San Remo Conference and the Balfour Declaration. The three choices are as follows: 1) Foreign peoples desiring to reside within Israel may do so if they agree to obey the Noahic Code and Israeli Laws. 2) Those unwilling to accept such will be compensated for their lands and structures and permitted to take their wealth with them and go in peace with no fear of being hunted down in the future by Israelis and 3) One may decide they are not leaving and refuse to even accept the Noahic Code of seven laws and remain in order to end the Jews ruling here, these people have chosen war and their eradication is ordered in Torah for these are the people who will war against Israel and the Jews and are a real threat against us. These are the people we are commanded to eradicate from our lands by whatever means are required. As for the remainder of the anti-Semitism, the sole comfort and respite Israel can offer is the acceptance of all and any Jews into our lands and then providing them with protection. Can we protect the Jews everywhere in the world, probably not. But we can protect all the world’s Jews if only they would come home. Jews are a mere 0.2% of the world population which means that we cannot make the world safe for Judaism and the Jews residing across the world but Israel can be the offer for safety here in our natural home reestablished after over two-thousand years of exile. Beyond our borders, we can offer to help often in some small way, but real protection can only come within Israel which is the natural order of things.


Israel keeps asking the world what will it take, what must we do, how can we get you to love us? What we need do is understand that the world does not wish to love us or even like us and if they had their druthers, they would be rid of us, nation, people and all that goes with it. They see us for the sins they claim our forefathers committed when they introduced morality to a world filled with barbarians and for that we will be forever cursed by the barbarians. What we need realize is if given half a chance, most of the world would go back to their barbaric ways of the past and do so with great alacrity and celebration. That is why we will never be loved, liked nor appreciated and always be scorned, despised and rejected as we brought civility into the world and removed the pleasure of the constant orgies and the rape of women forgetting that that was also an age of rule by strength and not by will, mind and the ability to care for others. We can observe the slippage back to the ideals of the barbarian with the “Me First” generation where they will only do the minimal amount to get by but demand that they be rewarded greatly for their minimal efforts. We see it in the laws where a child in the womb has no right to life if it might interfere with mother’s social life and constant parties. We can see it as they are legalizing infanticide where even after the child has been born, drawn its first breaths and cried or possibly even smiled and had that innocent look of complete amazement at seeing the world outside the womb, and now the first state has made it legal to snuff out that life before it has any chance to understand the new world it just was permitted a glimpse and then they are tossed aside and left to perish. They get no love, no sympathy, no regrets, no compassion and no kindness, just a glimpse at the possibilities and then left on a cold slab to fade away through intentional neglect, and it is sanctioned by the governance. Israel must feel like that defenseless child in her interactions with much of the world, but Israel is not defenseless. What Israel needs to ask is do you fear us enough to treat us kindly with respect and dignity. How far do you wish us to go to show you that we are proud of our accomplishments and if you find us repulsive and repugnant, then we can accept your irrational hate and pay you back in kind which is not something you should desire. But you will find you are in luck as we are not the kind to ostracize you though we cannot prevent you from self-ostracizing.


We brought civility into the world along with the concept that one is to love their brothers and sisters, respect them, assist them and never take advantage of them even if they are weak. These are the little things the world gained from our Torah which Hashem blessed us through its knowledge and is the instruction manual on how to live a life which is worthy and works as an asset for all humanity. Should you decide that you want no part of what we offer the world, you do not desire the code of laws derived from our teaching, you do not wish to have to observe even partially the conduct by which you give honor to our creator, you do not care and wish to return to idolatry replete with child sacrifice just as is now legal in places on our globe, you do not wish to share in the fruits of a life well lived, then we will bother not your doorway and we will learn to live and continue to set the example which we have been commanded to observe which will not permit us to begrudge you or harm you for as long as you do not harm us. But be warned that should you decide to actively work to destroy our little garden here in Israel, then we will ask first that you cease and after you have had a good laugh, one final laugh, then we will turn from you until you realize the error of your ways. And should you actively attack us, then you will feel our wrath and see the end of your world as your nations will join all the others who attempted to harm us and eradicate us, for they have all departed this world and rule no more. The list is impressive as it includes the ancient Egyptians (no relations to the modern rulers of Egypt), Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire (modern nation of Iran), Greek Empire, Roman Empire, the Caliphate, Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition (Spain remains with the same people but no longer rings the world or is anywhere near as impressive), Nazis and there is room for others who also wish to be a footnote or reference talking about the once mighty, place your nation’s name here.


Israel does not need grovel and beg for the love of other nations, for that we will let our wonders and successes will be our calling card. Israel can keep her head tall and stand proudly having had the lands which refused all others produce when we asked her to do so. This is our land and it is wholly unsuited for the use by any other peoples. Those empires also attempted to have the land produce and found that only Jews received rain in its seasons and grew crops of every kind with minimal effort and received results. Not only did the land produce far beyond any expectation, it was kind for the Jewish People and only the Jewish People, producing plentiful crops when they followed the laws of Torah, the Commandments from Hashem, and refused to produce when they strayed. This gift is not something Israel can share but we can show what kind of life is expected from the Jewish People in order for the land to produce such lushes crops and should they cease to follow the Laws of Torah, then the rain stops and the land does not produce and should this not make the impression necessary to force the Jewish People to repent, then will come worse, exile from this precious land. We are hoping that the return of so many of the Jewish People to these lands that this will prove to be the Redemption, the Final Redemption and the time we will be permitted and blessed to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem. This is the event, should Hashem so bless us, for which the Jewish People have waited for over two-thousand years. Every nation can choose to share in what will accompany this momentous event unparalleled in all history or they can shun Israel and claim that Torah is just a collection of tales told to keep the people oppressed using the fear of Hashem’s anger, so be it. We will reap the rewards which Hashem has promised and that will be that, end of the story. Others can join in and celebrate and benefit along with us or they can decide to oppose Israel and left out of the coming salvation. They can choose to win or lose, Israel will remain the key as she always has despite the presumed proof to the contrary her enemies have claimed with their saying that they were the new chosen people supplanting those who came before. This was and remains the mantra by which it is claimed that Hashem has condemned the Jewish People when the reality is some men decided to perform said condemnation of the Jews and now they watch as the prophesies of the redemption of the Jewish People is unfolding before their eyes. Every nations can decide if they desire to climb aboard or remain aloof and apart, that is their choice and will be their end, plain and simple.


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March 28, 2019

And They Are Astonished and Shocked People Found Fault


One of the most shocking articles we have read of late was titled so appropriately, “Um, What?! Sarsour Is Triggered…By Those Condemning Omar’s Anti-Semitic Remarks.” The article included Ms. Sarsour’s Tweet over her shock and amazed astonishment that people were actually “piled on Representative Ilhan Omar” and that this had “incited a hate mob against her” claiming further that Ms. Omar had received “assassination threats” demanding that people “reflect on how you contribute to Islamophobia” then demanding it be brought to a halt. The problem with her Tweet is that it is so rich in the usual excuses, the same old threats and the attempt to turn the tables making the victim the threat and those, or in this case, the person, who started with threats, is now the victim. This is classic Taqiyya, lying for the advancement of Islam and protecting its delicate little terror inciting against those who would dare question or criticize any Islamic believer. This is almost as rich as the first and most used phrase spread as Taqiyya most ardently by President George W. Bush after 911 when he came out and stated repeatedly, “Islam is the religion of peace,” and went further with another Islamic canard stating, “This (referring to the 911 attacks) is not representative of real Islam,” which he would then cap off with the first example pairing the two together. The methodology of Islam in their efforts to replace any governing body with Sharia which is a body of law from the Quran and Hadiths which places the true believers over those lesser human beings who have yet to adopt the sole faith permitted. We discussed the Islamic path taking them from their initial contact on through to total control and all that entails in this article in relative depth. We even included a nice attractive illustrative version of the steps utilized.


Linda Sarsour’s Tweet Expressing Shock Concerning Reaction to Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism

Linda Sarsour’s Tweet Expressing Shock Concerning Reaction to Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism


So, Linda Sarsour was triggered by the protestations against the hate speech by Ilhan Omar before the House of Representatives. Triggered, unless one is up on the newspeak which has been introduced so as to limit our ability to communicate any political or social positions the new masters of all that is good wish to eradicate, this idea of triggered may be a new term, so here we will provide a short definition. Triggered means more than what one might attribute to it initially as it is obvious it means that one reacted with shock and amazement at some act, speech or other human activity or even something as commonplace as the wrong type of person appearing where they would be unwelcomed and unexpected. But this word goes even further as it is reserved for the use by those who are to be our overseers in the near future and only by those who are identified with the left and the radical left at that. Islam is about as far left as one can get, or so they are touting themselves. Social justice warriors are often if not perpetually triggered by almost everything they see, especially in the United States. The greatest triggering item is the personage of President Trump. Many people claim that simply hearing the name “Trump” is sufficient to trigger them. Some people when triggered go on the attack as Ms. Sarsour did with her Tweet, while others go to their “safe space” where they can use coloring books, pet puppies, listen to soothing music tailored to their tastes, receive counseling to help calm them plus anything else they may need. When President Trump won the 2016 election, there were entire colleges which were triggered to the point that final exams were cancelled to be rescheduled after everybody had received the proper and needful counseling and had recovered from the excessive shock they had suffered. The interesting thing about those events was that they naturally assumed that every student was on the left supporting Hillary Clinton if not the Green Party and that with the fine education, read indoctrination, these students had been provided, read subjected, they would naturally follow their professors and their teaching and have become good little leftists. This is something which should concern anybody who believes that making a profit is not evil and that with greater position and greater responsibility comes greater rewards or salary and do not believe that everybody has exactly the same worth and thus a brain surgeon should not be paid any more or less than a stocking clerk.


Linda Sarsour is herself a piece of work. She is an subversive Islamist who works to facilitate Islam becoming the ruling elite in the world with her specialty being the United States. Her immediate call of Islamophobia is textbook leftist, Saul Alinsky tactics straight out of Rules for Radicals. There it teaches that if attacked for something which you are not capable of defending; act hurt and pretend that you are the victim and never the accuser or initiator of anything controversial. Further, if one can use words which will place them within a protected group, in this case followers of Islam, then all the better as then one can insist that they not be criticized as they were simply doing what was normative in their culture, and all cultures are equal as we all know (smirk). That was exactly what Ms. Sarsour was doing with her reference to Islamophobia. We really like the overuse of “phobia” and specifically with Homophobia and Islamophobia. We cannot speak for our readers though we suspect that only the tiniest of a minority of them fear homosexuals and probably only a slightly greater group are afraid of Muslims as a rule. When we grew up, words had exact meanings which were never supposed to change and you could figure out the meaning of many words by breaking them down and looking at the independent parts. Today the world is full of Humpty Dumptys who believe as did he that, “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less.” Through restricting vocabulary through the use of “Whole Word Recognition,” in the school systems and redefining words so they no longer represent what they had a generation previous, the left is slowly making debate on the issues they stand behind completely impossible for the next generation who will be horrifically stunted in their ability for free thought. This is not an original idea as it was explained in George Orwell’s classic “1984” where the word newspeak received its definition. In the fascist, leftist society in which the book is set, Big Brother oversees all and monitors all. The schools teach the children only the words they wish them to use and they have dumbed down the language by ridding the vernacular by ridding it of obsolete and unnecessary words making everyone happier and simplifying their lives. The story reveals that the government regularly will deem a word offensive and dangerous making its use forbidden and into a crime. This also makes work for people going through all books, essays, films and other forms for communication and removing the offensive word replacing it with the soft new word which might actually alter the meaning of the sentence or even the entire work making it fall within accepted boundaries approved by the government, Big Brother.


The next part of Ms. Sarsour’s shock at people objecting to the anti-Semitism expressed by Ilhan Omar was to claim that there had been threats on her life. This is another ploy performed for two reasons, first to gain sympathy and second to label all who comment against her speech into murderous villains who are assisting in the future killing of Ms. Omar, something which is highly unlikely to ever come to fruition. Further, there have been no recordings of these threats, no call for police to investigate such threats and absolutely no evidence for such threats as they are unlikely to have happened. People who are Conservative in their politics are often reserved in their lives and are not the type to make physical threats and especially not to make death threats; these are the people who believe in intellectual debate as the best means for settling differences, not elimination of their opposition, that is a fascist concept. But this is all part of playing the victim. The new means of gaining power is to be the most attacked and prejudiced against person in the room, then you win. Life has become very similar to a form of poker called Low-Ball where whomever has the worst hand, wins. There are no straights and no flushes so Ace-2-3-4-5 is the best hand possible unless you are using the jokers which gets confusing, so we will skip that part of today’s lesson. Yes, we know this is not a lesson but simply our one-sided start for a discussion which can be further carried out through the comments you may wish to add. Where this article started and will go, we expect at least one or two upset leftists.


Religiously Biased Hate Crimes 2012-2016 Anti-Semitism and Anti-Islamic


What is interesting about Linda Sarsour’s attempt to silence all objection to Islam defined for all to see is easily attributed to her efforts to cast Islam as the religion of peace and where terrorist acts are forbidden and place these two pillars as the base supporting everything else she states about Islam. Ilhan Omar opened up a can of worms for Ms. Sarsour as she had to come behind Ms. Omar and clean up the Islamic reality spilling out for all to see before anybody had a chance to realize that Islam is about conquest and domination and not peace or acceptance of others. Ms. Sarsour was hoping that because Ilhan Omar’s target was Israel, Zionists and Jews that people might be slower to realize exactly what she was stating plainly, that Islam must be the central guide for the United States and the world. She was saying the exact same mantra we hear in Israel coming from Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Erdogan and so many other Islamic leaders that here there is no escaping the truth. This different perspective about Islam is a large part of the disconnect between Israeli and American Jews. The interesting reality which became so excessively evident by the watered down and weak admonition which the House passed as a resolution called for an end to every version of “hate crime” that they could possibly think exists and equated Islamic hate crimes with anti-Semitic hate crimes. There is no comparison between what is called Islamophobia and anti-Semitism and despite what all the caterwauling and kvetching about Islamophobia, hate crimes against the Jews are committed at a rate over three and a half times as frequent as hate crimes against Muslims and even higher compared to any other group.


Hate Crimes Motivated by Religious Bias for 2016


The thing is, we actually applaud Ilhan Omar for coming out into the open and announcing her hatreds for all to see. We wish every anti-Semite were as honest in their hatred as Ms. Omar so we would know who they are. Yes, hatred is a terrible emotion to hold, especially without cause. We are willing to wager that Ilhan Omar has never been victimized by a Jew and that even a majority of the Jews in her district supported her against her Republican opponent. We do know she was graciously received by Jewish groups when she met and spoke to them telling them how she held no hatred towards Jews and supported the same ideas and ideals as they held. Do we really need to even tell that these were words spoken as Taqiyya in order to gain their trust and their support through their votes. We did not think it was necessary. Now that the cat is out of the bag, there has been an urgent seeking of somebody to run against Ms. Omar in the Democrat primaries within her district. These efforts have not produced one willing to try to defeat her and this is likely due to the excessively large number of Somalis who were placed within her district such that they are close to being a majority and are definitely a plurality. We have heard from people here in Israel and from contacts and friends in the United States claiming that obviously Ilhan Omar as well as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will not be reelected in the next election. We have once again needed to be the bearer of bad news as we believe that both will probably be with us in the Congress for the foreseeable future and will defend their seats winning easily. The only hope of unseating either of these Representatives, as well as a few select others who have drawn criticism over their overt acts, would be to defeat them in a primary for as long as they are the Democrat candidate, they are guaranteed of a victory. Things are changing faster and faster. As we have noted before, we have seen these changes approaching since the mid-1960’s when people looked at us and simply claimed that we required psychiatric help. It is a good thing we do not have the inclination to confront these people today and ask them if they can see the writing on the wall. Unfortunately, if they are like the majority of American Jews and all too many Israeli Jews, their reply would be, what wall? This has been the reaction consistently and we do not see this changing until they are confronted with the inevitable results crashing into their lives in a violent manner. It is a form of willful blindness and there is no cure for this affliction. The main difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews is far less when one removes religious observance from the picture. Both believe that America is the new Promised Land along side Israel, that the two nations will never part their present friendship, that life in the United States is more comfortable with greater wealth and a host of other truths and fables about America. The difference is that American Jews believe that residing in Israel is inviting trouble and far too dangerous to even consider leaving the warm, loving, adoring life in America for the troubles and threats faced in Israel while Israeli Jews reside in Israel and know that the dangers are mostly over reported which blows them all out of proportion and that if, just as in America, you keep away from those areas where danger is more common, your life is rather safe. This is validated by this report which compares numerous crime statistics and is surprisingly revealing.


Beyond the Cusp


March 19, 2019

Is Israel Necessary?


Most of the animus and hatred towards Israel is against the Jewish People as well. The scorn and defamation used against Israel are simply adjusted forms of anti-Semitism modeled to target the Jewish State instead of targeting the Jews themselves. Many of the accusations heard against Israel today can be traced linearly to the anti-Semitisms in both the East and West, in Christian and Muslim worlds which permeated their lexicons throughout centuries since the inception of both religions. Both Islam and Christianity claimed to have replaced the Jews defining the Jews as cast from Hashem and now a tool of Satan. Islam also claimed to have replaced Christianity which should make them just as wary and nervous over Islamic extremism (in reality it is actual essence of Islam and not some stray sect but the mainstream in Islam) and the threats they pose and even proclaim loudly for all to hear. But is Israel necessary or is its existence a causal effect stoking stronger anti-Semitism as a result of Israel’s existence. This will depend on whether people are willing to be objective and honest when addressing the problem just existing has been for the Jew living in much of the world, specifically the Christian West and the Islamic East.


The very first item one need get their arms around is that people in the West have been fed a romanticized version of the history within the Islamist world. The Jews know this first-hand as in Israel our population is spread fairly evenly between those who fled, were exiled or otherwise forced from Christian lands and those who fled, were exiled or otherwise forced from Islamic lands. The stories bare a striking commonality, when things went well, the Jew was left to live on the fringes of society and not permitted equality with their hosts and always eyed nervously and when things were less than exemplary, then it was the Jew who bore the brunt of the blame and was the group which was always just a crisis away from persecution, torture, pogrom, being run out of town or simply being executed for being a Jew, the obvious source of all ills. Most of the Jews who came to Israel from Europe after World War II and soon after her declaration of independence arrived with the clothes they were wearing, often tattered and torn to the point of not being recognized as suitable clothing and maybe a small satchel with everything they had left in the world, often worth next to nothing as many carried pictures of their relatives who perished in the death camps. The decade after Israel survived her initial war, where six Arab armies and a slew of militias attacked the nascent state on the first morning of her existence in what was supposed to be a simply slaughtering of the Jews, the Arab World spat out their Jews after stealing everything of any value. Fortunately, nobody informed the Jews about this and Israel, despite losing Gaza to Egypt and Judea and Samaria to Jordan, retained the remainder of what was allotted Israel by international treaties and conventions convened after World War I. The reestablishment of Israel was decided in the aftermath of World War I and thus was a fact in the making before the Holocaust, so Israel was not founded because of the holocaust, the Holocaust was partly due to the British refusing to permit the Jews to declare their independence and working behind the scenes with the Arabs in attempts to delay and eventually renege and not permit Israel to be born. The Jews are a pesky bunch as once they get their mind set on something, they usually attain that goal, and Israel was no exception.


During the decade after the birthing pains inflicted by the Arab invasion which cost the lives of nearly ten percent of the population of the state of Israel, the Arab world had their cleansing ritual where over eight-hundred-thousand Jews were expelled by various means from across the Middle East and Northern Africa, mostly the Arab Islamic world plus Iran, and were taken in by Israel. These Jews from the Islamic world had been stripped of all wealth; most of their possessions, family heirlooms, businesses, homes, vehicles, jewelry even down to ornate picture frames and anything that glittered were stolen. They arrived in Israel with their clothes on their backs and if fortunate, a suitcase or two per family. Unlike their Arab refugee brethren, mostly the Arabs consisted of those who heeded the Mufti of Jerusalem when he bade them to take refuge behind the Arab armies and then they could return in a few days and share the wealth of the Jew; the Jews welcomed their brothers and sisters and despite financial hardship, they took them to their bosoms and built Israel together. The Arab refugees waited and after two years of fighting where the Arab armies failed to destroy Israel, the Arabs rounded up their faithful who had done as the Mufti demanded, and they placed them in refugee camps where they and their offspring have languished to be used as a weapon against Israel and the Jew. This is why truth be told, Israel Never Placed a Single Arab in a Refugee Camp. That is true despite all the lies you may have heard about what the terrible Israelis did forcing all these Arab refugees into camps for generations; it was, is and apparently will continue to be an all Arab project loaded with their spin of propaganda which they employ in their attempt to destroy Israel.


The Arab League, after the Six Day War, met that September and adopted the Khartoum Resolution with what is known as the “Three No’s”, “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, and No negotiations with Israel;” which can be translated into a single no, no Israel. This has been their starting and ending point for all attempts at finding a solution, including the results even if not obviously the exact words of the Khartoum Resolution, they kept the spirit. So, exactly what do the Arabs and Islamic world desire? That is an easy one to answer, they will accept any peace where Israel is placed under Arab rule, the Jews are to be treated with the same respect as they were in Medina, and then there will be a second Holocaust, as close to seven-million Israelis who are Jewish will be murdered and the over one-hundred-thousand Christian Israelis will be made to be Dhimmi if they are fortunate and murdered with the Jews as there will be an attempt to make the prediction from 1948 so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” But the main reason that there exists a necessity for the state of Israel does not have to do with her current population, they are safe for as long as the IDF remains strong and motivated. What it does have to do with are the Jews still living in the Diaspora as they will sooner or later face times of oppression and active attempts at extermination and their only refuge will be Israel.


Today, Israel is approaching the point where half the World’s Jews reside in our homelands. These are the homelands of ours after many painful compromises, surrenders as without a nation and an army, how does one contend with the British Empire whose soldiers populate the entirety of your lands and refuse to leave. This is where the tale actually begins. After World War I and the defeat of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Greater Germany and the Ottoman Empire by the Allied powers, the lands of the losing side were cut into numerous nations with each of the allies given lands from the Ottoman Empire to oversee reconstituting some form of governance. (For a map of the resultant division in Eastern and Central Europe and the Balkans click here) Below is a map of what was the British Mandate for the establishing of a homeland for the Jewish People. The British made a clerical decision that their mandate to use these lands for a homeland for the Jews meant that some of the land would be used for such and the British could do as they pleased with the remainder. Their initial desire was to keep their promise to the Hashemites and provide a kingdom for both of Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi’s sons. Thus, Faisal and Abdullah were crowned with Faisal becoming the king of Iraq and no lands for Abdullah. But the British had a solution and they approached the Zionist Congress, a group of Jews armed largely with pens with which to write to newspapers and officials, but nary a useable gun between them, and proposed that the British Mandate become two lands, one Arab and one for the Jews. The British suggested the Jordan River would make for the perfect boundary with the 78% to the east of the River becoming Jordan under Abdullah, and the remaining 22% would be for the Jews, they promised, solemnly, which means they did not mean to leave well enough alone. The Zionist Congress agreed as what else could they have done. So, any Jews who were residing, farming, tending herds or anything east of the Jordan River found themselves forced to abandon their stake and hastily make for the western side of the Jordan where they would be safer. When the United Nations, which under Article 80 of the Charter is supposed to enforce the Mandate system as received from the League of Nations, broke their support for the original British plan and decided that there needed to be two states for two peoples west of the Jordan River. This is the original two state solution. Once again, those responsible for making decisions for the Jews accepted the United Nations compromise, as they did not see any alternative at that point. The Arab League rejected this proposed solution as they had already planned to take care of these upstart Jews as soon as they claimed to be a nation. As this was a General Assembly Resolution, as soon as one side refused it, the resolution is considered dead and buried, well, except this one. The Arabs have claimed that they would accept this solution now but it is no longer considered viable. Truth is, Israel is residing on 22% of the lands initially set aside for the Jewish State and this is too much for the world, they want Israel to be smaller. How much smaller? Well, how small can you make it; can you make it so small that it disappears? That the world would accept with great fanfare and celebratory parties around the globe.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


But Israel has managed to not only survive, but to thrive, and this rankles a great number of people. But despite all of her successes, Israel has not yet fulfilled her true purpose, a purpose which despite our hopes that this never becomes the case, we see the world and know the true test for Israel will soon be upon us. Israel is the safety catch for Jews which we have had to survive without for approximately two-thousand years. During the Holocaust and all the horrors which were World War II, for Jews there was a specific horror as it opened wide the world body and revealed a darkened heart which had no mercy, concern, care nor compassion for the Jew. This was the Voyage of the Damned, the ship was the luxury cruise liner M.S. St. Louis which left Germany with over nine-hundred Jews fleeing the Nazis who had papers and all the right permissions to disembark at Cuba. Bending to pressures from within and without, the Cuban government reneged on their permissions cancelling their papers refusing to allow them to disembark. The M.S. St. Lois made her way back to Europe with every nation she passed along the way refusing to take any of the Jews except for a small number, some who had British citizenship and some who found any means of not returning to Germany. Most of the passengers who were returned to mainland Europe did not survive the war with many finding death at the hands of the Nazi death machines at Auschwitz and Treblinka. These Jews had no Israel, and this is why the world required an Israel.


Looking around Europe and the rest of the world and witnessing the ever-climbing occurrences of Jew hatred in all the forms of anti-Semitism, and the need for an Israel becomes excessively evident. Jews have been denied marching in LGBTQIA events, the Women’s Day March and numerous other events which are part and parcel of the intersectionality definition of those causes which are acceptable and those which require the exclusion of all who support it or are suspected of supporting those unincluded causes. Israel is at the very top of the list with a whole set of sub-causes attached. One of the disqualifying traits is being too obviously Jewish and thus appearing to support Israel. The sole means of breaking from such labeling is to openly and with great ardor supporting the Arab cause and denouncing Israel louder and longer than anyone else, then, just then, maybe you will be permitted to join the intersectionality club. When the people of the far left and their endeared ones such as Ms. Omar, Ms. Tlaib, Ms. Sarsour, Ms. Perez and Ms. Mallory take the helm of the progressive causes in a decade or so, the relationship between Israel and the United States will be on thin ice. Each election will decide whether Israel is favored or targeted. From that point, it is but a slip on a banana peel to the complete rejection of Israel and the rejection of the Jews within the nation. When the United States reaches the point where her Jews are endangered, the signs should be noticeable, as this will follow after Europe has tread that same path a short while earlier. This is why the world needs Israel, if all the discoveries, cures, life improving technologies, agricultural miracles and all the other contributions which come from Israel were not sufficient, which apparently they are not. Israel has been a repository from more than Jews needing a safe place to which to flee. Israel, from 1977 to 1979, permitted approximately three-hundred-sixty Vietnamese boat people fleeing the 1975 Communist takeover of Vietnam to take up residence in Israel offering them citizenship if they so desired. Some of these refugees went so far as to convert to Judaism and their families still reside in Israel. Israel has treated thousands of Syrians who have fallen victim to the horrific civil war raging in that nation. Israel provides medical care for thousands of Palestinian Arabs each year despite the constant threat of terrorism coming from the Palestinian controlled areas. Additionally, Israel is often the first to have a fully operational field hospital set up wherever in the world a natural disaster or other calamity has taken place. These are just a small sample of the reasons that Israel should be viewed as a treasure and not shunned as a pariah as is proven all too often when votes are counted at the United Nations General Assembly and other activities by numerous United Nations agencies. Still, the number one reason the world needs Israel is simply as the place where they can send their Jews when they decide that they are no longer desired. That is a sad commentary on the world, but it is an unfortunate truth.


Beyond the Cusp


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