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July 17, 2018

Abbas Proved Correct in that Oslo is Dead, Now What?


Palestinian leading terror master has declared the Oslo Accords to be dead and that he is no longer obliged to be responsible for any of the Oslo promises or parameters from said agreement. That leaves no structural framing for any future for the Palestinian Arabs once the Israelis realize that all hopes for peace between Israelis and the Palestinian Authority, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah. But the dead of the Oslo Accords could be the first step to realizing an actual and achievable solution. If Oslo is dead, then the Palestinian Authority dies and should be buried right along side the Accords. It also has relegated Netanyahu’s 2009 Bar Ilan speech dead and also ready for burial. That means that the entities which Israel is left to deal with come down to three terrorist groups, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the PLO. Unfortunately, Mahmoud Abbas is the leader of the PLO, thus the wily scoundrel remains to be dealt with. There is one other entity which died when the Oslo Accords were pronounced dead, the concept of a Palestinian State or any such entity and it did exactly what Abbas has threatened to do numerous times, it made Israel now responsible for ruling its Palestinian Arab residents. There is an option which all sides have mutually decided to never look towards, but will prove the only viable solution in the end, just in a modified arrangement.


The initial step to any solution is as basic as one can envisage, the removal of every vestige of the former Palestinian Authority leaving only the terrorist PLO to rule the Arab areas of the Shomron matching the situation in Gaza led by Hamas. Israeli politicians and all supporters from the right now need to expunge any and all references to the Palestinian Authority and Arab statehood from their vocabulary. Mahmoud Abbas is only to be referenced as the master terrorist atop the PLO terror organization with whom Israel has an uneasy ceasefire in place. The reference to the forming of a Palestinian Arab state should now be altered to refer to how to best deal with foreign invaders who appear sworn to the end of Israel. Framing all discussions over what can be done to extract those willing to live beside Israelis in peace accepting a multicultural and multiethnic society from the terrorists set on our destruction. Once separated, dealing with the terrorists becomes easy, you give them a set amount of time, say two weeks, in which to be removed from all of Israel after which they will be hunted down and shot on sight. Now would comes the problem as to what to do with the remainder of the Arab population.


Mahmoud Abbas to President Trump, “May your house be destroyed”

Mahmoud Abbas to President Trump, “May your house be destroyed”


One solution comes from dissertations of Torah and may actually stem directly from Torah. This solution provides that Israel differentiate between those willing to reside within our nation accepting the Noahic Code and willing to follow all of our laws. Those willing to remain under those constraints will be permitted to vote in their local elections but not in the general elections where Knesset Ministers are chosen and a ruling coalition established. The remaining Arabs will have to choose between leaving Israel peaceably or be ejected from Israel forcibly. To refresh everyone’s memory and to make sure that this is clear as it can be, the Arabs will be given three choices after the leadership of the PLO and other factions of terrorist groups have been removed from the scene. The Arab Palestinians can choose to remain and live peaceably under Israeli laws, they can choose to accept a buyout from their property and leave under their own volition and lastly they can decide they will fight to their death to destroy Israel, at which point they will be at war with Israel and treated accordingly. Their life expectancy will have become very brief. This set of options need be given to the Arabs residing in the Shomron including the refugees and eventually extended to the Arabs residing in Gaza should wiping Gaza clean of Hamas and Islamic Jihad ever presents itself. The Arabs who choose to remain under Israeli rule need have one thing impressed upon them, namely that any connection ever be found between any family member and terrorism will result in the family being deported. This is to be a final decision which will not be overturned except if family members turn in the terrorist amongst them.


The advantage of this method is that the Arabs get to choose whether or not they remain in the land and their choice will be honored by Israel. They will not likely find a path to citizenship in their lifetimes, but the far future is difficult to predict. Those remaining Arabs will have better economic opportunity and will be granted work permits as required in their finding employment within Israel, especially if such employment places them inside the separation anti-terror barrier. The problem comes in dealing with those Arabs who choose to lie and are actually remaining in Israel to perpetuate the fight aiming for the destruction of Israel. These Arabs along with those who return infiltrating into Israel to carry out attacks will be sought out by Israeli security teams and will be prosecuted in the most severe manner. Any resistance in their apprehension could very easily result in their being eliminated, as deadly force will usually be approved in these cases. The lives of the Arabs remaining will improve sharply, returning to their pre-Oslo levels of economic growth, as their governance will not be taking funds off the top for a war with Israel and self-financial-enhancement. This initial program could be titled “The Three Paths” as the Arabs will be given three distinct options from which to choose. Those identifiable terrorists will have been deported along with the entirety of the leadership permitting a peace based governance with an emphasis on improving the lives of its citizens replacing the sacrificing of the lives and using death as the driving force of the society. Additionally, Israel will also gain as the terror planners will have been removed and will no longer be working to destroy Israeli lives. Further, the Jordan River will return to being the eastern border for Israel, a formidable obstacle which makes any ground assault far more difficult and easily repulsed.


This solution should be offered the Arab population in the Shomron and even to permit those Israeli Arabs who prefer to leave Israel to do so. The one important fact which must be solidly impressed upon the Arabs who are leaving is that they will face great difficulty in returning to Israel legally. They are to also understand that their entry into Israel illegally would be treated as having the intent to commit acts of terrorism and a third attempt would be punishable by death or life in prison. The serious nature of such infiltrations must be made crystal clear and the resultant punishment being excessively heavy must also be impressed upon the Arabs choosing to leave. The leadership of the PLO and Palestinian Authority needs to understand that their deportation has earned them a persona-non-grata classification and any attempt to reenter Israel would result in the death penalty. The departure of the terror leadership must be made permanent thus any attempt of their return must face the most severe punishment available. When the world, specifically the European Union and United Nations all implode over the Israeli solution, Israel need have a ready response giving the nagging nabobs of negativity an offer to send these terror masters into exile under their roofs. Such an offer would reveal their duplicity immediately and very hopefully end their whining. All of this will only work on the eastern front. The deprogramming of the youth educated in UNRWA terror manufactories replacing the seething surges of hate with a proper education such that their future will depend upon a solid knowledge base and not be wasted on acts of terror and hatred. It must also be made clear that marriage to an Israeli citizen will not automatically place one on a path to citizenship but might actually result in the Israeli citizen losing their citizenship.


Gaza, on the other hand, is a different case. Two or more generations have been raised on ever increasing hatred and terrorism. Their education was almost completely lacking any of the basics of mathematics, language, science and the other subjects a normative education provide. Instead, they have received indoctrination into the Hamas and Islamic Jihad philosophy of hatred for Israel and the Jewish People. Their education raised them on a steady diet of vilification of the Jewish People and Israel. This leaves Gaza beyond redemption with only one option, the complete wiping of the area clean. The unfortunate consequence of such an operation would be a heightened level of hatred and violent intents. Israel would be required to fortify the entirety of the Egyptian border and work a relationship out with Egyptian President Sisi that would permit Israel permission to strike the terror centers operating near the Israeli border within the Sinai Peninsula. Such an agreement is probably already in place, but if not Israel could also provide the Egyptians with a second front against the free-ranging terrorist groups operating within the Gaza. This could work strongly in the Egyptian’s favor by eradicating some of the terror centers and the leadership caught within the raid region. But Gaza will require a general cleansing with only civilians completely removed from terror as potentially being permitted return after the Gaza expulsion. There would also be a second bonus for Israel resulting from such a cleansing, it would make the plan for the Shomron appear to be benevolent by comparison and thus possibly mitigate some of the complaining coming from the European Union.


Once Gaza has been cleared and the Shomron parsed and separated with hopefully peaceable Arab citizens remaining, then Israel can begin to work on some of the infrastructure to bring it on par with the rest of Israel. Repairs and installations of new facilities can be started and this would provide a jobs stimulus to the area. The ending of the terror attacks from the Arab regions would also work towards the acceptance of Israel as a fact and a place where Arabs have rights, in many cases more rights than those in the Arab nations. The only remaining threat would be from Iran along the Syrian and Lebanese borders with Hezballah, the IRGC and Quds Forces. Eventually, Iran will launch a blistering assault firing some thousands of rockets into Israel which will need be treated as a declaration of war. The next time Israel is required to enter Lebanon, Israel will require that this be the final time that entry will be required and will end all attacks from Lebanon as a result. The first primary target should be Nasrallah being plucked out of his bunker and taken to Israel to stand trial. Then all of the ranking members of Hezballah need to be taken prisoner or killed in the field. Finally, all Hezballah structures must be utterly destroyed and their ranks so desolate that they simply become vanquished. There must be no trace left that Hezballah once held sway in Lebanon. Lebanon need be returned to its Christian intended roots. Should Israel be required to enter Lebanon, then whomever is left in charge of the Lebanese government after Israel completes their efforts will need to accept that the new border with Israel will be defined largely by the Litani River. The Arab nations which allow terrorism to be launched from their shores must be made to pay a steep price in land and destroyed infrastructure. They can also expect that they will be responsible for resettling those who lose their land and homes to Israel resulting from such a war. It is well past time that every Arab nations permitting terrorism to roil from their shores, especially against Israel, must be held to pay a price and to be responsible for the consequences. This will prove to be the only means of ending this plague of terror from engulfing the globe. This idea can start with Israel and the rest of the world can play catch-up, as is usually the case.


The final end to the Arab resistance and refusal to accept Israel will become far more tenable an idea once Israel has brought an end to the terror weapons currently in use. Without the terror weapon, the sole other alternative to accepting Israel is to engage in a war with Israel. If we have read the Arab world correctly, they really do not desire to go to war with Israel, as the potential losses are far more regrettable then any possible gain. The wars launched against Israel always resulted in Arab disasters with high casualty rates. Any general war today might actually result in the Arab people being able to realize their leaders’ inability to defeat Israel as the majority of the Arab world has access to CNN, Fox News and the rest of the mainstream news media. This time losing the Sinai Peninsula would result in the Egyptian People watching the defeat in a slightly delayed broadcast, and this would be true even if they were required to get the news from a European channel. The only means of presumably winning a war with Israel would be the method which Iran has threatened, nuclear weapons. The problem with using nuclear weapons on Israel is probably the quickest means of having the same unleased on their nation with devastating results. There is no winner in an all out war and if the rumored Sampson Option really does exist, then whomever attacks Israel will have brought about the destruction of Mecca and Medina as well as numerous other holy cities on top of virtually every Arab capital city being eliminated. These were the presumed cost of attacking Israel with weapons of mass destruction. This was made evident when Saddam Hussein threatened to use nuclear weapons against Israel during the Gulf Wars. It has also been brought out during the Yom Kippur War though many doubted the existence of an Israeli second strike capability. Perhaps the time has arrived for Israel to clarify its nuclear weapons capabilities just to make a positive impression that attacking Israel will bring your total collapse after Israel retaliates.


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