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July 25, 2021

Why Biden Administration is Forcing Covid Vaccine

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There are numerous reasons for the intense pressure being placed on everybody from a few months old to the most elderly amongst us. Let’s get rid of the most obvious reason which likely does not even need explanation, profits for Big Pharmacy. What proved this even further was the stopping the use of the J&J vaccine after reports informed the powers that be that almost ½ of 1% had suffered what were touted as serious reactions as Moderna and Pfizer have closer relations with the Department of Health and Human Services, especially Moderna. That one aside used to attempt to increase profits for Moderna and Pfizer while punishing J&J has likely tripled the resistance to receiving any of the three vaccines. Still, the driving force behind the push is less making President Biden and administration look like they are succeeding at distributing the vaccine but in making greater profits for the pharmaceutical companies and their stock holders. Almost everything passed through Congress has the effect of giving the ruling party more power or providing greater opportunity for insanely gross profit.

It is Just a Small Injection which You Will Barely Feel

Some of the rest of the reasons are far more sinister than allowing evil Big Pharm to make their few thousand dollars for every shot provided. Sinister profit, if we may take such liberty calling profit sinister, is furthered by having, or forcing, Americans to get the vaccine as the government has guaranteed payment for each vaccine provided, a profit significantly higher than these companies would receive if they sold the vaccine to the other nations more desperately in need than the United States such as India currently. Also, the vaccine has a use by date after which it becomes ineffective. The government and Big Pharm will end up having likely tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of vaccine doses ending up being discarded rather than allow them being sold at a lesser price. We would not be surprised if these companies will be compensated for every dose that ends up being destroyed as they become ineffective. As usual, just follow the money.

Lastly, there exists an even more sinister plot behind the rabid insistence that every last person be vaccinated. Here is just one more reason completely removed from logic, as are all too many reasons which controvert the claim that only the vaccine makes one protected and even those who have recuperated from Covid must get the vaccine. Trust us when we predict that vaccine passports will come to fruition in the United States and Europe and mostly in developed nations and far less stressed by the most destitute nations. Once they have destroyed much of the Bill of Rights through forced vaccine requirements in order to shop, work, attend events and simply be permitted to live have been successful, and once taking injections which are claimed to be for our own good and protection; then it will be far easier and face far less opposition when the government demands everyone receive an RFID chip. When this eventuality raises its grotesquely ugly head, we can only pray that there exist sufficient patriotic Americans who will fight hard and assure an American future which we honestly believe are the backbone of America with the Declaration of Independence completing the skeletal structure which provides America with their preferred direction which will only increase freedoms and liberties.

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