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April 2, 2014

The Beating of Yitzhak Tessler on the Mount

There is a disgrace that persists within the Old City of Jerusalem. On the holiest place for the Jewish People in the entire world currently excludes Jewish prayer. Truthfully, it goes far further than simply excluding Jewish prayer but even forbids even the appearance of a Jew praying. If a Jew moves his lips without making a sound he is suspected of praying and is arrested, expelled and possibly even arrested or perhaps forbidden from reentering the place of his accused sin for anywhere from weeks to years or even, in the worst and most extreme cases, for the rest of their lives. On Sunday former Minister of the Knesset Michael Ben-Ari was refused entry to this holiest of all places in the world for the Jewish People though his sons who had accompanied their father were allowed. But they were refused the outing they had planned of celebrating and sharing a family “visit the places allowed by Halacha (Jewish law)” as father and sons and not some demonstration or act of defiance planned by one of the Jewish groups which protest the restrictions placed solely on Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount. But as bad as the prevention of a former Minister of the Knesset, Michael Ben-Ari, from ascending to the Temple Mount, the location of both Holy Temples, was what happened on Tuesday to one individual out of the Jews who came to ascend to the Temple Mount. A Waqf, the Jordanian Muslim authorities who were permitted to retain their responsibility for caring for the Temple Mount after Israel took control of all of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, official decided to beat a Jewish individual named Yitzhak Tessler. The entire disgrace was witnessed by Yehuda Glick, a Temple Mount activist, and an Israeli Temple Mount police officer. When Yitzhak Tessler complained and requested the Israeli police officer please intervene and end the assault on his person, the Israeli police reacted by arresting Yitzhak Tessler, the victim of the assault.


Yehuda Glick stated. “The police are afraid, and do not allow the entry of more than twenty to thirty Jews at once. Hundreds of Jews wait an hour, two hours, and even three hours in the hot sun at the entrance, raising tensions at the Temple Mount.” He was referring to one of the most heinous insults to the Jewish People and the faithful Israeli Jews who only wish to make regular pilgrimage to the holiest site in all of Judaism which is located in the center of Jerusalem, the Israeli Capital City, within the borders of Israel, the Jewish nation, and are often refused entry to the site which they treasure and which provides them with such satisfaction just to be there on the holy land simply because the Muslims chose to riot and in order to quell Muslim anger the Temple Mount is closed to all Jews sometimes for weeks. These disturbances are planned by the Muslims with the intent of denying Jews ascending to the Temple Mount and visiting this holy site. The police choose to make victims of the Jews who only wish to visit their most holy and historic of places on Earth as a reaction to Muslim violence. By taking this easier path and refusing to address the rioting Muslims as the police are following a policy of taking the path of least resistance, least possibility of violent confrontation. They literally ignore rioting and instead prevent law abiding peaceful individuals from exercising their religious rights within their own country within its Capital City at the holiest place of all holy sites despite the laws of the land guaranteeing religious freedom. Israeli police have made it policy to deny Jews their right to pray or, at times, to even ascend to the holiest place within Israel. I have one wish for the officials responsible for this travesty, may the L0rd have mercy on their souls when they are held for judgment for their earthly actions.


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