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September 6, 2015

Obama Setting Stage for Next Foreign Policy Confrontation, Israel


There has been a long list outlining the apparent policy from the White House from even before Candidate Obama won the nomination to the recent flood of reports each setting an even longer path of quotes with some stretching the line beyond credulity. The favorite around here has been Newsmax quoting Israel National News quotes alleged from Ma ‘an News references to a story out of Kuwait that American air commanders from all branches to defend Iran from any Israeli air strikes even if such defense results in their need to shoot down Israeli warplanes. We like to simply take things back to their roots from the outset where one of candidate Obama’s foreign policy advisors, United States National Security Advisor to former President Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who stated and pushed the policy while campaigning with great enthusiasm called for during the 2008 campaign for the United States to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran quoted as stating in an interview with the Daily Beast, “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?”



Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski



Brzezinski’s antagonism and visceral hatred of all things Israel had led to many surmising that his deep rooted hatred was broader than just Israel but also included any Jews who opposed his Israel positions liking them to traitors who should be ignored at best and prosecuted and exiled at the worst. He had continued his argument bringing up an exceedingly sensitive subject in another quote stating, “We have to be serious about denying them that right. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.’” Other reverberations of this theme have been rumored to have emanated from unofficial references from the White House though nobody should expect such a policy to ever be announced nor for orders to be made overt and obvious. The command one is most likely to be found as incriminating would be an alert to the possibility of aircraft overflying air areas of responsibility and the emphasis that such passage be strictly denied. Such an order leaves the commanders free to use whatever level of deterrence they deem necessary after ascertaining the number of aircraft, their formation, likely national origin, expected or announced targets all weighed against standing orders and previously given orders pertaining to such situations.


In the meantime it has been made obvious to every Democrat Senator and Representative from the Senate and House of Representatives that the choice before them has little to do with Iran or the Iranian nuclear weapons program or even the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) but weather you stand with the United States and its Commander in Chief or does one choose to stand with a foreign government which has opposed the President of the United States at every turn and sought to undermine American credibility and resolute stance to enforce the laws of the United States and its Constitution which obligates the United States to enforce Security Council Chapter Seven Decrees and all they imply. Even more simply stated, each Senator and Representative must decide if they stand with the United States and its stand with the Security Council or do they stand with Israel and thus prove their loyalty to a foreign government and are potentially a traitor to their country in what could be seen as a time of open conflict. The choice has been laid out so simple that even a member of Congress could figure it out without needing a number of aids to explain it; do you support the United States or the Jews, despite the fact that American Jews support the President in greater percentages than does the remainder of the population. The Jews must necessarily be thrown under the bus as being suspected agents of a foreign and hostile nation, the Jew amongst the nations, Israel. Make no bones about it or explanations of how such is not possible or even our favorite which is right at this moment in their history becoming their position of desperation despite all the evidence to the contrary; they are exclaiming in their self-delusionary state that, “It can’t happen here.”


That concept of, “It can’t happen here,” requires some explaining to those not familiar with its origins. It was a part in Fiddler on the Roof and included in that story because that story is three stories in one. The first is simply a story which incorporated some realities of those times. A story of the assimilations through the changes to ‘tradition’ through Tevye and Golde and their traditional arranged marriage to their first daughter’s marriage to one of their community by choice, to next daughter’s marriage to a Jew who was secular, to the last daughter marriage to a non-Jew. The final story is how the Jews assimilated but is still the Jew in their nation and as such, despite their belief of being an accepted member of the society, a friend, as the ‘head constable’ explains to Tevye, “I only tell you this because I like you, you’re a good man Tevye and I thought you should know,” about the coming Pogrom. The Jews at the end of Fiddler on the Roof are all shocked as they had come to believe after living in Anatevka for a number of generations, “It can’t happen here.”


From in Egypt, where “It can’t happen here” initiated, when they first became slaves to the Babylonian exile and Persian Empire, Greek, Rome and lastly in more modern times over the past Century plus a few years, the Czars, the Communists, the Nazis, the numerous other European nations when the Nazis provided the perfect cover, the “What could we do, we were conquered,” excuse. There were records from the Nazi files how the French, Belgians, Polish and others when the Nazis demanded so many Jews the townsfolk, the neighbors, not all but many, often the majority, rounded up twice as many Jews as demanded and pleaded, “take these as well.” The story is always the same, “These are our neighbors.” “We are accepted here.” “They mean those other Jews, we are doctor, lawyers, judges, in the Parliament and whatever other excuse and then the chorus line, “It can’t happen here.” Then the final realizations and the shocked “How could this happen to us, we were so sophisticated, successful, accepted and members of the community, respected…” but lastly you know what they were; Jews, Jews first, Jews last and Jews always.


In all too many cases after World War II when the emaciated but surviving Jews returned home they were not met with open arms, with pleadings of forgive us; they were met with pitchforks and worse and chased from their former home towns because how could they be accepted when everything they owned including their homes and shops had been divided up amongst their neighbors. It was easier to chase them off or even murder them after all, they must have died in the camps it would be said. When they were met and told honestly that the town had moved on and so should they, you want to know where they were told to run to? To Israel, go to your homelands in Israel, that was what they were told, and many tried but there the British were rationing the number of Jews who could legally make return to Israel, to make Aliyah. A paltry seventy-five thousand a year were being permitted entrance. Want to know where some of the Jews being refused entrance to Israel and had nowhere else to turn were held by the British? You probably already knew, the concentration camps, the very camps the Nazis held them in became their refugee camos when Cyprus overflowed with Jewish refugees. And after the British had let a number in, then the Arab nations made life difficult to unbearable to simply evicting their Jews. Many were expelled by one means or another, almost another million Jews who made their way to Israel and how many others to Europe or the United States, who knows exactly?


These Jews were resented initially but were accepted and are approaching full equality as the two separated Jewish communities once again intermarry with each and the other and a new set of bondings between Ashkenazim and Sephardim Jews such that in the not too distant future Israel will have but one Chief Rabbi instead of the current two. The other choice would have made the insanity worse as a third Chief Rabbi would be necessary for Jews where their parents were from opposing camps like myself where my father was British and therefore Ashkenazim; he was sent to fight in Burma and met my mother in Bombay and thus he married a Sephardim and presto, a mixed Jew with a foot in each world and customs from where only Hashem knows for sure.


The irony is that the Europeans and the Arab and Muslim nations of the MENA Region (Middle East and North Africa) all spat the words of “Why don’t you just go home to Israel,” into their faces. The sarcasm is their thinking living as a Jew in Israel would be their punishment when to the Jews, any and all Jews, “Next Year in Yerushalayim” is a dream come true, dreams of two thousand years come true. Those expelling us and claiming to force the Jews to Israel being used as a threat, missed the fact that it is the Jewish dream to live in Israel. To tread the dusty narrow streets in Old City Jerusalem, and to feel the joy of being in Israel despite the threats, despite any hardship, despite what others thought such a decree meant punishment, is our dreams realized. And just as Torah predicted, a nation built in a single day, Israel. On May 14, 1948, there was no Israel and at dawn of the next day there is Israel stretching from the shores all the way across the Judean Hills and half the way across the Jordan valley trimmed by the river, the very river Joshua led the first Israelis and still standing are the broken and crumbled walls of Jericho and the jewel atop the central hills lies Yerushalayim, our first and only true love, Jerusalem.



Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases

Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases


Still we have brothers and sisters remaining out there, the not Israel and the place where it can happen again and is starting to happen again. We can hear the cries starting with the Rabbis, we can hold on to that we built, we will be protected, the government has laws, the rule of law is our protector. There is but one rule of law that will protect any Jew and that is Torah and Torah will only live and rule eventually in Eretz Yisroel. The Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine just a few short weeks ago was crying out that, ‘That can’t happen here,” and, “This is our home. This has been our home, these are our neighbors; they are good people.” Then it comes, the first note of that familiar refrain where the first chief of security in a town or city pronounces they cannot be made responsible for protecting the Jews. That one of the towns in war-torn Ukraine made this statement is almost understandable, that a town in Sweden also made this comment is far more troubling but that statement was made by the last police chief just before he was relieved of duty and a new chief of police who at least claims he can protect all in Malmo. That phrase, that feared phrase renouncing the responsibility for protecting the Jews as it has become hopeless to stand against the wave of oncoming hatreds which has possibly even infected some in the police though rooting them out would be problematic, it is so much easier to toss the Jews before those demanding human sacrifice, demanding human blood, demanding Jewish blood. It is a familiar face for those who know its history and we have met this face before, but before we were powerless and could not take up arms. Not any more as we have Israel and there we do make our stand once more and this time it should prove permanent. Baruch Hashem!


But what is about to start in the United States will sound ludicrous and nobody will dare predict the monster which lurks in the fog of the future. Very few are capable of actually seeing through that fog and pierce the path that the world will take but almost anyone might claim to have a clear prediction of what is coming. Anything we claim is to be seen comes from a study of what has happened before, how those times played out, what their correlation could potentially hold for the present situation. Every repeat of history is not absolute but more like the next refrain from a poem, we know the rhyming scheme; we know the meter and all that remains is to flush out the words, the actions, the intentions to come. The three most interesting communities come from, obviously the United States’ and a little less obviously France which has the second largest Jewish community outside of Israel and the third is a bit of a surprise as it is Britain.


France is an easy prediction and we might as well cut to the chaff, France will eventually do what France has always done. During the Inquisition the French Monarchy surrendered the French Jews, later after the French Revolution the two sides of the revolution did agree on one item, the Jews had conspired against them. They both agreed the Jews held too much power and wealth and were obviously in league with the monarchy, the same monarchy which arrested and executed Jews in higher quantities compared to their percentage of the population. When the two winning factions from the revolution turned on each other, both sides decided that the Jews supported the other side and sent a high percentage fleeing or being executed. The fact that a percentage of Jews were fleeing meant that all Jews were guilty as suspected and charged and could never prove their innocence. Such remained an undertow within French elite and once again came to the fore in the Dreyfus Affair where Captain Alfred Dreyfus was accused of treason serving as the sacrificial lamb for a nasty intrigue amongst the General Staff. He was found guilty and sentenced to life served on the infamous Devil’s Island Prison Colony where he was held in solitary confinement and was eventually manacled to his bed which was nailed to the floor. Emil Zola took up the cause with his famous editorial article J’accuse. We have given this deeper coverage in our articles The Unkindest Cut of Anti-Semitism from August 12, 2015, and Israel Unfortunate Choice Ahead Due to State Department from Jul 19, 2015, as it has become a much more identifiable current in modern events.


The United States is a very different case as, outside of Israel, the United States with four and a half million Jews and possibly fifteen percent more, it has the highest population of assimilated Jews very similar to Germany, France and Poland amongst European nations including western Russia. The Jews then as now were politically active supporting the socialist revolution wherever they arose. We witnessed how the French treated many of their Jews who either ended up in one of the major cities or had moved out of France or been murdered by the revolutionary parties. Still, German and Polish Jews in the major cities were indistinguishable from their fellow citizens. The Jews in Russia had supported the Russian Revolution but were seen by the Communists as Bourgeois and by the Bourgeois as Communists. The Germans once the Nazis came to power saw the Jew as a Capitalist while during the short rule by the Weimar Republic the Jews were seen as socialists or Communists, as both were feared by the Republic. Of course once the Nazis climbed to power the Jews were initially seen as capitalists before taking on the role as inferior excuses for human beings and thus a plague upon society which must be destroyed. During the late 1920s and 1930s the Jews saw the changes and simply denied what they saw. They stuck with their story that “It can’t happen here,” They were considered an intricate and vital part of the society and held positions of power and respect. They were judges, lawyers, doctors, professors, teachers and Ministers in Parliament. That all changed and changed with viciousness unrivalled in history starting with Kristallnacht, “Crystal Night”, also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass. These were pogroms spread across all of Germany where Jewish shops, homes and even the Jews themselves were set upon and destroyed with many burned to the ground of the two day span of November 9–10, 1938. Then the Jewish Laws were enacted forbidding Jews holding positions of status and slowly but surely dehumanizing the Jews as the other in the society, the cause of unrest, distress, economic hardship, basically whatever your problem a Jew was the cause even to almost include even illnesses. The Jews were cast as the ones opposing progress, being greedy and taking more than their share of wealth, controlling the media, entertainment, and worst of all opposing the Führer Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler the Führer was one of the top three murderers of modern history exceeded by Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin.



Adolf Hitler Führer and Detestable Murderer and one of the top three murderers of modern history exceeded by Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin

Adolf Hitler Führer and Detestable Murderer and one of the top three murderers of modern history exceeded by Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin



The rise of a visceral anti-Semitism started in the Beer halls and the halls of academia, specifically the college campuses throughout Germany. It reached across the Atlantic and took root in the United States with support from some surprising people who advocated euthanasia of those inferior and the infirm. This started with the Jews but did not end there as it spread to include millions of others, many for simply disagreeing with the method of perfecting the human race through selective breeding and euthanasia of those deemed inferior. They believed they could breed a master race of men over two meters in height, slender athleticism, blue eyed and other physical and mental attributes including the specific and approved political opinions. Amongst the Americans who were enamored with Herr Führer were Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and other leaders of major American corporations all of which were instrumental in implementing the growth of the Third Reich by supplying parts, knowledge, systems of production and raw materials along with political support. They were all members of Eugenics societies and believed fervently that the human race could and should be improved by sterilization of the inferiors which included Jews and other minorities. They were supporters of Margaret Sanger and her organization which is known as today’s Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood initially sterilized blacks in huge numbers and remains today the number one murderer of minority children and gets away with it calling it a choice. Add to this the anti-Israel, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism rampant on many major universities and the parallels in the United States right now which has been aided by the Administration claims that the Jews are attempting to run the government and are trying to destroy all he has done and force the United States into a war with Iran to aid Israel at a grievous cost in money and troops, an insufferable cost in innocent American lives.


Britain and the United States share a trait that we can only hope grows and remains strong. Amongst the Evangelical Christians there is this movement which might just save the English speaking Western world. Christians for Israel in its different organizations and leaders is are interesting groups as for Jews it is refreshing to have others who worship Hashem, even if they have their own manner and structures, who are not judging their holiness and success with Jews by how many Jews they turned to Christianity and instead seek mutual strength and advancing the cause of an open Israel and especially Jerusalem and other holy sites for all peoples of any faith to visit and enjoy in their own constructive manner. These Christians also hold that the Jewish People becoming reestablished in our homelands as a good thing which will, in its own time, assist all who worship Hashem whether they be Jews, Christians or whatever religion they claim and all can share in the holy sites, cities, synagogues, temples churches and burial locations of the forefathers of each faith which spawned here in the Holy Lands. The one thing which is guaranteed, Israel is going to need all the help she can muster in the coming years as everything builds towards a fateful climax, may it be a blessing to all when it comes. In the interim, President Obama does not appear to be making things for the better but all in its good time and for every day of relative bliss let us all thank Hashem in our own way.


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July 1, 2015

When Our Traditions All Fall and Fail Us

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Shared traditions and agreement on common goals are the glue which holds societies together. Without these familiar items as the glue there is no need to fear threats from without as the society eventually will tear itself apart from the inside. You want a current example of such a society all one need do is look to the Middle East and pick a nation which is crumbling and intertwined in a destructive civil conflict and you have your example. Syria is all too obvious as Bashir al-Assad had a view of his Alawite minority should be defended by the Druze militias acting as his personal army and all the aid he needed from Iran in arms and even soldiers as things began to go wrong. Bashir al-Assad’s father held the nation together with the glue of fear of his wrath while the son is nowhere near the fearsome leader imbuing strength and competence like his father and before one knew it he was challenged and failed. When an iron fist and the fear of it visiting your little corner of the world is all your nation has holding it together, then you better be ready to use it and use it without mercy or else you are doomed. Such nations are destined to fail from the outset as sooner or later one falls victim to the el-Duce syndrome where the people revolt against your leadership as soon as your power comes into question even if it was your alliance with one megalomaniac that collapses and the next thing you know you are strung up in the town square for a week or so. When the Soviet Union began its surprisingly rapid crumbling from the inside, a friend asked if this was real and if it was, what would be the sign to look for that would signal it was irreversible. As for if it was real, let us say I was as in shock as the next person. As for the sign signaling this truly was the end, that was the easy part so that is what I tackled using that to hedge my answer on belief. I simply told him that I would believe this was the end when Nicolae Ceaușescu fell in Rumania, and sure enough he was the last of the leaders to fall and he fell almost as hard as the European Axis leaders at the end of World War II. The other modern day examples of such failures are Saddam Hussein’s Iraq where the three main societies within have each gone their own way whether by choice, the Kurds in the north, by default, the Shia who hold the power of the governance now, and those who lost outright, the Sunni who are now caught between two enslavers, the Shia government of Iraq and the murderous hordes that are ISIS and they have nowhere to turn as neither the Kurds nor the Shia have any love left for them as they were seen as the cruel oppressors who benefitted from Saddam Hussein’s rule and are now collecting the payment for his sins. Libya is the final example where without a strong leader or the perception of such the entire society reverted back to tribal divisions and will remain each tribe to themselves against the other tribes forming and breaking alliances as it fits them without any possibility of reinstituting a central government which has reach more than twelve blocks in any direction from central Tripoli. There are even those who blame the collapse of the Roman Empire on their failure to incorporate Roman culture, rules and societal structures on those they had conquered at the fringes of their empire which eventually led to the downfall which is a concept with a share of its validity.


If such failure of the Roman Empire came from the fraying at its edges of the application of a singular set of societal norms, then we are today witnessing the death throes of the United States as their common heritage and societal norms are currently under assault in the courts where laws are being fortified in defiance of the traditional culture ripping things apart in such a manner as to make the separate, even disparate, parts of the society unglued from each other which may lead to the collapse of that society. The latest and possibly second most destructive tear just was handed down by the Supreme Court with their universal acceptance of same-sex marriage as the law of the land. The real culprit which will eventually topple the United States and potentially all of Western society is multiculturalism which stands that one must honor all others and their customs and no universal set of shared standards can be allowed to stand unassailable by the many and varied lesser cultures within the society. There was a time not that long ago where gun ownership was near universal in the United States and now in most of the major cities gun ownership is not only shunned but illegal which has led to rampant crime as now the criminals do not need a firearm to make them equal to any victim they choose as all they need is two other fellow miscreants to forcibly take anybody’s money by force of numbers, though there are those who prefer not sharing who simply use a weapon, not even necessarily a gun. Then there are those cultures which are forced into remission and made to hide their identity or to regress into enclaves where their numbers provide protection. The day is coming and coming rapidly to the United States shores and is awash over Europe which is pushing the Jews out of society despite the Jews having mostly adopted what was sold to them as the societal norms. The Jews have been consistently seen to be on the leading edge of every trend which came along and was considered enlightened. They were among those marching for civil rights for blacks in the fifties and sixties and have remained supporters of equality of the races through to the current times. They have been at the forefront of the march for gay acceptance and even same-sex marriage. Now that the Jews are the ones being shunned from the college campuses, and trust that which enthralls the masses in the colleges today will be the mainstays of the society ten to twenty years hence; there are already signs that there is sufficient an undercurrent in American subcultures which already hold anti-Semitic feelings which are now slowly emerging from what many would claim were the same centers from which Jew hatreds grew in Europe in the rise of the Nazis. One of the things people seem to forget was the rise of the Nazis had two epicenters and the college campuses were just as important if not more so than the reemergence amongst the rest of the areas blamed for this resurgence of Jew hatred as the ideological leaders more often came from the ivory halls of academia which was also one of the first places that the Jews were banned, from either attending or teaching in the universities. How much longer before such purges strike Western nations’ colleges and universities. It already happens on many campuses for a period every year during the heights of Israel Apartheid Week or during pro-Palestinian celebrations which have started to resemble the pogroms of Russia and the Inquisitions and other cleansings in Europe where the Jews were singled out for exclusion from the society often simply by their being expelled with only the possessions they had packed in a suitcase or two readied ahead of the pitchforks and angry mobs wielding them and other times by simply removing them permanently often burning them at the stake and other methods the crown would demand during their frenzied assault on the other, the Jew.


When that befalls western culture once again it will have started in the exact same place but with a slightly different target, the unfitness of the unborn. The undertaking has traditionally been referred to as Eugenics Movement. The idea of eugenics reaches back at least as far as Plato who called for the formation of a guardian race of selective breeding of those who were of superior mind and body, the mating of the cream of humanity to produce a master race. Sound familiar? Francis Galton, the half-cousin Charles Darwin, had taken his relative’s work on evolution and the survival of the fittest and applied it to be used within the human populations to breed the perfect human being and for the removal of those who were inferior. He coined the word Eugenics and eventually it became a course of study in the universities leading to a movement started around a core of its most ardent and adamant proponents and the rest is history. What is less well known is that the forefront of the Eugenics movement formed in the United States and its acceptance was so universal that it was from the United States that the most strident proponents of eugenics emerged. Such names at the front in founding the eugenics movement in their day and up to today are the poet Carl Sandburg, the aviator Charles Lindbergh, the mother of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger, the Perfect Human Society and an interesting proponent in current times, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel who was instrumental in the drafting of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or Obamacare. People might be shocked to be informed that Planned Parenthood has not always been the equal provider of alternatives for those who either desire preventive methods to avoid pregnancies or alternatives to carrying, their terms to birth of the child, a fetal mass to its conclusive child bearing as it would cause the mother undue mental stresses and interfere directly with their pursuits in life, it originally was used to sterilize those seen as unfit to have children thus forcing a eugenics program which was, as it is today, centered in minority neighborhoods. Providing you desire to seek the reality that is Planned Parenthood all one need to do is to research Margaret Sanger and her relationship with what we would today refer to as black genocide, it is not a pretty picture. There comes now another eugenics styled movement and this time the target will be traditions, the very traditions which were the glue of Western culture and society for the last two millennia.


The scissors that cut the pages into confetti will be forged by multiculturalism where no culture is to be preferred because we are blinding ourselves to such observations and the axe which will sever the binding making the job of the scissors even easier will be the axe taken to the Judeo-Christian culture and in particular to cut the binding of that book which professes that there are such things as good and evil, there is such a concept as right and wrong, that a life lived with proper restraints is life to be pursued, the book that once graced nearly every house and every hotel room across the United States and now a book scorned as old, out of fashion and obsolete, but the Bible is that book which we could learn where our new follies will lead, they will lead to the same place they have always led, ruination and the destruction of all that made the Western World strong. Choosing to lose ourselves in a culture of any culture of the moment is the culture we desire to raise up, but we cannot raise up debauchery and the damnation of human life as equal to the pursuit of a good life spent rejoicing in the gift that life provides and not seeking some manner of faith which demands of us surrender or die, such is a choice without a choice. We need return to our former ideals which permit those whose cultures differ to continue such practice in their private times and spaces such as their homes and houses of worship, but also we demanded they accept our cultural rules when in public. The Western culture allowed for certain irregularities such as special religious clothing being worn in public and even providing areas for prayer permitting such did not interfere with the performance of one’s job and was committed off the clock and on the individual’s own time as the whole cannot be forced to pay them for their private time spent praying and not producing things of mutual gain as that is what working at a job is, producing things for mutual gains, a cooperative effort and a central pillar of our traditional society.


Schools were a place where we learned about our mutual culture and were able to master those basic tenets which supported the society, and where we learned how to think and not so much exactly what to think though guidelines were imposed and what was out of bounds was ingrained. We even learned to cooperate through sports where we also learned the easy joys of winning and even more importantly how to cope with losing and thus with failure. The best amongst us learned that failure was not the end but rather a stop where we reassessed our priorities and assumptions making changes where we found things in error or lacking altogether and then proceeded on towards our ultimate goal. Further we learned, were we that fortunate, lucky even, that failures come in the thousands and that success comes only to those willing to fail and fail repeatedly and learning from each failure where we diverted from our goals and how to get back on track. Are there ideas whose failure is guaranteed and where one can never fully achieve the goal? Yes. We can never make a machine which is 100% efficient as in all things there is that degree of wasted effort, effort which does not contribute to the completion and realization of the goal. In a machine that goal is the product such as a generator making electricity; we use water, steam, explosive fuels all to drive the generator to make electricity but there are losses to friction and pushing the generator against the resistive magnetic forces induced in the coils which does not directly produce the electricity but which must be overcome. The same is true in life. Sleep is something our bodies must submit to or we will eventually collapse and possibly die. Still, it is sometimes in our dreams that the spark bursts forth solving some vexing problem which assists the project to completion. Such is an exception and even that spark was not the only dream we enjoyed or endured, and there were the periods of sleep which were used as a dedicated means of repairing and preparing the body for the next day. Another item which obviously diverts us from achieving goals but may be necessary in order to reach our goals are the failures along the way. Lessor peoples will allow failures to prevent them from trying and just surrender to their failures. That is not an intricate part of our society until recently when we found ways of rewarding those who become mired in failure.


Another casualty in our modern society is the loosening of the moral structure. In the lives of the vast majority of the population, and to a limited extent to all of the population not restricted to an asylum (do we even have asylums any longer to care for the elderly and the comatose?) as we all wear clothing though some wear far less than others; we all eat and sleep as nature insists on these; and we all live and let live because if large segments of the society, and it need not be more than ten to twenty percent of a society, take to being belligerent and resorting to murdering those who they fear or refuse to submit; then the society will fracture and it will soon become a free-for-all with every faction against the rest; see Libya, Syria or Iraq for current examples. What many do not realize is this is rapidly becoming the definition of Western culture. The society of the Western World has become unmoored and without an anchor with which to tie off and provide immovability, permanence and the Western World has rapidly been cranking the centerboard retrieving it from below the boat allowing the winds to blow us as they may while our ability to steer the boat has failed without the centerboard. That centerboard was western Judeo-Christian ethics and the anchor was the ideal of hard work will produce and provide for one and one’s family and charity would take care of the few who for reasons often beyond their control are unable to find a place within our society. We did not used to change our society such that everybody’s quirks or the beliefs of those coming to our shores being used as a cudgel with which to beat and force us to alter our religious and social structures which we have held dear fashioning our societal norms around and have worked just fine for us and is tried and true. Therein lies the current problem, we in the West have doubted our own culture while allowing another culture whose adherents have little doubt that it is superior to all the Western World has ever known and that the Western World must be cowed and beaten into submission, and that is termed our surrendering to Allah. Do not mistake Allah for the same as G0d in our Judeo-Christian society as Hashem does not demand surrender but instead reason, trust and faith. The easiest manner to present a difference is to look at the lineage of belief. In Judeo-Christian ethics the line of faith flows through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob while Islam and Allah follow the lineage of belief through Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammad. Perhaps this is as good a place to stop before I get into deeper troubles and this is way more sufficient amount to chew of for one day. With any luck I’ll get into this stranger side of my reasoning after a decent period of rest. Thank you all for reading this far and may your life be blessed only with those failings which aid you in your journeys and make you a stronger and better you, even if others spend some time confused at what you are trying to say, and boy have I spent time on that bus.


Beyond the Cusp


October 27, 2010

Planned Parenthood President Proves Insanity

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards went beyond the pale in proving she has an attitude that sees only the darkness in humanity. She stated, “I think it’s important, Bill, to understand that unlike some other issues of cost, birth control is one of those issues that actually saves the government money. So, an investment in covering birth control actually in the long run is a huge cost savings because women don’t have children that they weren’t planning on having and all the sort of attendant cost for unplanned pregnancy. So we actually feel that covering birth control is not only it’s the right thing to do for women, it’s good for women it’s good for their health care, but it’s frankly good public policy.”

Obviously, Ms. Richards sees children solely as liability, not as endless opportunities and the best promises for the future. Her assumption is that the child from an unwanted, or more accurately, an inconvenient pregnancy as an unwanted child that it would benefit government to aid in its termination. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the vast numbers of parents, wishing to adopt and love a child makes it far more likely that these children would be raised in supportive, nurturing home and would likely become contributing members of society, not a burden upon society. My guess is this is the difference between the supporters of abortion on demand and those who favor life and the endless possibilities thus offered. Planned Parenthood and their ilk take a pessimistic view of the hope and chances for a child while the rest have faith in the future, the family, and most of all, in people and life. One can only feel sorry for Cecile Richards that the blessing of new life to her is seen only as a burden to be eliminated.

Beyond the Cusp

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