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March 31, 2019

Jewish Disconnect Between Israel and America

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The disconnect is only superficially due to politics, though this does play an important role. The real difference needs be told, one separate from the other. The reason is that the disconnect has different roots in each sphere. The first thing which needs to be admitted is that the Jews in the United States are not all left wing, progressives belonging to the Democrat Party. There are a number of Republican Jews who are conservative in the United States who pale in numbers compared with the liberal Jewish establishment. There are leftist Jews in Israel who are of a sizable presence largely centered around Tel Aviv and most of the remainder in Jerusalem. This is not to claim that there are none in our little corner, we have some dear friends who hold leftist views. What is amazing is that though leftist Israeli Jews probably agree with their fellow liberal Jews in the United States on most social issues, they differ when it comes to the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist leftist radical in the United States. The conservative minority in the United States is more closely aligned with the conservative Jews in Israel with few exceptions beyond some religious perceptions about Israel and whether she should have waited for the Messiach to come and found the new Jewish State (there are some Jews in Israel who actually agree with this sentiment). This article will be dealing largely with the liberal and leftist Jews in the United States as they are the majority and the nationalist-conservative Jews in Israel as they are also the majority (though not by as great a percentage though that is changing).


The first thing is evidenced on numerous college and university campuses where young Jews protest Israel and tout the Arab Palestinian mantras all of which are calls for the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. There are numerous American Jews who would need to be pushed forcefully before they would ever consider making Aliyah and moving to Israel. They believe that the United States is the new “Promised Land” and that Israel is simply a quaint little nation which is nice but not really anything central to their lives. This is a fiction which has infected the Jews time and time again throughout the ages. The Jews are a people whose desire to find perfection of the human society which often leads them astray. The Jews are often at the forefront of new ideas, be they societal or political and, as both things go through cycles, they often are treading on ground which was traveled before and ended with the same tragedy which their new great hope will eventually reach. Perhaps some bit of an explanation with recorded historical realities will make this more clear.


Everyone has probably heard the Exodus story about how the Jews were led by Moses from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land of what is today Israel. What was likely left out of the telling is that not all the Jews left Egypt with Moses. Jewish oral history notes that approximately twenty-percent of the Jews left Goshen and Egyptian rule to take what must have seemed to be a perilous trek across the desert and through numerous lands each with their own peril. The greater majority chose to remain in Egypt where food was plentiful, their days were ordered by their Egyptian rulers, and they had few decisions or responsibilities for leading their own lives. Further, Egypt, for them, was the great empire which would last forever and was the future and the easier road to salvation. One may ask what ever happened to those Jews who remained in Egypt. They assimilated and were never hear from again. Those Jews who do not heed Hashem’s call to follow the proper path will find themselves cutoff from their brothers and sisters only to perish from the history of the Jewish People. Even those who left Egypt with Moses did not all take the entire journey to the Promised Land and skipped the forty years in the desert. We know this as there has been Jewish styled artifacts found in the Greek Isles along with other items from periods well before Alexander the Great unified the Grecian city-states. These artifacts even predated the First Temple. Those who went with Moses are the lineage of the modern Jews.


After reaching the Holy Lands, the Jews had a long and fruitful number of centuries before there came a divide over who was the rightful heir to the throne after King Solomon. The kingdom split and became the northern Kingdom of Israel consisting of ten tribes and their priesthood and the Kingdom of Judea which consisted of two tribes and their priesthood. The northern kingdom was conquered by the Assyrians and was lost until modern times and was referred to as the ten lost tribes of Israel. The southern kingdom of Judea was eventually conquered by the Babylonians. The Babylonians fell to the Persian Empire led by Cyrus the Great who allowed the Jews to return to the Promised Land and were told to rebuild their Temple. Once more we are told that a mere twenty-percent of the Jews returned with the remainder enamored with the greatness of Persia. These Jews were all but assimilated believing that Persia was the entire future of humankind. These Jews got a reality check from which we get the story of Purim. Hamas convinced the king that the Jews were disloyal and supported their kingdom over his rule. The king ordered that the Jews be exterminated only to find out his queen was a Jewess. The king them allowed the Jews to defend themselves on the ordered day for their extermination and the Jews prevailed. Still, these Jews did not all immediately pick up and head for Jerusalem. A mere pittance, a remnant, chose to return to the Promised Land.


Persian Empire Capital of Persepolis

Persian Empire Capital of Persepolis


Persia fell and on came Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire. Once again, there were a large percentage of the Jews living in the Promised Land who were mystified by the Greeks and their philosophy. These Jews were referred to as Hellenistic Jews though their attachment to Judaism was far from perfect. Many Jews became so overcome by the Greeks and they believed that this was the end of history and surely the Greek Empire would rule the world. Well, then came Rome and the Roman Empire with its glory and wealth and again Jews left their faith in the belief that this must surely be the new age which would last eternally. These Jews disappeared when Rome fell or held out until Byzantium fell. The Jews who have remained loyal to their faith, as well as any other Jews the Romans felt were undesirable, were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire with some sold into slavery to peoples outside of the empire. This was largely responsible for the Jews ending up spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Here again, the Jews ended up split into two separate groups each with their own difficulties. Many are very familiar with the trial and tribulations faced by the Jews across Europe and Russia. They faced pogroms, forced conversions, inquisitions, purifications and expulsions often sending them almost all the way across Europe seeking a safe refuge to restart their lives. The Jews who lived in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were soon ruled by the Caliphate as the Islamic Empire spread across the MENA region. These Jews also faced persecution which is seldom recorded in history as the European historians accepted what they were told by the Muslims as the reality and that everybody lived in peace and harmony. This is what is referred to as Taqiyya. Jews under Islamic rule, same as Christians, were persecuted and faced forced conversions. Whenever things went awry and times were difficult, whether in Europe or under Islamic rule, the Jews were often the scapegoat and faced threats to their existence often resulting in mass executions. Such times could be economic, a plague, famine, floods or any calamity whether manmade or natural. The difficulties faced by these Jews resulted in many converting both under duress and by choice seeking to improve their lives. Even after conversion, former Jews were watched with suspicion that they were secretly practicing Judaism, and some actually were such as the Moranos of Spain during the Inquisition.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms


The Jews residing in the region of MENA faced the perils of the Islamic and later the Ottoman Empires with the additional challenges Jews faced virtually everywhere on the globe. The Jews of Europe spread to the New World along with their respective countries as they established colonies. This simply served to spread the Jews even further around the world. Back in Europe, the Jews faced new threats and found new saving ideas and movements which they joined often with great hopes. One such cause was Communism which a number of Jews supported believing the ideals of community and shared property would bring equality and they expected acceptance. That was short lived as Stalin would enact numerous laws which victimized Jews and the Soviet Pogroms were just as horrific as were the pogroms under the Czars. The one deception which can be attributed to the Czars was the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What was one of the most damning things about the purges of Jews by Stalin and the Holocaust by the Nazis was the fact that Stalin blamed the Jews for the rise of fascism while Hitler blamed the rise of Communism on the Jews. Often, when looking at Jewish history, it is a story of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Also as part of the Jewish history in Europe, it included being forced from the British Isles, the Spanish Inquisition, the purification of France and of Italy and numerous other persecutions by one nation after another. The Jews were blamed for the plague, droughts, economic difficulties and even for practicing the only trades they were permitted, as most European nations forbid Jews owning land as land equaled wealth. The main profession other than trades of smithing, tailoring, butchering and the like, was exchanging money and allowing for trade outside of bartering as well as providing capital for investing. They were accused of usury often when a person of prominence was unable to repay their loan and decided that the solution was to blame the Jew who lent them the capital as having the Jew killed or run out of town freed them from their debt, read the Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare who wrote the tale in a period while Jews were barred from Britain. The truth is that for the most part, the Jews never saw their lives in Europe or across MENA as living in the age which was the end of history and capable of ruling the world and accepting them.


This brings us to the New World and in particular, the United States. Many American Jews believe, as their forefathers had mistakenly believed before them, that the United States was the future and the new Promised Land. This did have periods of difficulty but the United States despite not fully accepting the Jews until most recently, still allowed the Jews to enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities, even if some businesses refused to hire Jews. There was that brief but traumatic episode with General Grant and his General Order No. 11 (1862) which ordered the expulsion of all Jews in his military district, comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. General Grant laid the blame for black market activity, largely regarding cotton, on the Jews and ordered their expulsion and the confiscation of their lands and properties. The order was rescinded by President Lincoln, but not before most of the damage was done. After the Civil Rights movement gained equal rights for minorities, the Jews became convinced that at long last they had found the new age and the perfect land where they could remain and live in perfection. There have been some number of American Jews who have made Aliyah and live in Israel, probably well under twenty-percent which has historically been the norm. The Jews were not alone this time in their belief the time for the end of history has arrived. Francis Fukuyama, an American political and economic scientist, wrote a book titled, “The End of History and the Last Man” after the fall of the Soviet Union claiming that war and human conflict were not likely in the future as Capitalism had proven superior and there were no future discordances as all the important and potential for conflict had reached their definitive solution. He claimed that with the fall of Communism and the Soviet Union and the end of Fascism after World War II, all the opposition to liberal democratic capitalistic philosophy had been eliminated. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Fukuyama has reached a momentous conclusion, he has postponed the end of history.


There has been a rise anti-Semitism throughout the Western World and beyond. Most of the nations within MENA expelled their Jews after the founding of Israel in protest of the founding. This may have backfired as these over three-quarters of a million Jews into Israel and their descendants make up approximately half of the Israeli population. As an aside, we have seen the mixing of the European Jews with the MENA Jews which will make Israel truly a nation of a united and unique Jewish nation. There have been genetic studies which have shown that the European Jews are genetically similar with the same genetic roots as the MENA Jews. The similarity was to such an extent that those who conducted the studies were shocked at their findings as they were expecting that these two groups which had been separated for almost two millennia would definitely have departed genetically and it was next to impossible. Their conclusion decided that the Jews placed such an importance at marrying within the faith, that despite their residing apart would have led to their drifting apart through intermarriage and other means which would have led to genetic differences. The remaining Jews outside of Israel now reside predominantly in Europe and North America with pockets found spread around the globe. This is why the rise in anti-Semitism is mostly relegated to these two areas as well as the few pockets. This was brought to a head with the recent blowup over the anti-Semitic tropes used by recently elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Despite this extremely public display, it has had a fairly little if any effect in the American Jewish community. Many Jewish communities within the United States are, unfortunately, excessively insular where they act very much as an echo chamber which ignores much of the outside world beyond their work. This was just the apex of the rising anti-Semitism which was evidenced by rising attacks on Jews in Brooklyn in some of the most heavily Jewish areas. These attacks are simply the tip of the iceberg which is being underplayed by the American Jews as it impinges upon their belief that the United States is the Promised Land and it will be the great haven for Jews forever into the future. If only they were correct, such would make even the Jews in Israel happy, as we want only the best for all of our brethren.


The one quirk is that most of the Jews in Israel also see America through rose-colored glasses thinking that it is a golden land. Apart from they are correct, that is now and we can only wonder about the future. Were this to be true, it would be the first nation in history to break the Tytler Cycle (see below) which presents the stages societies have historically followed. Many of the ancient societies only were able to go around this cycle once before they were overrun by the next rising empire on their initial pass around the Tytler Cycle. The Jewish people have been around this circle far too many times and should have learned, but Jews are optimists if nothing else. Well, most Jews are optimists and our editor is the exception that proves the rule. But our editor is an exception in too many ways to even list. Any in-depth study of history proves the validity thus far in human experience of the Tytler Cycle, especially with the rise and fall of the early empires, the numerous rising and collapses of China and Japan, the rise and fall of the numerous European nations with some making their way around the circle more than once. There are arguments as to where on the cycle one finds the United States. The different opinions place it anywhere from Complacency to Apathy with some claiming Dependence. Jews in Israel have a view of the United States which is probably looking at her as she was a couple of decades ago and also refuse to recognize the rising anti-Semitism. Perhaps this is a blindness which has plagued Jews over all of history which would explain to some extent why they remain in nations and do not leave at the first signs that their acceptance is crumbling before their eyes. Whatever the reason, the next decade or two will be very crucial in determining whether or not the Jews have any future in the United States. Should the political climate, especially on the left where the majority of the Jews align, continue in taking the tack which recent events may be a preview, Jews will face an end to their acceptance in the United States. This will also shock the majority of Israeli Jews who believe that the United States and Israel are attached at the hip and never to part. They believe that America has always been a staunch ally of Israel completely oblivious to the fact that the United States did not begin to support Israel militarily until the early 1970’s. We know this because we have had to prove this repeatedly. This is their corollary to the belief that Israel cannot survive without the aid provided by the United States. We discussed this in depth here. As we have predicted, the day will come, and in the not that distant a future, when the aid from the United States will cease and it will probably do so precipitously and, in the eyes of most Israelis, with little or no warning signs. That is the extent of their willful blindness.


Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance

Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance


So, what are our conclusions from all of these presumed observations? This is where we often get into deep trouble. The most obvious is that America and Israel will probably go their separate ways after a messy divorce which will astonish Jews in both nations if not the entire globe. It will not be long after this that Jews start to find that they are not as welcome in many of the cities within the United States. There will be a slow but steady increase in acts of anti-Semitism in the United States only slightly lagging behind the same across Europe. Along the road to this end, the Jews will find themselves supplanted in the Democrat Party by Islamic interests. Jews will find themselves endangered on college and university campuses as one of the earlier warning signs. Synagogues will initially require guards when holding services and eventually require around the clock active protection provided by security companies who will place guards, and later armed guards, to protect them from attack. The same will occur for Jewish schools, daycares and organizational headquarters. Then their homes will come under attack and they will be advised to remove their mezuzahs from their doors for their safety as was temporarily advised for the Jews residing in the North of London or as happened in a community in San Francisco. (This article gives a summary of some of the incidents where this has occurred) With time, more American Jews will end up following their European counterparts in making Aliyah to Israel. The reality is that once the United States does turn on their Jews, other than Israel there will be no safe place to run. The world is going to spit out their Jews one region after another and the Jews in each place will be shocked and astonished with many not understanding what has happened and why they are being treated as they are. This has already struck the Jewish members of the British Labour Party despite the protestation of Jeremy Corbyn; the person one might claim is the ringmaster of the quickly rising anti-Semitism within the British left and the one facilitating the cover-up. At some point, the United States will have telegraphed the coming Jewish apocalypse when their support for Israel rapidly dries up and Israel is cast adrift by the United States. For this reason, we have advised as many as we are able to reach that Israel must begin to produce her own armaments, aircraft, ships, submarines and all other military equipment as she will soon find herself without any true friends. We realize that between nations there is no such thing as friends, simply nations with shared interests which are always subject to change. Israel is going to find that these shared interests are going to be changing and doing so rather fast unless the world takes a turn and alters its current trajectory. This coming alteration in the world and its alignments is a subject which we are likely to come back to from time to time with an ever-greater urgency as we see the approaching tipping point. Currently, this point is outside of our vision but the warning signs are so evident that its inevitability unfortunately appears to be unavoidable. Many Israeli and American Jews will be shocked by the progressing events and will refuse to believe those who predict them. Just as Jews were late in fleeing the Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, the edict in Persia, the pogroms under the Czar and the purges under Stalin in Russia and so many other periods and times when they could have avoided torture, dispossession, expulsion and death, so will they remain in denial across Europe and in the United States and elsewhere never believing it could happen here. This was the response which Ze’ev Jabotinsky met when he warned the Jews in Eastern Europe that they needed to leave and move to the Promised Land even if they had to walk the entire way when he visited in the early 1930’s. This has been the reaction we have received from Jews we spoke with about this in the United States before we came to Israel and was also the reaction we received from our gentile friends. There is one gentleman with whom we are in steady contact who also denied what was coming and has told us, “You were right again and why don’t I ever believe you about these things.” We have faith he will learn before it is too late. We just hope that the Jews in the various regions, as they turn ugly, realize in time to safely relocate and return home to Israel. One last cautionary note, even after virtually every Jew has left the world and returned to Israel, Israel will still be the nation most scorned and regularly condemned by the United Nations, its various agencies and the vast majority of the nations on the planet despite her continuing to share her advancements, discoveries, innovations, medical procedures, computing software and the other various areas where Israel is one of the leading nations in such improvements.


Beyond the Cusp


May 26, 2017

Just Try to Understand the Problem


We admit, perhaps yesterday’s article was a bit over the top to the point of borderline ridiculous. Just Try to Understand the Problem from an Israeli perspective just this once. We promise that once you fully understand how preposterously ridiculous the demands made on Israel are and the history of the actual problem that you will never view the Arab-Israeli conflict the same way again. The first thing one need understand is the Arabs know there is no such thing as a Palestinian and that they are just Arabs from any number of nations. The vast majority are from one of five countries; Egypt has the most followed approximately by Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. There are others from such as Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia, the Sudan and others even further away. But if you take in the Arab World, which consists of all the nations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), then you would pretty much have them covered with the few stragglers from Turkey and the north-central Asian Muslim nations. There are also Christians, and Druze, though they make up a dwindling number as they flee from persecution by the Muslim Arabs. Israel, it must be remembered, has an Arab population making up just over 20% of the total population with the greater majority, 90%, being Muslims with the remaining 10% of the Arabs being Christians.


So just over one-fifth of the Israeli population is Arab and these are the Arabs who took Israel up on remaining here when the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, the Arab leader who spent all of World War II working alongside and in conjunction with the leaders of the Nazi Party and even raising two SS Divisions in the Balkans where they hunted down and murdered Jews and Serbs running concentration camps and it is rumored fairly reliably that Amin al-Husseini advised the Nazis at the Wannsee Conference and may have played a not so insignificant part in suggesting and getting the Final Solution to become Nazi policy. The Mufti of Jerusalem was known to protest vehemently against the plan to deport all the Jews to the British Mandate Areas which would have seen nearly ten million Jews sent to the area and saved six million Jewish lives. The Mufti of Jerusalem preferred dead Jews to Jews living in their ancient homeland. But none of this surprised the Zionist leadership or the Jews living in the Holy Lands. Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini was appointed by the British and worked with them to import tens of thousands of Arabs into the Holy Lands such that the Jews would never become the majority. In this way, the British could continue to deny the Jews their homeland claiming they did not constitute a majority and thus could not rule the lands. The Mufti also began pogroms against the Jews with the largest taking place in Hebron which was referred to as the 1929 Hebron Massacre which had a secondary uprising of Arab on Jew violence in Jerusalem. The most interesting thing was that the British authorities and troops stood by watching and when the Arabs appeared about to attack the British, the officer in charge discharged one pistol shot and the Arabs scattered. He could have ended the pogrom at any time with such a show of force but instead allowed it to continue resulting in sixty-seven Jews killed and around sixty were wounded with untold property damage. The cause behind the riot was Amin al-Husseini claiming that the Jews had attacked the Temple Mount and had damaged and were destroying the Dome of the Rock and the Mosques on the Mount. Does any of this sound even remotely familiar?


The chant in the pogroms of the 1920’s was ‘Jews destroying the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount’ and then the chant driving the pogroms again in the mid and late 1930’s was ‘Jews destroying the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount,’ particularly the Dome of the Rock. The First Intifada was driven by calls that the Jews were attacking the Temple Mount, though they changed their wording and used Haram esh-Sharif (Arabic: الحرم الشريف‎‎, al-Ḥaram al-Šarīf, “the Noble Sanctuary”, or الحرم القدسي الشريف, al-Ḥaram al-Qudsī al-Šarīf, “the Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem”). The Second Intifada was driven by calls that the Jews were about to steal all the Arab lands and murder the Arab women. The logic behind this makes little sense as would not the reality be including the Arab men but in almost all societies the women are the more treasured and in Islam, they have that in spades. Since then the call whenever Abbas has desired stepping up the level of violence has been the Jews are desecrating the al-Aqsa Mosque. Abbas knows what he is doing as they have sold to the news crews that the Dome of the Rock can be substituted for the al-Aqsa Mosque. This permits the media to use a far more stunning and beautiful building in their reports while the truth is the al-Aqsa Mosque is a rather drab building on its exterior while the dome of the Rock has the huge dome covered in gold-filmed tiles making for a stunning picture (see pictures below). With the sun illuminating the dome making it absolutely radiant and claiming the Jews are trying to destroy this building works in Europe and around the world to cast the Jews as the destroyers of artifacts. It does not matter that there is absolutely no truth, it only matters that people want to believe the worst about Jews.


Dome of the Rock is on the Left al-Aqsa Mosque is on the Right One is Nice and Very Eye Catching The Other is Less Eye Catching thus al-Aqsa is Abused as an Armory and Used to Whip Up the Riots against Jews


Today the call to arms is the same with Abbas claiming that the Jews with their “Filthy Feet” to “defile our al-Aqsa Mosque” so “We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Allah,” (see video below). These are just some of what Mahmoud Abbas said on a television broadcast on Palestinian Authority television, a broadcast frequency controlled and gifted to the Palestinian Authority along with radio frequencies all of which they naturally refuse to pay their charges for the use of them. They believe that providing these services is amongst the numerous things that Israel owes them just for their existing. Here is the content which will be seen on the video provided by PMW (Palestinian Media Watch), “We bless you, we bless the Murabitin (those carrying out Ribat, religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic), we bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing. Every Martyr (Shahid) will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah. The Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.” Make sure to note that Abbas claims that the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre belongs to the Muslims. This is simply standard procedure that any other religion being practiced within Islamic lands are simply poor forms of Islam and the Muslim leaders own their structures and at any time may alter them until they are presentable as Mosques at which point the Christians will be wiped out or converted by the sword, convert or die, and their structures finish their transformation and become actual Mosques. Without any further ado, here is the promised brief video.



The similarity between the Mufti of Jerusalem, Nazi Sympathizer and collaborator Amin al-Husseini and his use of the Temple Mount and Islamic structures to cause Muslims to riot and murder Jews and the use of the same strategy by both Yasser Arafat during the Second Intifada and Mahmoud Abbas who currently calls for defending the al-Aksa Mosque from Jews defiling it with their “filthy feet” and conducting Satanic rituals within the Mosque to incite riots currently, often leading into Jewish holidays, using the exact same wording is just too much to be ignored as this trend of using such lies to rise up hatreds just repeats continuously with the world all but ignoring the ruse and joining Abbas in cursing Israelis, particularly Jews. This is why Mahmoud Abbas started the rioting on the Temple Mount in parallel with Jordanians demanding that Jews be banned from the Temple Mount because their presence is what is causing the rioting. The Jordanians absolutely appear to ignore Mahmoud Abbas and his instigating the riots because the two are working together to close the Temple Mount to Jews. In the past year Abbas has called for Temple Mount rioting starting just before the Ninth of Av, the memorializing the destruction of the First and Second Temples and near uncountable other catastrophes that the holiday remembers but the Holy Temples are the most important element and climbing to visit the Temple Mount on that day is of great magnitudes of importance to many, if not most, Jews, especially those in Israel. These riots continued at varying levels of intensity for over two months so as to include Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur which are also known as the high Holidays. These are another time where many would wish to visit the Temple Mount but the rioting increased a few days before Rosh Hashanah continuing through Yom Kippur with Jordan once again demanding of the Israeli government to work with the Jordanian provided Waqf which makes Islamic ruling decisions over the Temple Mount through the good graces and allowance of Israeli government as a means of proving to the Islamic world that Israel is not hostile to their religious sensitivities. Sukkot is the next Jewish holiday and is one of the traditional Pilgrimage Holidays when the Jews were required to come to Jerusalem for religious observances where the priests, the Cohens and Levites, were required to perform sacrifices and distribute the edibles as divided by instructions from the Torah. This feast might be referred to as a religious Bar-B-Q with Kosher meat and all rules of Kashrut observed by all. Once again, as Sukkot approached, the rioting increased and again Jordan claimed the reason for the rioting was that Jews were allowed on the Temple Mount and demanded that the status quo be maintained.


Here is the dirty little secret, there is no such status quo, status quo simply means that Jews be refused permission to enter the Temple Mount. After the Six Day War Jews, Christians, Muslims and anybody who desired could enter the Temple Mount from any open entrance and walk around freely. That was the original condition and thus would, if anyone was being honest about this including the Israeli government, would be the status quo. As time went and the Arab leaders learned that if they rioted and demanded Jews not be permitted onto the Temple Mount that the Israeli government quickly responded and enforced their desires, then the rioting started to increase. As the rioting would increase, when it was finally allowed to die down there would be demands that the status quo not be altered and the restriction on which entrances Jews were permitted, and later that spread to all non-Muslims, became more and more restrictive until now there is one discreet all but hidden entrance that non-Muslims must use which is accessed through a makeshift bridge which the Israelis have petitioned for permission to repair and been told if it collapsed then the Jews will have to climb the rock face of the wall to reach the entrance. Simply rendered is they will then have finally pushed the status quo to only Muslims are permitted on the Temple Mount and UNESCO will be proven correct, it will have become an Islamic Waqf, an Islamic restricted Muslims only place. This will also affect Christians and any others desiring visiting this holy and ancient site. But that is slowly becoming an impossibility. And there is one person to blame that it started in this direction, General Moshe Dayan who advised that in order to not disturb Jordan and make return of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) to Jordan to make peace the first step would be to permit the Jordanian officials who made up the Waqf to continue as the arbiters and custodians of the temple Mount. With time, they became the enforcers of restrictions and slowly increased their power and now are on the verge of making the Temple Mount into Islamic holy grounds where no non-Muslim may tread.


The real problem here is the timidity within the Israeli leadership, particularly Prime Minister Netanyahu. Often it appears that Prime Minister Netanyahu is more concerned with his remaining the virtual King by keeping the situation precariously balanced such that nobody desires taking the weight of leadership and thus as long as the Likud Party has the sole leader proven to be capable of at least not making things worse, then they will lead. Bibi Netanyahu also tends his personal garden, also known as the Likud Party, planting people who support him high on the list keeping them around him in the Knesset with a couple who appear ready to take the reigns of power should he decide to step down but also who know their power came from Netanyahu so they would never challenge his leadership. Those who would challenge his leadership and are capable of being a real challenge get buried on the listings somewhere past forty or even fifty thus never making the Knesset and soon fading from the scene, as they have no seat of power or position to garner support or media coverage. Then there are the supporting parties. Most honestly have not the ability to challenge Likud and even the strongest of the opposition parties have little chance of defeating Likud as proven in the last Israeli election where the entire reelection team which guided President Obama’s successful reelection campaign were unable to garner even mild support for the Labor Party and those who would have assisted their rule and Likud crushed them with one speech a day or so before the election by Bibi, that is the reality of Israeli politics today. Is there any hope? Oddly, the answer is yes and would require one of three events for such to become reality.


The easiest is for Jewish Home Party’s Naftali Bennett to actually run placing his party and himself as a direct challenge to Netanyahu and make a real go offering real change and a direct plan to solve the Arab situation by decapitating the Palestinian authority, sending Mahmoud Abbas to anywhere which would accept him and holding elections within six months in Judea and Samaria to establish local leaders and a central government which would be overseen by the Israeli government with the Ministers of the Economy, of Defense, of Finance, of Health, of Education, of Justice, of Transportation and of Construction all assigned to assist in the ruling of the Arab areas making sure the financial workings actually went where they would most help the people. The education system would necessarily undergo a massive transformation from incitement to actual education for a future, a productive future. The roads and utilities would undergo a complete refurbishing with new roads and power, water, gas and other utilities extended to all. People would actually be billed and expected to pay for the utilities used and they would be cut-off for nonpayment. The economy would be overhauled and the current monopoly held by Abbas’s two sons, Tareq and Yasser, would be splintered and new ownership would be arranged by choosing the best qualified from amongst the other employees who remained after the removal of the power structure of all of the Palestinian Authority which includes Fatah, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamic State, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezballah, IRGC, and other terror and foreign power’s agents. With such changes, the Arabs would actually have a future and so would their children and within a generation or two things would change so drastically that the idea of destroying Israel would mostly evaporate. But there is always the chance that Naftali Bennett is too comfortable in his position that he does not desire the challenge and responsibility of leadership. This should have the Jewish Home Party seeking new leadership. We have suggested one from amongst their ranks and a popular figure in Ayelet Shaked. When recently interviewed she was asked about just such possibility and her response was that she did see a future where she might seek to be Prime Minister but for now she desires raising her children first and maybe then taking a grasp at the golden ring. We would have only one question for Ms. Shaked, “What kind of Israel do you desire for your children. If it is a prosperous Israel without threats from within as well as without and Europe and world institutions grasping at our throats, then perhaps she might consider serving Israel as an important part of raising her children.”


Currently many of the problems facing the Israeli government are self-inflicted problems. The fact that they were allowed to develop to the point where the national security of the country is at stake and some might even claim that the nation itself is in danger of being turned upon by the world and at least the United Nations and other world institutions and NGO’s. The first step Israel need take is to institute rules whereby any NGO receiving over one third of its funding from outside of Israel, be it from other NGO’s, individuals and especially governments or world institutions such as the European Union and United Nations and its agencies, then it must seek licensing from somewhere other than Israel as they would no longer qualify as Israeli. This would include monies received from the United States even including Jewish foundations, Jewish community service groups or even Synagogues. Such restrictions would make Israeli limits on foreign capital being used in the name of Israel through various NGO’s as is currently the case, perfectly in line with the rest of the nations in the developed world, especially the ones in Europe where they are fighting such laws as they are the number one benefactors of being able to pretend their financed NGO is Israeli despite the bulk of its funds coming from European nations and funds. Another step would be to remove the current money skimming excuse for governance called the Palestinian Authority and send its leaders into exile and informing them that should they return they will face embezzlement charges, money laundering, misappropriation of government funds and a myriad of other charges with the fullest punishment possible being sought with the intent of imprisonment for the remainder of their lives. Let them understand that simply leaving and buying a villa and retiring living the good life would be advisable. Allow the individual towns and cities to elect their own leadership and have everything overseen by an elected Arab governance with Israeli oversight as explained above. And finally granting the Arabs residing in Judea and Samaria resident alien status as almost all have Jordanian passports and identification papers or their parent have such. Let them know that terrorism will not be tolerated and anybody caught and convicted of terror related crimes will be deported immediately after serving their sentenced time in prison. Further, let them know and prove through actions that Israel now considers their areas as part of Israel and services will be improved to meet those anywhere in Israel. The Arabs also must know they will be charged for power, water and other utilities the same as any Israeli and will be treated equally. They also need to know that Israeli laws now apply in all areas. The Jordanian Waqf will be given an ultimatum, either permits their decisions to be overseen by Israel or pack up and return to Jordan but they will no longer refuse equal treatment to all on the Temple Mount and that is a final decision. Lastly, the Arabs will be informed that with time there may come into being a means of gaining Israel citizenship but that all terrorism must end before that can even be considered. Lastly, Jordan will be requested to renew the passports of their former citizens and to issue passports to the children and grandchildren as requested but solely for those Arabs residing in the areas which they once occupied. Make it known that Israel is aware and can easily prove that some of the people and their families who currently reside in Judea and Samaria were forced to relocate and live there as facts on the ground making the area appear Jordanian and that this is a crime against humanity and it really would be messy for such accusations to appear in the World Court of Justice.


With time, many of the citizens who desire may actually become Israeli citizens after going through some schooling on Israeli and Jewish history such that they would understand why this area is so precious to the Jewish People and why Jews are a people as well as a religion and a nation, probably the sole people fitting all three definitions. Also, there will be those Arabs now that they can sell off their land and homes and can move freely who will desire to return to their original country where they have families and fellow tribespeople and where they would feel more comfortable. To these people Israel promises to give them some degree of aid, not enough to make then independently wealthy, but make the move more comfortable but they would also sign a promise of never returning. Israel would ask that the United States, United Nations and European Union and any other groups or nations assist these people in restoring their lives and returning home. Israel will have fulfilled her part. Even those who go seeking brighter shores anywhere in the world that, once they have received all the necessary paperwork and acceptance to immigrate, then Israel would offer them a similar assistance package to make the move easier on them. These packages are not bribes as they are insufficient in size to ever be seen as such, they are to aid the people in relocating. We assist Jews coming to Israel, often far less than they might hope, but the least we can do is assist non-Jews desiring to leave though we invite all to remain and build a bright future in Israel.


We are sure we overlooked much, and this would make a start, but first the world need stop with their mad rush to destroy our little nation. We have returned home and here we are to stay. We have yearned for centuries, millennia for some, to return to Eretz Yisroel and to Yerushalayim and now that we have, we are not moving. Remember, for the largest part, none of you desire having Jews within your borders so leave us alone within our borders. And while we are on borders, the promise was everything west of the Jordan River and short of Gibraltar, well, maybe just the Mediterranean’s edge though the next land mass is Gibraltar. Oddly enough, Israel actually desires to improve the life of the average Arab family residing in Judea and Samaria. To that end, we should remove those who are stealing any chance for a future from their children by refusing to educate them and instead inciting them making them weapons in their futile fight. They seldom sacrifice their own, but freely throw the rest of the people’s children into a caldron of fire, sacrificing them to Ba’al just as was once the way in these lands before the Jews arrived. They would sacrifice their children to a stone effigy as part of religious celebrations serving their leadership. The leaders chose their children for sacrifice from the families which they believed required an attitude adjustment. Then they held the celebration whipping all into a frenzied hysteria much like the instigation from Mahmoud Abbas does with the broadcasts on television and radio which augments the education indoctrination system. The population now consists of mostly those raised with that indoctrination but Israel is willing to attempt to salvage those they can. Retrieving those who have been raised under the throws of Ba’al is never easy. When Joshua entered these lands, he was instructed to kill all the followers of Ba’al as they were beyond being retrieved. Joshua still tried to save those who he thought were retrievable and that is how some explain the problems we face today. The Arabs living under Abbas and his henchmen need saving more than anything else and Israel is willing to give them the required effort. The world need take the first step and permit the removal of the evil within their midst, the Arabists who sacrifice innocents for their personal gain, and that is all that would be required.


Beyond the Cusp


April 18, 2015

The World Has Chosen and So Shall It Pay

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Once upon a time not so long ago Israel was the plucky little nation that could. What could that little nation the size of New Jersey do? Well, it could survive genocidal attacks from all fronts and several nations despite being grossly outnumbered and facing overwhelming odds. It could manage to have a capitalist system which included a core of social programs which cared for its people and through socialist structured kibbutzim was able to produce food and goods to such an extent as to export some of the world’s finest produce. Israel was that enigma wrapped in a puzzle surrounded by a query contained in a whirlwind of options that managed to survive. Israel used to be the proof that dreams can come to fruition and survive even against the harshest of threatening neighborhoods. So, what went awry? When did the train jump the tracks?


The answer is even more surprising than what one might imagine and so surprising that it is obviously simple, Israel was too successful and was making things work while those around the world kept falling behind by comparison. Israel was successful by taking the opposite road than the rest of the world had chosen. And Israel was pilloried by a sinister plot hatched to destroy her by the most vile measures of lies, innuendo, spite and infamy. Israel became the target upon which every nation, every peoples, every entity could measure their resentment against and join together to destroy this nation of the Jews, this Jewish entity amongst the nations of the world. Israel was to be treated to an unseen anti-Semitic assault not seen for almost two-thousand years. Israel was being returned to her former glory amongst the nations of the known world, of her known world, the nations singled out by every empire, ever conqueror, every abysmal force of contempt and evil which could arise from the human condition. Israel became the excuse for the failures of the everyman, the causation of every calamity, the target for all hatreds, disgusts, accusations, vile temperament which denied every definition as it refused to break no matter how twisted, bent, beaten or broken, Israel survived and came to return and thrive again.


It took a small amount of time before the obvious became noticed and once noticed became the raison d’etre for a hatred based in anti-Semitism but leveled at an international level equal to the forerunner which was the force spawned and inspiring the full force with which the Ancient Egyptians brought to borne against it as did subsequent powers as the Philistines, the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire. The destructive forces and vile contempt did not end with the simple dispersal of the Judean remnant of the Israelites to the furthest corners throughout the great expanse of Rome, no, Rome also continued a level of persecution against these shreds of a peoples, these shards which remained as they continued to practice and perform individually the rites which would hold them as a people throughout the coming ages.


In this Diaspora the one family of Judah, the one tribe of the Jews became two separate entities, the Ashkenazim of central Europe and the Sephardim of Spain and across all of Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) and eventually expelled from Spain with the Inquisition. Throughout these periods the Jews would face perils as they were beaten down and persecuted beginning with the immediate forces of the Roman Empire which had placed them strewn across the known world, followed by the Byzantine Empire, the Crusaders, the early Muslims in their origins of Mecca and Medina starting with the Battle of Khaybar, the Crusaders, the Caliph of Baghdad, al-Muqtadi imposition of Dhimmitude forced Jewish males to wear distinctive yellow mark upon their headgear to denote their Jewish religion and a weight around their neck marked Dhimmi and was the initial use of a yellow mark which would later become the Nazi source for the marking of Jews with the yellow star on their clothing, a series of pogroms and expulsions marked the lives of both the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim to such extents that it would be difficult to list all these events as in some cases, many probably still unknown, every Jew residing in a town, city, fiefdom or other demarked area might have been put to the sword, burned at the stake or other form of mass execution leaving no survivor to tell of the events thus passing without note unless related by the history of the designated area cleansed of its Jews.


Some of the more famous such events such as the Spanish Inquisition where Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism and if suspected of continuing to practice Judaism stealthily within the confines of their homes they were dragged into the street or town square and executed often in as horrific a manner as possible. Across Europe the Jews were often burned at the stake or murdered in other manners or simply expelled as the plague struck the Jewish sections of towns nowhere nearly as hard as it did the Christian areas due to the regimented cleaning of the Jewish homes annually for Passover when removing Chametz (leavened breads cakes etc.) thus less rodents and fleas carrying the plague existed in the Jewish areas by comparison. The locals would often claim that this was due to the Jews having contaminated the Christians wells causing their greater rate of plague and a pogrom would be organized which often after torturing and murdering some of the Jews the rest were forced from their location forced to flee with what they were capable of taking with them. Jews often found their families having to decide what to take and how long they should linger packing and remain safe.


In more modern times the main persecutions were propagated by the Czars who went so far as to write the book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which described the plot by the Jews to rule the world which was preposterous but even today in parts of the world these writings are still produced as proof of a Jewish plot to rule the world through devious and manipulative means. When the Communists replaced the Czars, despite many leading Jews assisting the rise to power, the Jews still were separated for special treatment and eventually simply persecuted outright. There was Nazi Germany and the Holocaust which destroyed over one-third of the Jewish world’s population, probably one of the greatest decimations of Jewish lives since the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel which was conquered by the Assyrians never to be recovered until modern times as these disparate tribes are being found throughout the globe and being brought back within the fold in Israel. The latest threat is growing in power and gaining weapons capable of unbelievable destruction by Iran and the outcome between Israel and the Iranian threat is still to be decided. It is looking more dire each passing day and one wonders how Israel will be able to find a path for her survival once again.


Facing the hatreds and attempts of continued decimations the individual Jew remained an identity always apart, always different, always struggling and striving towards that promised day their scroll, their Torah gave hope to the belief that eventually the dry bones would face one final crushing blow from which they would miraculously begin to grow sinews as they reassembled in the form of human skeletons and would grow flesh and appear as the flesh and bone remnants of a people from the Holocaust, the Shoah, and would grow muscles and return to their national homelands where the early Zionist had already gathered and prepared for their arrival. And then came the great purges throughout the rest of the nations of the world, the nations of MENA and the Sephardim followed on the heels of the Ashkenazim and were brought into their homelands and rejoined their family. The dry bones finally regrown were capable of further miracles every day and as the miracles grew and so the favor from what many referred to as the fates, but we knew was G0d our Father and our Staff when we grew weary and in need of support and Who would give us the power to wield that staff when set upon by other nations and once again His favor did shine upon us. The miracles happen in small increments daily with the little miracles, those miracles which explain the otherwise unexplainable because, as Torah teaches us, there is no such thing as coincidence, luck, or happenstance; just G0d’s will to shower every single day with His saving grace and love.


Then there are the much larger miracles, the ones we hear and can only take in the shock of the magnitude of certain unexplainable events. The victory in the Six Day War in June of 1967 was an obvious series of miracles as virtually everything went as well or better than expected. Even the altering of plans to fight on an additional front upon Jordan entering the conflict on the second day, or later during the first twenty-four hours, was successful and did not hinder the front against Egypt from where the reinforcements were redirected to go into Jerusalem where they made our sacred home back in Israeli hands. There was the eventual victory in the Yom Kippur War in October of 1983 when initially it appeared as if Israel was to be overrun. Then there was an utterly inexplicable event which was but a single instance which could have ended so poorly but whose circumstance was as beyond belief as was the saving grace which a battery of the Iron Dome system were to witness. We first reported on this event in our article How to Fight Terrorist Fanatics Unless You’re Israel where we quoted the story as reported in Israel Today titled “Iron Dome Operator: God Moved Missile We Couldn’t Hit”. Here is the story once again;


“A missile was fired from Gaza. Iron Dome precisely calculated [its trajectory]. We know where these missiles are going to land down to a radius of 200 meters. This particular missile was going to hit either the Azrieli Towers, the Kirya (Israel’s equivalent of the Pentagon) or [a central Tel Aviv railway station]. Hundreds could have died.”

“We fired the first [interceptor]. It missed. Second [interceptor]. It missed. This is very rare. I was in shock. At this point we had just four seconds until the missile lands. We had already notified emergency services to converge on the target location and had warned of a mass-casualty incident.”

“Suddenly, Iron Dome (which calculates wind speeds, among other things) shows a major wind coming from the east, a strong wind that…sends the missile into the sea. We were all stunned. I stood up and shouted, ‘There is a G0d!’ I witnessed this miracle with my own eyes. It was not told or reported to me. I saw the hand of G0d send that missile into the sea.”


Now, that was a miracle similar in kind and impact which was Bible worthy as thousands of lives were spared and the lack of other explanations was impossible. This was evidence of the hand of G0d at work as a pick-up in the wind is insufficient to move a rocket that far off its trajectory that late in its traverse such as to push the rocket a mere few feet but over a mile from its course in the final half mile or less of its traversal to target. What better place to end this article than with the realities of the force and faith in the L0rd our G0d and G0d of the universe for all people to love and share his love and acceptance of each and every last one of us no matter our past as long as we are making efforts to improve ourselves and be a shining example in His eyes.


Beyond the Cusp


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