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December 13, 2015

Israel or Palestinians, the World Gets No Voice


The Arabs invented the Arab Palestinians with the assistance and mission statement and plan of assault by the KGB bringing the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) placing two holocaust deniers, Yasser Arafat as the titular head and Mahmoud Abbas as the financial administrator, planning organizer and any other required challenges needed addressing to perform any terror attacks in any position required which eventually made Abbas to take over the lead role after Arafat died mercifully in a French Hospital. The PLO was founded in 1964 with its charter calling for their to make a Palestinian State on the occupied lands from the 1948-9 War of Annihilation which failed to rid the Arabs of this Jewish State which was their chosen nemesis despite the Jews repeated pleadings to live in mutual efforts for the improvement and enrichment of both Arab and Jew. Such did turn out to be a workable effort inside Israel after the initial war which the Jews and Zionists who were working with the Arabs who remained within Israel during the near two years of war; some even aided the effort in defending the nascent state of Israel and even fighting alongside against the invading armies of seven Arab nations and a few militias such as the Arab Palestine Brigades under the command of the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini. One interesting fact about Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini is that he spent World War II as a host of the hierarchy of the Third Reich including the Führer Adolph Hitler, Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (SS) Heinrich Himmler, and other leaders and people of influence and was charged with coordinating Arab assistance against the Allies and making broadcasts into the Arab lands to coordinate such actions. He was also placed in command of two SS divisions he formed from Muslims in the Balkans who were used in rounding up Jews, Roma, and Serbians who were sent to the death and work camps in the Balkans and southern Poland. There have been rumored reports claiming that the Mufti had influenced the discussions at the Wannsee Conference from which the Final Solution was implemented. Further, the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini was instrumental in the rioting which claimed numbers of Jewish lives in Hevron and Jerusalem throughout the 1920s and 1930s making radio broadcasts on the British provided radio broadcast systems to incite Arab rioting by claiming the Jews were defiling the al-Aqsa Mosque by holding their Satanic services and were then going to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. His broadcast should be somewhat unnerving as they were almost identically copied by over the past months by Mahmoud Abbas. But such should be expected as Yasser Arafat claimed the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini as his Uncle and inspirational figure after which he modeled his life, unfortunately all too well.



Interesting Facts About Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini Was He Spent World War II as a Host of the Hierarchy of the Third Reich Plus Adoptive Nephew and Future Torchbearer Yasser Arafat

Interesting Facts About Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini Was He Spent
World War II as a Host of the Hierarchy of the Third Reich Plus
Adoptive Nephew and Future Torchbearer Yasser Arafat



So, back to the founding of the PLO in 1964 whose charter set as their goal to conquer all of the occupied lands of the Palestinian Arabs and after cleansing the lands of the Jewish infestation, turn the occupied lands over to the Jordanians as Jordan is the homeland of the Palestinian Arabs. There was no idea of an independent Palestine, just the eradication of the occupied lands in 1964, three years before the Six Day War and Israel’s gain of the lands east of the Jordan River. The occupied lands then were all of Israel as that was what the Arab League and the Arab world referred to the lands not conquered in 1948-9 in what according to the Arabs was to be a War of Annihilation where the Jews would be driven into the Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and left to drown. The Jews of Israel was so relieved and elated to have survived this war that it was named by Israel as their War of Independence. The lines which would be formed three years later to refer to the old border before Israel actually won back the lands she lost in that original war plus took the Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula were called the Green Line. The Green Line being an armistice line had no actual meaning as a border, exactly what the Arab forces demanded as part of the armistice as they did not desire Israel have any set border. The problem is Israel has had a number of borders over the last three-thousand years plus some of which actually were the Jordan River. The Jordan River as a border came about after the British took the lands west of the Jordan to build the Palestinian Arabs a state of their own. When after the 1948-9 war ended and Jordan occupied the Jewish areas of Judea and Samaria they expelled the Jews off their lands and threatened them with death if they refused to relinquish their lands. Jordan immediately deeded these Jewish lands to people from their military in order to assure the Jewish claim was superseded. There have been cases where just such an award of the land was held up as valid voiding an older claim and deed presented by the Jewish family before the Supreme Court. These things too will be straightened out with time. So, from the beginning the charter of the PLO was to conquer the remainder of the lands east of the Jordan River driving the Jews into the Sea.


It was after the First Intifada which was ordered by Yasser Arafat from his Tunisia exile that Leftist working with fellow leftist arranged for the Madrid Summit which led to the Oslo Accords. It became apparent that the entirety of the Oslo Accords was a complete sham as almost immediately after the return of Arafat and his PLO that nothing he had agreed to implement were going to be put into acts while the leftists peace at any costs no matter how many dead lay strewn across the path were going to hold Israel to every last promise made in order to gain Arafat’s lies and duplicity. Meanwhile there was the change of the PLO into Fatah political party and the Palestinian Authority (PA) which was to be the replacement for the PLO and be Israel’s peace partner. This sham was signed into implementation in September of 1993 after which Israel provided the PA Security Forces with weapons in order to carry out their task of ending terrorism. This was an interesting proposition as these security forces were comprised largely by the terrorists themselves. Soon after the implementation of the Oslo Accords it became furtherly evident that Yasser Arafat was using the terminology of a security force to amass an army which would be armed and even trained by Western liberal fools who would leap at any idea which contained the word peace anywhere in the explanation of the venture. Meanwhile the main stage of the ruse took shape very quickly. While Arafat was amassing a well-armed and well-trained militia the peace side of the accords dragged forward. It became apparent that peace was not the true end of the negotiations but rather collecting Israeli concessions. At almost every opportunity Arafat took offense at some insignificant item which he would blow into a major incident and demand compensations or he would end the talks immediately and return to terrorism as the only path to gain his goals. Of course nobody ever asked Arafat or Abbas after him to define their goals; it was just assumed that the Oslo Accords was all about two states living side-by-side in peace and security. Arafat and Abbas were not about that and that became apparent when Arafat received a surprising offer at the Paris peace talks where Arafat had lain out his demands which he was assured the Israelis would never accept, namely all of Gaza, over ninety percent of the ‘occupied’ areas of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and all of the Old City. He assured and promised President Clinton that should Israel meet these demands then peace was not only possible but all but attained leaving only a signing ceremony at the White House. President Clinton pressed Prime Minister Ehud Barak who finally caved and willingly met every last demand in the offer by Arafat. When Arafat was presented the Israeli agreement to all of his demands something very telling happened, Arafat stormed out of the early morning meeting without a word and got into his waiting vehicle and sped off without so much as answer to the offer, his demands in the form of a treaty, he knew he had set his own trap and now wanted to escape and get as far away as he could from the monster which had turned on its master, Israel had agreed to his demand, now there was nothing left to do but poison the waters. This Arafat did by initiate with the Second Intifada which had been planned to be implemented immediately after the talks failed. Their almost succeeding was never foreseen by Arafat; so it was still too early to begin the violence as it required a triggering point, an excuse, thus the period of waiting for the right moment began. That impetus was provided by the visit by Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount. Arafat’s minions in the PA government arranged and approved every last step of the visit knowing it would be used as the tripwire for the Intifada which over its five years caused over a thousand Israelis their lives and smashed any hope of peace. When order was finally restored the peace process had been returned to square one and more Israeli concessions were now to be required along the way with the talks moving in spits and starts with demands all along the way to continue the talks or to lure the PA back to the talks. The death of Yasser Arafat did not provide to make the path any easier despite the Arafat clone in a suit, Mahmoud Abbas.


The Second Intifada was never closed by the PA; they planned on milking it for all it was worth. That ended when the IDF entered into Judea and Samaria and forcefully ended the attacks by disarming the snake. Unfortunately the idea of peace of two states side-by-side living in peace had such a Kumbaya feel to it that it had taken on a life of its own. Western leftists grabbed on to it as their mantra which was to be used to chant down any rational actors who saw the irony of the entire farce. Still today with the entire Middle East in flames and only Israel not having faced a large Arab insurrection, the continued watchword out of the duplicitous Obama White House is the two states for two peoples mantra with its purveyors feigning blindness refusing to see what has become blatant in the Western World’s face, incitement and hypocrisy by Abbas and the rest of the officers of the PA. The PA has all but disbanded and is threatening Israel with allowing not just Hamas, but also Islamic State to replace the PA as Abbas and his cronies speed off into the sunset with their trillions of dollars stashed in their Swiss bank accounts, and off to some plush European hideaway to live out their lives in peace, or so they are planning. They may find that their funds prove to be too much of a lure for the leaders of the Islamic State who may demand the stolen funds be returned at least in part in exchange for the safety of those remaining in retired exile. Still, Abbas may be felled by that greatest of all temptations, greed. Should he fall astride of this temptress, he may find her wildest charms proving to be his final meltdown and his end at the hands of his replacements, the Islamic State.


Should this change of power take place, it will present the world with a difficult problem as the Islamic State has been cast as the ultimate evil and completely separate from the Arab ‘Palestinian’ terror forces against Israel as the power behind jihad in Israel will have become the same power as the Western World had already given the title of threat and scourge of the West will now also be the jihadi forces Israel will be battling. This will give the West and Israel a common foe which can no longer be differentiated and the Islamic State fighting the Western powers and also fighting Israel. This will give Israel the freedom to finally take off the gloves and deal with the problems directly and squelch them at their source. With a common foe it will take the plaintive cry that the two forces of jihad are completely separate and the same brush cannot and must not be used when painting the picture of jihad around the world. Having a similar enemy may prove unsettling to the West; it will have a very calming effect in Israel as finally the monster faced daily by Israel will be identical to the jihadi monster facing the world over. This day was inevitable as there actually was no difference between the jihadi groups faced by the forces around the Middle East and those targeting Israel. Gloves off, the world may finally be spared making the choice between an Israeli Jewish, Democratic State between the River and the Sea or an Arab Palestinian terror state there in its place as the jihadi force of the Islamic State. With Israel now a significant part of the forces being brought to bear against the Islamic State it may be but a matter of time, possibly a shorter time than one might believe to a world worth aiming for. Imagine a world without terror, it’s easy if you try, a world without senseless violence, a world for you and I. Imagine, if you will, a world where we are brethren, fighting the very same foe, imagine, Hashem willing, a world made free of threats and violence. Imagine, if you can. Imagine a world where peace spreads faster, faster than its nemesis, hatreds and violence. Imagine a world where answers outweigh the problems facing us and we can all work as one. Imagine!


Beyond the Cusp


January 19, 2011

Sarah Palin’s Sin

There is a seemingly constant stream of news reports listing the newest and various misspeaks, gaffs, inaccuracies, and purported misuse of code words or special phrases such as the recent manufactured uproar over her using “blood libel’ in reference to the media placing blame for the Arizona shootings by a madman on her use of bullseyes on a campaign map to show seats considered competitive. Every week, sometimes daily, Mrs. Palin is dragged before the court of public opinion over something she said that somebody, anybody found distasteful, erroneous, or simply questionable, often on the flimsiest of grounds. But why is Sarah Palin so often, pardon the word, targeted by the liberal media icons and foot-soldiers alike? What is her crime that makes her so viscously maligned?

Sarah Palin’s sin is not simply that she is a conservative. It is not just because she did not attend the correct high minded schools. It is not because she speaks in plain words without any pretense or air of superiority. It is definitely not because what she says is untrue as if she makes the smallest of errors in speaking you would think the world was coming unraveled due to her simple misspeak. The real reason Sarah Palin is so viscously attacked is because she connects with people who hear her message. She makes difficult and complex ideas understandable by speaking in what can be called vernacular English rather than taking on a pretentious air using obscure references and what I like to call polysyllabic linguistics, simply put, big words. What makes her connecting with everyday people in a comforting manner even more dangerous is that she is explaining the tenets of conservatism allowing people to realize that what she says conforms to what they believe. Her simple, straightforward, honest, and easy style of speaking unravels all the fear and loathing the media pushes against conservatives in an effort to scare people. The attacks are out of fear that all the extensive and duplicitous efforts to push the liberal, post-modern, secular-humanist message as the only truth on the voting public will all be for naught by the plain speaking Sarah Palin. Because she connects with real people in a real and honest way that presents the conservative, Constitutional message in an easily understood and comfortable nonthreatening manner, Mrs. Palin is a constant threat to upset their apple cart. We can’t have that, now, can we.

Sarah Palin may not be another Ronald Reagan, but that does not mean that her style and her honest and forthright manner reminds many of President Reagan. Sarah Palin’s strength goes beyond her communication style to her brave, self-assured core which gives her the fortitude to withstand the near constant assaults made against her honor, integrity, and intelligence. It takes a rare person to step forward knowing that by doing so one is guaranteed to face a maelstrom of abuse and the vindictive barbs of a hostile media. After running for national office myself, I know of what I speak. I hope to never have to face such hostile vindictiveness again in my life and I hold the greatest respect for Mrs. Palin for stepping forward day in and day out week after week knowing full well what she faces. My hat is off to you, Mrs. Palin, and my gratitude.

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January 1, 2011

International Peacekeeping Troops? Stop the Joking Please!

The idea that United Nations or NATO troops be placed in the West Bank and Gaza to keep the peace, stop terrorist attacks, and enforce an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement would be a hysterical joke if the results of such a ridiculous plan would produce such tragic ends. It is not like this half-baked idea has not been tried and proven to be worse than useless because such is the case currently with the UNIFIL troops farcical ineffectiveness at reining in Hezballah from rebuilding and rearming without even a single reported action impeding their efforts. We saw exactly how effective international troops were in the build-up to the Six Day War in June of 1967. No sooner had Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser decided to attack Israel and wipe her off the map than did he demand all United Nations Peacekeeping Troops be removed from the Sinai Peninsula and especially the Israel-Gaza armistice line. Secretary General of the United Nations U Thant immediately complied and the nations whose troops were stationed to prevent a war evacuated them with the expressed purpose of allowing a war to be initiated.

Another reality that either escapes notice or is proven to be beyond peoples ability to understand, Israel does not desire even in the slightest to have the young men and women serving in other country’s militaries to become casualties defending Israel. Not once has Israel requested foreign troops be placed in harms way protecting Israel. Unfortunately, nations and organizations have insisted Israel accept foreign troops to act as peacekeepers. Fortunately, and this is a blessing, very few of these brave souls been killed or injured when placed in such a perilous position. Israeli military commanders are fully aware that the only troops who would go to any length and take any risk to defend Israel are Israelis. Ask most Israeli commanders for their view, they are very likely to quote Rabbi Hillel famous dictum, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”

Truth be told, I doubt anyone could come up with an even more insane and problematic idea than to place innocent third party troops in the Palestinian areas with the completely misguided assumption that such troops could keep the peace. As has been proven repeatedly in Lebanon, where this plan failed so miserably in its initial implementation that the United Nations reached the brilliant idea to double down placing far more innocents in harm’s way who, when violence eventually does break out, will serve as human shields for Hezballah rocket, mortar and bunker positions. Examples of the problems caused by having peacekeepers caught in the crossfire was made evident in the Second Lebanon War where many times the Israelis refrained from targeting Hezballah positions due to their close proximity to UN buildings and personnel. This sad excuse of an idea should be rejected by Israel because peacekeeping troops’ presence makes the IDF’s tactical considerations extremely problematic. Furthermore, the last thing Israel needs to place her in a bad light and further erode any semblance of friendship with many countries would be having those countries soldiers coming home in caskets and body-bags. Please, remove placing peacekeepers to protect Israeli concerns from your list of bright ideas; it really is not that bright an idea. Thank you.

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