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March 14, 2019

Anti-Semitism and a World Committing Suicide


We would like to begin this article by naming the name of an anti-Israel Jew who has spent much of his life within the State Department and backing the Deep State. His diatribe this time covers from his statement that, “Like it or not, the Golan Heights are Syrian territory.” He continued on Twitter following up with, “Israel cannot give them up now given its legitimate security concerns. But to recognize Israel’s annexation of territory that is not its own is to play with fire for partisan political purposes. No Arab state will accept it.” Well, there’s a risky statement right out of the box. “No Arab state will accept it,” the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights, which is history as Israel formally annexed the Golan on December 14, 1981. As far as any Arab state, recognizing this move, how about telling us when any Arab state has recognized Israel’s right to exist? But former United States Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk under President Clinton and then briefly under President George W. Bush while he sought his replacement, is no stranger to making statements critical of Israel. Much of his angst against Israel is purely political as he loves Israeli governments which make concessions after concessions in return for nada but he develops a serious disdain when a more Zionist government takes power as Indyk is a huge supporter of the two-state solution retreating to the Green Line. Indyk is a good Deep State, State Department operative where hating Israel is policy. Unfortunately, Indyk is far from alone, he is simply from the halls of the government often wielding power over policies which can have such devastating effects should they ever actually be implemented. The State Department opposed recognizing Israel when she declared statehood, but fortunately, President Harry S. Truman had a mother who raised him with a bible in her hand and taught him that Israel was, is and should always remain the Jewish State.


Martin Indyk

Martin Indyk


American Jews, including prominent figures like Naomi Klein, have signed an open letter in support of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. You cannot make these things up nor is it difficult to find these dangerous types. Their letter went on claiming that she has been “falsely accused of antisemitism” and that there was nothing anti-Semitic about calling out the “noxious” role of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in American politics. They continued claiming, “The pro-Israel lobby has played an outsized role in producing nearly unanimous congressional support for Israel”, and slammed AIPAC and other lobby groups including the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the fossil fuel lobby for its “anti-democratic” legislative influence on US politics. We understand from where these Jews arise, in the far-left who believe that conservatives, Zionists, nationalists and anything which opposes the furthest leftist dreams of the Democrat Party are simply evil and must be eradicated from having any voice in the political arena. Finally, the letter finished by saying “We thank Ilhan Omar for having the bravery to shake up the congressional taboo against criticizing Israel. As Jews with a long tradition of social justice and anti-racism, AIPAC does not represent us.” and called on other Jews to sign the letter. Well, imagine that, a pro-Israel and mildly Zionist lobby, AIPAC, is not their cup of tea, one can only guess where else they have problems with Israel.


Leo Ferguson, the movement-building organizer at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, expressed hope that the concern about Ilhan Omar will result in a teaching moment for America stating, “The opportunity here, if we take it, is for all of us to become much sharper in our understanding of (Jewish) anti-Semitism,” and that “There is an incredibly powerful opening for white Jews to understand their deep mutual interest and potential solidarity with black people, because white supremacy is coming for all of us.” And then there are the Israeli Jews who side with Ms. Omar and leading the list is Gideon Levy, the Jew anti-Zionist who writes for Haaretz who stands squarely with Ilhan Omar. The truth and sorriest thing is we could list article after article with Jewish groups and individuals all of whom will willingly line up with any group willing to criticize Israel. For some it is political as they hate Prime Minister Netanyahu and his labeled right-wing coalitions as well as many who have hate for those Jews who are religious and follow Torah strictly and finally there are those who politically align on the left and the fact that Israel does not support the Democrat Party, and even worse, align with President Trump, makes them despicable. These Jews have a great blind spot and it derives largely from their political beliefs which claim that all customs, all religions, all political systems which are leftist socialist, and all politicians who also appear to follow the anti-Western World, anti-Judeo-Christian and secular-humanist socialist agenda must be lauded and protected from all forms of protest. Many of these individuals see no difference between their far left ideology which believes that the State should rule supreme and people follow exactly the dictates of those in power see Islam as backing a similar agenda. Many believe that Islam is a great ally and will aid in the ridding the world of Judeo-Christianity and the ethics which it introduced as Islam too desires to rid the world of the Judeo-Christian ethic. They honestly believe that once their secular-humanist allies and Islam band together and rid the world of the evils of Capitalism as it is a money-grubbing evil corrupting the world, then they can simply dance their way in and convince the Muslims to accept their secular-humanism belief system and the world will be forever a better place.


So, these leftists are cozying up next to history’s greatest killers who have actually murdered more Muslims than the rest of the world’s faiths combined. They have gone so far in deluding themselves that many wear Burkas claiming that it liberates women from being sex objects. They do not see the Burkas as demeaning of women, no, they claim that they are liberating. Many of those who stand with Islam, including the numerous deluded politicians who claim that, Islam is the religion of peace, do so and we stand astonished at their complete lack of knowledge about the Quran, the fact that there are two separate Qurans, one peaceful and one is a document for world conquest, lack any knowledge about the history surrounding Islam and many are not even aware of their own country’s historic problems caused by Islam, are simply talking in tropes provided them often by the people in the State Department and other government institutions which have been influenced by billions in petro-dollars. There has also been a great pouring of funds into the universities and colleges largely taking over the Middle East departments. There are some states where Islamic influences have taken over the public schools and choose books friendly to Islam and counter to Western culture and beliefs. These are things which the Western world need to learn and do so before it is too late. For many parts of Europe, it may already be too late as Islamic pressures have resulted in governments backing down and giving additional leeway to Islam.


What is probably the saddest of all stories are those where a leftist, either believing their own lies or simply so far gone that they willingly sacrifice innocent youth before Islam. This is performed by leftist groups and politicians who send young people into the Islamic world supposedly to advance cultural awareness and expand their horizons. Some crucial examples can be found in this excellent article which throws open the light of day on these horrific incidents. It depicts the belief which, while not solely a leftist belief, it is a predominantly leftist idea that true evil does not exist. We have some horrible news for the real world, evil is out there and not all the evil emanates from the man in the White House. Real evil often comes riding the horse of multiculturalism and the belief that the United States would be a stronger and more balanced nation if only America would allow for a broader and more diverse set of immigrants. This was what the Senator Ted Kennedy backed Hart–Celler Act of 1965was designed to do, by altering the quota system away from Europe and to the Middle East and North Africa simply by demanding broadening immigration with the aim of racial diversity. This was the start of immigration from the Muslim world which had only been broadened since and it is reaching the point where most Europeans from traditional nations from which the United States was built became taboo and peoples who had historically been adversarial were now preferred.


The leftists will destroy any and every nation which has based their history on the Judeo-Christian ethic simply because they actually believe that it is beyond time to replace the basic ethics of their society into some foreign concept because the rest of the world has to be superior and the West has a history of being evil by bringing the world into the information age. The world need to be turned onto its head simply to see what shakes out and then if it survives that, they will want to spin the world around to see what shakes out. They insist that they have a better plan for the future in which there will be no poverty, no religion, no borders and everything will be beautiful. Their alliance with Islam is simply to destroy the Judeo-Christian basis of Western society because of the evil of colonialism. They ignore the fourteen-hundred years of Islamic conquest and colonialism. Only Western colonialism is evil, Islam is the religion of peace and what they are banking the future of Europe and the rest of the Western world. The education system is not going to save the society as it has become just another venue for leftist indoctrination and produces “educated” people who have no ability to think logically. This is what is facing the world and specifically Europe and the rest of the Western nations and there does not appear to be any means of preventing this planned decline. Islam will take over the West and that will bring a swift end to much of the progress attained in the last two centuries. We know people will point to the “Golden Age of Islam” claiming that the world will simply return to such a dream world where everything will be simply great. The problem is the Golden Age of Islam lasted for as long as they conquered new lands and died as these lands became totally Islamic and there were no more people with reason, well, not sufficient people. Look and see how many Nobel Prizes have gone to people from Islamic nations and that might provide a small insight. We wish it would look brighter, but there are only very dark and threatening clouds on every horizon. A storm is brewing which may take mankind back a thousand years before it can be reversed, and that would be very sad indeed.


Beyond the Cusp


January 3, 2019

The Reality on the Universally Spreading of Anti-Semitism


We hear the tales of how anti-Semitism was historically completely found only on the right politically. The claims were that the left, the progressives were enlightened and incapable of hatred of such as it was disdainful. Why has this trope being peddled? Simple, to attempt and cleanse any guilt historically of hatred on the political left and build a structure from within which they could reflect any accusations by claiming that anyone amongst the progressive left who is caught making anti-Semitic commentary is merely an aberration, an outlier who is the exception and as such can be ignored. These will be the types of commentary made to excuse Jeremy Corbyn and his anti-Semitism. While he may lead the British Labor Party, his anti-Semitism is not really a part of the British Labor Party and thus his statements cannot be attributed to their party. The left has also forged an alliance with the new Islamic power base which is ascendant across the Middle East. This is why there have been no Islamic terrorist attacks, merely lone wolves who are insane and are not representative of true Islam. Anyone who claims that such acts are called for by the Quran are quickly attacked and told they do not understand the real Islam. They will quote the Mecca verses of the Quran while ignoring the Quranic verses written in Medina which replaced the peaceful verses they are quoting through abrogation. We wrote about this in our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


But since the left is aligning with the emerging Islam, which is being allowed to flow pretty much unchecked into Europe and was increased in their immigration into the United States under the Hart–Celler Act which was heavily pushed by Senator Ted Kennedy in 1965, the increasing anti-Semitism cannot be a surprise to any cognizant person paying the slightest attention. All of this and the recent problems which has plagued the California Women’s March Rally Canceled over Concerns that it Would be ‘Overwhelmingly White’.” Then there is the claim that the ‘1%’ has its own ‘1%’ which was displayed on the Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago which included the message “ENDING WHITE PRIVILEGE … STARTS WITH ENDING JEWISH PRIVILEGE” with the flyer pictured below. This was a program on the campus which was presented by an unknown individual or group but the form of the fliers resembles the concept from the anti-Wall Street protests and other leftist group agitprop. We wish such were isolated incidents but, as we have covered, and here are three examples with a multitude on following pages of numerous times, but it is spreading and appears to be swelling mostly on the far left.


Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago


There is still the reactionary right anti-Semitism which is so extreme and overt that it does not hide its hatred. Further, those on the paleo-conservative factions of the right are so universally hateful of any and all who are outside their preferred white and religiously acceptable group that they are easily identifiable which makes them less of a threat. Another truth is their numbers have been increasing but at such a slow rate that their threat is actually becoming a smaller percentage of the general population. The more active and far faster growing hatreds are on the far left, often simply referred to as leftists, and they have been becoming more and more acceptable amongst the left in general. What is the most troubling has been the Jews who are progressive supporting the left are ignoring the new democrats and leaders of groups on the left who have expressed anti-Semitic statements or shown great respect and loyalty toward Nations of Islam Louis Farrakhan. There are the pro-Palestinian anti-Israel individuals such as Jeremy Corbyn, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and the numerous anti-Israel NGO’s whose supporters are practicing the modern version of anti-Semitism, protesting only that the Jews are permitted to have a nation of their own and ignoring the numerous wrongs elsewhere around our world. The fact that CAIR and the BDS movement are included in the leftist intersectionality while any groups supporting Israel is excluded as we reported within our article Truth is Often Completely Different and Unfortunate where women who desired to march in the Chicago Dyke March were refused participation because they desired marching with a rainbow flag which bore a Star of David which was too Jewish, too Israeli (see image below under next paragraph).


The signs are ominous as they portend a future where anti-Semitism will become acceptable on the left being referred to as an anomaly when in actuality it had taken over the mainstream leftist positions. The denial will be that the anti-Semites on the left are merely critical of Israeli policies and not the Jews. They will claim they have friends who are Jewish and will point to Jewish groups which support the Democrat Party and leftist causes and the select few who have passed the purity test of being overly critical of Israel, particularly the Israeli government, especially if the government is right wing, nationalistic or Zionist in nature, which pretty much includes almost ever Israeli political party outside Balad Party and a few others which will never win sufficient mandates to be tasked with forming a coalition. The real misfortune is many Jews adopt an ambivalent attitude if not a distasteful one because the Israeli government does not do as they demand. For some reason they look at Israel as something which is supposed to listen to the leftist Jews in the United States and ignore the demands of the people who live in Israel. We simply shrug this off as leftist arrogance rotting their minds and blurring the fact that they could always make Aliyah and become Israelis and have a vote in the future of Israel. It is not like Israel does not have a left wing as we have even a Communist party, the Maki Party and also a left wing, social-democratic and green political party named the Meretz Party. So, should Jews on the left, be they Green, Communist, internationalist or whatever stripe, either Israel has a party they would love or they could always start their own party, that appears to be a favorite pastime here in Israel, personalities and wanna-be personalities starting their own political parties, usually around times like now, immediately before elections by about three to four months.


Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David


But the problem is not so much the fading anti-Semitism on the right; it is the growing anti-Semitism on the left. What is interesting is that if one believes that socialism is the defining principle which is the left end of the political spectrum and Zionism in Israel and capitalism defines the right, then most anti-Semitism has been from the left in much of history. In the more distant history when the monarchies were the right and the religious institutions would be the left, then it was the Church and Islamic institutions which defined anti-Semitism. More recently, the main anti-Semitic politics were the national socialists, Nazis, and the internationalist socialists, Communists, which were the anti-Semitic institutions. Yes, we realize that many like to claim the Nazis were right wing mainly because they opposed Communists, but they were a socialist institution which is simply a different form of leftist ideology of socialism. Where after World War II the anti-Semitism in the United States was part of the right who were the anti-integration politics, the reality which is mostly distorted and ignored is that it was the Republican Party which sponsored and pushed both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act and it was the southern Democrats who fought against these programs with every bit of power they held. Examples of such politicians included George Wallace, Robert Byrd and Lester Maddox, amongst others, who all fought these initiatives vigorously. The first person to fight slavery, Abraham Lincoln, was the first Republican President, another little fact which has been blurred by political propaganda which has placed the Democrats as the initiators of everything which was pro-equality in the United States. We understand that there was a long period where anti-Semitism was rampant across the entirety of the political spectrum which caused a period when the Jews were often forced to flee from their homes and flee to another nation where they would be more welcome. There are some who desire the world to return to such a period and see Israel as the main obstacle to realizing such a result, and thus another reason behind anti-Israel feelings which are obviously steeped in anti-Semitism. During the period immediately before and during World War II, the Germans believed everything was the fault of the Jew, to the Proletariat all problems could stem from the Jewish bourgeoisie, to the Arab Middle East anything can be attributed to a Zionist plot.


It is this growing anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States combined with the anti-Semitism of the Middle East and how that has been spread into much of the third-world and developing world, especially in places where socialism and dictatorial regimes have the political power that makes the existence of Israel all the more important. The apparent movement of so much of the world in their hate for Israel, and the way that also leads to growing anti-Semitism, makes Israel all that more important. Even the United States may soon start to distance from Israel after which there will be no check of a veto protecting Israel in the Security Council which will also lead to very serious resolutions minimally under Chapter 6 which does not demand sanctions or possibly military interventions brought against Israel and even Chapter 7 which puts all such actions in play which could have the United Nations becoming another central institution attempting to destroy Israel. We have already seen how the General Assembly along with the Human Right Council, UNESCO, UNICEF and other United Nations agencies have adopted excessively critical approach to Israel to the point of it becoming an obsession. Once the United States ends using its veto, as President Obama did with UNSC Res 2334, Israel would become vulnerable to any and every condemnation brought by those holding true animosity towards the Jewish State passing the Security Council would potentially bring the world against Israel. This is the reality Israel faces going forward and when such becomes commonplace, then the world will also find themselves free to bring the same condemnation leading to persecution leaving Israel as an island on the earth where Jews could find solace and protection. Such a situation in the world as we see her currently is not as far fetched as many like to believe, including numerous Jews.


Beyond the Cusp


December 31, 2018

Israeli Politics of Ineptitude and Improbabilities


Just a few weeks ago, the leader of the Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennett, threatened the governing coalition headed by Bibi Netanyahu, at a time immediately after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned pulling his Yisrael Beiteinu Party from the coalition making things shaky at best leaving exactly the minimal sixty-one mandates required to have a ruling coalition, that if he did not receive the Defense Portfolio he and his number two, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked would leave the coalition taking their party and the coalition would collapse. Well, Bibi had a heart to heart with Naftali and Naftali had a change of heart and remained in the coalition. That was a few weeks back and since then Bibi had made a recovery and again appears to be the strength of Israel, so his ruling party, Likud, collapsed the coalition sending Israel into an election cycle. This made Naftali Bennett appear weak and ineffectual after caving to and basically appearing to be played by Bibi, a position many an Israeli politician has felt as Bibi made out best in a test of wills and power. Netanyahu, if nothing else, knows exactly what everybody’s weakness is and how best to exploit their vulnerabilities.


But all of this was about a week ago and things have really gone full circle and entered the realm of the absurd. Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked recently announced their split from Jewish Home where they had been the leaders of the party and are forming a new party they are calling The New Right, no points for originality, no points for pizzazz but they do get points for simplicity and being cryptically vague. Their complaint about Jewish Home was that the party caved too often and had been played for the fool by Bibi Netanyahu, an interesting charge from the people who set the policies and were making all the decisions over the past year. But when making a fresh start in politics, you burn your bridges behind you and set fire to the castle and the fields on your way out and then try to rise above it all by standing on the very rubble you created. Since their split, the rumors have been flying from all directions and this is not what we wish to discuss, as it is basically irrelevant and all for the effects it may cause in the voting patterns of the electorate. There is always the problem of producing a new base if you cannot take the former one you had built in your last party. Thus Bennett and Shaked are striking out to claim they were hamstrung by the religious nature of Jewish Home, the religious Zionist party they had led for the past half a decade plus, and now they were going to form a secular version of Jewish Home, which in plain speak is simply another party which stakes its claim to the secular Zionist votes, the same target audience already presumably represented by Likud, but Bennett is claiming that Likud had betrayed that cause and he is the new true and completely faithful leader for the secular Zionist. That is fine as it leaves Jewish Home to be the main religious Zionist party which also welcomes secular Zionists as proven by the two people who just left and were the top two people in the party.


Now let us simply talk about some of the idiosyncrasies of Israeli politics. For some unknown reason, such as overly-inflated egos, as soon as elections are called, the right wing Zionist movement splinters into half a dozen new parties plus some old parties come back from the political hinterlands. At the head of each of these parties stands a single, or potentially two, individuals who have name recognition and who claim to be the next great deliverer of Israeli political right, nationalist, Zionist population without whom the entirety of this segment of the Israel population, a plurality if not majority, would be lost and their voices never heard. The splintering of this segment of the population to these separate great saviors results in many of these parties never reaching the threshold and thus not representing anyone and the votes they garnered were wasted on the egos of their top people. Too many of these parties attempt to claim the religious Zionist camp which would be so much better if these many parties would put aside egos and make a united stand. The best method would be to have all the right wing, nationalist and Zionist parties other than Likud to have a primary election to decide the leadership and the order in which the candidates for the Knesset would appear on their combined single list. The problem here is that most of the splinter parties are not democratic but are simply dictatorships where the leading individual or two individuals decide who will be on their list and hope to garner sufficiently well known and liked people such that they reach threshold, something made all the more unlikely as the numbers of parties increases.


Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large

Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large


The left has a similar problem but to a lesser degree. The two main political powers on the left are the Zionist Union and Meretz. There is also the Joint List which is a collection of several Arab parties, a communist group and some other parties who by banding as one garner fifteen to twenty mandates. This Joint List, as a rule, never joins any government preferring the opposition where they can condemn every action as most of their party members have openly called for the destruction of Israel replacing it with an Arab Muslim state. By the Joint List insisting they will never join a coalition, they make forming a coalition that much more difficult as now instead of sixty-one out of one-hundred-twenty, you need sixty-one from one-hundred-five or just one-hundred. On the left, there is always a struggle over who should lead the Zionist Union, which while being a union of the Labor Party and Tzipi Livni’s Hatnuah Party, is not exactly a traditional Zionist group as they favor giving the Palestinian Authority ever increasing regions of authority even, in some opinions, to Israel pulling back within the Green Line and simply surrendering the Shomron to the Palestinian Authority and taking over a half-million Israelis from their communities, homes and often jobs. Tzipi Livni’s Hatnuah Party was formed when she split from Kadima which was wilting after Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke. Kadima was a splinter group from Likud and a collection of leftist parties including Labor which was formed in order to carry out the Gaza Disengagement, and we all know how well that worked out and the obviously monstrous results with which we suffer to this day. But the left has its prima donnas as well. The main difference is that a number of these are former IDF general officers whose claim to fame was being a battle hardened soldier who knows everything about the Israeli struggle for survival. What is amazing is the numbers of these generals whose views are about as far to the left as one can get without falling off the end of the political scale. They are almost to a man, the ones who come forth to the the great leader of the leftist camps, favorable in pulling back to the Green Line and gifting the entirety of the Shomron to the Palestinian Authority and uprooting over a half-million Israelis as noted above. These are the same generals who while not running for political office are touring the United States talking to every leftist Jewish group and synagogue collecting nice fat fees while gathering contributions to the leftist political positions, mostly NGO’s favoring a complete pull out back to the Green Line, which end up being the very NGO’s which support their run to lead the nation. One would think that there would be laws against using foreign donations to run for office in Israel, and there are but the NGO’s are not covered directly and will claim they are not directly tied to these campaigns which receive their blessing and praise. There should be a degree offered in Israeli Political Theater as that is an accurate assessment of the situation, it is theater and at its best, it is also a tragedy, almost on the same level as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, or would it be King Lear. Thus far, this time around we have retired General Gant forming a party and former politician and possibly returning to head whatever party is set on committing voter suicide, Ehud Barak.


Israel is just as poll happy as the United States with an average of six or more polls coming out daily once new elections are announced. They are even more meaningless here in Israel than they are anywhere else. Many a respondent does so in an attempt to make the poll appear as ludicrous as possible which means that all too many are not leading to accurate results. Sometimes one can look at a poll and just know it is a simple reaction to a sudden and previously unexpected turn of events such as the poll the morning after Bennett and Shaked announced their departure from Jewish Home and founding the New Right, the combined tally for both parties cleared easily the numbers from two days prior had shown for Jewish Home before the split. One has to wonder if they are really pulling voters away from Likud when every poll has consistently indicated that Likud will coast to an easy victory and then form the next coalition. In other words, Bibi will get to pick his coalition and punish those who have fallen out of favor. That leads us to making two predictions. The first is that Bennett and Shaked will merge their party with Likud receiving a waver to the three-year waiting period before holding political office such as Minister in the Knesset. That is the weaker of our two predictions. Our other prediction is that Bibi Netanyahu is on the verge of pulling an Ariel Sharon and completing his inexorable, tendentious and tediously slow slide leftward and away from traditional Zionist views to those views of the leftist camp. This will lead Bibi into making a coalition which will be made up by Likud along with Yesh Atid, Shas, Yisrael Beiteinu, Gesher (split from Yisrael Beiteinu) and last but not least Benny Gantz’s Hosen L’Yisrael giving Bibi a sixty-three to sixty-seven coalition mandate and forming a slightly left of center government. It would not surprise us if the Zionist Union would not request to join such a coalition which would simply be icing on the cake and pushing the coalition numbers up to around seventy MKs.


We told you that Israeli politics is seldom what it appears to be from the outside. One of the reasons that we can foresee such a move to the left by Bibi Netanyahu, often seen as a lion of Zionism, though how is beyond our ability to fathom, is something he said once himself. He claimed that one of his mentors was Ariel Sharon and that he believed that Sharon showed integrity and strength. Sharon also showed another making the slide to the left and he gave up Gaza creating the problems being faced today in southern Israel and the Hamas threat goes much further than just southern Israel as their largest rockets can now reach Haifa. Could it be that just as Sharon did before him, Bibi Netanyahu will be the one to completely compromise Israeli security and gift the Palestinians a state overlooking the heart of Israel. The only thing which could prevent such would be for some of his hand-picked Likud members to revolt and bring down the government standing to oppose such a disaster. Then there is always the possibility that Bibi could then do as Sharon did and make a new party out of the remnants from Likud and bring in everyone who would permit such a sacrifice of Israeli sovereignty and security all in the false name of peace, as it will bring war and not peace. The precedents are all there and of late Bibi’s actions, or lack thereof, have begun to spook us as he all too often appears ready to make good on his June 14, 2009 Bar-Ilan Speech where he stated, “In my vision of peace, in this small land of ours, two peoples live freely, side-by-side, in amity and mutual respect. Each will have its own flag, its own national anthem, its own government.” Many had hoped that statement was a simple bromide to appease a hostile and unappeasable American President Obama. But our fear comes from the apparent reluctance of Bibi to act by annexing Area C at the very least if not the entirety of the Shomron while Israel has a President in the White House and his United Nations Ambassador who both would give Israel cover for such an act. But Bibi appears too hesitant as if he awaits permission to act which is not leading but simply taking commands from foreign interests, not a viable means for ruling a nation successfully. May we be proven wrong because giving the Palestinian Authority the ability to rule and rain down rockets on the greater Tel Aviv metropolis would lead to a war of proportions which would quickly spread to Gaza and then Lebanon as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezballah all joining in an attempt once more to eradicate Israel. Heaven forbid such a calamity for both Israel and her antagonists.


As for the remainder, we will need to wait for the elections. It is our concern that Jewish Home (our preferred party) does not suffer setbacks because of the grandstanding of our former top two going it in a new effort taking with them at least one and as many as four other of our MKs as this is a blow. The good side to this is that we will not be bound to gift top spots to any single individual and the primary elections will also choose who will lead the party, a true democratic forum is coming which could breathe some fresh faces into the top positions of power. With change comes opportunity. We can only hope that Jewish Home takes this opportunity to grow stronger and present an open and welcoming face to the public at large. We will always favor the annexation of the lands which were promised to the Jewish People in the Mandate. We desire no more but also no less. The Arabs residing in these regions should be offered three alternatives from which they can choose. The first offer is to take what you desired and the Israeli government will arrange transportation to your desired location as well as provide you with a monetary package for you to use to assist your move. The second alternative is that you may remain within Israel and be able to vote in your local election but not in the national elections and be considered a resident legal alien citizen. You will be obliged to live by the Noahic Code and obey Israeli laws or face deportation. Immediate deportation will be handed to anyone attempting to or actually carrying out an act of terrorism. That will receive zero tolerance. The final choice is made by refusing the first two. That places you in the position of opposing the right of Israel to exist as the State of the Jewish People and as such, you have chosen to be at war with the Jews of Israel. We must inform you that this will be a war whereby we will follow the rules from Biblical times. We hope that is frightening enough for you to at the very least consider taking advantage of offer number one as your current path will result in your no longer having the capability of choosing anything. That is what a war under Biblical rules means. We are to present the first two choices before implementing the third and the fact we are not simply asking the leadership of the Palestinian Arabs is because we get the impression that you all do not represent the average Arab and further, when these people are choosing their future, wherever they choose, you Mahmoud Abbas and those who have assisted your terroristic ways will already be removed from the scene. This is the path to liberation for Israel and the Arabs receive improved living conditions and freedom to choose their new leaders at the local level. With time, the Arabs who decide to remain may be granted full Israeli citizenship providing they meet certain prescribed goals. There cannot and will not be any Arab statehood west of the Jordan River, as any such state would pose an existential threat to Israel and her people as it would be able to operate as the staging area within Israel which any enemy, such as Iran, could attack while not being required to cross the Jordan River or breach the cliffs on either side. The Jordan River valley is a natural barrier protecting Israel from any eastward origins of attacks.


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