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December 4, 2018

The Democrat Party has a Religion


This religion is something rather new and special. The most notable of its elite members include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who have been all the rage in the news as part of the latest “Year of the Woman” and two are members of the latest surge in leftist politics, the Democratic Socialists. This formerly fringe wing of the Democrat Party also had an impressive showing in state elections. The best known Democratic Socialist used to be Bernie Sanders, but with the success of the youth from the party, you can bet good old Bernie will be tossed onto the trash heap of history while these more newly minted leaders take to the fore. The Democrat Party itself has been slowly but inexorably sliding leftward as was made obvious by the impressive showing of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries for President against Hillary Clinton. There have been claims, never echoed by Senator Bernie Sanders, that Hillary only won the primary election through cheating, slight of hand, party suppression and backroom deals and other shenanigans. Cheating in elections by the Democrats, who could have ever imagined such a thing. What is frightening is that these Democratic Socialists are not the only ones out on the farthest left limb of the political tree, they are joined by stalwarts such as Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee as well as some lesser known names like Kara Eastman, Susan Wild, Scott Wallace, John Fetterman, Jan Schakowsky, Pete Stark, Bob Filner and here are fifteen Senators who voted with Senator Bernie Sanders 95% of the time or greater; Sherrod Brown, John Kerry, Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse, Patrick Leahy, Tom Harkin, Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Durbin, Jeanne Shaheen, Ben Cardin, Frank Lautenberg, Jeff Merkley, Barbara Mikulski, Roland Burris and Ted Kaufman. These are all members of the Democrat Party in Congress who have bonafides as leftists; those so far to the left they cannot even see any Republican with whom they could share any positions.


Not to be outdone, over the years the Republican Party has slid leftwards as well and currently stands for issues more similar to any 1954 Democrat Congressional candidates than to the majority, if not all, of that year’s Republicans running for Congress. The entirety of the United States political structure has moved leftward and by doing so has alienated a large segment of the American people, especially the voters. This is partly why Donald Trump was elected President; he was the closest thing anybody had seen to a true, through and through candidate with core conservative positions. That brought out the vote from large, Yuge even, numbers of true conservatives as they were finally excited by the positions stood for by a candidate for President. What was another reason is they saw a conservative who knew how to fight like a leftist and who did not meekly hide from controversy and gave as good, if not better, than he got. This has infuriated the Democrats and especially their most leftist voters who came out in droves for the midterm elections. All things being even, the election was closer to a draw than a victory for either side. Trump improved his hold on the Senate which will permit his nominations to move forward while the Democrats took back the house which will place stumbling blocks before the President in everything he attempts to do and is also likely to bring charges of Impeachment against the President, charges which will die in the Senate thus they are mostly to satisfy the leftists demands that at least the charges be brought forward.


The real problem with those on the far left is that it is no longer a political position, as it has become their religion. Their politics has developed a dogma from which one may not deviate otherwise they will be ostracized and be shown similar dishonor as one would have shown any heretic who had been excommunicated in the Middle Ages. We have discussed how those showing up to the Chicago Dykes March in 2017 flying the Rainbow Flag with a Star of David emblazoned upon it were refused permission to march as they were opposed to BDS and the replacement of Israel with an Arab state, and how the next year at the same march they were again rejected while many marched with the flag of the Palestinian Authority. This leftist religion has as it basic belief structure socialist politics mixed with Secular Humanistic doctrine. They have taken the approved of political policies and intertwined them into one megalithic position which they call Intersectionality. Through this definition, the numerous approved political positions are protected from being denigrated by contamination of those unapproved political positions. Intersectionality rules out any political positions which support Israel even within the Green Line. This was decided by Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez, all supporters of Louis Farrakhan. Part of their refusal to allow anything Israel is anti-Semitism in its finest. Many of those who have adopted the religion of leftist political dogma demand that anyone who has a Jewish background take rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Zionist positions, sometimes requiring that they sign affidavits proclaiming their opposition to all things Israel. There is no other nation anywhere on or off planet Earth where any similar demand is made to refute any support one might have. That makes this entire Intersectionality and leftist positions and the Democratic Socialist wing of the Democrat Party squarely anti-Semitic because of these positions and demands.


Those who desire to join the Democratic Socialists and adopt their far leftist doctrine are entering into a quasi-religious order in which many of the membership are watchers who enforce the purity of mind and heart of all members turning upon any who have even a momentary slip and potentially taking a wrong position. They have strict codes of belief and dogma which makes demands that the members place nothing before the positions of their party hierarchy. Everyone is forced to support all the approved positions with the same exuberance as they have for their own most closely held views. They also are required to emote equal hate for every political position which is unapproved by the high priests of the far left. When it comes to President Trump, for him only the greatest rejection and animosity to an extent that they have uncontrolled bouts of antagonism bordering on violence against any television upon which his visage appears. Their religious celebrations are, in many ways, very reminiscent of the “Two Minutes of Hate” George Orwell’s novel 1984 where Emmanuel Goldstein has been replaced by President Trump or Israel; they are of relatively equal evils. Imagine the Intersectionality Temple where one prays through sheer unrestrained and unending spite is heaped upon the mere representation of President Trump placed before the pews. Here is where your true path to acceptance is won. This is where you make your commitment to support only those causes which further the liberation of those selected minorities who have been deemed downtrodden and where you take out the proper revenge against the Christian, white males as they have held power and suppressed all others. Here is where you can vent the purest of rages against the ultimate evil, the double whites, the Jews. This name was derived for the Jews in order to claim that the Jews are in the top one-percent even above the Christian, white males and as such require a special form of hatred.


President Trump and Intersectionality’s Two More Years of Hate

President Trump and Intersectionality’s Two More Years of Hate


Such revolutionary leftists believe that their positions in politics are always altruistic and truly rewarding for all people. Thus, they become the true elites who are the only people who fully understand all the intricacies which afflict our world allowing for them to claim that they should control all the levers of power and the wealth such that it can then be evenly divided allowing all to benefit. Needless to point out that those whose position allows for them to distribute wealth eventually will decide they require additional funds in order for them to avoid such theft. These self-appointed elites often do not understand why what is occurring is occurring and will make rash judgements eventually striking out at balancing the books. Often, such governance begins to collapse causing panic, as power structures become fluid and the money worthless. This scenario is exactly the one warned about by our functionary elites. The very policies demanded will bring our lives full circle and result in the collapse of the system through, more often than not, mismanagement of money, which is often the cause. Still, there are many a slip between the plate and the lips. Often this is the challenge which the make or break point where a fiscal response is required. Thus, in the end, every society will come down to money and how it is handled. In small unit societies, socialism can and will function quite adequately as everyone knows what job each person does and they will be able to hold each person accountable for completing their tasks. Unfortunately, the best group to have tried socialism only to have it fail were the Pilgrims coming to America from Britain. They initially used a system where everybody assisted with the farming and construction as well as any other jobs that required doing. Everyone shared equally in the food produced and use of the buildings plus having them work on additions to your house. Some people worked more diligently than others and soon they found they were coming up short in food and other material goods. They tried tweaking the system to no avail and finally had to try something drastic. They permitted each farmer the same size plot of land and everyone was to be allowed to retain forty or fifty percent of their grains and crops for their own families. This brought forth a bounty of crops to the level of excess. Human greed is a strong and powerful motivating factor. Anything which attempt to feed greed’s voracious appetite will fail but any system which uses the wants as a motivating and driving factor will succeed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But the Social Democrats know that they can employ Socialism correctly and their form, which is no different from that of others, will really produce beyond any capitalist’s dreams. We have heard this sirens song before and found those promises to be empty. The proponents of every world order imagine themselves as the benevolent ruler which is not as wonderful as it first appears, as it does not take into account those leaders who will follow after them. Such altruism is to be enjoyed warily for what the future will hold, but not necessarily a desired working model. Simply look into Jewish history where King David followed by King Solomon and Israel flourished. After that Israel suffered one catastrophe after another eventually leading to the destruction of the Second Temple and being dispersed throughout the Roman Empire and beyond in an attempt to end all belief in Hashem.


There are two ways to have governance which will respect the rights of all their citizens and provide the means such that they never stray too far from their ideals. The first is a nation based on a document which seriously reflects the ideal of the American Declaration of Independence and the government is structured based very closely to the American Constitution with the Bill of Rights and every half century the nation strips all the laws from the books, dismisses all the government workers, dissolves all the new departments not included in the initial founding and the nation starts again from scratch. There are new elections and those who held office in the previous half century are barred from returning to government and the same goes for government employees. This prevents the development of some form of governance within the government which is unelected, what is currently called the Deep State. The other is the one described in the Torah where Hashem is the true ruler of the nation and the people follow the Laws from the Torah. Should they decide to appoint or elect a king or other ruler, they would face serious limitations in their ability to gain wealth. Under Torah, those who seek to govern are required to serve the people and depend on the support of the people for their sustenance. In this way, good leaders whose prophesies prove true and beneficial are rewarded and the others find an urgent need to find a different occupation. Here to, there is not supposed to be hierarchal lineages as each King is to be anointed by Hashem and chosen by prophesy. Such governance required a people willing to live the life as defined in Torah with some modifications such as replacing animal sacrifice with providing sustenance for those who tend the Temple in Jerusalem and the people provide for the celebrations of the pilgrimage holidays. A Torah bound society is set around a more simple life but would actually still be a functional form of governance even today. All governments which are the product of human invention will erode from their pure beginnings leading to the problems seen today in much of the developed world where the governance has become bloated and unmanageable leading to government running wild over the rights and against the expectations of the people. There will always be the need for a reset taking the fat and waste out of the government regularly if it is expected to function and truly serve the people.


Beyond the Cusp


November 15, 2018

Looking at Gaza and What Was Learned


What was learned is actually yet to be learned. Outside of Israel, very few will ever acknowledge any knowledge they gain as time passes. How do we know this? That is easy, they have yet to learn what the average Israeli, even many in the most insular of places such as Tel Aviv, already know and their leaders pretend that these facts do not exist. This knowledge is that the Hamas threat, backed by Islamic Jihad and Iran, just as the threat from Hezballah in the north, will continue to threaten the people of Israel until our leaders simply take their nerve and act instead of postponing the inevitable which only gains levels of danger each time it is permitted to continue to exist. When Hamas first took control of Gaza by ousting the Palestinian Authority and murdering virtually every member of Fatah left behind, their greatest ability was to launch rockets almost reaching five to ten kilometers into Israel threatening the closest towns, cities, villages and kibbutzim. This range and the corresponding size of the warheads has grown more deadly between every confrontation to the point where today they can strike as far as Jerusalem and Haifa which includes all of the Tel Aviv metropolitan region and the vast majority of the heart of Israeli production, power generation and residential regions. Their threat is only exceeded by Hezballah and Iran, while Hamas will continue to build and extend their threats which may soon be capable to strike anywhere in Israel. Just as Hezballah in the north can strike Eilat at the southernmost tip of Israel, Hamas will soon be capable of striking the furthest point from Gaza, the Golan Heights. The average Israeli realizes that the threat from out of Gaza has become a threat to every person in Israel, yet the political class is refusing to face the threat and be rid of it, once and for all. Instead, they brag about having brought quiet while Israelis know that they appear to the rest of the Middle East to have whimpered away from confronting Hamas and the people in Gaza are dancing and celebrating their cowing of their nemesis. Israelis are, in all too many cases, picking up from the attack, mourning their losses, recovering from wounds while some have lost everything. The Gazans are dancing in the streets, passing out sweets, lighting bonfires and whooping it up in glorious celebration of their great victory. It does not take a genius to figure out which side feels like victors and which feel closer to the vanquished.


In Israel, we witnessed the limitation of a political class more interested in avoiding any severe conflicts and preventing any larger loss of life. Their aim is not so much to win, but to not suffer any losses which can be brought up in the coming elections and having to answer probing questions. What they were considering in their seven-hour plus Security Cabinet debates was how they could survive the onslaught by Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets, mortars and attempts at border infiltrations without using the IDF and ending it as quickly as they were able no matter the price in pride and projecting power which might prevent the next attack. By ending the rocket attacks by any means necessary and relying upon the Iron Dome to prevent most of the attacks from striking within populated regions minimizing loss of life, property damage and the things which can be utilized against them in the coming elections. Any attack from Meretz or the Zionist Union claiming that a Likud government was far too timid in their response is easily countered by claiming that the threat of IDF incursion was used behind the scenes to end the attacks as fast as possible thus projecting competence relying on short memories by the average voters. We all understand that the vast majority of people vote for the same party election after election, even those who make a show of their considering other parties seeming to be honestly pained in their considerations before voting for the same party as always. This has kept much of the power structure intact for approaching a decade with all the appearances of continuing. The announcement that the Security Cabinet reached their decision by a unanimous vote was another part of Israeli politics where by putting out that the entirety of the Security Cabinet agreed to the actions, or lack of actions, places the blame or credit evenly amongst all the parties in the coalition such that none can claim of their being holdouts who demanded a different action than the one taken.


After the Security Cabinet broke their confab and announced their ‘unanimous’ decision to agree to the demands to end, the protestations came by select members of the Security Cabinet claiming that the decision was anything but unanimous. Their party membership is left to decide for themselves whether their leadership weathered the insistence from those pressing for compromise and conflict avoidance very likely backing the meeting chair, Bibi Netanyahu, and the members of Likud who were chosen for their ability to add gravitas to their party chair so as to impose his will on the other members. We can be fairly sure that the length of the meeting was primarily due to two competing reasons. The first and most obvious is it takes time to repeat the same arguments over and over ad-nauseum until the outliers finally caved and settled to agree rather than continue a fruitless fight. The second is that while the meeting drags on, those pressing for not acting militarily know that the United Nations and Egypt, along with whomever else feels like piling on, are waging their negotiating tools to end the Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket assault. We are still in the dark as to exactly what Egypt and possibly Qatar may have offered to Hamas and Islamic Jihad or potentially Iran in order to end the rocket barrages. There is a very good chance that this will never be known by the general public and we are going to have to simply hope that nothing was demanded from Israel in concessions.


What the Israeli people hopefully learned is that their leadership is not necessarily the most effective leadership. What they still do not know is whether the temerity is on the part of their political class, their military leadership or both. The one thing they do know is that they cannot do very much about the military without first shaping their political choices in the manner they wish their military leadership to assume. This is due to the reality that the political leadership often decides who becomes the leaders in the military though the military does make the offers for who they believe are up for promotion. One of the difficulties in Israel for change is that both the politics and the military leadership are much like the Supreme Court, self-replicating in the choice of who can be offered to assume leadership. The Supreme Court has a large influence in the choices made for new Justices; the Military controls the promotions and often prevent any who are not supportive of the current command in reaching the rank of general, and with Israeli politics moribund by the limitations of their form of parliamentary governance, until the election of Prime Minister is taken from the President choosing which party forms the coalition and allows for the popular election of the Prime Minister, then Israel can expect politics as usual. Israelis main choice is between leftists, who propose the Two-State Solution as the miracle cure which by granting the Palestinian Arabs a state of their own their desire to murder Jews will miraculously come to an abrupt halt, or the right, where they claim they will prevent the establishment of any Palestinian terror state specifically on the heights overlooking Tel Aviv along the Green Line and through strength prevent rocket attacks such as what just transpired. In any coming elections, the left will run on their ability to pacify the Palestinian Arabs by granting them a state of their own completely free of any Israeli interventions and international recognition, something Abbas has been establishing rather well on his own except he is unable to establish borders, for now. On the other side is the right which will claim they lead through strength and will actually point to this recent rocket assault and claim their working through strength was why the attacks did not linger on for a week or longer. They will also largely run on their opposition to the Two-State Solution and their protecting Israel from the founding of a terror state within which there could be no intelligence gathering by the IDF and any intervention would become an invasion of an actual nation which could then bring condemnation through not merely the United Nations, the media and numerous European governments and others but could include imposition of sanctions imposed by the World Courts which would condemn Israel as an aggressive government refusing to recognize the legitimate borders of another country.


We learned yesterday that Avigdor Lieberman, leader of Yisrael Beiteinu, resigned from his position of Defense Minister, removed the party from the coalition and is demanding new elections. His demand is mostly posturing unless he can get another party to leave the coalition as he joined the coalition late after it was in existence and thus had the necessary sixty-one plus Knesset Ministers, thus the coalition is simply returning to their original slim majority. Whether his announcement will do anything beyond possibly bring his party additional support whenever elections do come is yet to be seen. There will be no rush to elections at this time with the memory of the rockets so fresh in Israelis minds and their having some trepidation of being under threat still fresh. Lieberman is resigning in order to place a huge exclamation point on his claims that he disagreed with the Security Cabinet and that the decision was at the very least one Minister short of unanimous. Lieberman has been talking up ending the border riots by invading Gaza and sweeping all of the terror production, rocket stores and other weapons while also collapsing the entirety of the tunnel and bunker systems which interconnect much of Gaza underground while arresting the leadership of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other related terror supporters. Lieberman’s protestations fell upon deaf ears, specifically the closed ears of Prime Minister Netanyahu who appears determined not to alter the threat conditions which have made him able to appear to be the only leader capable of addressing these threats. Netanyahu has spent quite some effort in appearing to be unafraid of using the IDF should any of the threats along the Israeli borders attack. That is currently in doubt within the Israeli public, and not just because Lieberman claimed he did not agree with doing nothing and called for an intervention to punish Hamas and Islamic Jihad and possibly even retaking Gaza completely placing it under Israeli rule. It is also not because Lieberman left the coalition punctuating his denial but because we also had denial of agreement over the choice by Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, both from Jewish Home. This begs the question of who was the individual who released the statement that the Security Cabinet had reached a unanimous agreement on accepting the Hamas and Islamic Demands that they be permitted to continue launching rockets to around 3:30 or possibly a little past, they claimed they would stop when they could on or around 3:30 which resulted in closer to somewhat after 4:00, while Israel was to stand down immediately and if not, then Hamas and Islamic Jihad would end their barrages somewhat later, or not, or, well, they would let us know. The end of the rocket barrages turned out to be relatively soon after the promised time and Israel remained in their reserved stand-down posture. That was the great deal after a seven-hour debate which was imposed by the United Nations and Egypt, and we are told that this was our government keeping us safe. Why are we not so much comforted?


Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


The good news is that once the rockets stopped we have had relative quiet. Why do we say relative quiet? Well, because there is still the difficulty, the challenge, the peaceful protests according to the European Union and other places which are not exactly friends of Israel, what we call the violent rioting which has launched thousands of kites and balloons with incendiary devices attached which has laid waste to great swaths of southern lands which border Gaza in Israel. Farms have lost their entire crop for this year to the flames. Entire areas of our forests have been turned to charred remains. Wildlife reserves have been equally ruined by infernos which killed unknown numbers of wildlife. The image above was one of the attempts to fly incendiary devices even further into Israel by attaching them to birds; in this case, the unfortunate victim was a falcon. Realize what this actually bespeaks, that these terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad have absolutely no respect for life, human life, wildlife, any life which is in any way different than themselves. Their main speciality is destruction over construction. The main efforts that are manifest in Gaza is their rockets and the launchers as well as their tunnels under the border into Israel which, if Israel misses in detecting one, are to be utilized for kidnapping Israelis to hold hostage or for insertion of terrorist teams to maraud across parts of Israel destroying everything they are capable and murdering whomever they run across during their infiltration. The most frustrating reality about this situation is that the community of nations insists that Israel must continually live with terrorists perched on her borders with one idea in their heads, the complete destruction of Israel murdering the entire population in the process. These are terrorists which every other nation murders freely because terrorism is an aberration which is against civil society and thus must be eradicated for normalcy to exist in any society. Despite that being the rule of the world, Israel is denied their right to self-defense, even against terrorists. This will continue to exist for only as long as the Israeli government continues to have what we Jews refer to as the ‘ghetto mentality’ where we care more for what even our enemies and those who desire us dead care and say that doing what any normative people, person, nations would do in the exact same situation. What is required in Israel is political leadership which has a normal fighter attitude where they will do what is necessary to produce an atmosphere of normalcy and where threats are opposed with absolute resoluteness and the certainty that such will result in military responses forcing an end to all threats through strength and deterrent. Unfortunately, the leaders we have today are not all that different from the ones Moses had to march around the wastelands of the desert for forty years until a new generation had been raised which know not slavery, or in our case, the ghettos where Jews walked in fear, and had the resolution to do what needed be done. May this day arrive in our lifetime such that we can see our blossoming into a normative nation and these terrorist entities will be vanquished should they so much as look at us askance.


Beyond the Cusp


August 31, 2018

What a Difference President Trump Makes


Unfortunately for us, we are not consulted by the very important and thus must comb through all the news articles we can find from sources we trust. This was how we came upon the following information from which we made further commentary, as this is an editorial blog which attempts to rely on facts as much as we are able. This article was very interesting as it verified ideas and our assessment of the individuals who are compared within by Hezki Baruch who relates his interview with David Bedein, the head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, as he spoke to Arutz Sheva. The information related speaks of the completely diverse reaction of two candidates for the position of President of the United States representing the same party to exactly the same briefing and exact information. Their reactions are very telling and depict the radical difference between those who derive from a political background and those who come from the real world, and trust that these are two completely separate realms. One realm has certainties which cannot be contradicted and will persist no matter how much information piles up proving these positions to be radically counter to reality because politics is not about reality, it is about people with massive power over the lives of millions despite many having minds so certain of their validity placing reason as unnecessary.


The above article should be read as it contains direct quotes beyond any that we will include. Imagine sitting with somebody in a house which had been struck and destroyed by missiles and being told that the missiles came from the so-called Palestinian territories. Further, you had been presented with the actual material being used by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) and in Palestinian Authority schools. Sitting in this setting, you ask, “…well, how do you react? Will you change your position now that you’ve seen what happens when Israel hands over territory to the other side?” How shocked would you be to have the angry response of, “No. You have to understand: Israel has a peace partner. Israel had better withdraw as soon as possible from the West Bank and give it to Abbas. Abbas is a man of peace.” That is the response of a closed mind which is completely unable to process any material which contradicts their set conclusion. This was the reaction to the Israeli position by a reputed ‘friend of Israel’ who had a near perfect record of supporting Israel. That record was mostly made up of approving funding for equipping the Israeli military and support the Israeli economy in the areas where Israel also provided the United States with precious military and scientific research which was clearly of great and bountiful value. This was the response from Presidential candidate in 2008, Senator John McCain. Yes, Senator John McCain, the same man who had earlier given an interview to Amir Oren from Haaretz where he talked about his commitment to “push Israel for unilateral withdrawals from Judea and Samaria.” This was a man, who despite voting for Israel for political expediency, would have been almost as bad for Israel as the man who eventually won that election. The difference is Senator John McCain would have been treated and accepted as being a friend and this would have given him trust which might have led Israeli leaders to vacate the Shomron on guarantees given just as Israel vacated and turned over Gaza under another friend of Israel who gave promises, President George W. Bush. Instead, Israel faced an identifiable belligerent in President Obama who proved to do what he was able to cripple any Israeli claim to the Shomron.


David Bedein also tells of his meeting with a woman who was an advisor to President Trump in December of 2016 who we believe would have been Becky Norton Dunlop who was in Israel at this time. She was shown and told exactly the same details which had been provided eight years earlier to Candidate McCain. When she saw the texts which were being used by UNWRA and the Palestinian Authority she requested to take the books to show the President and the other people in the administration and Mr. Bedein complied. These actual textbooks reached the President and the article states, “This got directly to the president of the United States, and he blew his stack, because he was told by the Peres Center for Peace … that the Palestinian Authority has a peace curriculum. They just didn’t tell them that the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA had vetoed that peace curriculum.” For reasons which should be obvious, we had no problem believing that the far left Peres Center for Peace would be regurgitating the Palestinian Authority agenda as it continues in the same dream state that peace is possible without one side proving totally victorious but simply through negotiating and, as Simon Peres was when alive, completely believing the taqiyya which comes from the mouth of Mahmoud Abbas. Just as Abbas stated recently, “I want a demilitarized Palestinian state along the 1967 borders without an army, I want unarmed policemen to hold clubs and not weapons. Instead of planes and tanks, I prefer to set up schools and hospitals and allocate budgets and resources to social institutions.” Well, how nice but why has he not done anything even slightly resembling this for the past twenty-five years? That is because instead he has been paying imprisoned terrorists and terrorists families and is insistent that he will never end such pay for the slaying of Israelis. This and the other truths provided to President Trump by the Center for Near East Policy Research is what has led to the upcoming announcement by President Trump of a new policy effectively canceling the Palestinian Authority Arabs’ claim to the “Right of Return,” The Administration recognizes that there could be a few tens of thousands of real refugees and the remainder are the following generations of the original refugees, a rule which only applies to these refugees and only to those under UNWRA while all of the remaining refugees in the world are handled and resettled often within a decade by the United Nations Refugee Agency. Lastly on this part, Nikki Haley announced at a conference in Washington hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, stating that the United States cannot be faulted for cutting funding to UNRWA, when countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait don’t give more to the organization. Ambassador Haley reiterated that the Trump administration wants to see UNRWA reformed before it can resume its support for it. She further stated that the Trump administration was going to change the discussion over a Palestinian “right of return,” although she did not elaborate.


President Elect Trump Advisor Becky Norton Dunlop Visited Israel in December of 2016

President Elect Trump Advisor Becky Norton Dunlop
Visited Israel in December of 2016


The stark difference between the reactions of these two Republican representatives is stunning. We believe that one basically represents the political establishment and the other depicts the thinking of true conservatives, particularly those from the Evangelical Movement. This was probably part of the reason that so many did not turn out and vote for John McCain while these same people turned out in masses to support Donald Trump. We realize and understand the questioning of people of faith about supporting President Trump due to his moral conduct or lack thereof morally. The easy answer for the Evangelical Christians and most other religious people can be represented by a single word, forgiveness. If you really need more, allow us to add this, President Trump’s acts since receiving the Presidency have been, to the best of the media’s reports, free of the abominations which were a part of his past. Have his actions been completely pure as the driven snow? Has anybody been capable of that much piety, especially inside the Beltway? What has become quite obvious is that those who like President Trump look at what he does and states in official speeches and not what he Tweets or says at rallies, while those who hate President Trump look at what he Tweets or says at rallies and not what he does and states in official speeches. The other truth is that very few from either group are ever going to change to the other side and no amount of argument or attempts at proof will sway the vast majority in this contentious argument. The real problem comes from those using the displeasure over President Trump and the feeling that Hillary had to have actually won and was robbed by Russian interference just as the mainstream media claims in order to whip up massive demonstrations with confrontations where violence becomes all too possible. There is a fair amount of fear that there are people working behind the scenes whipping up frenzied posting on social media keeping fevers high and even attempting to raise them even higher. What is really behind this is those being used by the political operatives, which have very likely united from the two major parties, the Democrat Party and the ‘Never Trump’ core of the hierarchy of the Republican Party, who also fear having any further people from outside the controlled political environment ever running for President or even high office, are all making an example of President Trump to dissuade others from following in his footsteps. We would likely get people claiming, ‘look at rising Democrat Party star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ who did not come from a political background and defeated an established politician. Rising Democrat Party star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes from a nonexistent background, as she had not actually held any position which was not dripping with political operations. She was a community organizer which is another phrase meaning operative for the Democrat Party and nothing more or less. All community organizer really is, is a means of getting to be known within a location usually a Congressional District or State Office region to be used to become a name within the region and to be used as a springboard for political office, thus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had been completely drenched in political operations and had followed a well used track in the Democrat Party to reach office if one’s actions as a community organizer excite the people and they show the photogenic qualities and are readily capable of reading a prepared script, especially such scripts which are provided in order to answer questions which are planted with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and other sympathetic shows and media.


The initial few interviews with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez depicted somebody who was in need of handlers who could assure she was properly prepared as were those who were to interview her. This was probably the idea behind her Townhall meeting where she banned any media presumably to provide a safe space for her constituents. This would also allow for any questions from those attending to be provided her by operatives placed sprinkled throughout those attending and be the only people actually allowed to provide questions. She will be elected, as her district is about as safe a region as might ever be imagined. And, oddly enough, she will not be the least intelligent person in the House of Representatives history as we have had Representative Hank Johnson (video below) who said he feared that stationing 8,000 Marines on Guam would cause the island to “become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may rise to the occasion and surpass Representative Hank Johnson’s somewhat strange and inexplicable commentary, but this remains to be seen. Perhaps, in many circles, President Trump’s early morning Tweet of ‘covfefe’ was obvious proof he honestly needed a cup of coffee and fast. After erasing the presumably embarrassing Tweet, President Trump challenged with a new Tweet asking, “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!”



The threat of rash acts being perpetrated against supporters of President Trump has proven valid as people wearing the red “MAGA” hats have been assaulted, known conservatives including President Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been screamed at in restaurants and other public establishments causing them distress and even to have to leave. Such actions are a simple step to violence breaking out and spreading until unrest might become widespread. This threat could lead to revolution all over having Donald Trump as President. How, you ask, could such actually happen? What would happen if at the 2020 election the Democrat Party takes control of the House of Representatives and President Trump will still be reelected President. Tensions would rise through the roof. Further, let us have it that there are a group of Republicans in the Senate who also claim that they cannot permit another term as President as that would cause too much disruption having this non-politician and uncouth person as the leader of their nation no matter what the vote count might say. The House of Representatives then brings Impeachment against President Trump simply due to the Democrat Party having a majority and always able to keep solid vote discipline. So now the entire Impeachment moves to the Senate where the Vice President is replaced by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to conduct what is the trial. The vote is finally taken after excessively vicious, venomous, hateful and rancorous debate lasting over a month while the nation is riled-up and reaching their boiling point on both sides and the vote comes out with sixty-five Senators voting guilty and thirty-five voting not guilty, a mere two votes short of removing President Trump from office, a literal bullet dodging. The reaction would go viral on both sides on the social media and could easily spill out into the streets and workplaces where people simply refused to even accept looking at those from the other side. Easily, such a situation could erupt into a second civil war which would be horrific. Imagine the cities exploding into open riots where people are being shot just for appearing to be from the other side. What if when the National Guards are called out they are unable to suppress the uprisings as the people are similarly armed as is the Guard. If President Trump requested for the military to be permitted to be used to bring order, that alone could be used to start a second Impeachment which if it ended without removing Trump from office, that would be the step too far. Congress being in such a state would never permit the military to be deployed and President Trump may end up powerless to end the violence and what that would lead to is beyond our ability to guess, but whatever happened, it would likely signal the end of the United States representative governance and who knows what would replace the government. Should at some point declaring Martial Law might be seen as the only solution, but what if the military is so divided that the troops each join the side they support. That would be civil war and the end of America as we know it. For that reason alone, please people, calm down and remember that the United States belongs to all of you and you are all members of the greatest experiment of mankind since Moses. Please do not allow that experiment to die and fail.


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