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June 3, 2017

A Detail from Yesterday About Kim Jong-un is Troubling


Yesterday we reported in our article about a preliminary analysis of Kim Jong-un’s personality by Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics. In it, the study revealed him to apparently be agreeable, acquiescent, charming, placing a high premium on external approval, sympathetic to others’ needs and socially gregarious on the plus side. Then there are the lesser traits resulting in an assessment that he is relinquishing too much authority, failing to assert himself sufficiently, delegating too much responsibility, as well as showing hesitation in taking the initiative when circumstances demand boldness or daring. As we noted, this would make him a potentially easy target for manipulation. This, we feel, needs a little more investigation and we will try our best to give a counting for what is a potential reality explaining the difference between the profile and the international reputation which Kim Jong-un’s actions have produced; certainly, the threatening and bragging attributed to Kim Jong-un in the media.


Initially, we have to believe the personality profile is authentic as a given and work from there. We know that Kim Jong-un was supposedly responsible for the execution of a general by firing squad and the murder of his uncle and arranged the assassination of his half-brother. All of these deaths presumed to be ordered by Kim Jong-un would be completely contrary to his personality profile. On the other hand, they would easily be explainable if he is being manipulated by a close advisor or a group from the North Korean military high establishment. If a group of generals has taken control of running North Korea, there is a definitive probability that at least one general was loyal to the royal family, would oppose them, and may have attempted to extricate Kim Jong-un from whatever pressure or situation he currently faces. This would likely have come to the knowledge of the remainder of the generals who support those now running the country and thus the rogue general trying to grant Kim Jong-un back his lost power would easily be found guilty of treason, the charge for which he was shot (or possibly hung, memory is uncertain but only his death matters). The uncle would also be a logical person as well as the half-brother thus leaving only Kim Jong-un left in the line of succession. If one or a group from the military or elsewhere are controlling Kim Jong-un, they now have left their pawn as the only person left of his family line left to rule North Korea and thus secured their control for the immediate future and potentially well beyond. It is very possible that if the military are behind controlling Kim Jong-un, they may have decided that he was unworthy and lacked the necessary strength and sense of urgency required to face the world and satisfy the needs and necessities of the nation. This is a coup by some other name.


The nuclear testing periodically, just enough to upset other leaders and be noticed but not quite enough to start a war immediately, along with their more aggressive testing of varying missiles with just sufficient capability to make the western leaders nervous and suspecting that North Korea has or is on the verge of developing ICBMs, leaves only the question of whether they would be multi-staged or single-stage, the latter being far more reliable and accurate. It is the ICBMs which have the west most worried as anything less is far lesser a threat and the current thinking is the only target that North Korea can strike would be Hawaii, which would be too much like a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, a mistake anybody would be ill advised to repeat. Still, the current threat is that North Korea is setting up to conduct another nuclear test and the recent increased rate of missile tests, including one fired well into the Pacific Ocean is leading to suspicions that the missile may have been the long sought North Korean ICBM. This truth may be the reality which President Trump may have been advised of through the Joint Chiefs of Staff having been advised by Military Intelligence or by the Central Intelligence Agency. That could be the reasoning behind the unprecedented show of strength by the United States as it is highly unlikely that President Trump would be devoting thirty percent of Americas supercarriers, the Carl Vinson (CVN-70) followed by the Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) and lastly the Nimitz (CVN-68), simply as means of calling Kim Jong-un’s bluff. Hopefully the military and intelligence geniuses behind advising President Trump, and hopefully there are advisors from either the military, intelligence or both and the President is not flying solo, and they know the risks and understand who they are facing off against. We really hope they know whether those running North Korea are a group of generals or others manipulating and controlling Kim Jong-un or actually Kim Jong-un himself.


The truth is that these supercarriers never travel alone and with three heading for the neighborhood of North Korea, there are going to be a large number of naval vessels and the supercarriers also have their specialty, a large contingent of modern aircraft which are what make these strike groups so capable and dangerous. The average contingent of aircraft aboard these supercarriers are twelve F/A-18E/F Hornets, thirty-six F/A-18 Hornets, four E-2C Hawkeyes, and four EA-6B Prowlers as well as a small number of helicopters which fly mostly close area defense. Multiply this by three and you have more airpower than some European nations have in their entire Air Force. For a feel as to what a supercarrier strike group would look like, simply view the picture of one sailing below. That is an awful lot of firepower and with the carrier, it is also a force that can reach far from its location and strike hard at any target. There are going to be at least three times this many ships sitting off the coast of North Korea somewhere just west of Japan. Now the question is what follows and what will North Korea do next.


Carrier Strike Group

Carrier Strike Group


The one thing which just might become known is who is really ruling in North Korea. Whether it will be Kim Jong-un, a group of generals or some group of politicians, sooner or later, they will show their hand. Kim Jong-un will, at some point, become more of a burden than he is worth and then he will be a liability. The one thing you never want to be in the game of power politics is a liability. Having Kim Jong-un play a part cannot be an easy path for ruling the nation and eventually the myth of the supremacy of the Kim family has to wain, and when it does, Kim Jong-un becomes useless and if there are people behind the scenes manipulating him, they will need to show their hand. In a way, we may end up hoping that Kim Jong-un is as insane as he appears and crazed with power as that might be more advantageous than a set of scheming generals or political operatives. Then again, maybe cold rational power hungry entities might be more predictable than Kim Jong-un. Whatever the truth ends up being, we just hope that somehow this all ends without any need to use the military power of either side. What would be the best is for North Korea to find some means of giving the people some degree of freedom, liberty and political power so that their nation can join the rest of the world and their country start to have a normative economy and relations with the rest of the world. This threatening to fire missiles and destroy other nations if certain demands are not met can only eventually end in disaster for all involved. Disaster in any form is something to be avoided.


Beyond the Cusp

September 13, 2016

The Blindness of the Western Public and Society


The good news is there have been some recent indications that a remote few are waking up and the screaming core of those sounding the alarm has finally begun to gain some traction. The bad news is the other side has a near twenty year head start in getting their inroads into our societies and they have made great strides in controlling central institutions which will shape our future. They have implanted their operatives in libraries and specialized in approving and purchasing new books and magazines. They have infiltrated positions approving school books for social sciences, social studies and government studies classes. In all these cases they have blocked any books whose maps do not include Palestine and if possible they choose those who replace Israel with Palestine erasing the Jewish State entirely. They choose books which favorably speak of Islam as a modern and progressive religion which is understanding, open and pluralistic and has established communities where freedom of religion is practiced and women are protected and live lives with privilege and rights to control their own bodies.


They have also infiltrated politics at some surprising levels and places including a close aide and trusted advisor to one of the candidates for President of the United States who could become the leader of the free world in January of 2017 should they win in the November balloting. The infiltration of the influences of Islam is not restricted to a single party though it has taken a stronger foothold in one as theirs is a much more attractive medium for influence to grab hold if it is presented with the promise of greater control over the public leading eventually to totalitarian hold by the party most connected to this influence. This is what Islam has promised to all political parties in the West but for reasons which to many who understand Islam appears counter intuitive. The most leftist parties have been the ones adopting and inviting Islamic influences seeking the promise of future greatness and expansive power base leading to permanent controlling election results placing them firmly in control of every lever of power. This is the identical chimera which was the attraction of the socialist, may we even say communist, accepted levels of influence some might claim compromised their standing as representing a true American political view for the future. Trading your core principles to the highest bidder who promises a future of complete and unopposable political control for the foreseeable future is un-American in its own right. Any compromise of the Constitutional guarantees, especially the Bill of Rights, is an unacceptable position for any political entity which portends to represent the American public. As it has been established firmly by numerous academic studies, Sharia is absolutely incompatible with any democratic system of governance including a constitutional democratic republic which is the basis for the governance of the United States under the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (first Ten Amendments to the Constitution which the states demanded before they agreed to ratification). Any political party compromising such rights and the basic underpinnings of the founding spirit of the United States should be rejected by the public immediately when such becomes evident. Unfortunately such a response from the public is completely dependent on the media reporting honestly, forthrightly, and giving in depth inspection and bordering interrogation of all involved routing out any and all suspicions of errant political influences, especially any foreign influences. This is also not happening for reasons not yet discernable other than much of the mainstream media having political views paralleling those of the afflicted party.


The growing influence of Islam is due to their intelligent and determined use of the freedoms of the United States and the cluelessness of much of the media. They report every insistence by the plethora of civic Islamic institutions complaints of Islamophobia and verbal insults of Islam almost weekly if not daily. These reports never follow up that there was no validity or guilt found when the complaints are investigated, though the media is ever ready to report the next cry of Islamophobia. Reporting these cries has become the new favorite cry of racism against the average American and the public at large and many in the media love nothing more than to sink their teeth into how uncouth and uneducated the average American can be shown to exhibit by which the media can then prance using their written lines to sound erudite and thus prove their superior understanding and higher reasoning and educations making them worldly and knowing and nothing brings this to the fore more than the racist label being thrown around. Islamophobia is just such a cry which portrays Americans as rabidly xenophobic, uneducated, narrow-minded and overly patriotically nationalistic. Such an opportunity for pontificating the overly judgmentalism and rejection of a strange and relatively new religion in the United States and to quote President Obama, “it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” This parallel was simply too juicy to be rejected by the holier than the society as a whole media. With such an echo chamber, is it any wonder that every askance glance or sideways look is immediately blown into a report of extreme insult to Islam and another extreme case of Islamophobia. Make no mistake, these screams are a well thought out plan to get preferential treatment and allow Islam to be considered a complete “hands-off” with respect to any suspicions or accusations allowing for all such occurrences to be ignored allowing Islam to have a dominant position against all other religions and interests, including those of preserving freedoms in America including freedom of speech and freedom of religion and mark our words, those are the first targets of Islam in order to make Islam the only religion, Allah the only god and Muhammad his messenger and perfect male role model.


Europe has had a somewhat more violence prone result from their allowing “refugees” from Syria to resettle in their nations. They soon find that these “Syrian refugees” are actually from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and other Islamic nations from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These “refugees” are mostly unaccompanied males between the ages of fifteen and forty or fifty, fighting age single men without wives, children or any family as far as can be determined. Yes there are some groups where women and children are included and these rarities somehow manage to be the sole figures that many media photographers are able to find and often are treated as the standard representatives of the refugees allowing media to report a pretty picture of family struggles to survive the horrors of the different warring factions. Many of the presumed refugees claim their real reason for coming to Europe was to collect the generous government benefits and spread Islam conquering Europe, but do not wait for many of these interviews to be reported in your nightly news. Germany had an eruption of sexual harassment and attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015-6 at any number of main train stations in city centers. These attacks angered many Germans and not just as reported simply right-wing xenophobic fascist nationalist extremists but many from the general public as was evident from the size and appearance of the crowds protesting (see picture below).


German Citizens Protesting Immigrant Criminal Attacks Largely Sexual Molestations of Women at Numerous Train Stations on New Year’s Eve 2015-2016
German Citizens Protesting Immigrant Criminal Attacks Largely Sexual Molestations of Women at Numerous Train Stations on New Year’s Eve 2015-2016

German Citizens Protesting Immigrant Criminal Attacks Largely Sexual Molestations of Women at Numerous Train Stations on New Year’s Eve 2015-2016

German Citizens Protesting Immigrant Criminal Attacks
Largely Sexual Molestations of Women at Numerous
Train Stations on New Year’s Eve 2015-2016


Germany has not been the only place facing violence as France has had a number of terrorist strikes including a deadly well-planned and executed military assault on Paris striking a number of public venues including a night club, a soccer stadium and other spots across the city. Later in the year there was an attack on a small parish church in the Normandy where they murdered Father Jacques Hamel cutting his throat in front of parishioners during the mass service. We covered this in our article on this heinous act in the article How Many Innocents Must Die? There have been numerous other incidents of terror attacks throughout Europe as well as all the turmoil and wars stretching across the MENA nations. Where this will end is anybody’s guess and how it will end will depend on how the Western National Public reacts and whether they will believe their freedoms and rights are worthy of being defended or whether they will simply allow Islam to trample their freedoms, history and colonize them as Islam has already done in their conquest of the entirety of MENA and beyond with this simply what some have identified as Islam’s third offensive against Europe and Western values. The first two were stopped and pushed back, whether this assault will also be repulsed remains to be seen. With many politicians already capitulating if not joining the wrong side and much of the media not reporting these attacks and the claims of Islamophobia are all part of the same assault upon Western society, nothing less. Will the Western nations reaffirm their Judeo-Christian history and realize its centrality to their modern lives and freedoms and how without the continued Judeo-Christian identity and a return to their religious identities and renew their faith the probability is they will fall and Islam will triumph bringing their dream of world domination one huge step closer. Will the Western World renew their belief in Hashem or fall before Allah. The two are not equal or the same, they are not different names for the same Deity. Hashem, the Judeo-Christian Deity, is the G0d of Abraham, Isaak, and Jacob while Allah is the deity of Abraham, Ishmael and Muhammad. Very different even if that might appear a minor difference, it is not. Is the history of the Western World about to end and be subsumed by Islam where all previous history before the conquest by Islam will be voided and soon cease to exist being supplanted by a new Islamic history.


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April 3, 2013

Politicians are like Dogs but with Different Motivations

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Often it is claimed that politicians are difficult to figure out, but is that really true? I would have to claim that politicians are very much like dogs and just as there are different personalities and actions with dogs, there are the same differences among politicians and they can be comparable. So, let’s try and see how dogs and politicians of different stripes are similar except for different reasons and motivations. First we will compare some general similarities and then look at the different types. Have you ever watched a dog when it is first released in a new environment? They immediately run wildly in all directions sniffing everything to get an idea what is where and make a general sniff map categorizing areas with interesting aromas that will require more intent sniffing in the future once the general idea has been absorbed. A politician is the same way when loosed into a new environment. They run around and greet and shake the hand of every person making sure to meet, greet and get the flavor of each person. Somehow politicians, simply by a moment of inane small-talk, can discern which people in the room have money and judge the relative ease with which some of that money can be garnered into their campaign chest. Those people are kept in their memory for a more intense conversation after the room has been sampled. While there are different personalities among dogs, hold a treat in front of any dog and they become attentive and responsive doing whatever they think you might desire of them in order to get the treat. Once they get the treat they run off and ignore you until you again become an item of interest. Hold out campaign contributions and a politician will say exactly what you want to hear and sympathize with your every interest and do their political equivalent of sit up and beg until they get the funding after which they run off looking for the next contributor. Should you ever mention contributing again, the politicians will sit up and return to their attentive act. Dogs will leave a mess all over the area in which they reside with little embarrassment. Do I even have to point out that politicians leave a mess in their wake making a mess out of everything they touch? I did not think so. For every action which is fairly universal among dogs have a similar action that is true of the vast majority of politicians. Dogs nuzzle your hand to get you to stroke them. Politicians nudge you to get you to stoke their campaign chests. Dogs will appear excited and absolutely wildly beside themselves joyous when they see their masters and other known humans who often have paid attentions and stroked them or played with them. Politicians react exactly the same way though it is disturbing when they try to wag their tails when they are in the company of contributors, especially large contributors. Dogs will bark as a response to everything. Politicians will allocate money as a response to everything. Dogs will behave very properly when you are watching them closely. The same is true with politicians. Dogs will act true to their nature and get into everything and eat anything tasty when not being watched. Politicians will get into regulating everything if not watched carefully and will find a way to make money or place their name on every structure when left to their own devices. But what about the different personalities and traits with dogs, do politicians have their own equivalent types?


Many dogs are constantly happy just wagging their tails and squirming with endless energy. There are politicians who have a big smile plastered on their faces all of the time and are constantly happy and seem to have endless energies that somehow makes them attractive and seem to be positive people. Some dogs growl at anything which tries to take away their bone or favorite toy. Challenge a politician by running against them for their position and you will see more than you ever wished for of growling and bared teeth, just in a more civilized and hidden manner, but the rage will be evident. Some dogs just have to chase cars. Some politicians just have to chase after causes. A good example would be former Vice President Gore and global warming. Some dogs are lazy lay around type who hardly ever gets motivated to do much of anything and only seem to move when absolutely necessary like to go out or eat and drink.. They resemble politicians who represent gerrymandered districts that are so safe they do not even need to ever campaign as their seat is guaranteed for life so they simply go through the motions with as little effort as is demanded. Dogs often run in packs. Politicians have a similar activity that they call a junket where they go in a group usually to some very nice location where they need to study something presumably important. Dogs have been known to bark at nothing with absolutely no reason. Politicians do the same and they call it making an important speech about something that they wish people to believe they feel as strongly about as those they are speaking to feel. Just as dogs come in varying sizes, habits and personalities just as do politicians and just as dogs can be trained by reward and denial, so can politicians be trained or rather forced to do what is presumably their real reason for being, serving the people. Unfortunately the people rarely gather in force to push the politicians but when they really care the politicians will respond. They can be made to heel, sit, beg, and even bark on command if you can prove to them that you control the one item they will do almost anything to attain, sufficient voters supporting the idea to keep or remove them from their cushy office. That is the best treat which gets any politicians attention and is the only answer to outbid all the monies that the special interests offer. Votes are the large meaty fresh soup bone and money the big dog treat and guess which one will make the politician sit up and beg for fastest.


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