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April 15, 2019

Not Bibi Again!


This has been the whine heard from almost everyone from the center and leftwards as well as from a fair number on the right. What is interesting is the further you get from the center, right or left, the louder the complaints become. The one nice thing about these people and their complaining is that at least we know they did not vote for Likud guaranteeing more Bibi. Of course, from the media we are about to be fed a steady stream of whining over Bibi returning as Prime Minister mixed with a dash of hope that the Attorney General will find something which sticks to Bibi long enough to charge him and then it might be bye, bye Bibi. For those in the United States, things are not much different than in Israel as the left hangs on the hope that they can use the legal system to get something on Bibi, in your case, Trump, and then be rid of them forever. Those of us with at least one foot firmly on the grounds of reality, we realize that these attempts to incriminate Trump or Bibi with some legal misdeeds is nothing more than a witch hunt which will come up empty, but that will not stop those determined to be rid of them from continuing to try again and again. But the reality of Bibi goes so much deeper.


We are regularly bombarded with praises heaped upon Bibi lauding him as the consummate political maneuverer and a master of the game. We are not quite so kind. If you want to get a line on why Bibi has been so successful and will soon become the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history, ask those whom he has all but destroyed. Currently at the top of that is Naftali Bennett whose New Right Party just missed clearing threshold. Naftali Bennett left the Likud Party taking Ayelet Shaked with him and went to Jewish Home where Bennett believed he had found his horse to ride straight to the Prime Minister’s House. Both Bennett and Shaked had worked directly for Bibi in his offices. Needless to say, Bibi took their leaving a bit personally. Two elections after Bennett and Shaked had moved to Jewish Home, a sort of miracle was in the making and Bennett actually was polling as almost even with Bibi and Likud with Jewish Home Party, formerly just a minor Religious-Zionist Party not terribly right of center. It was looking really close, until Bibi promised to treat Bennett and Shaked really nicely. What was the problem was that a center-left party was polling ahead of Likud and Jewish Home but well behind their combined totals. Bibi demanded that Bennett fall on his sword such that Bibi would defeat this upstart from the left threatening that if Bennett refused that there may very well be a left-wing government. Bennett made the fateful speech claiming not to be ready to be Prime Minister quite yet. The next morning, presto-chango, Likud was polling comfortably in the lead and Jewish Home was polling in single digits well below the day before. Bennett and Shaked got their Ministerial position, and Shaked as Justice Minister performed near miracles and will be missed from that position as her work was far from completed.


This was the first revenge Bibi took out on Bennett, and possibly Shaked as well, as when the next election cycle came around, Jewish Home was struggling to reach double digits, and this would not serve Bennett reaching Prime Minister. In private with only a select group of faithful who were to follow Bennett, Neftali planned to leave Jewish Home and form a new party. He would have been wished well had he done this differently, but his plan was also to rid himself from any competition from his former party. For reasons untold, every attempt to have the Central Committee meet, something important as a new Central Committee had been elected (I was somehow amongst the chosen for my town) and new leadership needed to be selected. This was not to be as it would have left some semblance of organization when Bennett and Shaked split as soon as elections were announced. The New Right, as Bennett’s party was named, shot up into double digits in the polls while Jewish Home, after losing its top two candidates, having no new leader, having a central committee now decimated as people streamed off with Bennett, all power structures pretty much destroyed with some key positions which remained held by people left behind to make sure the chaos destroyed Jewish Home (though this will be denied to the end of time), Jewish Home polled at best around ‘one.’ I personally begged two of those leaving to remain and warned they would regret leaving, but off went even friends.



Slowly, with the election growing closer, a committee of self-appointed leaders claimed they would reconstitute the party by fiat. The remains of the Central Committee protested and threatened to use their powers under the Party Constitution and this caused a surprised group who expected only slavish thanks to step back and listen. A system was worked out that nobody would be assigned any leadership without Central Committee approval, and slowly the Party was rebuilt only getting finalized with but a few days left to place a Knesset list for the elections. Jewish Home submitted their list with Rafi Peretz as their new leader, and what an improvement he will be if we can keep him long enough. Polls came and polls went and for quite a while Bennett appeared to have made a wise choice but inevitably the New Right started slipping, Jewish Home gained and with the election done Jewish Home, a party destroyed just mere months ago came in with five mandates and Bennet with his New Right failed to reach threshold and will not be in the government.


Moshe Feiglin, founder of the Zehut Party, is another person whose history crossed paths with Bibi Netanyahu. Feiglin made a critical mistake, as have others before him, as he began to become popular both in the Liked and in the public eye. His popularity grew for quite a while until it began to appear as should this continue; he would be able to challenge Bibi. That was his breaking of the cardinal rule, Bibi is king and it is good to be the king. Suddenly, through things and rules which are still very hazy, the next election found Feiglin buried to a position in the mid-to-high thirties, well beyond any hope of being in the Knesset. Well, that began the slide of Feiglin in Likud and he soon realized that Bibi had buried him just as he has anyone who showed even a glimmer of being a threat to the Bibi. People need to understand something about Bibi, he does not compete with people for the top spot, he eviscerates those who approach his level of popularity at the crucial point where they would become a threat soon but before the point where they become difficult to stop. Feiglin probably came the closest but Bibi learned from his predecessor and mentor, Ariel Sharon.


Ariel Sharon once ruled the roost in Likud. There was this younger, more energetic upstart who was climbing towards being able to challenge Sharon for the top spot. Sharon decided to give this upstart a challenge, a challenge which had proven the death of all who previously had this position foist upon them. Bibi was made finance secretary, once upon a time a dead end Ministership which ate up Ministers and spat them out finished politically. Well, perhaps Sharon should have checked Bibi’s resume where he would have noted that MBA along with degrees in economics. Bibi took on that challenge and all but rebuilt the economic picture in Israel and Israel is still running along with all those changes paying off with dividends. The old Socialist clogging of the economic spigot have been cleared and a Capitalist system put in its place which rewards entrepreneurs, investors and those who take the risks and does not overly penalize corporations for becoming bigger and controlling certain sectors as in Israel that is simply a challenge put down for others to unseat the giant. That is part of why we are the start-up nation. Ariel Sharon eventually fell to the demands of an American President, George W. Bush, and committed the Gaza disengagement. This Gaza Disengagement is what General Gantz (please do not confuse him with General Peretz who leads Jewish Home) of the Blue White coalition with Yair Lapid, claimed he had learned valuable lessons and believed it could be wisely used elsewhere to lead to peace, namely in the Shomron. He had a plan to simply give Mahmoud Abbas most of the Shomron and tell him this would make peace between us. This would have worked just as well as it did in Gaza and that is the peace, we would have received with one difference, instead of Sderot being the target in easy range, it would have been Tel Aviv within range. Anyway, Bibi rose after Sharon was felled by a stroke and has ruled Likud ever since felling one challenger after another almost as if it were nothing.


The picture for the future is simple and may result in costing Israel dearly. For as long as the Likud Party remains entrenched as the preeminent party on the right, Bibi will remain Prime Minister. General Gantz probably posed as hard a challenge as anybody has since Lapid threatened and Bibi had Bennett self-destruct so he could beat Lapid. This sacrifice of Bennett was not sufficient. A couple of days before the vote this past election, Bibi announced in a very public setting, that he intends to extend civil law to all, every last one regardless of size, the Jewish settlements in the Shomron. He made the announcement repeatedly in interviews, in a photo op with the leaders of most of the Shomron communities and pretty much everywhere else including probably at breakfast to prepare for the words of the day. This was the entire pitch which Bennett was running upon and Bibi’s announcement simply cut his legs from beneath him. Bennett had siphoned off a fair amount of support extensively from the Likud, he had already taken the top two slots and another of the Jewish Home top ten along with half of the financing received by parties for the campaign while leaving the entire debt he had run up behind hampering Jewish Home, and with this one announcement Bibi had retrieved those votes right back to Likud as now there was no difference between Bibi position on the Shomron and Bennett and Bibi was more likely to be Prime Minister and Bennett was cooked. This was Bibi’s burying of Bennett and getting his revenge for Bennett taking Shaked and deserting Likud for Jewish Home. Bibi also recognized that Bennett wants to be Prime Minister and will stop at nothing to get there. Well, Bibi is Prime Minister and will stop at next to nothing to remain there, and in politics the person on top has all the advantages.


Bibi remains Prime Minister because he recognizes any and everyone who has that desire, that gleam in their eye, that spring in their step that says I’m on my way up, and Bibi knows how to bury them politically so deep that they no longer know which way is up. There have been those rare few who such tactics would have proven ineffective as they were already too established for premature political burial. Reuven Rivlin is one perfect example. He had ridden high in the Likud list for a fair while. Burying him would be difficult and would cost Bibi too much to even try. So, how to put him aside where he can cool down until he is no longer a threat. There is a position in the Israeli government where one basically makes speeches and represents Israel at funerals and other state functions which the Prime Minister may not choose to attend though both can be at the same event from time to time. This position is called President. Currently, Reuven Rivlin is serving as President of Israel. He is about to perform the one very political role the President is assigned, deciding which party leader to choose to attempt to form a coalition and become Prime Minister. We hear you, here comes his opportunity to get even. Absolutely not. Reuven Rivlin had two competing dreams, Prime Minister and President. This was the perfect opportunity for Bibi to cut down on the competition and also give a person he calls friend (not a position we would envy) the chance to live his dream. But not every challenger would go away as easily.


There are a couple of such individuals off in the wings who, should they decide to give it their all, could step into a position leading one of the existing Religious-Zionist Parties and challenge Bibi. They are probably aware that such a move would be a one-off and if their challenge falls short, then that is it for them politically. Another was Danny Danon. The main claim against him was that his English was not perfect. Not perfect is being generous, but in Israel he only needs to speak Hebrew and if he were ever Prime Minister, he could have Bibi be his translator, that would be sweet to see. As Danny Danon rose slowly through the Likud ranks and in the settlement communities as a potential champion, they need as many as can be found, his political star appeared about ready to burst to light as a star does upon reaching that critical point. This was the point where Bibi suggested he become the United Nations Ambassador from Israel. Well, that prize was just too shiny to turn down, and Danny Danon was not seen as one whose desire in life was to be Prime Minister or to become the Bibi slayer; his dream was, is and will remain to serve Israel in whatever capacity to which he is called and to fight for Israel and her people, all of her people, in whatever way is needed. So, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations is Danny Danon. Who will be the next victim from taking the Bibi challenge? Well, none of us for a simple reason, our Hebrew is not anywhere near good enough and will never likely pass such a challenge. On the other hand, one of us has experience as a candidate with no real chance making the ballot as a third-party candidate for the United States House of Representatives. No, we will simply continue with making commentary and if called upon to serve, then we would probably serve with a proviso that we were given a trusted translator. As far as the next to step forward to take on the Bibi, there probably will not be such as Bibi has intimated that this will be his final time around, his victory lap, so to speak.


Still, he may be facing a new challenge from President Reuven Rivlin if the rumors are true that his first tender will be to Bibi Netanyahu as well as Gantz and Lapid of the Blue White Party, which was a very close second place vote getter being edged out thirty-six to thirty-five, and proposing that they bury their differences and join together to make a National Unity coalition in order to find a path to peace. The words “path to peace” have become a loaded phrase which Israelis equate with losing land and gaining terrorism. The last great “path to peace” was the Gaza disengagement, and we all have come to realize how well that turned out, Gaza became terror central. Should President Rivlin call to meet with both Likud and the Blue White leaders, then many Israelis will become very nervous. Such a meeting implies that the soon to be announced President Trump Deal of the Century is a known plan by Bibi, Rivlin and who knows who else, and this plan will result with another Palestinian Arab entity potentially with borders which could pose an even greater threat than Gaza has proven to pose. Such a government would only be brought into existence in order to form a government which could survive any resulting caving to allow for the Deal of the Century to come into fruition. This would not necessarily be the case with any other coalition as the potential for the Likud Party to split threatening any weaker coalition would be a definitive possibility.


This is what happened when Ariel Sharon committed to the Gaza Disengagement when he then formed a new party (Kadima) with the remnants from Likud and a number of representatives pealed off from Labor and other smaller parties allowing Sharon to remain as Prime Minister and the rest, as they say, is history. Another such disengagement, exactly what Gantz originally stated was his intention should he become Prime Minister early on, is something the majority of Israelis are dead set against, including us. Israel’s saving grace might just be the absolute refusal by Gantz and Lapid before the election to forming such a government as they really desired to replace Bibi outright. With things now settled and being the lesser party, this may no longer be such a terrible idea for them to adopt. It is remarkable how malleable formerly stated absolutes come when the alternative is sitting in the opposition, the same opposition they claimed they were ready to ride to the next election when they just know they will win outright. The other part which makes this all the more possible is the once stated admiration Bibi held for Ariel Sharon whom Bibi claimed at that time was his mentor. This looms larger now that such things are presenting themselves, even if they are but rumors as rumors sometimes have a bad habit of becoming part of reality. The most likely path forward will be for President Rivlin to collect from each party leader the person they would choose to support as Prime Minister, Bibi or Gantz. As things sit currently, Gantz would receive at most fifty-five while Bibi is expected to receive sixty with Avigdor Lieberman waiting to have Bibi agree to his demands before making him Prime Minister. So, how do things sit now? The government will be even more shaky than the former government. Last time, when Lieberman pulled from the coalition, that left Bibi with a ruling coalition of sixty-one, the minimum for a sitting government. This time Lieberman sits between Bibi and a mere sixty which would probably result in the calling for new elections soon thereafter. Somewhere, Bibi lost one critical ministerial mandate and has an even weaker position. The editorials which claimed that we may have a new election within the year are looking to have a decent chance of being correct. Things are back to being as shaky as, as.. as.. as a Fiddler on the Roof.


Beyond the Cusp


October 16, 2018

Democrat Plan to Win Midterms is Deviously Brilliant


The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to regain Congress at the midterm election coming up next month. Former President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House wannabe Nancy Pelosi are just two of the high profile Democrats who have been visiting and speaking at colleges and universities stressing the importance of the youth to register and vote for the Democrats if they desire there to be anything left of America when they graduate. They claim that the Democrats are the ones responsible for the growing economy as President Obama’s fiscal planning is paying dividends now and the recent gains have nothing to do with President Trump and his tax cuts and other stimulus programs. They talk to these kids using the same messages that their humanities professors use in class talking about safety nets and caring about the underprivileged plus their stressing economic fairness and sharing the wealth. The Democrats are counting on these young voters coming out on Election Day to give their votes robotically for every Democrat challenger or at least against the Republican. The main person touring in this blitz to gain voters has been the former President which makes complete sense since it was his Presidential campaign which so heavily depended upon the youth vote.


One might ask, though we would hope they already knew, why do the Democrats think this plan can work again? Well, first and foremost, college and university kids, and even some high school seniors, are not nuanced or have had sufficient experience to honestly know neither what each party platform contains nor what the programs of each party hold effects on the economy and job markets. Even worse is that many of the youth in their humanities classes have been fed a steady diet of socialist ideals and leftist ideologies as well as being told that the Democrat Party is either the savior of humankind or at least the less dangerous party with the Republican Party being the spawn of the Devil or worse. This indoctrination is what much of the humanities program has become with reasoned thought and any amount of debate being removed and everything becoming a leftist echo chamber. This, of course, does not produce Republican voters and for these kids to finally realize the truth takes sometimes a few years of watching half their paychecks being eaten up by taxes and any overtime they work, they see the additional pay goes to the government as punishment for working hard. Others, like my daughter, figured out that working for a living meant one needs to earn sufficient to support two people, oneself and one the government supports often to a standard of living exceeding the one the worker is left with after the government takes their percentage. The added onus of supporting the first introductory steps for a single payer healthcare system has taken an even deeper bite out of their pay and that will only continue to result in even more and larger bites taken from them. There is an adage that young Democrat voters become Republicans with age. This adage has far too many exceptions which may be why it is slowly retreating from use, but there is still that percentage for whom it is still valid.


The next question is will the Democrat strategy work or fail outright. Well, working for the Democrats means that they take back both houses with sufficient Senate control that impeachment comes into play. Should the Democrats honestly believe that they have gained such powers, one can expect them to possibly test them with a run to impeach Justice Kavanaugh. Succeeding at that, one can fully expect their next target to be President Trump followed by the newly installed President Pence once he vetoes a single piece of leftist legislation sent his way from Congress. This would occur in a flash time-wise as that is necessary such that Pence is impeached before the Senate has taken up their role to approve the replacement he has named to be his Vice President. By doing it this way, the Democrats will have placed the Speaker of the House into the Oval Office and gained the White House. This is a central concept which we need to keep in mind; the Democrats visualize this midterm election as potentially providing them with an easy walk into the Oval Office and doing so with style and pizzazz. But for their hopes to be realized, they need a majority in the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate. We doubt they will be capable of taking such control of the Senate, so their plots will depend on swaying the weaker Republicans. That may be more difficult as Senator Jeff Flake will be gone and apparently Senator Collins has reestablished herself with the Republicans and with President Trump, for now.


Right Wing or Left Wing

Right Wing or Left Wing


The Democrat Party will require far more than a straight-up election can possibly provide as President Trump has been good for many people and there is hope in the populace, and that counts as votes at the polls. Additionally, the Republican base is energized as they were appalled by the treatment and disgusting antics, in their eyes, resorted to by the Democrats to attempt to pressure Justice Kavanaugh into withdrawing his name or having the President fold by withdrawing his nomination. Should President Trump send a nomination to replace the retiring Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations, as such hearings have purported to make the Kavanaugh lynching appear like a six-year-olds imaginary tea party with her three favorite dolls, the Democrats will have displayed their undo and treacherous policy of power at any cost and give no ground or comfort to their perceived enemies. The Democrats no longer see North Korea or China or Russia or any foreign power as an enemy. Their sole enemies are the Republicans, every last one of them. The Democrat Party has announced their intentions even before a list of possible replacements has been released or even queried by any news outlet that they are going to destroy whomever President Trump may appoint just on the principle of the process. The Democrats have announced that they no longer see the Senate’s job when it comes to any Presidential appointments as Advise and Consent but more of Search and Destroy. It has been intimated that even should the nominee be a woman that that will not avail her of a free ride; she will face just a vicious and ferocious series of personal attacks on her person. The far left of the Democrat Party has taken control and has told President Trump to prepare as Hell is coming to dinner. They have announced their intention on every Trump appointment to stall and demand additional paperwork, FBI investigations, NSA phone records on each appointee and whatever else they can dredge up, up to and including sexual accusations from any point in the candidate’s life just to make each appointee into damaged goods whose work will always be tainted by their public denuding their most intimate secrets even they are required to invent some and find people willing to make such claims on even the most shaky of grounds or accuracy of their memories. The coming hearings, whenever they arrive, to affirm the new United Nations Ambassador should be in depth and look at the complete person and their background as it pertains to holding the position and not becoming the target of somebody leveraging something from their past to force them to act in some way other than they normally would have taken. The problem is that the Democrat Party leadership is not aiding the vetting process as much as they are shredding the rules of civility and going straight for the jugular in an attack meant to destroy, not to clarify and definitely not to confirm. Any further appointments made by President Trump will fall along party lines.


The Democrat Party will require far more than a straight-up election can possibly provide as President Trump has been good for many people and there is hope in the populace, and that counts as votes at the polls. Additionally, the Republican base is energized as they were appalled by the treatment and disgusting antics, in their eyes, resorted to by the Democrats to attempt to pressure Justice Kavanaugh into withdrawing his name or having the President fold by withdrawing his nomination. Should President Trump send a nomination to replace the retiring Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations, as such hearings have purported to make the Kavanaugh lynching appear like a six-year-olds imaginary tea party with her three favorite dolls, the Democrats will have displayed their undo and treacherous policy of power at any cost and give no ground or comfort to their perceived enemies. The Democrats no longer see North Korea, China, Russia, or any foreign power as an enemy. Their sole enemies are the Republicans, every last one of them. The Democrat Party has announced their intentions even before a list of possible replacements has been released or even queried by ant new outlet that they are going to destroy whomever President Trump may appoint just on the principle of the process. The Democrats have announced that they no longer see the Senate’s job when it cones to any Presidential appointments as Advise and Consent but more of Search and Destroy. It has been intimated that even should the nominee be a woman that that will not avail her of a free ride; she will face just a vicious and ferocious series of personal attacks on her person. The far left of the Democrat Party has taken control and has told President Trump to prepare as Hell is coming to dinner. They have announced their intention on every Trump appointment to stall and demand additional paperwork, FBI investigations, NSA phone records on each appointee and whatever else they can dredge up, up to and including sexual accusations from any point in the candidate’s life just to make each appointee into damaged goods whose work will always be tainted by their public denuding their most intimate secrets even they are required to invent some and find people willing to make such claims on even the most shaky of grounds or accuracy of their memories. The coming hearings, whenever they arrive, to affirm the new United Nations Ambassador should be in depth and look at the complete person and their background as it pertains to holding the position and not becoming the target of somebody leveraging something from their past to force them to act in some way other than they normally would have taken. The problem is that the Democrat Party leadership is not aiding the vetting process as much as they are shredding the rules of civility and going straight for the jugular in an attack meant to destroy, not to clarify and definitely not to confirm. Any further appointments made by President Trump will fall along party lines.


Justice Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Photo Shoot

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Photo Shoot


This take no prisoners approach to appointees is the same approach to be used in the midterm elections. One can expect fierce and brutal attacks on any Republican who is running in a close race according to polls, the real polls and not the ones in the New York Times. The one thing which will require close attention is the investigations into voter fraud, ballot box stuffing, absentee ballots whose voters also attempt to vote in person, illegal immigrants being permitted to vote and every kind of fraudulent means of cheating on the election. It was Joseph Stalin who phrased it best stating, “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” This was an area where Joseph Stalin knew how to fake an election. First, you must make it appear that you have the same number of total votes as were likely to have been cast. Further, the number of votes must not outnumber the number of registered voters. Finally, one should keep the percentages real and believable. If you win an election by such a landslide that it casts questions, such as elections in Islamic regions where the chosen winners gain well over half of the final count giving them over 90% of the vote, then the result is too slanted to be believable. Stalin knew enough to have his victories be by a more believable margin with him rarely claiming over 60% of the votes. But in the end, win by one vote or win by tens of thousands or even more, they all place you in as elected and nothing more. People claim that by winning by a larger majority one received prestige which allows them greater pressure and urgency on the items they propose, but they still only have one vote and for leaders, the public can be fickle and turn on you in an instant if you appear lost and unable to secure the passage of your programs. But the Democrats desire only one thing, power and with it, control; but they want complete power and total control, no half measures will satisfy them. This is the reason behind their attacks whether they are attacking President Trump or the members of his cabinet and his security personnel. They want that one of theirs be granted the title of President and can thus appoint their own Vice President making their control complete. They want the situation President Obama enjoyed his first two years where he had a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives and over sixty in the Senate permitting his passage of anything he proposed that year. But can we explain their plan to win back Congress?


Actually, we already gave the separate parts, so allow us to wrap it all together and present the final thoughts. Their initial aim is to take control of Congress. This they believe is dependent upon their ability to get the youthful voters to the polls so expect buses filled with students rolling up to vote headquarters. Expect the Democrats to utilize every trick to game the system where such appears necessary. The Democrats have already intimated their intents to cheat where required and the vote is competitive and the winner is uncertain at around five-o-clock in the afternoon, a time when many of the poll watchers leave to get something to eat. As the voting is most often performed electronically, and the separate systems are not networked beyond their voting regions, each system will require different expertise. Then there are those systems where they continue to utilize paper ballots which are counted manually and kept well out of reach for ballot stamping. One should always be very skeptical when upon opening a box containing voter ballots one finds a second box. One should become even more skeptical if all of these voters were cast for one candidate. Further, be suspicious of anything which appears out of the question for if it appears to be problematic, then it probably will turn out to at least raise questions. The Democrats also believe their take no prisoners approach to nominations will impress the youth with their spirit that President Trump can be completely thwarted and cause them to show up to the midterm vote and swing the necessary races to the Democrats. They are not feeding these kids on any real message beyond Democrats really good people and Republican are repulsive creatures from outer space. This, combined with their tough, no holds barred wrestling of appointees such as Brett Kavanaugh and will further drive these youth out to vote. They believe that with former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama hitting the college and university campuses will bring the youth to the polls in numbers as had swept Barack Obama into the White House. This reliance on the youth to come out and vote for the Democrat politicians in the midterms appears to be a long shot at best. Without the President running and the big names such as Obama being bantered by the media, the youth vote will more than likely choose to live out their lives in their insulated communities and not leave campus or even seek out their on campus voting location.


Meanwhile, the former President and many others are furious over the fact that President Trump has single-handedly undercut the progresses made in the ‘New World Order’ causing deep delays and potential danger of breaking entirely into the Deep State and destroying all their work developing the Deep State into an operating machine which would complete their control over the people. President Trump is doing what he is able to do and doing so wherever he finds an opening. The problem with attempting to counter President Trump is his seeming irrational thought has few if any predictable methodologies. Still, despite, or possibly because, of this Helter Skelter methodology, President Trump has done more to disrupt and dismantle the Deep State than any predecessors were capable of accomplishing even in four or eight years. This accomplishment alone will place President Trump into history lauded as a great President who was very effective, despite having to initially face down his own Party and its detractors, many of which are retiring in this or the next election. He placed two strict constructionists who believe in the original document and that the intended meaning of the Constitution is what is to determine the Constitutionality of laws and that Constitution was set in stone when written and is not a living Constitution evolving over time permitting people to reinterpret the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the remainder of the Amendments. President Trump signed an executive order to all his cabinet Secretaries demanding they delete two regulations for every one they produce. If this could only be kept in operation for a number of decades, then we might actually see some real progress, but the Deep State has many layers and thusfar President Trump has only cut the epidermis and even that only superciliously. The Power of the Deep State to write regulations which for intents and purposes carry the weight of law is what requires being not only trimmed but excised. Only when the Congress is forced to write the entirety of each law with its definitions defined within the law along with punishments for noncompliance leaving little if any room for ideologues to write regulations, will it be then that the Deep State will slowly devolve as the numbers of legal minds hired by each agency are let go for lack of work for them to do and no mischief in which they can play. We will see what the results are in next months midterm elections and that will decide much. Should the Republicans buck trends and actually make gains, then he will be able to pursue his personal agenda and complete many of his other campaign promises. Only once President Trump has such power will the Deep State be annulled and much power returned to the elected members of Congress.


One can only hope that President Trump is even able to empower the individual states by returning numerous powers to the states ending their usurpation by the Federal Government. Much of what the Federal Government has is too many agencies which are mucking things up with the most obvious and should be the first to be cut, education. The education of people’s children should be decided at each school or at least school district. Policy and programs of schools should never have become centralized. The same is true in so many other areas. Further, the furor over the possibility for overturning Roe vs Wade has been “Much Ado About Nothing.” The result of such an event would be leaving the abortion question up to each state or potentially each county. Our proposing that every piece of legislation be fully fleshed out with all regulations and fines or punishments included leaving nothing further; we would find that the Representatives and Senators would be passing far fewer pieces of legislation.


This would in a manner of speaking return some powers to the individual states and beyond as counties flex their muscles as will cities and even metropolitan regions. Perhaps we can get the attitude in Washington D.C. to change and adopt the old adage which was attributed to President Thomas Jefferson which states, “The government that governs best governs least.” The American dream was a nation run by town councils with their permitting limited powers to pass to the counties who in turn would delegate even less to the state who would permit the federal governance do only those things denied the states by the Constitution or reserved to it by that same document. It is a laudable idea for every piece of legislation undertaken by the Congress to have a cover letter explaining from whence power to do so legally under the Constitution originates. The split we are witnessing in the United States are standing on opposing sides of this issue and this is the central piece of contention, namely is the Federal Government something for which all power gravitates or is the power best utilized at the local level where they are to be applied. The Democrats favor an all-powerful centralized governance which has unlimited powers and no restrictions which inevitable leads to fascism and the enslavement of the individual for the good of the whole.


The Trump supporters cherish individual power and the decentralizing of power as well as making the use and application of power be performed in the light of day in the floors of Congress and not in the dark recesses of the Deep State which currently simply spits out regulations demanding us to do this which forbids us to do that. If one were to go through Federal Law, say simply the laws regarding filing of paperwork in order to represent foreign companies and individuals, at some point, they would find that there are requirements for the filing of a certain form while another regulation makes it a crime to utilize that very form for the same purpose which means that, either way, you are breaking one or the other regulation. The result is neither is enforced until one wishes to leverage information or to get them to turn over on somebody closer to their target, in this case Manafort to turn over on President Trump, he refused, they prosecuted. Manafort refused and apparently will be sentenced to jail though he will be given one final chance to incriminate President Trump or else. But the main thing to remember, the Democrat success depends on uninformed people voting for them out of fear and other emotional reasons. The Republicans are mostly voting to try and rescue their nation which they see as being very ill and on life support. They desire their nation back. Both will end up depending upon the Hispanic population which will likely become the new majority.


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August 12, 2015

The Unkindest Cut of Anti-Semitism

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It starts with the demonization of all who dare oppose President Obama and his obsessive claims of grandeur based on the presumption that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have avoided any possibility of war by bowing before Iran with the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) and the equating of Republicans with the Mullahs and those Iranian hardliners who chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and any others as Israel Firsters and treasonous people putting Israeli interests ahead of those of the President and thus the United States. These claims that the only alternative to the JCPA Iran Nuclear Deal is war and that those opposing this wondrous plan as simply like those who sided with Israel to drag the United States into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are a number of historical errors in this argument that need refuting before going on to the real argument that President Obama is making and the presumed lies which many in the media and throughout the political environment, especially backers of the President, especially some far leftist or die-hard committed Democrat Jews.


First and foremost, neither Israel, Israelis or those who do hold fast to supporting Israel desired to draw the United States into any wars in the Middle East and especially into a war in Afghanistan. Perhaps President Obama was asleep or on an extended holiday somewhere where there is no news coverage of planet Earth on September 11, 2001 or he is simply using heated rhetoric to draw a contrast which makes all who oppose his Iran Nuclear Deal as foreign agents or those who would place foreign interests ahead of those of the United States. Perhaps if we were to investigate where President Obama stood on the United States involvement with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the entire idea of bringing change to instill democracies instead of dictatorial powers in the Middle East first we could gain some insights. Candidate for Senate Barack Obama ran his campaign opposing the American presence in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as opposed to holding al Qaeda suspects at the prison on the Guantanamo Naval Base and when he ran for the Presidency a few years later he promised to end all three entities. Further, as President he ignored the advisings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and almost all other military reports and intelligence and instead hurriedly pulled almost every American troop from Iraq which also saw every allies force pulled as well leaving a nation poorly suited and obviously not prepared or capable of maintaining its governance without an allied presence as a stabilizing force. The situation in Iraq was more tenuous staring failure in the face than were Germany and Japan at the end of World War II and those two nations to this day have a large contingence of American troops present within their borders though they no longer serve as the sole stabilizing force. Still, there are few calling for their being brought home as they are simply occupying those nations unnecessarily, though a better argument could be put forward for doing exactly that in reference to the troops in Japan and Germany. Additionally, after the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and the last plane being brought down by the passengers before it could be brought to its target suspected to have been in Washington D.C. and probably the White House or Capital Building that the United States needed no invitation to begin to chase the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan and all supporters of al-Qaeda also in the training camps in Afghanistan and where Osama Bin Laden had planned and trained the twenty hijackers for the September 11, 2001 attacks and thus start the war in Afghanistan. Further, Israel, if anything, was conspicuously absent from the coalition against Iraq and had Israel made any recommendations, they likely would have added removing the theocratic governance in Iran immediately after removing the sole check to Iranian designs on the entirety of the Middle East and North Africa, known as MENA in military jargon and as the Caliphate in historical and Islamic literature, Saddam Hussein in Iraq.


Further, any claims that Israel is attempting to draw the United States or anybody into a war in the Middle East is ludicrous as Israel had never in her history attempted to draw any Western nations or any other nations or entities into the Middle East and had stressed that any military actions necessitated for Israel’s protection will be undertaken by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and all she has ever requested is for those nations who have made promises to keep those promises. Unfortunately for Israel, there has been an ever increasing tendency for Western powers to forget their promises, treaties, agreements, letters of intents and even promises for armaments some of which whose precedent was Israeli promise to cease development and potentially building Israeli weapons systems and in exchange the United States promised to agree to favorable terms and complete support of all air requirements necessitated to give the Israeli Air Force (IAF) air-superiority over her neighbors and including equipment, upgrades, repair parts and systems and other necessitated arrangements such as where possible allowances for Israel avionics and targeting systems such that Israeli manufactured weapons systems could be adapted and used on such airframes. The United States had on its own volition as part and parcel of agreements to share intelligence and other mutually advantageous agreements to provide Israel with prompt resupply of armaments should her supplies and provisions grow depleted beyond a situation considered optimal for Israel’s defense which was dramatically not only neglected but intentionally and wantonly ignored, prevented and blocked all in an attempt to weaken Israel before her enemies who had breached the peace but for all intents and purposes the Obama Administration saw fit to scrap forty years of protocols and insert an additional step to what had previously been a military to military relationship requiring the State Department to sign off on all weapons and armament shipments to Israel after a review which resulted in what was obviously a new procedure instituted with the sole intent to deny Israel resupply while she was engaged in hostilities after coming under rocket attacks approaching a thousand rockets in the three days leading up to the Israeli incursion into Gaza to and their hostilities on the civilian population of Israel including rockets fired at Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Yet now we are hearing that Israel is the evil party attempting to harm the relationship, understandings and alliances between the United States and Israel solely as an attack on President Obama by accusing him of dealing falsely in his negotiations with Iran that are placing both Israel and the United States in peril, remember that little thing about the United States as the Great Satan and Israel as the Little Satan along with chants led by the Supreme Leader himself of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”


The making Israel out to be the evil influence threatening the United States and attempting to topple the Presidency of the United States by interfering with the ratification of the nuclear deal with Iran is absurd. The claims that it is the hardliners in Iran and Israel who stand alone against this deal and are aiming to destroy the legacy of the President is equally absurd. And then comes the claims that the Israeli Prime Minister is acting out on his idea of the existence of a grudge match pitting the President as the evil entity when everybody knows that President Obama, as he has stated on numerous occasions even recently when pointing out how the Iran deal protected Israel unlike any previous agreement and was crafted with Israeli security in mind, has been the most stalwart and consistent friend Israel has ever had. The President has further pointed out that the only alternative, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has pointed out himself, to the JCPA, the Iran nuclear deal, is to go to war. Furthermore, there was the twisting of an invitation to address a joint session of Congress behind the President’s back working with an evil cabal of Republicans to work to marginalize President Obama and directly oppose the efforts of the President and instead instigate open warfare and the destruction of and semblance of order remaining in MENA nations. President Obama has pointed to all he has done and sacrificed and to how Benyamin Netanyahu has used every opportunity to upend and destroy their friendly relations the President has attempted to build between Israel and the United States.


Well, let’s try and set the records straight. President Obama is feigning ignorance of the spiraling out of control venomous spite and hatred he has shown Prime Minister Netanyahu accusing him of forming a relationship to try to assist Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to win the election and defeat the sitting President, White House spokespeople accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of consistently coming out in favor of Romney and all but actively campaigning for Romney. One can check the records and they will prove that Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to take sides in the election and admitted to having had friendly relations with Romney and with President Obama. The Israeli Prime Minister has done all within his powers to play nice-nice with the President and has received constant attempts to pull the rug from beneath the Prime Minister by making startling announcements such as the belief of President Obama that the 1967 lines (the Green Line or 1949 Armistice Line) as the basis for the Palestinian State right as the Prime Minister was boarding the plane for a state visit. The animosities and brusque treatments suffered by the Israeli Prime Minister which include but are not limited to being made to use the back service entrance to meet and leave from meeting with President Obama, the refusal to hold a joint press meeting after their talks for the first three years of President Obama Presidency, leaving the Prime Minister by announcing he was going to go and have dinner with his family and then instructing the Prime Minister of Israel to meet with Netanyahu’s advisors who were present at a working meeting and to call for the President when they had finally decided to acquiesce to the demands put forth by President Obama; the Prime Minister was reported to have sat stunned for a few minutes before gathering himself and leaving the White House discreetly. Add to the items, and they are legion, of slights, insults and interventions including using political advisors and other assets in an active campaign to unseat the Prime Minister during the Israeli elections, and it is amazing that the Prime Minister has not taken a more adversarial role with President Obama. Even when Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to speak before a joint session of Congress and had alerted the White House where the Prime Minister’s office had spoken with a representative of the White House who had presumably gotten back with the Israelis affirming the visit and speech only to pretend that they had never been given any warning or been included in the invitation process and were in a pique and felt very insulted and refused to meet with the Prime Minister during the visit and no White House representative attended the speech basically pretending that the Prime Minister was persona non grata as far as the President was concerned.


But now things have gone beyond any pretenses of political gamesmanship and into the level of using blood libels and threatening to instigate waves of anti-Semitism across the United States should the JCPA be defeated by the Congress. The particular target of these slanderous and libelous accusations is a standout of traditional Democrat anchorage and a man whose patriotism and dedication to party are beyond question; well, until this past weekend. The politician in question is New York Senior Senator Chuck Schumer, a man who is in line to lead his Party in the Senate in the near future and well respected by many in the ranks of the Democrat Party and a go to Senator when the chips are down and influence and leadership are required. The problem is that this time around Senator Schumer has taken a position standing against President Obama, the leader of the Democrat Party, and against much of the power structure of the Democrat Party even if doing so might damage or even permanently end his position of power within the Party. Senator Schumer has placed a complete argument for his stance against the JCPA on his official pages titled My Position on the Iran Deal. As his explanation does include a reference to Israel as it is combined with Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and Gaza as all being targets for Iranian influence and its terror proxies. The paragraph reads as follows:


“In addition, we must consider the non-nuclear elements of the agreement. This aspect of the deal gives me the most pause. For years, Iran has used military force and terrorism to expand its influence in the Middle East, actively supporting military or terrorist actions in Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and Gaza. That is why the U.S. has labeled Iran as one of only three nations in the world who are “state sponsors of terrorism.” Under this agreement, Iran would receive at least $50 billion dollars in the near future and would undoubtedly use some of that money to redouble its efforts to create even more trouble in the Middle East, and, perhaps, beyond.”



Senator Schumer gestures his disapproval as being ‘this big’ as he tells President Obama that he will not be supporting the Iran Nuclear surrender, umm, I mean agreement.

Senator Schumer gestures his disapproval as being ‘this big’ as he tells President Obama that he will not be supporting the Iran Nuclear surrender, umm, I mean agreement.



The singling out of Senator Schumer is troubling in a number of ways. Perhaps the most of these troubling parallels are those which can be drawn between the assaults made against Senator Schumer and those in the infamous affaires de Captain Alfred Dreyfus where an innocent Jewish officer in the service of the French military was scapegoated as the traitor who had sold information to the Germans, a deed actually committed by one of the General Staff and a man of rank and high privilege and family. The accusations of treason were to find Captain Dreyfus guilty of treason and sentenced to life in prison of Devil’s Island in French Guiana. He was eventually released and even later cleared of all charges largely due to the efforts made by his wife Lucie and the works by Émile Zola of which his masterpiece proclamation “J’Accuse…!” pictured below with portrait of Émile Zola. The additional pictures are of Captain Alfred Dreyfus’s reinstatement and portrait near the end of his life and one depicting the cell used to keep Captain Alfred Dreyfus in solitary confinement not permitted to converse even with the guards outside and the Dreyfus Tower erected in his honor at a high point overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately for Senator Schumer Devil’s Island has long ceased to be utilized as a prison but he can visit as it has been made into a tourist spot.



Captain Alfred Dreyfus’s Devil’s Island confinement hut and a tower built to honor the only man ever to be vindicated and released due to false charges in the Island’s history.


Picture of Captain Alfred Dreyfus being returned to his former rank after rehabilitation from false charges and a mistrial of justice and a photo of him as an older man, he died within a year of the second photo.


Photos of the front page of the paper carrying the article by Emile Zola titled J’Accuse…! Photo of renowned playwright, author and famed man of letters.


The depiction of Senator Schumer as being a turncoat, a traitor to his Party, a traitor to his President, and committing traitorous acts which will, according to those leveling both barrels on the Senator, bring his nation into a senseless and avoidable war. Senator Schumer has also been accused of basing his decision not on what would be good for his nation, not on what is possible instead of some perfect agreement which would only exist in some perfect world in a perfect reality, and worse still, sacrificing the young men and women who will have to fight this war all for a foreign nation, Israel. The singling out of Senator Schumer is not because he is casting a vote as a Democrat against the deal which, if we are to believe some mainstream media reports, a finely tuned and exquisitely worded document which had no loopholes, nor frayed edges and no strings dangling; it is a solid stand-alone agreement on limiting Iranian efforts to become a nuclear armed state which is so perfect that there is another whole deal which will supercede the stipulations in this deal with new stipulations in a secret deal which nobody has a right to view this part of the agreement and must simply take President Obama’s promises that it strengthens the original deal made by Secretary of State Kerry. The White House has not officially named who the team members were working to produce this super-secret agreement part deux. But it is Senator Schumer being targeted largely for obvious reasons, he is Jewish, he has a strong record of supporting Israel, he knows the Israeli Prime Minister, he has visited Israel more than once and even more than the President who is a self-proclaimed supporter and best friend of Israel who knows what is best for Israel more than the Israelis know what is good for Israel themselves which is also why the vast majority of Israelis have opposed the deal, confused yet? So, obviously Senator Schumer must be under the evil influences of those Israeli manipulators because the majority, even the majority in the opposition parties in the Knesset with their leader Labor Party Chairman Isaac Herzog met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and they shook hands, held a press briefing and both came out against the Iran Nuclear Deal.


Many pro-Israel nationalists, Zionists and others all oppose this deal, the JCPA, even to including many who voted for President Obama not just once but twice. There are so many items included within the known sections of the agreement that have little to nothing to do with Iran becoming a nuclear weapons armed state as they will be going towards that full steam ahead deal or no deal. The problems come in with the ability for Iran to purchase as many weapons in as many types, styles, uses, and complexity, Iran being permitted to procure and then produce full range rockets capable of carrying satellites into space and warheads to any point on the globe, they can purchase mid-range missiles, arm Hezballah, arm the Houthis in Yemen, arm Hamas if they return to their former friends modality after some Hamas leaders meet with the Saudis and expand their reach in Central and South America and probably place more agents and provocateurs in the United States and potentially return Bashir al-Assad to power while the United States flies air support for Iranian troops in Iraq against ISIS and the Iranians have already bought air defense systems from Russia, the S-300 anti-aircraft-and-missile systems, plus a few aircraft such as one-hundred-fifty Chinese Chengdu J-10 sophisticated jet fighters with Israeli avionics and finally, two-hundred-fifty highly-advanced Russian Sukhoi-Su-30MK1 heavy-fighter-bombers as well as one-hundred IL78 MKI tanker aircraft; or simply put, Iran is purchasing an entire air force. Iran can purchase almost whatever variety of weapons they desire with the huge inflow of ready and hard cash and as it is in dollars which may be losing a fair amount of its buying power so they will likely buy it all now.


What is there not to like about this great deal President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary Jean François Kerry (spoken with a proper Parisian accent) have crafted over the last few years plus some indeterminate number of months, days, hours etcetera. They worked very hard with great fanfare meaning nothing to reach such an accord which will have little effect on Iran as anything Iran desires to include producing nuclear and thermonuclear warheads to their hearts’ content while the United States keeps calling for immediate inspections where suspicious activities have been detected by satellite pictures and other intelligence while the Iranians just continue doing as they please confident that there will be no unscheduled inspections. For there to be any inspection first one of the claimants, they are the United States, Iran, Russia, China, Great Britain, France, and Germany, can call for inspections which completes the initial step. Then Iran is petitioned and they can acquiesce or demand the committee decide if an unscheduled inspection is in order but if they are feeling particularly friendly the Iranians can skip the formalities and just allow the inspection. Should Iran demand a formal inspection then the committee of all of the P5+1 plus Iran and the European Union, how the European Union got in there is beyond me, I guess they just hung around and posed for so many pictures that it was simply taken for granted that they were also included somehow. The vote needs five of the eight votes in order for an inspection to take place but right off the top we realize that Iran will be voting against any inspections as will China, Russia. Let us further assume that the United States, Great Britain, and Germany all vote in favor. With the vote all tied at three to three and five votes required for a majority it makes the votes of France and the European Union to get vote in favor. We need to remember that even Germany is doubtful in reality once they build-up good trade relations and have lots of Euros invested then they are highly unlikely to vote against their cash cow. So even if only the French or the European Union vote against and snap inspection then there will be no inspection. So there will not even be snap inspections called and even if by some miracle there are five or more votes and inspections are called, then Iran can call for a delay of as much as twenty-four days and then another vote will end up being called for and such can happen that Iran might even delay a snap inspections plain and simple.


Due to all the shortcomings of the JCPA which have been made known to the public and the public by a margin of two to one the public opposes the deal. The troubling reality is that as many of those polled there was almost half who claimed to not understand enough about the JCPA to make an informed statement either way. One of the most interesting, in an unnerving sort of way, revealed when asking whether or not Congress should vote for or against the JCPA, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, they preferred professing ignorance rather than give an opinion by a wide margin. The totals were Just over 1-in-4 (27%) say Congress should vote to approve it while 1-in-3(32%) say Congress should not, as a plurality (41%) are not sure what Congress should do. There was also this Quinnipiac University poll conducted July 23-28 of 1,644 registered voters, 57 percent oppose the deal compared to 28 percent who support it, a margin of exactly 2:1 against the JCPA Iran Deal. How does the White House come out and claim that any members of Congress who vote against the deal are stooges under the control of Israel and the Jewish Lobby? What is their reasoning other than to get a rise out of the people who agree with President Obama when the deal gets rejected, he vetoes the Congressional vote against this JCPA and then when it returns to Congress they muster the few additional votes and override his veto, what then? Is it the President’s plan to then use his phone and his pen calling for a solution to the problem of unfair influence by those Jews who forced Senator Schumer and other Jews and those owned by Jew money and influence that is destroying his America and they must be stopped, is that the ball game Mr. President? Is the entire reason your nuclear surrender to Iran being voted down by anybody who took the time to read the deal all a Jewish conspiracy and now you want the Jews stopped from interfering with your plans to change the Middle East as well as the United States? Well Mr. President, Senator Schumer read the publically available parts of the deal and was as in the dark as the rest of the Congress and the American people who all object to your super-secret further deal where, for all the people of the United States and their representatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate know, you probably gave away the farm and half the cities or made some crazed deal that you would not even let Secretary Kerry see which just makes everyone that much more suspicious and made rejecting the deal with the devil and by a devil a deal America does not want. Is the only reaction you can fall back on is the Jews prevented your greatest achievement? That is where you are in error as the Jews who are Israelis did not, in overwhelming numbers, accept the horrific deal you made which sold them down the river along with the United States and many fear that the United States will go first and then Israel will be left to avenge the ninety percent of Americans who will likely die after the electrical grid, which everybody ignored its vulnerability, will perish before your nation can right itself and that will leave Israel to hold back Iran and we all have to pray she has sufficient ability or Western civilization is going to die in ruins. That is why those who have read the JCPA reject it and reject it vigorously. It is not a Jew thing but a thinking person’s thing just like your ObamaCare would have died had anybody been given time to read and debate it. Fool us once, shame on you, but fool us twice then shame on us. I’m sorry, Mr. President, this is a bad deal and, wait a moment, maybe I’m not sorry, maybe I am finally serious as I read the deal and so did many others and just like if we had read the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, all the over a thousand pages we would have rejected it, but now we can reject your plan for the surrender of the world to Shia Islam, we say no!


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