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August 17, 2013

Muslim Brotherhoods Day of Rage in Egypt

Just as most of those who study Egypt had predicted, the Muslim Brotherhood fired their initial shot across the bow of the interim government which the Egyptian Military put in place and has pledged to protect. There will be scratch the surface coverage in most media outlets where they may show some pictures and videos of a few of the confrontations which took place either in Cairo or Alexandria. Those who might choose to go somewhat further might include a comment or two and even a picture of one of the confrontations between the Coptic Christians and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. What will receive scant coverage is that by the time Monday morning news hits the airwaves and your ears as you have that first cup of coffee to get going there may be only a few Coptic or other Christian structures remaining standing. The tragedy that the Copts are about to face is probably the most criminal of all the violence which will spill across Egypt as the revolution to place Muslim Brotherhood backed Peace and Justice Party President Morsi back into the seat of power and forcing the resumption of the Islamization of Egyptian society will be hurled hard and wide against the oldest of Egyptian societies, the Coptic Christians as well as any other non-Sunni Muslim populations.


The Coptic Christians are about to face the same form of persecution and violence as was faced by Egyptian Jews under Egyptian persecution starting in 1948 and continuing for the next several years. The Jewish population in Egypt in the decade after Israel was founded in 1948 dropped from over seventy-five-thousand to less than one-hundred mostly very elderly Jews today with no younger generation coming to replace them. It can reasonably be expected that Egypt will be completely free of any Jewish population within the next couple of decades. This allows the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood along with the cooperation of the Salafists to now cleans Egypt of their next target, the Christians otherwise called the Sunday People from an old Arab battle cry which goes, “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People.” Going back to 2011 it has been reported that close to one-hundred-thousand Coptic Christians fled Egypt in that year and has been estimated to have exceeded a quarter of a million per year since and will likely explode well past that in the coming months. One has to remember that the Coptic Christians make up one of the oldest and most purely original Egyptian populations surviving that predated the Islamic conquest of Egypt. These Christians were converted by John Mark, (author of the Gospel of Mark), who became their first bishop sometime between the year 42 AD and 62 AD, making them one of the earliest Christian communities which continues to exist very much as they were in antiquity. Now these early and faithful Christians are facing obliterations and the destruction of their churches, cathedrals and other historic places without anybody lifting a finger to protect them or their historic places and legacy.


This is just another tragedy which is unfolding within Egypt as the nation devolves into civil war. Meanwhile, the Coptic Christian communities are burning starting with their churches and proceeding to their places of business and finally to their homes. Their communities face obliteration by conflagration, a cleansing of their neighborhoods by fire executed by the Muslim Brotherhood and their Sunni followers yet their cries and tears will pass uncommented and blanketed by a silence that drowns their screams. What will happen to young Coptic women is unspeakable in its horrors and the rest of the Coptic population will face persecutions only slightly less horrific and face it alone in the world, friendless. This coming atrocity is what President Obama should have spoken against and made clear that the Coptic Christians are to be protected if Egypt intends to retain any of their billions of dollars of annual aid monies from the United States. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the President to do the honorable thing, it’s the weekend and the golf course is calling. One might ask where are the cries over this injustice which is being perpetrated in plain sight of the world. Yet the world remains silent. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is in Israel and the Palestinian territories (Palestine as Ban Ki-Moon referred to them) pressuring Prime Minister Netanyahu to make the necessary sacrifices while assuring Chairman Abbas whom he praises with showers of promises and support. Where is the Pope who should be screaming out over the injustice to the Coptic Christians whose society that predated that of the Vatican City now are laid waste in a sea of flames and blood. Where is any leader in the Christian world even murmuring the slightest complaint, let alone coming to these persecuted people’s aid providing them protection or at the very least a place to which to flee? Why is the United States Sixth Fleet not mounting a rescue operation to take these victims of frenzied mobs to a place of safety? Where is the Christian world when their brothers and sisters are being slaughtered and martyred for their faith? Sleep well oh western world while atrocity once again swallows up an ancient and peaceable people, sleep well.


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March 14, 2013

White Smoke Signals the Ascension of Pope Francis

The College of Cardinals in the Vatican signaled with the plumes of white smoke their having decided on the man who would become the leader of the world’s Catholics and the assumed link between Heaven and Earth. The person they selected was Jorge Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who will from this point forward be known as Pope Francis. His selection has been received with general approval from many sectors including the Jewish community of Argentina who heralded then Archbishop Bergoglio for his response to the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association. Pope Francis will be the first Pope in modern Church history to come from outside of Europe. Pope Francis is considered to be a reformer and a very good choice to reconnect with masses of Catholics, especially those who had recently become disillusioned by the scandals in the Church. Pope Francis may also be a wise choice as he represents the largest community within the Catholic Church today which is largely Spanish speaking and part of the world’s largest population in South America. Some have expressed surprise as they expected somebody who would have been younger than the seventy-six year old Bergoglio. May Pope Francis serve the Church faithfully with calm, peace, wisdom, resolve, righteousness, and with foresight to steer the Catholic Church and all of mankind into an age of acceptance and cooperation. In conclusion, may Pope Francis find ease in traversing the path which G0d has laid for him and the Catholics and all the peoples of Earth find his message to be of benefit providing inspiration and tranquility with all that he touches.


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February 12, 2012

President Obamas Unhealthy Miscalculation

President Obama had ulterior motives when challenging the religiously attached institutions such as Catholic Hospitals, health providers, and other institutions which employ other than solely from within their religion. His demand that such institutions not be exempted from the requirement to provide coverage for contraceptive care, as had been assured during the debate on Obamacare, instigated a much larger and stronger response from the Catholic Church than he had probably expected. But why would President Obama take such a risk in the lead up to this election year? The one reason that appears to make any sense is that this was a calculated instigation to move the debates of the election from President Obama’s record and the economic outlook, as both are indefensible, and move the debate to the arena of social politics where the Republicans might be cast unfavorably, especially concerning abortion and contraception. Had this scheme worked, then President Obama would have acquired a much needed wedge issue with which he might energize his base from the most ardent leftists to the moderates who have accepted the social status-quo concerning the acceptance of contraception and the legality of a woman’s so-called “right to choose”. Well, President Obama does indeed have his wedge issue, but at what cost?


It was probably not the intention of President Obama to directly challenge the Catholic Church, and least of all, the Pope, but that is exactly what has appeared to be the case. It was probably the expectation that this challenge would have remained within the shored of the United States and not have reached beyond the heads of the Catholic Church within the country. But that turned out to be the great miscalculation. We can expect the near term result of this ploy to be carried on by the liberal press by way of questions of the Republican hopefuls as they move from one primary to the next. The other side of this action was to force into the campaign this fall the matter of religion into the mix. This would have forced either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum to have to defend their faiths in place of addressing the more crucial concerns of the economy and the President’s record from his first term. This, of course, would be a meaningless subject should either Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich become the Republican candidate this fall, but these two offer an entire new set of items to place before the voting public. We may still have this debate come the fall election, but my bet is that President Obama and his campaign advisors will attempt to allow this confrontation to fade away rather than have it end up energizing the other side’s base.


The ball, as they say, is now in the other court. It is entirely possible that the Republicans may wish to keep this issue as their rallying cry in the election, or they too may wish it to fade away. Entering into a contest over such polarizing issues such as contraception, birth control, abortion, and the entire range of moral issues often present a negligible advantage. Quite often such issues split the electorate evenly in halves. It is most likely that the real decision on whether or not this issue maintains its legs will fall to the press and their decision to press the issue or drop it. Time will tell. If I had to make a prediction, this issue will be used by the press against either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum in particular venues and only be brought to the discussion by the Republican candidate in the other extremes. Both sides will probably try to make use of the morals issue to their own advantage. President Obama and his campaign can be expected to throw out various other issues in the next several months attempting to find issues more to their favor in order to avoid having the debate solely be the economy, jobs, and government over-spending. They have no choice as running on President Obama’s record in office would lead to winning only the deepest blue of blue states which would assure his loss in the election.


President Obama once told Diane Sawyer, “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” It will be the Democrat desire to try to focus the voters’ attention on what Obama will promise to do and not what he has accomplished or attempted. On the other hand, the Republican campaign will be to run on President Obama’s record while promising to repair the damage done and place the country back on track to an America where the people can once again proclaim American Exceptionalism. The side which is able to sell their vision of the future will be the winner. The real question the voters must address is which vision is best for the United States and whose promises can they honestly believe. This election has been once again referred to as the most important election of our times. Perhaps this time they are correct and we can no longer simply vote for the candidate we like best but choose the one who is best for the future of the United States. Voting for the lesser evil is definitely not an option, unless the lesser option you choose is somebody or thing which will be amusing, such as a third party candidate or Daffy Duck.


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