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December 26, 2018

How Trump Wall will be Effectively Destroyed


Even should United States President Trump get his giant wall along the border with Mexico, it might not last past 2019. Even should President Trump be reelected, whenever a President decides to welcome open borders takes office, they could sign the United States onto a very bad idea which has been thought out with great detail and is very popular because it will destroy the Western World. The reason behind what appears to be complete lunacy is, of course, the United Nations. What the world’s foremost thinkers located at Turtle Bay (UN) have discovered is yet another ‘Human Right,’ that of being permitted to live wherever they desire and be a citizen of whatever nation they wish to settle in as well as a citizen of the world, which is what this really all about. Borders, we don’t need no stinkin’ borders, or so says the United Nations. But fear not, they are not going to force this down our throats quite yet. Thus far, the only leaders unwilling to go along are US President Donald Trump and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, which puzzles us, as we would definitely pray that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would also be wise enough to refuse to even consider such, let alone sign Israel on to it. The United Nations current plan is to slowly have this concept seep into the consciousness of the people of the world such that it slowly erodes their resistance and turns lunacy into something for which people will say, ‘yea, that sounds like a nice idea.’ We here will be a little harder a nut to crack as we are really set in our beliefs and know that for Israel such an idea is tantamount to suicide, which is probably partly why the Muslim world thinks this is a great idea.


So, allow us to think this through and see what would be the ramifications. Let us assume that the United Nations at some future date has gotten this passed through the Security Council sneaking it past any Russian or Chinese or even British veto, as we suspect there could be an American President who would love this idea, like most Democrats and the rest of the world might be fine with no borders. We would suspect that someone, if not the government, in Britain would find some way of destroying the functionality of the Chunnel (the England to France tunnel under the English Channel) thus cutting England off from the continent making it a sea voyage to reach the British Isles. By this time, it is conceivable that California will have ceded from the Union declaring themselves a nation if only to erase their debts. Knowing the mindset of the majority of Californians, they would already have open borders to the south and closed borders with the rest of the United States to prevent their own citizens who might still have ten cents to tax from fleeing to someplace more closely in touch with sanity. The people in North Korea will never be told that they can leave, so their borders probably will remain uncrossed. China will, providing they allow migration, no longer have a population problem, as many of the wealthy who conduct international businesses will simply relocate their headquarters as soon as they are permitted to do so. Europe will be inundated to the point that a large percentage of the population across the entire length and breadth of Europe will be Muslims from the Middle East and Northern Africa. Central Africa will no longer be facing near as many terrorist difficulties as many of those very terrorists will have relocated to Europe. Providing the United States is still adopting this oh so wonderful idea, there will be a new national language, Spanish. The good news is that the nation will still be Christian with a far higher percentage of Catholics. Canada will be more heavily populated and gain greatly in its population’s percentage of the world’s wealth as numerous American and Europeans will see it as one of the last refuges for the criminally sane. Greenland and Iceland will also start to look attractive, as might the British Isles providing they protect their shores from the same invasion which will be infecting the rest of Europe. Europe will not even be protected by the Mediterranean Sea as on a calm day you can cross over from Africa to Europe in a decent sized rowboat, or at least sure appears that way at our end of the Mediterranean. England and associated nations are more fortunate as even on a good day, the English Channel can change her mood very quickly, and for proof we give you the Spanish Armada of 1588 which was driven around the Islands and lost most of their ships and the remaining ones were in a sad state. So, England has depended on her natural border protector, the fickled seas surrounding the Isle, and she may need them to do their worst again. Europe, on the other hand, has a bathtub filled with water with Gibraltar as the drain plug between them and Africa and a land bridge with the only historical block now in central Turkey, will easily be overrun by economic immigrants as well as another wave of Islamic infiltration completely overwhelming their indigenous population. Wait, once the United Nations erases all the borders, will we still be permitted to even say ‘indigenous populations?’ Probably not.


A World Without Borders

A World Without Borders


The above map gives you the concept of a world without borders. No lines for international boundaries, no names of nations, why even name the bodies of water, no bothering to name continents because naming things would prejudice by stigmatizing the land as belonging to some group. We want a completely sterilized planet where everyone and everything are completely equal with nothing having any more meaning than anything else. This will lead to a world which will be considered a heaven to the leftist elites living in their heavily guarded compounds where they have their collection of gated communities with real and enforced borders keeping out the little people, those who do not meet their criteria of acceptable company. Initially, it will be great for those who are part of the great migrations from third world desperation to the lands flowing with wealth, well, wealth for as long as it lasts. Let’s face it, once the United Nations has pushed this idea onto the world, the next set of human rights which will follow is to settle the relocated populations, housing, ample and nutritious food, medical care and a guaranteed income. The last one will be interesting to watch, as there will be no accepted currency as there are no nations thus no dollar, no Yen, no Euro, not a single red cent or wooden nickel to be had. The United Nations will go into the market of making money, and there will be no exchange rate as this way the United Nations decides who is wealthy and who are the beggars for scraps. This will be such a wonderful world all filled with equality. Equal poverty, equal starvation, equal lack of basics for life, equal filth, equal death and it will very soon become he who has the most firepower wins, and that will be those very same people in the gated communities who will have retained their Armed Forces who will be tasked with protecting them at all costs.


The difficult part here is that this article is now crying out for some conclusions and predictions and we can only take completely blind and wild guesses. If we were to be totally honest, we would throw up our hands and accept our inability, but we will go ahead and try anyway. We would hope that Israel would not only refuse to go along with this, but that she would be out of the United Nations before this ridiculous idea to destroy the world was even close to being adopted. Secondly, we seriously doubt such an idea would ever clear the Security Council as it is currently structured. This is why there exists such pressure to completely revamp the Security Council taking away the ultimate veto power from the nations currently holding them and possibly reassigning them on a rotating basis such that everyone gets to wield that power with the exception of Israel as she has thusfar been denied a seat on the Security Council, another reason to quit the club is it has proven in every means possible not to appreciate or even desire her membership. The other advantage is by leaving, Israel would never have to worry about breaking the rules imposed by the United Nations, as she would no longer be a participating member in the freedom choking, money laundering, terrorist sponsoring club. Eventually, nations such as the United States, only appreciated because she pays most of the bills, Israel, what appreciated, never happened, and eventually the European nations who would be expected to pay the bills once the United States left, and the rest of the developed world, the nations forced to meet climate goals while India and China are permitted to pollute to their little darling hearts’ content. There will be one item almost assured to happen once Israel departs, whether by her own volition or because she was evicted, the United States would then be promoted to target for every ill in the world and responsible for all suffering. While the BDS Movement would continue as the Arabs would never give up on their drive to destroy Israel, it would have a corollary called the BDSUSA Movement where the same idiocy would be targeting the United States.


Eventually, such a movement would start to become viable simply because there is one thing in the world of which there is no limit, stupidity, and that is doubly true for the political class. Sooner or later, the United Nations will go the way of the League of Nations but for a completely different reason. The League of Nations became obsolete as soon as World War II started as it obviously was incapable of preventing wars and dreadfully so. The League of Nations proved to not have sufficient power to actually make any of its decision felt or in any way applied. Any and every nations had more power than did the League of Nations and they made sure to use it to ignore the rulings from that body. The reason the United Nations will be scrapped will be because it assumed too much power. Once the United Nations successfully reassembles the rules and structure of the Security Council taking the permanent veto power from the current holders, France, Britain, China, United States and Russia, they will face sanctions just as easily as any other nation except with a twenty or thirty member Security Council the most wealthy industrialized nations will become checkbooks to be cashed through Security Council levied fines for improper behavior and this cash will flow to some of the worst dictatorial countries on Earth. How long does anybody expect any nation to remain in an organization which is using it as a cash cow without allowing them any veto over these actions, let alone sometimes even no voice in the chamber from where these decisions are handed down? But that would be the expectation of the majority of United Nations members and when the United States, followed soon behind by the remainder of the free world, follow Israel out the door refusing to bow before, what will have become a completely corrupt collection of ingrates, the United Nations whims and demands, then the United Nations will die the corrupt death it deserves. With no money, no military, and no major nations still attending other than China, India, Brazil and possibly a few others, and once these nations start being hit up for funding the world, they too will exit really quickly. The United Nations will actually slowly but inevitably commit suicide, and it could not happen to a nicer bunch of undesirables.


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July 25, 2018

Modernizing the Israeli Haredi Community


The modernization of the Israeli Haredi community is not simply an objective but an absolute necessity. The problem comes down to simple mathematics. As the Haredi community has grown, they have become a larger and larger percentage of the Israeli population. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that there is a critical point beyond which the rest of the population becomes unable to produce sufficient wealth that they can take care of another portion of the community. Those numbers differ depending on numerous variables, but once the dependent populations clears 40%, let alone reach 50%, they become an overt and unbearable burden on the remainder of the population and other government services such as defense begin to suffer catastrophically. For this reason, the Haredi community needs to be pulled, voluntarily or kicking and screaming, into the mainstream working population. For a model of such one need look no further than the United States where the Haredi communities not only work, pulling their own weight, as well as studying Torah and are amongst some of the wealthiest and most productive Jewish communities. The same model can be duplicated in Israel and still permit for the top and most promising Torah scholars to study Torah as their work financed by the charity of others or the government, something which can be hammered out once the Haredi show their promise to have the majority join the normative society.


The initial step in this direction comes by including the Haredi in military service. This would begin by passing a draft law which would make Haredi men eligible to be drafted with a small but relatively sizable percentage allowed being exempted as Torah scholars. This percentage should not exceed 10% though initially it could be set as high as 25% and brought down from there. For those Haredi not exempted but adamantly opposed to service in the IDF, they can be given the standard option of National Service. This will require the IDF remain hospitable to religious soldiers and reverse the somewhat recent trend to impose secular standards upon religious soldiers. This has apparently come about as the high command appeared to be attempting to break the will of the more religious soldiers, something which should never happen within the Jewish Army. There could be combined religious-Haredi brigades or even a complete division. The catch is currently the religious Zionists when enlisting often request longer service periods in order to serve in the most prestigious special brigades such as the Nahal Brigade, the Paratroopers Brigade and the Sayeret Matkal as well as the other Special Forces units. It is unlikely that the entirety of the Haredi would desire to enter such units and their percentages in each area of service are more likely to mirror the rest of Israeli draftees.


Five beautiful, glorious and holy Torah Scrolls which carry near infinite wisdom and are the foundation of all Judaism and their culture and civilization is built around the Torah and the teaching of Torah

Five beautiful, glorious and holy Torah Scrolls which carry near infinite wisdom and are the foundation of all Judaism and their culture and the Jewish civilization is built around the Torah and the teaching of Torah


The difficulty in bringing this concept to fruition has been the simple political fact; the Haredi Parties within the coalition have the numbers to bring elections and thus can resist any draft law which requires Haredi service. This is one of the difficulties with parliamentary coalition governments; they are only as strong as their most disruptive link. The coalition system has presumed advantages though when scrutinized, the disadvantages appear to crop up far more prominently than any advantages. The Haredi parties demand as their entry into any coalition that their population remain deferred from service in the IDF or National Service because they must be free to study Torah twenty-four-seven otherwise peace will never come to the world. We really hate to break this to them, peace does not appear any closer with them pursuing only Torah study, perhaps some of them might be going about their studies with less than the required serious concentration necessary to bring world peace. This has been the problem as some of the Ministers of the Knesset have pointed out, they can drive through the Haredi neighborhoods, largely in Tel Aviv, and they see tens to hundreds of young Haredi men standing around on street corners smoking cigarettes and not apparently pouring over Torah manuscripts and the related commentaries deep in study and thought. The claim is these numbers are too large and persistent and are found almost any hour of the day to be laid on the excuse that these young men were taking a break. This may weaken the Haredi parties’ arguments, but it does not dilute their ability to force elections.


There is another means of slowly forcing the incorporation of the Israeli Haredi to join into the workforce, which is the actual reason for including them into the IDF and having required STEM and other basic courses be taught at the Yeshivas. As stated above, such is the norm for the Haredi in the United States and they support their own Torah greats in their studies from within their community and do not demand that the United States government support their Torah studies as the Haredi have done historically here in Israel. The other persuasive means is to not increase, or actually decrease, the amount of government support provided to the Haredi communities thus eventually forcing them to realize that their game is up. Again, this will run afoul of the Haredi parties who can threaten to force new elections. Eventually there will be a government coalition not requiring the Haredi parties to reach the required sixty-one Ministers, a majority of the one-hundred-twenty in the Knesset. For the Haredi’s sake, they had better pray during their Torah studies that such a coalition not be made up of the secular-left as they will have no pity and feel absolutely no guilt in cutting the Haredi communities off their support leaving them to beg and scratch to survive. At least if such a coalition is from the right-Zionist-religious-nationalist parties, then the Haredi will be cared for more gently but the writing is on the wall and they are going to by necessity be joining the normative society. Of this need there can be no rational argument as their numbers and percentage of the Israeli population continue to increase.


The truth is there are some very successful Haredi run companies within Israel. What makes these companies all the more outstanding is that they have nary a man in the building. These are companies started by and populated with Haredi women. To read about a select group of these companies we would like to provide links to the following this article, this article, this article, this article, this article, this article and this article. These are proof that the Haredi believe in working and if the men desired, they could very probably follow their women’s example while adding a difference where each department within the company was given special time in which to devote themselves solely to Torah. This would serve two purposes. The first is that it would permit every Haredi with time to study Torah and second, we would not be deprived of a miraculous contribution to the commentaries on Torah coming from the most unlikely of former students. People always bring up the fact that Albert Einstein did not do well in his early studies, especially where speed was required in answering any question. Thus, the claims that even the most brilliant diamond is but a lump of rock when pulled from the earth is an analogous comparison. The countering argument is equally valid in that not every Haredi is a real and treasured brilliant Torah scholar and thus every Haredi is not necessary for the advancement of Torah and the Law going forward, a percentage including the most promising students should be permitted deferment from IDF and even joining the workforce and possibly receiving a stipend from the government. But the teachers at their Yeshivas and their participants in immersive Torah studies should ideally be supported by the Haredi community just as they are in other countries. Most of the synagogues and especially those attending regular services provide sufficient charity to the Haredi to pay for much of this work being performed in a most serious manner. Finally, working and supporting oneself was ideally meant to provide additional insight into the human condition and thus deepen one’s ability to understand Torah and the Commandments and allow for a deeper interpretation of Torah relevant to the lives of the people.


This is all well and good but it does not get us past the Haredi parties blocking, or attempting to block changes in the current system by threatening to force new elections. The Haredi parties do not fear elections because their voting block supports their candidates because their rabbis tell them to do so and thus their representation remains rather constant between nine and thirteen seats. This often makes them the kingmakers as their numbers can make for a stable coalition capable of having four or even seven Ministers not vote with the coalition and still have their legislation be passed and prevent new election crisis. Often they are required to form a coalition and in these instances their power is greatly increased, making changing the rules very difficult. This requires that the Haredi be persuaded to accept these changes which lead to painfully slow progress in these areas. One can only hope that the Haredi leadership, preferably their leading most rabbis, will simply state what is true; Torah scholars are meant to also work as a means of remaining humble and appreciative of how those who depend on them to interpret Torah such that it is made meaningful for them are served. Even the prophets of old were required to work for a living with only the most brilliant and righteous having as their position to advise the Kings. Otherwise, the prophets in antiquity would have starved to death and along the way become too weak to think straight. We understand that some of them did not particularly think straight all the time even with food and good employment. The fact they were required to perform something of monetary worth in addition to their relating the desires of Hashem is the important point. Surely, the Haredi do not place their Torah study above the revelations which came from the prophets, or do they?


When the day arrives that the Haredi see the light of day or are not required and a coalition is formed without their participation, then the Haredi will know what it feels like to be depending upon the kindness of others exclusively. On this day, the future of the Haredi community will be decided free of their input and this fact alone should place the fear of Hashem into the leaders of these Haredi parties. They would be far better served to be participants in a logical, acceptable and understandable transition towards reaching a final goal and in defining that final goal. Should the Haredi continue to endlessly demand that the system not be altered, they run the risk of when the system is altered that they will receive absolutely no special privilege from the government. Would it not serve them far better to receive support for 10% or at most 20% of their adult population being permitted to spend their time as Torah scholars producing the standards of Torah for the whole of the community? This is the overbearing question which they should be thinking and not plotting to force no change taking place because doing so will soon lead to their being resented by the population at large, and that would spell danger for the Haredi as a whole. There is a final bit which requires addressing, and it involves the fanatics within the Haredi community. They must be brought within control of the greater Haredi community. Their attacking other Haredi because they serve in the IDF is behavior which should be treated as being beyond the pale and unacceptable. The same goes for their riotous reaction when people not meeting their ideal dress code for modesty are seen within their neighborhoods. The Haredi need understand that other people with different standards exist and have equal rights to be respected and not become the victims of a self-professed modesty police. Such actions are part of societies which are ruled by a theocratic dictatorship. This is nowhere near the ideals of the State of Israel where we cherish equality and that there are differences between people. The principle problems concerning the Haredi community and its incorporation into mainstream Israeli society will come at some point in the not too distant future. The final reality strike will come when there will be no means of supporting the Haredi within Israel and also budgeting for the IDF and other necessary government services such as road repair, utilities and all the other necessities which people rely on the government to provide. This brings up the concept that perhaps everyone need be reminded that the government should be limited and not providing services to the people which the people can provide for themselves, and that goes for all people.


Beyond the Cusp


April 25, 2015

Israel Has Some Wonderful News to Ears Seeking Something Positive


There were a few tidbits of news which may have snuck by many of us during the rollercoaster of one’s emotional equilibrium of the last couple of weeks. It happens after Pesach where we have in rapid succession Holocaust Remembrance Day and then the topsy-turvy of Memorial Day immediately followed by Independence Day where we for from the solemn remembrance of those we have lost, both soldier and terror victim, to have brought us to this day and at sundown of this day of remembrance we immediately shift gears, pop the clutch and within a few dizzying hours we fire off fireworks and are celebrating our hearts out in joyous rapture celebrating like tomorrow may never come the anniversary of the rebirth of the nation of Israel. During all of this some lists and reports came along with these days. The first is likely the less critical in importance, but it is still nice that somebody outside of Israel took notice. It turns out that last year Israel rose a couple of more slots towards the top of the list of happiest nation of people on Earth. Such steps are difficult once a nation hits the rarified atmosphere of being within the top twenty. Israel is about to enter an even more exclusive club as she has made it to number eleven happiest nation. This is not an expected slot for Israel to hold when one reads the accountings in the regular news every day about Israel in the mainstream media but then again, many of us have known all along that they had a slight bias against Israel. Apparently being demonized in the media day and night has not taken off the shine of our smiling faces and cheerful outlooks on life. But wait, there is even better news.


Believe it or not, the old story about the “demographic time bomb” has also been laid to rest. The birth rates for Israel also were released recently and the news should fill every heart with joy if they are believers in the future of Israel. The predictions of doom and gloom claiming that Israel would soon be overrun by the Arab superior fertility rates have been struck what might be a fatal blow. The significant figure was the fact that Israel has reached a population total of 8.345 million people. This includes the births of the last year which were numbered at 136,000 Jewish births and 40,000 Arab births. Compare those numbers to the 1995 statistics where one finds that there were 80,000 Jewish births and 36,000 Arab births. This means that the Jewish population inside Israel has increased from a ratio of 2:1 to now an ever more respectable ratio of 3:1, imagine that. Further, since 1995 the Israel rate of Arab births has increased by ten percent while Jewish birth rate has increased by over forty percent. That is a rate of change respectably higher than have Arab births. The immediate response from the ever seeking the darkest possible news with which to bludgeon Israelis and their supporters into submission would be that these numbers are for within Green Line Israel and ignore the numbers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.


OK, let us go look into the reports given on these numbers but instead of using the inflated numbers provided by Abbas to attempt to frighten Jews that their days are numbered, let’s use numbers from World Bank. According to the World Bank, the birthrate in Judea, Samaria and Gaza has declined from as high as 6.5 in 1990 down to about 4.0 today. Quoting Ambassador Yoram Ettinger speaking on the reasons behind the decrease in the Arab women’s rate of births per individual, it is mostly a result of higher levels of education such that, “Instead of having kids as early as 15, they are waiting until their mid-20s and that number is approaching age 30.” Additionally, “family planning has proliferated throughout the Muslim world – possibly because of economic reasons but maybe also the increased standard of living.” Ambassador Ettinger concludes, “The surge in Jewish fertility has to do with communal responsibility, patriotism and roots.” There is an interactive graph where you can plug in any set of greater regions or their individual countries and contrast and compare nearly anything you desire provided by Google. By doing a comparison of the individual groupings of nations Israel was ahead of every grouping with the sole exception of Sub-Saharan Africa. Every area, even that of Sub-Saharan Africa at a birth rate per woman at an astounding 5.11, has shown a serious and marked downturn in their population statistics from their high at 6.79 births per women and with every other national group reaching a reproductive ratio of between thee births per woman and just below 2 births per woman with the highest coming in at 2.75 births per women for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the lowest coming in at 1.72 births per women for Europe and Central Asia. East Asia and Pacific came in at 1.82 births per women followed closely by North America at 1.85 births per women with the next being Latin America and the Caribbean at 2.18 births per women, thus being the first region to be equal to or above replacement rate in reproduction. Continuing we find the World’s average at 2.47 births per women with next being South Saia at 2.59 births per women followed by, as noted above, MENA at 2.75 births per women, and also reported above, Sub-Saharan Africa having by far the highest at 5.11 births per women. Meanwhile, Israel had hit a highpoint of 3.97 births per women in 1960, the first year figures are provided and ending at 3.04 births per women which was a rebound slightly higher than the low of 2.7 births per women in 1992. One can expect that the numbers for Sub-Saharan Africa to drop precipitously at some future date which will be marked by greater levels of education and the industrialization of their societies after which the human population of planet Earth, or if you prefer the population doomsday predictors’ favorite phrase, spaceship Earth will finally reach a steady level of minimal growth with times of feast having a steady if slow increase and times of turmoil and frustrations giving a slow rate of decline.


When one looks at the birth rates per woman of the world compared to the individual sectors it becomes readily apparent that it is the high but still dropping rate of births per woman of Sub-Saharan Africa which force the rate for the entire world to a higher than otherwise expected level and once they drop to the range of between 1.7 and 3.3 births per woman then the World replacement rate will fall just under 2.5 births per woman, a steady level of measured and manageable growth ever so slightly above replacement rate numbers. Equally important has been the decline towards replacement rate rather than the far higher rates over the Israeli reproductive rates for Judea, Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza which had buried the demographic time-bomb which has been touted and predicted by those who would seek out any statistic to prove that Israel had no choice but to give the Palestinians anything they demanded if they would only permit the Israeli Jews to survive and keep their ever diminishing numbers against the super-reproductive rate of the Arab Palestinians which promised to drown them in a sea of births. This does not for an instance mean that we will stop hearing the sky is falling doomsayers from touting old data over and over ad nauseum predicting the demographic destruction of Israel because they need to have something to show to back up their demands that Israel completely surrender and beg and grovel for table scraps which the rest of the World including the Arabs who would reproduce Israel into extinction or the Europeans who would end Israel through an embargo if Israel does not comply and surrender or the United Nations will bury Israel in paperwork responding to the human rights charges which would end if only Israel would surrender to the Arab Palestinian human rights demands or any of the plethora of doom and gloom woe is Israel who will be subsumed by whatever calamity that can be found in the statistics if they do not surrender to the Arabs as is their sole chance to survive-mongers. The frustration those who seek ever more diverse ways to attack Israel and claim that Israel is a pariah amongst the nations, the new Apartheid, a genocidal raging, the force behind every calamity, the reason for every ill, the one holdout from a past era, the remaining anachronism amongst the nations and whatever else that can be dreamed up from the furtive minds of conspiracies and intrigues who will borrow through mountains of statistics even to the point of reformatting them in such a manner as to provide the data they require to damn Israel once and for all. It is at this point we must stop and pay homage to the originators of the quotation, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” which many attribute to Mark Twain who himself attributed it to Benjamin Disraeli thus we must conclude that it is insightful, humorous, erudite and witty as both men were long and stood tall in all those areas abilities. The one thing that those who are in love and pay tribute to the return of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland, you will never run out of reasons to need to defend her nor will you ever reach a period where there are none who seek her destruction until the day arrives that all the Earth finds peace and harmony and are ruled from Jerusalem, not by the Jewish people but ruled by a divine source.


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