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September 9, 2021

America Has Not Yet Failed

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Does it, by all appearances, not look as if the Biden Administration has turned their backs on any remaining loose ends resulting from the Afghanistan retreat by American forces? They met their goal of removing all United States military personnel from the Afghanistan theater by their set deadline, as delineated by President Biden himself, of August 31, 2021. Here is the excerpt from the beginning of paragraph seven of President Biden’s End of the War in Afghanistan comments from August 31, 2021, “In April, I made the decision to end this war.  As part of that decision, we set the date of August 31st for American troops to withdraw.” That set the official end of the United States government’s efforts to get people out of Afghanistan. That also set in motion numerous individual efforts to assemble fellow-minded veterans, preferably those with known specialties such as Escape and Evasion (E&E), sniper and others. These groups are currently attempting to pool resources while taking precautions to avoid government infiltrations. Americans are answering the call to aid those left behind to the fullest extents of their abilities.

President Biden

There are rumors and reports, and with the modern media the two are often inseparable, that there are as many as six aircraft with American citizens on board which are being refused permission to fly out by the Taliban or by the Department of State. One success freed a mother and her three children by clandestine land route into an unnamed bordering country. The State Department in Washington DC immediately stressed their undisclosed part in assisting with this private operation. In truth, those familiar with this operation do give credit to local State Department personnel but stressed they got nothing helpful from Washington DC. Who should one believe in what has been a fast moving and hectic last few months? Honestly, we will worry about credit when everybody, both American and Afghani with approval, have been successfully rescued or their end result is known. By known we mean fully explained to the American people at the very least and hopefully to all with concerns for the lives of these human beings caught with no easy or obvious way home. The American government may have failed these people but Americans and many special Americans will go to any end for their safety and we salute those who have put themselves on the line for America keeping her word by their efforts.

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August 20, 2021

Biden and Bennett to Meet

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President Joe Biden will welcome Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the White House on Thursday August 26, 2021. This meeting will have potentially long-lasting souring of relations between the previously close allies. The two leaders share having a large portion of their voting public holding reservations of their leadership ability. But there is much that Prime Minister Bennett must place at the top of his list of questions and suspicions pertaining to whether or not President Biden will back the Israelis when terror violence requires a military response. All we are able to provide are our suspicions and probable conclusions pertaining to the outcome of the Biden-Bennett Summit.

President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Bennett

We strongly suspect the reality Naftali Bennett will run headlong into is that the United States office of the President does not have at its zenith the President himself. Bennett may actually get to meet those who are actually running the American Administration making the fateful decisions. Currently, the American Administration is displaying the abject incompetence with the withdrawal, actually dismal surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban leaving an assessed twelve to thirty thousand American citizens trapped with the Taliban impeding, more like preventing with great hostility and violence, them from reaching the Hamid Karzai International Airport and flights out of the troubled nation to safety. These Americans will likely result in the worst hostage crisis in the history of the United States. Bennett will hopefully take full measure of American President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. thus realizing that Israel is not only on her own but likely to face American opposition and even proposing United Nations Security Council Resolution condemning Israel when next terrorist violence erupts. The vast majority of Israelis continue to hold fast to their trust that the United States is a strong and reliable ally who will always have Israel’s back. We wish we could be so trusting when we are watching the United States Military and Administration leaving over a thousand Americans isolated and in harm’s way without support. Israel can take solace that at least we are not facing an overwhelmingly antagonistic and powerful foe claiming they intend to incorporate us back under their rule. Taiwan faces off against China and the Ukraine is facing Russian troops on their border while Israel currently is at peace with no existential threats on our borders. It is not often that Israel is not part of any threat assessment and that makes us feel good for the time being.

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