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November 7, 2018

Trump Proves to be a Racist


President Trump has a history of racism, or at least specism, one who gives preferences by species. He is also probably a number of other things in biology all leading to the realization that Trump has a definitive preference for mammalian creatures with a strong preference for the felines, canines and sapiens. We hope this does not surprise anyone too deeply, but apparently President Trump is very much alike so many of the rest of us. The difference, he often has an ability to act on his preferences in a large way. We have related this before, but it is worth repeating here as well. When Trump, long before he was elected or even had any thought of running for public office, which probably explains some of the not so intelligent things which people who plan on running for public office would risk doing, showed that he liked human beings, probably one of the more important traits, he opened a business venture in Palm Beach. When opening his country club, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, which was purchased by Donald Trump back in 1985, he opened the entire country club to all human beings who could afford to belong. We were unable to find proof, but we believe that if the guests desired to bring any canines of felines, you know, cherished pets, while staying at Mar-a-Lago, we would bet that President Trump would likely have no problems with their being accompanied by their beloved pets, friends, companions, you know, Fifi. When he reopened Mar-a-Lago allowing anyone to join and enjoy the amenities, this infuriated many, if not all, the owners of the other country clubs in Palm Beach who had exclusivity and very specific restrictive rules of whom they would permit entry onto their hallowed resort grounds. Donald Trump actually permitted Jews and people of color and all people while his competitors, they thought they were co-owners who had a say where they could tell Trump what he could permit into his club so they could simply continue their exclusivity, were aghast and exclaimed rather harshly attempting to force Trump to fall in line with the rules. He refused and continued to bring the modern era to the exclusive club owners in Palm Beach. His fellow club owners eventually integrated, but Donald Trump integrated from the very start of his involvement in this otherwise exclusionary set of country clubs. This is a man whose racism is he prefers the human race probably over reptiles, for example, Komodo Dragons (image below). Of course the fact that all of the efforts which Donald Trump has any influence, especially ownership, were egalitarian and inclusive open to every human who could pay the bill, has not sunk in on everyone. That is not the actions of a racist beyond preference for the human race.


A Komodo Dragon

A Komodo Dragon


This is something which would elude anyone observing the antics which took place when President Donald Trump visited the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh paying a condolence call as the leader of the United States and taking the stand, that what happened when Robert Bowers disturbed a Bris and Shabbat Service opening fire and murdering eleven worshippers and injuring a half dozen others including four police officers, is not who America is. Those outside the Synagogue protesting the appearance of the President were not congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue where the Rabbi and Synagogue President all were very welcoming. Those who lay in wait to ambush President Trump included people wearing Kufiyahs, usually used to protest Israel and supporting the Palestinian Arab claims to all of Israel; SEIU shirts, signifying possibly members of the Service Employees International Union which represents government workers both federal, state and local; multicolored wigs, representing possibly referencing sexual freedom and independence; people identifying with If Not Now, an anti-Israel NGO; and as an If Not Now flyer advertising the event stated references which condemned the “police state” and touted the black supremacist hate group Black Lives Matter alongside Free Palestine, there is evidenced that these were neither conservatives nor members of the Tree of Life Synagogue. There was a speaker from If Not Now who complained that, “More cops in shuls will not make us safer.” Their antipathy for police is not exactly surprising as they regularly protest against the IDF, Israeli Border Police and anything having even the slightest relations with the Israeli government, also the conservative, religious and Zionist political parties and Israel in general. The article we found much of the information also reported that there was a sign reading, “Queer Catholic Protects Jews: End White Supremacy.” From the reports, we saw on the television, this group, like many around the nation, was loud and very proud of their demands and insistence that they represent The Resistance and as such also the vast majority of the American people.


We recently had the annual leftist yell fest down in Tel Aviv in Rabin Square commemorating the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. There was the usual reaction one would expect from a majority leftist crowd when a sitting Minister from the ruling Likud, a conservative and relatively Zionist Party, spoke they were clearly polite, well, except for their shouting down when Tzachi Hanegbi spoke. It appears to be something consistent with the leftists in both Israel and the United States, they equate with the loud volume they generate at rallies with being the majority as their opponents are so quiet so thus are therefore nonexistent. They have decided that if they prove to be excessively loud that these acts will lead to their being the majority at the election booths. After all, doesn’t everybody love to hear fanatical screaming. Well, we will be finding the result of the elections in the United States by the end of the week, probably sooner, and we will see if loudly screaming at President Trump wherever he appears and screaming at any Republican candidates, Congresscritters, staff members or other obviously conservative person or people who has the audacity to appear in public and eat in a public restaurant forcing them to always eat at home or at safe friends homes with like minded people results in that Blue Wave we have seen reported in some places. We are willing to bet that screaming likely does not result in their hoped for Blue Wave but then we also doubt there will be a Red Wave, just a Red Tide which will have one whose actions will need be monitored, Mitt Romney. Why Mitt Romney, you ask? Well, he was quite a “Never Trumper” until he announced his intention to run for the United States Senate seat in Utah, and then he became an ardent Trump supporter. We expect Mitt Romney may very well become the new leader of the Republican Resistance against President Trump and are hoping to be happily wrong on this one. But, the election results will be revealing as to whether President Trump can expect to be reelected in 2020 or should step aside and leave with grace. We expect President Trump will stand for reelection no matter what the midterm results.


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April 11, 2018

Jordan Option Already Failed


There is quite a bit of chatter about bringing Jordan and King Abdullah II to be part of the solution replacing the PLO, Fatah, the Palestinian authority and Mahmoud Abbas along with all the slime in the Land for Peace formula as part of Trump’s Deal of the Century. Jordan was part of the 1948 invasion of Israel the very morning of Israel’s birth along with five other nations, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia plus the Arab Brigades led by the Mufti of Jerusalem and other irregulars from across the Arab world. Jordan was not initially part of the Six Day War but after hearing of the great gains and the approaching of Tel Aviv by Syrian and Egyptian forces, as reported on Egyptian and Syrian radio and television reports, Jordan ignored Israeli reports that they were routing the Syrian and Egyptian forces and attacked Israel to join in the glory of destroying the Zionist Entity. This was how Jordan lost their occupation of what they renamed the West Bank as Israel first liberated Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and then all of the Shomron all the way to the Jordan River. This left quite a number of Jordanian Arab citizens still in the Shomron which have been used by the Arab world to attempt and destroy Israel and wrest the heartland of Israel historically, Biblically and also found throughout the Torah knowing that this would make the eventual destruction of the Jewish State. If this is the idea President Trump thinks will make peace more readily achievable, he has another think coming.


Let us first speak about the one solution which includes Jordan which will actually work providing President Trump has the wherewithal to entice the Arab League and Jordan to accept such a solution. How this peace plan cares for the so-called Palestinian Arabs is that it reactivates or grants, for the younger generations, Jordanian citizenship allowing them to vote in Jordanian national elections as well as their local elections in their towns and cities. They will not be able to vote in Israeli national elections and in mixed towns and cities there will need to be arrangements made such that both sides are permitted self-rule. These Arabs will also need to be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement with Israel in which they promise to respect the rights and existence of the Israelis and that they forswear and renounce terrorism in all forms and recognize the rights of Israelis to reside wherever they choose. They will further admit to the knowledge that, should any member of their family commit an act of terror or be found to be engaging in support or commission of an act of terror, this will result in the entire family being deported to Jordan, or to Syria should Jordan refuse to accept them. This zero tolerance for terror will be required simply because Israel cannot be expected to allow those who harbor or support the individuals committed to terrorism to continue to reside within her borders.


The advantage for Jordan is they get some of their former citizens back but Israel will be tasked with keeping them safe from any foreign violence such as threats from Islamic State and other terrorist activities as well as normative threats. These individuals will most likely earn higher wages than the average Jordanian which means they will pay a greater amount in taxes to the Jordanian government. Israel will be absorbing any cost of protecting these areas from outside threats. The largest problem which the Israelis will need to fight against will be illegal immigration. They will need to prevent other Jordanians from entering into these areas of Jordanians increasing the potential for problems and especially the encroachment by terrorists which will pose a threat to Israelis and the Jordanians residing within Israel as resident aliens. This will be a difficult sell for the Trump Administration with most of the responsibility falling to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo (currently undergoing confirmation hearings), National Security Advisor John R. Bolton and Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis (a former four-star Marine General nick named “Mad Dog Mattis”) will be added to the entourage of Trump Team people pressing to impose his Deal of the Century. The success of any peace plan will be Arab acceptance and proving to Israel that their security will be assured in perpetuity and under their control and not being reliant upon foreign forces. In all honesty, it might be best if these three presented the deal and the Middle East team stands down allowing themselves to be advisors, not to be the front presenters of Trump’s plan.


President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis

President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo,
National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis


As far as Trump and his great deal of the century, the final deal to be presented allowing for the Arabs to have any say in the end determination of boundaries and the status of the Arabs residing west of the Jordan River, will be rejected by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority and demonstrations in Jordan will make King Abdullah II accepting the deal difficult. According to the original determinations made when the League of Nations and the allied powers from World War I determined the division of the defeated Ottoman Empire, the border between the Arab state of Transjordan and the Jewish State which would become Israel was along the Jordan River and the Jordan Valley south of the Dead Sea. This was the borders when the Arabs invaded on May 15, 1948 in their war to annihilate the Jewish State in its cradle. This war left Jordan occupying the Shomron parts of Judea and Samaria, which they renamed to erase the Jewish influence of the real names, while Egypt occupied Gaza. The Six Day War returned the borders which Israel was originally given and Israel also held the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. The Yom Kippur War when Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack with Israel, resulted in the borders and lands Israel held as unchanged when peace was restored. Since then there have been very few changes with one large exception, Israel restored all of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when they made peace but Egypt refused to reclaim the Gaza which they had occupied returning the land to Israel. When Jordan made peace with Israel, they released their claims to the Shomron allowing the land to return to its rightful owner, Israel. Israel has since annexed the Golan Heights which was permitted under United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. When Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt they satisfied the remainder of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 that demanded Israel return lands, not all lands, and retain those lands required giving Israel secure and defensible borders (see map below). Israel would be within their rights to keep all the lands west of the Jordan River and even in returning the Palestinian Arabs to Jordan, as they are all either originally Jordanian citizens or their children. Thus far, Israel has not taken that route hoping in vain to reach an equitable peace. You cannot reach an equitable peace with those whose sole desire is to kill all Israelis and then every Jew in the world. That is why there has been no peace, not because, as the Europeans and leftists love claiming, because Israel wants to make a Greater Israel. The most Israel has ever hoped to attain is that which was promised her by the world in treaties from San Remo Conference to the 1924 Anglo American Convention. The British Mandate was divided between the Arab State of Transjordan (now Jordan) and the Jewish State of Israel with their border being set as the Jordan River, and that is what the world owes to Israel if their words have any truth.


Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.

Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.


President Trump will likely have some plan which will offer the Arabs lands west of the Jordan which would eventually be utilized as a beachhead for yet another war to try and exterminate Israel. This has been the pattern since the founding of the State of Israel. Every time Israel has retreated from lands, they have been utilized to attack and attempt to destroy Israel by her Arab neighbors. Now this has spread to Iran who is providing military support to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The current violent rioting is simply an attack designed to breach the border defenses of Israel and send mobs marauding through southern Israel murdering every Israeli they are capable of finding. Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas, threatened the Israelis stating, the people of the Gaza Strip will “eat the livers of those besieging” the coastal enclave, using an Arabic idiom that means to take revenge on someone. He further declared that, “The March of Return will continue. It will not stop until we remove this transient border.” The border violence is not intended to be peaceful and will not end without a great degree of bloodletting. The only decision will be which side will lose the battle and suffer the greatest numbers of casualties. As to who will lose the media coverage, that has already been determined by the coverage thus far. Israel, as is the norm in the European and leftist media, will be blamed for any result in which Israel survives. The only way Israel can make penance for the crime of the Jews returning to their ancient homelands and fulfilling the prophesies of said return is for Israel to allow itself to suffer utter and complete defeat. The utter destruction of the Jewish State is the desire of the new age secularist evangelicals as to permit the reestablishment of Israel to persist and for the Third Temple to be erected would mean that everything they claim is in error. Their insistence that there is no real right or wrong, that all things are relative and nothing can be absolute, is antithetical to the entirety of Torah and the Jewish faith. Their belief accepts the theory of supersession where Christianity replaced Judaism and Islam replaced Christianity and their beliefs have superseded all former religions as their secular humanism replaces all need for religion. Their world is one of relative truth where truth depends on individuals. There are no absolutes and the teachings of Torah are an anathema to this new breed where each person defines what is and is not permitted in their piece of the world. Relativism is in direct contravention of Torah which gives structure and definition to life directing that which is expected of each person and defines the paths of life.


Israel stands for the Torah and will reconstruct the order and meaning to life for Jews in Israel. The Torah is meant for all people but only need apply for now to Jews. Israel and the Jewish People do not demand that anyone other than the Jews live by Torah. Beyond the borders of Israel, the world may live as they please. There is no demand for the Jews to conquer the world or expand the borders of Israel. We simply want that which the world promised us such that we could live peaceably and study Torah. We wish nothing from our neighbors beyond the right to live. Our desire is for us to live and our neighbors to live and for each to follow the path they desire. Our ways are peace when peace is permitted but when war is thrust upon us, like any people, we defend ourselves. Gaza is the threat we are facing. Israel surrendered Gaza to the Arabs in hope of having peace. Israel retreated from southern Lebanon seeking to have peace. Both places now are threats to the survival of Israel, Hezballah in the north in Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Both of these fronts are currently backed, supplied, sided and following the desires of Iran. Iran has sworn to destroy Israel by any and all means at their disposal. Iran seeks nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them and the world can only surmise of the threat a nuclear armed Iran will pose not only to Israel, but to the world. If the world will simply allow Israel to keep the lands she was promised and to respect our borders, we will reside within, practice Torah, develop great discoveries in all fields and share these discoveries with the world for its betterment. Allow us what was promised and we will repay the world with wonders just as we have for the past seven decades. Imagine the discoveries and new methods in medicine and agriculture Israel could add to the world if there was no threat to her existence. Just as an example, one small item from Israel which most are unaware but many enjoy, Israel used agricultural science and bred the cherry tomato, and that is one delicious thought on which to close.


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April 10, 2018

Rabbi Jacobs Still Protesting Netanyahu on Infiltrators


North America Reform Movement President Rabbi Rick Jacobs has jumped into Israeli politics once again making the same wrong assumptions about Judaism and Torah. What put a burr on his saddle is that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called for an investigation of the New Israel Fund due to their recent interference in Israeli foreign affairs by lobbying and paying for protesting in Rwanda pressuring them into refusing to honor their deal of accepting the African infiltrators from Israel. According to the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu was quoted explaining the difficulty and the responsibility for the current difficulties stating, “Over the last two years I worked with Rwanda so that it would be the ‘third country’ to absorb infiltrators we would deport against their will. That is the only legal way that remained for us to remove the infiltrators against their will, since all our others moves were disqualified on legal grounds.” Netanyahu further added, “in recent weeks, after tremendous pressure on Rwanda from the New Israel Fund and sources in the European Union, Rwanda folded on the agreement and refused to absorb infiltrators who would be removed from Israel by force.”


Rabbi Jacobs Tweeted a response to the Jerusalem Post article stating, “Shocked & angered by PM @Netanyahu’s attacks on @NewIsraelFund, which for decades has been a trusted champion of an Israel embodying the prophetic ideals of our Jewish tradition, including economic justice, religious freedom, human rights & more.” Rabbi Jacobs Tweeting did not end there as he added, “If the PM is looking to assign blame for the tragic plight of asylum seekers, he can look no further than the mirror.” Rabbi Jacobs continued on with, “From fomenting fear with his use of the term “infiltrators” to the humanitarian disaster of detention centers to yesterday’s shameful flip-flop on an UN-brokered deal to positively resolve the situation, he has done the wrong thing time & again.” We are going to assume that Rabbi Jacobs is also in favor of amnesty for every illegal immigrant in the United States.


We are not alone in our fear and alarm at the actions and political alignment of Rabbi Jacobs. Allow us to quote from a press release by the ZOA, “The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has expressed concern at the appointment of Rabbi Richard Jacobs as head of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). Included among our concerns is the fact that Rabbi Jacobs is a member of the Rabbinic Cabinet of J Street, the extremist, George Soros-funded lobby group that takes positions to the left of the Israeli Labor and far-left Meretz parties, recently opposed sanctions on Iran, and urged President Barack Obama not to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning as “illegal” Jewish homes and communities in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. Jacobs is also a long-time board member and advocate of the New Israel Fund (NIF), which is a leading promoter and funder of organizations that advocate boycotting, divesting from, and imposing sanctions upon, Israel (BDS) as well as other groups involved in delegitimizing Israel and mounting ‘lawfare’ suits against Israeli political and military officials, causing these officials to not visit certain European countries. The ZOA is concerned by Rabbi Jacobs’ close association with J Street and NIF and thus at the prospect of the Reform movement becoming a captive of the beliefs and actions of both organizations. We hope the Reform movement, under Jacob’s leadership, will not become an unnamed arm and political ally of these organizations.”


North America Reform Movement President Rabbi Rick Jacobs

North America Reform Movement President Rabbi Rick Jacobs


The first sign that the unfortunate has taken over Rabbi Jacob’s mind to a point where he has confused the leftist extreme wing of the Democrat Party and gone over to the point of supporting Israel’s enemies came in his first Tweet. When he sided with the “NewIsraelFund, which for decades has been a trusted champion of an Israel embodying the prophetic ideals of our Jewish tradition, including economic justice, religious freedom, human rights & more,” we saw the signs of the disease. Yes, Judaism supports religious freedom and treating each and every person with respect unless they first show disrespect or worse, antagonism. His inclusion of “economic justice” is a sign of his being a purveyor of leftist dogma. Where Judaism does have the mechanisms to care for the elderly and the poor, but economic justice, another means of saying wealth redistribution, that does not exist in Judaism. Torah allows a man to retain what he has earned. Each is responsible for giving ten percent to charity which includes assisting one’s own family as charity begins at home. But evening out income such that nobody is permitted to gain excess wealth, this is not Judaism. Rabbi Jacobs has shown numerous other indications that he has aligned his Judaism with his leftist political beliefs and twisted Torah to fit his politics, and not used Torah as the guide for his life and his interactions with others.


We decided to let you hear from Rabbi Rick Jacobs in his own words taken from his Address to the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial Celebrations. These are excerpts from his talk. (Our comments will be contained within parentheses.) “Our movement is stronger because of the congregations that are visionary and courageous enough to reinvent the core functions of synagogue life, from new models of education to new models of membership to new models of spiritual practice…” (Change is good, provided it is all based on Torah, yet he does not mention Torah in his call for change.) “Like any established organization in a time of change, ours must be willing to ask ourselves which old habits need to be shaken up. Not because it’s nice to get an upgrade once in awhile – but because the forces we face demand our urgent attention and action.” “And when we ask ourselves those ever-present, ever-important questions – How can we can ensure that we stay relevant and effective? What new questions do we need to answer and what assumptions do we need to challenge? – we should take a cue from the successes we’ve seen.” (More relevance and change reacting to the world, yet where is the following of Judaism’s history and guidance from the Torah?) “When we ask the participants of our youth programs to tell us what it means to them to be Jewish, what do they say? They want to feel part of a real community.” (Torah life anyone?) “Our synagogues and programs have the power to turn that purpose into something real – somewhere to go, someone to talk to, something to do when this moment feels too overwhelming. A community that speaks and listens with respect, that welcomes a diversity of views, and that isn’t afraid to take a moral stand.” “It is only on Shabbat that we call seven aliyot to the bimah. No day sees more aliyot. No day is holier. And the beauty of this tradition is that on our calendar, no holiday is more common.” (Finally we hear something purely Jewish and from Torah, Shabbat, the blessing which Hashem gave the Jewish people, the first people to have a day of rest every week, the weekend is Jewish.) “those who express their faith the way we do: not only through ritual and study, but through tikkun olam and tzedakah, through social justice programs and a Judaism with the courage and backbone to stand up for those who need a voice. For refugees, undocumented immigrants, the LGBTQ community, victims of our criminal justice system, interfaith families, Jews of color – and those of us who reject the false choice between standing against racism and standing beside Israel.” (Here Rabbi Jacobs uses known code words which mean a kind of Judaism somewhat removed from Torah such as, ‘tikkun olam’ which they interpret as save the world through leftist policies, ‘social justice programs,’ ‘refugees, undocumented immigrants’ these are listed together by purpose as the leftists consider them to be one and the same as we saw in the criticism of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his use of the term ‘Infiltrators’ and the intent to deport them where Rabbi Jacobs sees them as refugees who must be absorbed.) “we can make it clear that social justice activism on campus and Jewish life on campus can be one and the same.” “In an age when more and more young people don’t put down deep roots, when more are planning an interfaith or same-sex wedding, but fewer are members of congregations, it’s not always so easy to find a rabbi or a cantor to officiate. All the more reason we should never turn our backs on them.” (Well, we guess that is it for Torah Judaism as we had figured.) “we have to remember that if the Judaism we offer our young people doesn’t speak to the great moral issues of the day, it won’t speak to them.” (That is good, but what forms their relationship to the ‘great moral issues of the day.’)


Rabbi Jacobs also believes that the Rabbis in his Reform Judaism organization should perform same-sex marriages as well as inter-faith marriages even with Ministers or Priests co-officiating. He supports strong firearms control, ending hate speech which is code words for speech codes and ending the debate in favor of leftist thought, while claiming unending love and support for Israel he simultaneously has criticized Jerusalem and West Bank policy and settlements while castigating a long list of the current government positions, he suggested that Reform Jews should understand the errors and victims on both sides of the conflict, claims the occupation threatens Zionism, speaks extensively on the rabbinic concept of tikkun loam positing that it means repairing the world, and finally Rabbi Jacobs would fit in the opposition of the Israeli government as he was quoted stating that “many Jews, especially younger ones, feel that Israel has become too intolerant not just of Arab citizens of Israel, but also of non-Orthodox Jews, Ethiopian Jews, LGBT,” while expressing concern over “the weakening of democratic institutions like the Supreme Court as a result of constant attacks by the ultra-Orthodox and far right.


He speaks regularly and strongly demanding Israel change the Rabbinate such that it become more like his North America Reform Movement and accept the leftist agenda he near constantly harangues Israeli Orthodoxy as being closed minded and disconnected from the major form of Judaism, Reform Judaism. He demands Israel allow civil marriages and supports the problematic Supreme Court which had believed that they had the last say in every and anything in Israeli society to the point the Justices had been negating laws passed by the Knesset while writing new laws themselves and even countermanded orders given by IDF commanders during the last Gaza War. This was fine for Rabbi Jacobs and the restraining of the out of control court he calls destruction of Israeli democracy. How ending a dictatorial Supreme Court is ending democracy befuddles us. He believes that Israel is supposed to bend to the United States and because Reform Judaism is the most populous form of Judaism in the United States, Israel must change to match the United States. This is a problem here in Israel as well as the opposition parties also demand that Israel bend to the will of the Reform Jews in the United States, adopt the policies of the Democrat Party, and allow the left to rule. Rabbi Jacobs also would support having the United States to follow the leftist political wagon and allow the Democrat Party to rule unopposed in order to enact what he believes is the only means for society to survive. In Israel and in the United States the leftists are pushing for allowing anybody who crosses the border to stay and to be granted citizenship, the illegal immigrants in the United States and the African Infiltrators in Israel. They want secular marriages without restriction such that same-sex marriages are performed, inter-faith marriages are permitted, and both are permitted be treated as Jewish. They call for women to have full equality but not just under the law, in employment, within social fabric but also within religion such that women are permitted to be ordained as Rabbis, women conduct themselves as men in services with wearing of Tefillin, carry the Torah, read Torah as part of services and use blessings which are normally reserved for men only.


Both groups demand that there be an area at the Western Wall reserved for couples as well as Reform and other non-Orthodox services and even when an area was made available at a secondary location relatively close to the main wall it was hardly ever visited despite being made alternative Judaism friendly. The claim was it was not the same and they demand that they be placed at the main area visible to all which would greatly distress the Orthodox Jews praying there, but that is the main objective though it remains unstated. Rabbi Jacobs and his allies in the United States along with the leftists in the opposition in Israel both are demanding the same rights, that their side is permitted to decide all items politically, civilly, culturally, domestically, socially and in every sector and region of daily life even to include religiously. Their belief is that the leftists are the sole authorities and all of people’s lives must be turned over to their discretion with any dissenting concepts are to be automatically rejected. This is what the governing leaders of both nations, President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, are facing with a general dissent which is unrelenting and hate-filled spread all over social media and in general demonstrations occurring weekly or more often. This is a situation which could be very dangerous in two of the seemingly central democracies, Israel in the entire Middle East and the United States as the world leader.


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