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August 13, 2019

2020 American Elections as Seen from Israel


The consensus here, from those we meet and greet daily, is that President Trump will win reelection. There are but two questions on which there is a fair bit of leeway in the opinions. The first is by how much with the range being anything from a squeaker to President Trump moving the bar even higher than President Ronald Reagan has set it. The other is about the cheating which is widely seen as inevitable but still unable to alter the final results. What the main disagreement over the cheating is less about the amount of cheating but more about whether those conducting the campaign to potentially steal the election by fudging the numbers in numerous battleground states will be caught and spend any jail time. Here at BTC we believe that in the areas where the cheating could occur are regions where nobody working for the predominant party would ever be charged with tampering so nobody is going to jail. Some we talk with believe that so much cheating will be attempted in order to sway the elections that it will be beyond the abilities of anyone to ignore and people will be held as responsible and face trial and jail time. Most everyone believes that those at the top, the Obamas and Clintons, will escape without as much as a scratch just as they have always done and will continue into the future unless somebody with iron-tight security decides they need to answer to the American people. So, why even discuss the elections if it appears from here across half the globe that President Trump will be reelected and everything else will be pretty much exactly as it has been in the past? Because there are rumblings which some over here are worried for the America they thought they knew, as what they are reading now depicts some massive changes and many not for the better.


The thought of a civil war in the United States, something which a number of editorialists have written, is a definitive possibility or even an inevitability. This type of information does not sit well with the average Israeli’s view of the United States. Partly this is the fault of Israelis who have this idealist view of the United States while others have this 1950’s or 1960’s view where people line their lawns with white picket fences and everyone cooks out on their bar-b-ques every Sunday afternoon in the summer and wave to one another while shoveling snow in the winter. They were not born during these times and grew up listening to their parents rave about the greatness of America and how it almost became the Promised Land. Most Americans know the old tales about the streets are lined in gold and anybody can make it if they just work smart and hard. These old, tall tales are actually believed by some and trying to tell them that things are no longer like that is not an easy row to hoe. It is definitely an uphill struggle to break many Israelis of such beliefs just as it is near impossible to get them to understand that the United States will not be there for Israel in the not too distant future. It is difficult to even prove that the United States aid to Israel did not begin in earnest until the 1970’s and President Nixon was the man who started the aid resupplying Israel over the protestations and advice of many of his advisors. The shocked reaction we receive when we warn that the United States aid to Israel is not going to last forever is as fascinating as it is frustrating. The only thing which Israelis love, respect and expect more from than the United States is their beloved Israel. This may just be what will be necessary to do without United States aid as that will be a day of panic here in Israel despite the reality that Israel should be capable of not only surviving that day and what comes afterwards but will very likely thrive in that future. Currently, Israel is holding up her end of the deal and not producing combat or other aircraft in exchange for the United States taking care of that area. This promise started when Israel shut down her plans for production of the Lavi fighter jet. This deal will end when the United States decides that Israel is just that much of too expensive a friend to continue the relationship. But there is more to the coming break-up, and it has to do with the new additions to the Democrat Party who, along with numerous members of the Black Congressional Caucus and those behind and driving Black Lives Matter, Antifa, CAIR, BDS and numerous other leftist NGO’s and activist organizations. Israelis are having a rough time figuring out where these groups came from unless they are simply in denial that these groups exist.


Many Israelis reacted with a degree of shock over the statements made by Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when these items became more well known. True, the Tel Aviv region is more worldly and mostly ignore much of what they learn because they are the heart of the Democrat Party support in Israel. These are largely the former supporters of the Labor Party in Israel and who are now the main support for the Blue-White Party of General Ganz and Yair Lapid. But even a number of these left-wing Israelis are appalled at the reports about Rashida Tlaib and even more perturbed over the antics and statements of Ilhan Omar which were widely reported before their recent visit. There was a degree of overreaction to their visit. This was largely due to the simple fact that everyone knew why these two came to the Promised Land, and it was about as far from a goodwill mission as any can get. Further, with the way these three with little other support have all but taken over the Democrat Party which has been evidenced by the statements against Israel made by virtually all of the Democrat Party Presidential hopefuls. This brings us to the Democrat Party Presidential hopefuls and their apparent potential for posing any challenge to President Trump. Well, at least this is the general feeling over here. What is frightening is the potential that serious violence could break out after the elections should President Trump be reelected. Of course, we in Israel, who are seemingly unable to elect a government as the nation is so evenly divided, we have little room to talk, at least the United States has a system which almost rules out such troubles. We just had to take the worst ideas of all the European, mostly western European, parliaments and added our own twist just to make everything dysfunctional.


Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Probably the worst, and thus the most challenging, problem which could erupt after a Trump victory would be rioting in the cities led by BLM and Antifa. Of course, any reaction to the election will be blamed on President Trump, doubly should he prove victorious as we predict. What will complicate many of such situations is that the President cannot intervene unless invited by the governor or potentially the mayor of the city. So, we can see the situation where the rioting is in cities where their mayors and their state’s governors are all democrats seeking to blacken President Trump for winning his reelection bid. The President cannot act without either his assistance being requested by the Mayor or Governor or President Trump declares the city a national disaster area which would also blow-up in his face. No matter what President Trump attempts to accomplish, he will be called racist or fascist as we explained here a while back. If he waits for the city or state to make a request, they can stall while the mainstream media attempt to blame President Trump for his obvious inaction and lack of caring for these cities in distress. Should President Trump declare any of the areas a federal disaster zone in order to intervene, he will be cast as uncaring for these cities because they did not support him and they are people of color. He will be in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation where whatever you do is wrong according to the New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the plethora of leftist media. But a civil war will not break out even should President Trump win reelection and especially if he should not prove victorious. Nobody who makes such decisions desires to see a civil war break out as they have far too much to lose and the risk of losing everything would be far too great. The powers that exist on both sides of the isle, Democrat or Republican, Leftist or Conservative, Capitalist or Socialist; any way you slice the pie, any war, especially a civil war, runs a very high risk of destroying the pie or largely diminishes what pie is left to cut.


Unrest is a completely different problem. There are two very different kinds of unrest, that which was called for by an organizer and that which just rose literally from grassroots. The first can get beyond the organizer’s ability to control which then transforms the unrest into a warped version of the grassroots unrest. The grassroots unrest is the more difficult to put out as it had different leaders throughout the separate breakouts of unrest. Grassroots unrest lacks a single leader which makes negotiations next to impossible. The only way to restore peace in a city torn apart by social unrest is through superior force deployed either by the police or National Guard if required. The trouble is finding the sufficient but least amount of force required to end the unrest and restore peace to the community. This is likely the aftermath of the coming 2020 elections. But the United States will continue as the world super power and a wealth producing country which a mostly capitalist economy. While, for the time being, in Israel the September election in Israel, our second one this year, where we, if the polls prove correct (they rarely do), the coming elections will once again fail to provide either Likud or Blue-White the capability of forming a governing coalition as the Arab parties refuse to join any government and this makes reaching the necessary sixty-one mandates, as with the approximately thirteen Mandates which are not going to join any coalition, impossible. This requires that to make a ruling coalition, one requires reaching sixty-one mandates out of the remaining one-hundred-seven available after subtracting the Mandates of the Arab parties. This makes it necessary to claim instead of just over fifty-percent to needing slightly over fifty-seven-percent, almost ten-percent more than was the original plan when the system was implemented. Then either Israel will have to hold another election and continue doing so until somebody proves victorious and the Knesset forms around one side or the other. Hopefully, Israel will reach and form a government before the United States election results are known in November of 2020. The American election which should worry Israelis is the 2024 elections when the Democrat Party top tier people will vie for the nomination and the Republican Party will no longer have Trump or anybody even remotely similar and much of their base could end up returning to their hibernating position simply working and doing so despite any and everything. Then Israel might find herself on the wrong end of American foreign policy, and even more likely should people like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still hold any power. One need remember that Ilhan Omar received posting to the Foreign Affairs Committee, a very high and powerful position which is seldom if ever given to an entering Congressperson. Ilhan Omar is being groomed for higher office once the Democrat Party takes the White House. This future is what Israel should rely upon and why Israel must finally break free from dependence on the United States and learn to stand on her own two feet. The two graphs below show that American aid to Israel has remained level at approximately three billion dollars while Israeli GDP has grown from almost nothing back in the early 1969’s when Israel was struggling and when United States aid to Israel started in earnest, Israeli GDP had reached approximately thirty-five-billion dollars, which means that American aid was equal or just under one third of the total Israeli gross domestic product for that year. Currently, Israeli GDP stands at three-hundred-plus-billion-dollars making the current percentage the American aid presents is barely over one percent. That is right, a mere 1.02% of GDP, such an amount by comparison means that Israel will survive just fine without American aid monies and will be cut free from her dependence and subordination to the United States.


United States Israel Aid (Military)

United States Israel Aid (Military)




But there is another bonus which will come when the day arrives that the United States cuts from Israel leaving Israel to fend for herself. Israel could benefit from the end of our mutually beneficial relations and Israel will continue to treat America as an ally and friend until such is made untenable. Further, Israel would then be required to design and produce her own aircraft just as she manufactures her own Merkava tanks. While Israel has to start to design her own aircraft, she should do the same for their infantry rifle and change to a heavier and more powerful round which still has extreme range, designed for desert warfare but equally adaptable to urban warfare. The development, production, assembly and other various necessary jobs will be created and these will be well paying jobs producing taxes which will increase the GDP and the general wealth of the country. Israel might even decide to construct a launching facility for rockets into space. The facility would be largely underground protecting the rocket and launch facility. The possibilities are virtually endless and developing these weapons and aircraft along with the Merkava, and if Israeli aircraft are as well adapted to the needs Israeli missions call for, it would be a desired aircraft on the open arms market. This will be the Israeli future simply because the United States, despite protestations, will break relations with Israel. The writing is on the wall already written there by none other than President Barack Obama and how he treated Israel and especially his drafting and permitting to pass United Nations Security Council Chapter Six Resolution 2334. The next Democrat President is very likely to build on that reputation and attitude against Israel. Even former Vice President Joe Biden was forced to step back from offering ironclad backing at the United Nations and claiming they will need to be fair to both sides, often the code that means Israel is going to be called on to sacrifice for peace and then all promises will be broken and Israel will have gifted something to the Arabs for nothing in return and no longer even have a reliable friend in the United Nations and the Security Council in particular. But very few ever heed our warnings and most believe we are simply overly concerned about things which could never happen. Maybe we should take bets that what we claim will happen by 2033 after the 2032 elections. But first the September Israeli elections and hopefully a government which is at the very least strongly Zionist and then the 2020 American elections which will probably reelect President Trump and then the 2024 elections when everything will be completely up in the air as the Republican Party has no candidate who could and would do as President Trump has done either as a candidate and as President. It will be interesting to see who the Republicans choose for 2024 and beyond as the United States reaches into the future.


Beyond the Cusp


July 28, 2019

Why the Middle East Peace Process Will Continue


The Israeli-Arab Peace Process, aka Middle East peace, aka Palestinian Peace Process and likely a plethora of other monikers are all equally misleading and just an arrogant lie. There never has been an actual peace process. The Oslo Accords of 1993 were simply a reason to bring back Yasser Arafat and his terror henchmen to eradicate the Jewish State. Oslo was initiated by a group of Israeli leftists, the Netherlands operating as the European enabler used by the State Department, and State Department officials working to destroy Israel for their Arab oil masters. The description just given is not intended to claim that everybody involved in the Peace Process do so with ulterior motives other than establishing peace. The actual expected goals of the peace process is to cut Israel down by taking a piece this decade, a peace that decade and piece after piece until Israel is unable to defend herself and is eradicated in an orgasmic genocidal assault by Arab terror forces and armies who will simply finish their intended purpose in fighting the Zionist Entity best described so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League who stated, before six Arab armies invaded the nascent state of Israel in May of 1948, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” This idea was known to be the state of things as they prepared to leave their Mandate allowing those residing within to fend for themselves. Jordan was already established as Transjordan, and the Arabs had six national armies and several militias and terrorist forces ready for the expected annihilation of the Jews and their state. The British went so far as to confiscate every firearm and weapon the Jews had managed to stockpile and transfer them to the Arab militias arming more Arabs and disarming Jews. This attitude by most of Europe has never changed and they are still on the sidelines cheering for the end of Israel.


The latest example of the animus targeting Israel comes from a United Nations forum headed by Norway consisting of the fifty-four-nation United Nations Economic and Social Council which considered a resolution that says, “the Israeli occupation remains a major obstacle for Palestinian women and girls with regard to the fulfillment of their rights.” Norway, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Malta joined with China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela and 29 other nations in supporting this targeted resolution. There was also another resolution that was passed mentioning “social repercussions of the Israeli occupation” more generally. Israel was the only country named as a violator or trouble spot by the Council during the session, according to the UN Watch organization. Only Canada and the United States voted against the resolution while the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Ukraine were among the nine nations that abstained from the vote. This is one of a myriad of examples of the world stirring the pot blaming Israel for every ill and difficulty faced by the surrounding Arab World, specifically the Arab Palestinians.


This farce known as the Peace Process has been continued despite all evidence that it is useless as the Arab Palestinian leadership, be it the PLO, Palestinian Authority (PA), Hamas, Islamic Jihad and even Hezballah, all consistently exclaim their intentions to destroy Israel and even kill every Jew on planet Earth and that they have absolutely no interest in peace other than the peace of the grave for the Jews and their state. The PA has refused every attempt at peace even to include the occasion where President William Jefferson Clinton received from Yasser Arafat his minimal demands which he would accept to make peace. President Clinton then met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak twisting his arm and bending his ears until he agreed to meet the entirety of Arafat’s demands. All were gathered the next morning in Paris, France, as Prime Minister Ehud Barak and advisors, President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeline Albright and advisors along with a herd of media were waiting for the signing of this monumental agreement hammered out by President Clinton specifically to meet Yasser Arafat’s every demand. Yasser Arafat appeared coming down the steps, walking straight across the rotunda, out the entry foyer and into his waiting car which sped him to the airport where he flew to Aman, Jordan and subsequently initiated the Second Intifada in place of peace. This was likely the closest any United States President ever came to actually reaching a peace between Israel and the Arab Palestinians as President Clinton had gone to sleep content in the fact that he had done all that was necessary to reach peace. Under President George W. Bush, another Ehud, this time Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, agreed to what has been termed the most favorable peace offer ever made to the Arab Palestinians and it was rejected outright. Also, during the terms of President George W. Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon agreed to remove every last vestige of Jewish and Israeli presence throughout Gaza providing the PA with an opportunity to show the world their great ability to run an actual governance and economy. Within a few years, Gaza was surrendered by the PA to Hamas in a bloodied coup and is today controlled and ruled by Hamas with Islamic Jihad with both terrorist groups coming under Iranian influence, Iranian control. The result of this sacrifice by Israel, like every other concession Israel has made for peace, fell on deaf ears only to be met by further terror, death, injuries and violence.


There have been two glaring truths which the United Nations, European Union, Non-Aligned Movement (group of over one-hundred developing nations often voting in unison with the Arab world), the Arab and Muslim worlds, Pseudo-Human Rights groups, United Nations agencies and the multitude of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic NGO’s have all gleefully ignored, that Israel has made all the concessions seeking a real peace while the Arabs have continued to demand that the Jewish State be dissolved and the Jews placed under Arab rule to do with them as demanded in the Quran. For those not that familiar with the Quran, we offer our article as an introduction, Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? and provide the truth, the Quran allows Islamic rulers to provide the Jews with protection in exchange for their paying the Jizya, and when this proves inadequate to tolerate the insult of Jews living within the Islamic World, the Jews are given their final choice, convert or die. The eventual result of destroying Israel and allowing for Arab Islamic rule to take over the lands, is the extinction of the Jews who were unable or simple refusing to leave Israel despite any hardships. The eventual intent of the Arab Palestinian leadership is the genocidal removal of the Jews from what they consider to be their world.


Star of David Ornate


The Arab Palestinian leadership has reached the pinnacle of obstinance with the coming “Deal of the Century” which is being proposed by President Donald Trump. Mahmoud Abbas (Yasser Arafat in a suit) denounced any and all preferrings originating from the United States as long as President Trump holds the White House. Yes, there is definitely a “hate-hate” relationship between Mahmoud Abbas and President Trump. Mahmoud Abbas is able to denounce any and all peace offerings simply depending on the support of the anti-Trump Democrats in the United States and the anti-Trump Europeans to continue to support Abbas and protect him from any harm which could result from the efforts by President Trump. These anti-Trump forces have all the agencies of the United Nations, the Human Right Commission, the United Nations General Assembly, the BDS Movement, numerous anti-Israel NGO’s, the European Union, and, of course, the Arab and Islamic Worlds to utilize in their efforts to support and continue the terror assault on Israel and her citizens. So, this all begs the question, what are the actual intents of more of the world than even we feel comfortable in recognizing. Well, the initial answer is that much of the world as well as including specifically Mahmoud Abbas, the PA, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezballah, Iran and most of the Islamic World have absolutely no desire for peace with Israel but rather peace of the grave for all Israel.


The real problem facing Israel disguised as the Peace Process is the desire of the majority of the world’s leadership and power brokers to erase what they regard as their greatest mistake, the granting for the Jews self-rule in their ancient homelands. One can see how Britain along with France and numerous others starting almost immediately after the San Remo Conference in taking lands from the British Mandate intended for the Jewish State and gifting them to Arabs. The first such move was the taking of the Golan Heights and Britain giving them to France to incorporate into the Arab nation of Syria and denying them to Israel. The next move was to take seventy-eight-percent of the remaining British Mandate lands and making them into Transjordan (now Jordan) placing it under the rule of the Hashemite Arab Muslims. From this point, things begin to become absolutely absurd and are only believable by studying history of the region since the 1850’s when the initial Zionists started to arrive followed soon thereafter by waves of Arabs seeking employment or by stealing lands (farms) from the Jews who had built irrigation and drained the swamps. Those seeking employment or willing to cooperate with the early Zionists were welcomed. The others, under the influences of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, gathered starting in the 1920’s rioting destroying Jewish businesses, homes and murdering Jews while the British largely stood aside observing only firing a weapon when the Arab gangs threatened the British troops, and one shot fired into the air or ground was all the British were required to shoot to end the violence. The violence was rarely, if ever, terminated by firing a single shot as long as the Jews were the sole targets. But what about the modern era, what has developed?


President Trump has held his economic introduction announcing the extent of monetary assistance he is willing to provide in order to improve the lives of Arab Palestinians. Obviously, President Trump must be unaware that the Arab Palestinians receive an inordinately huge percentage of economic aid provided all needful people as displayed by the graph below. As evidenced, the Arab Palestinians have received between three to ten times the economic aid provided other needy peoples. All this infusion of monetary aid has never come close to doing anything beyond providing the funds to continue the terror war against Israel. But President Trump and the presumed others who are promising this economic infusion into the PA and Gaza will not need be delivered as the PA, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and much of the Arab world have refused the aid claiming that they cannot be bribed into accepting the Jewish State. Most of the economic aid will find its way to these terrorist groups anyways. Even if this promised money is not given under President Trump, it will be granted over time by the United Nations, UNRWA, the European Union, numerous European nations, NGOs around the world and other state and non-state actors will be sure to provide funding beyond their wildest requirements. This was evidenced when President Trump cut United States funding of UNRWA as they refused to modify their curriculum from initiating terrorism and violence against Israel and Jews to a curriculum more conducive for promoting peace and President Trump also cut the funding to the PA removing an amount equivalent to their investment in the “pay to slay” funding of terrorism and the Europeans and United Nations immediately stepped forward and filled the gap in funding as the terrorism must continue. President Trump has asked the “question which must not be asked” when he postulated that Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas and most of the Arab Palestinian leadership do not desire to make peace and instead intend to continue their terror war against Israel and the Jewish People with any and all funds received. Now that the “question which must not be asked” has been hatched and all have had to realize the truth, that the Arab Palestinian leaders will never accept peace unless it destroys the Jewish State placing the Jews, considered to be inferiors to their Islamic masters, allowing the Arabs to hold their rightful place as rulers over all of the lands. Thus, their chant across the Western college and university protests of, “From the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea, Palestine must be free.” Many Western leaders agree with the sentiment of those words and are agreeable to working towards such an end.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


This explains why no peace has ever been attained. Contrary to the pro-Arab and anti-Semitic world’s claims that Israel has never made any moves or sacrifices for peace, the evidence is vastly different. Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt for peace. Israel left Gaza for peace and received rockets, incendiary balloons and kites and continual rioting along the Gaza border. Israel provided in the Oslo Accords to divided the region granting the Arab Palestinians civil control over Areas A and B while Israel was granted control over Area C. Currently, the European Union has been building unauthorized illegal structures throughout Area C and labeling them as Arab Palestinian communities in an attempt to cut all of the Jewish communities off from the rest of Israel leaving them to wither on the vine. The United Nations joins the European Union in condemning Israel should Israel destroy these illegal structures. They insist that these are viable and Arab communities with all the rights of a recognized community, despite the fact most of these communities are not used as residence for anyone and only some come into use for guided tours of the deprivations the Arabs live under because Israel refuses to give them water, sewage systems, electricity, gas, proper roads and other utilities for these illegally built communities. They pay Arab Palestinians to sit around these structures providing a show for people, usually media and political visitors, who are brought through to witness the play which unfolds as the propaganda for blaming Israel as if she was actually depriving the Arab Palestinians a decent life. All of this trouble simply to provide cover for the terror war designed to eventually destroy the Jewish State. But this farce continues to function like a well-oiled machine backed by the UN, EU, Arab and Islamic Worlds, the world’s dictatorships and other anti-Semitic forces. The Arab Palestinian terror masters do not have to do anything but continue to murder Jews and destroy every and anything Israeli and they will have sufficient support from most of the world, eventually including the United States despite what many believe, and the cash will continue to roll in.


Now there has come one last item which, if it does not trigger a reaction, will finally reveal the fraud that is the Arab Palestinian cause. It has come to our attention that the PA has forbidden Arabs to voluntarily leave the PA controlled areas. At political symposium in Jericho, Saab Erekat stated, “…we will not allow resettlement or formation of refugee committees for that aim, while holding on to the settlement of their cause in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions.” The PA is demanding that UN Resolution 194 which states, “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.” Israel opened their doors in the first decade of Israeli existence for those Arabs who had fled at the behest of the Mufti to return. The Arab League leadership refused to permit these Arabs from returning placing them into refugee camps where they and their prodigy have remained in limbo ever since. This demand is a smoke screen which is glaringly obvious as they are refusing to permit Arabs from leaving their locations, be that in Gaza, Areas A and B, and the remaining refugee camps, thus how can UN Resolution 194 be carried out if Arabs are forbidden from moving, period. Their demand, which will become a rally cry screeched over any statement describing the true reality, will be possibly, “UN Resolution 194, show the Jews the exit door.” Then, with boosts from their enablers, they will claim that Israel is refusing to allow Arab Palestinians from returning to their homes, which mostly have not existed since the early 1960’s, and the world will ignore Erekat’s declaration that no Arab will be permitted to leave the PA ruled areas and Hamas has the same restriction in Gaza. So, as usual, the Arabs are causing the perpetuation of the terror war and victimization of their own population and then are echoed by their enablers when singing their old tune that the Jews are restricting Arab freedom of movement. Lastly, this new restriction was put in place just in case the “Deal of the Century” which President Donald Trump is revealing might include resettlement of the Arab Palestinians, often returning them to the country from which they had left to move to the areas becoming the Jewish State of the years and rejoining their families and tribes which mostly remained behind. So, Arab Palestinian leadership restricts the movement of their citizens which the world blames Israel for this restriction because the Arab leadership will claim they were forced to take these steps because Israel must be blamed because the world knows how those Jews can be. Well, if given truth serum, then maybe many in the world would speak the truth, otherwise they just blame Israel, the nation of the Jews.


Beyond the Cusp


November 7, 2018

Trump Proves to be a Racist


President Trump has a history of racism, or at least specism, one who gives preferences by species. He is also probably a number of other things in biology all leading to the realization that Trump has a definitive preference for mammalian creatures with a strong preference for the felines, canines and sapiens. We hope this does not surprise anyone too deeply, but apparently President Trump is very much alike so many of the rest of us. The difference, he often has an ability to act on his preferences in a large way. We have related this before, but it is worth repeating here as well. When Trump, long before he was elected or even had any thought of running for public office, which probably explains some of the not so intelligent things which people who plan on running for public office would risk doing, showed that he liked human beings, probably one of the more important traits, he opened a business venture in Palm Beach. When opening his country club, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, which was purchased by Donald Trump back in 1985, he opened the entire country club to all human beings who could afford to belong. We were unable to find proof, but we believe that if the guests desired to bring any canines of felines, you know, cherished pets, while staying at Mar-a-Lago, we would bet that President Trump would likely have no problems with their being accompanied by their beloved pets, friends, companions, you know, Fifi. When he reopened Mar-a-Lago allowing anyone to join and enjoy the amenities, this infuriated many, if not all, the owners of the other country clubs in Palm Beach who had exclusivity and very specific restrictive rules of whom they would permit entry onto their hallowed resort grounds. Donald Trump actually permitted Jews and people of color and all people while his competitors, they thought they were co-owners who had a say where they could tell Trump what he could permit into his club so they could simply continue their exclusivity, were aghast and exclaimed rather harshly attempting to force Trump to fall in line with the rules. He refused and continued to bring the modern era to the exclusive club owners in Palm Beach. His fellow club owners eventually integrated, but Donald Trump integrated from the very start of his involvement in this otherwise exclusionary set of country clubs. This is a man whose racism is he prefers the human race probably over reptiles, for example, Komodo Dragons (image below). Of course the fact that all of the efforts which Donald Trump has any influence, especially ownership, were egalitarian and inclusive open to every human who could pay the bill, has not sunk in on everyone. That is not the actions of a racist beyond preference for the human race.


A Komodo Dragon

A Komodo Dragon


This is something which would elude anyone observing the antics which took place when President Donald Trump visited the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh paying a condolence call as the leader of the United States and taking the stand, that what happened when Robert Bowers disturbed a Bris and Shabbat Service opening fire and murdering eleven worshippers and injuring a half dozen others including four police officers, is not who America is. Those outside the Synagogue protesting the appearance of the President were not congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue where the Rabbi and Synagogue President all were very welcoming. Those who lay in wait to ambush President Trump included people wearing Kufiyahs, usually used to protest Israel and supporting the Palestinian Arab claims to all of Israel; SEIU shirts, signifying possibly members of the Service Employees International Union which represents government workers both federal, state and local; multicolored wigs, representing possibly referencing sexual freedom and independence; people identifying with If Not Now, an anti-Israel NGO; and as an If Not Now flyer advertising the event stated references which condemned the “police state” and touted the black supremacist hate group Black Lives Matter alongside Free Palestine, there is evidenced that these were neither conservatives nor members of the Tree of Life Synagogue. There was a speaker from If Not Now who complained that, “More cops in shuls will not make us safer.” Their antipathy for police is not exactly surprising as they regularly protest against the IDF, Israeli Border Police and anything having even the slightest relations with the Israeli government, also the conservative, religious and Zionist political parties and Israel in general. The article we found much of the information also reported that there was a sign reading, “Queer Catholic Protects Jews: End White Supremacy.” From the reports, we saw on the television, this group, like many around the nation, was loud and very proud of their demands and insistence that they represent The Resistance and as such also the vast majority of the American people.


We recently had the annual leftist yell fest down in Tel Aviv in Rabin Square commemorating the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. There was the usual reaction one would expect from a majority leftist crowd when a sitting Minister from the ruling Likud, a conservative and relatively Zionist Party, spoke they were clearly polite, well, except for their shouting down when Tzachi Hanegbi spoke. It appears to be something consistent with the leftists in both Israel and the United States, they equate with the loud volume they generate at rallies with being the majority as their opponents are so quiet so thus are therefore nonexistent. They have decided that if they prove to be excessively loud that these acts will lead to their being the majority at the election booths. After all, doesn’t everybody love to hear fanatical screaming. Well, we will be finding the result of the elections in the United States by the end of the week, probably sooner, and we will see if loudly screaming at President Trump wherever he appears and screaming at any Republican candidates, Congresscritters, staff members or other obviously conservative person or people who has the audacity to appear in public and eat in a public restaurant forcing them to always eat at home or at safe friends homes with like minded people results in that Blue Wave we have seen reported in some places. We are willing to bet that screaming likely does not result in their hoped for Blue Wave but then we also doubt there will be a Red Wave, just a Red Tide which will have one whose actions will need be monitored, Mitt Romney. Why Mitt Romney, you ask? Well, he was quite a “Never Trumper” until he announced his intention to run for the United States Senate seat in Utah, and then he became an ardent Trump supporter. We expect Mitt Romney may very well become the new leader of the Republican Resistance against President Trump and are hoping to be happily wrong on this one. But, the election results will be revealing as to whether President Trump can expect to be reelected in 2020 or should step aside and leave with grace. We expect President Trump will stand for reelection no matter what the midterm results.


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