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March 6, 2018

Foreboding Predictions Abound


Most of these predictions ring relatively hollow as they are still kicking that dead horse of Russian collusion electing President Trump. Some hold a fair amount of credibility such as the predictions of the coming President Trump’s Trade War. But for us living here in Israel, perhaps the most chilling are those which speak of a coming war out of the north such as here and here or the even worse prediction of a multi-front war mentioned here. Fortunately, we here at BTC have some comments on this ourselves. Our feelings are that these predictions underestimate Israeli preparedness and adaptability.


The one thing which was pointed out which is very real and true is that the main threat Israel holds initially is her air power. It was pointed out that Hezballah has an exorbitant number of guided missiles, estimates in excess of one-hundred-fifty-thousand, with rather more than adequate accuracy that they pose a threat to every runway in all of Israel. Further, they posit that this could negate Israeli air power by preventing its taking off and, later on, landing. The first half is easily negated as these modern jets can take off with a relatively short start which makes many of the taxiways adequate to get them into the air. From that point forward, it becomes a race to repair the runways sufficiently to allow their landing. What has been proven repeatedly is that runways can be patched and returned to service with great expediency and alacrity. This was proven in World War II by both the British and the Nazis as bombing the runways proved inadequate to prevent aircraft from taking off even later the same day. It was proven in Viet Nam as the same speed and adroitness allowed North Viet Nam to put planes in the air the same afternoon after the runways had been struck only hours earlier. The same would apply to Israel as the technique proven to work even for fast flying jets had been to fill the crater with sand and gravel and top it with asphalt or fast drying cement and you are good to go. Further, even if the runways are not prepared and aircraft need an emergency runway immediately, there are numerous stretches of multi-lane highways very capable of use and could be cleared in a matter of minutes if not faster.


Another matter is that Israel is not solely dependent upon aircraft to deliver stinging blows of return fire using missiles of her own fired from ground stations and naval platforms. Furthermore, the Israel missile defenses are extremely adequate for protecting vital airfields, aircraft and other defense facilities. Another point was that Israeli defenses could be swarmed but that misses the point that using missiles as the very first line response allows almost immediate return fire. Further, with the efficiency of Israeli intelligence, it might even be likely that sufficient aircraft would have already been launched to strike at targets before the first missiles even struck their targets and certainly before the second or third volley had been prepared and launched. Israel showed such abilities on previous occasions. Also, as the front lines plus depth of assets are relatively tight to the borders as most of Hezballah instillations are in either the Beqaa Valley or south of the Litani River (see map below), their launching positions within Lebanon are already mapped by the IDF so striking them immediately upon any attack would be easily implemented. As Hezballah was also engaged in the war in Syria along with Iran and Russia, Israel can expect Iranian IRGC troops alongside Hezballah just east of the Golan Heights where Israel holds the commanding strategic area at the summit. Everything, even if located in northern Syria, is within minutes distance for both Israeli missiles and fighter aircraft. Unfortunately, much can be also stated about Israeli facilities, especially those between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the heart of the nation, and we mean the beating heart. Israeli High Command likely has numerous scenarios for most attack profiles for Hezballah even with contingencies for IRGC and Iranian regular Army troops as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and forces from the Sinai Peninsula across the Egyptian border. The one thing Israel may be counting on which would be somewhat a surprise would be Jordan also launching an attack. Even should the Palestinian Security Force also launch, Israel definitely would have that covered. Israel, if such an attack were to occur on all these multiple fronts, would have but one response which would be logical, wipe every vestige of offensive capability off the battlefield and beyond. The entirety of the Lebanese and whatever remnants of the Syrian electrical grids should be decimated along with all other utilities to as severe a degree as possible. All airfields should be destroyed including all hangars, the flight tower and airfield emergency facilities. Fire stations and police stations should be primary targets as well. No ability to sustain an offensive should remain and all command and control of military assets must be utterly destroyed no matter their location. This would include the Hamas main command bunker located beneath Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Any civilian facility which would normally be completely off limits and protected by the Geneva Conventions become targetable as a military asset if it is utilized to store weaponry, house active fighting troops, launching facilities placed in close proximity such as on roofs or between buildings, or if utilized as a command center. This is recognized in the Geneva Conventions as making even schools and hospitals targetable should they be used to protect military facilities. Of course, these rules apply in a normative battlefield but when it is Israel fighting for her survival, even military targets with no civilian aspect become debatable targets and when struck may become the area under investigation for war crimes. This was adequately made visible in the Israeli Hunt for Ambushed Soldier and the much overblown firefight in the Jenin Refugee Camp which even the United Nations sided with Israel validating everything reported by Israel about the battle and refuted the entire Palestinian Arab fantasy that Israel had slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians. It was found that the Palestinian Arabs had used civilians as bait to draw IDF soldiers into booby-trapped buildings thus placing civilians in jeopardy even to the point of placing explosives under the civilians such as when they were moved, they would have the bomb detonate murdering them and possibly killing the Israeli soldiers.


Map of Hezballah Military Emplacements

Map of Hezballah Military Emplacements


Israeli responses to an initial strike by Hezballah out of Lebanon need to be beyond anything Lebanon has ever faced. The entirety of Lebanon and its military must be targeted as it has been taken over by Hezballah. This was proven when Hezballah moved into Syria supported by the very Abrams main battle tanks which President Obama sold to the Lebanese Army after they gave verbal assurances that there was no connection between the Lebanese military and Hezballah. The CIA, Israeli Intelligence, MI6 and numerous other military intelligence groups around the globe all knew that Hezballah had taken over the Lebanese military and President Obama was informed of this. Despite the warnings, President Obama sold top of the line military equipment knowing and intending for it to be used by Hezballah. His intent was for them to use it against Israel and not to use it in the Syrian civil war. President Obama may still get his wish though the numbers of weapons and main battle tanks has been diminished in the Syrian conflict. We can only thank Hashem for this good fortune and their losses may not be finished as the war grinds on and on. There is still the chance that Iran will become disgruntled at Turkey apparently attempting to take some of Syrian Northern Provinces with his assaults on the Kurds. While Iran and Bashir al-Assad will lose little sleep and shed no tears for the Kurds, they will be disgruntled over losing land, any land, even to a presumed ally such as Turkey’s President Erdoğan. Should hostilities break out between Syria and Turkey, Hezballah may find themselves drawn into a very problematic confrontation as Turkey is as well if not better equipped than Hezballah and equal to the Iranians and we should not count out the Russians as it will depend on how Putin feels about Erdoğan when he gets out of bed that morning the decision will be made.


Still, Israel cannot allow any of the resources known about for Hezballah or the Lebanese Military to survive the initial strikes. Within the first twelve hours, at least seventy-five percent of all military resources available to Hezballah in Lebanon need be incapacitated and destroyed. Further, Lebanese infrastructure must be neutralized completely. This also must be applicable to all military instillations within a couple hundred miles of the Israeli border within Syria should forces stationed attack Israel with even an artillery shell or single rocket or even a stray bullet crossing the border into the Golan Heights. Israel should also already be prepared to coordinate with Jordan should Iran make moves to cross the border with Jordan either to try and flank Israeli forces in the Golan Heights or to actually take over Jordan and depose the Jordanian governance. Israel must also have plans ready if Iran should start to fly aircraft and fire missiles out of Iraq or even from Iran itself. These plans will be the most difficult to actually accomplish with minimal casualties and loss of aircraft. The distance makes most of Iran beyond Israeli reach without having a refueling stop somewhere along the way. Saudi Arabia has some very conveniently placed military airfields as well as those surrounding Riyadh and including the international airport in the Riyadh area (see map below). Even with an under the covers agreement for Israel to utilize these airbases or any of the others should such need become required, flights to strike Iran would still be fraught with perilous dangers.


Potential Saudi Arabian Refueling Airfields for Israeli Air Force

Potential Saudi Arabian Refueling Airfields for Israeli Air Force


The only real way for Israel to strike Iran would be with missiles. This becomes very apparent once one takes in the measure of the difference in size of the two nations and the distance involved. Additionally, the vast majority of the land between Israel and Iran must be considered hostile as Iran controls most of Iraq to include all of the air space above Iraq. Jordan is highly unlikely to allow Israel permission for overflight of military aircraft. Israel would be required out of necessity to fly the Syrian-Jordanian border hoping that neither side fires at them despite the heavy probability both would attempt to down Israeli aircraft. Then there is always the option which the Israelis have proven to be very adept at implementing, namely knocking the radar and anti-aircraft facilities offline and down while the Israelis fly low and fast across the airspace. This was exactly how they took out Saddam Hussein’s reactor and ending his nuclear dreams and how they bombed the Iranian and North Korean reactor being built in Syria right before they were to install the core making the site highly radioactive and thus unsuitable to bomb without contaminating the entire area. The impending core instillation was the deciding factor which forced Israel to act to avoid any nuclear contamination from their strike. Still, taking out the nuclear facilities within Iran would be a difficult task for even the United States and near impossible for Israel. Further, should Iran detect Israeli missiles coming from Israel, even if Israel assured the Iranian leaders that they carried merely conventional warheads, the Iranians would assume Israel was launching nuclear weapons and would respond with their nuclear tipped missiles. There will be those who will claim that Iran does not have warheads of a nuclear nature. Where that assessment may be valid for thermonuclear warheads, and we suspect even that is a false assumption, they most assuredly have simple atomic bombs which would be sufficient to destroy all of Israel, it is that size thing again. Iran would respond with weapons of mass destructions (WMD), both nuclear and chemical weapons, which would be the Israeli response to the Iranian firing missiles at Israel. Either nation would have a few minutes, say about fifteen to twenty, to decide on their means of desired response to any attack by the other. This is exactly what makes any confrontation between Iran and Israel; both nuclear powers as far as we are concerned, so vital that it be avoided as the resultant damage to both nations and the region would be incalculable. Israel would be decimated if even merely three such weapons hit home while Iran would also face extreme losses as Tehran and the nuclear facilities would all have become wastelands as well, not to mention likely Qom plus the known nuclear facilities located near Karadzic, Arak, Natanz, Isfahan and Bushehr.


Distance Between Israel and Iran Plus Nuclear Sites and Size Comparison

Distance Between Israel and Iran Plus Nuclear Sites and Size Comparison


Fortunately, Russia wants no part in any greater war than the one they already regret. This means that Iran would be tempting losing the Russian assistance in Syria by attacking Israel from within the Syrian battlefield. Granted, the Iranians are probably perfectly well capable of picking up any slack caused by a Russian departure and such might even work eventually to the Iranian’s favor. Still, Iran would likely be far more comfortable losing Russian aircraft and pilots rather than their own. The Syrian fighting has already taken a toll on Hezballah and the Iranians will need to remain in Syria and nation-build, something the Americans know all too well the cost for doing such. The rebuilding of Syria will be expensive and if the Europeans are smart, then they will not volunteer or take contracts to assist in rebuilding Syria and instead force Iran to foot the bill as well as accomplish such a task, but that may just be too much to ask of the Europeans. They have shown a propensity to aid Iran in almost every way possible especially with modernizing much of Iran with the monies Iran received from the Obama administration. With Russia stationed in Syria, this may be the sobering influence which will keep the lid on the bottle for the time being. Still, Israel need prepare for that day when the sky will fill with rockets and missiles and the Air Force and Ground forces will need to react quickly and neutralize all of the assets in Lebanon for starters. After that, there will be an even higher likelihood of the IRGC mounting an attack from Syria and even potentially Jordan as the Iranian forces could attempt almost anything for an advantage. Israel should think about ways to prevent such from ever coming to fruition. Assisting clandestinely, of course, regime change in Iran by first freeing the political prisoners in Evin Prison and thus supercharging the resistance to the Mullocracy, a resistance which is building despite or because of the efforts to suppress the people’s freedoms. Freedom, once tasted by the Persians, was something which remained in their spirit that Islam was unable to extinguish. That might be the secret weapon for ending the Ayatollah’s curse on Iran, once the mighty Persian Empire with a solid and forgiving religion of Zoroastrianism, often thought to be the birthing place for many other religions including Judaism. Zoroastrianism is one of a very few religions even older than Judaism as it dates back to the times of Abraham and through the times of Moses, Joshua, the Israelites and was there in the background during the Purim story times and still has its few but dedicated minority. Perhaps that is the answer in Iran, a return to sanity and their Zoroastrianistic roots. Then Iran and Israel can share the relations they had before President Carter poisoned Iran with the Ayatollahs and the Mullocracy. That would end the funding for Hezballah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas as well as decommission of the IRGC. That would permit freedom to come to Iraq though that might be a hard sell. Whatever it would result in being, such a return by the Persian People would be a grand win for the powers of freedom and liberty.


Beyond the Cusp


December 6, 2016

Pro-Palestinian Pressure Pushing President Obama


The hounding of hate is hammering President Obama to act unilaterally to recognize the Palestinian State and declare the borders as the Green Line before it is too late. The claim is by taking on such a bold endeavor he will forever place his name into the history of the Middle East as the man who achieved the impossible. The two leaders have already launched their opening salvos with President Jimmy Carter sounding off in the New York Times with two days later Dennis Ross following up in the Washington Post with both sounding their same sirens song of doom. President Jimmy Carter never misses an opportunity to display his visceral hatred for the Jewish State while Dennis Ross is simply a misguided soul forever attempting to make right his deep and enduring trust that Yasser Arafat and, by inference, his understudy Mahmoud Abbas are statesmen who have forgone their terrorist pasts and become men in the mold of Gandhi. Needless to point out that both we here at BTC and history have proven both men horrifically misguided. In the case of President Carter it is a true hatred while Dennis Ross took a wrong turn back around 1990 and has never recovered and found the highway to the future and continues down one dead end after another. The real problem is that President Obama shares both men’s shortcomings when it comes to Israel and particularly Prime Minister Netanyahu. The question is does this situation portend some imminent disaster or will Israel survive these last six weeks unscathed by the wrath of the White House.


Dennis Ross (center), with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 1998

Dennis Ross (center), with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
and U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 1998


Truth be told, it does not bode well for President Obama to actually make good on his indications that there is no last minute surprise in store for United States policy in the Middle East, particularly for Israel and the Palestinian situation. The problem comes to a head the day after Christmas and was set in motion by the Israeli Supreme Court. According to a ruling by the Supreme Court of Israel, in response to a leftist petition claiming Arab ownership of lands which the community of Amona is using, with an absentee deed issued by Jordan during their illegal occupation of Judea and Samaria as the proof of Arab ownership, the community has been ordered destroyed. The owners of these lands never built any structure there, likely never tread their feet on said soil, probably could not locate their land on a blank map of the area and were given honorary title largely to make claim to prevent Jews from ever owning the land. Jordan gave out such deeds in name only covering the majority of the lands of Judea and Samaria as a reward and as a stop against squatters while they possessed the lands and now this ploy is being used against honest development of the area by post-Zionist leftists. The sickening part of all this is these are Israeli Jews whose NGO’s are largely European supported and have next to no Israeli funding but register as Israel due to lack of legal requirement for NGO’s to have predominately domestic funding, a law found in the United States and virtually every European nation but denied Israel by Western, mostly European, demands and protests every time the Knesset considers such a law plus the Israeli Supreme Court, ever the backer of all idea European, threatens to negate any such law which is made into law. This is an example of another problem brought on by an out of control judiciary where the Supreme Court has taken on the position of final arbiter of all things legal to such an extent as to have negated laws they disagree with politically and writing new laws they believe are necessary to extend and further empower themselves. When additionally, the Supreme Court itself has veto power over any proposed sitting of Judges replacing any jurist who dies in office or steps down, plus also appointing their Chief Justice; this has produced a Supreme Court which rules as if the year is still somewhere around 1970, standing immeasurably to the left of the Israeli public and governance who are all but powerless against this abuse of power. The runaway Supreme Court relishes handing out destruction orders for any Israeli development, even to include legally built communities which were granted government approval and have every piece of paper required for ownership, simply by any NGO claiming they know of previous Arab ownership of the land in question and ruling without any process to determine whether such deed exists or right of ownership. According to Justices sitting on the Supreme Court it is not their place to determine ownership and they need not question such claims as who would make such a claim falsely. Well, as it turns out, these NGO’s would and have done so with actual cases where they found an Arab who would claim ownership, nobody along the way required proof and when the suit of ownership finally reached a lower court the claimant usually is nowhere to be found fearing filing false claims charges. This has occurred more than once and more often than not no claim for ownership is ever filed by the supposed Arab claimant in most instances.


With the Supreme Court demanding the destruction of this community on December 25th, the day after Christmas and the second day of Chanukah, the pressure has come upon the Knesset to reign in the Supreme Court and their presumed power using this case as the weapon of choice. The Prime Minister has attempted to mollify the situation claiming that the community will simply be moved a few hundred meters away from the lands behind the order and the community of Amona will be saved as if a community can be moved by waving his magic wand. The promise of moving homes and communities to new locations close to their former location have been proffered by Israeli politicians before and then the feasibility study renders such impossible or far too expensive and the community gets destroyed and remains destroyed. This ploy will not be accepted as the viable magic solution once again. The sole solution which should be implemented by the Knesset is the issuing of a Basic Law which empowers the Knesset alone in the determination of legality of any Israeli community and its structures and that once the community has been properly filed and plans set then the Supreme Court will be prohibited from making any destruction orders without first a settlement of proper claim has been made and verified settled by lower courts. This would make a great first step in solving a serious problem within Israel and allow people residing in these challenged locations who possess righteous claims under the law to rest easy at night that the next day bulldozers are not going to come and destroy their lives.


Subsequent to such an enactment of a Basic Law, sort of a constitutional set of laws which can be enacted and amended by simple majority, another problem for another time, there need be a resetting of the selection process for judgeships, especially for the Supreme Court. The legal community could and should have input as to who is eligible to be placed on the bench and who can be elevated to the Supreme Court. Their input need be as part of the selection committee but not the validations process or even the majority decider in said committee. Further, the Prime Minister should be the originator of a list of acceptable names worked out between him and the leaders of the ruling coalition and with input from the leader of the opposition. This list should then be passed to a committee made up of perhaps nine electors; three from the judiciary, three from the Knesset ruling coalition, two from the opposition and one representing the Prime Minister. Once these committee members have decided on the judge, then the Knesset should decide needing an approval of seventy-two Knesset Ministers (60%) with Supreme Court nominees required to have eighty Knesset Members agree to their appointment (2/3). Such a procedure would provide for adequate Judicial input while leaving the final appointment up to the representatives of the people of the State of Israel and not permit the tyranny of the robes continue unabated. This ruling need also be included in the Basic Laws and should serve as the template if and when a Constitution is finally permitted to be written.


Still, should the community of Amona become another battleground between the Supreme Court and the elected governance, especially if it becomes a battle between the Supreme Court and the Prime Minister, then it could explode initially in the Israeli media with Haaretz leading the cheer for destruction and supporting the Supreme Court, it would soon be picked up by the European media and them the United States mainstream media and the howling worldwide would begin. The European media would be demanding the Supreme Court order to destroy Jewish homes be upheld immediately as they always have and in the United States the left leaning media would likely follow suit while right leaning media would support the residents of the community and the Prime Minister and/or the Knesset as they represent the will of the people. Such a brouhaha exploding in the media might be the impetus supporting the demands of Dennis Ross and President Jimmy Carter and demanding the destruction of what will most certainly be labeled a “settlement” might prompt the White House to take action to settle the entire controversy.


Former President Jimmy Carter with Yasser Arafat (left) and Mahmoud Abbas (right)

Former President Jimmy Carter
with Yasser Arafat (left)
and Mahmoud Abbas (right)


As President Obama has consistently implied that the border for any Arab Palestine should be the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Green Line, and the division of Jerusalem to be the shared Capital of each nation; the immediate problem is Jerusalem which Israelis feel militantly strongly must remain in Israeli control such that the Holy Sites in the Old City, including the Temple Mount, are open to all people of all faiths and not once again become a closed area where only Muslims are permitted to tread as it was under Jordanian Rule and would return to under Arab Palestinian rule. This would present a breaking-point which would have no means of breaching to reach a settlement. This would bring down any government prepared to give away half of our Holy City and Capital City for three-thousand years and never having been the capital city of any other nation. Jerusalem is the beating heart of Judaism and the Arabs are aware of this which is why they are demanding it be broken in two as should such come to pass the wound to Judaism and religious Jews would be insufferable and could not be permitted to stand. That is the plain and simple truth and no Israeli government could stand after suffering such a proposal even for consideration. This strong and unyielding attachment was best described by the Song of Babylon written as a response to the demand of the Babylonians that their Jewish Israelite captives who were being sold into slavery in many a case sing for them a song as the Jews, especially the Priests, were renowned for their love of song and singing abilities. One must remember that the young King David played the lyre and was sweet in song such that he would be called to sing to King Saul to soothe the King in times of distress. There is one of the most famous lines within this song of distress which read “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill (lose its strength). May my tongue cling to my palate, if I do not remember you, if I do not bring up Jerusalem at the beginning of my joy.” That is the importance of Jerusalem, that and so much more. As might be said in less formal a situation, dividing Yerushalayim be fighting words.


Of course there would be no dividing of Jerusalem nor would there be the acceptance of the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Green Line, and no acceptance of an Arab State by any name unless that state replaced all of Israel either through the return of over five million Arabs into Israel all steeped in the same indoctrination by UNRWA as the Hamas and PLO terrorists the Palestinian Arab schools churn out year after year with their textbooks filled with hatred of Israel and Jews, all Jews everywhere and anywhere. Mahmoud Abbas has already declared all the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea as an Islamic Sacred Waqf. By his own declarations he is religiously tied to refuse anything short of the complete destruction of Israel. If Abbas were to accept the 1949 Armistice Lines as borders, even temporary borders, he would be hung from a crane by noon on that day and the entirety of Judea and Samaria, and we’re afraid parts inside Israel, would briefly turn into a redux of Syria with all the violence and a heated war waged between the PLO against Hamas with Islamic State trying to take control as well. Granted such lawlessness inside Israel would be rapidly quelled and the areas within Judea and Samaria where Israel is responsible for keeping the peace under the Oslo Accords would also be pacified but until the world demanded, the area presumably controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA) would remain a lawless land of strife, struggle and death.


Press Abbas to accept such a declaration and one is lighting the fuse on a dangerous situation which would explode as the people within the areas ruled by the PA and Hamas in Gaza have been indoctrinated such that few under the age of thirty or forty would stand for such and would immediately replace whoever from the PA agreed and this would decapitate the PA, PLO, Fatah and the entirety of PA run lands where these groups as well as Hamas and Islamic State would immediately vie for superiority and you would have instant Syria, just add a forced peace settlement. Very quickly allowing Israel to do whatever was required and to declare all the land as Israel would become acceptable even in the United Nations as such added violence in an area already steeped in violence and failed states, one more which could be handed off to Israel to handle, would almost immediately be handed to Israel with European and American blessings. Where this would result in all of Israel as promised by San Remo conference, Treaty of Serves and even after the White Papers and the United Nations failed partitioning which the Arab League flatly refused and invaded Israel immediately the first morning of her statehood and a series of failed peace plans including the disastrous Oslo Accords and Israel total unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, finally being established on all of the lands actually remaining as Israeli under existing international law. The reality of the River to the Sea is that it all actually belongs legally to Israel and only Israel can allow any other entity to establish any otherwise ordered autonomy. The PA exists by the good graces and permission of Israel and should that fail the lands resort to Israeli rule.


So, if the prodding of President Jimmy Carter and Dennis (I never met a peace plan I didn’t back that didn’t fail) Ross along with the internal Israeli coming dust-up over the legality and existence of Amona all presses President Obama to actually make a declaration recognizing anything more permanent and fixed concerning an Arab State within Israel, this will soon devolve, especially if borders are set or implied heavily enough, into a violent struggle to determine who gets to demand the annihilation of all the Jews in Israel leading to IDF intervention and very likely Europe demanding Israel take control of the situation before it spreads into Jordan and beyond. Even President Obama might be pressed but President Trump will definitively decide that the easiest solution is for Israel to annex Judea and Samaria and settle everything down restoring peace and replacing the indoctrination centers with actual schools teaching skills other than bomb making and stabbing 101. President Obama is fully aware of the reality which is why he will most likely let sleeping dogs lie rather than start a war on his way out, especially an unnecessary war.


Eventually somebody will have to realize that the actors on the Arab side of this equation have yet to keep a single promise, yet to meet a single requirement, yet to apply actual rule of law, yet to hold another election since electing Abbas dictator, yet to fulfill even the most rudimentary requirements for statehood, but have fully gone to great extremes to demand that they be credited with having completed every requirement to establish a state. The Arabs in Judea and Samaria have indoor plumbing throughout most of their communities installed and supplied by Israel, get the majority of their water, gas and electricity, if not all, from Israel and have yet to pay for any of it since the year 2000 and before, rely on Israel for security to keep the PA in power and prevent Hamas or Islamic State amongst others from conducting a coup (Israel has prevented at least half a dozen coup attempts by Hamas which the public has been made aware), rely on the cash in the millions per month to run their area the size of a midsized city as the majority of the international funding goes for two main products; bombs and weapons along with graft taking a large share right off the top, have never actually prevented any terror activities carried out by the PLO (they have prevented a few Hamas operations which have been classified as terror but could have been coup attempts and not attacks on Israel), when forced to incarcerate a terrorist they go in the front door to serve a multi-year sentence and are released through the back door in a couple of weeks if not days or even hours, and had one of the most disturbing displays of animal hatred and bloodletting when an Italian photojournalist caught the picture below with the story here, here, and finally here, plus they have seldom missed an opportunity to have invented and exaggerated stories of Israeli malfeasance such as Jenin, and we could go on and on.


Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands

Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd
Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists
Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands


Beyond the Cusp


June 2, 2015

Russia Assisting United States Facilitating Nuclear Super Iranian State

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With the silent blessings from the Administration of United States President Barack Obama, Russia is continuing on their steady path of nuclearizing and militarizing the theocratic government in Iran. The recent announcement that Tehran and Moscow have entered into an agreement to build two additional nuclear reactors in Iran and that building will commence on the first immediately came right on the heels of the announced near term provision of the delivery of sophisticated S-300 surface-to-air missile batteries rather than the delayed delivery which was originally announced in order to pacify Israeli concerns and active opposition to the eventual delivery. This has been an ongoing debate which had been put on hold as sanctions made any delivery impossible over the past two years. With the lifting of certain sanctions unilaterally by President Obama, the delivery of the S-300 antiaircraft systems as well as construction on the next two nuclear plants made construction possible. Further, the release of funds to the Iranians also facilitated their being capable of affording moving forward on these somewhat troublesome initiatives. When these developments are taken individually and outside the context of the recent military offensives backed and supported actively by Iran the case for alarm has mostly been avoided. Israeli concerns and protestations have mostly been swept aside and neglected as a blind, deaf and dormant media has reported on these activities with minimal interest or challenge to their potential ramifications.


If the initiation of two additional nuclear facilities being aided by Russia in Iran and the delivery of one of the more advanced air-defense systems being delivered by Russia to Iran were not sufficient to cause loss of sleep and a furrowed brow, perhaps some additional released information might give one pause. There have been recent intelligence reports which claim to have discovered something most astute observers had known for some time, that the North Koreans and the Iranians have been cooperating in their mutual programs to develop advanced missiles including ICBMs as well as cooperation on nuclear weapons research. There have been so many instances where one was able to witness the presence of North Korean scientists at the launch trials of new missile technologies and the presence of Iranian scientists at numerous North Korean nuclear and missile tests that there might have been smoking gun evidence even to the most casual observers of collaboration by the two nations. Additionally, when North Korea protested the loss of several of their technicians and scientists resulting from the Israeli bombing of a nuclear reactor main complex being constructed in Syria apparently of a variety used for plutonium production in North Korea on September 6, 2007, this should have raised further concerns of cooperation between Iran and North Korea as this was certainly a means by Iran to build such a production facility while removing any suspicions from their door by building the nuclear facility in Syria. It is reported that the two nuclear sites the Russians will assist in the productions will be light water reactors which are far less adaptable to the production of plutonium. Below are before and after aerial photographs of the main building struck in the Israeli raid.



Before and after photographs of Syrian nuclear site, located in the Deir ez-Zor region bombed by Israel on September 6, 2007, preventing the remote location of nuclear facilities for weapons manufacturing by use of Iranian proxy Syria. Raid was initiated by the Israelis after United States refused cooperation or action claiming the site was not a nuclear weapons site. North Korean observer scientists and technicians were apparently killed as per North Korean complaints against Israel for the raid.

Before and after photographs of Syrian nuclear site, located in the Deir ez-Zor region bombed by Israel on September 6, 2007, preventing the remote location of nuclear facilities for weapons manufacturing by use of Iranian proxy Syria. Raid was initiated by the Israelis after United States refused cooperation or action claiming the site was not a nuclear weapons site. North Korean observer scientists and technicians were apparently killed as per North Korean complaints against Israel for the raid.



These developments between the Russians ad Iranians have not received even the slightest protest from President Obama or his administration, especially Secretary of State Kerry who recently visited Moscow on an apologetic mission seeking Russian assistance in the removal of Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad after attempting to make amends for recent administration efforts to protest Russian activities in the Ukraine. The mission failed on all accountings and things will apparently continue at pace with Russia assisting Iran who are assisting Syrian Dictator Bashir al-Assad. Secretary of State Kerry’s meeting with the Russian leader really got off to a cold start as Russian President Putin arrived for their meeting three hours late offering no reason or apology while expecting one which was given dutifully by Secretary Kerry. After insults and apologies were exchanged, Secretary of State Kerry got down to the actual groveling requesting Russian assistance in ending the confrontations in Syria between numerous rebel groups including the al-Nusra Front (an al-Qaeda affiliate) and ISIS amongst others. Despite Secretary Kerry’s greatest of efforts, little cooperation was arranged as President Putin gave all requests the cold shoulder but left the door slightly opened that perhaps future arrangements might be arranged. It was slightly after this meeting that President Putin announced the earlier than hinted delivery of the S-300 antiaircraft batteries to Iran, an in your face move as stark as could be imagined to Secretary Kerry, President Obama, Israel and the West in general. Now with the announced start of two more nuclear reactor sites, the Russian buildup of Iran is proceeding apace and potentially picking up steam. One can only assume that either President Obama actually approves of the strengthening of Iran or knows that he is powerless due to his puerile and pathetic prowess towards foreign policy practices despite posturing passivity pretending to prideful restraint.


This has been the produce from a foreign policy initially given grand but vacant gestures climaxing in various forms of contrite concession, gratuitous genuflections and pompous speeches all designed to present an image of America pleading forgiveness on bended knee humbled before her betters. This introduction was probably the sole truism in all foreign affairs fermentations which eventually produces a poisonous brew of crossed red line after red line, feigned commitment always falling short of the promised mark and general ineptitude which gave green lights to every bad player with grand designs to pounce on the open opportunity presented by a United States in remission so as to permit the world the room to repair all the ill effects from an overbearance of American past use or power. Nowhere in President Obama’s repertoire has there been room for even the slightest of doubts as to the malignance of American policies despite all evidence of best intentions of attempting to right the wrongs, including her own. To President Obama America was the bully who stole the other nations’ riches by economic plundering or through enhancing dictatorial powers while making them and the United States wealthy on the plunder of the poor and downtrodden placed under the dictatorial thumbs thus supported. Nowhere did President Obama and his cauldron of fellow haters of their nation, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and even the First Lady amongst others, some under the direction of the likes of George Soros, one of the preeminent America and Israel haters of the lot, did any of them ever consider what might have been the consequence of a world without American efforts. This has what has driven the foreign policy of President Obama, a foreign policy deviously applied hidden by apparent indifference, apathy, failure, and devoid of influence. The policy was to facilitate a multifaceted power structure to balance out America making her but one player amongst a plethora of actors, most aligned to oppose American might.


The plan was to empower Russia to take Europe, China to take Asia, Iran to take the Middle East and Africa, and a combination of players to restructure the Americas while the United States would be left relatively weak and gutted financially. The play began over two decades ago with the election of William Clinton who would take up where President Jimmy Carter had left off. President Clinton planted seeds in the military with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy and taking the peace cash bonus by cutting back military spending and enhancing social spending as well as supersizing the Community Reinvestment Act which eventually forced the housing bubble and related crash. President George W. Bush does not get the pass conservatives are apt to grant him as he was the originator of the monetary spending called Stimulus Acts or Quantitative Easing (QE). President Bush started QE-1 which was subsequently followed by QE-2 and QE-3 which required serious borrowing shooting the debt up to over seventeen-trillion dollars. This figure was attained with an additional investment made during President Obama’s first year in office when he pushed through legislation greatly increasing social spending on programs with some extreme cases leading to near and even over tripling the budget of many departments and programs. These new levels of budgetary spending became the new baseline thus massively increasing the spending on these departments and individual programs leading to runaway government largess and profligate social spending. This new levels of spending has had an additional and planned effect, it makes increasing Defense Department spending impossible for the foreseeable future. This will lead directly to the United States having to pull back on her military presence beyond her borders. What is remarkable about this is that President Obama has, by taking the most extreme of leftist defense and foreign policy positions managed to make the dreams of the furthest right wing paleo-conservatives dreams of isolationism come true. This has been the most perfect example that the extreme right and the extreme left both desire identical results for diametrically opposing reasoning and political positions. The end result will be a world devoid of the American influence anywhere near the levels of the past seventy-five years. President Obama will get to see his dreams almost realized as the United States power cannot be eclipsed by any single Presidential actions over even the full eight years. The risk is if the American people follow President Obama with another President of like mind that the United States might be taken from the world stage until only drastic measures force her to return. An empowered China, Russia, Iran and rising Islamist powers may bring either a Sunni-Shiite reckoning resulting in untold damage to much of the world or a Sunni-Shiite alliance which will present another world power vying for preeminence. Where and how far the world will spin without a strong power for freedom allowing for dictatorial Communism, theocratic supersessionism or whatever a resurgent Russia may become after Putin sees the last of his reign in power to be the tripartite powers dividing up the world and potentially remaining unopposed until one of the three turns on another thus upsetting the balance and leading to who knows what horrors in the ensuing bloodbath. The world may be entering a dark time and Israel may stand alone as the sole person with a flashlight in the darkness.


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