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July 5, 2018

Will America Turn Against Israel?


This question has two very distinct answers. Let us get the simple answer out of the way first. There are a great number of Americans who would never turn against Israel. Many, possibly a majority, of these people are Evangelical Christians. There are also a number of other Christians and traditional American patriots who also support Israel and whose support is virtually unshakeable. There is also a core of Jews, the majority being very religious but includes a sizeable number of Jews who are more Zionist than religious, who will support Israel through thick and thin. There are a small group of very religious Jews who are opposed to Israel for reasons of religious interpretation who would probably support Israel if there were to be a war against the Jewish state if only because of the numbers of Jews who would be endangered. What is surprising is that there exists a number of irreligious Jews who, other than any family members if even them, have no attachment to Israel and should Israel be on the wrong side of their political beliefs, then Israel would be cast aside as irrelevant and possibly seen as evil for opposing their politics. Finally, there some assimilated Jews who are in the far activist left who are fully supportive of the Palestinian Arab narrative and see Israel as the central evil in the modern world. These particular Jews politically are completely consistent with the beliefs of their non-Jewish extreme left travelers. These extreme leftists are mostly found within the Democrat Party as well as the Green Party, American Communist Party and some even in the Libertarian Party. Those extreme leftists who are not members of the Democrat Party would cross party lines to support an extreme leftist candidate from the Democrat Party. This is true for any electoral position from Dog Catcher to President of the United States and every position in-between. This would most definitely include city and county positions through state and include both houses of Congress.


Looking at the last Democrat Party fight over gaining the Party’s choice as Presidential candidate to run against Donald Trump, we saw an interesting fight which became very close and was only decided for Hillary Clinton, the centrist candidate, over Bernie Sanders, the extreme leftist candidate, where Bernie was supported very strongly by the youth from High School seniors and college youth as well as recent graduates under the age of thirty-five or as high as forty-five. These are the recent products of the education system which has become more of a regime of instructing the young on what to think and away from the teaching of how to think. Their math and science teaching has been simplified and even gone to an extreme where every answer will be considered correct as long as you can explain how you reached that answer to the mathematic problem. One of the methods taught now for solving algebraic problems is to guess and continue testing numbers until you find one that works, and that is it. So if the problem is basic as what does X equal if 1+2=X? If you claim that the answer is 4 and when asked why you explain that 1 and + equals 2 and with 2 you get 4, then you would get credit because you explained the way you reached the answer of 4 by assigning + to mean add another 1. The science is not the worst of the education currently being provided in the public schools. They offer no requirement for a civics course or any course which describes the government, how it was described in the Constitution. There is no requirement of American or World History. If you do take a history course it largely will cover the accomplishments of people who were minorities. Here is a simple example from over a decade ago. When my youngest child was attending a newly built school, the students were asked to present names of minority people and one child presented the name of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, the first Jew appointed to the Supreme Court. The child had that entry rejected because Jews are not a minority. They named the school after Roberto Clemente who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but the school was not even in Pennsylvania. Personally, I find Roberto Clemente as a fine choice as he was an exemplary man both on and off the field of play who was taken from us far too young.


These educational systems new directive of producing little drone humans whose political viewpoints are aligned with the system directive of supporting everything being centered around groups. They no longer give homework and many classes do not have textbooks but instead they work off handouts which the children are required to return to the teacher such that they are never taken home. All projects are assigned for groups to produce the assignment and each group will have two hard working students, two or three who might give a modicum of effort and two or three who will produce absolutely nothing and the entire group gets a group grade and there are no individual grades. This method allows every child to pass when only twenty percent of the students probably learned anything, and they are the students whose parents provide efforts to teach some of the old-school concepts and ways of solving math problems. The new teaching methods also include political opinions injected as part of the lessons even in the sciences. They use word problems which present a single political slant. Socialism is the base system for the best forms of governments. Everything is presented with a leftist slant and this programming indoctrination of the children, particularly the major colleges which are steeped in the alt-left.


Back to Israel as one of the favorite targets of the alt-left just as it has historically been a target of the alt-right. The left itself is tepid towards Israel at best and the far left is completely sold on the Palestinian propaganda because Israel won their last few wars and thus became the mean superpower in the Middle East. The fact is that the Arab World is thousands of times the size of Israel (check the map below). This map shows the Arab World including the twenty-one of twenty-two Arab States with Comoros off the map to the South while Israel is in Blue and has Iran and Turkey outlined in Red who are aligned with the Arabs against Israel. The main reason that Israel is able to survive is that currently the Arab world is torn into numerous camps and is unable to unite. The main focal points of the splits are Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the several terrorist groups especially Hezballah who even has a base in South Americas in the Tri-Border Region. Currently, Iran aligned against Saudi Arabia is one of the main rift lines in the Middle East which has resulted in some interesting possibilities one of which has been the Arab World moving away from the Palestinians finally viewing them as a lost cause and hopelessly incompetent politically as well as being basically a dysfunctional society with no future even were they to replace Israel as they have become too violent and completely tainted and even loathsome. Even Qatar is attempting to distance themselves from the Palestinians who made a tactical error distancing themselves from President Trump, but their dissing President Trump enamored them with the Leftists who find President Trump to be an impostor or impostor who they refuse to accept as their President.


Arab World Showing Twenty-One of Twenty-Two States with Comoros Off the Map South, Israel in Blue and with Iran and Turkey outlined in Red

Arab World Showing Twenty-One of Twenty-Two States
with Comoros Off the Map South, Israel in Blue
and with Iran and Turkey outlined in Red

President Trump supports Israel which makes the leftists believe that their position of opposition to Israel as the correct position. Israel has taken the same types of lands in an even smaller piece without oil reserves and has taken their nation, the size (almost) of New Jersey, from a agricultural nation of Kibbutzim, small socialist communities, into a Capitalist engine which is amongst the leaders in technical innovations, medical discoveries, physics research, pharmaceutical inventions and remained one of the leaders in agricultural discoveries such as drip irrigation and many other accomplishments which are helping feed Africa. The fact that Israel has gone from a socialist society towards a more free-enterprise capitalist economy means that they are heading in what the leftists, especially the far left, believe is the wrong direction. It is also the same direction that President Trump is trying to aim the United States which is another reason he just has to be cast as evil. Israel and President Trump work to make their worlds a better place by providing a growing economy where most of the people can find work, if they desire to work, and not having the government support a large sector of the society. The left believes that many people who contribute in a different means to society, like street musicians and dancers, deserve to be supported by the government since what they choose to do does not provide sufficient income. President Trump would rather provide for these people to find work and perform their street acts as their hobby, not as their main contribution. Israel is also moving in that direction.


The left hates Israel largely because they are mean and use their military power to protect themselves. This is a large negative because they see the Palestinians as the underprivileged and people of color, despite they are not actually any different than the rest of the Arab people and the vast majority of the Palestinian Arabs are one or two generations away from their original nation of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and beyond. The Arab nations consist of the entirety of the Middle East and North Africa and have an area and population thousands of times greater than Israel but Israel is considered the bully by the leftists. Why, because the Arab World has invested gazillions of dollars in propaganda and run support in the major colleges and universities casting this as a struggle where Israel used their military might to conquer Palestine in 1948 and further in 1967 wars. Both wars were started by the Arabs with the intent of destroying Israel and murdering every single Jew they would find after they won. Both wars had between five and seven nations against Israel and it was after a third loss in 1973 that the change came and all of a sudden it was no longer a half dozen Arab nations fighting Israel but Israel oppressing the Palestinian Arabs. The problem is there has never been a nation named Palestine so Israel did not conquer it. The Arabs mostly left their homes because their religious leader asked them to leave their homes, as they would be able to take the riches of the Jews once the Arab armies destroyed the cowardly Jews back in 1948 when the Arabs attacked Israel on the first day of its existence. Israel had been promised by the League of Nations after World War I to have the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, all of it, plain and simple. Israel was not a result of the Holocaust as it predates that obscenity of mechanized slaughter and genocide of a people by almost twenty years. The United Nations is also presumably bound to support those borders but since it has become the United Totalitarians Club, thus they too hate Israel. The difficult part is that there are a majority of American Jews who will support the leftist President who will take America and support those who desire to destroy Israel. The other problem they will find out about far too late is that this leader will also be the one who will decide that the United States needs to be rid of those particular people who share this trait, this problem, they are Jewish. These leftists will at some point decide that the Jews are a problem which requires a solution, a final solution. The rising anti-Semitism has been plain to witness if one bothered to watch for it, and it has been growing on the left, the place the Jews said it could never arise. They were wrong and those who hate Israel will eventually turn on their own Jews. And as far as the United States turning against Israel, unfortunately that will come sooner than anybody in either country realizes.


Beyond the Cusp



July 1, 2018

President Trump Requires a New “Deal of the Century”


Now that we have slowly but surely, and we hope fairly correctly, perused over the situation facing President Trump and his presented intuitions and leaks fed the media in our articles, “President Trump Needs to Face Reality,” “Why Not Simply Face Facts,” and “Middle East Reality Strikes President Trump,” perhaps it is time to present a viable, even if untested and unconventional, path which provides the President a way forward. What we are going to present is something rarely attempted or even found useful in politics and international relations, the truth. One thing for sure, the truth has seldom even been presented in Middle East relations since Moses presented Hashem’s words and warnings to Pharos. As we recall, that turned out rather poorly for Pharos, so even then the truth did not provide a conflict free resolution, though in the end the two sides were nowhere near evenly matched. The first thing is the reality of what President Trump is facing and what the replies he has received actually mean need be explained.


First, Jordan gave President Trump a simple and straight-forward reply, in a word, “No.” King Abdullah simply refused to be a party to replacing the Palestinian Authority or Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat or anybody even to include Hamas and Islamic Jihad. As far as King Abdullah is concerned, he does not want anything to do with the entire situation and his adamancy was absolute. President Trump has to face the fact that King Abdullah has removed Jordan from the equation completely, and after the coup by Yasser Arafat attempted against his father in September of 1970, still remembered as “Black September,” the idea of allowing the Palestinian Authority, the successor to the PLO, into Jordan was probably perceived as suicidal. So that puts Jordan out of the picture which makes a solution all the more difficult.


The other two major players on the Arab side were Saudi Arabia and Egypt, neither of which borders any of the Palestinian Authority regions and only Egypt borders Gaza which has presented them little else but turmoil and difficulties. Their response was spun as sounding promising, but like everything in the Middle East, the true meaning was far more cryptic and hidden. Their basic response was that they would both be glad to assist President Trump in any plans he presents as long as certain conditions are met by his solutions. As always is, the devil is in the details, and in this instance the details which they presented were the terms within the Saudi Plan. That presents a problem as the Saudi Plan includes, and these are simply the main points, that there be a “Two State Solution” with the borders along the June 4, 1967 borders, the Green Line, the pre-Six Day War lines which were set in 1949 under the armistice between Israel and Jordan, that is Jordan and not to ever be confused with the never existing Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital city, which would place the entirety of the Old City and Temple Mount in the hands of the Palestinians once again dividing Jerusalem and making the Old City outside the area where Jews could safely tread, and the situation of the “refugees” being resolved satisfactorily. If you think that sounds familiar, you are probably getting the point. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are willing to assist President Trump provided he force the maximalist position, the very same positions taken by Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian Authority, PLO and Fatah. In exchange for this total surrender by Israel, the other Arab nations will consider formalizing relations with Israel. This is actually true, if Israel were to meet these demands, after the next election when the five to eight million Arab refugees have the vote as citizens of Israel elect probably Marwan Barghouti as the new Prime Minister, then as Israel would now be a good Arab Muslim nation, they would formalize relations with their new cousins. So, there we have the plan that Egypt and Saudi Arabia will support for President Trump, and we can bet he realizes what a non-starter that idea would be.


So, it is obvious that the only plan the Arabs will accept is the same plan they attempted to enact by force in 1948 and again in 1969 and once more in 1973 and has been the sole aim of the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Arab League, Fatah, Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and Marwan Barghouti ever since. If President Trump desires any help from the Arabs or, more generally, the Muslims, then he is going to have to impose on Israel a plan which will be guaranteed to end in another war which will start with a rocket attack on Tel Aviv which will leave the central towers leveled and tens of thousands of Israelis dead (see images below). Even President Barack Obama knew enough to avoid any attempts to force this solution upon Israel, though some claim he would have loved to see this to its fruition. This solution was offered once to Jordan when Israel and Jordan made peace in October of 1994 which Jordan immediately rejected knowing that the Oslo Accords were going to do far more damage to Israel at no cost to Jordan thus granting Israel an escape from the Accords would have been counter-productive as far as Jordan was concerned. Had Jordan accepted such a peace treaty, then any attacks across the Green Line would have meant war while leaving these regions even partially in the possession of Yasser Arafat and the PLO, renamed for appearances the Palestinian Authority, then attacks upon Israel would merely be random terrorism, which was beyond their control despite over the top incitement to murder Israelis (Jews), and thus not starting a war meaning they could attack Israel freely and the world would protect the aggressors and blame Israel for refusing to surrender completely enough. So, President Trump can expect absolutely no assistance of any relevance from the Arab world.


Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace and Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace

Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace
Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace


Now, for what to do. President Trump is facing the same conundrum which has befuddled all of his predecessors who have even approached the sixty-thousand-volt live wire that is the Middle East ultimate peace. There is the most obvious and safest route, walk away calmly and never return to this subject again. We know, this is not exactly Trump’s style, he lives to accomplish that which none have accomplished before him. We are not saying he has succeeded in these areas, but he does love the challenge more than even the success, and he craves the laudatory success. President Trump also has probably envisioned his Nobel Peace Prize for reaching an intermediary end to the Arab-Israeli Conflict. We say intermediary as we are realists and fully believe Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas amongst others when they claim that any peace is simply the first step to the destruction of Israel in stages. The first thing President Trump must do is to have a reality check. He must ask of himself the big question, is he willing to potentially lead to the destruction of Israel just to reach an agreement? We would like to believe he would respond in the negative. Once this has sunk in and become fully understood, the next step is to realize the Arabs, even those saying they will assist his efforts, are only going to accept the eventual destruction of Israel and anything they accept is the first step in that direction. President Trump will have to realize that once there is a nation of Palestine, they will be permitted by the United Nations, European Union and over one hundred of the member nations of the General Assembly, with another approaching fifty not caring either way (that makes a three-fourths majority of the world), to launch attack after attack upon Israel with impunity while Israel will be excoriated if she even launches a lawn dart in response. The agreement the Arabs demand would leave Tel Aviv exactly in the position pictured above. Thus, President Trump need find a way out of his promised “Deal of the Century” which allows him to save face and come out of the ordeal with a minimum of egg on his face. The media will have a field day critiquing where he failed and the scale of his failure. It will be like he dropped the ball on the easiest play in the world and not like he came slightly closer than most by actually testing every angle and not destroying anything in the process. The last President who attempted something new was President George W. Bush, and we all know how that turned out, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the mess in Gaza currently.


How does one extricate themselves from a lidless box within which they have sealed themselves? This is the challenge and there is only one path to redemption, absolute truth, and telling it to the only people that matter for President Trump, the American people. He need make a primetime speech to the American people and explain what he now knows he is facing, an obstructionist group which reject any and all compromise demanding Israel be sacrificed. President Trump will need to tell it as it is explaining what the Palestinian Authority has demanded, the rejection of having any part by Jordan and the demand that the very same deal demanded by Mahmoud Abbas is what both Saudi Arabia and Egypt demand for their assistance. He can lay out what they demand and exactly what that would mean for Israel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the world. He can explain how little help has been forthcoming from the European and the United Nations and how in many instances these areas have been anywhere from counter-productive to part of the problem. He must also explain the history going into the Balfour Declaration, its being codified by the San Remo Conference which was restated in the Treaty of Serves. Then talk about the Mandate System which was put in place by the League of Nations and adopted in Article 80 of the United Nations Charter and included in the Anglo-American Convention of 1925 where the United States agreed to assist in implementing the British Mandate, though little support ever was provided. President Trump can explain that the Zionist Congress accepted the taking of 78% of the Mandate away from being for the Jews and giving it to the Arabs in the form of Jordan and how the British promised to protect the remaining 22% and the border of the Jordan River as the eastern border for the Jewish State and how the British reneged on their word. But after this has almost put the people watching to sleep, he will need to say the magic words to wake them, “In conclusion.”


This will be the tough part, as President Trump will be required to come up with a killer exit. Everyone will be expecting to hear what his “Deal of the Century” contains, and he will need to build this up while tearing expectation down. That will be difficult, but he does claim he could sell brimstone to the devil. President Trump will need present that there is no path to peace which would permit Israel to have what they were promised, safe, secure and defendable borders. He could use the graphic we used above to depict the problem but a simple series of pictures of how the region the Arabs are demanding overlooks Tel Aviv would serve the purpose. Then there are a few other pictures which show the problem in detail which we have included below. This could be topped by reminding his audience about the future threat which Iran poses and his efforts to thwart their becoming a nuclear threat to the world. This should be done with short, staccato-like phrases intended to strike hard and make an impression. This is the final crescendo to his finale.


Ben Gurion Airport Plane Vulnerability from Palestine (c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)

Ben Gurion Airport Plane Vulnerability from Palestine
(c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)


Trans-Israel Highway Route 6 (c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)

Trans-Israel Highway Route 6
(c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)


Final Conflict for potential nuclear standoff after Iran starts producing its missiles and warheads which is likely already going on in secret enrichment warhead factories berried under Tehran hospital

Final Conflict for potential nuclear standoff after Iran starts producing its missiles and warheads which is likely already going on in secret enrichment warhead factories berried under Tehran hospital


President Trump will need to end the speech on an upward inflection instilling hope where little can be found. This is where his “Deal of the Century” quote can be used, though that would be risky. What he should then propose is that he is willing to engage with any and every Middle Eastern and North African country willing to accept Israeli existence as the state for the Jewish People and work towards a serious solution which does not leave Israel vulnerable and also addresses the plight of the Arabs. He should at this point avoid using the world Palestine Palestinian as that would be referencing the trap Israel fell into in September of 1993 with Oslo. He should emphasize that the Jews have as much a right to a country as the Arabs do to have their twenty–plus countries across the MENA region. He might even suggest that the Arabs residing within the promised borders of Israel by international treaties could be granted resident alien status were any Arab nation willing to accept granting them citizenship and how the Arabs nations should work to assist their brothers who have been refugees far too long. He can point to the way Israel accepted almost one million refugee Jews from across the MENA region who were driven from their homes in the decade after the founding of Israel while also settling over a million European Jews who were left with nothing after World War II. In this reference President Trump should avoid referencing the Holocaust as such would reinforce the mistaken identity of Israel being a present to the Jews as an apology for the six million killed by the Nazis. The final phrase which is almost an imperative is that the promises which were given the Jewish people in 1917, in April of 1920 and restated again in August of 1920 and finally formalized by the League of Nations in the Mandate System in 1923 must finally be recognized and fulfilled. The failures of the world to the Jewish People demand that this promise, at the very least, must be honored. That should give the world some words to ponder and once and for all set the record straight that the nation of Israel as the Jewish State is much older than all too many have the misconception that it was due to World War II and a supposed debt. Israel was not a debt but the fulfillment of the restoration of a people with their ancestral lands which was made almost a century past.


Beyond the Cusp


June 25, 2018

Middle East Reality Strikes President Trump


President Trump has yet to figure out the single most important truth about the Middle East. If you are unsure what this truth is, do not feel bad as none of the Presidents since President Truman have figured it out either and even President Truman and those before him back to President Jefferson did not figure it out either. Truth be told, President Jefferson was the sole President to figure out the Middle East equation, an equation which has not altered a single iota since then. The other problem is most people in this era have little memory or ever had knowledge of history, even the history of their own nation. This is true of Americans and apparently all too true of far too many modern Jews despite the center of our faith being remembering our past and celebrating that past where such is called for and mourn those happenings which can only be commemorated while not appropriate for celebration. The claim that Jews spend an inordinate amount of time and energy commemorating the past is true and will continue to be true as it is our past, which sets us apart and our very beginnings, which define our faith and our existence today. That is a truth about Judaism and why Israel, this little slice of land which is less than one-fourth of one percent of the lands in the Muslim world usually defined as the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), is of such paramount importance to the Jewish People even in this modern era. But this is about President Trump and the problem his “Deal of the Century” faces as it has just run headfirst into the difficulty of the Middle East.


Presidents Jefferson, Truman and Trump

Presidents Jefferson, Truman and Trump


President Trump has based his “Deal of the Century” on replacing the implacable PLO or Palestinian Authority with Jordan, Egypt or possibly even Saudi Arabia. The easiest one of these nations to rule out is Saudi Arabia. President Bush who was a great friend of the Saudi Royal Family approached them for assistance in finding a solution during his administration. Instead of coming rushing to his aid, they simply took some time and met with other leaders of the Arab League and other Arab nations and eventually produced the Saudi Plan. The plan is also called the Arab Plan and is not very much different from the previous demands. Like every other proposed plan, this one also demands the pre-June 1967 lines, also known as the Green Line, completely erasing the losses from the Six Day War and resetting the area back to the borders which the Arab world found so inviting for destroying Israel that they simply had to attack. This is the initial demand, basically demanding a do-over for the Six Day War. Then it demands that there be a satisfactory solution be found for the Palestinian refugee problem. This is another standard where it is demanded that Israel accept anywhere from five to eight million Arab refugees and grant them their rightful citizenship in Israel transforming Israel into another Muslim majority nation which after the next election will soon star to destroy the Jewish population if any Jews wait that long before fleeing for their lives. Their claim is that since Israel is a democratic nation which provides for religious freedom, what complaint can the Israelis have in accepting these refugees? The problem is we have seen what happens to a nation once the Muslims become the majority by looking north to what had been predominantly Christian Lebanon which is now ruled by Hezballah which is armed and threatening to destroy Israel. The promise to Israel was should they accept this deal the Muslim Arab nations would consider recognizing and normalizing relations with Israel. Many people love to claim they promised to accept and have normal relations with Israel which is untrue, they only promised to think about doing such. Our bet is they would wait until Israel became yet another Arab Muslim nation before changing anything. The entirety of the Saudi Plan would be unacceptable but oddly enough, it was rejected by Yasser Arafat before it was presented as a plan to Israel.


That was the grand deal from Saudi Arabia and we are willing to bet that even the new leader, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, would not bring that big of a change, especially this early in his rule. His immediate plans are apparently domestic though he is not about to completely ignore the outside world. Prince Mohammed bin Salman will definitely watch the Saudi Arabian nemesis, Iran, and watch them closely. Israel is a problem which he does not require and as much as he probably would love to befriend President Trump, there are some requests which would be one too far. Prince Mohammed bin Salman might be willing to place the agreement of Saudi Arabia to any plan which proves acceptable to the Arab League and the rest of the Arab World as well as the Palestinian Arab leadership. That is where the knot of the problem sits.


Looking to Egypt and a year ago, that might have been a possibility but President Sisi is not sitting in as strong a position and much of his efforts will be to assure that he remains President of Egypt even if elections have to be massaged. His is an easy problem to define, and it is defined Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, he outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, but being outlawed and being expunged from the Egyptian population are two very different things. Much of the rural and poor population in Egypt receives assistance from Muslim Brotherhood Imams and officials and with the food, you win their support. It is a political equation as old as politics and probably older. President Sisi has also been in a running struggle with the Imams at Al-Azhar University in his effort to modernize Islam and turn them from their absolutist beliefs and bring Islam back from the precipice which abrogation placed them. President Sisi is attempting to end the insistence of domination over all other religions and the inevitability for conquest of the world bringing all to worship only Allah and allow for Islam to become a modernist religion where it will find a path for accommodating a plurality of religion and for the existence of lands which are not ruled by Muslims. Sisi is fighting fourteen-hundred years of history coming from the initial Caliphate and continuing through the Ottoman Empire. Should he fail, then Islam will continue on its path of confrontation and attempts at conquest continuing from time to time until they finally either conquer the world and bring all to Islam or are eradicated by a world no longer willing to accept their consistent resorting to confrontations. So, Egypt is out.


This leaves Jordan. President Trump has first placed his hopes with Jordan. Just this past week Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited King Abdullah in Amman, Jordan. Probably the easiest and most informative means of taking measure of their meeting would be to quote their statements which they released after their talks. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response was given in an official Press Release stating, “Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah of Jordan met today in Amman. The King and the Prime Minister discussed regional developments, advancing the peace process and bilateral relations. Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s commitment to maintaining the status quo at the holy sites in Jerusalem.” You have to love the conciseness of his emotionless, flat statement completely devoid of emotion.


King Abdullah was far more expressive in his communique. His statement came as follows (We initially tried to go to the link but found it nonfunctional. The article we relied upon for the King’s response can be read here),


“His Majesty King Abdullah, at a meeting on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who departed Jordan after a short visit, stressed the need to make progress in efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution and in accordance with international law, relevant UN resolutions, and the Arab Peace Initiative.
“King Abdullah reaffirmed that the only way to achieve peace and stability in the region is by reaching a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 4 June 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital, living side by side with Israel in peace and security.”
“The King affirmed that Jordan will continue upholding its historical role in safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, in accordance with the Hashemite Custodianship.”


There are two items worth note, the first being the inclusion of safeguarding Christian holy sites with no reference to Jewish sites. The inclusion of Christian is taking additional right to having the right for control beyond the original agreed upon Islamic sites thus insisting on Jordan now having responsibility for all of the Temple Mount according to the King and further claiming that there is no holiness to Jews of the Temple Mount. This is a step towards preventing Jews from having access to the Temple Mount and a step backwards from recent events. The problem of the Temple Mount will likely now only start to escalate if Jordan decides to press the exclusion of Jews from the Temple Mount and, if the King follows the extremist views of the Palestinian Authority, denial of use of the plaza before the Western Wall, which Abbas has claimed is holy only to Islam. This path would lead to a direct confrontation testing relations between Israel and Jordan, a relationship which has grown colder on recent times.


The second issue is King Abdullah was simply restating the unresponsive position which Mahmoud Abbas and also Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Arab position since 1917 when the British declared their intent for a Jewish State with the Balfour Declaration and again throughout the following San Remo Conference, Treaty of Serves, the Mandate System, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 and finally the Declaration of the independence of the State of Israel in May of 1948. What he stated was that Jordan would demand that there be a Palestinian Arab state formed along the pre-Six Day War Green Line including eastern Jerusalem and the provisions of the Arab Initiative as described above includes the imposing of five to eight million Arab refugees into Israel making it another Arab Muslim nation as soon as elections would be held.


So, what is it that President Trump has run into? He has struck what we would refer to as the Islamic Brick Wall. President Jefferson figured it out as the Barbary Pirates demanded more and more protection payments and whenever the United States resisted returned to taking sailors from American ships until the payments were made. He also had heard it from the Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman in London representing the Dey of Algiers who controlled the Barbary Pirates. Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam, “It was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”


Islam is a religion of conquest founded on beliefs which coalesced in the first hundred and fifty to two hundred years where abrogation placed the parts of the Quran written in Medina which contradicted the Mecca verses as abrogating the earlier verses. Egypt President Sisi is one of the most public persons who have called for abrogation to be reversed and the Mecca Quran, the original writings of Muhammad, as having primacy. Until Islam, if ever they should, follows the desires of President Sisi and his fellow patrons for amending the precedence of the later verses allowing the multicultural and more open Mecca verses guide modern Islam, there cannot be surrender of any lands by Islamic nations. This means that Israel, as well as Spain (Andalusia), must be erased and the lands returned to Islamic rule. Further, Muslims are to be pledged to forging a world where only Allah is worshiped and Islam is the sole religion. This is why Islamic nations strive to eradicate all other religions within their borders. This is also why Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where the Christian population is increasing. Saudi Arabia has places where no non-Muslim is permitted to tread, and by places, we mean entire cities such as both Mecca and Medina. Further, it is illegal and punishable by death to be a follower of Judaism, Christianity or religion other than Islam in Saudi Arabia. The supremacy of Islam is so defined that it even reaches to the point that one must practice the correct form of Islam thus the enmity between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Saudi Arabia and Iran, each the preeminent nation of each form of Islam. Iran has already made it clear that their intent is world conquest starting with Saudi Arabia and then on to Israel and the United States. The Saudi Arabians are more passive as Sunni Islam includes at least 85% of all Muslims with almost the entirety of the rest being Shiites. Either way, Islam, both Sunni and Shiite with Shiite being the more active currently, live by the concept of the sword, thus it matters little to the world which one is dominant, they will both eventually attempt to dominate. What is possibly a saving grace is that many in Islam pledge to make their founding school of Islam the dominant form which is part of why there are as many Islam-Islam wars. Below is a map of the numerous separate founders of the various forms of Islam. One can notice that Iran, Iraq, Qatar and Bahrain are the most populated Shiite Islamic centers while most of the rest of Islam belongs to some form of Sunni Islam.


The main Islamic madh'habs (schools of law) of Muslim countries or distributions

The main Islamic madh’habs (schools of law) of Muslim countries or distributions


Both forms of Islam hold Mecca and Medina as their most holy cities and none outside those speaking about Israel believe, and not even those speaking of Israel, that Jerusalem is the third most holy city in Islam. In Shiite Islam after Mecca and Medina they are Najaf, Karbala, Kathemiya, Samara, Mash’had and Qom are the next most holy cities. In Sunni Islam Mecca and Medina, they are Istanbul, Cairo, Kufa and Karbala. Oddly enough, Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran as Muhammad removed any reference to Jerusalem after the Jews refused him as their prophet. This happened even before he presented the Quran to be written down by a scribe, as Muhammad did not read or write. The reason that Jerusalem is noted today as the third most holy city is because it is the city which Islam desires to conquer, or reconqer, next. The honor of being the third most holy city has also been shared by Damascus, Constantinople, Rome, Paris, London and New York amongst others. It is all part of the promise from Allah that in the Quran states that Islam will rule the world and all will bend to Allah and his people.


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