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September 5, 2017

North Korea and a Time for War


United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated flatly that North Korea’s threats and actions were unacceptable and threatening the peace of the world. Secretary Mattis warned Kim Jong-un that North Korea would suffer a “massive military response” (video shown later in the article) should they attack the United States, her allies or protectorates. He stared further, “Any threat to the United States or its territories including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response.” Also, “Kim Jong-un should take heed the United Nations Security Council’s unified voice. All members unanimously agreed on the threat North Korea poses. And they remain unanimous in their commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Because we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely, North Korea.” Secretary Mathis added “many military options” are available to the United States and President Donald Trump insisted on being briefed on all of them.


Trump Kim Showdown at Guam

Trump Kim Showdown at Guam


Secretary of Defense James Mattis was flanked by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford, another four star Marine General, and whenever you are facing two four star Marine Generals, you are looking at a real and viable threat. The generals of North Korea should also note that there was no State Department representative at the press briefing which to us signals that the playing of games and screaming threats back and forth are done. President Trump has apparently lost all patience with the petulant child leader who believes his own propaganda that he is a godly endowed beloved Dear Leader of North Korea and that his sweat does not stink, if you catch our drift. President Trump has a Congress to conquer and cow into submission, and we do not mean the Democrats but the presumed members of his own party which presumably are helping get his agenda accomplished. To do this, he needs to straighten out the Republicans in Congress or promise to run campaigns against them in the Primary Election and again in the General Election if that is what it demands to get them replaced with somebody willing to end Obamacare, cut and simplify the tax codes and finally address and keep a thousand and one promises he made along the campaign trail. President Trump would much rather work on reducing the load of government regulations which prevent small businesses from succeeding and find some way to inject more competition into the seeming monopolies which have all but taken control of the largest media network in the history of the world, the Internet.


North Korean missiles are simply flies to be Swatted by Trump

North Korean missiles are simply flies to be Swatted by Trump


North Korea and all of its missiles are simply flies which require swatting out of the air so that the President can get to rebuilding the United States as he had promised. But, Winston Churchill stated clearly once that, “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.” President Trump would likely agree wholeheartedly and already traveled that road. You might remember his use of “jaw-jaw” which was covered extensively by the media under claims that President Trump was going to start a nuclear war any second. President Trump never said anything about starting even the shooting of a rifle unless provoked by an actual attack by North Korea. The initial promise by President Trump to answer in kind with that little extra touch called complete destruction if North Korea followed through on any of their three most stated threats, the complete destruction of Seoul, South Korea and a full assault on South Korea, a missile attack which would potentially include nuclear warheads on Japan or striking Guam with nuclear tipped missiles destroying everything on the island American Protectorate was overshadowed by the media circus. It must have been because Kim Jong-un doubled down on his threat by claiming the nuclear attack on Guam was imminent and the decision was already made and the time was approaching. President Trump again chose to jaw-jaw promising to reply to such an attack with rain of “fire and fury” down on North Korea. The media went ballistic again screaming fearfully that war with North Korea was imminent. What was odd was they said almost nothing or absolutely nothing when Kim Jong-un backed down and remained silent and promised he was ending missile tests. When the threat of war fell to almost zero, the media went as silent as Kim Jong-un with nary a mention that President Trump had backed down North Korean lunatic President Kim Jong-un and instead started their non-stop coverage of Charlottesville and the war on Confederate War statues.



When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson decided to publically brag about the back down of Kim Jong-un by President Trump and his administration to the media, it proved to be a provocation according to Kim Jong-un. What needs to be understood is Kim Jong-un is unstable and fully believes that he is invincible and that North Korea can stand toe-to-toe against the United States militarily. Kim Jong-un also fully believes his own greatness and superiority in all things, after all, this is the man who shot an eighteen the first time he went out and played golf. When Secretary Rex Tillerson challenged Kim Jong-un, he challenged his manhood as far as the North Korean man-child was concerned, and nobody is permitted to insinuate that Kim Jong-un is anything but an invincible god-man. It was no surprise that Kim Jong-un launched missiles the very next day and the day after and has returned to threatening to launch nuclear tipped missiles at Guam. Secretary of Defense James Mattis flanked by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford gave what are most probably President Trump’s final words on the matter and as long as this final warning is heeded, the world will return to a nice peaceful place with nothing further from Kim Jong-un. This is exactly what would happen in a perfect world.


The problem is we live in this world. President Trump is pretty much done with Kim Jong-un and the whole North Korean threat. He has requested the different scenarios available from the Pentagon and how each one would be implemented. The President has likely also requested other plans for situations likely including decapitation of Kim Jong-un, preemptive strike to destroy Kim Jong-un’s ability to launch attacks on Guam or anyone, and other scenarios as well as what additional steps are required to provide full missile protection from the North Korean threat. The most difficult jobs will be protecting South Korea and Japan, as they are geographically neighbors of North Korea. As far as the probability of an actual war between the United States and North Korea, that is highly improbable. It would be an exchange of military might which would last less than two days, more likely less than thirty-six hours. The most probable outcome will be that things will start to cool as China or Russia will talk Kim Jong-un down from the perch and ground him for the duration of Trump’s Presidency. A war, even one of under a week, between North Korea and the United States would not prove good for either of their present plans, as they desire a United States concerned with internal problems and turning a blind eye to their plans and operations. Russia has their little arrangements for Middle East hegemony with Iran and its Shite Crescent stretching across from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea while China is quite busy creating their own Islands out of sand in the South China Sea. Neither of these ventures needs an alert and active United States looking around as to what needs addressing in this world.


President Trump is finished with jaw-jaw and will now allow Kim Jong-un to continue to scream and, with any luck, President Trump can avoid responding either in speech or by Tweet, then the world will be treated to Kim Jong-un sounding more and more desperate and futilely trying to gain some response from President Trump and permit him to gain some notoriety. This will be a test for the new Chief of Staff General John F. Kelly to control President Trump and keep him and the administration in a nonresponsive state no matter the challenge or threat from North Korea. This situation did not need to get this far but both China and Russia decided early on that they were not going to assist President Trump in any way and simply leave him to twist with a media roasting his every decision as if each were an impeachable offence and his entire administration suspected of the worst corruption or incompetence. They may have decided that this was a quick way to judge and frame exactly who President Trump is and what they can expect from him and how far he might be able to be pushed or pressured and what the signs are in order to judge him in the future. If this was their thinking, then they are also partially responsible along with the American media who spent their time tearing down the United States President than covering this conflict accurately and factually allowing Kim Jong-un to move the crisis to a more pitched height which was unforgivable. Should this terse conflict reach open warfare, there will be sufficient guilt and blame to go around but the only coverage which will be covered by the mainstream medias will be simply that President Trump was culpable for the entire mess and that Kim Jong-un was willing to end the crisis if only President Trump had simply made concessions and pay North Korea and provide them with fuel, food, money and who knows how much more and as North Korea has used this method of extortion multiple times before with success. Nowhere will one hear that the best solution for the people and the world would be the end of Kim Jong-un and the tyranny which has misruled the nation, all to the severe degradation of the lives of the people of North Korea, the real victims of the Kim family tragedy.


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August 29, 2017

The War Against Conservatism Begins


The war against Conservatism and all things right of center, and possibly even left of center, has begun but where will it end? Recently the August 16, 2017 “MTP Daily” show and the August 20, 2017 “Meet the Press” program, author Mark Bray, who wrote a book about Antifa was featured. Bray argues that, “Nazism and fascism was not stopped by polite dialogue and reasonable debate. It had to be stopped by force.” This led to the conclusion of the discussions to plead that violence is necessary. Apparently, if there exist people whose views do not correlate within the prescribed norms as defined by our masters in the media, academia, entertainment and the rest of the left leaning establishment to the extreme leftists, then they may be dismissed and are of little concern according to many of our political leaders. In all honesty, this struggle has been ongoing for much longer than many of us realize. Believe it or not, this did not begin with the election of President Trump, nor with President Obama, nor George W. Bush, nor William Jefferson Clinton, nor on an on for elected leadership back before even President John F. Kennedy, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and on and on back before President George Washington. This fight between the right and left goes back to Aristotle and possibly to King David and possibly even earlier than that. This struggle between the liberal left and the conservative right has been one of the basic contentions of humankind.


This argument was fought when the Israelites threw off slavery in Mitzraim (Egypt). The argument was seriously debated by the Greeks and in Rome it took the life of Caesar and led to numerous wars throughout the ages. The modern history of this struggle became to a pinnacle point on June 15, 1215, when King John of England signed the Magna Carta Libertatum (Medieval Latin for “Great Charter of the Liberties”), at Runnymede, granting limited shared power between the King and the major land owners of Britain. The struggle continued on through the American Revolution followed by the French Revolution, the second having less than stellar results. The next point of armed struggle in the United States was the Civil War and the resulting freeing of the slaves. There was some backsliding with the laws which resulted in returning many slaves to second-class status and this continued until the next great struggle of the Civil Rights movement. This was incorporated into the entire sixties peace movement and its related alternative lifestyles. Things appeared to come to a boil in the sixties as there were violent protests with the media, academia, entertainment and the right leaning establishment to the radical right conservatives who desired to take things back to the “good old days,” a term which was very loosely defined if defined at all. Over the next forty to fifty years, there has been a changing of the guard and a shift in positions on many subjects. In the sixties, the left were the Libertarian leaning side who supported limited government and individuality while the right believed that society needed regulations and laws in order to prevent chaos, crime and immorality. That was then, but what about now?


Today the sides have changed in many ways. Instead of the establishment being right leaning, today the establishment leans left. The media, academia, entertainment today are all left leaning or even reaching into the far left. The right is in favor of less government and individualism while the left believes that government must take charge and clear all of the societal ills. Simply put, the sides and power have shifted and as the power used to be with the right, it now lies with the left. Things were nice and quiet and running smoothly whenever the left, the Democrats, were in the White House and thus holding ultimate power over the government as the President can prevent anything the left considers backsliding from their agenda. While President Clinton was in office, the fight was fairly civil. While George W. Bush was in the White House, things were less civil but still could be considered civilized though there was much consternation over the initial results against Al Gore and the debacle in Florida. Then came President Obama and things were reported as being the most unbelievably wonderful of all administrations. The economy was reported to be in constant and steady, if slow, recovery. Problems were minimal and the problems with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would be worked out and it would be the most successful healthcare innovation since the invention of penicillin.


Then came the election for the successor to President Obama and the campaign was running smoothly and with precise and perfect precision according to all mainstream media reports. Hillary Clinton was the presupposed and inevitable winner and was to be coronated President after the election. As the election came closer, the numbers began to close together, something which always happens, so nobody took any real note, as Hillary could not lose to the ignorant and offensive Donald Trump. Every newspaper from the large cities touted their polls of their readership and they showed Hillary with double-digit leads. Every major city around the nation, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Washington D.C. all ran headlines right up to a day or two before Election Day giving Hillary Clinton a comfortable lead. The night before the election the lead narrowed to a point where some began to doubt the polling and some even claimed that Donald Trump could actually win. Well, they were correct and we now have President Trump and the left who believed with every fiber of their being that Hillary Clinton could not lose went completely off the deep end. Since the election of President Trump there has been a concerted effort to destroy him and open warfare has been declared by the leftists. We see it regularly and where it will lead cannot be predicted, but we know what they demand, the return of power to the left and its protectors as they feel the left are the only people who have the right to lead.


Blame Game Starring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Blame Game Starring
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


The open conflict between the left and the right was coming to a boil long before Charlottesville and making it appear as that was the start was simply another deception. The left uses the media to define everything to their means and way of thinking. They insist that only the left has any answers to the challenges which the nation faces. They claim that the right is full of racists and people angry and filled with hatred and thus are unfit for leadership. The left claim to be all about compassion but apparently they feel that only those who agree with their programs and principles are worthy of receiving that compassion. There are many on the left who are wonderful people and they are willing to compromise and work with those on the right who also will compromise. Then there are those on the far left which are most often labeled as leftists who take a position that should their compatriots on the left not be in power then violence is the answer. They would riot and take offense at any and every perceived offence and were the ones who came ready to fight with the alt-right in Charlottesville. Since Election Night, there have been continuous streams of points which have been called pivotal focal points which they have blamed the right, or the alt-right, for taking things to a new level and; in each of these, the levels of the conflict have been escalated. Friendships have been destroyed, marriages have broken up, families torn asunder and business partners broken apart as the escalations have grown to the point that civil society is now close to being threatened. Where this will lead is becoming painfully apparent, as there will be no peace for as long as the Republicans hold the White House. Actually, that is not entirely honest as there are rumors of a plan being put in motion which would permit a Republican in the White House with certain concessions being made.


Everyone has seen that the Republican core old guard all are pretty much against President Trump almost as much as are the Democrats. Their leader has been Senator John McCain. But there are rumors this core of Republicans has decided to join with the Democrats and rid the United States of this upstart and irresponsible person sitting in the White House. There are rumors that some have been promised leadership in the new government while others have been promised campaign funding or other monetary enticements. The one rumor which is the most disheartening has been the one which places Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan siding with the Democrats to form a new union. This has all the beautiful aroma of the coming of some Republicans switching parties or forming a dual party coalition to rule as a new consensus party of left-leaning and leftist Democrats and Republicans who will run claiming to be mainstream members of their respective parties but would legislate and control the Congress and White House all while attempting to keep their agreement from the people. They would act out their arguments while voting as to their agreed mission. The worst of the rumors claim that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has joined an effort which will result in his becoming President. The idea is preposterous, but according to the rumors, the intent is to impeach President Trump. One may inquire as to under what pretense and charges. Well, the charges do not matter, any pretense which results in a majority of the Representatives on the House bringing a charge and two thirds of the Senate finding for guilt and the President is impeached. The charge could be mentally unsuited for office, the current thread being pursued replacing the Russian conspiracy and alt-right ties. Anybody with any knowledge of American governance will point out the small inconvenience, that once President Trump would be impeached, then Vice President Pence would take office, not the Speaker of the House. This is where many call this rumored concept of convincing Speaker of the House Ryan that he would be placed in the Presidency would fall apart, but wait, the conspiracy theorists have this covered as well. They agree that Vice President Pence would take over and be President, temporarily. They have already come up with an idea for the next step, impeachment of President Pence. They claim that they can get him on his inability to separate religion from his office and as we “all know,” there is this “wall separating Church and State.” Well, actually, there is only a wall separating State from Church but none separating the Church from State as religious beliefs are perfectly permitted in politics. But as we pointed out previously, the charges do not matter, it is the votes which count. But would not Pence on becoming President get to appoint a new Vice President? Then that person would become President next even if Pence were impeached. Hold on there cowpoke, the new President gets to nominate a new Vice President upon taking office and they are not granted the office until the Senate approves their nomination. If the Congress can refuse to approve any nominee for Vice President and impeach President Pence before such nominee has been approved, then the third in succession becomes President, Speaker of the House Ryan.


As long as we are going down the rabbit hole, we see another outcome where these Republicans would be left out completely and it is really simple. All the Democrats need do is take their time on the impeachment of President Trump, continue once that has been accomplished to prevent any new Vice President being approved and have charges be leveled against President Pence and then wait for the 2018 elections. Then if they take the House of Representatives they can appoint their own Speaker of the House, and if Hillary Clinton would run for a House Seat in a solidly bluer than blue district and thus become a member of the House of Representatives, they could make Hillary Speaker and then convict Pence thus impeaching him and placing Hillary Clinton into the chair they claim was stolen from her. As long as we are talking craziness, why not go completely down the rabbit hole.


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August 22, 2017

Trump Bordering Clueless on the Middle East


President Donald Trump is bordering on clueless regarding much of the Middle East and who are the best and who are troublesome. He has occasional bursts of insight and then appears to slide back into oblivion. One of his problems is his advisors are all over the map on their advice and no two are coming from the same objective point. There is one advisor who, while being amongst the loudest, acts as if he were paid by George Soros which, according to his resume, he once was paid by George Soros as have so many as Soros has his fingers in virtually every dark corner in this world, and you don’t get to the positions Tillerson has held without some contacts with undesirables. Still, Tillerson is at the State Department likely because he was the sole friend or acquaintance who was at all willing to enter that snake-pit and war with the vipers and constrictors who squeezed and poisoned the minds of previous Secretaries of State such as John Bolton, Condoleezza Rice, Collin Powell, and probably others all the way back to Timothy Pickering. Tillerson has some contrary views on the Middle East as he is an oil soaked Arabist. As such, he is opposed to Israel, the Kurds an oddly every true friend the United States has in the Middle East. Trust that Israel and the Kurds are more than simply friends for the United States but also barometers of whether she is steering a true path or sailing towards the craggy cliffs of futile endeavors which will steal from her life, blood and treasure and return nothing but rude awakenings when the truth be known.


We will leave the Israel part for background and look largely at the coming binding resolution the Kurdish People will be taking in their regions on September 25, 2017, on whether they should secede from Iraq. Their nonbinding resolution on this subject taken a little over a decade ago passed with 99.8% supporting secession declaring their own nation of Kurdistan. We are equally supportive of the establishing of a greater Kurdistan which would be carved almost exclusively from Iraq and Syria (see map below). We would favor this nation having a Right of Return law similar to the Israeli Right of Return for the Jewish People except for Kurdish People to return to their homelands. This would actually be something which honestly is owed the Kurdish People as they were initially promised by the British that they were to be given their homelands after World War I. When oil was found near Kirkuk and King Feisal offered the British rights to the oil fields, the offers made to the Kurds were found to be inconvenient. The British were good at altering their deals with indigenous peoples in order to suit the Arab demands. The Arabs claimed all of the Ottoman lands claiming, as per their Quran, that all lands which were part of the Caliphates and thus also the Ottomans were to remain as Arab lands and were not to be permitted to be allowed for any others. This was also the deal with Israel and in order to prevent the founding of Israel as the Jewish State the British kept paying Arabs to move from Iraq, Jordan, and even Syria and especially Egypt into the areas west of the Jordan River in order to maintain the Arab majority and thus permit refusing to allow the Jews sovereignty. The Jews eventually, after the agreement passed by the General Assembly accepted any deal while the Arabs refused the deal demanding they have all the lands and promising to destroy the Jews by war if necessary. That was the reason for the War of Annihilation against the Jews by at least a half dozen Arab armies and numerous militias starting at dawn of May 15, 1948, the same date when the Jews declared their state. The Kurds were not as fortunate as the Arabs overran their area and they did not have the organizations to resist, something the Jews managed despite losing the areas of Gaza, Judea and Samaria.


Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan

Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan


Things have changed and the Kurds now have one of the more proficient military forces in the conflict-savaged areas of Iraq and Syria. The Kurds have proven to have the most effective military forces which stopped the spread of ISIS when they were spreading into Iraq and again as they advanced on northern Syria. What is confusing is, despite the Kurds providing the most reliable fighting force assisting the United States efforts against the Islamic State, President Trump has opposed their intentions for independence. It is known that the State Department also opposes Kurdish independence, as does Secretary of State Tillerson, unsurprisingly. Both the State Department and their boss, Secretary Tillerson, are strongly influenced by their ties and deference to Arab influences. Tillerson is reflexively influenced by Arab desires and influences due to his deep experiences with the oil companies and Exxon-Mobile in particular. The State Department went from being supportive of Arab influences in correlation with their subversion to the Soviet Union and their interests. During this period, there were a number of Arab supporters hired into the State Department and the atmosphere turned against Israel and now against the Kurdish hopes. These influences remain and are continuing to serve interest not of the United States. President Trump claimed he would drain the swamp but thus far, it appears more as if the swamp has begun to drain him as it has others before him.


It would be a sad thing should the swamp, which has spread into the areas of Washington D.C. which were originally drained from swamp to make room for the buildings, which comprise the governing conglomerate, should eek its way and permeate the government deeper than Trump is able to drain the morass and its accompanying miasma. Perhaps this was ordained from the start when the decision was made to use reclaimed swamplands for the mall and seat of the Federal Government. Perhaps a little foresight and a better selection of lands, as it might be difficult to build a shining city on a hill if you start in lowlands formerly the habitat of rodents and other creatures of the tidal wetlands of the Potomac River. Just because you name a place Capital Hill, that does not make it into an automatically high place. Perhaps such is the challenge put before the elected officials to take the former swamp and clear it of the current affliction which President Elect Donald Trump claimed was the swamp he would drain. By all current appearance, President Trump may have chosen a task for which he does not posses the requisite skills to accomplish. Perhaps time will prove him capable, but for now, he has yet to get his own Cabinet in order. President Trump has appointed a former military man, a retired Four Star Marine General named John F. Kelly, as his new Chief of Staff who will hopefully find some order and get the members of the Trump team to follow the same script. His first job will be to find a common chord upon which they can all find agreement and work from there to fill out an entire program. Eventually, General Kelly will have to find some means of untangling the Middle East, the area where there appears to be most disagreement and confusion. Within the Cabinet and advisors there are those who support a united Jerusalem under Israeli rule and those who believe that the two state solution will but need the division once again of Jerusalem. Oddly enough, that might be the area of least disagreement. The seeming discordance of views may be the biggest disappointment for Trump supporters and should this not be rectified and set to right with the greatest of urgency, President Trump may find his support vanishing. Already there have appeared cracks in the foundation of the Trump White House and the need for order could not be more obvious. President Trump should Tweet less and instead get his songbirds all tweeting the same tune, or at least from the same operetta.


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