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April 10, 2016

Palestinians and Israeli Arabist Jihadist War


Mahmoud Abbas has two faces, one that screams ‘peace, peace but there is no peace’ to the West and they dutifully blame Israel for not simply giving Abbas all the lands he desires. Nobody ever attempts to discover the land Abbas demands as if they did they might soon catch their first glimpse of his other face. That is the face that demands ‘jihad, jihad, kill the Jews’ and take all the land from the river to the sea, Palestine will kill until free. That face is easy to find if one just translates his speeches from Arabic to English, French, whatever language the Western politicians need to understand what more and more Israelis have learned. There is a reason nobody from Europe or the United States translate Abbas speeches and the lessons taught using the textbooks dripping with Jew hatred that the Western nations are paying to provide and poison another generation and guarantee there will be no peace as long as the Jews are alive. There are those who believe that the reason nothing is ever demanded of Abbas is because all too many of the political class agree with what Abbas is instigating and know that as long as they berate Israelis and blame only Israel for the lack of peace then Abbas will kill some more Jews for them. One hopes that such is not the reality and that peace is actually what all sides desire and ignorance is the only reason that no demands are made of Abbas and the West actually does not know that the Charter never was altered and still calls for the death of all Israelis and the liberation from the river to the sea and nothing less is acceptable to Abbas or the Palestinians as they are assured by the lack of any real actions demanding both sides compromise and that all demands for concessions have and apparently always will be demanded solely of Israel. As long as they are never called upon to compromise and continue to vocally demand every inch of land with the erasure of Israel and her Jewish population then all must be on their side. One can only be confused that the Israelis have never bolted and rejected this status quo. Perhaps that time is way overdue.



Burning Israel Star of David


Perhaps the United States will finally elect a President who understands the lies upon which all previous Presidents have followed and finally break this fatal trend and strike out on a more realistic and fair path which demands both sides meet in the middle and that the Palestinians at long last actually change their charter such that it no longer demands the death of the Jews and the complete destruction of Israel replacing it with Palestine. That would require that the United States elect the candidate who would break with the past and actually seek a real peace and if Abbas refuses to compromise to simply walk away and free Israel to do that which removes the jihadi threat that Abbas poses and end the cycle of violence which is always initiated by Abbas and his band of jihadists. That would mean the removal of Abbas, Fatah, the PLO and the entire alphabet soup of terror mongers and allow those Arabs who would desire to live in peace to remain and those who act against Israel be deported and never permitted to return. This would also allow for replacing the texts and the hate that they teach and instead teach academics which would train the Arabs for gainful employment and a future of freedom and productivity. This would finally give the Arabs in Judea and Samaria to improve their lives and have something to live for which would have to be better than training them such that they only know how to die for Abbas and his war which he will never fight as he demands of them and he will not throw his life away attacking soldiers as he has the youth who he indoctrinates on hatred and chasing the afterlife as if that is the best future these youth can desire, it is criminal and is enough of a reason to rid the Arab society of his poisonous hate. But which of the four leading Presidential candidates would best walk that new path?


Since the Israeli leadership feels with good reason that Israel is dependent on the United States for too much to make a go without United States aid at this time, there is a sense of indentured servitude. One of the main reasons that this is so dates back to the deal where Israel accepted the United States promise to provide air superiority for Israel in the Middle East and bought Israel subservience with F15s and F16s if Israel gave up their designing and production of the Lavi fighter which was similar to the F16 but did not have the F15 strike capabilities. The F15s made that deal near impossible to pass up and Israel fell into the trap of dependence on the United States for their fighter and most other aircraft and the Israeli aircraft industry retooled to research, design and produce other military and civilian products. Now it would likely take Israel five to ten years to retool, design and start to produce her own fifth generation or even sixth generation, whatever capabilities and design features those airframes might entail. Likely the sixth generation fighters would be such that one pilot and gunner would control five other birds as well as their own and fly their own cover, and thus a dozen airmen would control thirty-six attack aircraft and with 360o helmets as the canopies of all the aircraft would be solid carbon fiber and Kevlar composite formed under aluminum skin making the aircraft bullet resistant and that much more difficult to shoot down. These aircraft would also have laser intercept such as the Elbit Systems C-MUSIC anti-missile Protection retooled and upgraded to divert and destroy all versions of antiaircraft missiles, heat seeking and radar lacking as well as ground-to-air and air-to-air thus removing much of the need for aircraft to need to use avoidance maneuvers as their inboard systems would remove the necessity. This could be just one of the systems incorporated along with stealth and low frequency anti-radar systems making the aircraft ultimately improbable to intercept or shoot down. But such designing and resting would take likely a dozen years to design and put into production and in the meantime Israel would need to depend on the F35JSF fighters she has already contracted for with the United States.


Meanwhile, what would the future most likely be like depending on each of the four Presidential frontrunners? First off, let’s take Donald Trump. He is the most difficult to gauge. Would we get the debate Donald Trump who distanced himself placing wiggle room between his foreign policies and Israel or would we get the AIPAC Donald Trump who proclaimed the United States had no closer friend and to whom he pledged his unfaltering support. The truth probably lies somewhere in between and just might be better on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays while colder on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, who knows. One thing likely is whatever the relations, they would constantly be fluid which would mean that no might not always mean no, it might mean ask again next week and remember which are your good days. So, Donald is what he will be on many issues, a puzzle which will develop and change with time and mood, not necessarily a great thing.


Donald Trump


Then we have Hillary Clinton. We got a good measure of her approach when she lectured Prime Minister Netanyahu for close to an hour if not more about how when President Obama or herself told him to jump the only response they want to hear was, “How high?” Hillary did pay Israel some lip service when she was running, or should we say buying and collecting her consolation prize of Senator from New York. That was supposed to give her the Presidency in 2008 but apparently somebody was not in on that arrangement so she got another consolation prize instead, Secretary of State, which again was supposed to prepare her for a cakewalk to the Presidency but apparently somebody did not get the memo again, imagine that. So, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation now being a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will not exactly be all that enamored with Israel or Egypt and there will be more contribution likely coming from Iran just to complicate matters. Israel can expect tire tracks up and down the Prime Minister’s back with a Hillary Presidency along with more telephone berating demanding he toe the line and know his place. Should there be an election in Israel we can also expect the entire Democrat election machinery to set up camp in Tel Aviv and work diligently to elect whoever a coalition backing either the Labor Party or Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party depending upon who promises to be the best little soldier doing whatever they are bid to do.


Hillary Clinton


Next we will discuss Ted Cruz. Ted is the easiest of the candidates to predict only rivaled by Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are polar opposites when it comes to Israel. Ted Cruz has stated and can be believed that he will invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House as his first act after being sworn in. The next item on Ted Cruz’s list will be setting in motion a grand White House dinner and possibly grand black tie ball. The meal will be Kosher and the prayer before eating will be performed by a Rabbi of note and probably recommended by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Ted Cruz might just be the President who breaks with the past and ignores the State Department and might even clean out the State department which has often acted as the main functionary for America’s enemies. They appeared to back the Soviet Union and once it collapsed, they quickly swung over to support the Arabist and jihadists. Ted will be the first President to completely ignore Mahmoud Abbas and his litany of complaints and back Israel in their fight against the same Jihadist enemies the United States and the free world are facing. There is little if any difference between Hamas and Islamic State, Hezballah and the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps), Fatah and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda. These are all either Sunni or Shiite jihadist movements all of which desire an entire world under the boot of Islam; they just differ over which flavor of Islam, rocky road or peanut butter fudge ripple. Ted Cruz fully understands this and if he is smart and can get Allen West for either Secretary of Defense or, if cleaning out the State department is on the to do list, Secretary of State. With Col. West Israel will have another friend in high places.


Ted Cruz


This leaves Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders was born Jewish, or at least into what was a Jewish family. Bernie Sanders himself is not all that caught up in the Jewish thing; actually he appears to run from it as fast and far as he is able. On Israel Bernie Sanders is the one candidate who makes Hillary appear friendly to Israel. Bernie while in the Senate voted to defund Israel. He would quite possibly decide to save money by cancelling the Israeli order for F35JSF fifth generation fighters. He would then likely cut all aid to Israel as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and the rest of the Middle East right before he slashed the Defense budget seeing it all as unnecessary and monies which could be better used correcting income inequality. Bernie would possibly cut all aid to the Palestinians until the leftist and his friends from the socialist camp demanded he continue or possibly increase the aid to these people as they deserved every penny and were not getting sufficient because if the United States supported them half as well as they had Israel all these years the Arab-Palestinian Israel conflict would have been resolved and Palestine would be freed from the river to the sea as it deserves. Bernie Sanders would be a disaster initially for Israel making them potentially endangered for the immediate future but fortunately Hezballah is quite preoccupied and Hamas is nowhere near strong enough to take on Israel and the Islamic State has sufficient problems holding what they have gained and also are in no position to attack Israel. Should Bernie Sanders walk away from supporting Israel it would take Israel less than a year to reinforce their position and be ready for any challenge and could then work on designing their next generation fighter. In the long run Israel would be ahead and more self-reliant and would actually owe Bernie a thank you visit where the Israelis could give him a demonstration of the new Israeli fighter which was going to make many decide to purchase from Israel and forgo the limitations and the leash which the F15JSF has connecting them permanently to the United States which requires regular uploads and downloads feeding the United States every bit of information on how the fighter was used, where it flew, when it flew and any other data including weapons loads that it carried on each mission and if they were deployed and any of the armaments fired and if so at what and whether they hit target or missed. Surely nobody could be concerned about the F35JSF relating such data during maintenance which it would require regularly. So, by cutting Israel off, Bernie Sanders might actually be providing Israel with the incentive to become self-reliant and self-sufficient for her own defense for the immediate and longer future.


Bernie Sanders


The one thing which was obvious from the start of the American primary elections, the only party which had any chance of offering a candidate who would back Israel even slightly was the Republicans. This stands in stark contrast to elections past where supporting Israel was a guaranteed given in word even if action was less convincing. Things have turned in the United States and we are witnessing the slow but inevitable erosion of the American Israeli love affair. The marriage is without a doubt heading for a divorce and Israel had best get their arms around this inevitability and begin to make whatever adjustments will become necessary and required. The first is get prepared to at the least make their own aircraft as American jets may not be forthcoming after the F35JSF, and that is a fact, not conjecture. We know not how much longer the Republicans will be able to be trusted to support Israel, but once they slide the end will be in sight.


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May 7, 2015

Hillary Clinton on Freedom {of} From Religion

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Democrat front-runner candidate for President Hillary Clinton made some frightening comments in a speech she gave addressing the Women in the World Summit in New York City where she stated the following:
“Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will and deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far-away countries but right here in the United States.”
The entire twenty-three-plus minute speech is embedded below at the end of the paragraph. What Hillary Clinton expressed here is almost exactly the same as what President Obama meant when he railed against those people stating, “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”





He as well believed that those who held traditional American beliefs were the main impediment to Western societies being capable of moving forward. He and Hillary both believed that religion, Judeo-Christian religious beliefs were the central force against permitting the necessary changes they both see as required in order for the twenty-first-century progress to move ahead. Of course their definitions of what must be eradicated from the society are the support given to the fetus and its physical well-being and right to life over the mother’s mental wellbeing and right to an uninterrupted social life. In all of their references they paint the religious as standing in the way and impeding moving forward most often by the religious oppositions to abortion as the biggest hurdle which society must overcome in order to continue onto the path to a future filled with promise even if it is devoid of children. Simply look to Europe and witness the reality they desire for the rest of the Western world, a slow, inexorable marching into oblivion. They have cast the religious amongst us as societal Luddites impeding the progressive political agenda and its advancement. Of course advancement only as it has been defined by the Progressives and echoed as so precisely by a complicit media as it is the apparent marriage of convenience between the Progressives on the extreme left and their sycophants in the media which are responsible for the marriage of convenience between leftist culture and leftist government.


Meanwhile, we have watched the decline of Western societal structure as a sizable number from each generation have been literally cut from the society even before they were born. Further, those who were the underpinning of the society find themselves in decline which has led to an extreme increase in seeking of immigrants, both legal and undocumented, as solutions to initial errors in judgement or errant lifestyle that has led to an half of each generation left missing from society since the onset of abortion as nothing more than a simple procedure with no moral or otherwise negative influence. Still the Progressive extremists and their views of life have been cast and accepted as middle of the road, thus making extreme Progressives to be defined as the moderates while centrist individualists being made into right-wing-crazies and Constitutionalists are painted as so far to the right that their views must be guarded against just in case they might win a simple argument and start the snowball down the hillside.


To witness how such radical views became defined as the centrist view, one need only witness a panel discussion where there are three or four from the progressive side while as well as more often than not the moderator while only one and on rare occasions two chosen and permitted to express the conservative argument; this is called balanced. There is little to any debate about what Hillary expressed at that particular venue, she simply laid claim that religious doctrines will require changes in order to make them compatible with her and the other Progressives’ agenda. It is this low grade war being fought between the religious and secular interests that will eventually be decided in the courts. It is only fair that this finalizing in the abortion debate end from whence it came with the initial Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973, and the Americans have continued debating that decision ever since. This was one of the final deliberations where the court took it upon itself to forego waiting for the people and their elected governments to make legal and to protect abortive rights bringing the argument to the fore enacting the sentence such that they would fit it within the protections within the Constitution. Thus the Supreme Court took it upon itself to make it illegal to refuse a woman her right to have an abortion and challenged those who disagreed with their going rogue presuming to make law rather than interpret law from the bench. This will become the point where the Democrat Party made the Obama Administration’s core beliefs the central plank in their 2016 Platform placing it dead center. Soon after the Roe vs. Wade decision the makeup of the court changed and has contained an odd balance with usually two or three justices, who can best described as truly moderate, determining the balance of the Supreme Court on any given day.


These floated trial balloons being loosed by the Democrats and Hillary along with the rapid-fire discovery or addressing of controversies and questionable acts have a simple explanation, best to get them behind them and decide what positions to retain and which to discard. By the time next year rolls around and actual primary election season is upon the Americans these will all be discarded as old news, been there covered that and simply proven irrelevant already so let’s forget it and not waste precious time and talk about now. Should this plank against Judeo-Christian religious based society raise sufficient clamor, then it will never be brought to the fore again but it will still remain as a central pillar, a silent, central pillar. For those who doubt this, perhaps a little revisit to the 2012 Democrat National Convention move to restore to the platform a reference to “G0d” and recognition of “Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital City” is in order. The response by the Democrat Delegates on the floor and the response of the chair are their epic insanity and can be viewed at the Globe and Mail here; you can always count on the British to retain things well past their use-by-date and for Beyond the Cusp to recall and use such trivialities. It appears that the Democrats and Team Hillary have learned that it is paramount to get through all of the ugly and difficult to handle items which might reveal the difficulties and other unintended consequences up front and early on so that the Democrat National Convention can be choreographed to run smooth as a Patrick Swayze fight or dance scene. The one question which remains is whether the American public reaches a point where they have a really severe case of Hillary fatigue from which her campaign is incapable of surviving. With the remaining time and the earlier than usual kickoff, we may be about to watch a Hillary burnout where she does not get past and escape all the questions from her past and instead she simply gathers more questions and doubts and eventually is forced from the campaign simply as too much ends up being revealed. The question remains if not Hillary Clinton, then who? There are those calling for Elizabeth Warren and others now claiming that Bernie Sanders would make a formidable campaigner. There are other candidates out there such as Martin O’Malley, Maryland Governor and former Mayor of Baltimore; Joe Biden, current Vice President and perpetual comic relief; Andrew Cuomo was former New York Attorney General and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Clinton administration is the eldest son of the legendary ex-Governor of New York and Democratic Party heavyweight, Mario Cuomo; Howard Dean as long as he remains calm and not scream eerily; Rahm Emanuel was part of the power behind President Obama’s first term; and Al Franken who is a humorous joke which would make a mockery of the office and a few others. There are a few who are above the fold candidates who have the backing of some of the Democrat elite and thus will be the ones who will be the top contenders. Hillary Clinton is the most obvious with Elizabeth Warren the favorite of the leadership of the not Hillary establishment and lastly there is Michelle Obama who would have a formidable cash producing machine of her husband behind her. The odds between these candidates and the others make for an interesting mix with Hillary probably being nudged out due to her baggage being simply overwhelming and her inability to avoid making incredulous miscues and just plain saying the dumbest thing at the worst possible moment. This plus the fact that her voice is simply grating on the nerves which also makes her miscues even more horrific and damning. Michelle Obama has improved her presence and has learned from her mistakes made during her husband’s campaigning. Still, Michelle Obama also has grated on the nerves of too many people including many in the liberal media which will work against her. Add to that the statements she had made about the electing of her husband as the moment which made her feel proud about her country and other haunting statements which will be used against her. The worst thing thus far which can be used against Elizabeth Warren would be her reference to having been partly Native American which she can easily dismiss and give a heartfelt, or at least appearing to be heartfelt apology and she would probably be permitted to march on unscathed as that would become old news almost immediately and she has no other thus far obvious mea culpas to trip her candidacy over. This latest Hillary statement may simply become something which could balloon and become literally overwhelming as it will play very poorly in Iowa, South Carolina, parts of Florida and possibly New Hampshire. If Hillary Clinton is going to implode it will become evident very quickly and then it will blow the door wide open and let the torrential flood of candidates begin.


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August 9, 2013

Will Americans Wake in Time?

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In the last six months leading up to the last elections in the United States we here at Beyond the Cusp begged, pleaded and argued that the most crucial principles and concerns which should have driven the vote was world events and foreign policies. We cajoled the American electorate to please ask questions and demand explanations on where the candidates stood on international problems and situations, what their outlook was concerning foreign policies, what they thought were the most pressing and important challenges in the near and far terms around the globe and finally what would be their guiding principles in addressing the standing of the United States on the world stage. Current events are now placing under the light of witness of unfolding events the repercussions to electing leaders in both the White House and Congress who choose to, for the most part, ignore world events and the ramifications when the world realizes the United States has taken a vacation from being the leader of events on the world’s stage. We are reaping the rewards of the policy of leading from behind, only acting reactively, and choosing flight over fight in virtually every theater. Our foreign policy and interactions have reinforced the realization that the United States values nobody’s friendship or any ally if continuing to have such a position requires any action on the United States behalf.


Look at the turmoil in Egypt over the last couple of years and you have an encapsulated summary of American foreign policy. President Mubarak was cruising along as President of Egypt and took the fateful position of naming one of his sons as his heir apparent. This cost Mubarak the necessary backing of the Egyptian Military as they had plans which called for them to choose the next President of Egypt when Mubarak left office as they have been privileged to do since the coup that placed Gamal Abdel Nasser into the Presidency in 1956. When the Arab Spring came to Egypt and challenged President Mubarak continuing as President, President Obama once again began a circuitous route of support followed by betrayal. Without the backing of the Egyptian Military, President Mubarak had the merest of holds on power and turned to the one ally he believed would protect him, the United States and President Obama. Initially, President Obama gave Egyptian President Mubarak complete support and continued to support him for as long as all it required was words. When it became evident that if Mubarak, an American ally of over a decade, was to retain his grasp on power he would need the active support from President Obama and the United States. At that critical point President Obama dropped the ball and turned on President Mubarak rather than actually commit to any actions which had become necessary to continue to support Mubarak as President of Egypt and American friend.


Mubarak fall was made inevitable after President Obama yanked his support from him just as quickly and without any more thought than when Lucy pulls the ball away as Charlie Brown goes to kick it. In the ensuing confusion it became evident very quickly that the next power in Egypt would be chosen by the Muslim Brotherhood. Following the path of least effort, President Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s political representative in the election which was the Peace and Justice Party candidate Morsi. The elections were held and presto, President Morsi took office in Egypt. President Morsi may have miscalculated and attempted to impose Islamic Sharia aligned laws at too rapid a pace and coming up on the first year anniversary of his election the demonstrations began. With the demonstrations returning and a conflict brewing between the Egyptian Military and Islamist Muslim Brotherhood supporters the Arab Spring appeared to have changed seasons becoming an Arab Winter. Once again President Obama was faced with the choice of whether or not to support the Egyptian President who was facing a popular revolt against his rule. Events proceeded rapidly and President Morsi was removed from the President by the Egyptian Military and has been placed in custody at some undisclosed locations. The Egyptian Military has taken strong steps to drive the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood from the public and political fields and into the shadows removed from any of the levers of power. While all these events have been passing, President Obama has done absolutely nothing of consequence.


Egypt now once again has a President placed into power by the Egyptian Military placing the nation right back where it was just over a year ago when they protested to remove Mubarak; the former Military backed President of Egypt. The new Egyptian Military crowned President of Egypt is Adly Mansour. Granted, President Mansour is technically just the interim President and the Egyptian Military has promised to seek to hold new elections within six months of the establishment through referendum of a new Egyptian Constitution. Whether Egypt will devolve into civil war with the same devastating results to the country as has befallen Syria or will Egypt be able to restore order, get a constitution approved through referendum of the people and hold new elections, whichever path Egypt’s future will travel, that decision will be made completely without any supportive actions from the United States as President Obama is not likely to take any initiative and commit to actively supporting one choice over another. President Obama will continue to be a passive observer who sits in the stands safely away from the action avoiding making any mistake simply by not taking any actions. The United States will sit on the sidelines of the future in Egypt and will not prevent any harm nor assist in preventing collapse with President Obama taking the exact same position as he did while Syria spiraled out of control devolving into factional violence which had torn apart the society destroying much of the national infrastructure while President Obama dithers over whether or not to actively support a side. Should Egypt also devolve into a similar destructive civil war as continues to plague Syria, it will be largely due to the lack of any outside force intervening to enforce a singular direction by backing either the Egyptian Military or the Freedom and Justice Party which is still the last elected political entity in Egypt. It makes no difference what anyone may personally feel about the Muslim Brotherhood holding political power over Egypt through their elected representatives from the Freedom and Justice Party as what is in question here is the lack of commitment of the United States in world affairs allowing for so many places slowly falling onto chaos without any strong leadership currently setting the mood and direction for the world.


In all fairness, there is one instance where President Obama has taken a stand and a very firm stand. He has supported with every ounce of energy and influence he is capable of mustering to force by any means necessary the formation of a Palestinian state and one that preferably meets every desire and specification that the Palestinians desire. President Obama has from the outset of his Presidency found means of forcing his will upon Israel in support of the Palestinian aspirations. President Obama has even gone so far as to invent new or never before even thought of demands of Israel towards setting the conditions under which the Palestinian state should be easily facilitated. Upon taking office President Obama demanded of Israel that they freeze all building beyond the Green Line because President Obama was convinced in his heart and mind that it was Israeli building in these areas that stood in the way of reaching an accord. Israel enacted a ten month building freeze rather than anger the new American President and Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership wasted this presumably golden opportunity that President Obama had rammed through in order to give the Palestinians an atmosphere where peace was supposed to be within their reach, if they would only reach out and take advantage of this gift. The only concession that resulted was Mahmoud Abbas met Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and shook his hand and then refused to meet again until a mere five weeks remained in the ten month freeze. Then, at that late date Mahmoud Abbas once again met with Netanyahu and Abbas demanded that the Israelis extend the building freeze indefinitely. Israel refused, Abbas blamed Israel for refusing to take the necessary steps for peace and there were no more meetings for the remainder of President Obama’s first term.


Now at the beginning of President Obama’s second term we are witnessing his new and improved push to form a Palestinian State in conjunction with his Secretary of State John Kerry. Once again the main impetus for the renewed peace negotiations was to ask the Palestinians which of their preconditions they would most desire the Israelis to meet and that Secretary of State Kerry would do everything in his power to impose said precondition on the Israelis as a goodwill concession necessary to persuade the Palestinians to even sit and talk once. There have been rumors that the Israelis had offered to once again impose a building freeze but that the Palestinians preferred a large and unprecedented release of terror prisoners who were serving life sentences for murders, some multiple murderous attacks, from Israeli prisons. This is what will now result in some one-hundred-four worst of the worst terrorist master planners and actual committers of terror in the entire history of the Palestinian Israeli conflict. Even with this agreement, the Palestinians further demanded that any decision on borders were to be made based on the 1949 Armistice Lines which are also referred to as the pre-June 1967 Borders. Kerry did not even try to receive Israeli agreement on this additional demand and instead simply announced that the talks were to resume and told the Israelis that with their agreement to free the terror prisoners they had shown sufficient commitment. Secretary Kerry has been rumored to have noted that he fully expects that Israel will have to let go of at least fifteen percent of what are referred to as the Settlement Blocs and has actually guaranteed the Palestinians that he will force border negotiations to be based upon the pre-June 1967 borders. There are many who, like us, fully expect that should there be any measurable progress made on the negotiation between the Israelis and the Palestinians that we will run into demands being raised by the Palestinians for Israel to freeze building or they will not return to the negotiations, and if the Israelis meet that demand, then at the next opportunity the demand will be that Israel recognize that east Jerusalem including all of the Old City and Temple Mount be recognized as the Palestinian State Capital and finally, when they wish to blow up the entire negotiations they will make their known deal killing demand, the “right of return” for some five-million Palestinian refugees into Israel proper with citizenship and return of their property or similar replacement properties. This will be the sole accomplishment by President Obama in foreign affairs, pressuring Israel to commit suicide.


Beyond the Cusp


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