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March 8, 2014

The Quest to Deliver Israel by President Obama

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President Obama once again delivered a shot across the bow immediately before Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC earlier this week with an interview given to Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg where he stated, “I have not yet heard… a persuasive vision of how Israel survives as a democracy and a Jewish state at peace with its neighbors in the absence of a peace deal with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.” This was President Obama’s way of reinforcing the threats which have become part and parcel of Secretary of State Kerry and the rest of the Obama Administration demanding that Israel must surrender to the Palestinians’ endless demands and preconditions immediately because it has no other option and the United States will not be capable of finding reasons or excuses necessary to protect Israel from the consequences the world will demand. The small and inconvenient fact is that there has been definitive proof that Secretary of State Kerry has been assisting and facilitating efforts to further the boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) pressures on European governments. The leaning on Israel while coddling the Palestinians in the recent negotiations has been reminiscent of the early efforts to rectify the imbalance which Obama perceived in the Israel-Palestinian peace process where he not only sided with the Palestinian cause but actually introduced concepts and demands on the Israelis which even the Palestinians had never had the audacity to propose. A couple of examples of these initiatives which originated from the mouth of President Obama and have now become the central demands of Mahmoud Abbas and the other Palestinian negotiators are the concept of Israeli building and construction freezes in Judea and Samaria, the return to the pre June 1967 Armistice Lines drawn after Israel defended successfully against over a half dozen Arab armies which attacked the nascent Jewish State immediately after her independence in May of 1948, the establishment of the Palestinian Capital City in Eastern Jerusalem and the return of the entirety of East Jerusalem including the Old City and the Temple Mount to Palestinian rule, and Israel granting some recognition for the Palestinian Right of Return by permitting a partial repatriation of Palestinian refugees possibly numbering as high as two or three million. All of these trends beg the question of whether or not Israel will be capable of weathering the storm and wait out the remainder of President Obama’s last term in office or will they be pressed beyond the breaking point.


There is one path which Israel could take which would end the ability of any nation, even the United States, to pressure Israel any further and would give President Obama the definitive proof that Israel does have an answer to the challenge by President Obama’s demand, “I have not yet heard… a persuasive vision of how Israel survives as a democracy and a Jewish state at peace with its neighbors in the absence of a peace deal with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.” Israel has the option which has stronger support in International Law than do any of the claims made by the Palestinians based on the San Remo Conference which was a treaty approved by 52 League of Nations members in 1922 and by the United States which was not a member of the League of Nations but approved it by a Joint Resolution of Congress in 1922 and in a separate treaty, the Anglo-American Convention of 1924 making the claims that Israel, the Jewish State, be defined as all the Mandate Lands west of the Jordan River not only valid under International Law but also the law of the land defining the position of the United States into the future in perpetuity.


The presumed problem Israel would need to address to the satisfaction of the United Nations, European Union, the United States, Russia, China, and a plethora of other NGOs and entities is once all the lands west of the Jordan River were annexed officially and incorporated as part of the State of Israel, would be providing a path through which the Palestinians will be included as full citizens with complete rights incorporating the people along with the lands. The first promise that Israel could make would be to extend water, sewage treatment, waste disposal, electricity, gas lines and all other infrastructure to include all of the Samaria and Judea bringing the services to all the new areas now under Israeli autonomy. There would also need to be a proposed path through which all those who desired to become citizens of the State of Israel could realize that goal. Giving all of the current Palestinians instantaneous citizenship would not be feasible as Israel should not be forced to grant the privilege of citizenship to those who had been convicted of acts of terrorism until some means of gauging the renunciation of such animosities had been met and a period of good faith passed without any further acts against the State of Israel and her peoples. Furthermore, Israel could offer a monetary package to those who desire to refuse Israeli citizenship and instead desire to make their home anywhere else in the world thus, making their accommodation of that desire easier to facilitate. Israel also should make their position firmly known and understood that any person found guilty of acts of terrorism will be deported as soon as possible without any enumerations as those funds are reserved for those choosing to resettle and not to criminal elements being deported. This is one of the available options out of many others which are defined as the One State Solution.


The principle item which would also require the assistance and cooperation of the world is that the descendants of the refugees would need to be incorporated and resettled somewhere other than within Israel. The refugees themselves largely left their homes under the auspices and direction of the Mufti of Jerusalem who claimed that their departure would allow the invading Arab forces could simply annihilate everyone they came across without need to determine whether they were Arab or Jew. They were promised after a few days and the quick victory by their imposing and unstoppable assault they could return and enjoy the spoils of war taking possession of the wealth and properties that formerly belonged to the Jews. The idea that not only the original persons who left or fled automatically instil the definition of refugee on their children and their children on into perpetuity is preposterous and a definition which the world only has attempted to apply to the Arab refugees of the War to Annihilate the Jews of the new State of Israel and on no others. The fact that this definition for refugee is solely applied in the case of the Jewish State of Israel meets the definition of an act of anti-Semitism and not an act of justified accusation on Israel as a state like any other. The correction of this travesty and the incorporating the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) agency responsible for Palestinian refugees removing them from the corrupt and politicized United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) which has a self-interest in perpetuating the refugee status into a permanent class of people that can and will never by fully satisfied. UNRWA has proven that it has long since become an agency whose unofficial job is to bring about the end of the Jewish state and the submission of Israel to Arab Islamic rule. That travesty must be terminated.


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December 2, 2013

Iran Dealings Explain Obama Demands on Israel

Every so often a news story grows slowly building a character set all its own. Such news items are the kind that just keep on giving more and more material though often little after the initial report is actually newsworthy. The deal made, for all intents and purposes, between the Obama Administration and Iran is one of those stories and even better, it just keeps supplying new twists and revealed misadventures and, even better, gives an insight into the motivations behind President Obama and his dealings not solely with Iran but with the Middle East in general and Israel specifically. Today’s little addition to the growing saga that the Iran deal is quickly becoming is about a priceless bribe. Apparently way back at the meetings of world leaders in New York City at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly this fall President Obama dispatched an unnamed diplomat with an ornate chalice. The chalice taken in a plain white gift bag to an Iranian official on Rouhani’s behalf, the courier diplomat took care to follow his directions to make the transfer without raising any suspicions or attention, especially from the press, and to make the delivery with little or no excitement that might cause the presentation to be discovered. The apparent stressing of making this gesture as secretive and unpublicized as humanly possible does make one suspect that President Obama and those who assisted in arranging the giving of this rare gift were fully aware that publicity would draw some uncomfortable question and any discovery of the act would leave their motives open to display to the public, something understandably undesirable to the Administration and the President.


The chalice was from the area of Syria which was either part or soon to be part of the Persian Empire. This precious silver chalice dated back to around 700 BC and was reportedly appraised in the one-million-dollar range. Fariborz Ghadar, a distinguished senior scholar specializing in Iran and Persia among other disciplines at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., was quoted describing this chalice, “These were great treasures from a great civilization. Their discovery was of great significance to those who consider themselves Persians, who honor that period in history.” Some experts believe the vessel, known as a rhyton featuring three trumpet-shaped cups that sprout from the body of a griffin. The Iranians had been demanding the chalice’s return for the entire ten-year period it had been held by the United States who had come into possessing the chalice after making a bust on an antiquity dealer after determining the chalice had originally been stolen, as the antiquity is believed to be a vital part of the Islamic Republic’s cultural heritage. President Barack Obama’s administration decided that presenting the chalice would be the best diplomatic gesture that would both ease US-Iran relations and conform to then-current rules regarding interactions between US and Iranian officials. Upon receipt of the chalice the Iranian diplomat’s eyes widened and he thanked the US diplomat profusely for the move, explaining its significance to the Iranian people. It was two days later that Iranian President Rouhani accepted a phone call from President Obama, the first official contact between United States and Iranian leaders since the fundamentalist revolution in 1979 and the ensuing hostage crisis.


Such a gift, or should we call it by its real name, a bribe, was well outside the acceptable means to encourage Iran to return to the bargaining table. This is true especially when the reason for the urgency to meet with the Iranians was the planned virtual complete surrender on all items where the United States and her allies from the P5+1 negotiating team had differed and placed sanctions on Iran in the first place. Apparently this is how President Obama feels that all Western nations should act when having dealings with Islamic radicals who have indicated their distrust, hatred and desire to annihilate western nations should act. First step is to arrange to meet with them by providing lavish gifts or making painful concessions. In the case with the final surrender to Iran it was a basically priceless chalice while President Obama assisted the Palestinians in forcing the Israelis to release over one-hundred terrorists, many with the blood of innocent civilians including children, infants, women, seniors, and even an aged Holocaust survivor. Then President Obama figures it is time to get down to groveling and agreeing to give in on every point of contention providing the Islamic radicals, in President Obama’s case it is Iran, make hollow promises that they will not do anything untoward or transgress any lines that they were nicely requested to honor. Any lack of sincerity or even outright deceitfulness is to be ignored. With Israel this idea is stretched beyond the breaking-point such that when Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announces as he did this week that he intends to continue with the negotiations simply to get the full number of terrorists released and then he will terminate the farcical ruse that are the peace talks, Israel is still expected to help establish a Palestinian State. Abbas further iterated that he will not compromise on even a single point as he believes, just as the Iranians believed, that as long as he waits, eventually the Israelis will be forced by the universal pressures being applied by Europe, the United Nations, the nations of the Non-Aligned Movement ( NAM) which almost universally side with the Islamic block nations and thus the Palestinians, countless leftist NGOs and best of all the President of the United States Barack Obama to grant the Palestinians their every wish and possibly more.


This has often been the default manner of bargaining with the Western nations as they have been judged to be impatient and unable to wait and play the long game opting for any solution no matter how awful as long as it is timely. This has been made evidently clear for anybody to observe over the entirety of the nuclear negotiations with Iran as they often said they would consider allowing inspection always to act to delay or even outright reject the IAEA United Nations inspectors always finding some reason to impede their timely accomplishment of their routine and outright stonewalling whenever a surprise inspection was announced. Often the IAEA inspectors were relegated to their hotel rooms and quarantined to their hotel until whatever nuclear site they wished to inspect had been cleansed and readied with everything the Iranians wished undiscovered removed and placed elsewhere. The Palestinian do the same thing when they speak in English claiming to be committed to peace while when speaking to the Palestinians, other Muslims in Arabic or to those allied with their cause such as European leftists and certain politicians such as Richard Falk, the United Nations special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, Ken Livingstone who is a former Mayor of London and outspoken Palestinian supporter or any of the numerous anti-Israeli western politicians in any language. The going comment is that you can tell if Mahmoud Abbas is being deceitful or speaking his heartfelt truths by the language he uses, in English he deceives and in Arabic he speaks his true heart’s desires. What has always been amazing is how the Western mainstream media is completely incapable of translating anything Chairman Abbas says in Arabic when he speaks to Muslim world and especially to the Palestinians. This inability is truly remarkable that they have this inability in a time when simply by entering it onto any computer and requesting a Google translation into any language they desire they can receive a relatively cogent translation of every work spoken in Arabic by Mahmoud Abbas and every other Muslim leader, cleric, politician, dictator, or even protester in Tahrir Square.


The complete inability of Western leaders and politicians to be able to place themselves in the minds of their opponents from other cultures has always been a troubling and disheartening conundrum. This is especially true with cultures which are less harried or operating at a slower pace than those in the West have become accustomed. The Western mind does not appear to be able to grasp the concept that it is just as good to wait unto the tenth generation than it is to accept less than everything you demand. Probably the greatest example of a society that of China which has spent more time waiting for a desired change in their condition such as an occupation by a foreign power than many Western nations have a written history for. This becomes really evident when one realizes that some Western nations are less than a thousand years old while China is tens of thousands of years old and has been through numerous dynasties. Iran may be a new name but it is simply a name change from Persia meant to display their Aryan roots and to put on display their alliance with Nazi Germany during World War II. Another Arab leader that not only aligned himself with the Nazis but had a personal relationship with Adolph Hitler and a number of the Nazi high command and himself commanded Muslim units in the Balkan regions for the Nazis using his troops to round up Jews, Roma, and others determined to be enemies of the Nazis and placing them in extermination camps where many were murdered. This person was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini who has been found to have had direct input which actually pushed for the Nazis to exterminate Europe’s Jewish population instead of deporting them as was initially the plan. This information should finally set straight that the Muslim Arabs did not learn to hate and derive their desire to murder Jews from the Nazis but rather they were instrumental in giving the concept that the Jews should be slaughtered to the Nazis. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini was the leader of the Palestinian Arabs after World War II under the British rule of the area of Palestine. He was also a mentor to Yasser Arafat who was trained by the Grand Mufti even before he was trained by the KGB. The obsession that was the driving force of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini remains as the central concept at the heart of the Palestinian leadership, both Hamas and Fatah. The Palestinian Authority is not interested in peace but is only interested in making gains through negotiations before they turn to a reliance on military force to finish erasing Israel as a Jewish State. They are not concerned with achieving that goal immediately and will wait until they feel they have gained sufficient advantage and strength to completely wipe the Jews from what they consider their lands. After they have achieved this goal they would likely all move to distant lands as their interest in an otherwise desolate and arid land does not exist beyond completely removing the Jewish control over any part of Israel. What makes this a horrific idea is that President Obama has not only done much to assist the Palestinians in realizing their dream, he has actually aided their cause by introducing concepts such as building freezes in Judea and Samaria, the release of terrorist murderers with the blood of thousands on their hands, the return of every inch of contested lands including much of Jerusalem and then there is the apparent fact that President Obama has sided with Abbas and blames Israel for the lack of a Palestinian State. With the President of the United States making Israel the guilty party for the lack of a Palestinian state all Abbas need do is make more and more ridiculous demands and stick to them and with time have President Obama force Israel to capitulate. This is why it is imperative that Israel find somebody to be Prime Minister who is willing to stand up and tell President Obama one simple word, “Lo!” That is Hebrew for no and that would be a sweet sound for many in Israel to hear from their Prime Minister just once when President Obama demands another Israeli suicidal surrender. If President Obama wishes to sacrifice the United States and place the United States as subservient to Islam, that is his choice, but when he demands Israel follow the United States down that suicidal path, then it is time to simply tell him , “Lo!” and bid him fair travels as he walks down the path to perdition.


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October 27, 2013

Knesset to Vote on Next Release of Palestinian Terrorists

There will be a vote today to decide on how to address and handle the second release of terrorist prisoners scheduled for Tuesday as previously agreed upon during the meetings with United States Secretary of State Kerry who enforced Mahmoud Abbas’s demands forcing Prime Minister Netanyahu to comply or else. Imagine if ever the Israelis demanded that the Palestinians agree to acquiesce on a point of contention to bring the Israelis to the negotiations table. The world would come unglued and the wrath of thousands of false denunciations would be loosed against Israel followed by embargos, sanctions and general condemnations from both the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council. The European Union would have a stroke followed by a catatonic fit filled with fire and brimstones lobbed at the Israeli leadership. The pure astonishment and disbelief would be quite an amazing sight as the world recoiled in disbelief but whatever the Palestinians demand is to be guaranteed and delivered with a smile and a deep respectful bow as they condescendingly sneer in return. The world will not permit itself to be turned upside-down allowing the Israelis to be treated as equals against the Palestinians. The world has its order and that demands that Israel give concessions and the Palestinian never need show gratitude or civility but should they decide to instead murder Israelis then the world will simply demand that both sides, especially the Israelis, show restraint going forward. What never ceases to infuriate is that the world can make that demand up to three times per week after multiple heinous terrorist attacks in back-to-back succession have been launched upon innocent Israeli civilians including children of any age as well as parents, seniors and even at times Israeli Arabs are murdered simply for being in the restaurant, pizza shop, bus, train station, or any other public place and the world thinks nothing is out of sorts.


The intent by the leaders of the current Likud-Beytenu Coalition to attempt to mollify those Israelis who are against any further release of terrorist prisoners plan to propose more construction of housing in Judea and Samaria mostly in the major settlement blocks which have been previously viewed as to remain within the boundaries of Israel after the final agreements have been reached. This offer to build additional housing is a regular ruse used to mollify the ardent Zionists but this time they need to refuse to accept another empty promise. Every time that terrorists are released, the Palestinians are gifted with additional areas on which to build and control, or any other painful concession is given simply for the pleasure of having Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership refuse to negotiate in good faith and eventually walk out blaming Israel for not committing suicide as requested couched in the phrase that Israel is refusing to negotiate in good faith. Of course Israel negotiating in good faith the Palestinians mean Israel lying down and dropping dead while the Palestinians take control of everything from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The main reason that this promise should be refused and the deal to release terrorists rebuked is because the negotiations are a farce and the promise to build new housing is not entirely true as every past promise to build has met with delays, court battles, suspensions or simply been cancelled by one official or another. Last year there was Ehud Barak who as Minister of Defense had a veto over any construction in Judea and Samaria and he stood squarely blocking any plans to build. More recently Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has been blocking any building using the courts and his position to prevent or at least delay indefinitely any new construction. Even if all of those blocking the startup of new construction in Judea and Samaria were to have a change of heart, there would still be Justice Minister and lead negotiator with the Palestinians Tzipi Livni who was against any building beyond the Green Line even before she was gifted the position to lead the negotiating team. Justice Minister Livni would now do almost anything if she thought it would enhance her ability to continue the negotiations with the Palestinians and that might even include agreeing to give half of the Israeli Capital of Jerusalem including all of the Old City, Temple Mount, Kotel, Western Wall and all the precious and ancient Jewish religious places to the Palestinians if it might get an agreement and possibly put her in line for a Nobel Peace Prize. In many ways it now appears that Tzipi Livni has caught the same peace bug that has taken complete control over the thinking processes of Israeli President Peres. Once upon a time Tzipi Livni would have stood with the Zionists but now she is firmly in the corner with those who believe in peace at almost any cost.


That is a dangerous place as the Palestinian appetite for taking from the Jews everything from land to lives and their futures in their own lands is insatiable and even feeding it the smallest morsel only serves to make that beast even more ravenous and craving yet another bite. For that reason one does not release their enemy who is sworn to murder even their smallest children so that they may carry out their heinous and hideous threats. No country has ever done such insanity before and Israel is the sole nation that such has ever been forced upon. The reason for this is obvious and need not be spoken, but we know why and that is but another reason to end the insanity now and refuse to talk until the Palestinians have made one concession in Arabic before their own people, the recognition of Israel’s right to be the national homeland for the Jewish people. Until that has been established there should be no reason to talk as without that there can be no honest negotiation and even the Palestinians are aware of that. That is why they refuse to admit that and they negotiate only as a ruse and a lie in order to force concessions using the Europeans and the Americans to force their will upon the Israeli leadership. No recognition, no prisoner release, and not more talks. Call once you have decided to negotiate honestly and we have defined how the Palestinians can prove their desire to negotiate is valid and real.


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