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November 20, 2013

Palestinian Announcement After Abbas and Hollande Meet

French President Francois Hollande and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met in Ramallah where they were reported to have had a frank and honest conversation. President Hollande presented the position that if the Palestinians were serious about establishing an independent state they would need to make at least one single concession and give up their demand for the “Right of Return” forcing Israel to accept numbers of Palestinian refugees and their descendants, some descendants being of the fourth generation of the original refugee, of approximately five million changing Israel into an additional Arab State. Palestinian Authority President Abbas said nothing in response during their meeting. French President Hollande had previously met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and subsequent to his meeting in Ramallah gave a joint speech appearance with Netanyahu before the Israel Knesset. During these appearances and conversations President Hollande also advised the Israeli leadership that they need to completely stop any planned, present or future, construction in what he referred to as the West Bank, historically known as Judea and Samaria from Biblical times and after until the areas came under internationally rejected Jordanian occupation after the 1948-9 wars where over a half dozen Arab nations and militias attempted to obliterate the nascent Jewish State immediately after its birth. President Hollande’s supposedly friendly advisory is just one of a long litany of demands and conditions made by virtually every government in friendly suggestions and lists which Israel need enact if they are truly desirous of a real peace.


The most interesting item is that all of these well-wishers who regularly advise Israel what steps and sacrifices are required of them so as to reach a true and lasting peace with the Palestinians seldom if ever make a similarly lengthy list of actions that the Palestinians need commit to in order to forge a true and lasting peace with Israel. French President Hollande should be lauded for actually having the honesty to ask that the Palestinians make any gesture by withdrawing their demand for “Right of Return” in order to meet Israel somewhere closer to the middle but still far from the middle. Truth be told, for the Palestinians to come even remotely close to making equal and as significant of concessions to even be considered comparable to the long litany of concessions given by the Israelis that started with the Oslo Accords and continuing seemingly in an unending stream over the twenty-plus years since that accord, the Palestinians would need to surrender many of their most dearly held demands. There is no real need to go into the concessions made by Israel as those who would approach the Arab-Israeli peace talks spanning almost fifty years since the Six Day War already are familiar with many, maybe even most, of these concessions and those who blame Israel for every apparent failure for peace will never believe anything presented in defense of Israel. Just to whet anyone who is interested here is a short list of concessions made by Israel to the Palestinians; the over one-hundred terrorists including many convicted of multiple murders just to facilitate the present negotiations, the Oslo Accords themselves allowing for arch terrorist Yasser Arafat to return and be given a pass for all his previous ties to terror and grant him a diplomatic position and a semiautonomous region to control, a ten month building freeze in Judea and Samaria which became a new Mahmoud Abbas demanded precondition after it was suggested it be imposed on the Israelis by United States President Obama early in his first term, Israel has armed and provided ammunition for the Palestinian Security Forces, and perhaps the most significant, troubling and damnable concessions of them all which was the disengagement from Gaza which led directly to the coup by Hamas over the Palestinian Authority which has resulted in tens of thousands of rockets and mortars launched onto Israeli towns, cities, kibbutzim, farms with the intent of murdering innocent civilians and not for any military or tactical purpose.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said during the joint press conference Monday with French President Francois Hollande that the fate of five million Arab refugees, according to Palestinian provided numbers, must be resolved if a peace treaty is to be achieved with Israel. That must come in addition to the establishment of a PA state in all of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. This demand has been codified into law by the Palestinian Authority Parliament in 2008 which states, “Right of Return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and property, along with compensation for their suffering, is a holy cornerstone of their rights that cannot be negotiated away. There will be no consideration of negotiation on this issue, nor will there be a referendum on it.” An additional law passed by the Palestinian Authority Parliament states, “It is forbidden for Palestinian refugees to leave their current domicile as a solution for the ‘right of return.’ Anyone who acts against this law will be seen as a traitor, and will be subject to the penalties that this crime entails.” The penalty demanded for any Palestinian convicted as a traitor is death, often by hanging in a public square before cheering crowds, and the term traitor with its death punishment is also the result of any conviction for a Palestinian who has sold land to a Jew. Yet the world lines up to take to the public platforms before the press or anybody else they can find to listen to demand that Israel make concessions and stop finding ways to prevent a lasting peace which, according to these sources is the Palestinians dearest desire. Why, one must wonder, does nobody demand that the Palestinians at least make a singular gesture to prove their honest desire for peace. Why not simply request that the Palestinians take actions to end the throwing of rocks the size of bowling balls at Israeli motorists which has claimed numerous lives including infants under three years of age, and that is infants plural, and then judge them by their success or lack of honest effort. Why not tell them that the so-called Two State Solution calls for a Palestinian State called Palestine and a Jewish State called Israel, not two Palestinian States under any name, and then watch as Abbas once more trots out the “Right of Return” demanding that Israel surrender and become an additional Palestinian Arab State and the end of the Jewish Homeland. Where are the rest of the politicians willing to make equal and even demands for both sides and not just blame Israel and Jews for every ill perceived in the world?


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November 19, 2013

New Leaders of the Free World as Obama Bows Out

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The negotiation of the terms for President Obama to surrender the credibility and honor of the United States on the world stage while giving control over the Middle East over to Iran hit a few snags that likely nobody from the White House expected thus never saw coming. President Obama knew he had legitimacy problems concerning his supposed Iran policy, so he had delegated misleading Saudi Arabian and Israeli leadership to John Kerry who did his master’s bidding in grand style. He informed the Saudis that the American deal with Iran would only release some minor funds frozen by the sanctions. That was a mild rebuke compared to what Secretary of State Kerry unloaded on Prime Minister Netanyahu and the entirety of the Israeli people when Secretary Kerry not only gave the same song and dance about the deal with Iran as he told the Saudis but there was far more damage to be done. Kerry publically instructed, schooled one might say, Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel had, for its own good, find and do whatever was required to make a peace and establish the Palestinian State. He further told all that much of what Jews and Israelis believe is their ancestral homelands does not belong to them and if the Israeli government failed at this task they and the Israeli people should expect a third intifada and for the whole of the world to turn their backs on Israel. The reason for this was that Israelis have become too wealthy to know what is good for them and that if his instructions went unheeded then the Europeans would take their wealth from them. Where the choice of words used by the erudite secretary Kerry may have been different, this was the gist of his threats.


On a different slant but in the same arena, the leader who saved the world from surrendering to Iran and giving them their blessings through the P5+1 negotiations to continue their nuclear pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and an inevitable war using those same said nuclear weapons was French President Francois Hollande who vetoed the entire agreement which had been crafted mostly by Iran and agreed upon by Secretary Kerry and European Union Foreign Policy Chief the Lady Catherine Ashton. For all intents and purposes and as far as we here at BTC are concerned, the new leadership of the free world now rests with French President Hollande with strong backing and voice of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It remains to be seen whether any other leaders will take a principled stand against the treachery and perfidy of the Obama-Kerry foreign policy which appears to be in the final stages of dismantling every single agreement, friendship, obligation or honorable stand which the United States had proudly stood for until President Obama came and has made and will continue to make good on his promise to fundamentally transform the United States. He has taken a once proud, dependable and honorable nation and dragged it through the mud of disgrace kicking it into the gutter among the other nations who are known for their contempt of truth, decency, respect of allies, actions in the interest of justice and keeping one’s word as a treasured and delicate promise. Whether the United States will be able to pull herself back up and onto the path she had trod since her birth will remain to be seen. The deficit she will trudge on carrying as a ball and chain is the now known truth that any election for President of the United States is capable of placing another disgrace in the White House who will treat the honor of the nation they have been elected to lead as a casual and trivial matter to be discarded and shredded at one’s own whim and without regard for the aftereffects such will have on the nation and her people. 


We had predicted that even knowing of the disaster that Obamacare could become that the real subject of the last Presidential election was foreign policy. No matter the ramifications and fallout from Obamacare, that can be rectified and does not poison the name of the United States. No matter the economic upheaval which awaits the dollar as soon as interest rates rise even the slightest, that too can be overcome though doing so will cause pain and distress. The damage to the United States’ good name and the trust gained through years of honorable relations and promises and treaties kept will not be regained anywhere near as quickly as any of the other difficulties that will face the United States when the full ramifications of having a President Obama will have caused. The truly sad truth is that with Obamacare and the economic damage done by President Obama the United States bears the brunt of the pain but the disastrous destruction of the United States reputation and trustworthiness on the world stage will allow for damages which will reach far beyond the borders of the United States and may lead to catastrophes which could result in millions of people outside of the United States paying the ultimate price in a world with no United States as a trusted friend and feared enemy. Thanks to the treachery in Geneva and future treachery which is about to reconvene in the near future, the United States has dishonored her commitments and thrown her friends under the ever growing bus where President Obama tosses anything for which he has no use or liking. It is a shame that the United States is included on that list. The question sitting now before the Congress is whether they see the need to take over the controls in determining foreign policy by passing legislation rectifying the treacheries committed by President Obama and then overriding his veto stating to the world that even the President of the United States is not all-powerful and even his extravagances can be restrained by a responsible Congress. Will Congress act or will they shrink before such a daunting but necessary challenge?


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August 19, 2013

American Price for Palestinian Peace Participation

Most of the time we are told of the concessions, which would be better defined as bribes, the Israelis are forced to make to the Palestinians in order to entice them to come to peace negotiations despite the fact that both sides know they will simply walk away at some point demanding outrageous concessions to return and then blame Israel for not meeting those demands to allow the farce to continue. Well, this time let’s take a look at the price being paid by the United States to bribe the Palestinians to the peace talks. We are going to have to look beyond the guarantees that Secretary of State Kerry gave to Chairman Abbas that the Israelis would be steered and coerced into setting a border that was based along the pre-June 1967 Armistice Lines which divided the Israelis from the Jordanian held lands. Oh, just in case you may have forgotten due to the way it is described that the Israelis stole land from the Palestinians in 1967 which has been the aim of the PLO and other renditions of Palestinian organizations, there was no Palestinian State before 1967. Not ever has there been such an entity. The State that Mahmoud Abbas and his confederates, and Yasser Arafat before him, keep claiming has direct ownership from antiquity onto perpetuity has never existed ever. Even their preposterous claims reveals the depth of their deceit as they have claimed to be descended from the Philistines at one point, the Canaanites at another, or they are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, and once Abbas claimed that the Palestinians had resided in the lands between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea for the past nine-thousand years. Either they are confused about their origins or, as is said, if you believe in nothing you will believe in anything. So, on to the concessions beyond pretending that Abbas and the Palestinians have even a shred of honest claims to the lands that are any more valid than the Jewish claim and that they truly resided here in any numbers before the Jews began to return and build an economy, farm the land, drain the swamps, plow the fields, and tame the land making it capable of supporting any sizeable population. For a description of the state of the lands before the Jewish Zionist’s first returnees, one need simply pick up a copy of Mark Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad” and read his descriptions of the Holy Lands as his travels took place in the late 1860s which is about the start of the return of Jews to the lands joining the remnant population of Jews who had remained in the lands during the entirety of the Diaspora even making up the largest population within Jerusalem through much of that time.


Meanwhile, to the concessions made by the United States in order to entice the Palestinians to bother to actually negotiate instead of simply demanding the world give them. Despite the truth that the Palestinians had been informed before the negotiations began when they chose to demand terrorists be released from prison over imposing yet another building freeze that the Israelis were going to announce new construction since there was not to be any constraints against doing so, the Palestinians still cried havoc and refused to return to the negotiations unless the Israelis now imposed a building freeze while also still releasing the terrorists. I do not doubt that the initial attempt was made to force the building freeze upon the Israelis, though neither side is stating that such was tried, and that the Israelis refused to both release terrorist prisoners and freeze building just to continue peace negotiations which the Palestinians will walk away from before they come to fruition. This left the United States likely facing a breakdown in these much touted great achievement of bringing the two sides together and the promise that this time things would be different as President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry had a new and promising approach that was guaranteed to produce results, after all, they were not beholden to the Israelis like everybody else had been before them, yes, even President William Jefferson Clinton. So, facing this crisis we had the following hit the newswires today, “The United States’ consul general in Jerusalem, Michael Ratney, signed an agreement Sunday with PA caretaker prime minister Rami Hamdallah, according to which the U.S. will pay the PA $148 million.” With such a precedent one can only wonder what will be the final costs to the world to continue the peace process through to the end of the nine-months of talks promised by the Obama Administration’s press reports.


But that turns out not to be the only price paid by the United States. The State Department is more than a little bit put out by the Israelis as it turns out the Israelis refused to heed the request from the State Department not to release a particular terrorist out of the one-hundred-four prisoners demanded by the Palestinians. Of course had Israel refused to release even a single prisoner from the Palestinian list the peace talks would have been placed in jeopardy. So, as to the plans that were impressed upon the Israelis by Secretary of State John Kerry, they released the first group of twenty-six terrorists of which one was an individual the State Department has warned Israel against releasing. You see this particular terrorist when he killed an Israeli he chose poorly and murdered an Israeli who had dual citizenship or simply had been an American before making Aliyah and returning to Israel. Not only had he been an American before taking up residence in Israel, he was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. The name of the murdered Israeli and former United States Marine was Frederick Rosenfeld and the terrorist who murdered him was Al-Haaj Othman Amar Mustafa. Mustafa and two other attackers ambushed Rosenfeld. After pretending to befriend him as they walked near his home in the town of Ariel, in Samaria in 1989, the three terrorists stabbed Rosenfeld, attacking him from behind, and left him to die.


A State Department spokesperson quoted by The Daily Beast “The State Department conveyed the administration’s concerns regarding the release of this prisoner to the government of Israel, while recognizing the victim was a dual national of Israel and the United States.” The spokesperson continued to point out that the Israeli side “acknowledged our views, but it was ultimately their decision to determine which prisoners to release. This is a very difficult situation for all involved, and further highlights the importance of making these negotiations successful.” How so deeply touching that the United States would actually take umbrage at the murder of an Israeli, though he had to also have been an American who served in the Marine Corps, but it was still touching. It does pose the problem of exactly how does the official American position feel about the hundreds upon hundreds of other Israelis who were murdered whose terrorist perpetrators of these viscous and horrid acts are also being released. Do not get us wrong, we abhor that any of these monsters are being let loose to murder and destroy more lives in the future but this was not Israel’s idea, it was agreed upon between the United States and the Palestinian leadership with the United States ably represented by the State Department. Perhaps had the State Department checked the list before presenting to the Israelis with the Palestinian demands they could have asked the Palestinians to allow this one terrorist to remain in prison. Somehow I do not think the Palestinians would have obliged and quite possibly gotten some strange sort of pleasure knowing they were also punishing the Americans with this one prisoner being released. But I fully expect it to be brought up repeatedly as a point of contention which displays how callous the Israelis are to American sensibilities and not laid at the feet of the Palestinians who originally aided this terrorist attack and now demanded the release of its mastermind. The United States has our sympathy equal with the feelings we have as we commiserate with those Israelis whose loved ones were slaughtered by these monsters now being released to continue their trade of horrors. The $148 million, not so much feeling there as treasure is worthless compared to the cost of a single life which may be the eventual price of allowing these terrorists to go free and murder again, and if it will be but one life and not dozens, it would still be one life too many.


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