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June 5, 2019

Is it Time to Replace Netanyahu?


The inability of Bibi Netanyahu to find the right formula to form a government was the result of his own doings. His craving for vengeance costed him a coalition yet much of Israel is resigned to his being Prime Minister despite his vengeful animus which threw away the chance for a solid religious Zionist right wing nationalist coalition. I hear many now demanding to know what we are referencing. Well, it comes down simply as the Bibi demanding that it is good to be the king and he plans on deciding who will be the king now and who will be the king of the future. In case you might be wondering who would be the future king, Bibi of course. Had Bibi not decided just two days before the election to promise everything which the New Right led by Naftali Bennett were using as the base for their campaign, then Likud might have lost two or three mandates and the New Right would have crossed threshold and resulted in a gain of four or more likely five mandates. This would have resulted in Bibi having sixty-three seats even without Avigdor Lieberman and Yisrael Beiteinu. But Bibi was determined to cause as much humiliation and heaped scorn on Bennett and Shaked for their betrayal of leaving Likud in order to seek more productive support. This has been further represented by Bibi fighting the prevailing mood within Likud to bring Ayelet Shaked into Likud with a high position on their list and a guaranteed Ministerial position. Many, if not most, of Likud members and those who hold positions within Likud desire bringing Ayelet Shaked back into their fold and may even see her as the heir apparent to Bibi. This has been the problem, Bibi does not desire having an heir apparent as he has no desire, despite what has been reported, of ever giving up his spot at the top of the list and as Prime Minister as a result.


BTC Israeli Election Banner


Since Naftali Bennett has made it very clear that he sees himself as the heir apparent and thought that any party he headed would give Likud a run for their money. Instead, he departed Jewish Home in a manner which left a bad taste throughout the party, and made his own party with Shaked as his number two. Initially, it appeared that his new party would receive over ten mandates, though we warned people that leaving Jewish Home for Bennett’s New Right was a mistake as he would be fortunate to clear threshold, he polled lower and lower and on election day did not pass threshold. The new election might breathe some fresh air into Bennett’s New Right Party but that is only if he retains Ayelet Shaked, which is starting to look very iffy as Jewish Home would also take her back, though Bennett is a wholly different matter. The real problem is because Bibi wanted to extract revenge on Naftali Bennett, and secondarily Ayelet Shaked, the New Right crumbled along with the hopes for a true religious Zionist coalition. Of course, Bibi will deny to the day he retires that this was not of his making and will blame Bennett pointing to his departure from Jewish Home as the reason, not Bibi taking the wind out of their sails.


Now we are looking at having no real governance until after the middle of September and also risk the left winning the election and getting first chance for putting together a coalition. Fortunately, such will be next to impossible should the Israeli voting public remain true to form. The best they could hope to patch together is possibly fifty-seven mandates, four short of a majority. This is largely due to the left requiring the Arab blocks to join them in order to even come close to reaching a viable coalition. Even should they find a means of incorporating the Arab lists into their coalition, such an unsteady group would fall apart and require new elections within the first four months. But even to make such a coalition, the Arab parties have proven to be difficult to bring on board as they simply refuse to be part of any ruling coalition where they are not the ones given total control. The simply way of stating this is that the Arab parties will make unreasonable demands and once these are met, they will demand more and more and even more. Eventually, one realizes that nothing will ever be sufficient to bring them into the government and thus making it impossible for the left to form a government at this time. That brings us back to forming a working coalition from the right.


There actually could be arguments made for choosing a different party leader from the right leaning parties to form a coalition. The difficulty here is that Bibi Netanyahu would refuse to permit the Likud from joining such a venture. Thus, the only means by which this could work would be through the removal of Bibi from leading Likud. Did I hear somebody say, “impossible?” That is why it is a problem. Bibi would tear the Likud Party into pieces taking a large chunk of the party with him in order to allow him to continue as Prime Minister indefinitely. There was a similar problem during the lead-up to the Gaza withdrawal when Arik Sharon was felled by American pressure to cede Gaza to the Palestinian Authority (PA) so they could prove their ability to form a functioning governance and state. Well, within two years the PA lost their grip on Gaza to Hamas and Islamic Jihad (controlled and provisioned by Iran) who have made war on Israel ever since their 2007 takeover. Erik Sharon was unable to convince the majority of the Likud Party to go along with the plan presented by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush to permit the PA to rule Gaza unhindered. This caused him to form the Kadima Party which also included many people from leftist parties such as the Labor Party, and resulted in a coalition made up of strange bedfellows. He kept a coalition and gave away Gaza and the rest is history. The promise that Israel could simply reestablish control if things went wrong itself went wrong and now Hamas and Islamic Jihad control Gaza and threaten Israel representing Iran in the process.


We would not be surprised if things went awry, that Bibi would form his own party out of the remnants of Likud and whomever he could bring aboard and make a run at a centrist unity government, taking the same path as Arik Sharon. He could include the Blue-White Party, or whatever might be left after they separate from Yair Lapid and he take the most faithful of his Yesh Atid people with him. Add to this a few sprinklings from both extremes including people who decide that this is the best bet for their future. We can only issue them the same warning we gave those leaving to joining Bennett, be very careful where you cast your lot as things tend to lose their luster once revealed to the sunlight.


Still, we have three months plus to the September elections in which time much can come to pass. The attempts by Naftali Bennett to bring the religious-Zionist parties together to run with him leading the ticket are doomed to failure. What does he believe he has to offer after his recent defeat? This is his final push to find his path to being Prime Minister. We long ago told friends that all Naftali Bennett was is Yair Lapid with a yarmulke, nothing more. Bennett believes that he is owed the Prime Minister position on any ticket which he joins. He probably left Likud realizing that he was not going to replace Bibi from within. He left Jewish Home because he believed he was their star attraction and as such he could simply make his own party and people would flock to him and Jewish Home would be decimated. Jewish Home was in complete disarray immediately after he left partially because Bennett had refused to seat the new Central Committee and refused to allow the Central Committee to meet for over a year before he split taking the number two and another Minister along with him. Jewish Home (we) rather than collapse found a new leader, and what a great leader he is, and proceeded to form a small coalition with two other parties and broke threshold. As long as Jewish Home can retain the other parties, all looks bright. There is also the possibility that Jewish Home might pick up Zehut and in the process placing Moshe Feiglin within the top ten positions on the party ballot. Such a move would unite the religious-Zionist parties forming a block which could reach the necessary sixty-one mandates along with Likud in September. The problem will not be incorporating the New Right former Jewish Home party members into the coalition as most never officially resigned from Jewish Home and as such are still members in good standing. Those who did renounce their membership will have a more difficult road back, but will still be welcomed and might even return receiving everything they may have formerly held. These past elections were a disaster waiting to happen and Bibi gave that disaster the push it needed to squelch the New Right and their platform bringing their efforts to a premature end. It was a classic case of cutting one’s nose to spite their face.


So, is it time to replace Bibi Netanyahu? Even so, it remains improbable that he can be replaced. He has carefully destroyed every person who came even close to presenting him with a challenge. He did so to Moshe Feiglin and most recently to Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked and has done similarly to every individual who posed a realistic challenge to his primacy. We have watched this time and again. That presents a huge difficulty in replacing Netanyahu as he controls Likud ruling it with an iron glove on one hand and silk glove on the other. Those who bed their will to his and serve to increase his power get the silk glove and those who rise to challenge him are struck cold by the other glove. This means that there are only two paths to the position of Prime Minister, one with blessings from Bibi and the other as his opposition. Thus far there has not been one who has curried Bibi’s favor to become heir apparent to his rule and perhaps none sufficiently qualified to challenge him from without. Part of the problem is that Bibi completely controls Likud and has not chosen an heir apparent thus leaving only the adversarial method for defeating him. Thus, one must look at the opponents and their likelihood for challenging Bibi.


The Blue-White Party with their presumed impressive list of notable people such as Yair Lapid and the four generals has a problem. The problem is that at least three, if not all four, of the generals hold to the position that some form of the Gaza withdrawal mixed with the IDF remaining in southern Lebanon as the solution they back giving the PA another chance at forming a workable society. Their leading candidate, General Benny Ganz initially spoke of how he learned from Gaza and believed if handled differently it could be applied to the settlements with slight adjustments largely consisting of leaving the IDF behind to monitor and prevent terrorism. So, he would pull back to the Security Barrier, very close to the Green Line (see map below), giving the lands beyond to the PA and declaring the conflict over and expecting the Arabs to concur. The IDF would presumably be left in place while all Israeli civilians would be uprooted and forced to find new residence within the remainder of Israel. Their claim that this time it will work is based on their intent on literally forming these borders by fiat and presenting this as the solution to the PA and expecting them to be happy about this. That will fail and do so miserably.


Green Line versus Separation Fence Borders

Green Line versus
Separation Fence Borders


The problem with this solution is the same as it has been with every solution, that being that as long as any piece of Israel remains with the Jews permitted self-rule, this will be totally unacceptable to the Arab side. The world and far too many Israelis actually honestly believe that when the Arabs refer to their demand that they be given the entirety of the 22% of the mandate, they are not speaking about some piece of land west of the Jordan River, they are talking about all the lands west of the Jordan River. The basic question is that when they chant, From the River to the Sea Palestine must be free,” what does anyone believe that would leave as the Jewish State. The 22% they are demanding has nothing to do with West Bank or Gaza or any other division of the lands, they are referring to the remaining 22% which is not Jordan which took 78% of the British Mandate. The Palestinian Arabs demand for 22% is from the British Mandate and correspond to all the lands set aside for the Jewish state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the River to the Sea. Their demand is for all of Israel and they demand that this land be Judenrein, and should any Jews remain, they have a solution, a final solution. From all we have seen, Bibi has no actionable solution to this overly-extended problem. So, who might be capable of mounting a drive and replacing Bibi?


This depends completely and totally upon the people of Israel. There is no lack of people who could replace Bibi Netanyahu and serve as Prime Minister of Israel. The going argument the people backing Bibi always claim is that nobody has the experience of being Prime Minister as does Bibi. That is no wonder as he will soon be the longest serving Prime Minister and is already the longest serving living Prime Minister. By this argument, Bibi can never be replaced which just might inevitably run into a problem, either his retirement voluntarily or forced by Mother Nature. We may as well face facts, the next Prime Minister after Bibi will have far less experience than does Bibi. Everyone upon being elected to lead their nation for the first time has zero job experience, but they figure out what the buttons on their phones mean and find the button for calling meetings or their aid to come take a letter, or e-mail. So, pushing such a weak argument aside as superfluous, let us move on. Yair Lapid consistently claims he is the man with a plan and if only he were Prime Minister, all the Israeli problems would disappear as he can fix everything. Well, first off, please let us not fix anything which is not broken. Simply stated, leave the economy alone unless you plan on reducing taxes. The real problem is that Yair Lapid is one of those who believes that there is a solution which can be reached if only the perfect concession of land were proffered the Arabs. Of course, he does not mean all the Jews moving to California and giving all the lands to the Arabs, so, as we have explained, whatever his proposal, the Arabs will refuse it as not sufficient. The Generals from the Blue-White Party also suffer from the same ailment. Their solution takes the worst of the Gaza disengagement, pulling the Jews from their homes, and combines this with the worst of the disaster of Southern Lebanon where Israel left the IDF in a region she had surrendered any claim which eventually led to a hasty retreat executed by one of the generals (another of the generals was responsible for the Gaza disengagement). So, their solution to the problems with the PA is to combine the Gaza disengagement with the disaster of southern Lebanon and pretend it is something which has a viable chance at success. There is a single saving grace in their plan, Mahmoud Abbas and his terrorists will refuse this as a solution as Israel will not have gone far enough to find a solution, their problem is that Israel remains. This problem only becomes worse as one would go further left, thus any replacement for Bibi is not to be found on the left.


This leaves a problem as Bibi has ruled the right for approaching a decade. His Likud Party has cemented the lion’s share in every election only a few times having anything approaching a problem from the left. This means that any real and viable threat to replace Bibi has to come from Likud or a surprise from another of the right leaning parties. As far as somebody rising from within Likud to challenge Bibi, such in the past has proven to be fateful and immediately followed by being placed far down the Likud list thereafter followed by their burial as a viable candidate. Some such people include Moshe Feiglin and Naftali Bennett; both of whom have been relegated to the scrap heap of parties missing threshold. The best Naftali Bennett ever did was actually provide Bibi a challenge but as the election appeared as if it might slide to the left of Likud or Bennett’s party, Jewish Home at the time, received the lion’s share of the right wing votes so one of the two needed to fall on his sword, which Bennett did and that may have proven to be the last time he posed a threat to Bibi. Currently, there is no obvious threat to Bibi though there has been a development very recently which may provide insight of a potential challenger in the near future. The news of Bennett attempting to head a coalition of right wing-religious-Zionist parties was met with an interesting response from the current leader of the United Right and head of Jewish Home, MK Rabbi Rafi Peretz, who stated that joining their block by Naftali Bennett and the remains of his New Right Party would be welcomed but would not result in any alteration of the party hierarchy. Rafi Peretz made one thing clear, as he has come from a quiet retirement where he had no desires to enter politics or the public spotlight, his decision to lead the United Right was a casting of the dice and he will be putting forth the same efforts he has given to everything else he has undertaken. When an individual who was once a combat helicopter pilot, in and of itself an impressive challenge, and going further in the IDF to become a Brigadier General and to be the IDF Chief Rabbi and then becoming head of the Otzem Pre-Military Academy in Yated, which was relocated from Bnei Atzmon after the Gaza disengagement, this is not somebody to take lightly. Once the Israeli public becomes introduced to this man of great talents, his straight talking and meaning what he says and saying what he means, there is a definitive possibility that Rafi Peretz could become the Prime Minister after Bibi and do so while Bibi is still in contention. There are two people currently who could either pose a direct challenge running against Bibi to lead the right of center coalition or becoming heir apparent. The heir apparent would be Ayelet Shaked providing she manages to rejoin Likud and Rafi Peretz under any circumstance as he gains in notoriety and thus popularity. The positive vibes we received from numerous fronts when Rafi Peretz was named as the new leader for Jewish Home was just the tip of the iceberg of the potential for him going forward. Israel would be well served having a man of such integrity and forceful character as Prime Minister and would gain even more due to his politics and love for his country. Time will tell who replaces Bibi and when, but that time is coming and who knows how much longer Bibi can retain his monopoly on the Prime Minister’s spot.


Beyond the Cusp


February 9, 2018

Our Topsy Turvy World


When those who praise freedoms and liberties turn on the nations which have measurably the most freedoms and liberties and condemn their every move, one has to wonder where sanity has gone. When these demonstrators declare these nations to have policies which are Apartheid, fascist, dictatorial, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and operating as a police state all the while being given complete freedom to demonstrate without interference, things just do not add up. We are speaking of two nations who have a whole sector of the society, the left, who claim to be for equality of rights, free speech, equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity and the litany by which a free society is measured and considered to have liberty and respect for the individual, spend inordinate amounts of energy decrying the duly elected leaders without being rounded up, arrested and taken away never to be seen again; it leaves the thinking individual to pause and question the sanity. When the media backs these demonstrations and calls for the leaders to resign, be impeached or even to be toppled in a revolution and put on trial for crimes against humanity and duly executed, and yet these media outlets are permitted to continue to print and broadcast these accusations and demands day in and day out, one must question their sanity. There are no signs of the government being fascist, a police state, limiting free speech, showing racist or sexist preferences in hiring or breaking any laws as these demonstrators insist have been crossed. One can only come to the conclusion that for these leftist demonstrators, the only governance which can meet their definition of having freedoms and liberties is one which completely agrees with their agendas and anything else is to them totalitarian and insufferable.


Allow us to back up for a moment and define how we are measuring freedoms and liberties and thus believing the two nations we have in mind (be patient as we will name them eventually) can be considered perhaps the two nations with the highest amounts of freedoms and embodies the ultimate in liberty. Such a nation would permit any and all speech even that which many might find offensive. They would claim that it is by protecting that which is most offensive to be spoken freely without fear of the government locking you up and throwing away the key is a high water mark for free speech. If all you permit is speech which has been defined as acceptable and all else is forced to be shut out of the exchange of ideas, that is not free speech, that is freedom from being offended or challenged. Free speech must allow for opposition to any and all ideas and position to be freely stated by any who believe as such as allowing everyone the right to be heard is the very essence of free speech. These college campuses where conservative speakers are all but barred and should one attempt to be heard they are shut down with violence if necessary or the group inviting them is required to meet a different and far more expensive criteria for security or whatever reason, that is limitation of freedom of speech and in no way can such be seen as free speech. What that is, is indoctrination with only the single-minded administration and those students who either actually believe the same or back this as they have never heard a challenging word, idea or concept and thus know only the liberal leftist side believing what they have been told, the conservative ideology is toxic and infectious. These students have had their mushy little heads filled so completely with leftist ideology that it has even reached into the hard sciences where math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and the other hard sciences are now taught with insidious references in the word problems reinforcing the leftist ideology.


An example would be a word question in a math algebra course where the person is given the facts that a corporation had doubled their net sales while their overhead remained as five percent and sixty percent of the net was disposable income and as a result of the increased business the wages of their workers was increased from ten dollars an hour to twelve dollars an hour. What should have been commensurate increase in workers salaries warranted by the business and profit increases and how much did the greedy capitalist steal from the workers with the paltry raise they received if there are twelve senior officers splitting the stolen assets? Perhaps their wording might be more subtle, but the concept that worker must be granted an even share of profits is a socialist concept and if on the other hand the business were to take a one third loss the next year, these same people would demand the workers not take a one third cut in pay as they would claim the bosses were to blame and should pay for the loss of revenue. This has been the way of unions with other practices such as demanding and requiring that despite automation replacing workers on an assembly line, the company is not permitted to lay off the workers who are no longer required, even if they sit in a room and read magazines, watch the company provided television and after a couple of years the company will be forced to provide three pool tables and a dozen video games and six pinball machines plus a ping-pong table, balls and paddles. This is basically what one company which almost went bankrupt was required to do by their workers’ union.


Further, freedom to assemble and to also petition the government for grievances are two more rights in a free society with complete liberty. An example would be the women’s marches which have been held twice in the United States since the last election and are planned to be an annual event until the people select a proper leader and Congress. Just for clarity, there were no such protests, marches, during the eight years that President Obama was in office as things were pretty much the way they should be, or so we are told constantly. There have been a litany of accusations against the two leaders of these nations we have yet to name, bet you have guessed already, with one being reelected regularly despite efforts made by not only the left within their country but with leftist from Europe and North America working on the campaigns of his opponents on the left, the far left, working to completely over turn his chance for reelection. These efforts did succeed once for a brief period before that, government fell and in the ensuing election the left lost though their favorite target from the right also did not win, his party ran a different person who won.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


Obviously, we are talking about Israel and the United States and the beleaguered leaders are equally obviously Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Trump. Prime Minister Netanyahu is closing in on becoming the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history surpassing David Ben-Gurion who served 4,575 days in office. President Trump is also an exception as he is the first President in modern times not to have come from within the ranks of serving politicians or from the military as did President Eisenhower. Even President Reagan had been in politics as well as entertainment as he served as Governor of California and had worked with the campaign of Barry Goldwater when he ran for President losing to President Kennedy. President Reagan is also credited with being one of those instrumental in redefining what it meant to be a conservative which led to the conservative revolution making conservative politics acceptable once more. President Trump has been under investigation since before he even took the oath of office. Many on the left see his Electoral College victory as one more reason that this particular institution need be placed on a ash heap of history. That will be difficult as it is in the Constitution and is the defined method for electing the President and was chosen so as to make the less populated states still valuable thus preventing a small number of states controlling the Presidency amongst them. Some claim that the Electoral College did not go far enough in allowing for the smaller populated states to have their say and point to the fact that New York has produced seven Presidents, Ohio has six, Virginia Five, Massachusetts four with California, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas each with three and a number of states with one and many with none such as Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and Colorado (see map below).


Map Showing States from which Each President Hails

Map Showing States from which Each President Hails


Continuing with the scandal sheets, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also been under investigation endlessly with one of the investigations being over the amount of ice cream the Netanyahu family had been consuming. One would have thought they were operating a black market ice cream business with the importance the media made over their ice cream budget. Often it appears that sanity has left the building. The main scandal which Trump has been accused of has been his presumed working with Russian President Putin to get elected by having the Russians hack the DNC computers, the computer of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, John Podesta and then dumping information about misuse of power and other potential criminal acts and bad behavior by Hillary Clinton and defaming her in the media which of its own volition was never going to happen. The media, until the information was disclosed by WikiLeaks, not the Russians, had been treating and continued to treat Hillary as the unstoppable candidate about to be elected as the first woman President. Their coverage up until the final week had been a congratulatory media explaining all the wonderful accomplishments Hillary had to her credit which were to serve her well as President. The information which was released by WikiLeaks was simply doing the media’s job for them, as it is not for the media to choose and celebrate the presumed winner; they are to be equally harsh and revealing of both candidates. We must also point out that the media in some unintended way served President Trump’s campaign when he would sucker them in and they believed they were destroying Trump when actually they ended up helping him. President Trump also ran a better campaign giving people position of his platform, what he intended to do in office and how he would achieve his goals all while the media poking fun at his positions which still got his message to the people. President Trump used Twitter to communicate directly with the American people and he is still at it.


Between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, what are the main things which make these men such enemies to such a loud and boisterous with their vindictive and often hateful and vile rhetoric of those who apparently are going to protest constantly as long as these men hold power? The most obvious is that they were elected from conservative, right wing parties. They both have a deep and almost old-fashioned love for their nations. They face threats head on and do not flinch from a fight. They are alpha males which drives leftists right up the wall. They are both not apologetic and meet accusations with bold defiance. They are nationalistic, and both happen to love the other’s country. They will support one another and neither is afraid to reach across political boundaries in an effort to have their adversaries on the left join and help where it is to their advantage. Their adversaries act more as if they are enemies lauding over every perceived misstep using any sign of weakness or vulnerability as an opportunity to go for the kill and their adversaries will stop at nothing to see them out of office. There are those from the far left who actually drool over the idea of these leaders departing the mortal coil. Both men are successful and have led their nations ahead economically and are bold in their statements and fully love and back their country. These are leaders who are strong and certain and will not shrink from and fight where the future of their nation is concerned. They have no doubts about taking actions when required and both would do whatever was required including open warfare to keep their nation and their allies safe. They both know that it is through strength and not concession that you gain peace. They are definitive in their support for their friends and allies and no nonsense when it comes to dealing with enemies of their nation. And most unusual of both men is they love the people of their nation even to include those who have protested them from the start and desire their failure and removal from office and are willing to do whatever it takes to attain their goal. Both men are self-assured believing they have a destiny to fulfill. And both men lead two of the most freedom loving nations filled with liberty and justice for all, and they epitomize those ideals.


Beyond the Cusp


January 9, 2018

Michael Wolff Sets the Record on Trump’s America


Michael Wolff’s bestselling book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” actually tells us volumes and we do not even need read the book to understand the not-so-groundbreaking information actually proves a good deal. Oh, it proves almost nothing about President Trump as the book’s author, Michael Wolff, says he can’t be sure that all of it is true according to his interview with Business Insider. We really do not care so much about the words within the book as we do about the coverage it has received and will continue to receive and the tenor of both. The fact that a book the author refuses to state is valid at any level and is likely no more than conjecture at best and straight slanderous fallacies at worst and it easily found a publisher, a distributer and advertising proves our points alone with no further backup required. This book and similar articles in the American and around the world media stating the wildest accusations about President Trump and, for the record when you read “President Trump” throughout this article please add in “Prime Minister Netanyahu” and for America one could also include Israel, even published in America are as safe as a baby in a caring mother’s arms. This was proven even further with the accusations that Trump attempted to have his lawyers stop the presses and squash this book to absolutely no avail. Likely, this book has much vapid accusations which will be repeated by a breathless media and yet it will be treated as if it were a masterpiece of investigative journalism. We would treat the accusations we have heard with equal laughter as we did when Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife like, enjoy greatly and consume copious amounts of, wait for it, ice cream. You have that right; it was a scandal that the Prime Minister and his wife, possibly a few dinner guests as well, consumed $2,700 a year of ice cream. Now we want to hold such an office where that is the worst crime the media can prove.


President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have committed very similar crimes. They have both defeated once considered undefeatable leftist opponents, and in the Prime Minister’s case repeatedly while in President Trump’s case a super vicious and vindictive elitist leftist who believed in her own media image as unopposable and the nearest thing to a perfect being. Both have made enemies of the leftist media such that nothing they accomplish matters and anything they find is considered to be the crime of the century until it becomes evident that the majority of people do not care about their nitpicking. For proof just read about the “Ice Cream Scandal” linked to above. Just for comparison, on basically retirement pay, we eat merely half that amount of ice cream and we do not entertain at near the rate of the Prime Minister and his wife nor have access to salaries or we might also consume near equal amounts given the opportunity. We also assume, not to give the media any ideas, that both the Prime Minister’s and President’s family diets include more meat, vegetables, exclusive condiments, fine wines, brandy and other fine liqueurs and barely countable other culinary delights. We expect Steak-gate to erupt imminently.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


Being the top person in the government and not aligned with the media politically will inevitably result in being maligned by that same media. Those are the two choices one has going in, align or be maligned. But if the person being slighted by the media is anywhere near the Alpha person, we believe anybody reaching such political heights to be, especially a nonempathic, unfeeling, coarse, unruly, horrific pair of monsters as are colluding right now, in all likelihood, to conquer the world along with Russian collusion and the three, Netanyahu, Trump and Putin will lord over all in the triumphant triumvirate. Of course that is pure nonsense, but the current media in the United States would likely jump all over it as a justified possibility considering the voracious appetites the three men have for absolute power over all they perceive. The problem the media have in framing these people as having super-egos and being blood-soaked monsters who will do whatever it takes to achieve their ill-conceived goals is very likely, in a toned-down manner, exactly why they were elected, they described a vision which resonated with the people and promised to work towards achieving stated goals with their entire beings, and the people approved giving them or their party their votes. Somebody should tell the media that this is how you get elected and not through polls which are manufactured to represent exactly what the media wished them to represent and not necessarily reality of the political landscape and picturing the election. The media, on the other hand, realize that by ignoring or casting in a defeated light a candidate and writing glowing reviews of a preferred candidate can assist that result the media desires becoming reality. The problem is that the media in the United States, and to a lesser extent in Israel, has been shown for what they are, news manufacturers and not impartial reporting of the news. Their front pages have been revealed as pure editorial and their editorials as flights of fancy. The majority of the people no longer rely on the mainstream media to tell them the truth; they have instead become a form of reality television where the results are determined before the candidates for office have been chosen. Trump’s continued success against all the media odds won the Presidency by playing the media like a fine tuned Stradivarius violin. This likely has finally dawned on them making them all the infused with a visceral hatred of Donald Trump yet they still fall into virtually every trap he sets.


The media in the United States can rest assured that Donald Trump will not be President for life, we do not care what Twitter or Facebook claim. The media in Israel and the United States can also rest that Bibi Netanyahu will step down as the head of the Likud Party and soon they will have another evil incarnate to deal with either Naftali Bennett, the next leader of Likud which might be Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely or possibly a new Jewish Home Leader and current Ministers of Justice Ayelet Shaked. The two ladies, Tzipi Hotovely and Ayelet Shaked, (pictured below) are definite leaders who would make great Prime Minister and hopefully their day will come, preferably one after the other and not vying against each other. We suspect anything the media cares to shoot at either of these ladies will be met with a firestorm for an answer, as both are strong, assertive and capable women. Israel would be fortunate to have such as leaders and with any fortuitous destiny; we will have both in that office either successively or alternatively. As a side note, Netanyahu gained much recognition for his handling of the formerly considered ministry where you appointed your political opponents for them to be pummeled by the economy. Netanyahu used the Ministry of Finance and turned the economy around and set a new stage for operating which benefited almost all Israelis. Likewise, many thought placing Ayelet Shaked as Justice Minister would be her political end but she has shined and is managing to revamp much of the Justice system and if she can accomplish two important goals, she too will use her position to vault her into the public eye and leadership down the road.


Tzipi Hotovely and Ayelet Shaked

Tzipi Hotovely and Ayelet Shaked


The media now exposed and this new book harpooning Donald Trump will prove to be understood by the people as yellow journalism. This is, quite unfortunately, the media has been exposed to have become. What is worse is looking back through the last sixty or seventy years at the media and one realizes they have always put their agenda ahead of their reporting. One famous example was the Tet Offensive of 1968 was covered by the media, especially the coverage by the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite. He reported that the United States and Vietnamese allies were being beaten on every front, the war was unwinnable, and the United States was being given a bloody nose by the rag tag guerrilla fighters of the Viet Cong. The reality is the United States and allies were fighting the North Vietnamese Army and were decimating them on every battlefield and we also learned that Walter Cronkite was actually reporting to make his superiors happy and was as close as one can be to being a spy for the communist regimes as one could be without facing charges of treason. Unfortunately for the American audiences, the evening news on the major networks, including most of the news channels on cable, have not drifted that far if at all on their political ideologies. They all support the equalizing of salaries such that people earn similar amounts despite any differences in job performance or skill set requirements, they support organized labor unions, weakened military to pay for social works, anti-capitalism and a series of other leftist liberal-socialist views. The media has been polled and the numbers of new reporters who are Republicans or consider themselves conservative are few and far between. The vast majority consider themselves to be politically neutral yet most belong to or vote predominantly for the Democrat or Green Parties. Until this changes, the alternate media of blogs and podcasts will become a more and more trusted source for news. Also, editorial blogs such as us here at BTC, we will be found to represent a political view but still manage to be fair and at least we are up front about our politics and tell where our hearts are politically. We still try to at least give some mix in our opinions and views of recognition of the other side, often lampooning them though we find simple reporting often provides that for us.


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