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September 17, 2018

And We Predicted It With Picture to Boot


We know, we predicted what? Well, the closure of the PLO Consulate in Washington D.C. is what we predicted, well, our picture did. It was our article “Add the PLO to President Trump’s Dump List” in which the picture below was our main graphic. It is a picture of the PLO Washington D.C. Consulate; they like to refer to it as their Embassy, with a picture of President Trump superimposed with a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign like the one a diner might have. We had warned in that article that playing hardball with President Trump when you are holding only a pure bluff of a poker hand and he is holding the rest of the deck, that this may not be the brightest tactic. We predicted any number of other items and gave President Trump one very simple piece of advice, if he really desires being the President who untied the Gordian Knot of the Arab-Israel conflict, then he should plan on completing his efforts in his first term. Looking at his actions, he may have read our article, or some low level functionary had it as part of his assignment to research the Middle East, as he has taken steps in the past two months to completely alter the field of play and redefined some of the most precious tools which Mahmoud Abbas always trotted out as spoilers and removed them from any equation. Now, at long last, it is appearing that Mahmoud Abbas is soon to be removed from the equation if he has not actually been removed already. I guess our warning now should be to the King of Jordan warning him that he is probably just as replaceable as Mahmoud Abbas, and he should meter his attitudes accordingly if he is at all intelligent. We would guess that the King of Jordan may test President Trump initially and probably become more obliging just in time to remain the King of a far smaller Jordan and the Palestinian Arabs getting their state in the rest of Jordan with those residing in the Shomron being permitted, actually encouraged, to relocate or remain as resident aliens under what will basically be Israeli rule.


Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again

Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again


Now to elaborate. What we see coming will leave Mahmoud Abbas retiring somewhere which is willing to take him and his billions of Euros. The same will go for many of the top Palestinian Arab leadership and terror structure. The Arabs in the Shomron (West Bank if you prefer the Jordanian name) will be permitted to remain where they are or relocate to places in Jordan which will be built for them in record time. Entire cities will be constructed and new apartments and potential other incentives and these may even become or be located around Qualified Industrial Zones short version is (QIZ) which are areas within Jordan where Israeli companies are permitted to open factories (to save on labor costs) and then export goods to the United States free of tariffs thanks to President Clinton issued a Presidential Proclamation (No. 6955) on November 13, 1996. The lure of employment and a brand new apartment, especially as the employment will pay higher than average wages, may prove sufficient to take care of those seeking a real future for their families completely distant from any terrorism or living under a kleptocracy. There will be some problems no matter how great a deal is applied because this is the Middle East, nothing goes exactly as planned. More on that in a moment, meanwhile, President Trump did take the PLO, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and UNRWA and place them all together inside a trashcan which he is very close to placing at the curb for pick-up. This was absolute brilliance upon President Trump’s behalf, and not just because it was exactly what we had stated back in January, though that does not hurt. Trump apparently has little if any concern as to with whom he will end up making his deal, just as long as his deal gets made.


What is going to happen next? Well, that depends on if you mean what will happen next of consequence or not of any consequence. Even at this late date, Mahmoud Abbas will continue to believe that if he just continues to refuse everything out of President Trump and the members of his team, that the European Union, numerous European nations, the United Nations and who knows who else will back his demands to the very end no matter what because this is how it has always worked. Trump really does not mean any of this, he is just pacifying the Jews in the United States. We have some bad news for Abbas, very little concerning Israel matters to far too many Jews and this is especially true about the younger generations. As far as the remainder of the list Abbas believes will back him, they will not be worth a plug nickel when the final deal is put in place. The King of Jordan, according to the last things we have seen, was backing Mahmoud Abbas and trashing President Trump. We hope he is aware that there is a group which is supposedly willing to work peaceably with Israel while ruling the Palestinian Arabs and he has a group of people all waiting to move to Amman and take control of Jordan. Of course, it would not be that easy, as the King has a loyal military behind him. The reality is if King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein has an ounce of common sense, then he will work with President Trump to accomplish whatever is required and simply take it at face value and take it like a man and not go screaming about how this is totally unacceptable. President Trump has had just about all he is going to take from pompous fools who think they are the top banana in this mix. President Trump is the eight-hundred pound gorilla in this arrangement and what he wants is what will come to pass. This concept of a working relationship where Israel works with Jordan to provide governance for the Palestinian Arabs which will actually allow them to have a life and not have everything stolen by those holding power has its plusses and its negatives. The main plus is the fact that it sidelines Mahmoud Abbas and his merry band of terrorists. The other plus is actually for Jordan in that if they can find the means to work with Israel, they will have an improved economy and many potential other benefits with time. The negatives is we are working with a group who still believe that Taqiyya is a central part of their religion and is to be used in every negotiation with those not of Islam. Attempting to get one over on President Trump did not work very will for Mahmoud Abbas and it will not ingratiate the King of Jordan with the American President. The other negatives become apparent down the road when there is a more accommodating President ready to insist Israel came by any settlement through dishonesty and attempt to undo and backtrack the solution which President Trump might actually reach. That will always be the main problem to any deal reached in this near future.


President Trump is determined to reach a deal if for no other reason than he promised he would do exactly that. From what we have witnessed of President Trump is that he really does not care about the niceties, does not care too much about the rules, will do whatever is required to accomplish those items he promised in his campaign and lastly is applying an actual managerial approach to being President. Of course, he has to include the Congress which had Democrats who are doing everything they can to prevent his accomplishing anything and the Republicans often appear to be working with the Democrats though there are some Republicans who were with Trump as he was their party’s President and others have come around slowly as he has surprised them by doing a fairly conservative agenda. Still, President Trump will be looking at a new Congress and we will all just have to wait and see what the reality is then. It will depend on whether the Republicans hold their majorities in both houses, if they gain Trump supporting Republicans and not more like Romney, who will win in Utah making him the replacement for McCain (may he rest in peace). I seem to remember they were referred to as RINO’s, which is a mean thing to say about such a grumpy and irritable animal, at least the animal is consistent, if they see something, they charge it. President Trump is looking as if he will be capable of completing his Middle East Israel-Arab plans and very likely within the next eighteen months or perhaps a year and a half. Fortunately for President Trump, this is something he can use the tools in place and at the command of the President and not have to rely on Congress to pass anything. It is highly unlikely that any peace plan would include the United States in an actual treaty, thus there will be no confirmation necessary. From what we have pieced together and projected with our own guesswork, the end deal will not include the Palestinian Authority and may even address Gaza, though if necessary, that will be left for Israel to take care of possibly with Egyptian assistance of some kind.


Whatever is the final arrangement, there are going to be some lingering problems. No matter how efficient everything is in removing terrorists from the population, there will be some number of terrorists remaining and an underground attempting to turn as many against Israel as they are able. Additionally, there is the possibility that the agreement reached may not include Gaza. This would be really a bad result for the people in Gaza who desire peace. On the other side, when given a chance to vote, over 80% of Gazans voted for Hamas. When the world went crazy during the earliest days of the Gaza rioting, the riots the world referred to as peaceful protests for as long as they were able to deny the violence, when the IDF had killed sixty-two Gazans, even in an interview which was to go out to the world, Hamas admitted that fifty were their operatives and later Islamic Jihad claimed at least three were their people. That comes to over 85% of those shot were actually admitted terrorists while we can probably bet some of, if not all, the remaining people were either human shields or also attempting to breach the border or endangering IDF troops either by launching incendiaries or shooting at them (video below). Even then, the world continued carrying on for weeks until finally the truth made their contention that Israel was being horrible monsters just killing people at random for the sport of it or something, but eventually truth does have a way of surfacing. Perhaps the scenes of flaming kites and balloons and the resulting fires which destroyed huge swaths of croplands, forests and wilderness reserves that brought people to realize the reality. Perhaps it was the image below of the unfortunate falcon they used to fly an oil soaked rag tied to its legs and the resulting dead falcon caught in a tree which led people to realize the monsters Israel was facing. Perhaps it was the fact that the media simply grew tired of writing the same article day after day and people no longer cared to hear about rioting Gazans. Whatever the cause, it was better for Israel that the media ended their repetitive groaning about how terrible Israel was being to the most innocent people who ever lived, which is exactly what their reporting often sounds like.



Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


Even if this only cures the problems in the Shomron, it will be a huge (Yuge for Trump fans) to have that problem settled. Were Israel granted a green light and cover the next time that Hamas, often at the behest of Iran, decides it is time to make life miserable for the Israelis residing within ten miles of Gaza, then this problem too would become history. Once Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the criminal and terror infrastructure and personnel have been removed from Gaza, the remaining people could be granted a similar deal with Egypt and Egypt could be given an opportunity to have Israeli companies build plants in the Sinai along with housing units making some QIZ developments sparking some economic opportunities for Egyptians and Gazans alike. This would also provide additional revenue for Egypt through taxes on these areas, though not the companies as that is an additional incentive to risk such ventures. As these actually became fruitful and accepted, then the added infrastructure in the Sinai might serve to reduce if not eliminate the terror and criminal elements. This might happen even faster were Egypt to make arrangements for the IDF to be responsible for protecting these QIZ developments. Any additional security forces could only be an improvement in the Sinai region. The final two problems are not likely to be solved by President Trump, well, at least not in his first term. These are Iran and Hezballah. The first step President Trump could take is to make sure no further arms are provided to the Lebanese military as they are currently just the reserve arm for Hezballah and these terrorists have access to most of the Lebanese military equipment. The remainder of the problem is purely Iran. Keeping Iran cash strapped helps but it will take more than that. Let’s put this as delicately as we care to, regime change would solve the problem. That does not mean to replace the Mullahs with MEK (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) as they are simply a Sunni replacement for the Shia fanatics. Sunni Jihadists would not help the people of Iran, as placing MEK in the government would be placing them under just another theocracy with the same problems. This would really be, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Let’s hope we won’t get fooled again, honest. Allow the people of Iran to choose their new government and allow them about eighty days to get one in place, after which, whatever forces assisted the regime change are leaving and that will be that. Israel is certainly not capable of nation building except in a nation where the problem was one of a natural disaster and the government is inoperative at the moment but will return as soon as the emergency has passed. One would be right in believing that the American people have pretty much had it with attempting nation building anywhere and might accept eighty days and out, but only if at eighty days the Americans are out. Nobody can blame the Americans as their nation building may have worked in Europe after World War II, but that was Europe and the Far East and Middle East are not Europe, at least not yet. As far as Israel is concerned, Iran is the nuclear threat which is being opposed by some of the best anti-missile systems in the world. Hezballah, on the other hand, is right across the Lebanese and Syria borders and currently has over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missile all loaded and targeting Israel. These exist from as small as five-inch rockets with half-kilogram warheads to missiles which could strike Cairo or Riyadh, which means all of Israel, and carry one-hundred-kilogram warheads, which makes these technically nuclear capable. Hezballah is known to have chemical agents including Sarin Gas which is a nerve agent with a very high mortality rate as has been proven in Syria. Further, Hezballah soldiers are equipped with modern anti-armor rocket launch systems and numerous sizes of mortars. Hezballah has claimed that they could easily overwhelm the Israeli anti-missile systems by launching tens of thousands of projectiles per hour, a threat which they might not be capable of maintaining longer than two or three days, but one hour under such a barrage would leave Israel with unbearable casualties. Damage can be serious, especially if it is vital infrastructure or any of the Israeli nuclear power plants and our desalinization plants as water is necessary for life. But much of the structural damages Israel could recover from fairly rapidly or at least in a reasonable amount of time. What we would be at a loss for would be the people killed and injured. People are our concern with property a secondary issue. It is this threat by Hezballah which has some Israelis calling for Israel to take out their provisions now while they are engaged in Syria and Yemen and unable to strike at Israel with full force. There are also those who believe we should sweep Gaza clean of terrorist and other illegal interests and people before Iran finds a means of providing them with even larger missiles. Already Hamas is capable of striking Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem metropolitan areas which placed over 90% of the Israeli population within their sights. Hezballah can strike anywhere in Israel so possibly living closest to them is an advantage as the rockets fired in your direction would be of smaller sizes. Perhaps the best bet is to have Hezballah disbanded or cut off by taking care of Iran leaving them without a national sponsor.


When the day comes that the world accepts that the Jews are permitted the same rights to have their own homeland and self-govern, then these other problems can be approached in a normative manner and not with the shadow of the hope these terrorist forces might destroy Israel. That will bring the world closer to the day Jews have prayed for for years, that Israel could be a light unto the nations benefitting all of mankind with inventions, cures to diseases, new drugs and discoveries in virtually every area of life. The other nice thing is once the world truly accepts Jews as having the same rights as other peoples, then the world will be very close to having done away with all varieties of hatreds. This is why the efforts being carried forward by President Trump may prove to be worth far more than the world realizes at this moment. Currently, in Britain it has been reported that at least one-third to three-fifths of the nation’s Jews are ready to move to Israel, Canada or the United States (the majority to Israel) should the Labor Party win the next elections and Jeremy Corbin become Prime Minister. The rising anti-Semitism, which appears often to be worldwide, is another reason that President Trump succeeding in his peace efforts is so vital to world peace. We have stated that we do not believe that the next world war will start with Israel. We still feel this way but it is not because such a chain of events is that improbable, it is actually one of the likely scenarios which we have seen presented, it is that there are so many other flashpoints which are more likely to erupt first. The majority of wars which involve Israel are more often of a local nature and highly unlikely to spread as long as the neighboring nations have more to lose than they are willing to risk. Currently, the only nations not making this list all have one thing in common, Iran. The nations who have little to lose by joining a war with Israel are Syria, Yemen and to some extent Iraq and with the unrest building in Iran, we are afraid they might soon join this club. Replace the Mullahs with an honest democratic republic in Iran, if required the Shah can have one palace back and an honorary title with a sensible stipend, and all of these other problems would rapidly end. Russia would very likely tell Bashir al-Assad that he cannot have the entirety of old Syria back and then allow the Kurds to have their own country and the Druze to have their own country and from there we would have to see what would be what. Turkey is another problem which is currently attempting to commit genocide against the Kurds starting in northern Syria and they might just continue on into northern Iraq at which point there would be the face-off between the Mullahs and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, or as the two sets of leadership see it, Persia against the Ottoman Empire. That is one pairing which the world has yet to see and one which it could do well to avoid. I guess what this last part shows is that Israel could be a solution a whole lot more than she is a problem. If only whatever resulting solution will come of President Trump and his efforts would hurry up and arrive, it could make the entire Middle East at least appear less frantic and dangerous. Note, we said appear, we did not say anything about reality.


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September 16, 2018

Strange Irregularity in Most Israel Detractors


There has been an irregularity present in the complaints which most Western journalists and editorialists have been relatively ignored, well, until this article. As Attorney Stephen M. Flatow points out about Jacob Plitman with his claim that it was the life of the Palestinians in Bethlehem which depicted what is terrible about Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian Arabs. That little problem is that the Palestinian Arabs residing in Bethlehem have been ruled by the Palestinian Authority exclusively since 1995 with absolutely no Israeli interference. Bethlehem is an interesting place to find that Israel could in any way be responsible could only be found if one were to claim that by accepting Christians who were fleeing for their lives due to their business being stolen by their Muslim neighbors and being told their house is not their house but belongs to another family who will be moving in next week with or without their injury, their choice. Of course, this has had a detrimental effect on the Christian population of Bethlehem which has gone from 90% in the early 1990’s steadily downward to 40% in 2000 continuing on to 15% in 2013. These numbers coming from American Thinker article titled Christian Exodus from Bethlehem. This article was a response to a particularly flawed and slanted article in the Washington Post in a big spread in its December 22, 2013, edition under the headline, “What’s missing in Bethlehem? Mayor urges tourists and Christians to return.” The problems are listed of the Washington Post article which, of course, blamed Israel just as did Jacob Plitman using the same flawed illogic. Bethlehem currently has a Christian population which is less than 10% of the total population and will soon be as free of Christians as it is of Israelis, Jews, IDF soldiers or any other Israeli interference or rule. Bethlehem is completely the responsibility of its ruling mayor and council as well as Fatah, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.


Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone

Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone


When one reads stories which complain about the Palestinians and their mistreatment by their occupation by the Israeli overlords, there is a problem in that the Israelis have very little if anything to do with these people’s lives. Let us get one group completely out of the entire debate, all the Arabs within Gaza. Since 2005 all Israelis residing within Gaza and the entirety of the IDF and every Jew buried within Gaza were all removed with the dead being re-interred within Israel, the IDF transferred to bases within Israel and the Jews who had lived in Gaza relocated to what was to be temporary residences until new jobs and places to reside and government assistance became available. Some of these Israelis are still seeking new residence and employment. When you ran an operating farm on a sizable plot of land in Gaza, finding applicable work in Israeli is problematic. But, on the average, the Israelis who were relocated from Gaza are doing far better than the Arab Gazans which they had employed. This has nothing to do with Israel. The Palestinian Authority took complete control over Gaza in September of 2005 and in 2007, they were replaced in a violent coup by Hamas. So, why is Gaza suffering with such high unemployment and its economy faltering for the vast majority? Well, much of the reason is probably because their Hamas government takes almost all the tax revenue and uses it for building tunnels and rockets for attacking Israel. Hamas also takes the construction material and used almost all of it to build these tunnels and make bunkers to keep their leadership and arms safe when they press Israel into war. They refuse to use the construction equipment and supplies in order to rebuild people’s apartments or their stores and basically rebuild their lives which were destroyed because Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired their rockets from the rooftops of those buildings. The United Nations and European Union as well as groups of nations and NGOs have provided sufficient building supplies well over three times in sufficient amounts to rebuild the destroyed buildings but instead tunnels were built with the ones dug into Israel under the border were destroyed when detected. Gaza is in ruins because their government would rather attempt to destroy Israel rather than build an economy or repair the war damage resulting from their attacks upon Israel. Israel cannot rebuild these people’s lives because any Israeli entering Gaza would be dead within seconds, thus unless Israel were to reconquer Gaza, it remains under Hamas misrule. Why doesn’t Israel reconquer Gaza? Because the world would come unglued and the European Union and United Nations General Assembly and countless other agencies and NGO’s along with numerous nations would demand that Israel return Gaza to Arab control, which would become Hamas within minutes, that is why.


That brings us to the rest of the Palestinian Arabs residing in the Shomron. The Shomron was divided into three regions, Areas A, B and C. Area A is under complete Palestinian Authority control, Area B is under Palestinian Authority control with shared security with Israel and Area C is supposed to be under complete Israeli control though the European Union has decided to ignore the Oslo Accords and claim that Area C belongs to the Palestinian Arabs as well and if they get that accepted we can only wonder what area they will claim for the Palestinian Arabs next. Now, within Area A we find Bethlehem as well as including Tulkarn, Qalkilya, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah and Jericho. Within these six cities close to 80% of all Palestinian Arabs reside, not counting those residing within Area C (less than 100,000) and Jerusalem (350,000). The Palestinian Arabs residing in Jerusalem have been granted partial Israeli citizenship such that they receive the same healthcare as any other Israeli and have all the other rights of any Israeli including voting in Jerusalem and neighborhood elections but are restricted from voting in national elections, as things currently exist. The ones residing in Area C are mostly residing in illegal communities with a select few residing on their family lands. Many Palestinian Arabs from Areas A and B actually work for Israeli companies right alongside Israeli Jews. Some of these Arabs are in supervisory roles with Israelis working under them. But the fact that these Palestinian Arabs need to pass through a checkpoint is often one of the main reasons that Israel is constantly claimed to be denigrating these Arabs. These Arabs are coming into Israel from a belligerent region from where 90% of the terrorists originate and is ruled by a foreign governance. Israel, believe it or not, is located in the Middle East which, also believe it or not, is not Europe or North America. Borders are very enforced across the Middle East, not just by Israel but by the other nations as well. For the past decade, the border between Egypt and Gaza has been largely closed and guarded by Egyptian soldiers. Israel had been the provider of virtually all the goods which have legally entered Gaza and the only items restricted are those which are or can be used to be made into weapons. Despite this limitation, Israel has permitted numerous miles of pipes which became rockets and launchers and tons of cement, mortar and bricks and lumber most of which was utilized for bunkers and tunnels. During the recent hostilities which were recently suffered through and are continuing at a reduced rate, Israel attempted to provide the needed medical provisions which Hamas and Gazans complained they were running low of and Hamas refused the Israeli medical aid so that they could continue to complain that Israel was not being any help. Many news sources carried that Hamas was running out of medical provisions and Israel was the cause and refused to cover Hamas refusing medical provisions because the IDF delivered the provisions.


The United States does not have open borders with nations which desire the destruction of the United States. Further, the United States does not accept employees from most nations which desire the end of the United States. The United States does not allow people from North Korea to come into the United States without their receiving screening. The United States does not permit people from Israel to enter without being checked by customs and security if they perceive or expect a problem. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are both organizations which desire the demise of Israel. Further, citizens of the Palestinian Authority are actually permitted to work daily in Israel. Granted, Hamas citizens are not allowed to work in Israel though they were permitted to work in Israel until 2007 when Hamas ended their leaving to work in Israel. Gazans are more often than not refused permission by Hamas to seek medical assistance in Israel unless you are a high-level member Hamas leadership or a close relative. Hamas decided that Gazans working inside Israel was counterproductive to their agenda, which is complaining that Israel is denying Gazans their rights to freedom. The Palestinian Authority, in league with the Arab League and other organizations and NGOs, uses a diverse and international propagandas campaign against Israel which is based in many of the old blood libels against Jews. There are many who fault Israel for not combatting this propaganda campaigns but the problem is that Israel has to remain on a wartime footing at all times due to universal threats from almost every border; thusfar the Mediterranean Sea’s natural lifeforms have been largely neutral with exception for the average shark and other carnivorous fishes found there. Another border which is far more perilous to cross than is the Israeli border with the Palestinian Authority is the borders between China and North Korea, as crossing this border without using one of the checkpoints you risk no questions, as you will simply be shot. The border between Russia and China is well protected. Currently, there are a number of eastern European nations who have their borders all but closed as they have been since the influx of, what are called, Asian and North African refugees from entering their country seeking permanent residence. Israel is far from alone in the desire to track and inspect those who enter their nation from abroad.


When people wish to claim that Israel is mistreating or responsible for some problem which Arabs are suffering in the regions west of the Jordan River, you need to look into the report and find exactly whom the author is referring to in their article. We hear a lot that the Arabs have not been permitted to vote in an election for President since 2005 in the West Bank. There are so many problems with such a report that where to start is almost difficult. West Bank is a general term for the entirety of the Shomron. The Palestinian Arabs is the group they are referring to in such a report and that is far from an Israeli problem. Israelis, Arab, Jew, Christian or other have not voted for President for even longer as the President is chosen by the Prime Minister and approved by the Knesset and we vote for Knesset which is the Parliament and whichever party forms the ruling coalition chooses the Prime Minister. The problem with the Palestinian Arabs is that Mahmoud Abbas knows that he would lose any election and then would lose the protection of the Presidential guard and might not live long enough to flee the region. Trust that Israel would have nothing to do with letting him leave or not, that would end up being a problem for Jordan should he escape the Palestinian regions. Hamas does not believe in free elections and often simply promotes new leaders from within for Gaza. So, the Palestinian Arabs have not been permitted an election by their own ruling groups, parties and governments and Israel does not interfere with their internal political intricacies. The Arabs of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority rule themselves and have found themselves stuck in two separate and equally economically depressive, financially crippling and embezzling through misappropriation of funds making their lives impoverished. Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat’s widow are both worth hundreds of millions if not billions while the leadership of Hamas is recognized as billionaires and they all managed this through skimming a large percentage of the generosity of the world in funding their governments. When Israel as much as withholds funds from taxes collected in order to partially ameliorate the difficulties by the utility companies who are not paid for the power, water, natural gas and other provisions they provide for both Gaza and the Palestinian Authority populations, The European Union, many member nations, the United Nations and several agencies and a slew of “human rights” NGOs all protest vehemently. The European Union almost had a hernia once when Israel withheld funds to pay for some of the debt to the utility companies as Israeli companies’ solvency is unimportant and Israel actions must universally be blamed. This is also the attitude that many of these writers take and they are encouraged to do so as that is where the high paychecks lie with news networks and papers which lie mostly on the far left.


The left has bought hook-line and sinker into the ‘Israel is the evil one’ and to blame for all the problems within the Middle East and the Arab world. Israel was behind all the wars in the Middle East. Israel forced the United States into Afghanistan and Iraq and now with the leaving of the nuclear agreement with Iran. We have heard that if Israel would make peace with the Palestinian Arabs by simply ceasing to exist or, as Mahmud Ahmadinejad once said, “This is our proposal: give a part of your own land in Europe, the US, Canada or Alaska to them so that the Jews can establish their country.” The left has taken up the Islamist causes and this places Israel outside their narrow range of view. Israel has become the international Jew making anti-Zionism and anti-Israeli positions the internationalizing of anti-Semitism. The left has a history of scapegoating the Jews and this apparently is not about to change; the target is simply a larger Jewish target. The real problem will come when the left decides that the Jews within are all part of the Israel problem because, as was the motto in Europe for over fifteen centuries, you cannot trust the loyalty of a Jew as they stick together and are often disloyal. There was no actual proof of this; it was simply another reason to hate the other. The Jew has always been the other no matter where they have lived or under whose rulership. Now Israel is the other which has been proven by the United Nations and so many other sources which would take longer than we care to list. We have given partial lists of such over the years and those who read here regularly probably have the full list memorized. The one reality which is slowly dawning on Jews across the world is they are becoming very happy that Israel exists as it provides them a place to which they can escape and be received with joy. Never Again will Jews face the dreaded trip from what they had thought was salvation in Cuba only to have to dread the entire trip returning them to Germany on the MS St Louis on what became known as the ship of the damned. Now the Jews have an unsinkable ship which does not need to find an accepting port as this one provides that accepting port, many accepting ports. Let the world hate Israel, it is not fair, but at least it is ours and we can always call her home and with great pride as Israel is the little country that does the impossible despite all the odds.


Beyond the Cusp


September 2, 2018

Solution to Arab-Israeli Conflict is 3000 Years Old


The real initial step to a proper and equitable solution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict is to first admit that, and let us be honest, the Arab world focused their intent for destruction of Israel to this invented group of Arabs they agreed to call Palestinians. Even their name was stolen from the term used by empires to name the Jews in the Holy Lands from the Roman Empire straight through to the British Empire, when they were given the Mandate. The British even solved the Arab-Israeli problem by giving 78% of the Mandate to the Arab nation we now call Jordan and promised the remaining 22%, the lands west of the Jordan River, were guaranteed as indivisible for the Jewish nation (see map below). Did anyone catch the important words ‘guaranteed as indivisible’ just as the British backed their word presumably with the British Crown? So, we will work from there and then seek a plausible and equitable solution. This decision was justified as conforming to the lands promised the Israelites in the Bible which were the lands west of the Jordan River.


British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel

British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and
Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel


Israel should simply inform the leadership and security forces in the Shomron and Gaza that in exactly number of days, let us start with one week, to gather their moveable property and bankbooks and leave going to whatever nation which will accept them. Should they find that time limit is impossible to meet, they should be informed that the IDF will be tasked with assisting them in whatever means they choose. Should their choice be that they are not going without a fight, the IDF should be instructed to use whatever amount of force leaves their soldiers at the least risk. Should resistance be attempted, the rest of the world should be informed that such resistance could lead to casualties. The freeing of the Arabs residing currently under vindictive dictatorships in both Gaza and the PA regions of the Shomron should be something cheered throughout the world. We realize that because Israel will be involved, the world will grow a huge chip on their shoulders and gather all their rage into stern stares before claiming that Israel is destroying Palestinian democracy. We have a little secret for people who wish to know the reality; the only Arabs living under a free democracy between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea reside as citizens of Israel and are not part of the Palestinian Arab population. Once the regions have been cleared of those whose interests are based on continued and permanent conflict with Israel thusly pacified, we can proceed to find that equitable solution.


The promise we will provide is that each Arab currently residing in these areas will be given the same choices with those living in the refugee camps and will be treated with some degree of equality with those not in the camps. More on this as we proceed. There is an equitable means for giving the Arabs in question freedom. First, they will be granted a choice, and they will be required to choose one of these choices within a set period, likely four months. The first choice is to remain living where they are and being treated as an alien resident just as many workers from around the world who take jobs within Israel. These Arabs will be required to sign a nonaggression pledge which if violated will result in deportation. Anyone remaining with the design of committing some terrorist action, they should know that any conviction of attempted or acted terrorism will result in deportation with no right to ever return. Once someone had been so deported, should they reenter Israel, it will be on pain of life in prison. Those remaining will be allowed to work where they find employment and will pay the same taxes as other resident aliens. As far as their ever being permitted to become citizens of Israel will be something which would be determined in the future. The second choice is to leave Israel permanently only permitted to return for visits with a Visa stating the length of such a visit. Those leaving will not be sent away without compensations. First, they will be given high market value for their property for which they can produce a deed. Further, each person leaving will be granted a relocation bonus. The bonus will be a one-time offer which will end at the end of the stated period. The people in the refugee camps will receive compensation equal to the average property value if they decide to leave Israel. For those who remain there may be a set amount they will be permitted towards purchasing a residence. The camps will be leveled at the end of the period and new apartments or other housing built in their place.


When the world explodes claiming that Israel is being inhumane, they will be justly ignored. One reason is that these Arabs will be permitted to elect their own leadership locally but will not be permitted to vote in national elections. These regions where they will be granted this added right will only apply to the region where they currently reside. Those outside of these locations will be given a set period in which to relocate to one of the named areas receiving a fair price for their present deeded property. The main part of this solution is that the Arabs may have a choice for how they desire to spend their future. All Israel desires is to be at peace and that is the result of this plan. Any Arab choosing to commit violence against Israel, they should understand that such will be met with whatever violence is required to permanently end such attacks. The IDF will be told to act in whatever manner places their soldiers in the least amount of threat. They should take a direct and immediate response to any violence seeking to remove the source of the violence. This would include targeting those who were responsible for the violence including the planners, the ones who produced or provided the weaponry such as rockets, bombs, mortars and launchers, and those who ordered the violence no matter where they may be located. Israel will no longer accept any forms of violence to be used targeting her citizens and will consider the Arab-Israeli conflict ended. Israel will also be open to exchanging ambassadors with any Arab nation desiring such plus this exchange will be a sign of peace ending any belligerence between Israel and that nation. This would be a face saving method of ending the state of war still existing between Israel and numerous nations of the Arab League. Israel will also open trade with these nations which will hopefully enhance relations.


Once the lives of those Arabs who remain within Israel improves, and their happiness becomes obvious and terrorism is no longer a problem, a situation which will become evident within a year or possibly as long as two years, then perhaps the world will finally calm down and realize that Israel is not going away and had made peace with the Arabs, even if the Arabs have not all made peace with Israel. This is a formula for peace, permanent and steady peace in which all will benefit. Will it cost Israel a lot of money to enact such a solution? Probably, but that cost will be returned in the properties and people saved by the ending of terrorism and having peace. Once this plan has been enacted and the time has passed for the Arabs to choose, after that peace will be all but around the corner. The final problem will be those Arabs who refuse to take either choice is the final problem. These Arabs will be deported with no remuneration and their method of removal will have the identical form as was the initial removal of the leadership and known people who were participating in terror in any form. The IDF will be instructed to take all measures to keep their soldiers as safe as possible. Then the Arabs who remain will have signed a nonaggression pledge which will mean that peace will finally be possible and even likely. Those who refuse to accept this peace will be addressed with sufficient force to terminate such threats if from outside of Israel and by deportation to any from within Israel. The world will need to understand that Israel will no longer tolerate any violence perpetrated against any of her citizens and all violence will be addressed without regard to borders if the neighboring nations are unwilling to prevent the violence against Israeli citizens and property.


Israel will probably continue to see resolution after resolution from all parts of the United Nations, European Union and collective nations, the Arab League and collective nations, and others from all around the globe. For those nations, actively condemning Israel will find that Israel will return the favor by limiting trade with these nations. These limitations will not be in the form of limiting Israel goods being sold but in informing the Israeli people about who these nations are and the Israeli people will choose whether or not to buy products from that nations and Israeli companies can choose whether or not to deal with these nations. There will not be a need for actual trade wars or tariffs or any normative form of limit on trade, it will be simply the choices made by the Israeli people. Some will possibly decide to seek to buy the effected products while others will avoid buying these products. Israel will add one requirement to commercials for product that their nation of origin be included in a standard disclaimer at the end of the commercial. Informed consumers are happy consumers.


Lastly, there will be an adjustment period where there will be a near constant cacophonic din of chaotic disdain for what Israel will be doing. The main claim will be that Israel has no claim to these lands. We advise they check the entirety of conferences, conventions and treaties resulting from World War I and then settle down. What would actually be doing Israel a great favor would be to take Israel before any of the various World Courts or at The Hague, as this would settle the entire uproar rather quickly. Just so we can save the world’s time, International Law is on the side of Israel and that was plain to see in the map at the beginning of this article. Israel legally owns all the lands in question with the exception of Gaza. That would not be much of a problem as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are both terrorist organizations which means that Gaza is no longer a nation or recognized governance as terrorist groups are not actual governments and are to be addressed in any necessary action to end their occupation of lands. The Shomron belongs to Israel as the Palestinian Authority actually has run past its limited time within which it was to make a lasting peace. By refusing to make peace, they are no longer relevant and as such, they are no longer legal governance. This is a just settlement of the problem which will work to the benefit of the Arabs involved and free them from the oppressive whims of their dictatorial leadership which enforces its power through violent suppression of choice, freedom, and liberty and stifles free enterprise and strangles the regional economies. This would be a liberation process and those who feel they desire oppressive governance can choose to relocate virtually anywhere else in the region. Israel will take any complaints about her treatment of the Arabs who remain from the Palestinian Arabs for their actual worth and ignore them six months after this process has been applied. When Israel finds a terrorist which nations complain will be improperly deported, Israel will gladly offer to deport them to the complaining nations at random. We can hardly wait to see who wins the first raffling for the location for the first deportee. Who will be the lucky nation, France, Sweden, Canada, Venezuela or where?


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