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June 17, 2018

Netanyahu Success in Revealing Establishment Europe


Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu returned from his European trip with a few nice souvenirs from the gift shop, a hefty trip ticket, receipts, a few renewed memories and little else. His intended trip to Gay Paris, Merry olde London town and unified Berlin was to attempt to pry these leaders into joining United States President Trump by pulling their support from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This was going to be a tough sell as these nations are enriching their otherwise sagging economic outlook with what they believe will be substantial economic trade with Iran. Tiny little Israel, despite the fact of her economy being far greater than her size, does not have the purchasing power presently coming from Iran. The problem is that some of these trade items come under dual use equipment as they are utilized in the nuclear industry as well as in medical and other industries. Special blends of steel and aluminum, magnets and capacitors, strobes and filaments, microprocessors and integrated electronics can be used in various industries such as medical lasers, X-ray machines, MRIs and all forms of special equipment used across numerous industries as well as used in the nuclear industry for everything from reactors for power to nuclear warheads for power projection. This is what makes many forms of trade with Iran so potentially precarious.


The promise of good relations and a new market was the sole concern for the three M’s, Merkel, Macron and May. The rulers of France, Germany and Britain gave Netanyahu a warm and fuzzy cold shoulder. They refused to advise any changes to the JCPOA and definitely refused to withdraw from the agreement. Their claim was that their nations had given their word in good faith and to break their word was unthinkable. Really? Telling Israel that France, Germany and Britain were seriously concerned about their word being their bond was brazen audacity. We would try to count the times and ways that these three nations have reneged on promises to Israel and to the Jewish People but doubt such is really necessary. But Prime Minister Netanyahu should have known this before leaving which leaves one wondering why he even bothered to try other than to placate the left and be able to at least claim he gave it an effort. The trip may have been to inoculate himself from just another pointless politically motivated attack for pushing Europe away when, according to the critics, the European acceptance is necessary if Israel expects to have a future. Well, that is a nice concept providing you are backwards looking. The truth is that the future for Israel economically, politically, and societally is not looking to Europe and the past but to the future and upcoming nations such as India, China and the working democratic, free-enterprise nations in Africa and South America. But when there are those seeking to attack you, they will blame Netanyahu for the rejection by France, Germany and Britain but had he not approached them he would have been criticized for not going. It is the old you can fail by trying or fail by not trying, either way your failure will be attacked.


Israel Willingly Reaching Out to the World

Israel Willingly Reaching Out to the World


The reality is that politically France, Germany and Britain wish Israel, and by Israel the Jewish People, would simply be overrun and removed from their consciences. They blame the Jews for surviving the persecution heaped upon them by Christians and the Greeks and Romans before Nazi Germany almost succeeded in Europe. These leaders will make nice statements and even provide security after each attack, but they believe that their future is to adapt and make their Islamic immigrants become good Europeans. The more likely result will be the Europeans with become nice Dhimmis in an Islamic centric society likely within the first half of this century or by the end at the longest. Imagine Britain under Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, France under Union for a Popular Movement leader Jean-François Copé or Germany under Alliance 90/The Greens Party leader Annalena Baerbock, all heavily pro-immigrant parties and candidates who see the future of Europe as reaching a working alliance with a large percentage of Muslim immigrants welcomed into the nation to replace the numbers of youth not being birthed by native Europeans. Germany (below 1.5 children per woman), France (hovering around 2.0 children per woman) and Britain (approximately 1.9 children per woman) all have reproductive rates below the 2.2 children per woman required to simply have replacement rate. This has been the plaguing problem, with the only reason that these rates are increasing is due to the high birth rates by incoming immigrants, thus since the early 1970’s Europe has been looking at a disappearing native population. This changing demographic has brought on a backlash of anti-immigrant political demographic which has been latched onto by the far right parties. The futures of the nations of Western Europe are being wagered on building their new nation largely upon immigrant populations. This will take them politically further and further from Israel politically and in policy. Israel need accept this reality and come to the realization that though Europe provides markets in the here and now, the future will not be in Europe, at least not in Western Europe. Israel would be better served to work with the former Warsaw Pact nations, assisting them in modernization and build relations with that sphere.


Israel has much to offer any nation in developments and new discoveries. These will produce trade relations with every nation willing to trade. As for political alliances, Israel should not be the beggar but rather offer free trade with those nations which whom we can have strong political relations and a shared political outlook. Israel should build relations with nations who are willing to be cooperative and not constantly joining those in the United Nations General Assembly and other institutions of the United Nations condemning Israel in a near constant basis. Israel should announce that her trade barriers would be lowered for those who support Israel and would be raised on those who choose not to defend Israel from undue slanders and denunciations within world bodies. Israel need stop going from nation to nation with their hands out begging for favors. Israel need simply take care of Israel and deal with favor with those who decide they wish to join Israel into the future. Those who desire or act to the detriment of Israel, well, who needs those who show Israel no favor. Every nation has the right to deal with those who befriend them and to avoid interactions with those who do not. Israel, as most nations will do, should trade with those willing to trade unless a nation is amongst those who denounce Israel at every turn. Israel need go forward by building alliances with nations willing to stand with Israel and move slowly but surely away from any which repeatedly join in denouncing Israel. Israel should not expect any nation to bend or act against their economic future to please Israel but on the other hand, Israel need not assist those nations who choose to work with those who threaten Israel as nations we cannot count amongst our allies. Israel should work with allies made and leave the others as neutral unless they prove otherwise, and then they should be shunned.


Israel cannot expect anybody to respect Israel more than Israel does herself. This is another lesson which the political class need learn and learn fast. If Israel acts as if she is unsure of what is rightfully hers, then how can Israel expect others to be more assured of such than is she? That is illogical at the start. The initial step in this strengthening of Israel and her stand within the community of nations is to act with assured firmness. Step one is to annex all of Area C from the Oslo Accords in which Area C was left under total Israeli control. The existing Palestinian Arabs who are residing within Area C are doing so illegally under the Oslo Accords. They should be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement signifying that they hold no support for terrorism and no ill will towards Israel and accept residing under Israeli Law. In exchange, they will be permitted to remain as legal alien residents. Those who refuse should be offered reasonable remuneration for their property and allowed to move into Area A or Area B. Once the screaming has dimmed to a dull roar, Israel should invite Mahmoud Abbas to sit down a make peace or lose Area B. We expect that he would balk and instead run immediately to the European Union and United Nations and get as many denunciations of Israel for seeking such a meeting under dire threat. Following such a response by political attack and attempted political ostracization, Israel should simply annex Area B and offer the Palestinian Arabs residing there the same option as those from Area C. Finally, the same procedure should be exercised with Area A, the world should expect the same result, and in the end, we could send Mahmoud Abbas to live in Paris with as many of the leadership as possible with the rest being allowed to leave for whichever Muslim nations will have them. Once Israel has established her eastern border as the firmly and originally promised Jordan River, she can move forward acting as if the world has finally come to grips with its original promises. Yes, there will be a period of adjustment and France, Germany and Britain will be generally put out, but sometimes nations need to do what they need to do. Israel does not exist to make the French, German or British people and governments happy, she exists to be the Jewish State and take whatever steps are necessary for her own future and survival. The façade of a peace process has gone on long enough and it is time to settle things and bring it all to an end. The proper end would be and should be that Israel is entitled to every inch of the lands promised her by the Mandate, by the League of Nations, by the Allied Powers of World War I (it is a very old promise) and by the United Nations who promised as much in Article 80 of their Charter. That is the reality and there really should be little if any argument about this. The Europeans and their World War I allies are aware of the promises, as is the Arab League and every Arab and Muslim nation. It is inscribed indelibly in the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Sèvres, the Mandate Agreements and numerous other places, thus ignorance really has to be willingly adopted. The time has long passed for the grievance mongers to be rejected and sent upon their way into the dustbin of history and Israel to take her place as a nation without question. Those who wish to recognize her may and those with problems may have their problems, these problematic countries should not act as an excuse to deny Israel her rightful boundaries. There were promises, an Arab state was already carved from 78% of the British Mandate, and there is no agreement that a second Arab state followed by a third and a fourth until all the Jews reside in a single building in Tel Aviv is required. The time has come to end the ruse and reveal it for what it is, the dream of politicians around the world to step-by-step disassemble the Jewish State and bring the life of the Jewish People to an end where they become a scattered few who live at the kindness of others. Never Again! That phrase should become the negotiating slogan as Israel takes that which is hers and makes it final. Never Again means that we will take the interlopers injecting their politics to Israeli detriment no longer. That time has arrived and it will not take much longer before Israeli politics catch up and this becomes a reality. Prepare for this and prepare your politics for this as the end of the ruse is coming.


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September 22, 2017

Did the Republicans Out Maneuver the Republicans?


President Trump made a miscalculation at the beginning of his term which he is unlikely to make again. He believed that as he had won the Presidency that he was now the leader of the Republican Party. He assumed that the Republican Party was very similar to the Democrat Party which he knew rather well having seen them operate for many of his years. He believed that the Republicans would be assisting him with his agenda. He now knows that his assumption was not quite valid. There were Republicans who believed that they had the right to control the Republican Party and that they were going to force President Trump to allow them to control the agenda no matter what it took. Their first stand was over repeal and replace of Obamacare where they prevented all three proposals from passing and brought President Trump to his realization that there was a sufficiently sizeable group of Republicans who did not care about the good for the American people, they cared solely about their power and control. They would sacrifice the Republican Party from holding the White House if it meant they could impose that they were the real powerful members of the Republican Party. They had everything figured out, they would hold the promises made by candidate Trump hostage until President Trump submitted to their control. Then they would dictate policy as they were meant to do. One felt particularly cheated because he should have been the Republican in the White House the past eight years but he was robbed by President Obama. Then they threatened to foil President Trump’s tax reform plans unless he allowed them to take charge and do what was the right thing to do. These rebelling Republicans were a motely group of very liberal Republicans plus a few very angry Republicans who despised that this upstart who has never held any elected office or paid his dues to the Republican Party was now the President and leader of their party, that is their party. They were not going to bow before this upstart and he was going to bow to them and they would finally dictate and make things right, make them how they had always believed they should be, finally achieve those things they knew were necessary.


President Trump is a different kind of politician, a business politician who believes in making deals as necessary. When he realized that because of this small band of aggravated Republicans who were bent on refusing him any victory, President Trump did the only thing which makes any business sense, he went to work with the Democrats. He offered the Democrats hope for a deal but first they had to prove they could produce the votes by giving him something he badly needed, raising the debt limit. The Democrats gave President Trump his debt ceiling increase and the will to achieve more things which they hold in common. There are Republicans who have accused and thought that President Trump would be right at home amongst the Democrats. Now there will be howls from the Republicans about President Trump joining with the Democrats and deserting the Republican Party. The discussion will be interesting between the Republicans and President Trump as each one accuses the other of betrayal. Which one honestly betrayed the other will depend upon one’s own views and probably which side your political bread is buttered. It might even just come down to which of the two main characters in this grand opera you believe is the better person, President Trump or Senator McCain. What comes next will prove to be telling and it will depend heavily on whether President Trump actually cares about working with the Republicans or now feels he has new friends he can depend upon.


Senator McCain versus President Trump

Senator McCain versus President Trump


The one thing, which we can tell President Trump, is that the Democrats suffer from an ideological block that only permits them to serve their own purposes. Then President Trump also needs to know that those renegade Republicans who appeared to hate his becoming President with so much passion that they refused to do things even that they had promised for the last seven years to their own constituents are just as untrustworthy. But it is very likely that the President already has this game figured and will work with whomever wishes to play ball with him and assist him in getting certain ideas pushed through to fruition. This may mean working with the Democrats on Tuesdays and Thursdays and working with the Republican on Mondays and Fridays and working with a combination made up from both parties who are simply interested in advancing what is best for the people of the United States on Wednesdays. In such a scenario, we predict that Wednesdays would be outstandingly productive. But the real question is what is the immediate path the President might try as neither party has a proven record or appears completely committed to his ideas and programs.


President Trump is going to need to prove that he really can perform the art of the deal. The question will be with whom he will be dealing. President Trump will most likely move to have the Republicans take a shot at passing his tax reform plan, something they will probably demand not be as deep a cut or that so many of the loopholes and deductions be removed. The Democrats would be even more averse to working with President Trump on any form of tax reduction unless he would agree to raising other taxes or enacting Single Payer Healthcare, otherwise known as Medicare for All. The Democrats have always been the deal makers where their half of the deal always has to be enacted first and too often their agreement to enact more later often does not come to fruition. At least that has been the record in their past, especially when it comes to amnesty for illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants) and closure of the border to prevent additional illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants). Fortunately, the President’s next major fight will be tax reduction and reform. This would be an area better suited to working with the Republican Party. That would be a good starting point for President Trump if that is his next venture, but he should also enlist any willing Democrat assistance available just in case the Republican rebellion is still in vogue, then the tax program could still have a good opportunity for passage. Wherever President Trump’s agenda plans may be, he might be required to enlist the willing on each program from both parties in order to bring his campaign promises to fruition. The immediate problems facing President Trump is finding a coalition of the willing from both parties and proceed with the work at hand. To do anything less would be disrespectful of those who elected him to accomplish those items he promised during the campaign. The voters did not care who President Trump works with, they just wanted him to work on those items he promised. They do not even care if he believes in that which he promised, they just demand that he deliver or he will have only one term. Then again, after the way President Trump has been treated, he may not desire another term which makes him even more of a problem as then he has nothing to lose by doing whatever he feels is necessary. At least things will be interesting, and that is very good for those who write about politics.


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February 12, 2016

Even in Israel Claiming Our Birthright Controversial


One would think that with all the reasons that continue to pile up that in Israel at least we would see the solution and not be blocked by what is termed a right of center nationalist Zionist government, but you would be wrong. Naftali Bennet, who campaigned as a nationalist, religious Zionist, has turned from insisting that once we settle in an area that we stay and not destroy Jewish neighborhoods traumatizing complete communities and sparing few from the soured grapes of government wrath to Netanyahu’s pet attack bulldog assailing all who were those who supported Jewish Home with their votes. Benyamin Netanyahu claims he understands the will of the people, the vast majority of the people, when they yell in their hearts and minds to settle the land and send the bands of thugs from amongst our midst, but he sits on a report which grants and explains the reasons, legal and solid foundational reasons, which tell the entire story that the lands belongs to Israel and not to be used for anti-Semitic rabble to plot how to murder us best in our beds. We get fed our daily dose Pablum, our daily bread, which claims that if we just wait things will turn out well in the end and the world will finally stop their irrational hatreds of Israel and we will settle our heartlands when the world is a better place. The world will never be that better place and they will instead chip away at Israel for as long as we quiver with unjustified trepidation in the corner begging them, “Please don’t be so mean to us, we are doing everything you demand, why are you all so angry and what can we do to ease your wrath?” You know their answer is exactly the same as the Arab terrorists; they want us to drop dead and allow the Arabs to mutilate our corpses in the hopes that that will quench their thirst for blood and not move on to Europe and then the Americas after that. So what if they are wrong, in the immediate future they are calling for our blood. Settle the lands now and end this torment that the world watches with a fair amount of glee telling themselves that Israel is the problem. They are petrified at the anger and the murderous practices of Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and the founder of them all, Yassir Arafat’s and Mahmoud Abbas’s PLO, transformed to respectability, original fanatical, anti-Semitic, ravenous, rabid terrorists.


Vengeance is Mine Said the Lord as the Hand of G-d Can Strike Using but One Sole Finger Aimed at the Sinning Individual and Only that Individual or the Fist Throwing Fire and Brimstone as Was the Fate of Sodom and Gomorrah

Vengeance is Mine Said the Lord as the Hand of G-d
Can Strike Using but One Sole Finger Aimed at the
Sinning Individual and Only that Individual or the
Fist Throwing Fire and Brimstone as Was the
Fate of Sodom and Gomorrah



The reality is that the world sees the Middle East as an entity which cannot leave the sands of the Middle East. They see Israel as the necessary sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered on the altar of Baal. For them Israel represents the necessitated blood sacrifice to the pagan gods to be slain before their idol, the al-Aqsa Mosque, in a blood ritual which will then pacify their bloodlust for the time being and they will rest after their sacrificing a few million Jews and they will have their ‘peace in our time’ and be able to sleep well at night as the horrors will finally be completed and the Arab beasts will rest at long last. They choose not to remember the last group which demanded their rights to slaughter the imperfect and the condemned which included six million Jews and another seven million Roma, mentally challenged, physically handicapped, the terminally ill, the unwanted from amongst their midst which was supposed to calm their savage hunger for death. It also claimed between fifty million and eighty-five million deaths before the enmity was quelled and that still took an Allied presence to remain assured that the beast was not to raise its head again. The problem is they failed because that very same beast is rising once again and it is feasting on Jewish blood and the other impure within its nations before turning on the rest of the civilized world, though they are really no more civilized than are their barbarous cousins in the Middle East, both have a lasciviousness for Jewish blood that cannot be sated.


Their hunger for the destruction of Israel, which they view Israel as the monument to their hour of weakness when they relented and allowed the abomination to be born, cannot be sated for as long as Israel continues to exist making a mockery of all of their pantheons to their gods which stand on the homelessness and damnation of the Jew to wander the world as an object upon which all the troubles and plagues can be cast without worry of their becoming an armed threat capable of defending themselves. Israel was the darling until 1967 and again with even greater odds against survival in 1973 when they defeated Arab armies with greater superiority in troops, aircraft, tanks and every other possible military advantage and the cursed Jew not only survived but thrived. At least in 1948 and through most of 1949 even though the Jew was not eradicated despite the aid behind the scenes the Europeans gave the Arab forces, a coalition from both sides of the European theater, German and Allied, the Arabs at least gained territory so there was the promise that they would prevail in stages. The Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War put to rest that the defeat of the Jewish entity, that mockery of their gods, would be removed by Arab forces alone, other accommodations needed to be formed. That was where the mastery of the KGB which aided greatly the concept of the indigenous Arab entity from before the Jew ever set foot in the lands became a reality. Finally there was the assault on the legitimacy of the out of wedlock birth of that place, that Israel. Now progress could be made if they just sit back and let perfidy do its worst setting upon the Jewish State the uncouth and unbridled blood lust of the Arabs who would slowly eat at the body of the Jew, that Israel, as a cancer eats a body left untreated. They would condemn the assaults as if to treat the cancer and feel the pain of Israel but they actually huddled in the darkened corners rubbing their hands together a titillated with every Jewish death.


Their thirst never quenched as they watched rabid forces of hate grow and purify into a blood-lust uncontrollable and the fear began to set in as the blood began to run in their streets. Where have they laid the blame, at the doorstep of Israel for not giving up and surrendering their bodies to the altars of hate. This was the fault of the Jew for defending themselves so well and proving that the Jew actually could fight as was stated in their Bible, the book they had mostly discarded as a bunch of gibberish and silly anecdotal morality lessons. These were of no use to those so civilized that they invite and normalize even the worst of the deadly sins and adopt it as their cause celeb. But how has the Jew not only survived, defended itself against forces so diabolical they should have eradicated the Jew from amongst the real and actual and deserving nations such as those of Europe and still managed to enlighten the world adding to the body of knowledge in so many areas, computer science, medicine, agriculture, and so many others that they were becoming a beacon, a light unto the nations, but still it must be completely cleansed and cauterized as despite all the wondrous things, it was still the Jew amongst the deserving and as such it must be brought low and destroyed.



Top Left depicts the original tribes of Israel reaching south from the Litani River currently in Lebanon to the Egyptian border and from the Mediterranean Sea to both sides of the Jordan River, boundaries Israel is not even seeking in modern times. Top right map depicts the borders of Israel if one simply interprets the promises, treaties, conferences and agreements which reaches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and from the current Lebanon border to the current Egyptian border and the border with Syria, Syria? Well OK, Syria as whatever comes out the other end of the conflagration consuming it today and Israel retains the Golan Heights. The middle map is of Israel compared to the current Muslim World and the bottom is similar but after the refugees, Islam, swallows most of Europe and we may have made a small error as Hungary and even Poland might remain free.

Top Left depicts the original tribes of Israel
reaching south from the Litani River currently
in Lebanon to the Egyptian border and from the
Mediterranean Sea to both sides of the Jordan River,
boundaries Israel is not even seeking in modern times.
Top right map depicts the borders of Israel if one simply
interprets the promises, treaties, conferences and agreements
which reaches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea
and from the current Lebanon border to the current Egyptian
border and the border with Syria, Syria? Well OK, Syria as
whatever comes out the other end of the conflagration
consuming it today and Israel retains the Golan Heights.
The middle map is of Israel compared to the current
Muslim World and the bottom is similar but after
the refugees, Islam, swallows most of Europe
and we may have made a small error as
Hungary and even Poland might
remain free.


They even devised a trap that just had to work, just had to foil the Jew nation. They gave the Arab hatred a name reminiscent of a long dead culture of Grecian seafarers and slowly but surely brought it forth into the world of nations laying claim of lands from the river to the sea. Here we have invented the beast which will finally allow us through slight of diplomatic cruelty slowly drown the Jew in the bloods of terror and war while all the while the European betters could stay clean and watch from a distance as their plot slowly erased the Jew nation. They had at long last made the United States into their craven image hating that Jew nation and cheering the beasts they had let free to feast upon the eventual corpse as the Jew could not survive this threat, they would finally have their sacrifice to their gods of the pantheon and Baal would rest sated. Now all they need do is let the inevitability take place as they gave the beast its name, Palestinian Arab nationalism but their beast had born a child which was now a restless and murderous teen and its name was Islamic supremacy. It has taken on the form of the refugee and slashed across Europe groping and molesting its women and fighting their law enforcement such that one can only wonder how soon their knives and screwdrivers will be drenched in European blood. And whom do you think they will blame? The Jewish State of Israel for not dropping dead upon commanded to so sacrifice themselves. The Jewish State of Israel for even having the audacity to come into existence. The Jewish State of Israel for not failing before the Arab Armies. The Jewish State of Israel for being too Jewish. The Jewish State of Israel for exceeding all expectations. The Jewish State of Israel for giving so many advances to the world. The Jewish State of Israel just for being. It is time that Israel, the Jewish State of Israel assume its prophesized role as a Light Unto the Nations. And the Jewish State of Israel for reminding the world that there is a true G0d, Hashem, and that He does still make for miracles and the proof comes every day from out of Zion, out of Yerushalayim. So let the Jewish State of Israel actually fulfill its Biblical commandment from Hashem and settle all the lands Hashem hath given unto thee, from the River to the Sea and if they scream with upset, perhaps we should also take from the Litani River to the borders of Egypt, Mitzraim מִצְרַיִם.


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