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February 6, 2012

Turkey, Israel, Gaza, and Supply Ship

The biggest story in the Middle East happened this past week and almost nobody covered the story. Twenty months after the Gaza Flotilla fiasco where the Turkish IHH terrorists viciously attacked and attempted to kill or kidnap the IDF soldiers enforcing the legal embargo on Hamas in Gaza we are treated to the complete opposite sending real honest aid into Gaza under a self-imposed press blackout. This happened on a ship named the Mavi Marmara and instantaneously the entire world heard that name, Mavi Marmara, and it became synonymous with Israeli brutality. The whole world lauded the terrorists and condemned the Israeli IDF soldiers for weeks afterwards. The fact that the entire flotilla carried absolutely no useable aid did not matter. The fact that Israel still delivered the outdated and useless medical supplies and foodstuffs and Hamas never even bothered to pick them up allowing them instead to sit in the Middle East sun until they were finally hauled away as the trash they had been from the start never was mentioned. The fact that the entire Mavi Marmara Flotilla was a rouse cooked up to make a spectacle for the world to condemn Israel did not matter, the world jumped at the opportunity to make Israel the evil menace completing the plan just as it was meant to go down. But the new story today, twenty months later, will be ignored and virtually nobody in the world will hear of this story, this almost non-story.


Here we are, twenty months after the ship named the Mavi Marmara made headlines around the world and yet, when an honest to goodness aid ship from Turkey delivers aid for Gaza, according to protocols, and using the Israeli port of Ashod; was designed to be so completely ignored that the actual name of the ship was left unmentioned. The Turkish ship was reported to have carried aid worth $1.5 million worth of aid consisting of medical supplies, food and other basics. This part of the report was confirmed by Turkish Deputy Premier Bekir Bozdag as was the fact that Turkey had arranged with the Israeli Defense Ministry all details for the delivery of the aid last October. There was absolutely no attempt or even mention of the blockade of Gaza and every detail and effort was expended to assure this real aid was delivered in a timely and peaceable manner.


There were no heroic proclamations of defiance in the face of untold cruelty perpetrated by Israel by imposing the blockade. The only statement came from the Turkish Deputy Premier Bekir Bozdag who stated that, “innocent civilians not only die by shelling but can be killed by the strict siege they are being held under, which prevents the entry of food, medicine and other basic needs,” after confirming the safe passage arranged for delivery of every ounce of this aid from Turkey to the people of Gaza. The rest of this non-story occurs each and every day week in and week out. Rarely mentioned and often denied is that Israel transports literally tons of food, clothing, medical supplies and sundry other necessities into Gaza daily. There have been times that Hamas has refused to receive these supplies usually just before arranged visitations by international inspectors in order to convey the idea that they are living deprived of basic necessities, a story happily covered at regular intervals. But the fact that supplies are transferred into Gaza daily and that any country or organization wishing to send nonmilitary relief shipments into Gaza may do so through approved channels and all aid is inspected and transferred will receive no coverage. The fact that Israel actually sees to the well-being of a territory from which they have withdrawn every Jew within its borders and only has insisted to inspect the inflow of aid due to the endless barrage of rockets and mortars fired into Israeli towns and cities every week from an independent, Jew-free Gaza run by the Hamas terrorists is also seldom mentioned. Yet, you can rely on regular mention of any reprisals when Israel uses their military in measured attacks to destroy rocket, mortar and other weaponry warehouses and machine shops in an attempt to curtail their use against Israeli civilians. That makes the front page news as did the Mavi Marmara fake aid flotilla. Meanwhile, the fact that Israel allows aid in and Turkey is able to send a real aid shipment to Gaza through Israel without incident remains relatively unreported. That, my friends is the truth but I will most likely receive e-mails calling me a tool of the Jewish world lobby and I will be accused of being used and of lying. Sometime the most reviled thing in the world is the truth.


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