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November 7, 2018

Trump Proves to be a Racist


President Trump has a history of racism, or at least specism, one who gives preferences by species. He is also probably a number of other things in biology all leading to the realization that Trump has a definitive preference for mammalian creatures with a strong preference for the felines, canines and sapiens. We hope this does not surprise anyone too deeply, but apparently President Trump is very much alike so many of the rest of us. The difference, he often has an ability to act on his preferences in a large way. We have related this before, but it is worth repeating here as well. When Trump, long before he was elected or even had any thought of running for public office, which probably explains some of the not so intelligent things which people who plan on running for public office would risk doing, showed that he liked human beings, probably one of the more important traits, he opened a business venture in Palm Beach. When opening his country club, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, which was purchased by Donald Trump back in 1985, he opened the entire country club to all human beings who could afford to belong. We were unable to find proof, but we believe that if the guests desired to bring any canines of felines, you know, cherished pets, while staying at Mar-a-Lago, we would bet that President Trump would likely have no problems with their being accompanied by their beloved pets, friends, companions, you know, Fifi. When he reopened Mar-a-Lago allowing anyone to join and enjoy the amenities, this infuriated many, if not all, the owners of the other country clubs in Palm Beach who had exclusivity and very specific restrictive rules of whom they would permit entry onto their hallowed resort grounds. Donald Trump actually permitted Jews and people of color and all people while his competitors, they thought they were co-owners who had a say where they could tell Trump what he could permit into his club so they could simply continue their exclusivity, were aghast and exclaimed rather harshly attempting to force Trump to fall in line with the rules. He refused and continued to bring the modern era to the exclusive club owners in Palm Beach. His fellow club owners eventually integrated, but Donald Trump integrated from the very start of his involvement in this otherwise exclusionary set of country clubs. This is a man whose racism is he prefers the human race probably over reptiles, for example, Komodo Dragons (image below). Of course the fact that all of the efforts which Donald Trump has any influence, especially ownership, were egalitarian and inclusive open to every human who could pay the bill, has not sunk in on everyone. That is not the actions of a racist beyond preference for the human race.


A Komodo Dragon

A Komodo Dragon


This is something which would elude anyone observing the antics which took place when President Donald Trump visited the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh paying a condolence call as the leader of the United States and taking the stand, that what happened when Robert Bowers disturbed a Bris and Shabbat Service opening fire and murdering eleven worshippers and injuring a half dozen others including four police officers, is not who America is. Those outside the Synagogue protesting the appearance of the President were not congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue where the Rabbi and Synagogue President all were very welcoming. Those who lay in wait to ambush President Trump included people wearing Kufiyahs, usually used to protest Israel and supporting the Palestinian Arab claims to all of Israel; SEIU shirts, signifying possibly members of the Service Employees International Union which represents government workers both federal, state and local; multicolored wigs, representing possibly referencing sexual freedom and independence; people identifying with If Not Now, an anti-Israel NGO; and as an If Not Now flyer advertising the event stated references which condemned the “police state” and touted the black supremacist hate group Black Lives Matter alongside Free Palestine, there is evidenced that these were neither conservatives nor members of the Tree of Life Synagogue. There was a speaker from If Not Now who complained that, “More cops in shuls will not make us safer.” Their antipathy for police is not exactly surprising as they regularly protest against the IDF, Israeli Border Police and anything having even the slightest relations with the Israeli government, also the conservative, religious and Zionist political parties and Israel in general. The article we found much of the information also reported that there was a sign reading, “Queer Catholic Protects Jews: End White Supremacy.” From the reports, we saw on the television, this group, like many around the nation, was loud and very proud of their demands and insistence that they represent The Resistance and as such also the vast majority of the American people.


We recently had the annual leftist yell fest down in Tel Aviv in Rabin Square commemorating the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. There was the usual reaction one would expect from a majority leftist crowd when a sitting Minister from the ruling Likud, a conservative and relatively Zionist Party, spoke they were clearly polite, well, except for their shouting down when Tzachi Hanegbi spoke. It appears to be something consistent with the leftists in both Israel and the United States, they equate with the loud volume they generate at rallies with being the majority as their opponents are so quiet so thus are therefore nonexistent. They have decided that if they prove to be excessively loud that these acts will lead to their being the majority at the election booths. After all, doesn’t everybody love to hear fanatical screaming. Well, we will be finding the result of the elections in the United States by the end of the week, probably sooner, and we will see if loudly screaming at President Trump wherever he appears and screaming at any Republican candidates, Congresscritters, staff members or other obviously conservative person or people who has the audacity to appear in public and eat in a public restaurant forcing them to always eat at home or at safe friends homes with like minded people results in that Blue Wave we have seen reported in some places. We are willing to bet that screaming likely does not result in their hoped for Blue Wave but then we also doubt there will be a Red Wave, just a Red Tide which will have one whose actions will need be monitored, Mitt Romney. Why Mitt Romney, you ask? Well, he was quite a “Never Trumper” until he announced his intention to run for the United States Senate seat in Utah, and then he became an ardent Trump supporter. We expect Mitt Romney may very well become the new leader of the Republican Resistance against President Trump and are hoping to be happily wrong on this one. But, the election results will be revealing as to whether President Trump can expect to be reelected in 2020 or should step aside and leave with grace. We expect President Trump will stand for reelection no matter what the midterm results.


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January 15, 2013

United Nations Secretary General Displays Double Standard for Jews and Palestinians

The United Nations General Assembly this past November 29, 2012, granted statehood to the representatives of the Palestinians, the PLO, without any requirement for them to negotiate or recognize Israel or perform even the smallest of conditional acts. The very same United Nations General Assembly regularly demands for Israel to enter negotiations with the Palestinians or face denunciations and challenges to their right to be considered an actual country. This double standard appears to present no trouble or difficulty for the United Nations General Assembly as well as numerous of the various United Nations agencies. Now we find that the same double standard by the denouncing of Israel while praising and defending the same activities when committed by the Palestinians by the head of the United Nations, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The office of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon released a statement which stated that the Palestinians have “the right to stage peaceful protests that must be fully respected.” The statement further asserted that Ban is “following with concern developments around the E1 area.” The release further noted fallaciously that Israeli construction in the area is “Illegal under international law,” and that “any such settlement plans for E1 must be rescinded.”

It must be noted that the area in question is completely within Area C which is completely under Israeli legal jurisdiction and the security is completely Israeli. Where the Palestinians have similar rights to Area A and Area B is also under Palestinian civilian control, it is also under joint Israeli and Palestinian security jurisdiction. Under previously signed agreements between the Palestinian authority and Israel, new establishment of any form of residence or structures in Area C, permanent or temporary, which includes the E1 area in question, are required to have Israeli permission while Palestinian permission is required in Areas A and B. Apparently this agreement is only to be applied to the areas under any type of control by the Palestinian authority and the areas under Israeli jurisdiction are not recognized by the Secretary General of the United Nations. It is always nice to know that such an august body which is supposedly renowned for being an impartial arbiter of international conflicts and negotiations holds such a double standard from top to bottom. This fully explains the appointment of Richard Falk as the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories with the mission statement to detail and report all transgressions and crimes committed by Israel in their occupation. Richard Falk described his duties as,   “One is evaluating whether the conditions of occupation are such as to give the Palestinians some kind of right of resistance. And if they have that right, then what are the limits to that right? The other issue at stake in this current inquiry is to evaluate how Israel as the occupying power is carrying out its responsibility to protect the society that is subject to its control.” It definitely appears that Ban Ki-Moon agrees with Mr. Falk’s attitude towards all things pertaining to the situations concerning Israel and the Palestinians.

It is always nice to know the base attitudes of those who hold power and may have influence in adjudicating and influencing the conditions or actions pertaining to your very survival. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has made his view pertaining to the Israeli Palestinian situation perfectly clear. Focusing on his statements regarding actions by Israeli Jews and Palestinians who choose to make political statements through setting up temporary tent settlements as a way of building “facts on the ground” where he posits that the Palestinians are fully within their rights and have his blessings to commit such actions wherever they choose while the Israeli Jews are denied this right in any locations, especially if that location might be claimed by the Palestinians. What is even more interesting about Ban Ki-Moon’s released statement is that it denies the right of Israel to make claims while granting the validity of any claims made by the Palestinians. With such a view from the one person who, by his office, is presumed to be unbiased and neutral on all disputes favoring only that they be resolved through passive, nonviolent negotiations of the parties involved, it is astonishing that such a biased statement could be issued in his name out of his office. Of course the majority of the member countries of the United Nations will have no problem and see no bias and will accept Mr. Moon’s statement as a fair and honest assessment of acceptable parameters regarding actions of both Israeli Jews and Palestinians. It is always good to know where your friends are, and even more vital to locate thy enemies. The Secretary General of the United Nations has made his choice most evident.

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June 15, 2012

When They Come to Destroy Ulpana Homes

There are some calling for taking any steps that may prove necessary to obstruct the destruction and defend the residents of thirty families homes in the five buildings set for either being relocated or destroyed and duplicated to some alternate location. Rabbi Yuval Sherlow, head of the Petach Tikvah Hesder Yeshiva, has expressed rational warnings against taking such an absolute stand as such may lead to undesirable results which would cause violence and lead to injuries or even worse, death. Keeping this wise council in mind, what can be done which would prevent any actions from being executed by the government against these innocent Jews who reside in housing built with government assistance and are now under government threat of having the very same buildings destroyed? There must be some way of showing the government that the vast majority of Israelis are against such destructions without resorting to violence against our fellow Jews. Those who will be sent to execute this vile judgment are not the ones who made the decision and very well might be favorable to preserving these homes but left with little choice as they are under what may actually be a legal order from their superiors. They are not to blame and thus should not have the hands of their brothers and sisters raised against them. Should those judges, activists, or others who forced this situation upon their brothers and sisters bravely show themselves at the execution resultant of their vile deeds, the displeasure of the people should be made evident without threat or violence even to those guilty of this criminal action. Above all else, we need to remember that as Jews we are a family, we are all related even if we may need to trace our roots back to Joseph, we are still brethren.

What we are able to do is demonstrate overwhelming disapproval of these destructions. From articles, interviews and polls on this action it appears that the majority of Israelis disapprove and simply need to be given a path with which to display such. Give these people the chance to help resist the government action against our brothers and sisters. Use the social media as we have seen it used in many other demonstrations. Set up a system, an application whereby a call-up can be executed to gather masses of supporters relatively quickly. There is only a need to have a fast response sufficient to require twenty minutes delay by simply sitting and ringing the threatened buildings. No active resistance is necessary, passive resistance will be sufficient to start. Once the call has been sent, the chains of people who have promised their support can be called rapidly by social media and they can continue to gather replacing those already moved by taking their place. As long as the numbers continue to arrive the buildings cannot be taken down. There is a limit as to how many people can be taken into custody at one time. Once it becomes apparent that there are going to be far more protesters than the system is able to handle, the demolition will be postponed. And as the liberals use as their method against the price of cottage cheese, rinse repeat as necessary. Every time they come to destroy, then come and prevent by sheer numbers. As long as the majority of Israel is willing to bring these vengeful and horrific destructions of the lives of our fellow Jews, that is how long we need to show our love for our brothers and sisters who are under these attacks. Today it is Ulpana, where will it be tomorrow? One last thought, do you honestly believe that these challenges to where Jews live will stop at the Green Line or is it possible that these lunatics will eventually challenge Jerusalem, then the Galilee, then the kibbutzim, then the religious neighborhoods, and then who would be safe? All it takes for these demolitions against Jews to continue throughout all of Israel is enough people who want Israel destroyed. Trust that there are more than sufficient of these peoples. They came for the settlements, but I did not protest for I was not a settler. Then they came for the kibbutzniks, but I did not care as I was not a kibbutznik. Then they came for the Haredi, but I did nothing as I was not an Haredi. I think you can fill in the rest. Do not wait for them to come for you just because you are a Jew, for by then there will be too few Jews left to fight.

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