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February 4, 2019

Think About Where You Put the Jews Before Backing Palestinians


Backing the presented plight of the Palestinian Arabs, people need to think about a few other points as well. First, you have to understand that the Arab Palestinians, backed by the oil wealth of the Gulf States, present a propaganda front backed by now approaching billions of dollars in the past two decades plus. People ask why Israel does not answer and present her side. Well, first, Israel does not have the wealth required to equal the propaganda aired against her. Israel is required to remain on close to war footing at all times with the threats on her every border and this takes much of the money which could be used to counter the propaganda, but then there might not be an Israel to save. Further, all one need do is look at a map showing the Arab world and Israel and we will even provide that map below. That will also tell you something about the propaganda that Israel threatens the Arab world. That will also put in doubt the claim that the Jews are using Israel to destroy the Islamic World. There are almost, if not, two-billion Muslims in the world while the total number of Jews is approaching fifteen-million. That is approximately one-hundred-twenty Muslims per Jew on planet Earth. Another item is that both the League of Nations and the United Nations gave their blessings after the Arab League refused to any compromise on their position, which is the Jews must be ruled by the Muslims because the Quran instructs that the Jews are a lesser people to the superior Muslims, to the original promise made under the San Remo Conference that Israel was to be bordered on the east by the Jordan River. The initial idea was that the Jewish State would have occupied all of what is Israel and Jordan but the British insisted that they promised the sons of King Faisal their own kingdoms, these were Iraq and Jordan, so they divided the British Mandate evenly between the Jews and the Arabs, Jordan received 78% of the British Mandate, the lands east of the Jordan River, and the Jews received 22% represented by the lands west of the Jordan River. When the Arabs claim that all they desire is their 22% which most Western World sources interpret to mean Gaza and West Bank (Shomron or Judea and Samaria), when in actuality they mean the 22% of the British Mandate which is not Jordan, they mean all of Israel. The reason that Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have refused every peace offer has been because they provide for there to be a Jewish State, an Israel, and not the Arabs doing as they please with the Jews. That is the reality.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


The Arabs do not hide their desire and intents. They have often called for the death of every Jewish Israeli. Hamas has in their charter a call to murder every Jew. Their intent is to complete what Hitler started. One need remember that the Arab Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin al-Husseini spent the Second World War working for and with the Nazis, sat with Hitler, met with most of the Nazis who at the Wannsee Conference decided on the Final Solution and demanded of the Nazis that they assist the Arabs with their Jew problem once they had conquered the Middle East and North Africa, with the assistance of the Arabs who the Mufti was recruiting to fight with the Nazis. This is the same Mufti Amin al-Husseini who in the first weeks of May, 1948 ordered that every Arab leave Israel and come to the safety of Jordan, Syria, Egypt or Lebanon so that the soon to be gloriously victorious Arab armies could simply invade the Zionist entity and kill every person they encountered without having to worry about killing fellow Arabs. This tells a thinking person two things. First is that it is very difficult to tell Arabs from Jews. Sure, there are some people where one would think it obvious, but you might be surprised. Second, is that most of the Palestinian Arab refugees from the 1948 Arab war attempting to annihilate Israel upon the morning of her birth left of their own free will and were not forcefully evicted from their homes and villages. When the Arab armies failed and peace, or at least an end to the active fighting, finally came over a year and half later, the Arab nations took these very same refugees which they had caused and enclosed them in camps which originally were tent cities with armed guards surrounding them with barbed wire as the Arab leaders realized that these unfortunate brothers and sisters could be used as a weapon against Israel. If nothing else, they could be used as soldiers to put at the front of any army at their next invasion, which did come in 1967 and worked out even worse than their first attempt. These are realities and truths seldom spoken of as they are called lies. Here is a link to a one-hour informative examination of the Arab Palestinian Refugee problem which does not leave either Israel or the Arab world as without some of the blame and is worth watching at least once.


The reality in the Arab world is that the Palestinian Arabs, be they refugees or living under the Palestinian Authority in parts of the Shomron or under Hamas in Gaza, are seen as lower Arabs less worthy than the rest of the Arab world. Their sole use is to wield as a bludgeon against Israel. Most of the protesters one will see at the so-called pro-Palestinian protests are more against Israel and Jews than they are pro Palestinian. This can be realized when one listens to many of their slogans which are often more about destroying Israel or killing the Jews in Israel than about concern for the Palestinians. This is made obvious simply by looking at a map and realizing exactly what their chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free,” which means the eradication of Israel. That is the bottom line of their reason for Palestinians, to destroy Israel. Many at these protests have no real idea what Israel is or why the Jews would even desire to live surrounded by Arabs who wish them dead. The truth is that Israel existed and was attempted to be destroyed and the Jews along with it by numerous peoples throughout history. We have a prayer included in the Passover Seder where it states that in every generation there will be those who wish to eradicate us, it says rise against us, but there is little difference when one looks at history. The following empires of history have sought to eradicate the Jewish People, Ancient Egypt, Philistine, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Caliphate, Ottoman, Spain, Nazi, Soviet Union, Arab World and currently the one saying it the loudest is Iran. This list pretty much covers the history of the Hebrews who would become the Judeans from which the name Jew originates. But this region is our ancestral homeland and the only peoples who were here before the Hebrews arrived at the end of the Exodus from Egypt were the Canaanites, a people who have disappeared in history. The closest that any people came to successfully destroying the Jewish People, before the Nazis almost wiped out European Jews, were the Romans. The Romans fought three wars against only two peoples and treated both identically after defeating them for the third time; these were the Carthaginians and the Judean (Jews). In both cases they changed the name of the region, in the case of the Judean they named it with the Roman name for the Philistines and attaching it to their province of Syria naming, it Syria Palaestina. It is from this name that the British and much of the world named the area which now comprises Jordan and Israel as Palestine, which was the name of a region of the Ottoman Empire and was never an actual nation. The Romans took both the Judean (Jews) and the Carthaginians and dispersed them throughout their empire and beyond as the Roman means of eradicating bothersome peoples. This brought the end for the Carthaginians, unless anyone has found one lately, but somehow the Jews survived, and their secret was simple, the Torah was the glue which kept us a people.


These are some of the realities of the situation and they deserve to be considered carefully before choosing which side to support, if either side. Supporting the Arabs would present the following problem, a very real and serious problem when one considers how nation after nation, including President Roosevelt and the United States, closed their borders to the Jews, and the British closed off allowing Jews to come to what would become Israel, during World War II. About the only nations who accepted Jews in some numbers were the Philippines, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Shanghai, and, oddly enough, Japan; but none of these nations put much of a dent in the murder machine which was Nazi Germany as they took in a few thousand or tens of thousands leaving millions with nowhere to turn. Italy protected some Jews in their regions of conquest and Japan refused the Nazi demand that they turn the Jews in Japan over to them. All told, and this is a generous estimate, perhaps one-million Jews escaped by fleeing from the Nazi death machine. Jack Engelhard wrote of his family’s escape from Europe and eventual arrival in Canada in his best selling book, Escape from Mt. Moriah. We will simply say that their escape was not exactly a straight affair of going to Canada; it was an adventure with its share of perils. The reality is through the well financed propaganda against Israel and the lack of knowledge of history, let alone ancient history, and the Bible becoming unread by most youths, many people have forgotten or were never aware that the Jews come from exactly the location it now holds. The Map below shows the routes of Joshua and the Israelites took to establish their lands and on the right is the original home of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In the map on the right in the top right is the city of Damascus, the current capital of Syria as well as many of the cities which are today parts of Israel along the coast and throughout the tribal lands. This was the reason that the early Zionists refused the offer to grant them the Island of Madagascar simply because Madagascar is not our homeland; Israel is where we originate and where we desired to return. Torah and the Old Testament along with the numerous commentaries all promised we would return and build the Third Temple which is also called the final Temple. But if the Jews are to be stripped of their homeland, what will the world do with probably seven-million Jews. Can anybody tell me a nation which would even accept half that number? If World War II is any example, then we know the answer, a few thousand here, a few thousand there, but millions left to the mercies of the Arabs who have sworn to kill every last Jew that they are able. Even once they would have Israel, their raging desire to eliminate the Jews from the world would continue as it is commanded in the Quran, as from Sahih Muslim Book 41 Hadith 6985 stating, “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” Whatever this tree is, the Gharqad tree, we should start planting groves of them.


Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes

Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes


Below, we decided to place a couple of videos of anti-Israel protests gone somewhat wrong. The first falls askance when they decide to take their protest into the diamond district of New York. What follows is remarkable. The second is quite different as the anti-Israel protest is disrupted, this time by a single young Jew armed with chutzpah and an Israeli flag. It is strange the reaction in both cases and especially when confronted by a sole sixteen-year-old young man with conviction and totally fearless. One they are overwhelmed by numbers and the second they are overwhelmed by courage, what a contrast.



The obvious truth is should the Arabs ever destroy Israel, then the Jews remaining there on those final days will be slaughtered. The Palestinian Arabs and numerous Arab spokespeople have all made this evidently clear. It is a staple of the diet used to stoke protesters in the Western World, use to mollify the masses in Arab countries as well as Iran, and a staple in the Palestinian vision of their eventual return which will be over the bodies of every Israeli, by which they mean Jew though some include all Israelis with very few exceptions which would include many Arab Israelis. The obvious alternative is for the Jews to flee. Some show their lack of knowledge when they simply claim that the Jews can all return to the country they originally came from. Well, the throngs who came after the Holocaust had no nation to take them, the Jews expelled from the Arab world cannot return to Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Yemen or the many other Islamic nations which were their families’ homes in some cases for close to two-thousand-years and most of the rest for many hundreds of years, and the Jews from the Soviet Union would not likely be welcomed in Russia, same with the Ukraine and numerous European nations would be unsuitable and that leaves Canada, the United States, Central and South America and the Far East which is not exactly a place where Jews have resided in great numbers. In all honesty, within a couple of decades we doubt that the United States would even consider allowing a large number of Jews to make a new life there and the same with much of Europe. Perhaps the Jews could all climb onto a large interstellar spacecraft and head for Planet Israel. Perhaps it is actually out there.


Planet Israel

Planet Israel


Israel is the home of the Jewish People and has been for approaching four-thousand years. Granted we were kicked out and dispersed throughout the world. We survived and we came back to claim the land which was stolen from us. The world knows that the Arabs were and are not native to the area of Israel. They originated in the Arabian Peninsula, broke out in the early Seventh Century, and spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa and into Europe from both the east and west before finally meeting a limit to what they would conquer. We saw above that Israel is not exactly threatening the Arab world or spreading and becoming a threat to all Islam. The Jews are a small minority of the world populations, approximately 0.2%, and we are not demanding a large tract of land, just our own little corner which does not even have oil. Is the world so anti-Semitic that it refuses to permit the Jews a refuge to call their own where they can simply assist nations which have had catastrophes, be they natural or man-made, invent things and share them with the world as we have done since our founding, find cures for cancer and other debilitating or fatal diseases and, most of all, study Torah and worship Hashem having a little peace at long last. Apparently, that appears to be too much to ask of this world.


Beyond the Cusp


August 15, 2018

Leftists, the Israeli Nationality Law and President Trump


We threw in President Trump more to get your attention than as anything shockingly real. The reality where the leftists have gone berserk in the United States and Israel over things which if they were behind similar concepts or power, that would be considered normal. When anybody else is in power, then things are upside down, dangerous and just wrong. And we all know when things are just wrong; the left is out in the streets demanding their right to correct all wrongs and make things correct, correct defined as them in control and nothing less. When President Obama was elected and there were some who protested briefly, the left had a great saying, elections have consequences. Now that Trump was elected President, we learn that elections in deed do have consequences, when the left wins the consequence is everyone must just be quiet and accept their superiority and when the left loses an election we have to listen to their scare-mongering and consistent conspiracy theories which simply demand that the election be reversed and their candidate declared the winner or they will never be quiet. There may be some really bad news coming in 2020 should President Trump run for reelection, though with the treatment he has received, one can barely understand why he would desire going through the mistreatment, but he probably will simply because he believes in what he is doing and, despite what you might believe, he really does love his country. But we would rather talk about what a limited number of American and European leftists along with Israeli leftists are screaming about, the new Israeli Nationality Basic Law.


We thought, we wonder if any other nations have nationality laws which define the basic citizenship theme and how others can, if at all, become citizens and other similar processes. We found a little information. To save everyone the bother of going to the link, the following nations are listed by Wikipedia as having nationality laws: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, People’s Republic of China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom and also the United States. Should we expect leftists in all these countries out with great indignation. For some odd reason, we figure this will not happen while the world over people are denouncing the right of Israel to act exactly as have most other nations. One question, have you ever actually read the document, and that is all it is, a document which is declaratory in its nature and does absolutely nothing to anyone, for anyone and simply states the original Zionist dream which, like it or not, is to establish a Jewish State. It actually became necessary to reestablish the actual dream that is Israel. We are not there as of this time, but in many ways, things are starting to head in a healthier future. Nobody will be finding that anything in their daily lives changed absolutely by nothing. Nobody was granted additional rights that already did not exist and equality remains unchanged in business, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and every other right with an improving court system that is a work in progress and hopefully continues under similar or the same leadership. Israel is the same as it was before the Nationality Basic Law.


Almost All Nations Enact Nationality Laws

Almost All Nations Enact Nationality Laws


What is sad is those who have simply deciding Israel is an illiberal who placed eleventh happiest nation as well as being the happiest nation in the Middle East. Yes, the Druze are a well accepted and are very wonderful Israeli citizens who live in an interwoven fabric, as do many others no matter their ethnicity. The fact that those who are screaming, sometimes accusatorial in nature, all of your protests are largely formed upon word of mouth, gossip, rumors and disaster scenarios. As a service for the public, we have seen and copied the document of the “Basic Law: Israel – The nation state of the Jewish people” so those who have yet to read the actual legislation, here is your chance to pick what in the actual law you find so offensive to protest with such exuberance. We provided a link so anyone may check and see if we reworded anything, we didn’t.


There is one thing which nobody ever speaks about, such as protesting with others who are truly obsessed with Israel and only Israel, except in the United States and among fellow news addicts. The truth is many protests are great excuses to miss work and possibly still paid as you are representing all the right people. You and a group of friends go to numerous demonstrations and others actually make a living going to protests where often there was free food and other benefits. Not every protester even knows what they are protesting, but whatever it is, it must be one of the worst and most serious concerns or why would there be so many people here. It’s fine as some of the same happens with right wing and conservative gatherings, the difference is in the numbers the leftists gather, they are much more fun. Israel simply fell presumably on the, to be protested over everything listing and as such cannot help but be protested by all the right, or is it correct, people. Actually, recently it has been rather hot and humid enough to make protesting less comfortable. But the true believers will be out, and we salute your zeal.


The truth is below and yes, we read it and do not believe it requires our commentary. We do support this law and do believe it was necessary considering the lack of stability in the area and all of the world, national, NGO, leftist protests or other pressures are going to overturn this “Basic Law” passed by a majority of the entire Knesset. That is the sole means for altering this law, not the courts as this is not just any legislation, this is a law thought important enough to go to the lengths for making it a Basic Law. Now, only another Basic Law can alter or overturn the Nation State Basic Law. Sometimes the courts, even the Supreme Court, are required to stand down and simply enforce and act in the interest and any influence which they may have felt reading the actual law. If only the leftists would simply settle down as should the minorities and work to legally make your case within the Knesset, after all, that is the body we elected here in Israel. New elections will come in 2019 or as soon as Bibi had all his eggs in place and starts a ripple which breaks those eggs one after the other. Some parties really took one for the team last elections and now they are back in the bottom representative wise, but the climb back will be made as difficult as possible as some of these parties have a future if only they were not sniped upon. Politics are the same wherever the people are truly free. Unfortunately, far too much of our world has little if any freedom to act and be whatever they pleased. Israel is not amongst those nations and has little plans on ever being anything else other than free to think and act as one pleases within the law. It is up to the people to choose their leadership with great care and after deep concentration and even a little consternation. Below is the actual law, please read and be educated by the simplest method, sources. Please note paragraph eleven which explains exact method which is permitted for this law to be altered, changed or annulled. The Supreme Court would be overstepping their authority if they attempt to annul the Nationality Basic Law as well as declaring an intense conflict with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.


Beyond the Cusp



Basic Law: Israel – The Nation State of the Jewish People

1. The State of Israel
a) Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people in which the State of Israel was established.
b) The state of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, religious, and historic right to self-determination.
c) The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.

2. National symbols of the State of Israel
a) The name of the state is Israel.
b) The flag of the state is white, two blue stripes near the edges, and a blue Star of David in the center.
c) The symbol of the state is the Menorah with seven branches, olive leaves on each side, and the word Israel at the bottom.
d) The national anthem of the state is “Hatikvah”
e) [Further] details concerning the issue of state symbols will be determined by law.

3. [The] unified and complete [city of] Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

4. The Language of the State of Israel
a) Hebrew is the language of the state.
b) The Arabic language has a special status in the state; the regulation of the Arab language in state institutions or when facing them will be regulated by law.
c) This clause does not change the status given to the Arabic language before the basic law was created.

5. The state will be open to Jewish immigration and to the gathering of the exiled.

6. The Diaspora
a) The state will labor to ensure the safety of sons of the Jewish people and its citizens who are in trouble and captivity due to their Jewishness or their citizenship.
b) The state will act to preserve the cultural, historical and religious legacy of the Jewish people among the Jewish diaspora.

7. The state views Jewish settlement as a national value and will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development.

8. The Hebrew calendar is the official calendar of the state and alongside it the secular calendar will serve as an official calendar. The usage of the Hebrew calendar and of the secular calendar will be determined by law.

9. National Holidays
a) Independence Day is the official holiday of the state.
b) The Memorial Day for those who fell in the wars of Israel and the Memorial Day for the Holocaust and heroism are official memorial days of the state.

10. Saturday and the Jewish Holidays are the official days of rest in the state. Those who are not Jewish have the right to honor their days of rest and their holidays. Details concerning these matters will be determined by law.

11. This Basic Law may not be altered except by a Basic Law that gained the approval of the majority of the Knesset members.


August 6, 2018

A Revolution Under Media Silence


Can a revolution happen if the media refuses to cover it? This may be answered in the not too distant future. The media has been doing its best to ignore the uprisings in Iran. The people of Iran are completely fed up with their leadership and are demanding change. There have been recent protests of varying size in the Iranian cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Tehran driven by concerns over the economy as well as wider anger at the political system. In a rare CBS News reported, they disclosed that in Isafan, marchers shouted “death to the dictator,” before appearing to set fire to police cars. These protests have been gaining strength sparking across Iran as a nationwide anti-government movement starting last December continuing sporadically in varying points since. The driving causes include the 12.5% unemployment rate, the plunging worth of their money where the Rial has dropped to 122,000 to the dollar as well as their desire for an end to the theocracy replacing it with open democratic governance. The Rial has lost half its value against the dollar in just four months. Even some hardliners have called for new elections or for Rouhani’s civilian government to be replaced by a military-led one though they have no desire to replace the Supreme Leader the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


The leaders of Iran have a completely different view of the effects and who is to blame. The problem, according to a statement from Radio Farda last Sunday claimed, the central bank alleged the Rial’s drop was the result of foreign conspiracies and said the currency’s weakness against the dollar was not a reflection of “economic realities.” “Recent developments in the gold and forex markets are part of the conspiracies hatched by the country’s enemies in order to agitate the economy and rob the people of their psychological security.” The Tasnim News Agency reported spokesman Bahram Qassemi as saying referring to talks, “The US or parts of the US may express wishes, but after the illegal withdrawal from the JCPOA and their hostile policies and push for economic pressure on the Iranian nation, I think there is no such issue.” Meanwhile, the US is set to restore its full range of sanctions in two stages on August 6, 2018, and November 4, 2018, forcing many foreign firms to cut off business with Iran. The real Iranian leadership appears willing to allow the “elected” government to fall taking the blame but the structure of the ruling Ayatollahs will remain unshaken and remain in control facing the unrest within the population.


Iranian Protests Against Supreme Leader

Iranian Protests Against Supreme Leader


These protests resemble those from 2009 in that they are calling for replacing the entirety of their governance starting with the Supreme Leader and the rest of the Ayatollahs replacing them with a secular democracy and complete separation between religion and government. They desire a return to secular rulership and desire a Western style democracy free of the Islamic totalitarianism. The government has claimed that these protests are the result of external agitators who are spreading discontent and lies and that those who take part in demonstrations are breaking the rule of law. There have been scattered reports on social media that the police have used live fire to break up some of the protests with a number of protesters being murdered with many others being arrested. If these protests result in similar results to the 2009 protests, then there will be a point when violence will become the standard reaction from the government where numbers of demonstrators will be mowed down in the streets and thousands, even tens of thousands, will be arrested with the majority not ever being heard from again and any attempt to attain information about these individuals will be met with silence. This time around, it has been reported that a good percentage of the protesters have been women with some in the leadership and the protesters cross all levels of the population from students to merchants and tradesmen.


What is also new to these demonstrations have been the direct threats to the Ayatollahs as there have been chants of, “Death to the Ayatollah!” The Daily Mail online has a rather extensive set of videos covering the Iranian protests, and from these videos the word protest could easily be used to mean riots, and show some of the injured individuals with some graphic content. These protests are spreading and are in their fourth consecutive day despite the attempts to break up their unity using tear gas, water cannons and as reported in some instances live fire. The Iranians are pretty much ready to take whatever risks and losses it may require regaining their freedom, the very freedom, which the Ayatollahs had promised in 1979, a promise which was quickly eclipsed by their totalitarian rule and iron fist enforcement. Iran is facing the same story we have seen time and again, the people revolt against what they saw as an imperialist leader, the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and accepted the perceived savior, the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini whose return to Iran and rise to power was supported by the United States as President Jimmy Carter extolled the greatness of this wonderful man of religion and deep faith. Almost immediately after raking power, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini allowed “students” to storm the United States Embassy taking fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981, and the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan.


The Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini also took complete dictatorial power under the thin veneer of an elected Parliament where only approved candidates were permitted to be entertained on the ballot and a President who would act as his official receptacle of blame allowing the Supreme Leader to remain perceived as perfect with the elected Parliament and President being the reason for all misfortune. Soon after the new government settled in the Ayatollahs instituted a second military just as powerful and as well armed, if not superior in numbers and arms, called the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which would “keep the peace” in times of unrest as in 2009, as well as be responsible for spreading the revolution across the Middle East and the world. The IRGC assisted and armed Hezballah in Lebanon making it the equal or better than the Lebanese army. Hezballah now commands the Lebanese Army and has complete use of its United States provided arms which were upgraded by President Barack Obama knowing these arms were actually going to Hezballah, have trained Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza, assisted and armed the Houthis in Yemen, carried out the March 17, 1992, bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires which resulted in twenty-nine civilians being killed and two-hundred-forty-two additional civilians were injured as well as the July 18, 1994, Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) bombing which resulted in killing 85 people and injuring more than three-hundred others (see image below). There probably are other terrorist acts and attempts at undermining nations traceable to the IRGC and even if not, just give them enough time.


Results of the July 18, 1994 AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aries

Results of the July 18, 1994 AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aries


The Ayatollahs also instituted the Basij militias who were used extensively in the decade long war between Iran and Iraq under Saddam Hussein. These Basij militias were utilized as the Ayatollahs’ shock troops and during the 2009 uprising were sent into the dorms of the universities to hunt down the leadership of the protests and persuade them to cease their activities sometimes resulting in their terminating the instigating students. The 2009 abortive revolution, also called the Persian Awakening, Persian Spring or Green Revolution, was over the perceived, if not actual, overthrow of the people’s choice at the poles where the majority was believed to have elected the opposition candidate, either Mir-Hossein Mousavi or Mehdi Karroubi, and the Ayatollahs candidate of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was announced the winner. Whether or not he actually won is inconsequential, as the protesters believed he lost by a sufficient margin that they perceived this as nothing short of a repudiation of their votes. The protests were violently put down using the Basij Militias and IRGC forces where hundreds, if not thousands, were mowed down in the streets with many thousands arrested with a good proportion ending up in Evin Prison from which most never returned and all record of their eventual end left hanging as a mystery. Evin Prison is infamous for being where political prisoners are sent, tortured and eventually killed or die as a result of their treatment and also as a black hole where people go in and nothing comes out and even information appears to disappear along with the people who entered. During the entirety of the Green Revolution and its violent suppression, President Barack Obama continued in his negotiations with the Iranian government saying nothing about their actions and simply politely pursuing what would eventually become the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which is the nuclear agreement which President Trump recently pulled the United States support. The one important point is this was ended up being called a Presidential Agreement and was never a treaty, thus as President, Trump decided that the Presidency of the United States no longer agreed.


This brings us to the least favorite part where we predict what is likely to occur. Despite the fact that the Ayatollahs represent at most thirty percent and likely more like fewer than twenty percent of the population of Iran, they possess the vast majority of the firearms and definitely the most powerful weaponry, such as tanks and aircraft. The end result of these protests, especially if they should grow as we suspect they will, will come down to which side the Iranian Army, which is supposedly secular and somewhat independent of the Ayatollah unlike the IRGC troops who answer directly to the Supreme Leader the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, decide to support and upon their choosing the people, assuming that is their decision, also the decisions of individual policemen who might also side with the people and who would be capable of arming people more directly than even the military as they are on the front lines and know who to trust should they side against the Ayatollah. Should the Army, as in 2009, decide to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, then the people face an impossible mountain to climb. The Ayatollahs have stated that they would attack Israel or the United States even if doing so guaranteed the return strike would decimate Iran, as they believe that after such events that their revolution to make Shia Islam the ruling power in this world would become true to honor their national martyrdom. With such an attitude, do you really believe that the lives of the people they rule actually matter to them. The only lives that matter to the Ayatollahs are those who support the revolution where Shia Islam eventually comes to rule the world, all else is inconsequential and may as well be dead to them. People who are in the streets demanding new governance are exactly the people who are superfluous bodies to the cause of the Ayatollahs and as such are unnecessary. The Ayatollahs very possibly would look at the protesters as people who are unnecessary baggage and a drain on resources which could be better spent on nuclear weapons and more missiles and other things which could be used to fight the war in Syria, arm Hezballah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the Houthis and any others who are spreading the Iranian revolution to the remainder of the world. The Ayatollahs do not place much worth on their own lives as they do not expect to see this glorious revolution through to its end, but they do believe that they can save Iran from its people even if such requires a purging of the population. This is the threat the protesters are facing and it is a serious threat. Unless the Iranian military comes to the defense of the people, their attempts at change will die in the streets right beside them. The only other hope for these protests would be outside intervention such as the United States did in Iraq. That is going to be next to impossible because the last thing President Trump wants is to use the United States military in another Middle East conflict. Of course, there is always the possibility of a miracle, and that is about what it will take for an uprising by the people of Iran to succeed.


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