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November 30, 2013

Will Israel Take Steps to Save Herself?

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Often articles about the possible paths that lie before Israel going into the future denote how Israel must appease this one, follow the path spelled out by another, listen to this group or person and other such similar advisories all of which place Israel in a subservient role following the dictates of some other nation, group, expert, advisor or even the columnist writing the article itself. Most of these advisories are more aligned with the interests or desires of the entities leaving Israel in the position of following the demands of others or making apologies for acting in her own best interests. Unfortunately it is following bad advice or giving in to the pressures presented as something that the world demands or expects from Israel.  Many have concluded that Israel has lost something and is no longer that small nation standing surrounded by enemies who wished nothing more than to obliterate that little nation. They claim that Israel has lost her nerve and cannot survive much longer as her time is limited. They claim that because Israel has been maligned and cast as an outcast nation which acts cruelly and has lost her moral compass for so long by so many nations, people, organizations, international conferences, Non-Governmental Organizations and, at the top of the list, the United Nations in all of its forms, tentacles and dark places and faces including but far from limited, and the completely outrageous, over the top, unsatiated display of hate which were the Durban Conferences and the United Nations Human Rights Commission that it has been accepted as fact. So, what can Israel do in a world that appears to have decided that she must be destroyed in order to make all the other problems become solvable. How many more times must we listen to the claim that behind every problem is the fact that the Israelis seem incapable of making peace with the Palestinians, the Palestinian who are peaceable people with only kindness in their hearts and willing to do almost anything to make peace with Israel if only Israel would just meet the reasonable demands they make. The truth that this little demand is for Israel to roll over and die appears to have escaped in the reasoning of the world gone mad leaving Israel in an impossible position of meeting a set of demands which would be tantamount to her committing suicide.


There was a time not that long ago when Israel was considered the underdog nation that was blossoming and developing the deserts and rocky hills of the Middle East. Israel was seen as a paragon of freedom, liberty and personal achievement. What is interesting is that along with Israel being demoted to the point of becoming a pariah that personal achievement has also lost its luster if those who do achieve do not portend to a particular political bend where they constantly seem to be apologizing for having been successful. Perhaps there is some correlation in this phenomenon. Israel has gone from being the underdog fighting the brave fight to the bully and cruel oppressor lording over the poor beleaguered and innocent Palestinians. Israel is being maligned nearly daily on college campuses throughout North America and Europe. Israel is required debate of her most recent or continuing crimes against humanity at every meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council no matter for what reason the forum was assembled. Even if the UNHRC is meeting to discuss the civil war in Syria, the violence in Libya, the murders by the drug cartels in Mexico or whatever the current evil offense of the day may be, the UNHRC is required by its own bylaws to first take time out and condemn Israel for human rights violations whether any were committed or not. One might at this point wonder what is the use of Israel even trying to regain her reputation, but that would be defeatist, and if there is one thing Israel is not, it is not defeatist.


So, is it possible for Israel to regain her reputation, and if so, how? Israel does not honestly need to do much different to regain her solid and bright reputation. Ask the people in Haiti who survived the hurricane only to live in a desolate field of total destruction, the Japanese who suffered the triple blow of a 9.4 Richter scale earthquake causing a tsunami which destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to meltdown creating an environmental and nuclear disaster, the Pilipino survivors of the recent Typhoon Haiyan that destroyed everything in its path and killed or injured thousands leaving whole cities homeless, the people in Moore, Oklahoma, USA whose town was virtually obliterated by a massive tornado which remained on the ground as it swept completely across that community, or countless people all throughout the globe who were relieved when seeing IDF uniformed aid arrive and lend a helping hand often setting up facilities and beginning operations before the United Nations, Red Cross and most other nations even got their units together and where possible have left buildings, equipment and tons of supplies that other relief units take with them on departure of site gifted to those in need. Ask these people about what they think of the Israelis they met. In the Philippines you will need to go way off the beaten path and find a small, impoverished little city Bogo City where the IDF was virtually the only help that this little place, considered unimportant to most, received. The Israeli aid was not delivered where the majority of the work was done and where the main news and media coverage existed; they went to a place where they would help those who most needed assistance but were expecting the usual truth, that nobody cared about their impoverished community, but this time somebody cared.


What Israel needs to do to regain the respect and honors she once enjoyed is actually simple, Israel needs to forget what the rest of the world is demanding of them and refuse to fold before outside pressures, even those from her presumed friends, and Israel needs to consider what Israel needs first. The next time anybody, especially the United States who has demanded this more than most, demands Israel release murderous terrorists who will immediately return to their preferred trade of murdering Israeli civilians that includes women, children and seniors; Israel must simply refuse in no uncertain terms, a plain and simple no, not now, not ever again. Israel needs to annex land around Jerusalem including all of the areas of Judea and Samaria that were placed under Israeli civil, security and military control by the United Nations and the Oslo Accords as these were lands that back in 1993 were considered as belonging to Israel and would remain Israeli when the Palestinian State was to be formed five years hence. Israel needs to simply state that which is an acceptable solution to their impasse with the intransigent Palestinian whose sole purpose is the eradication of Israel, all of Israel, and not peace, never was peace, and then enforce any territorial sections of such a plan and then simply tell Mahmoud Abbas that if and when he wishes to have real and honest peace talks then he should recognize the right of the Jewish people to have the State of Israel and that renounce his call for the phony right of return which is simply a ploy to inundate Israel with Arab agents and use elections to erase the Jewish qualities of Israel. Israel must simply worry about Israel first and foremost and not surrender any decisions over her own future to other nations or world bodies including the Kangaroo Courts such as ICC and ICJ. If the United Nations should decide that Israel must be punished for doing exactly what nations are founded to do, serve their own people and interests, then Israel should simply pack up her bags and depart from that hypocritical body. Once Israel has made these positions clear she needs to never again back away from those principles which serve her interests and ignore those who will scream and yell pounding the table and stomping their feet with a flaming rage demanding that Israel bend to their authority. Israel needs to bend to only one authority, and that authority has no spokesperson on Earth but will make His position known when the time comes and everything matters and not before. That is also where Israel must put her faith, in herself and in G0d and nowhere or no one else.


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August 8, 2012

The Gaffe Patrol

The first thing we must realize is that there are Gaffes and then there are gaffes. The problem, or the fun, in discerning the difference is the reality and crux of the argument. The way we should judge the difference between gaffes is whether a gaffe deserves to be capitalized or simply passed by left with all un-capitalized letters. Then there are those rare and often repeated gaffes that are all capital letters, italicized, underlined, and flashing neon red and are immortalized. Some of these are simply lies such as Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook” or “You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore” which he stated before he ran successfully for President, or a more recent one for our younger readers, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” spoken by President Clinton.

The first property one need analyze of any given gaffe is simple, is it true or is it a lie, and if it is a lie, how severe a lie or stretch of the truth is the statement. The bigger the lie, the more massive the gaffe, especially if it is a lie that can be recognized by everybody. The above gaffes fit the lie model. The next property is was the statement disparaging or hurtful of people you had no call, reason or need to insult. Romney’s London Olympics gaffe, “The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials — that obviously is not something which is encouraging,” is a perfect example of this type. Then there are those gaffes which are technically true but so against logic and the common belief. President Obama’s gaffe stating, “Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own,” is an example of this kind. There are likely as many traits to gaffes as there are gaffes, but these are some of the major properties. There is a final property which all gaffes must contain in order to qualify. A Gaffe must be an offense in some manner or perceived as such by the person hearing it in order to be a gaffe. This means that gaffes are very personal. This begs a question, who gets to decide what is a gaffe and what is not?

To be truthful, we each decide for ourselves which statements are gaffes and which are simply unpleasant truths or commentary. Let’s compare two recent “gaffes” made by our two main Presidential candidates. We have President Obama’s gaffe stating, “Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own,” and we have Mitt Romney’s gaffe stating, “It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.” Both statements technically have a kernel of truth at their core but are interpreted to be false by some segments of society and are thus considered gaffes. Those who support Israel having Jerusalem as their capital city as they define it will not believe Romney committed a gaffe while those who are ardent believers in the fact that government is an integral partner in all we do will not believe that President Obama committed a gaffe. So, gaffes are extremely personal and it can be said that one man’s gaffe is another man’s core belief. Often, what makes a statement into a gaffe is not so much what was said but how what was said was worded. If Romney had claimed, “Jerusalem, Israel’s proclaimed capital,” or President Obama had stated, “government has its place in all things,” then they likely would have passed with a lot less scandalous indignation. Still, the main component in both of these gaffes is whether or not they will matter to each individual in the long-run. It is likely that Obama supporters will not have seen a gaffe serious enough to change their vote while Romney supporters will pass his gaffe off as a truth which some object to and will still vote for him. So, in the end, a gaffe needs to have a lasting effect or be so notable that they are universally accepted as a true gaffe, a rare gaffe indeed, to become a permanent gaffe in our lexicon.

The sad truth is that the initial determination of a gaffe has been relegated to our news cycle and the press. So, gaffes will be dependent upon where you get your news just as much as what was said and who said it. A gaffe that the New York Times will use as its top of the fold headline is very likely not the same gaffe as the Washington Times would have as their top of the fold headline. The true source of gaffes would have a top of the fold headline which included both gaffes from the New York Times and the Washington Times. Gaffes are very slanted and often carry a huge political component making determining gaffe from rallying cry a matter of pure politics. This has been made obvious by the number of conservative outlets beating the “You did not make that” drum endlessly since the President made that comment while the “Great London Olympics Insult” has filled the liberal airwaves. So, go on out there and rate your gaffes and maybe we can make this into the fun game it is for the presstitutes who live and die on quotes they can transform into the embarrassment known as a gaffe.

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