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June 20, 2019

Ugly Reality Mostly Ignored Shames Media

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We felt that perhaps a small introduction to the article is necessary. We found sticking strictly to the subject to be terribly difficult, emotionally draining and psychologically vexing. We found writing about related facts and other connected subjects to be required for our own emotional needs. The rape of a seven-year old girl was to be so horrific that our emotions and anger resulting from even thinking about such a barbaric act to be too much, so please bear with us, thank you.


Outside of Israel and a few Jewish communities, the recent bestial rape by a Palestinian Arab worker at an elementary school, of a seven-year young girl near the school where two fellow Palestinian Arabs assisted holding the child down while berating her for being an Israeli and a Jew, has been ignored. Had such a crime been committed with the roles reversed, the world would have seen two-inch banner headlines. Such is something which will never be seen, bizrat Hashem. There are numerous items which were perpetrated and underlying this horrific act. It was not, as rapes often aren’t, a crime of passion. This was not fully a crime to impress superiority on the victim. This was a nationalistically driven act of terrorism meant to imply superiority over a Jew and “an occupier” which was helpless and did not even know how to fight. This was an act done to impel a right to take anything for their pleasure from the lands of their enemy. This was an act done to proclaim a victory over the Zionist Entity by defiling one of their women, even if the woman was a seven-year young child. This was a despoiling with intent to ruin a young mind, body and soul filling her with a dread which will haunt her the rest of her life. This was done in order to make her unfit for any other man and to claim to have destroyed a Jew. This was an act worthy of an idolatrous barbarian.


There is far more which should be understood by the rest of the world, specifically those who hate Israel without ever coming here to see what it is that they are supposed to hate and verify whether what they have been told is valid or false. The Arab view of Israel is that they will eventually destroy it even if they are forced to wait perhaps a few centuries. To many of the Arab Palestinians every Jew is a legitimate target for committing any atrocity against. The same would apply to an Israeli Christian or any Israel who is not a Muslim, or potentially not sufficiently Muslim. Theirs is an intent for domination, then humiliation and finally eradication. Their intent has not altered one iota since best described so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League who stated, before six Arab armies invaded the nascent state of Israel in May of 1948, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” This is their definition of their final victory. They claim to have patience able to wait centuries. Jews had the patience to wait two millennia to return to their ancestral homelands which were defined in Torah from three millennia ago. Sure, let it be a test of patience, we still have plenty in reserve. But more acts like this and the Israeli public will be demanding action to punish all these transgressors and to end their occupation of Israel.


But this act was intended to horrify Israelis. It should horrify anybody who has even a modicum of civility. People need to step back a moment and look at which side is building a nation which will benefit all of mankind and the other is out simply to destroy everything in their goal of fulfilling their hatred for the other. Israel offered to allow any Arab willing to live in peace from those who had fled to behind the Arab lines at the onset of their invasion. The Arabs who had fled believed the Mufti’s promise of sharing in the riches of the Jews after their glorious victory. Exactly what the Secretary General had described was the outcome most of the world expected, especially many Europeans from both sides of the just ended World War. When that was not the result and after Israel offered to allow the Arab return, their Arab brothers locked them up to use to crush Israel and to use as a pawn in the media and at the United Nations. They have suffered needlessly and for that the nations in which they have been imprisoned should be made to absorb them. Many Arabs in these camps have relatives who live in the city neighboring the camp. There are such camps within Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. Palestinian Arabs are kept in refugee camps by Palestinian Arabs. One of them just brutalized a seven-year young child. His was an act of domination just as had occurred just like during the massacres of the Mongols. This was an act harboring the origins of the horrors of past wars. Echoing the past as the Rape of Nanking, Viking raids, the conquests by barbarians throughout human history. This was an aberration peculiar to periods and mindsets of periods we had hoped mankind had evolved beyond. This was an act of primitive barbarism.


The question comes down to whose lands these are and under Islam everywhere is supposed to be ruled by them, though each group believes their Imam or ruler should rule everyone. The Palestinian Arabs had all the opportunities and choices open before them. They could have joined in building the lands for the benefit of both people. They could have chosen a relatively wealthy society with opportunities available to those with the drive to take them. Instead they chose to destroy, defile and putrefy everything they touched. Theirs is a society based upon hatred and destruction. You can leave Israel out of the equation and simply look at the actions of the PLO in Jordan and the PLO in Lebanon. The essence of their intents no matter their location or whose nation they are attempting to topple and destroy, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon or wherever they are found. During the Syrian civil war, which is still raging, the Palestinian Arab refugee camps was one of the initial flash-points in the early fighting. Theirs is the outlook of the world reflected with equal barbarity by the Islamic State, specifically when they were dehumanizing the Yazidis raping every female of almost any age. This is the world they want to spread as far and wide as they are able. This is what has occurred in much of Europe in the cities where Islamic gangs prey on Christian girls. One need look to England, in Manchester where they had Islamic grooming gangs which industrialized rape. Some will claim that what happened in this case was just one case and not anything which can be seen as troubling. Would the ‘it should not trouble anyone that women are being groped, raped and often grievously injured with some requiring hospitalization across Europe’ change their thinking. When such attacks are occurring in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands for further examples and we could continue. But right now, we are concerned with one specific example of what is obviously not just an Israel problem.


Immigrant prison statistical graph


We keep meandering away from the rape of a seven-year young, and we keep emphasizing young because that is part of why this crime was so beyond all decency. This was a crime for which there is no suitable punishment. This rape cries out for equal pain, suffering, agony and torture of the spirit to be imposed on the rapist and his accomplices. The rapist had been arrested, but for reasons which escape us, the accomplices are still free. That needs to be rectified. What will be the end result of this unconscionable act? The state prosecutor’s office will take their time and allow as much time to pass as possible in order to have a trial with as little outside protest as they are able. They will sentence the perpetrator according to cold statistical measures and believe it is all over. That is not what required addressing. This miscreant is but one piece of a much larger problem which extends well beyond Israel, we have just been on the front line, the tip of iceberg and the only part which is visible and obvious before the world. Israel is the crux where this creeping, engulfing, divisive, supremacist, exclusionary infiltration permeating much of the Western Developed world and is subjected to scorn as others blame the victim for the criminal act of self-defense. One can bet that if a not too dissimilar crime were to be happened upon by an armed Israeli who shot the rapist, the headlines across Europe would be ‘Israeli shoots Palestinian in the Back’ and it would be the fourth or fifth paragraph when the activity of raping a young woman by the Palestinian Arab would enter into the articles. This is what Israel has faced and is the reason why this unthinkable criminal act is being ignored by most of the world, it was in Israel and they deserve what they get, not like the Europeans who are simply being left in the dark about their own difficulties. Yes, there exist articles about the criminal wave which has struck Europe with sex crimes at the top of the list of things the European public has been told they need to accept, it is simply a cultural thing. Just a cultural thing, allow that to sink in and then start to get upset. Why upset? Because it is your culture that the government is not enforcing and instead foisting a foreign culture upon the indigenous Europeans.


What to do about these problems? The first step is to have the media start reporting the truth. Next is the police need to enforce laws and apply them to the incoming immigrants. But that would lead to a war in the streets, that is not worth it as it would make things more difficult. Where does anybody honestly believe that allowing another culture to come in and exist, according to the governments, side-by-side in peace and happiness. Well my friends, it will not remain or ever actually match that description. This is a culture war and if you do not fight it now, then you will lose later, those are the choices. You can surrender and become nice little Dhimmis or your can decide that the culture which your society has lived and developed for two millennia is worthy of saving. Of course, that will require the people getting engaged and actually doing something. The government, authorities, law enforcement and everybody else, possibly even the military, are telling the people that everything will be fine, it is just an acclimation process. What they are not telling you is that it will be you doing the acclimating and the Muslims dictating how your culture will become. This is why the European elite hate Israel, we decided to fight for our culture and they are incensed that Israel is making them look in a poor way, the Jews are showing them up and they have no answer. This is the result of the Secular Humanist outlook where no culture is worth more than any other thus your culture is unworthy and not in need of defending because it has no value. This is the mindset of your leaders and they are going to allow all of Europe to go down without even a murmur, and they will come down on you should you make too much fuss. Just accept your fate as it was the lack of the current generation having children which brought on the necessity of importing immigrants to work, but the ones they have brought are not working, they are lying in wait until they reach the tipping point where they can take over and rule Europe. You continue to be silent and that will be your future, meanwhile, here in Israel we will keep right on screaming and making a fuss. We want to live and to do so as our own people with our own culture building our future. The Palestinians have no interest in their future, they simply seek our destruction, and Europe wishes we would allow this silently. We will not, what about you?


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December 4, 2017

Egypt Very Likely the Next Syria


Donald Trump has decided to follow one policy which President Obama used causing great consternation amongst many experts and we expect similar results from President Trump pulling out of the Kurdish region after the Kurdish Militias, particularly the Peshmerga, who pushed the Islamic state back in both Syria and Iraq, opened the path for the liberation of Mosul and the eventual defeat of Islamic State Capital of Raqqa. With the United States deserting the Kurds at the behest of Turkish President Erdoğan who has genocidal aspirations for eliminating the Kurds as he tales their land to reestablish his own Ottoman Empire, or at least the first steps of taking Mosul and Aleppo. President Trump is attempting to avoid getting caught in any quicksand and he knows the Middle East is full of potential sand traps and quicksand. He saw how the Middle East took down both of his predecessors and how even those who pegged their rising star upon Middle East achievements, are now watching those achievements dissolve as if made of sand in a brisk wind. The peace between Israel and Egypt supposedly crafted by Jimmy Carter (it wasn’t and he almost destroyed it trying to tie the Palestinian and Syrian peace onto Egypt which almost sent Sadat running but Begin promised to keep it between the two nations without other Carter presented additions) now leading to a Sinai Peninsula with growing terror and criminal elements running rampant. The other was Bill Clinton’s claim to fame (other than the woman in the blue dress) which was the Oslo Accords which have proven to be a complete fraud and may result in Trump dissolving all hopes for the Palestinian Authority (PA) or other Arab interest ever breaching a peace with Israel and pulling American backing for being the sponsoring negotiator for any Arab and Israeli peace process, especially the two state solution the PA keeps touting as the only hope and then turning down all offers. But our concern with this article is Egypt so let us turn our heads to the Sinai Peninsula for a start.


The first group to find the Sinai Peninsula attractive was Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Along with the Muslim Brotherhood came al-Qaeda in the form of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem). Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in late 2014 became Wilayat Sinai which means Islamic State in the Sinai. Today they constitute up to eighty percent of the Sinai Province’s fighting force. The Islamic State has taken a turn towards disaster with the United States support for the Kurds turning the tide. Now the weakened Islamic State cannot even defeat or hold off the Syrian forces of Bashir al-Assad backed by the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and Hezbollah. Meanwhile Turkish forces are continuing their assaults on the Kurdish forces from the north while the Iranian and Iraqi forces are pushing them from the south in Iraq thus leading to their rapid retreats and decimation. This will, in time, also lead to the remaining Kurdish likely to become terrorists and fleeing to some place where they can likely join up with, oddly enough, the Islamic State. This will have them choosing between the two places where it appears that Islamic State is regrouping, Mindanao (the southern Island in the Philippines) or the Sinai Peninsula. The ones choosing Mindanao will find United States trained and backed Philippine forces with modern equipment and United States intelligence assistance. The ones choosing the Sinai Peninsula will find initially no resistance and a weak Egyptian ability to contain their actions.


Recently, two to three dozen “militants” (read terrorists), attacked a mosque in the Northern Sinai town of Bir al-Abed, along the coastal road connecting the main cities in the northern Sinai of El-Arish and Port Said. Utilizing explosives and automatic weapons, they slaughtered over three hundred of worshipers including almost 30 children and injured approaching fifty more worshippers. Almost all of the attackers escaped. Egypt has promised, or at least Egyptian President al-Sisi has promised to take on the scourge which infects the Sinai Peninsula and clear the terrorists and other criminal elements and provide protection and safety for the residents of the Sinai Peninsula. Of course there are those who will claim that the scourge are the residents of the Sinai Peninsula, and they would have a point as it appears that the expanse has become inundated with what President Sisi would qualify as the wrong element. The first step that is required be taken is to get permission from Israel to use armored units, helicopters and conduct air strikes as under the aforementioned Egypt-Israeli peace accords, Egyptian forces are limited to police using light weapons only enforcing the peace in the Sinai Peninsula, as this was to prevent Egypt from stacking troops on the Israeli border and as Israel was returning the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula and not retaining some percentage or large buffer zone for themselves, making the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula a militarily limited zone made sense back in 1979. Even now, there is a logic but the pressing problems of the terrorists and criminal gangs requires Egypt be permitted some latitude in dealing with this menace as this menace would eventually become a security problem for Israel plus would make arming Hamas with better rockets and heavy weapons more probable.


Further, much of the reported actions beyond the slaughter of innocents, have been abnormal and abhorrent activities. There have even been horrific reports of rape, beheadings, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, slave trade, sex trafficking and trafficking of organs taken from African kidnap victims. All of these would be problematic for Israel who shares an approximately two-hundred kilometer border with Egypt much of which is not fenced as of yet plus there is the almost fifteen kilometer border Egypt shares with Gaza through which anything, literally anything, could pass especially should Egyptian guards be scared from their guard posts or simply removed as has occurred in one memorable incident. Jihad militants based in the Sinai attacked an Egyptian outpost killing between ten to fifteen Egyptian policemen at the security checkpoint in Rafah. Then the militants stole vehicles laden with weapons (see pictured below) and tried to breach the Israeli-Egyptian border crossing at the Kerem Shalom terminal using an armored vehicle and one truck. Israeli Air Force aircraft managed to destroy the armored vehicle thwarting the terrorist attempt to cross into Israel. Ground forces intercepted the truck as it crossed the border destroying the truck and neutralizing the sole terrorist inside driving the truck. No Israelis were hurt in the incident. The Sinai Peninsula terrorist problem had been a building problem ever since the fall of Egyptian President Mubarak who was forced out by President Obama and replaced by Muslim Brotherhood’s favored candidate, President Morsi, who was subsequently replaced in a coup by President Sisi who won the subsequent elections, which was no big surprise. During this entire period the Sinai has been protected and policed by fewer and fewer forces leading to the current problem reaching the levels it has. Now more drastic action is required and it may eventually take more than Egypt is capable of addressing.


Weapons Cache Stolen in Egyptian Terror Raid Captured by Israel

Weapons Cache Stolen in Egyptian Terror Raid Captured by Israel


Should Egypt prove incapable of addressing the terror and criminal problems in the Sinai Peninsula, that would bring on some very interesting prospects. Should Egypt turn to Israel for assistance, what might lead to Israel permitting IDF soldiers to risk life and limb to assist Egypt with what is basically a pure Egyptian problem? That would pose an interesting question and one can wonder at the various and potential solutions. There can be little doubt that Israeli assistance would make the effort far easier but one can only imagine what would entice Israel into such a deal. Perhaps if Egypt were to include the removal of terror entities and criminal elements from Gaza as well and offering to take in those Arabs from Gaza desiring to leave Gaza and then turning Gaza back to Israel with the understanding that the remaining Arabs would be permitted to have a semiautonomous area near Gaza City and Rafah. This would remove the problem of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and who knows whom else on the Israeli southern border while providing Egypt with well-trained troops to assist with the problems in the Sinai Peninsula plus it would provide Egyptian troops some lessons in terror control tactics by working alongside Israelis. Some Egyptians might even realize that the Israelis are not all that different from the Egyptian troops having similar difficulties and similar desires beyond their military service.


Meanwhile, there are more problems in Egypt which could greatly increase the problems with extremism and terrorists. Quoting the Egyptian government, “Unemployment among Egyptian youth, who have been the jihadi foot soldiers, is above thirty per cent” and even higher for women. This leaves a large and dissatisfied group who are restless and seeing no future for themselves leaving them with growing resentments and anger. Such a situation leads to other problems including drug use, alcohol addiction and potential recruitment into criminal gangs or even terrorist groups. These are both fast tracks to a short life but for some the risk is worth it, as they see no other means. They are attracted by promises of wealth, prestige and living fast. What they are not told is live fast, die fast. Many of these youths will be amongst the first to die should the terror groups believe they have an opportunity to attack Israel with their new recruits and larger numbers but that would be a drastic and costly mistake. These children have little meaning to the terror masters who would sacrifice them as cannon fodder leading the next attack on an Egyptian outpost or whatever their target.


The truth of the matter is that should the Islamist State move into the Sinai Peninsula, they would not be much of a threat to Israel as if they could not beat the Kurdish Militias simply because they had United States air support, they would be utterly destroyed taking on the IDF’s combined forces. The only country which would have to worry would be Egypt. Egypt’s two main cities, Cairo and Alexandria, are both hours from the Sinai Peninsula. Additionally, the Suez Canal is extremely vulnerable to terror forces operating in the Sinai Peninsula. Should the Islamic State start shooting at tankers traversing the Suez Canal they could cause incalculable financial losses especially if one of the tankers were to catch fire and block the canal for all shipping for hours, or worse, days. Such an attack would cause worldwide panic as the Suez Canal is a major shipping point used by Europe and Asia for the majority of their trade and alternate routes are not exactly comparable. Further, should the world decide the Suez Canal has become too great a risk, then Egypt would lose its main source of revenue and lose face in not being capable of protecting their own lands and their one major waterway. Soon the Sinai Peninsula problem is going to spill into mainline Egypt and take out the Suez Canal when it does, as the world would not trust the security of their ships to the Egyptian promise of security of the Suez Canal if Cairo or Alexandria were to be attacked by terror forces from within the Sinai Peninsula. How little would world trust Egyptian guarantees of safe shipping along the Suez Canal if terrorists were to cross the canal in numbers for an assault on Cairo? Insurance companies would raise rates on shipping through the canal possibly making alternative routes more affordable.


Beyond the Cusp


November 13, 2017

Rape, Sexual Harassment and Feminist Hypocrisy


Let us all admit this right up front, Harvey Weinstein was and probably still is a pig and a disgusting one at that. He deserves much of the scorn for his practices and using other human beings as sex objects, toys even. We should also accept that he operated in this fashion in a time when such was more of a common practice than today and was almost alive during times when slaves existed in many places around the globe openly. If we were to be complete honest about this practice, then we should expect to have much, if not most, of Hollywood, producers, major stars and starlets and to be sure, male and female sexual predators alike. But that is simply Hollywood and the sexual harassment and worse produced as matter of fact coin of the realm.


What about one who preached modesty for women, proper behavior and restraint for women, unbecoming clothing to hide the female form all so men would not act like the sexual predatory animals they presumably are and then acted exactly as one of those predatory animals men presumably are? Should the feminist lobby and membership be outraged or understanding as this presumably honorable man has been accused of acting boorishly, committing rape and taking advantage of his position of power and influence in order to take advantage of women who trusted him. The man holds and has held prestigious positions such as a former Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at St Antony’s College, Oxford, and also teaches at the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford, is a visiting professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, and the Université Mundiapolis in Morocco plus is also a senior research fellow at Doshisha University in Japan and is a Swiss academic, philosopher and writer. Since the accusations of sexual misconduct have piled up with some of the women unknowns, a few women of stature have also brought accusations that in their youth when they were not accomplished, they had been victims of this illustrious man of religion.


The man in question, as you have all probably recognized already, is Tariq Ramadan, the Islamic Imam extraordinaire of Europe and as much loved and respected by the seculars of Europe as he is by Muslims the world over. The allegations against Tariq Ramadan must be addressed seriously just as they would be inspected with all seriousness were this a cleric of another religion. Imagine how seriously women would be taken if they were to come forward with similar charges against one of the Catholic Bishops or Cardinals claiming that as a priest they had molested and raped these women in their youth or if high clergy of a protestant church or respected Rabbi were accused of these same charges. In any of these cases, the women would be canonized by the Feminist Movement and these Christian or Judaic clergy, religious men would not be permitted an ounce of sympathy and would be held accountable and their accusers believed just as have the charges against Harvey Weinstein. It has taken Oxford University a number of weeks before deciding to influence Tariq Ramadan to take a leave of absence until these matters have been cleared. The basic response in Europe has been to treat him with kid gloves and accuse the women of slander and protest their absurd and contemptible accusations against such a man who stands above reproach.


Islamic Imam Extraordinaire of Europe Tariq Ramadan

Islamic Imam Extraordinaire of Europe Tariq Ramadan


Did we miss the demand that we return to the 1950s or earlier where a woman accusing a man of rape was ridiculed and charged with asking for it or is this a unique case where the person accused is absolved due to their religious orientation granting automatic immunity against such charges. To claim that Tariq Ramadan cannot be held to the same standards as other men is to support the Islamic claim that if a woman was raped, then she deserved it unless she can produce four men to support her claims and were witness to such an act. There would never be four men who would claim to have witnessed such an act as rape and not intervened to prevent such an abhorrent act, thus the women could never produce sufficient witness to uphold her wild accusations. Tariq Ramadan would be dismissed as innocent and his accusers stoned in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and much of the Islamic world. In reality, no woman would dare bring such charges in a Muslim nation, as they would know they were risking their own lives with such an accusation. To bring a charge such as these against a man of the stature and position of Tariq Ramadan would be certain death. Fortunately, these women are in the Western World and thus are not risking their lives, only their reputations.


But will being in the Western World make their accusations any more productive or will they be discarded as foolish women who should have known and expected such treatment from Tariq Ramadan meeting him in a private location without witnesses. They must have known that being alone with a Muslim man would drive his sexual desires beyond his abilities to control his actions. What were they thinking, one meeting him alone in a hotel room, she had to realize that he was inviting her to his own little den of iniquity. Meeting him alone anywhere, his office at Oxford, a meeting room at an Islamic Center, any location unsupervised would simply be an invitation to do with them as he pleased and he pleased to please them, or himself. These were Muslim women and one admitted to meeting him unveiled and wearing close fitting Western clothing which was in fashion, she had to be temporarily insane to agree to meet dressed thusly. These other students, they were likely improperly dressed to be meeting a Muslim man alone in an unobserved and remote location. The Quran warns women not to place themselves around Islamic men in any place or situation where the men might act animalistic as this is a temptation which no man can resist. Tariq Ramadan is being charged with being a man, a normal man under Islamic belief and as such, he could not be expected to withhold his desires and lusts in the presence of such temptresses. Obviously, the officials and public throughout Europe are well versed in all things Islamic and have already reached their verdict, Tariq Ramadan was acting as a man and these women are to blame for his actions against them as they were asking for it. They placed candy before an infantile mind and the child-man simply took the candy, what did they expect. If these women honestly believe that Tariq Ramadan did something untoward to them, maybe they should go back and consider the stress and irresistible temptations they placed before him and the terrible situation they imposed tempting him in such an unholy manner. To have expected anything different than what they received was simply ignorance and after all, would not any women accepting such a meeting with Tariq Ramadan be doing so knowing the result and secretly desiring such an end? We must understand that these women had glanced the beatific aura and rugged handsomeness that was Tariq Ramadan (see image below) and were taken by his radiance as well as the powerful positions he held and importance in the Islamic World, it is no wonder they sought to tempt him so shamelessly.


Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan


The end of this series of events, or fiasco depending on one’s predisposition, is still something we will need patience to wait and then ascertain. The initial reading of the tea leaves would indicate that Tariq Ramadan will lose some of his sheen but still be considered a radiant and brilliant person above reproach in the finer societies of Europe and for the leftists in the United States. He might lose his position at Oxford but is more likely to be granted a sabbatical to return to somewhere in the Middle East to further his studies only to make a triumphant return in a year to eighteen months. The women will be insisted to be more reserved and to reconsider their charges. Most will be glad to escape this circus intact and not permanently labeled as a woman without morals, as an easy woman. Hopefully, some will stick to their guns and perhaps receive support from some more prominent women, possibly Muslim women of prominence with a similar story from their past and Tariq Ramadan. There must be some Muslim woman who he demanded favors for a recommendation early in their career. Such a woman making an accusation would be risking becoming a pariah in the Islamic World and be without any support from the Islamic World. They would be signing their own death act should they return to the wrong country in the Middle East, North Africa or anywhere where Sharia is enforced. They would be best advised to avoid many of the Muslim neighborhoods where they enforce their own laws in Europe, the United States or elsewhere in the world. They would no longer be acceptable should they bring down a Muslim man for sexual misconduct as such so rarely exists in the Islamic World as to be considered an impossibility, something one would probably never witness in their lives. These women would become ostracized and face the wrath of Allah according to most Imams. This is the risk each of these women who have made accusations is already facing and that alone adds credence to their claims. The result of these claims and possible future claims will be interesting to watch, not so much the actions in Europe and the United States but throughout the Islamic World, that is where change is necessary and the reaction to this fiasco, as it is currently playing out, will tell us much about the future of the Muslim World, and thus the rest of the world as well.


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