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December 23, 2017

Let’s Complete the Peace Process the Only Way Possible


Currently there are two processes ongoing which sound very similar, share much of the same terminology but have diametrically different end results targeted. Allow us to break down the ideas on the Israeli side and see what their actual desires really are, and then we can take the Arab side. There are at least two separate paths being traveled by the Israelis, each with their own divergent groups; so we will follow the first two and perhaps comment on such divergences. The first group is the dreamers, whose links, or even contacts which can barely be described as attachments, with reality are dubious at best. This group is made up of largely wonderful and loving people who dream of a world which is described in terms and terminology which speaks to the heart and has one’s spirit soar. Just thinking of their descriptions of life and the potential future should their dreams and designs ever actually materialize leaves one almost star-struck. They view the world seeing potential utopias coming at them from every crevice, every corner, every fold and through every door. It was from amongst these dreamers along with a few manipulators working for fame, glory and gold who banded together to give Yasser Arafat a fresh start and a makeover by giving the PLO* a new name with respectability calling it the Palestinian Authority (PA). These individuals who operated in quiet behind the scenes avoiding notice from media, officials, other party leaders, their own party leaders not included or necessary, and with the aid of the United States State Department and the Norwegian Foreign Office. The Israelis chasing peace above and beyond all other reason or consideration believing that through peace all other solutions would naturally flow were:

Yitzhak Rabin — Israeli Prime Minister during the Oslo peace process
Shimon Peres — Israeli Foreign Minister during the Oslo peace process
Yossi Beilin — Israeli negotiator during the Oslo peace process
Yair Hirschfeld — Israeli negotiator during the Oslo peace process
Ron Pundak — initial Israeli negotiator with Hirschfeld before official Israeli involvement
Uri Savir — former Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, head of the Israeli negotiating team


The United States State Department and Norwegian Foreign Office participation were facilitators who took advantage of weak willed dreamers whose connections with reality were, and for some still are, tenuous at best. Neither the United States State Department and Norwegian Foreign Office were or are friends of Israel and simply used their ability to make the necessary connection for allowing the Israeli members of the team to hand Israel out to dry with peace as the shining treasure always just beyond reach. They were more likely working with Yasser Arafat then and Mahmoud Abbas now to facilitate the destruction and terminating of the Jewish State, seemingly the preferred and pursued aim of the United States State Department and Norwegian Foreign Office. At every turn, there was a State Department or European Union official right on the scene to suggest the little gift which Israel needed to, not just offer, grant the Arabs some simple concession and recognize the Arab intentions as honest and worthwhile pursuing their lead for peace. These men would have been wise to read more Torah and Bible, Jeremiah, Chapter 6, Verses 13-15 which read:

For, from their smallest to their greatest, they all commit robbery, and from prophet to priest they all deal falsely.
And they healed the breach of My people easily, saying, “Peace, peace,” but there is no peace.
They shall be put to shame since they have committed abomination. Neither are they ashamed nor do they know to feel disgrace. They will, therefore, fall among the slain; at the time I have visited upon them, they will stumble, says the Lord.


These men have fumbled and been shamed and accused of having committed abominations yet they appear not to have felt ashamed nor felt disgraced despite all the horrors and losses the ensuing terror wars and other violences and wars visited upon the Israelis and the Arabs as a result of their actions. Their initiatives for peace made a swamp in which Israel was mired and what began as a few starry-eyed Utopian zealots being led down the yellow-brick road seeking the Emerald City only to fall into endless dream-state hypnotized by their dream and willing to destroy their homeland just to be recognized as one who was willing to go to the farthest ends for the illusional peace always held just beyond reach. For closing on a quarter of a century, a mirage of peace was painted on the horizon while stumbling blocks were placed in the way by the Arab Palestinian leadership. The Palestinians and their Arab allies were willing to pay any price and suffer any embarrassment to destroy the Jewish State. This had been the efforts in the initial war of Jewish annihilation in 1948-49 (the war misnamed the Israeli War of Independence), the War to Drive the Jews into the Sea (The Six Day War of 1967), the Second War to Drive the Jews into the Sea (the Yom Kippur War) and two Intifadas: First Intifada from December 8, 1987 through September 13, 1993 and Second Intifada from September 28, 2000 through February 8, 2005. The first Intifada was fought largely with rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, guns, rifles, vehicles and suicide bombings. The toll on both sides of the first Intifada were: Israel suffered 277 killed, 175 civilians and 102 security-forces with the Palestinians suffered 1,962 killed, 1,603 killed by Israelis and 359 killed by Palestinians. The second Intifada was fought with the same weaponry as the first with a higher reliance of firearms, vehicular assaults, bombings suicide and planted devices, rioting, stabbings and other life-threatening types of assaults. The Second Intifada was far more violent than the first and the numbers support this fact. The toll on both sides of the second Intifada was: Israel suffered 1,053 killed, 719 civilians and 334 security-forces with the Palestinians suffered 4,789 killed, 2,204 civilians, 1,671 combatant and 914 unknown. These numbers are challenged with them ranging from far more combatant fatalities to all civilian fatalities on the Palestinian side. The United Nations and Red Cross both refused to give what they would term as definitive results and regularly simply pointed to numbers given by the Palestinian Authority. All of these efforts have been to find some additional forms of piece by the Arabs, whatever pieces of Israeli territory they could force through military action to negotiations to outside foreign pressures for Israel to calm the savage violence through sacrifice to simple blackmail of agreeing to end violence for the surrender of land or the alteration of boundaries granting the Arabs additional land.


The reason there can never be an agreed peace agreement is because while Israel is seeking peace, the Arabs simply want every piece of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. This reality can be witnessed at many of the college and university pro-Arab demonstrations usually sold as being pro-Palestinian. There will likely be a slogan chanted which goes, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine must be free.” That pretty much sums up the entire Arab side of the entire Peace Process which they see as a Pick up all the Jew Pieces Process. It is the Arab Piece Process running concurrently yet in opposition to the Peace Process the world claims they are operating and demanding more cooperation from Israel in the form of giving the Arabs what they desire most, pieces of Israel. Resultant from the Six Day War there was quite a lot of Israel to take. Egypt succeeded in grabbing the greatest part when they traded a cold peace agreement for the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula. Jordan simply traded Peace for Peace refusing to demand return of what they had renamed the West Bank, as they were probably well aware that their continued hold of these lands was illegal, as they had occupied them since 1949 against International Law. They had gained these territories, the areas of Judea and Samaria, from Israel by a war of aggression making the seizure illegal. Syria, well, Syria was never getting the Golan Heights returned simply because this area had been used by Syrian snipers to murder Israeli farmers and others who were within range driving down the road, walking to the market or simply tending the garden or repairing their house. Currently, there is no Syria to negotiate with in all reality. The problems with Lebanon resulted in two wars and eventually Israel returned every inch of land according to United Nations inspectors and surveyors, which did not satisfy Hezballah who has demanded an area which had belonged to the Golan Heights and Syria claiming it for Lebanon, and strangely enough, Syria agreed. Anything for the cause.


There is one guarantee which must be dealt with before any true Peace Process can move forward, and until it is settled, there will only be a Piece Process. That is what is used as the final stumbling block which is that Israel must either be destroyed or given over to Islamic rule and the Jews either enslaved or removed by whatever means are required. There is a piece of history which would shine the light of truth on this entire situation and the Arab demands. The originator of the Arab demands was also the most influential individual in one young Egyptian’s life, one Yasser Arafat. Quoting from an article in the Washington Times titled “Yasser Arafat: Nazi trained”, “Since he was a teenager in the 1940’s, the co-winner of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize has ordered the murder of thousands of civilians while waging war against the Jews.” The article continues, “Mr. Arafat’s mentor, Haj Amin Al Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, indoctrinated him with hatred toward Israel. The grand mufti led Palestinian Arabs from 1920 until Mr. Arafat succeeded him in 1967.” Then, speaking of Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem as well as a native Egyptian, the article informs that, “During World War II, the mufti journeyed to Nazi Germany where he personally begged Adolf Hitler to invade British-ruled Palestine and rid it of Jews. The mufti received sympathy, but no help, from Hitler. Nevertheless, he broadcast radio tirades approving Hitler’s ‘final solution’ of the Jewish problem.” The article also tells that “In 1929 and 1936, the mufti personally led large-scale riots against Jewish settlers.” The article then moves on to Yasser Arafat reporting, “Palestinian politics and was the first Palestinian nationalist to declare, ‘Violence is the only solution,’ that ‘Liberating Palestine could only take place through the barrel of a gun.’” We are told that Yasser Arafat was an Engineer yet he made his life as a terror master and deceiver. We are finally informed that Yasser Arafat was somewhat less than popular once he left Israel and entered Arab countries where, “Mr. Arafat and his ruthless PLO terrorists were violently expelled from three different host countries: Syria in 1968; Jordan in 1971; and Lebanon in 1982.” We are told that Arafat supported Saddam Hussein during the 1990-91 Gulf War and closes hoping that, “Mr. Arafat now seemed discredited.”


Yasser Arafat had an understudy, Mahmoud Abbas. Both were trained by and supported by the KGB who was instrumental in the 1964 founding of the PLO. The founding date for the PLO is very informative in and of itself, as it was founded in 1964 to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine, before the Six Day War by almost three full years. What was the Palestine they were founded to liberate? Jordan held Judea and Samaria and Egypt held Gaza which leaves Israel within the Green Line. That was exactly what the PLO was founded to liberate and their Charter gave the destruction of Israel as one of the goals, just as the Hamas Charter names the destruction of Israel as one of its goals. The biggest difference between the two Charters is that Hamas also calls for the completion of the ‘Final Solution’ and the killing of every Jew on Earth. Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have played one consistent part of the entire negotiating process; they are the final backstop who will accept only the complete and utter destruction of the Jewish State and anything short they reject. Their usual card of last resort has been the repatriation into Green Line Israel with guaranteed full citizenship of five to eight million Arabs who they claim are refugees or descendants of refugees or their descendants onto the future with no end date. The United Nations set up UNWRA** to care for the original Palestinian refugees, most of which were people who obeyed the Mufti’s demand that all Arabs leave Israel for the neighboring Arab states so that their invading armies could murder everyone on sight. The majority of Arabs left Israel and those who remained are today, along with their descendants, full citizens in Israel with full rights including the right to vote in any and all elections, serve in any profession, live wherever they please and anything else any other citizen of Israel is entitled. UNWRA decided that not only were the refugees permitted refugee status but so would their descendants and their descendants henceforth and forever into perpetuity. All other refugees have their status die when they die and their descendants are resettled into whatever country they may be located, but not the Arab refugees who can be utilized as another means for destroying Israel and as a bludgeon with which to smash any hope of peace. Israel cannot allow the resettlement with full rights of these Arabs as that would end Israel and the Jewish State instantly. This is the Ace in the Hole which is pulled out and demanded as the Demand of Last Resort to make any peace deal untenable to Israel. The Palestinian Arabs then claim that Israel broke off negotiations and are completely unprepared to make peace and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. The European and American leftist media jump all over the Arab story and rejoice in skewering Israel in news and editorial. This becomes the story that the world celebrates while they berate Israel for their intransigence and that is when they destroy Israel ‘in pieces’ comes into play. Now the United States, often at the behest of the State Department or the President on the advice of the State Department, along with the European Union, the United Nations and the Arab League with countless NGO’s operating on petro-dollars plus European funding and State Department grants all demand that Israel make penance for their refusal to commit suicide and now surrender some property, some lands to the Palestinian Arabs. This is accomplished either by redrawing boundaries or by ripping up plans to build in Area C, the area according to the Oslo Accords intended for Israel to retain, or the destruction of housing already with Jews residing within the community tearing down their homes and businesses all to mollify the Arabs who refuse to be mollified. Then when the next President is elected or before one is leaving office, the world starts again with the mantra, pressure Israel and make them bend to our will and if that means the Jews must go, that is just fine with us.


Food for Thought

Food for Thought


It is simply remarkable how the world looks at the Jews who, in a whole, have been such an advantage and given the world so many wonders, and their share of evils as well, though the good far outweighed the rest. Just as it was during World War II and during the Russian pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition, the Purification of France, the expulsion of the Jews from Britain and numerous other persecutions of the Jewish People, the world today still wants the Jews and especially the Jewish State gone. Things were not all that rosy for the Jews in the Arab world who were forced to live as Dhimmis with limited rights and no legal right to vote or in court or any standing in society. Sure there were times and places where the Jews lived productive lives both in Europe and in the MENA^* states of Islam but these times were never permanent. The MENA nations from 1948 through 1960 expelled almost one-million Jews as their reaction to the founding of the Jewish State. Unless these refugees who had their wealth stripped, their jewelry confiscated, even their precious metal picture frames taken before being deported, had relatives in Europe or the Americas; they were rejected by virtually every nation on Earth except, you guessed it, Israel. This made Israel a far richer nation with a much more diverse population. Israel has also taken in Ethiopian refugees, Indian Jews and Russian Jews amongst Jews from all the corners of the globe. Still, the Arabs will continue to hold out for the destruction of the Jewish State. The recent appearance of warming has simply been a reaction to the Iranian threat to the Sunni Arab supremacy. Once that passes or some means is found to rejoin Shiite and Sunni Islam, the destruction of Israel will return to front and center of their demands.


President Trump is the first President to break with business as usual and appears to listen to the voices of the State Department, the European Union and member nations, the United Nations and the Arab League as well as Iran and other Muslim nations very politely and then do something else, something which he desires and can live with. He does temper his statements just enough so as not to destroy everything from the past, but he makes his preferences known and what he expects understood. The Arab world now realizes that there can no longer be any doubt as to what city is the capital of Israel, though President Trump did leave open the possibility for Jerusalem becoming a shared city if both sides so desired. The Arabs have already adjusted and their latest demand is that all the religious sites must remain as Muslim only. These include the Temple Mount, the Cave of the Patriarchs, Joseph’s Tomb, Rachel’s Tomb, Shechem (now Nablus) and even now the Western Wall as their aim now that they will be unable to separate the Jews from Jerusalem, from Zion; their aim is to now separate the Jews from the Holy Sites in all of the lands as the next best way to deny the Jews their history. The Arabs are plating strategy where if they can remove Zion from Zionism they believe the Jews will just shrug and give-up walking away. They are a young religion almost fourteen hundred years while Judaism is amongst, if not the, oldest religion on Earth, older than Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto and many others including every Christian religion coming in at over four-thousand years old. Jews have survived half of that time largely dispersed and without any true homeland or nations of their own and still retained their native language and feeling as a People returning to their ancestral homeland making the Jews the only People and religion to perform such a miracle. With everything the Jewish People have survived, a little additional hardship will not foil our efforts to return to our homelands no matter how much time it will take; we have waited longer than Islam has existed; how could they believe they will outlast the Jews, the eternal people.


Beyond the Cusp


* PLO = Palestinian Liberation Organization, a recognized terrorist group founded in 1964
** UNWRA = United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
^* MENA = Middle East and North Africa


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