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May 15, 2018

Today is Nakba Day, A Celebration of Failure

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One question which is commonly asked is what exactly is Nakba Day. The answer starts with the translation of the word Nakba (also spelled Naqba), which means Catastrophe. This begs what was the Nakba, what was the catastrophe. Well, that gets to be more complex than one might expect because there are a number of items on the list with many of them steeped in misconceptions, lies, storytelling, justifying horrific acts, and when explaining it to people innocent and completely uninformed, that is an opening for Taqiyya. To begin our discussion, please allow us to try and concoct a list of the catastrophes which are often attributed to Nakba Day. There is the biggest of the items on the list and probably the one that hurts the inner feelings of superiority that many in Islam believe their societies actually are. We are talking about the fact that after almost two years of open warfare, six Arab nations (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia) with some measure of assistance from a number of militias as well as troops from Yemen, Libya and the Sudan and planning assistance from British and German officers just out of World War II and the Zionist Entity, the Jewish State, Israel was still in existence and fighting back and even starting to get organized sufficiently that they had begun to advance and push the Arab armies back which led to the Jews opening a passage into Jerusalem. The Arabs were losing the war after pushing the Jews back to the coastal regions and out of most of the Judean Hills and now, the Jews were on the verge of a breakout. The Arab League and the leaders from the Arab world demanded that the world prevent the Jews advancing by forcing an end to the war.


The United Nations had drawn lines in General Assembly Resolution 181 in 1947 that called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states (see map below), with the city of Jerusalem as a corpus separatum (Latin: “separate entity”) to be governed by a special international regime. This was not a binding resolution and only suggested a solution and would only apply if both the Israelis and the Arab League accepted the agreement unconditionally and immediately, it would be enacted, not reject it and then decide that it would be better for you fifty years later and then demand it be applied. The Israelis accepted the agreement but the Arab League refused it as impossible for them to agree as it still allowed for a Jewish State ruled by Jews and not the Jews to be ruled over by their Arab superiors. United Nations Resolution 194 allowed for refugees to return to their homes providing they agree to live in peace within the area where they would be located. This too was a sticking point as the Arab leadership swore to never allow the Jewish State to live in peace and this made the return of refugees difficult to impossible. Resolution 194 also established the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP) to mediate between the Arabs and Israelis and solve their differences. The Commission consisted of France, Turkey and the United States. The UNCCP convened a conference in Lausanne, Switzerland of the parties involved in the war where the Lausanne Protocol was produced. This conference simply attempted to force the borders as defined in UNGA Res 181 on Israel which would have forced her to forfeit territory and accept all Arab refugees claiming to have been expelled. Israel was coerced into signing but made reference that they did not accept the borders or the acceptance of the Arab refugees, as they doubted their acceptance of Israeli rule and believed them to be enemies of the State of Israel. This led to an interesting exchange between President Truman and Prime Minister Ben Gurion. President Harry S. Truman sent on May 28, 1949, a note to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, expressing that he was “seriously disturbed” with the “excessive Israeli claims to further territory within Palestine” and its “rejection of the basic principles of the Resolution set forth by the GA on 11 December 1948.” The US position was that Israel should offer territorial compensation for any territory it had acquired outside the boundaries set forth in the UN resolution of November 29, 1947. The US warned that the Israeli attitude thus far at Lausanne “must inevitably lead to a rupture in those conversations” and further stated, “ that a rupture arising out of the rigid attitude of the Government of Israel would place a heavy responsibility upon that Government and people.” The US warned for a revision of its relation with Israel threatening a break and loss of support. Not backing down, when the US ambassador the next day handed over the telegram to Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, the Prime Minister reacted saying that United States and United Nations had been unable to enforce November 29 resolution and to prevent the Arab aggression. Ben-Gurion stated that Israel was not established on basis of the resolution but on its declaration of independence on the fifth of Iyar in the year 5708 as well as on that of successful war of defense. Because the Arab states refused to make peace, he regarded the refugees potential enemies of Israel. There would be no backing down by Israel on her stated positions placing the ball squarely in the American’s court. Meanwhile, the IDF was making gains on the field of battle and the Arabs were desperate to end the fighting before they lost any further ground, so Israel signed separate armistices with Egypt on February 24, 1949, Lebanon on March 23, 1949, Jordan on April 3, 1949, and Syria on July 20, 1949 with each demarcation line being the positions held by their respective militaries (see map below).


Boundaries as described in the United Nations Partition Plan and Armistice Demarcation Lines of 1949

Boundaries as described in the United Nations Partition Plan
and Armistice Demarcation Lines of 1949


The Arabs’ loss to the Jewish State was a deep wound in their pride and their leaders lost face. They quickly began to express how they had defeated the Jews who were saved by the United Nations and the imperialist European and American powers and even the Soviet Union had worked for the Jews. They told how the Jews manipulated the world against the Arab cause and with time, it became that the Arabs actually succeeded and had won a great victory holding out against the world which the Jews had on their side. The reality was quite a bit different as the telegram from President Truman depicted. The next part of the Nakba, the catastrophe, was the refugees. There were about half a million refugees after the war. The majority of these refugees had left willingly and the remainders were largely from Arab villages which fought as a fifth column behind the Israeli lines destroying supply convoys and attacking troops from behind or in transit. Whenever a village was used for an attack, the Israelis would force them across the line of fighting into the Arab side where they could fight honestly with their Arab allies if they so chose, but attacking Israeli forces in the rear areas were unacceptable. What is seldom mentioned is over the next decade and a half there were almost one-million Jewish refugees forced from their homes across the MENA nations under Arab control who came to Israel. These Jews were absorbed into the Israeli societal fabric as quickly as proved possible and they were never made into permanent refugees. The Arabs placed their brothers and sisters into camps making them permanent refugees and demanded there be a United Nations agency to care for their refugees and no other refugees. That was the beginning of UNRWA and the United Nations being co-opted into the Arab cause.


The Nakba even has stages where it became even worse. There was the Six Day War of 1967 in which Israel liberated Gaza from Egypt and the remainder of the Judean Hills, the Shomron from Jordan and captured the Golan Heights from Syria. Israel defended these gains in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and even crossed the Suez Canal and were heading for Alexandria and Cairo while also coming down out of the Golan Heights and moving on Damascus. This was when the world, the Soviet Union and United States included along with the rest of the permanent members of the Security Council, Britain, France and China, ordered Israel to return to the initial lines from before the Arab attack and Israeli counterattack and defeat of the Arab forces. Here was another example of the United States, Europe, the Soviet Union and China all working to help Israel saving Israel from vicious Arab losses. Israel, apparently, cannot be permitted to gain a definitive victory against her enemies as that apparently is not permitted by the world at large, and the world is large and Israel very small, about the size of New Jersey. So many people seem to believe that Israel is too large and need give away land, large portions of land as they have so much, any more land and they might actually become as large as Vermont or maybe even the Hawaiian Islands.


The final chapter of the Nakba has been the fact that no matter what the Arabs have thrown at the Israelis, the Israelis appear mostly unruffled and simply react as needed and go on with being successful. Israeli success has really made many an Arab quite put out and aggravated to the point of steaming hatred. Here is the weird thing, the Israelis have done what they have largely without the assistance of the United States until after 1970 and with the main assistance coming in the initial stages of the Yom Kippur War when Israel was caught unprepared. Much of the Israeli equipment and assets were used up or destroyed early in the fighting and resupply was desperately required. Britain refused and France refused. Czechoslovakia was forbidden by the Soviet Union and Israel had to turn to the United States who had just begun to have friendly relations. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advised President Nixon to slow walk any resupply and make the Israelis agree to return all lands to the Arab states. Israel and the State Department have had a long history of difficulties and the deep state in the State Department still would like to remove Israel as they see Israel as a problem they just would like to do without. President Nixon listened carefully to his Secretary of State and then called his Secretary of Defense and ordered him to have the resupply to Israel be given his highest priority and to get it accomplished yesterday. Then there did come a logistics problem. The United States was denied permission to land any resupply aircraft in Europe as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland and Greece all refused to aid in the resupply of Israel. Europe was set on seeing the Jewish State be annihilated once and for all. One nation permitted the American airlift landing rights, Portugal was willing to help, so aircraft were dispatched to Lajes Field in the Azores Islands. Israel dodged a bullet, actually quite a few bullets. This was the beginning of the deeper friendship between the United States and Israel. Below is a graph depicting total United States aid to Israel by year which makes it quite obvious that Israel and the United States really were not great friends until the early 1970s.


United States Israel Aid (Military)

United States Israel Aid (Military)


The root problem and major cause of the Nakba is that Israel exists. If only the world would remove Israel from the map and rid the entire world of its Jews, well, then things would improve in relations between the Arab states and, actually, they would not change one iota. There would still be the Syrian, Libyan, Yemenis, and Iraqi Civil Wars. Iran would still be exporting terrorism except now without Israel it would be targeting Europe and the United States, especially the American military bases in the Middle East and Asia. Iran might even be making inroads into either Saudi Arabia or Turkey if not both. Perhaps Israel really is the cork in the bottle holding the djinn at bay. What was nice is Israel actually finally established her promised borders from the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Sèvres and the Mandate System which spawned the British Mandate (see map below). As you might note, the planned and promised eastern border of Israel is the Jordan River, not the Green Line, not the insane borders from UNGA Res 181 (the one the Arabs refused making it void from that point onward thus killing it for all time). There is a little secret which the world finds impossible to understand, and next we will let you in on it once again.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


Israel does not have a Nakba Day but has something close, we have our remembrance of the Shoah, the death under the Nazi extermination and work camps of more than six million Jews, more than twelve million people including Roma, Polish, Christian Serbs, Clergy of all faiths, Russians and others of which many were innocents with the slaughter including women and children many of which were just murdered outright. That is the catastrophe we remember and we also mourn the fact that between sixty to eighty million human beings were lost in what was thus far the largest loss of human life in warfare. The next world war, if mankind is so foolish as to fight such a war, will count the dead in hundreds of millions and most will be civilian if the tendency between World War I and World War II continues (see graph below of military deaths to civilian deaths). Now please allow us to end this article being upbeat as a nice change from the above.


World War II Surpassed World War I Civilian Deaths Against Military Deaths

World War II Surpassed World War I
Civilian Deaths Against Military Deaths


Israel has a dream which it desires deeply. Israelis have this dream which they wish for the world because we are dreamers. Israel would love to have her borders recognized as the Golan Heights, Jordan River, existing borders with Lebanon and Egypt, her border with Gaza and not requiring any blockade in order to check incoming shipments as there would be no threat from Gaza, and peace with all the world including the Arab World. We would be gladdened if Iran would no longer shout “Death to Israel” or death to anyone else. A world at peace is our dream. What Israel would give for having peace on her borders and no threats would be marvelous inventions, discoveries, treatments, cures, agricultural advances; including drought resistant wheat, plants which can use saline water for irrigation, drip irrigation, grasses which can grow in poor quality soil without fertilizer, more new fruits and vegetables like the Galia melon, Orangetti spaghetti squash, pomelit – a grapefruit-pomelo (pummelo) hybrid, Angello first seedless bell pepper, Black Galaxy tomato, Nano Watermelon, Hishtil mini basil tree, Volcani TableSugar acorn squash, and Volcani Anna apple (unlike other apple trees it does not require winter season to thrive). Israel has no desire for more lands, as we will find the means to make what we have serve our needs and those of all whom live and come here legally. Israel also has made some fantastic strides in the technical fields with discoveries and programs which are part and parcel of many people’s lives. Some of the products Israel invented or has contributed to include cell phones, instant messaging, computer security, virus protection for computers, Windows operating system, bionic walking assistance system for paraplegics, robotic guidance system for spine surgery, quasicrystals, discovery of the Aharonov–Bohm effect, Formulation of Black holes Entropy, World’s smallest video camera, Given Imaging, the first Capsule endoscopy, Azilect, a drug for Parkinson’s disease, Copaxone immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis, a universal lossless data compression algorithm, USB flash drive marketed as the DiskOnKey, Quicktionary Electronic dictionary, Laser Keyboard, GetTaxi, OrCam MyEye, Waze, WeCU, Iron Dome, MUSIC, Super iron battery, and much more. Imagine how much more we could do if we did not have to be on alert and ready for a war on any front with only moment’s worth of notice. We are too busy trying to make the world a better place to worry about past problems, and with four thousand years of history, we have had our share. Don’t worry, we are not about to try listing them at this time.


As for how Nakba Day is commemorated by the Arabs in Gaza under the rule of Hamas along with the Arabs in parts of the Shomron under the rule of Palestinian Authority, it does not exactly include parades or other normative celebratory or commemorative events. What their Nakba Day activities include are rioting, destruction, and general mayhem. They attempt to gain entrance to the Temple Mount armed with bricks and Molotov cocktails to hurl at any Jews they may encounter or the security personnel if no Jews are available. In Gaza Hamas has promised that this year they plan to surge through the border fence and murder ever person they come across as thousands of Gazan rampage through southern Israel presumably making their way to Jerusalem. The Arabs under the Palestinian Authority even practiced their tactics for overwhelming any security personnel and possibly attacking Jewish towns and communities within the Shomron and swarming into Jerusalem. Their basic response is violent rioting and attempts to murder Israelis and destroy property, that is their idea of the perfect celebration.


Beyond the Cusp



December 31, 2017

The Muslim Challenge


Islam periodically since its birth tests the world and the strength of the backbone and the willingness of the world to actually stand up and say, “No!” If the world shouts that no loud and clear, then Islam settles back down and waits a period of a few hundred years before rising again and testing the waters again. The most recent previous testing of the world’s waters was literally testing waters, the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean near the North African coastlines. This was referred to as the Barbary Pirates who demanded the Jiyza from the Western World in order to allow their merchants to sail the seas in safety. Of course, there was still the occasional, well, more like regular stopping of ships and stealing their contents and some of the sailors taken in to serve the Muslims as slaves. In cases that are more drastic, the Barbary Pirates would sink a ship taking the entirety of the crew into captivity for ransoming the officers and slavery for the working sailors. The problem first met with the Americans, they chose the same treatment as the Europeans had taken, paying the ransoms. Throughout the terms of the first two Presidents, George Washington and John Adams and during the term of Thomas Jefferson, the third and most isolationist and noninterventionist President, who finally reached the point where the demanded ransoms became too high for the young nation to afford, and this brought on the First Barbary War. Once the Americans had engaged and defeated the Barbary Pirates, the Europeans also stopped paying their protection demands and instead patrolled their trade routes with naval warships. This ended the Barbary Pirates for a period of time and after the war between the British and the United States in the War of 1812, the Barbary Pirates thought perhaps the two largest navies, Britain and the United States, having fought a war and might be less likely to fight against them and their pirating resumed. The United States soon thereafter engaged in the Second Barbary War and again they defeated the Barbary Caliph and a second peace was reached ending the Islamic pirating of the trade routes.


The recent history with the rise of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and finally Islamic State, the world is once again facing the Islamic pressures to see if the world will resist or simply roll over and submit to Islamic demands and dominance. Once again, the Europeans do not appear to care to engage in any resistance and some have even gone so far as to invite the Islamic refugees into their nation with Germany taking the lead. There are some exceptions that have surfaced from eastern Europe such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, three of the eastern European nations which the European Union has launched a legal case for their refusal to take in Arab refugees. There were others, but the European Union has specific persons they wish to intimidate and the most successful of the former Warsaw Nations so as to force them to knuckle under to their leftist policies. The Warsaw nations have witnessed a lifetime of leftist policies and politics from the Soviet Union and want nothing to do with such policies again. They demand to be permitted to draw their own lines of travel in politics, economics and other vital policies which are very different from those the western or old European nations and the established European Union members. These newer eastern European nations may find they will have a new friend from an unexpected source, merry olde England and the British Isles. These former Warsaw nations may be forgoing taking in refugees for economic reasons or for political reasons, that is irrelevant. What is important is they are taking a stand against the encroachment by Islamic forces, be they refugees or as some have claimed, an advance force in the lead of an Islamic invasion and conquest of Europe. This may appear to be somewhat of a preposterous idea or it may be valid, as Islam has attempted three times to conquer Europe, once being stopped at the Battle of Tours by Charles the Hammer Martel and twice at the gates of Vienna, once by Polish King John III Sobieski and his Polish hussars. Perhaps those who believe this may be the start of a fourth attempt by Islam to spread and conquer Europe may be correct or at least have at least a shred of good sense to be warning such.


That leads to the current state of the Middle East. If one were to plot the wave of violence spread across the Middle East and one would find it has two sources, two sources which may be linked in some means. The initial cause could be traced to the United States and what many have called an ignorant and foolhardy foreign policy steeped in mistaken concepts, while others might believe that there was a central underlying goal behind the policies of President Obama. There was some who posited that President Obama was simply pro-Arab while others thought he was a supporter of the Shiite branch of Islam. There is a third possibility in that President Obama desired an opposing force to counter Israel in the Middle East seeing such a force could be the answer through which Israel could be forced to make a peace demanded of them in exchange for the offer of protection. His initial push was with the Muslim Brotherhood which he worked to install in Egypt and might have hoped for them to also rise to power in Syria after removing Bashar al-Assad and likely have them replace King Hussein in Jordan and surrounding Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood failed in every place which they had hoped. This may have been what led President Obama to seek a new champion with who to finalize his Middle East plans and pose as his necessary opposing force to cow Israel into allowing a Palestinian State by whatever borders were offered by President Obama and the State Department. Iran was the next choice to fulfill President Obama’s hopes but time ran out. Iran had their designs as well which included the Shiite Crescent and surrounding Saudi Arabia, their main adversary and the center of Sunni Islam (see map below). This required their supporting the Shiite takeover in Iran which required strengthening the Shiite governance and cleansing of any and all Sunni influence. Then there was another pair of challenges even further afield, Yemen and Syria. President Obama had caused sufficient distress in Syria when pressing to have the Muslim Brotherhood replace Assad and the Iranians required placing him back into power. In Yemen, the Iranians required to control Yemen as it gives them a southern front against Saudi Arabia and gives them the Bab-el-Mandeb Straight and control of the southern exit from the Red Sea. Yemen required the overthrow of the existing government, so the Iranians backed the Houthi rebels in another civil war. Once Yemen and Syria are consolidated the Iranians may finally be in the position required to threaten Israel for President Obama, but they are a year or more too late and the new President, Donald Trump, has no plans, as far as any can see, to press Israel into a peace they cannot survive.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


Islam, be it the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Iran, terrorists striking Western cities or the waves of refugees flowing into Europe; they are all signs of a resurgent Islam, though from different perspectives, which if left unchecked will simply continue to gain strength and grow more and more virulent. This has been the case before with the birth of the Caliphate, the Ottoman expansion, the Barbary Pirates and now with both of the major strains of Islam, Sunni and Shiite. The question is will the Western powers raise up and face the growing threat or will they wait and suffer the advances and insults from Islam as they did the Barbary Pirates until it was all but too late or will they see the coming storm and band together and make the proper united front before it becomes too dire and the conflict that results in a carnage from which the world may not survive. It will take the presence of worldview from the United States to lead the Europeans. The eastern nations are still growing from their release from Communism and the others still believe that the end of history has occurred and the world will have no more conflicts. Unfortunately, the United States is also not likely to realize what is infecting the world as the President knows only what he has been told and then only until another five thoughts come his way pushing the former out into oblivion. One can only wonder if the Pentagon survived the evisceration by President Obama of the generals with the most combat experience to also see what is forming in the not so distant mists of the future. One would think with so many generals including two Marines that they might be capable of finding a clue about the coming threats, but then they might be uncertain as to how their President might handle such news as he has likely stated that his only concerns are the economy and domestic issues and prefers for foreign entanglements to be avoided as he has no knowledge or interest in the world outside of trade. Whatever the truth, it may be fortunate that the Middle East is still having convulsions as such a series of events may delay any complete resurgence for Islam until the world is ready, and perhaps not. The future is on shaky ground, the ground is simply getting less and less stable with time, and much of that is due to the growing restlessness of Islam. It might even take Russia or China to show the world the need for actions before the situation becomes formidable, or worse, unstoppable. Islam is following the same path it has in the past, will anybody ever sit up and take notice, that is the question of the hour.


Beyond the Cusp


July 25, 2017

Israel Overreacting as Usual


We just figured out we might as well use the same title as the mainstream media. They will claim that the Arab Palestinians rioted because Israel, for no perceivable reason, decided out of the blue to install metal detectors at the entrances of the Temple Mount. The Israelis must have simply decided to do whatever they could to make it impossible for the Arab Palestinians to go up to the al-Aqsa Mosque whenever they needed to do one of their five times a day prayers as demanded by the Quran. The metal detectors were installed just as an inconvenience to the Arab Palestinians just to increase wait times during peak hours for entering onto the Temple Mount in any style or form, as they were accustomed to doing. Well, we guess we are going to just have to plead guilty as charged. The metal detectors were placed at the entrances to the Temple Mount to prevent: Below are two videos; the first details how three Arab Palestinian gunmen entered the Temple Mount and shows their bag-man, who carried their weapons concealed in a backpack, also simply walked onto the Temple Mount as was their operating procedure, so they all entered unhindered and the second shows the resultant attack which murdered two Israeli Druze police officers and injured a third. Placing metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount would do absolutely nothing to prevent the three gunmen from entering the Temple Mount but their bag-man would never make it there with the weapons. This is what the Arab Palestinians are rioting even to the point of having shot at police and throwing Molotov Cocktails. You will hear that over the weekend three Arabs and three Israelis died during these confrontations. Well, that is not exactly accurate. Three Israelis were knifed to death in their home while the family, three generations, gathered for Shabbat dinner and to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. The grandfather in his seventy’s, his daughter in her forties, and his son in his thirties were murdered and the grandmother was injured and required emergency surgery upon arrival at the hospital and will survive. The son’s wife gathered the children into a bedroom and locked the door calling police and screaming they were under attack. A neighbor, an IDF off-duty soldier heard the screams and responded shooting and wounding the terrorist through a window. Despite injuries, when first responders arrived to treat the wounded he managed to get back on his feet and attack the medics upon which he was subdued again. The terrorist was treated at the hospital and was released to authorities. The three Arabs died during the rioting with one falling to his Molotov Cocktail which prematurely exploded in his hands spilling its liquid upon him and immolating him.




Egypt and Jordan, two nations who have signed peace agreements with Israel, graciously insisted that Israel remove the metal detectors, as their presence is an anathema to the Arabs who only wish to enter the Temple Mount for prayers. Apparently, from reports, numerous Arabs who decided not to riot but instead walked past the rioting Arab Palestinians and went right through the metal detectors onto the Temple Mount where they could pray, hold picnics or play soccer, all of which are regular occurrences on the Temple Mount and were all apparently not impeded by the metal detectors in the slightest. Thus far there have been no attempts to enter the Temple Mount with a backpack full of firearms (see first video above for reminder if necessary) but we can expect that such an attempt will definitively display the impediment that Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah, PA and PLO leadership and the rioters are all screamingly upset will no longer be permitted to carry out their favorite pastime of murdering Israelis including but not limited to Police, IDF soldiers, Border Police and Jews having Shabbat dinner. There have been too many times in which weapons have been brought into Jerusalem and taken further even to Tel Aviv and further by utilizing the liberal “no checks” policy previously used by Israel for the Temple Mount. For the record, there has been one entrance to the Temple Mount at which there has always been a metal detector and most of the people passing through this one small entrance tucked into a corner of the Temple Mount are searched for contraband, especially contraband of a religious nature. This entrance is the only entrance where Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims are permitted to access the Temple Mount and people are subjected to rigorous review in order to assure the purity of the Islamic nature of the Temple Mount as defined by the Jordanian Waqf who control the Temple Mount and have progressively over the years tightened restrictions until they have even made prayer by non-Muslims a criminal event and have included whispering, moving of the lips without speaking, clasping of hands together, or any suspicious movement or uttering to be considered prayer forcing the eviction of the transgressor and often the placing of them under arrest and held over for summary sentencing. To be accused of religious insensitivity by the Waqf is considered sufficient for a guilty finding by the Israeli legal system reserved for such cases. Apparently, praying by non-Muslims is criminal and preventing Muslims from bringing weapons onto the Temple Mount is also a criminal action which Israel will be condemned for in the international media and forums.


Let’s return to the world, especially European and American liberal and leftist media, which includes the vast majority of the news you can find, whether or not it is truly usable is another matter all together. Let us just say that the credibility of much of their reporting has become questionable. Israel may be one of the subjects upon which they have become most questionable. We have found that much of the media represents the elitist political leftist of Europe and the United States Department of State line on thinking when it comes to Israel and it being the Jewish State. This slanted coverage is why the Jewish family who were murdered in their home while having a celebratory Shabbat dinner will be reported as equal and having occurred in the same manner as the three Arab Palestinians who died in the Temple Mount rioting. The family and the rioting are all in response to an event we covered in our article “Rebroadcast of Abbas is Declaration of War” as this simple broadcasting repeatedly and posting to the Fatah Facebook page was a call to arms. The response came in the form of rioting and the murder of a family which would have been far worse if not for the saving acts of a neighbor off-duty IDF soldier responding to the screaming. The violence has not been called off and is continuing, but do not expect to hear any reports about the provocateurs. Arab Palestinian violence is not considered news as it occurs with too high a factor of repetition and thus is simply considered something normal and commonplace. Israeli responses are equally disregarded unless an Arab is severely hurt or dies during the rioting, then there is news which will read all about Israeli police or army kill or murder, depending on which coverage you read, hear or watch, and always for no decent or understandable reason. One must remember that rioting Arab Palestinians throwing rocks, Molotov Cocktails, using slings, or even shooting are all considered permissible and Israel is supposed to simply absorb whatever punishment is dealt them, they are the world’s Jews replacing the former Jews.


The anti-Semitism which used to be used in Europe to murder Jews was in response to any misfortune, be it plague, famine, assassination or other misunderstood calamity and then they were thrown from the lands as further punishment which sent the Jews off into an uncertain future roaming until they could find some nation or ruler over a region who would permit them to settle. They would be barred from owning land, farming, trades and numerous other means of self-support through gainful employment and thus often became merchants, tavern owners, moneylenders or other permissible occupation. In the Arab and Muslim world the Jews would face the Jizya, the amount of the tax would depend on the momentary situation. Should too many Jews become to be considered overly wealthy, their Jiyza would be increased in measure to their newly acquired wealth or if the local Amir were raising an army the Jiyza would be increased. Jews were Dhimmis and as such were not permitted equal status under the law or within society. Their lot was often not far different from that of the Jew in Europe or Russia with the one difference being under Islamic rulers they were considered protected property and as such were seldom sent fleeing to any other city as that would cause the ruler of the region a loss of a source of income. The Jew, whether under Muslim or Christian rule, was an inferior who took the blame for every misfortune and could be made to pay with their life and no justice under which to find protection. The rumors that one group or the other gave the Jew a better life are rumor, not fact, and the Jew did find relief from time to time, but such never lasted.


Today, the world has a new Jew and they do not even reside amongst others, as the new Jew is a nation, the Jewish State, Israel. Israel had her grace period when everybody believed the Jewish State faced the entirety of the Arab world across MENA (Middle East and North Africa) as they were vastly outnumbered. After Israel won the Six Day War and survived and then proved victorious in the Yom Kippur War, Israel was seen as the mega-power in the region. The Arabs also saw that they had a media problem, so they devised a poor and wretched people who would be the victims of the Jews, of Israel. Thus, the Arab Palestinians were given greater importance and became the perpetual victims. The Western media took the bait hook, line and sinker and enjoyed it as if it were a juicy steak. They relished this great opportunity to make the Jew the problem and demand the Jew be brought low. Israel became the new Jew and as such had to be destroyed. The Jewish State was now guilty of the worst crime possible, it was the independent Jew who was capable of standing on their own feet and would protect themselves from any adversaries and do so with great proficiency. This was a situation the world revolted against as the Jew had not had their own nation for over two-thousand years. Israel also meant something else which the leftists cannot fathom or permit. The return of the Jews to their ancient homeland and the founding of the State of Israel meant that Hashem had kept his promise to bring the Jews back to their lands after a very prolonged exile. This gave additional weight to the entire Judeo-Christian ethic and the Bible, especially the Old Testament, Torah and the Ten Commandments. The left does not desire such things, as they are hedonistic in their beliefs and belong to those who no longer put any honest belief in Hashem. This means that Israel must be destroyed and the Jews scattered or completely destroyed as any belief in the Devine must be erased from all relevance. The return of the Jew to their homeland gave renewed strength to the entire basis of the Western culture and Western ethics. This too is an anathema to the leftists. Their desire, whether stated or kept silent, is a return to barbarity and the worship of man or even idols.


The reestablishing of Israel means that in time, the Third Temple will be built and Jerusalem will become a religious center for both Judaism and Christianity and will also return to having Jerusalem as its central pillar. The majority of the Evangelical Christians realizes, and with great faith and support, this sign that Hashem does exist and keeps every bit of every promise given. This makes the leftists very angry because they believed they were going to win the culture war and bring an end to Christianity. The leftists were not concerned with the Jews for many Jews they knew believed as they did, that religion was a social clique with traditions and ceremonies which were steeped in antiquity and had as much relevance in their lives as did anything else from antiquity. They performed these rituals because they were simply a tribute to their parents or their parents’ parents or however as generations they needed to remember that once upon a time their ancestors performed and believed in these rituals and the promises from Hashem. Israel is a reminder of the meaning of those very rituals and the fact that many in Israel believe in Hashem and these rituals they find so empty are the lifeblood of the religious residing in Israel and whose ranks are growing. This, to these leftists is problematic.


Temple Mount with Proposed Options to include Third Temple Without Destroying or Interfering Other Religious Structures

Temple Mount with Proposed
Options to include Third Temple
Without Destroying or Interfering
Other Religious Structures


There are a number of Jews, mostly conservatives, who are believers and many are hoping to return to Israel, but because of their obligations and their age, they are planning on making Aliyah when they retire. They will attempt to learn Hebrew but will largely rely on knowing a number of fellow English speakers in the stores where they shop and at the Synagogues where they worship and find a new life in Israel where being a religious Jew is the norm, except in some areas in or around Tel Aviv, and even there the majority believe in Hashem and the miracle that is Israel. There will be the unbelievers; there have always been the unbelievers even amongst those who were there to witness the dividing of the Red Sea and the giving of the Ten Commandments. At times, there have been more unbelievers than believers, but in the end, there has been and always will be a core of believers and in the good times, they will flourish as the majority. The one unifying belief in Israel is Zionism and the belief that this is our land as promised or not, but Israel is ours and we will not forget or allow others to steal her from us ever again. Yes, we have become the target of the hatred for being the Jewish State. All we desire is that which was promised and nothing more or less, and allow us our land and peace, blessed peace, shalom.


Those maintaining that all creeds and all beliefs are equal and none are superior to any other are mistaken. They will invite those who they believe will come and live amongst them peacefully and will demand nothing because they demand nothing of these foreigners. They are going to receive a great surprise when their plan delivers far more than they ever bargained for. These leftists have surrendered their religious past and think that once anyone sees the modernity in which they live with all the technical marvels that they too will forget their religious past and join in the leftist brotherhood of man. There is a surprise coming to Europe and the only hope many in Europe will have is as the slaves of that which they are bringing into their bosom. Israel showed them the warning signs and their response was that Israel should resign themselves to their enemies and then they would have peace. They believe that these same forces when brought into Europe will give them peace. In the end there will be peace, the question is whose peace and how many will survive to see any peace other than the final peace. The biggest question is how will all of this play out, the foolish leadership, the unfortunates who elected these fools repeatedly even after their failures became too obvious to be ignored and which nations will find their history worthy of protecting or has all of Europe fallen to the slovenly ways of the leftists who lead them? We know of a few places which have decided their national ethics are worth rescue Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia with Britain and the United States taking a cautious approach to further refugees. What this will mean down the road and whether this will become the turning point where Europe decides that European culture might just be worth more than they have been giving it credit for and worthy of saving. Boy, won’t that be a surprise to the leftist elites. The nationalists just might win in the end over the internationalists who believe that nothing is worth fighting for as it all makes no difference.


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