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December 21, 2018

The United States Will Distance From Israel

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There are a number of falsehoods believed about the relations between Israel and the United States. The first belief is that Israel and the United States have been close allies from the beginning of Israel. That is not a valid belief and is easily contradicted. The United States had an arms embargo against Israel until the mid 1960’s and only started providing military and other aid from the early 1970’s. We discussed this in more detail in our article “I Worry for Israel and Her Future” which also shows that Israel could do without further United States aid providing she prepares for this immediately. This is a reality which we believe that Israel is staring right into and very few within Israel realize what is staring them in the face. Most Israelis took little from the time when relations were frosty under President Obama and believe that things are all just wonderful with President Trump. Well, they are correct about President Trump but so very wrong about President Obama whose parting shot at Israel was very damaging when he refused to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which claimed that Israel has no rights to the lands beyond the Green Line despite this being in violation of United Nations Charter Article 80 which forces the United Nations to complete and enforce the Mandate Systems from the League of Nations. What many, if not most, Israelis have yet to realize, Israel has become a partisan issue with the Republicans, and older Democrats, favoring Israel and the newer generation of Democrats largely despising Israel. This was obvious by the reactions to President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the historic, enduring and perpetual capital city. Yes, he did couch it as not being any indication about final borders, but that was a minor point compared to the recognition and moving the embassy.


Further proof will be demanded to prove that the up and coming Democrats will no longer desire to support Israel. Well, allow us to provide the darling of the new Democrats, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (video below), a newly elected Representative from New York in the Congress. OK, she is a bit ignorant and was completely unprepared for any interview on any subject, but her other comments have not fared any better. Ms. Cortez will likely follow whatever the leading people of the Democrats tell her when it comes to voting on most issues which makes the leadership all the more important. We will get to the future leadership a little bit later after another example.



Another Representative newly elected from Michigan Rashida Tlaib celebrated her election draped in a Palestinian flag (see beginning of video below). That might have been something unplanned, but there is more. She has announced plans to wear a “traditional Palestinian gown” for her inauguration. We checked with Google and found some images which claimed to be traditional gowns for the region which are pictured below. We live amongst Jews and Arabs in Israel and except for the women wearing the burka or obvious hijab, the Arabs dress is indistinguishable from that of the Jews, or likely any American. But, it will be of minor interest to see exactly what she will interpret as being a “traditional Palestinian gown” when she is sworn in. The problem is they usually swear the incoming freshmen Representatives as a group and if they desire to have individual pictures, they take them separately and assign it as the picture of their swearing in ceremony. Ms. Tlaib has stated she believes that Israel is an “Apartheid regime” and stated that she opposes United States military aid to Israel and that any aid to Israel should be used as a leverage to force Israeli policy to favor relenting to Arab demands. These views are different than what she had told Jewish groups she had appeared before. Suffice it to say, we have serious doubts that she will be in any way, shape or form a friend to Israel.


Traditional Palestinian Gown

Traditional Palestinian Gown




For a glimpse of where the left and the Democrat Party right along with it is heading, one need look no further than the leadership of the Women’s’ March against Trump. The new leadership of Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory was vehemently opposed by the originator of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook. We talked of this and other signals of the direction the left is headed in our article “Methodology of Leftist NGO’s and Their Enablers” which obviously looked mostly at hard left NGO’s. We were given another straight-forward view of the direction of the Democrat Party with the campaign of Bernie Sanders for President in his unsuccessful run against Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, born to Jewish parents but having since renounced any religious attachment, which means he follows the church of Secular Humanism and, in his case, pure socialism, also was proud to announce that he believed that the United States needed to reassess the relationship with Israel making conditional on Israel surrendering to the Arabs.


The concept of United States being permanently allied with Israel has already shown some serious cracks. The initial reason that the United States decided to provide Israel with military aid has to do with the interests of the United States to remain the preeminent provider of fighter aircraft to the free world, something we discussed in greater detail in our article “America Can be a Fickle Friend,” where they made a commitment which apparently no longer exists. The United States has provided potential enemies of Israel with the exact same aircraft as Israel but, when combined, in far greater total numbers. The United States currently under President Trump must be seen as an aberration from any smooth timeline and when his Presidency reaches its end, then the United States will snap back to its slow and inevitable slide leftward with what has been revealed as the Deep State returning to expropriating more and more power and control over the society and the rules under which it operates. We have covered the problems posed by the extensive “Deep State” probably too much but here are two such articles, “Trump Should Let the People Decide” and “The Man Who Can Do No Wrong,” for your perusing.


What Israelis need to research is their own history where they will see that the United States has not, as often claimed, always been Israel’s best friend. They need to look and realize at one point even France provided her with weapons, under some amount of duress. The one standing friend for Israel is one which most people would never guess, Czechoslovakia, which was close until Soviet Union clamped down forbidding her to continue to be friendly with Israel but once the Velvet Revolution threw off Soviet rule and the nation split, the Czech Republic returned to their close relations with Israel. Israel needs to develop relations away from Western Europe which is moving away from Israel and descending back into anti-Semitism. Israel should move closer to those Eastern European nations which are showing signs of being nationalist and resistant to the influx of immigrants from Asia (Middle East) and northern Africa. Israel should also continue to turn towards Asia and South America and find friends where they can be found. Israel should not turn away from any nation presenting an open hand though if it is one of the Arab nations, Israel should expect any relations to be cold and fickle. On the other hand, Israel should remain on friendly relations with those nations who have not opposed her within the United Nations but that should not be the only barometer. The other reality is between nations there is no such thing as permanent friends, merely temporary coinciding interests. One must realize this as reality and if they require proof, look to the triparty wars where England, France and Spain allied for years with different pairs allying against the other with many historians claiming England simply allied with the weaker nations to weaken the other and thus kept switching sides making them a fickle friend who was seeking merely her best interests. The United States will move ever so glacially away from Israel until reaching a critical point, after which the United States will return to her largely lack of any relations one way or the other with Israel and no longer protect her in the Security Council. When this point is reached, unless one of the other permanent members of the Security Council, probably Russia or China, is willing to take up that role, Israel should also consider leaving the United Nations as they have proven not to be a friend. Things are changing and Israel need become self-sufficient militarily and do so as close to immediately as possible as relations are fluid in the current world and everything is in flux with little if anything being predictable with any confidence. The newly elected Democrats should be sending Israeli leadership a wake-up call, a loud wake-up call.


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June 17, 2018

Netanyahu Success in Revealing Establishment Europe


Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu returned from his European trip with a few nice souvenirs from the gift shop, a hefty trip ticket, receipts, a few renewed memories and little else. His intended trip to Gay Paris, Merry olde London town and unified Berlin was to attempt to pry these leaders into joining United States President Trump by pulling their support from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This was going to be a tough sell as these nations are enriching their otherwise sagging economic outlook with what they believe will be substantial economic trade with Iran. Tiny little Israel, despite the fact of her economy being far greater than her size, does not have the purchasing power presently coming from Iran. The problem is that some of these trade items come under dual use equipment as they are utilized in the nuclear industry as well as in medical and other industries. Special blends of steel and aluminum, magnets and capacitors, strobes and filaments, microprocessors and integrated electronics can be used in various industries such as medical lasers, X-ray machines, MRIs and all forms of special equipment used across numerous industries as well as used in the nuclear industry for everything from reactors for power to nuclear warheads for power projection. This is what makes many forms of trade with Iran so potentially precarious.


The promise of good relations and a new market was the sole concern for the three M’s, Merkel, Macron and May. The rulers of France, Germany and Britain gave Netanyahu a warm and fuzzy cold shoulder. They refused to advise any changes to the JCPOA and definitely refused to withdraw from the agreement. Their claim was that their nations had given their word in good faith and to break their word was unthinkable. Really? Telling Israel that France, Germany and Britain were seriously concerned about their word being their bond was brazen audacity. We would try to count the times and ways that these three nations have reneged on promises to Israel and to the Jewish People but doubt such is really necessary. But Prime Minister Netanyahu should have known this before leaving which leaves one wondering why he even bothered to try other than to placate the left and be able to at least claim he gave it an effort. The trip may have been to inoculate himself from just another pointless politically motivated attack for pushing Europe away when, according to the critics, the European acceptance is necessary if Israel expects to have a future. Well, that is a nice concept providing you are backwards looking. The truth is that the future for Israel economically, politically, and societally is not looking to Europe and the past but to the future and upcoming nations such as India, China and the working democratic, free-enterprise nations in Africa and South America. But when there are those seeking to attack you, they will blame Netanyahu for the rejection by France, Germany and Britain but had he not approached them he would have been criticized for not going. It is the old you can fail by trying or fail by not trying, either way your failure will be attacked.


Israel Willingly Reaching Out to the World

Israel Willingly Reaching Out to the World


The reality is that politically France, Germany and Britain wish Israel, and by Israel the Jewish People, would simply be overrun and removed from their consciences. They blame the Jews for surviving the persecution heaped upon them by Christians and the Greeks and Romans before Nazi Germany almost succeeded in Europe. These leaders will make nice statements and even provide security after each attack, but they believe that their future is to adapt and make their Islamic immigrants become good Europeans. The more likely result will be the Europeans with become nice Dhimmis in an Islamic centric society likely within the first half of this century or by the end at the longest. Imagine Britain under Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, France under Union for a Popular Movement leader Jean-François Copé or Germany under Alliance 90/The Greens Party leader Annalena Baerbock, all heavily pro-immigrant parties and candidates who see the future of Europe as reaching a working alliance with a large percentage of Muslim immigrants welcomed into the nation to replace the numbers of youth not being birthed by native Europeans. Germany (below 1.5 children per woman), France (hovering around 2.0 children per woman) and Britain (approximately 1.9 children per woman) all have reproductive rates below the 2.2 children per woman required to simply have replacement rate. This has been the plaguing problem, with the only reason that these rates are increasing is due to the high birth rates by incoming immigrants, thus since the early 1970’s Europe has been looking at a disappearing native population. This changing demographic has brought on a backlash of anti-immigrant political demographic which has been latched onto by the far right parties. The futures of the nations of Western Europe are being wagered on building their new nation largely upon immigrant populations. This will take them politically further and further from Israel politically and in policy. Israel need accept this reality and come to the realization that though Europe provides markets in the here and now, the future will not be in Europe, at least not in Western Europe. Israel would be better served to work with the former Warsaw Pact nations, assisting them in modernization and build relations with that sphere.


Israel has much to offer any nation in developments and new discoveries. These will produce trade relations with every nation willing to trade. As for political alliances, Israel should not be the beggar but rather offer free trade with those nations which whom we can have strong political relations and a shared political outlook. Israel should build relations with nations who are willing to be cooperative and not constantly joining those in the United Nations General Assembly and other institutions of the United Nations condemning Israel in a near constant basis. Israel should announce that her trade barriers would be lowered for those who support Israel and would be raised on those who choose not to defend Israel from undue slanders and denunciations within world bodies. Israel need stop going from nation to nation with their hands out begging for favors. Israel need simply take care of Israel and deal with favor with those who decide they wish to join Israel into the future. Those who desire or act to the detriment of Israel, well, who needs those who show Israel no favor. Every nation has the right to deal with those who befriend them and to avoid interactions with those who do not. Israel, as most nations will do, should trade with those willing to trade unless a nation is amongst those who denounce Israel at every turn. Israel need go forward by building alliances with nations willing to stand with Israel and move slowly but surely away from any which repeatedly join in denouncing Israel. Israel should not expect any nation to bend or act against their economic future to please Israel but on the other hand, Israel need not assist those nations who choose to work with those who threaten Israel as nations we cannot count amongst our allies. Israel should work with allies made and leave the others as neutral unless they prove otherwise, and then they should be shunned.


Israel cannot expect anybody to respect Israel more than Israel does herself. This is another lesson which the political class need learn and learn fast. If Israel acts as if she is unsure of what is rightfully hers, then how can Israel expect others to be more assured of such than is she? That is illogical at the start. The initial step in this strengthening of Israel and her stand within the community of nations is to act with assured firmness. Step one is to annex all of Area C from the Oslo Accords in which Area C was left under total Israeli control. The existing Palestinian Arabs who are residing within Area C are doing so illegally under the Oslo Accords. They should be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement signifying that they hold no support for terrorism and no ill will towards Israel and accept residing under Israeli Law. In exchange, they will be permitted to remain as legal alien residents. Those who refuse should be offered reasonable remuneration for their property and allowed to move into Area A or Area B. Once the screaming has dimmed to a dull roar, Israel should invite Mahmoud Abbas to sit down a make peace or lose Area B. We expect that he would balk and instead run immediately to the European Union and United Nations and get as many denunciations of Israel for seeking such a meeting under dire threat. Following such a response by political attack and attempted political ostracization, Israel should simply annex Area B and offer the Palestinian Arabs residing there the same option as those from Area C. Finally, the same procedure should be exercised with Area A, the world should expect the same result, and in the end, we could send Mahmoud Abbas to live in Paris with as many of the leadership as possible with the rest being allowed to leave for whichever Muslim nations will have them. Once Israel has established her eastern border as the firmly and originally promised Jordan River, she can move forward acting as if the world has finally come to grips with its original promises. Yes, there will be a period of adjustment and France, Germany and Britain will be generally put out, but sometimes nations need to do what they need to do. Israel does not exist to make the French, German or British people and governments happy, she exists to be the Jewish State and take whatever steps are necessary for her own future and survival. The façade of a peace process has gone on long enough and it is time to settle things and bring it all to an end. The proper end would be and should be that Israel is entitled to every inch of the lands promised her by the Mandate, by the League of Nations, by the Allied Powers of World War I (it is a very old promise) and by the United Nations who promised as much in Article 80 of their Charter. That is the reality and there really should be little if any argument about this. The Europeans and their World War I allies are aware of the promises, as is the Arab League and every Arab and Muslim nation. It is inscribed indelibly in the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Sèvres, the Mandate Agreements and numerous other places, thus ignorance really has to be willingly adopted. The time has long passed for the grievance mongers to be rejected and sent upon their way into the dustbin of history and Israel to take her place as a nation without question. Those who wish to recognize her may and those with problems may have their problems, these problematic countries should not act as an excuse to deny Israel her rightful boundaries. There were promises, an Arab state was already carved from 78% of the British Mandate, and there is no agreement that a second Arab state followed by a third and a fourth until all the Jews reside in a single building in Tel Aviv is required. The time has come to end the ruse and reveal it for what it is, the dream of politicians around the world to step-by-step disassemble the Jewish State and bring the life of the Jewish People to an end where they become a scattered few who live at the kindness of others. Never Again! That phrase should become the negotiating slogan as Israel takes that which is hers and makes it final. Never Again means that we will take the interlopers injecting their politics to Israeli detriment no longer. That time has arrived and it will not take much longer before Israeli politics catch up and this becomes a reality. Prepare for this and prepare your politics for this as the end of the ruse is coming.


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June 1, 2013

Looming Disaster in American-Israeli Relations

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What would be a faster way to turn the American public against Israel than to have United States troops returning in caskets from Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, where they were serving as peacekeepers presumably protecting the Palestinians from the Israelis and vice versa. If such a thing exists we have been unable to think what it might take. The problem is that the path that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry may be taking in order to force a peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis includes American troops placed within the new Arab State of Palestine as a guarantee to Israel to prevent terrorism and a guarantee to the Palestinians against any Israeli interferences and guarding against IDF responses even if somehow a terrorist event should be committed. This idea is fraught with potential calamities and disasters beyond all imagination. Judging from the current situation in Iraq one can easily envision exactly how useless American troops would be in preventing all terrorist attacks while also being committed to performing their tasks while obeying all restrictions and limitations placed upon them by the Palestinian leadership. Add that the main function of American troops as peacekeepers would soon be realized that they are actually just potential hostages held whenever such were needed to make demands for concessions from either Israel or the United States. The best bet is that American peacekeepers stationed in Palestine to act as a deterrent against terrorism and to be guarantors of peace while enforcing the agreed upon border would be pulled either at the insistence of the American public or the demands of the Palestinians within the first year.


The path leading to this catastrophe waiting to happen will occur quickly and be in place before anybody either in Israel, the United States or the Arab World has time to react and prevent such idiocy. The most likely scenario will go something like this. Secretary of State Kerry will convince Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to forgo his litany of preconditions in return for a guarantee that the 1949 Armistice Lines, also called the 1967 Lines, will be the basis for the borders and that the Palestinians will have their Capital in East Jerusalem with complete control over the Temple Mount. Secretary of State Kerry will coerce Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to come to the talks by guaranteeing that the United States will enforce Israeli access to all Jewish Holy Sites especially in Jerusalem and that the United States will be the guarantor preventing any future terrorist attacks including rocket attacks. There will be a great meeting very likely in Washington on the East Lawn or the Oval Office with a signing ceremony where a tentative peace agreement will be signed. The agreement will spell out a proposed solution to such final issues as borders, Palestine being a non-military State defended by the United States, a solution to the Palestinian refugee resettlement with some ten to twenty thousand who have provable claims to lands lost within Israel being accepted by Israel with the remainder being absorbed by Palestine and possibly some remaining in the countries where they have resided with some having lived there over sixty years. And the cherry on top of this peace of cake will be American peacekeepers placed in the State of Palestine as the guarantors of all the implementations, peace, safety, and security for both sides. Presto, instant Americans placed in harms’ way under what will be the worst possible of conditions.


In order to appease the Palestinians, the American troops will answer to the Palestinian leadership operating under similar restriction as the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), who operate in a nearly complete ineffectiveness in containing Hezballah in Lebanon from rebuilding south of the Litany River, having to request permission in order to operate outside of their bases and perform any of their supposed duties. The American troops will find that their service will be utilized in such a manner that they will only have the effect of preventing any Israeli response to terrorism. The ability of the American forces to control or prevent terrorism will be virtually nullified by restrictions placed on them by the Palestinian government. They will become a protective force for the terrorist functions by blunting any operational abilities of Israel in anti-terror operations within Palestine, the only thing restricting terrorism on a massive scale currently. Eventually there will be American soldiers kidnapped by such groups as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, Salafists or even al-Aksa Brigades, who are part of Abbas’s Fatah Organization, should the Americans actually manage to hold any terrorists from any of these groups or simply to make demands for any purpose from freeing terrorists held by Israel or any country worldwide or any other purpose where a hostage would give sufficient leverage. The American troops would also be living day and night wearing a virtual target on their backs and be targeted by any terror groups or individuals who are not supporters of Mahmoud Abbas; this is a very large and possibly majority of the Palestinian Arab population. Once Americans are taken hostage or murdered while presumably making Israel safe from the Palestinians, and this is how it will be played in the press and across the media, the relations between the American public and Israel will begin to grow strained. At some point Israel will likely ask that the Americans cut their losses and return to the United States as the price of American troops being harmed would be too high a price that Israel would rather the United States not pay. Israel has, in their entire history, never requested for American troops to come to their aid. Israel has always preferred to be responsible for the security of her people and country and have been consistently reluctant to allow others to be placed in harm’s way preferring to take such risks for their security themselves. This idea of injecting American troops into the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is an awful idea whose time must be avoided and seen as poisonous to Israeli-American relations. Nothing positive can come from such a mistaken idea, such an abhorrent and noxious idea.


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