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July 3, 2018

The Sad State of Assimilated Jewry


One of the saddest things about assimilated Jewry is that if you ask them, they will tell you that they are the heart of modern Jewish life. Their claim to fame is their calling card phrase, Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. They will be able to list for you a complete litany of causes and programs with which they are affiliated. These leftist causes define their Judaism instead of Judaism defining the causes with which they affiliate. They can tell you how being a Jew means that you are to reach out to every slighted group and needful cause and that looking outward for things which require repair, by your definition of the world and how it is supposed to exist. Their Judaism is supporting every cause where there exists the claim of oppression or of being downtrodden. Theirs is the rush to support every sob story without ever giving them a serious inspection. This has led to one peculiarity as in their rush to support every needful whining has led these assimilated Jews to forsake Israel in favor of the fabricated stories written in Arab propaganda. When these assimilated Jews heard the word “Apartheid,” they rushed to the aid of those being eradicated through ethnic cleansing. They became ardent supporters for Palestinian rights and amongst those demanding that Israel give these people equality.


These Jews now appear at conferences, protests rallies and other meetings and mass associations ever ready to denounce Israel as the greatest evil facing mankind. Never mind that Israel has sacrificed for peace repeatedly while the Arabs hold a single demand throughout the entirety of history since the Balfour Declaration, there must never be an independent Jewish State. The Arabs demand that the Jews must be subject to Arab rule and domination taking their place as Dhimmis. Where the Israelis provide the Arab citizens of Israel with complete equality, this fact is obscured under the smoke screen that the Palestinian Arabs have not had an election for over a decade. They ignore that the Palestinian Arabs currently are ruled by one of two entities, the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria (West Bank or Shomron) and by Hamas in Gaza. Israel completely evacuated their presence in Gaza turning it over to the Palestinian Authority who lost Gaza in a coup by Hamas. Hamas runs a dictatorship which does not bother or need elections as the Hamas hierarchy decides what is best and necessary for its people, the investment of every penny in their terrorist war against Israel even if they have to starve the people. The Palestinian Authority is headed by Mahmoud Abbas who refuses to hold any elections knowing that he would be voted from office and he enjoys stealing close to half the aid money for he and his sons. But Israel must allow these Palestinian Arabs to vote in Israeli elections according to the assimilated Jews because they believe that this is only fair. But do not worry too much about this, as they also believe that everyone in the world should be permitted to vote in the American elections because the United States is a world nation, not an independent nation. These are the same Jews who protest that anybody who gets across the border have a right to become American citizens. The interesting truth is that only Israel and the United States are supposed to commit political, and in Israel’s place total, suicide by opening their elections to what is basically all of their enemies.


What is most amazing characteristic about most of these assimilated Jews is that they can tell you everything which Hashem desires from their lives but cannot tell you very much about the Torah, the guide to what Hashem wants from us. Once upon a time fairly long ago I was one of these assimilated Jews but at some point the majority of my fellow assimilated Jews moved to a place, I could not join them when they turned on Israel. Despite my being an assimilated Jew, I was somehow still a Zionist Jew. For me, making Aliyah at some point after family responsibilities were either complete or granted release, I always knew I was going to return to my ancestral homeland, Israel. It was my return to Israel where I found the richness that is true Judaism defined by Torah. What I found was that where I had located in Israel I had found a unique and wonderful small corner of the Promised Lands. I found a synagogue where I found a level of comfort, warmth and acceptance, which I had never felt in the United States. After decades of watching the majority of my fellow Jews, largely from the Conservative, Reform and other than Orthodox Jews drift further and further away from the principles we had all shared in my youth, I had found a family of Jews who thought largely as do I and who loved Israel in the same way and with the same depth as do I. I had returned to my ancient homelands only to find my modern day homeland where I was at one again.


Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is a concept in Judaism, but not how the assimilated Jews practice such. The assimilated Jews go out to repair the earth by instructing others in how they must believe and what behaviors and practices they must obey for the world to be corrected. They spend almost none of their time in introspective inspection. Their form of Tikkun Olam is largely, if not completely, external in its nature. What I found in Torah is that Tikkun Olam is introspective in nature and that the path to repairing the world starts with repairing yourself. The first step to making everything right with the world starts with making yourself correct with Torah. This can easily take a lifetime and I can only pray that I will have sufficient time left to repair myself. While in this practice, it is laudable to assist those who seek your guidance in performing the same repairs on themselves. In such a venture, one must be careful not to be imposing your own foibles onto whomever you might assist and instead work towards a mutual investigation and discovery of Torah. The main part of Tikkun Olam is making your own life right with Torah. My misguided assimilated brethren have made a new Torah to fit their lives and beliefs.


Tikkun Olam as the Concept to Repair the World

Tikkun Olam as the Concept to Repair the World


The one thing I have also realized is that one cannot assist those who are not seeking correction. This had been made evident to me whenever I attempted to dissuade assimilated Jews from their positions claiming that Israel was the problem and reason behind the lack of peace in the Middle East. They looked at the Middle East and were blind to the carnage in Syria, the Turkish forces wiping out the Kurds in northern Syria, the Iraqi troops assisted by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in pressing the Kurds into an ever smaller area and the oppressions in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia as well as across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and only saw the presumed oppression of the Palestinian Arabs. The collapsing economic conditions in Gaza were one of their bigger complaints. Whom do you think they blamed for this? Israel, that is who they blamed. They claimed that the economy in Gaza was driving the “peaceful protests” on the Gaza-Israel border. They did not see that it was the all out attempts to destroy Israel which robbed the economy of any productive economic growth. Hamas and Islamic Jihad using all tax revenue from taxing virtually every activity in Gaza and their stealing the majority of building materials and virtually all the aid money and used it to build tunnels, rockets, mortars and but more weapons systems. That is what has caused the failing economy.


The assimilated Jews will claim it is the Israeli blockade which is causing the problems and Israel needs build Gaza a port open freely for trade and an international airport. They ignore the fact that as soon as such were completed and opened, then Iran would load up Hamas and Islamic Jihad with missiles just as they have Hezballah in Lebanon where there exist over one-hundred-fifty-thousand missiles and rockets poised to strike Israel. There would be no change in the Gaza economy, but there would be a marked change in the Israeli economy whenever Iran ordered Hamas and Islamic Jihad to launch the newly provided armaments. These assimilated Jews refuse to understand that Israel provides tons of aid daily into Gaza passing every allowable aid provisions, even to include building material despite knowing that over 80% will be confiscated to build more infiltration tunnels. Israel allows many dozens of tractor-trailers of aid to pass into Gaza daily (see image below) and Hamas confiscates the majority of this aid as soon as it passes into Gaza. Israel has permitted sufficient building material into Gaza to rebuild the damaged infrastructure at least five times over, sufficient repair equipment to repair the waste treatment plant three times over, repair the faltering electric grid numerous times yet all of these items remain damaged or completely broken. Hamas and Islamic Jihad desire keeping the damaged buildings such that they can use them during every war with Israel claiming they were newly damaged. They desire the failing economy because there are their useful idiots who repeat that it is the Israeli blockade of military wares that is causing the economic difficulties. Their sole aim is to force Israel to end their legal and United Nations certified blockade of military grade materials and then import sufficient weaponry to destroy Israel.


Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily

Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily


Let us now move to the Shomron where the Palestinian Authority rules the Palestinian Arabs. Here Mahmoud Abbas and a well-paid cadre have prevented elections while they share the largess of aid monies. The Palestinian Arabs receive the largess far in excess of the needy in sub-Saharan Africa. Much of the Arab economy in the Palestinian areas comes from jobs in the factories and other opportunities which result from the Israeli communities which this article points out are illegal from the leftist viewpoint of the NYT, but still show that the pay rate at these jobs is triple that of the Palestinian areas. An even more fortunate group of Palestinian Arabs holds transit cards to work in Israel. The reason why jobs within the Palestinian Authority region pay so much less is because of the taxation and the fact that most of the jobs the government controls are given to the cronies of Mahmoud Abbas and those he requires to remain in power. These problems are ignored by the majority of the assimilated Jews who oppose Israel claiming that Israel is enslaving the Palestinian Arabs and preventing their economic growth. These assimilated Jews claim that Israel is the force preventing peace despite the numerous times when Israel presented the Palestinian leadership with over 90% of what they claimed they demanded. The two most famous of these were proffered by Ehud Barak in 2000 and Ehud Olmert in 2008. The recent lack of negotiations is claimed to be because of the Israeli government. The assimilated Jews claim that the Israelis have to be at fault because they refuse to elect the right people. Who, you ask, are the right people? Well, Yitzak Hertzog, Tzipi Livni, Yair Lapid, Shelly Yachimovich, Zehava Gal-On or any other leftist political leader. Instead, Israelis keep choosing Likud and rightist governments to lead the nation, a political sin beyond forgiveness. This recently came into full view with the recent appointment of Yitzak Hertzog as the next Jewish Agency chairman against the wishes of Prime Minister Netanyahu. This appointment was pushed by the majority of assimilated American Jews. Whether or not this will come back to injure Israel will remain to be seen. Our prediction is that as head of the Jewish Agency, Yitzak Hertzog will be more a figurehead presumably in charge of encouraging Jews from around the world to make Aliyah to Israel. Those fearing his appointment will cause an avalanche of left leaning Jews tilting the political spectrum away from the recent slide to the right through massive arrivals of these assimilated Jews. We doubt that just because they placed their fellow leftist into the position responsible for arranging and promoting Aliyah will have any influence on assimilated Jews who are very content where they currently live. The increased Aliyah will continue to come from Western and Northern Europe as anti-Semitism continues to increase in these lands and the Jews desire to seek safety. The more religious and Zionist will come to Israel and the assimilated Jews will make their way to the United States. Each population will choose to go where they will feel most comfortable.


The conflict between the assimilated Jews and Israel is a temporary situation. The reason for this is the majority of the assimilated Jews are marrying outside the faith or are barely still attached to Jewish life. Most of these assimilated Jews are more closely attached to the Democrat Party than to their synagogues. Within two to three generations, unless societal changes cause a cosmic shift imposing their Jewishness upon these assimilated Jews, they will drift so far from their faith that they will become simply far left Americans supporting the left and Democrat Party policies and become completely adrift of their Jewish ancestry. Already we have seen this effect on Jews whose parents or grandparents converted or simply became completely irreligious and have fallen away from the Jewish communities. This will leave solely the Orthodox Jewish communities, some of which have religious reasons presented by their Rabbis for believing that Israel is illegitimate because its formation came before the arrival of the Messiah. In time, the situation even in the United States will follow the trends currently unfurling in much of Europe where the Jews are being disassociated from the mainstream communities. This will force many of the Jews who currently disassociate with Israel to turn to Israel as their lifeline. The coming of anti-Semitism will cause their lives to become untenable forcing them to seek refuge and that refuge will be Israel. What will mark the difference of the coming anti-Semitism is it will not come from the right or the alt-right, but come from the left, largely the far left. This will come as a shock to the remaining assimilated Jews still holding the slightest attachment to Judaism great consternation and might even lead to their reconsidering their political affiliations. Whatever causes the remaining American Jews to seek Israel as their sole resort for safety, it will also cause their move towards the same views as the Religious Zionists and align with those who desire making Israel as safe as possible. By the time these events come to pass, with any fortune, the Arab-Israeli conflict will no longer have the Palestinian Arab causes as their main weapon against Israel. This does not mean that there will be no problems between the two civilizations as they have conflicting religious beliefs. The Arabs rejection of the right of the Jews to have self-rule will continue as it is based in Islam and is not a political problem but a religious one. That conflict will continue until one or the other faces defeat ending their ability to oppose the other. That is the one reason all attempts to find a political solution are condemned to failure, and this will eventually become obvious to the rest of the world with time.


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February 21, 2018

A New World is Coming


And this new world will start by throwing out the old. That will be their initial mistake and what will follow are the same follies which we thought behind humanity. These youthful and exuberant individuals who make up the Nuevo-Left will throw out everything from before because they are the beginning and whatever came before was from the old and to be discarded. Unfortunately, we can use one item from the old to predict the future with these wunderkind at the head, and it comes from the pen of George Santayana who wrote, “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The last sentence has spawned a plethora of similar phrases all imparting the same wisdom and cautionary warning. But this too is from the past, from the first decades of the last century, so obviously it is old thought and thus rendered worthless. The United States Constitution, it is written on parchment, obviously far too old to be useful in this new age. The Bible too is from back in the Stone Age or close to it, according to new-think, thus it must be discarded as just a collection of useless adages. The Nuevo-Left is far too aware and advanced in thought to require such lessons as they are fashioning a whole new age, a new world where the fallacies of the past will be corrected. We can hardly wait for their new reality and can only wonder what they will have in mind for fossils such as ourselves.


This rant came as a response from a number of articles but we were put beyond the cusp and into committing our screed to post was, “Banned! High School Students Drop National Anthem,” which was just the last straw. The line which most closely resembled the reasoning was not so much the fact that there were “offensive words” and a reference to, “the hireling and slave,” but that the Star Spangled Banner, the American National Anthem, was written, and let us quote, “This song was written in 1814. That was written 204 years ago. Imagine all the traditions and laws that have changed.” Imagine that, two-hundred and four whole years ago, like even before television and the Internet. It is just so, you know, old. How could something that old have any relevance today. And while we are dating stuff, you know that thing, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, like those things are even older, written in the 17’s, the century before the National Anthem, so like useless, right? Whatever we do we should immediately publish a modern worded Bible and try and pass it off as like really new and kewl before they order them all destroyed for being from before paper and pencil. This New Age Nuevo-Left probably would immediately reject anything written in stone, so guess the Ten Commandments are out, even if the original copy chiseled by Moses could be found. This Nuevo-Left are set upon making a clean start and making this new civilization in their imagined perfect image. This should be absolutely wonderful.


Let’s see if we can make some hunch driven guesses as to the new rules, the Nuevo-Left will place on society. The first thing we should realize is that these of the Nuevo-Left are of that age and outlook that they know absolutely everything and have so much more knowledge than their adult cohabitants on planet Earth. The Nuevo-Left have looked at the world they are about to inherit and all they see is a mess which is obviously the result of the ancient ideas and laws under which it has been forced to operate. They are ready and willing to impart their great wisdom and correct all the errors of the past. All that is required for the world to become perfect is for all of us to surrender our free will and allow the Nuevo-Left, who, by the way, have a good number of adults who feel the same as them, to impose their will by any and all means available to them. And we need to fully understand, it is all about the feelings. You ask about thinking, well, that only comes in play when feelings fail, and how can good feelings which take everybody and their real needs into consideration ever fail? After all, look where thinking has gotten the world. The world could be improved so much if only feelings were the driving force as feelings are what it is all about. Those of the Nuevo-Left claim that the problems in the world today are caused by a few simply concepts, capitalism and the quest for monetary gains, the laws are rooted in the past and the results of every mistake of history, the system is unfair and leaves so many without while a small minority have most of the wealth. The way things are cements most people to live in the same social strata as they are born to, there is still way too much racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, xenophobia and the divisions that keep people apart, especially again racism plus other problems caused by nationalism, religion and other things such as identity politics.


Then there is one huge problem which has to be solved before things can ever get better, the unenlightened cannot be left in control. Who are the unenlightened? The unenlightened are those who disagree with our new leadership under the Nuevo-Left who are the truly enlightened and honestly know what is best for our society and have all the solutions if only they were to be given the opportunity to repair our world. There is a solution for the poor unenlightened, those who are stuck in the old world and just cannot let go of their unproductive identities, their refusal to let go of politics, of religion, of nationality or of any of the plethora of things which made up the old and broken world. The Nuevo-Left will help these poor unfortunates who have identity difficulties or are stuck with old-thought; they have an education program which will disabuse them of their old-thought and educate them making them accepting of the new-think of the Nuevo-Left.


Big Brother is Watching


All that remains to do is to hand over complete and total control to the youth with all the answers, the youth of the Nuevo-Left. They have all the answers to every problem. They know how to end wars, make militaries illegal enforced by the United Nations, right? How do we end poverty, redistribution of wealth with equal pay for any and all work. How do we end racism, reeducation until those stuck in hate learn acceptance. Actually, reeducation ends up being the solution to a whole litany of problems. If this sounds familiar like it was tried again and again throughout history, out with the old, in with the new and anything from reeducation to simply elimination of those who are part of the old. We have seen it in books such as Brave New World and 1984 which ends with the line that says it all, “I love Big Brother.” We have seen it in recent history with the Soviet Union and the Stalinist purges or in Communist China with Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the ensuing Great Leap Forward. But this idea is not new as we saw this in the Roman Empire where those the Romans desired to destroy, they dispersed and enslaved as they did the Carthaginians and the Judeans (Jews). For the record, it did not quite work with the Judeans as they managed to retain their identity. Other examples of the new attempting to drive out the old claiming to have the solution to everything include the Nazis and their concept of the superior race, the Inquisition where they were to purify the world by imposing the only perfect religion, the Caliphate which spread from the Arabian Peninsula and continues to this day following the Quranic demand to spread Islam until all have surrendered to Allah and numerous other attempts at world conquest placing the governance, leadership and supremacy of the conquerors over those defined as the others. There is a concept in the Western and developed worlds that world conquest is an impossibility and that the world may eventually meld with time and agree to a new world order which oversees all but their belief is not universal and there are numerous centers of power in the world who still believe that they are destined to conquer the world and be its masters. Only the future will tell whether or not world conquest is possible and if such does come to fruition, then will it be by force of will, force of an idea, force of weaponry or some force completely unforeseen by our current knowledge. The one thing we can tell the Nuevo-Left, their ideas of a utopia if only they are given complete control of the governance, power, and enforcement will fail either because they were fortunately never given the opportunity or because they were able to take control of the United States and Europe, unified them under their sole governance. The only way the Earth will ever come under a singular rule will be voluntarily and very likely after humanity has spread to inhabit the cosmos and not before. But expect the Nuevo-Left to continue their revolutionary tactics expecting that the society will see the wisdom of their ideas and beg them to take control as they will not be given this power willingly and should they take it by other means they can expect to face great amounts of resistance. Let’s all hope that any changes come peaceably and through the will of the people and not by any other means for the sake of all the people.


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May 30, 2015

Israel’s Jewish Problem and Other Ramblings

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This past week United States President Barack Obama went to great lengths to establish his argument for his not holding any shred of anti-Semitism and then transgressed his own standard. His definition for one being an anti-Semite included people denying such items as recognizing that Jews have had a difficult history, been plagued by hatreds of all varieties, have an ancient and valid claim to their lands where the historic lands of the Israelites existed and one last and special quality of holding Israel to a different standard than one holds other nations. As Carolyn Glick stated in her article Barack Obama’s anti-Semitism test “As Obama reads Israeli history, the state’s founders didn’t only seek to build a Jewish state. They set out to build Utopia.” This alone might lead one to ponder how any person could be so deeply compartmentalized in their thinking processes that they could clearly see Israel and her governance intending to build a Utopian society and still treat them as they would any other nation, or does President Barack Obama view every nation as setting out to build a Utopia. One might be capable of arguing that every nation set out and has attempted to build their nation to be a utopia even if that utopian vision does not wander too far from the ruling elite. That would permit the leaders of a nation to sentence the entirety of the previous government to death after taking power by force and not the voting will of the people, or even with the voting power of the people. Utopia can be interpreted in many and varied ways. Still, claiming a nation is going all-out to build a Utopian Nation one could then hold that nation to your perceived notion of how a utopian society would act and not view them as a nation acting solely in their own best interest but instead seeking where they might sacrifice for the benefit of others even to the point of placing their nation in peril.


That is exactly what President Barack Obama did when addressing the Adas Israel congregation, a Jewish congregation following the Conservative branch of Judaism, located conveniently in Washington D.C. where most of the congregants are either liberal Democrats or extremely liberal Democrats, but their being in Washington D.C. makes noting their liberal bend to be repetitive. When President Barack Obama explained his views and definitions on anti-Semitism the attending congregants were enthused. When he then proceeded to state that as an Utopian State Israel would, in his judgement and from what he learned and what formed his view of Israel and the heart and soul of the nation from “Moshe Dayan, and Golda Meir, and the sense that not only are we creating a safe Jewish homeland, but also we are remaking the world. We’re repairing it. We are going to do it the right way. We are going to make sure that the lessons we’ve learned from our hardships and our persecutions are applied to how we govern and how we treat others.” He subsequently added the altruistic view and concern he believed Israeli leaders should consider, “The rights of the Jewish people… compel me to think about a Palestinian child in Ramallah that feels trapped without opportunity. That’s what Jewish values teach me.” This led President Barack Obama to believe that in order to make a Utopian offer and placing the Palestinians’ needs above their own, Israel should pull back completely within the Green Line, the 67 lines, the 1949 Armistice Line also labeled the Auschwitz Borders as Abba Eban spelled out for the United Nations as quoted by the Jerusalem Post of August 18, 1995 by columnist Moshe Kohn:

“We have openly said that the map will never again be the same as on June 4, 1967. For us, this is a matter of security and of principles. The June map is for us equivalent to insecurity and danger. I do not exaggerate when I say that it has for us something of a memory of Auschwitz. We shudder when we think of what would have awaited us in the circumstances of June, 1967, if we had been defeated; with Syrians on the mountain and we in the valley, with the Jordanian army in sight of the sea, with the Egyptians who hold our throat in their hands in Gaza. This is a situation which will never be repeated in history.”

My thoughts upon reading in several articles what President Barack Obama had stated both as his definition for anti-Semitism and then on all items concerning Israel he made assessments and judgments which placed Israel at the maximum disadvantage, facing the utmost threats and claiming all these compromises and surrenders were to be forced out of Israel in order to allow Israel to repair the world. From what President Barack Obama stated he must be reasoning that the existence of Israel is the greatest problem thus the Israeli government must take all steps possible and allow the empowerment of even Israel’s worst enemies while forcing Israel into the most vulnerable position possible. If that is not a duality of treatment and expectations then I have no idea what one might call it.


Here is a quick review across the board on items concerning Israel and the Obama response and what we think Israel should do within legal structures by treaty and other binding international agreements.
Boundaries and expectations for the state of Israel, President Obama’s Ideas versus Our Responses.
President Barack Obama: President Obama insists that Israel be forced to pull back to the boundary lines from before the Six Day War and establish a terror state armed to the teeth on the high grounds overlooking the most vital and densely packed areas in Israel and also perched to cut Israel in half by a simple nine to twelve mile advance anywhere on a front which runs one third the length of Israel and perfectly centered on Tel Aviv.

BTC: If Israel desires to survive and have strategic advantages on the ground then Israel must retain the Judean Heights which run one third the length of Israel making all of Israel vulnerable. Israel must have control over the entirety of the Jordan River where it meets their current positions in all of Judea and Samaria. Finally, the Arabs claiming to be Palestinians should be granted their own autonomous zone where they provide the police and govern their areas completely but Israel maintains control of these lands in case of an attack and the autonomous Arab entity will not be permitted heavy weapons or other tools of war and if there should be terror attacks, the autonomous region may be dissolved by a vote in the Knesset.
President Barack Obama: President Obama has a grand plan which lasts ten, twelve, twenty, twenty-five, and forever all depending on which clause one is addressing. This plan will prevent Iran from actually producing nuclear weapons though they may continue all efforts to design and improve the nuclear weapons they might potentially build in the future but not for at least ten, twelve, well, depends on how you define nuclear weapon. The agreement promises that Iran will not build any nuclear weapons for ten years and there is no possibility they might break the treaty and produce weapons in secret and away from the agreed imposed inspections.

BTC: Again, should Israel intend to survive beyond the ten, twelve, whatever number of years your cumbersomely structured agreement leaves most everything open to several different interpretations. Technically Iran could produce all the required parts to form a nuclear warhead or bomb and simply not fully assemble them and have instant nuclear warheads after minor assembly. Even ten or twelve years is not all that long and the Iranian leadership will not leave willingly and thus all the treaty actually does is place certain steps as outside the agreement and Iran could be all ready to assemble the first of numerous nuclear weapons within a few hours after informing the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) that they are no longer bound by the agreement with the United States as President Obama made this deal and is no longer the President so the deal is now worthless as we did not get the word from the new President as to whether he would meet the United States obligations.


All this aside, there is a deeper problem for Israel, the average American Jew defines their Jewishness by their support for the Democrat Party because that is what liberals do. It does not matter if the Democrat is anti-Israel or anti-Zionist or even anti-Semite because these Jews believe that if the time returned for the Jews to be rounded up for the slaughter that surely they are of particular value and will thus be spared. These are the ‘It cannot happen in my country’ and ‘even if it does, I will be excepted as I am assimilated and value being a good little democrat than I do Israel or Judaism.’ The bad news is not only can it happen again, and happen in your country or spread to your country, but is already starting to happen. The BDS boycott divestment and sanction protesters are having such an influence in the United States that some of the Bible Belt states, counties, cities and municipalities are invoking new laws to expressly refuse to give contracts or have any business which supports the BDS aggregation and their demands while in some of the largest cities certain retailers now refuse not only products which may have come from a factory in Judea or Samaria but just to be safe, they stopped carrying anything Israeli. What is so ridiculous about the BDS craze is that for many Arab Palestinians, their employment despite working in the same enterprise and often sharing work space with Israeli Jews, they actually love their jobs and working conditions as they are superior to anything else available to them and the insurance and salaries are vastly superior and these are the companies and factories the BDS crazed and glazed eyed useful idiots are trying to destroy. The leaders of some of the BDS chapters, if you can credit them with that much organization, are actually Jews who are through and through pro-Arab Palestinian and tout the Israel as the colonial oppressor of the indigenous Arab population who have a written and proven history as the mythical nation of Palestine. Then there is the lobbying groups J Street headed by Jeremy Ben Ami who is a Jewish self-hater who despises everything that makes Israel the Jewish state. His drive is to flood Israel with as many as five or even ten million refugees with at their core is a sizeable group who entertains any demand or concession the Israelis could possibly make and additionally they desire to allow the right of return of five or maybe ten millions of Arabs into Israel within the Green Line and not simply into the Arab entity making Israel a binational state which will set to repairing that situation and taking Israel on a wholly, or should we say unholy, future with the eradication of those Jews unable or clueless enough to remain in Israel for any longer than the first elections, or should we say the truthful term of last election, especially if the new citizens forced Israel along with the world, including if not led by Jews living outside of Israel, the right to vote. As soon as they get organized, that will spell the end of Israel and with that the end of Judaism within our lifetimes.


There was a time when it could have been claimed and evidence provided that many Jews voted with a concern for Israel that was or rivalled their most dearly held political beliefs. The vast majorities of those Jews no longer vote in their former nation’s elections as they became Israeli citizens and viewed voting as such in their previous nation to be fraudulent. Even if these Jews were to vote in their former nation’s elections they would hardly make much of a difference. The last two elections for United States President had the highest total of formerly American Jews living permanently in Israel and being Israeli citizens, but are able to vote as dual-citizenship between Israel and the United States is recognized, voted in the Presidential election and voted well above 80% against President Obama. That should give anybody a hint as to how President Barack Obama is viewed here. In the United States the Jewish vote was 70% give or take a little for President Barack Obama. That plainly tells one of the differences between the views of these disparate sets of Jewish populations. The American Jews often support financially groups which work directly against Israel but have a devious manner where they use catch phrases such as “justice”, “fairness”, equality”, “equal opportunity” and “Tikkun Olam” which they interpret as “repair the world” which is accomplished, in their minds, as supporting every leftist cause, the more extreme the better. They give donations to the New Israel Fund which they defend by questioning accusingly how you could ever doubt their sincerity when it comes to supporting Israel as after all the New Israel Fund helps many groups and there are very supportive groups and they can usually list at least three or four. When anyone brings up that the New Israel Fund or J Street and numerous other charitable or political action groups and criticizes these groups the chorus is almost dutifully the same almost singing their response where they claim that these groups support Tikkun Olam, which they conveniently define as repairing the world and that means taking an active role and even trying pathways and making the hard choices required to repair the world and make the world more peaceful and diverse, never mind if diverse does not include Israel. One would never last ten seconds in a discussion should they point out that Tikkun Olam is not a banner one waves to forgive and forget what they were supporting as it is the supporting that is important, not to whom you give support as long as they claim to be for peace, the two state solution, respecting the dignity of the Palestinian cause and opposing that dreadful Prime Minister who oppresses Arabs, destroys their homes, refuses to enforce the law and arrest those Jews who destroyed olive trees during the harvest when the trees are cut back to a point where they appear dead but is necessary to have them produce fruit more rapidly and a better grade of olives and then there is the constant use of the IDF destroying homes and lives in Gaza so often. These are people who are truly Israel’s friends according to their assessment, after all they read the New York Times which is owned by a prominent Jewish family and they read Haaretz which they renew their subscription every year so they are getting all the real news. That is their closing argument and it works because hearing this given in such a condescending way as if to dismiss anything you say as invalid as it has never appeared on the front page of either the New York Times or Haaretz therefore it does not exist. As has been said before, with friends like these, who needs enemies?


The problem is Israel has more than sufficient enemies or nations who would actually celebrate if Israel was ever defeated. This was made obvious during the Yom Kippur War which had it started from the borders currently being demanded there would be no Israel today. There were no calls for the Arab forces to stop their advance at a certain spot and not go further than the Green Line. Fortunately Israel still held the Sinai Peninsula which allowed just barely enough time as those troops placed on the eastern side of the Suez Canal bought Israel the necessary time with their lives. They knew that every minute they held their ground that gave many troops the needed gathering time which was made more complicated as many soldiers were in synagogue and not near their home phones as this was well before cell phones were even in use so they had to go from synagogue to synagogue and interrupt the service and announce the general call up as a war had been launched on Israel. The world saw an almost defenseless Israel and nobody lifted a finger while they watched news broadcast after news broadcast waiting for the fateful news that the Egyptians had taken Tel Aviv and were well on their way to devouring Israel erasing it from the map. There was not a single attempt to prevent Israel being overrun, something which appeared inevitable in the first hours of the war but Israel regrouped, got her aircraft into the air and their tanks rolling and soon the tide changed and the Israelis not only thwarted their attack but had chased the Egyptian army back across the Suez Canal and were heading straight for Alexandria and Cairo when the world let loose with a mighty clamor demanding that this horrific assault by Israel stop immediately, not try to reach any major city nor advance any further and for the Israeli troops and armor be returned to the east bank of the Suez Canal. Egypt overrunning Israel, good for them according to the civilized world out there but have Israel routing Egyptian units and crossing the Suez Canal, horrific war crime, stop and retreat immediately, how dare Israel think they can be permitted to advance on Cairo or Alexandria.


It is no different today as the Arabs can riot and even murder Israelis, men, women, children, the elderly and even the three month old Hadas Fogel who had her throat slashed and her chest stabbed and opened removing her heart which was never found. She was brutalized along with almost the whole family with Rabbi Udi Fogel age 36, Ruth Fogel age 35, Yoav Fogel age 11, and Elad Fogel age 4. The father and infant Hadas were found by the terrorist Arab cousins asleep so they first slit the Father throat and finished killing him before he could react and then initially leaving the infant but one of the cousins returned after they had left the house to kill baby Hadas and brutalizing her corpse in an inhuman mutilation. Thanks to threats from across all of Europe as well as the United Nations and the United States, Israel is the only place on the planet where policies have been enacted and enforced sometimes up front and outwardly so the population of Israel understands these restrictions on the Jews and some quietly, almost silently so nobody will be upset. Some of the worst of these are that Jews may not build a house to live or even add a deck to their existing home as all building must cease or else. Jews are not permitted to defend themselves any further than the minimal amount required to escape as Jews when confronted are expected to surrender and run away. Jews are not permitted to pray on the Temple Mount. It is a law passed by a Muslim council and enforced by Israeli police. Jews are forbidden the right to pray at the holiest of all places upon this planet for Jews, the place where the First Temple and Second Temple stood. What can be ever so absurd as Jews being forbidden to pray not only in Israel but at the holiest of sites to Jews anywhere on Earth and Jews are forbidden even to move their lips as that might be payer, not allowed to bend their knees too much and especially both at the same time while stopped as that might be an act of prayer, not permitted to read from a book as they might be praying, and every group of Jews, sometimes every individual Jew will be accompanied by an Arab representative of the Waqf, the committee which forbade Jewish prayer within Israel on their holiest of sites, who makes judgements as to if one is perceived as praying and should this official claim you attempted prayer there is an Israeli police officer present to arrest them for praying. I think if I ever get a chance to visit the Temple Mount I am going to get arrested and there will little doubt as to whether or not I was praying as I will likely pray out loud, not loudly, simply out loud.


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