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January 31, 2019

The World Where Israel is Just Another Nation

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Just walk with us here for a while and let us examine how different the world would be if Israel were just one nation amongst all the others, no separate treatment, no organized and oil financed hate programs (or should they be called what they are, economic pogroms), no organized programs blanketing the larger and more prestigious universities and colleges, no oil financed terrorism on her borders, no rockets fired into her lands from much of her border, no looming threats from Hezballah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, no dictatorships set up on her borders for the sole reason of genocidal hatred driven murders, no intifada and no constant United Nations condemnations; just a little nation nestled along the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, a nation about the size of New Jersey (see map if New Jersey replacing Israel with approximations of cities paired from each), a nation struggling from her birth just over seventy years ago and a nation which is really a marvel when one looks at her with unbiased eyes, objectively and without any tints of hatred or vile recriminations clouding vision obscuring the truth.


New Jersey Representing Israel in Middle East New Jersey City’s name on the top Israeli City’s name on the bottom

New Jersey Representing Israel in Middle East
New Jersey City’s name on the top
Israeli City’s name on the bottom


Imagine that Israel almost never makes the headlines in the New York Times at least twice each month claiming some recriminating proof that Israel is a terrible place. It really is not as we live here and it is simply very nice. Imagine that Israel was not forced into a war every two to three years because hundreds to thousands of rockets were being fired over her border. By the way, the first sign that something was wrong, as reported by the New York Times, would be when Israel finally responds to the assaults on her people. Then it is front page news, Israel attacks Gaza or Lebanon and somewhere around the next to last paragraph on a back page after two referrals to follow the article they finally report that Israel had been besieged by rockets for the past six weeks and the escalation had reached a point where it was no longer able to tolerate. Another way Israel is cast in a bad light in reports in the news is when they report that the Israeli police or the IDF killed a Palestinian Arab and eventually the article will note that the Palestinian Arab who was killed was attempting to kill the police or IDF attacking them with a knife, and they are not using the kitchen butter knife, even though some do take the meat cleaver or the largest carving knife from their kitchen while others use knives designed for combat situations. Without such reports along with the glowing coverage given to anti-Israel protests, many of which are paid for by the oil kingdoms of the Middle East or the Muslim Brotherhood and its numerous organizations which act in concert with the Muslim Brotherhood directions. We just have to bring up one reporter who was asking questions of an IDF command officer who had a question concerning the Iron Dome systems. This reporter asked the IDF commander why Israel has not provided the Iron Dome systems to the people of Gaza to protect them from missiles fired into Gaza. The commander simply called on the next reporter. The biggest item to report on in the Gaza war was the casualty statistics with some coverage reaching stages of ghoulish proportions that it often appeared as if they were asking, where are the dead Israelis, actually more like where are the dead Jews. For an excellent, if long, article which may tempt one to take notes, can be read here. But enough about how Israel is mercilessly vilified by much of Western media, let us go on to what if Israel made the news as often as and for similar reasons as Canada or Shangri-La.


If Israel were any normative nation which is the homeland of its people, obviously not all of them as some reside elsewhere just as every one of French origins do not reside in France, not all Chinese live in China or Taiwan and not all Filipinos reside in the Philippines. Thus, not all Jews live in Israel. Further, not all Israeli citizens are Jewish, only about 70% with close to 20% are Arab plus 2% Christian as well as 2% Druze with Bedouin, Hindu, Filipinos and Baha’I making up the remaining 4% or there abouts. Another item which people often get wrong is that the Jews of Israel are not predominantly European. There is a close balance between European Jews and Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews largely refugees from the Arab and Muslim worlds. The remainder which accounts for between ten and fifteen percent (some guesswork here) are largely from India, South America and Ethiopia. The Jews in Israel span the racial spectrum from Caucasian to Indian or Ethiopian and virtually every possible inclusion between. Israel, other than for the large percentage being Jewish, is a fairly normal appearing Western nation with people from all corners of the globe and racial mix probably more varied than the average European nation. Certainly, the population is very diverse for a nation of Israel’s size. Israel does make one list which is very positive, the happiness index of nations where Israel was number eleven, last time we checked. As residents and citizens of Israel, we can verify that Israelis are, as a whole, very happy people, very helpful, courteous, kind and understanding. Our little theory is that the having to mix populations from varied origins, most arriving with little wealth, and reviving a language which had been considered a dead language used solely in religious services longer than Latin, namely Hebrew, that Israel has one of the most diverse and interesting mixes of the various populations.


Israel would make a great success story if only anybody cared to report the positive sides of Israel. Israel is the first nation to be revived after over two millennia of her being conquered and her people dispersed over the entire planet. Hebrew is the only language to have been considered dead to be revitalized and brought into daily use. Within seventy years Israel has become one of the leaders in the technology fields, specifically apps and computer technologies, both hardware and software. Israel has been named the Start-up Nation as she has the most start-up companies per capita even ahead of the United States who came in a respectable second. Israel is a leader in agricultural technologies. She has led the way in providing agricultural know how to African farmers assisting them in using less water and gaining greater yields from their crops. Israel also has provided numerous small villages and tribal villages with electrical power and cell phone service allowing them contact with the outside world for the first time. These systems use batteries which are recharged from solar technologies while they provide a tower and microwave relay to connect them with cell service. Israel is a leader in healthcare industries inventing new procedures, inventing or improving medical devices such as heart stents, making strides in cancer treatment and research and also making progress with treating age related diseases and many of the mentally handicapping diseases and birth defects. One of the areas in which an Israeli company has made strides is developing procedures for treating infant heart disabilities and spreading their knowledge. They have taught many surgeons these procedures and even in many cases opened up new departments in the hospitals whose physicians they have trained with all the required equipment, monitors and supplies. For young children with heart problems outside of the places treatments are available, they bring the child with family to Israel and treat them in Israel (this includes bringing children from nations with no relations with Israel clandestinely through a third neutral nation while never marking Israel on their travel documents, as doing so could endanger their lives. Excuse the plug here, but this group has a descriptive name, Save a Child’s Heart. These would be the kind of news stories coming from Israel if only she were a normal nation.


But Israel is not just another nation, is she. No, she is the home, ancient home, of the Israelites who later became the Judeans which, thanks to the Greeks and Romans after them simplifying things like names, simply Jews. This makes Israel the Jew amongst the nations of the world. This little statement defines the problem succinctly. Being the Jewish nation makes Israel the new and largest target for those who hate Jews, and we are talking about more than a few neo-Nazi and white supremacists. Anti-Semitism has a number of categories under which one must seek to find the truth. There are the above alt-right groups, communists, most of Islam, and the latest and fastest growing group, the progressives and the left, specifically the far left. The rapidly growing leftist anti-Semitism is the reason that Israel is so vilified by the Western media which has a far left bias. The hate-fest on the left is only going to grow and will become a force in Western politics sooner rather than later. The most recent elections in the United States may have the first wave of true anti-Israel bias declaring the Congress as their home turf causing Israel possible difficulties as described in this article. Then there are dark clouds over parts of Europe. Ireland is considering passing mandatory BDS legislation forbidding doing business with many Israeli companies. Britain may elect Jeremy Corbin as their next Prime Minister along with the Labor Party and its reported anti-Semitic problems which are gaining power and have found their home right along with the far left. The far left across Europe will continue to pose a greater and greater set of problems for Israel in her relations with much of Europe and the European Union. Israel’s best friends come from groups which make progressive and leftist Jews nervous, the right wing nationalists of Europe and the Republican Party in the United States. Israel was once a strong-point for leftists but Israel did something unforgivable, she started winning. Israel is no longer the weak surprise victor in the Six Day War. With her repeat performance after a debacle of a start to the following Yom Kippur War, Israel was now a problem because she was proving to have inner strength and resilience. Then there was the deal-breaker, the Israeli economy started to improve and continued to improve as the governments became more conservative and supportive of Capitalism. Israel stepped back slightly from her socialist beginnings which endeared her to the left and became a strong capitalist nation with nationalist governments becoming the norm.


Then Israel refused to surrender completely to the Palestinians, the new media and leftist darlings who could do no wrong. That was the last straw for the far left as they fully throatily support the Palestinian cause. As the average citizen of Europe and North America rely heavily on the mainstream media and the news blurbs they catch between half-hour blocks of their favorite music, their knowledge about Israel is between scant and none. We are talking real and actual knowledge, not the wild and horrific picture Israel has been painted as by the media. Some of the editorial cartoons and many op-ed pages are close to being reconditioned material taken from Der Stürmer, the Nazi tabloid. Just as hateful against the Jews is telling old blood libels as news, they also published sexually explicit, anti-Catholic, anti-Communist, and anti-monarchist propaganda. They were the Fascist paper which supported the Nazis but without carrying their twisted cross thus gaining more general acceptance. The problem is Israel has replaced the Jew as the target for anti-Semitic hatred. Zionism is the new Judaism and is the beast which must be driven into the ground and killed. This is the only explanation for why the media parrots the lies and exaggerations provided as the official line by Hamas concerning Israel during the conflicts they have had with Israel. Then, when Hamas tells the truth that stating, “Fifty of the sixty-two Gazans killed in border violence were our members,” nobody prints it or shows the video (see below) on the news of the Hamas official broadcast and the silence was deafening. But then again, why show a story which has the people your reporting has been covering for and telling the Western world that the Israelis have murdered innocent peaceful protesters along the Gaza border all day long and then have Hamas official spokesperson claim that fifty out of sixty-two, over eighty-percent, of the casualties were Hamas operatives, terrorists, not innocent peaceful protesters. To make matters worse adding insult to injury, from further down in the article, allow us to quote, “The Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad had said on Tuesday that three members of its Saraya al-Quds military wing were killed by Israeli forces in Khan Younis.” That makes it fifty-three terrorists out of sixty-two, that is over eighty-five percent, on this single day of rioting and sending incendiary balloons into Israel, with rushing the border fence, burning thousands of tires, attempted breaching of the border, snipers crawling to the fence and more violence and almost all the Western nightly news showed the youths playing soccer and families having picnics claiming these were the examples of everyone at the Hamas ordered March of Return protest. The pictures shown on the newscasts were of the peaceful protesters who were close to half a mile from the fence and the violence. But the news cameras continued to point eastward with all the actual events taking place behind them to the west towards the border with Israel, but they had a story to sell. Israel murdering innocents during peaceful protest, that was their story and they were going to stick with it, and this means they could never show the prideful Hamas spokesperson claiming they had fifty shahids, dead martyrs, out of the sixty-two fatalities with Islamic Jihad claiming three others, nothing but the best chosen shots for the news, no reality television here.



That is what is so aggravating and sorry all at the same time. Israel is given short shrift no matter what she does. There is not an accusation which has not been leveled at Israel, as she can do nothing right. We face a world which desires that we surrender our lands to people who would just as soon see us dead. The one item we can give to Hamas is at least they say exactly what they mean. In their charter, they say it as plain as noon on a hot August day, they desire completely eradicating the Jews from the world. They desire to destroy Israel but they also have plans for what to do afterwards, murder every Jews on planet Earth. They desire the murder of approximately fifteen-million Jews ending our existence on planet Earth. Hamas has plans to complete the work begun by the Roman Empire, then followed up upon by Adolph Hitler and Hamas will pick up the remainder. That is what comes from the world’s first and greatest persecution of the whole of Israel completely, and this is exactly what the Quran calls for, from every follower of Allah must have this visceral hatred for the Jewish People. The Jews are to be denied basic rights such as land ownership. The Jews are to be eradicated and Iran has adopted this theme aiming to be the first to actually complete just such a task. This is part of the dream, that they not only eradicate the Jews within Israel and restore Islamic rule over the lands currently held by Jews, but then Hamas will do whatever it takes to eradicate the Jews in their entirety. This is simply further proof that their leadership is obsessed with destroying the Jewish People. This will leave them permanently dissatisfied and will bring about their downfall.


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July 22, 2018

What Hamas Really Desires

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Hamas has been playing a very costly game of cat and mouse with ceasefires. Hamas fired between one-hundred-twenty to two-hundred rockets and or mortars into Israel leading up to their declaration of accepting the Egyptian offer for a ceasefire with Israel. As per their usual modus-operandi, Hamas instituted a dangerous assault of projectiles immediately before grabbing at a third party offered ceasefire. This has been what they have done before but this time they went a step further. The next day they informed Israel through whatever channels they use that it might take them as long as two weeks before they would be capable of calming the kite and balloon incendiary device launching protesters from continuing to launch these murderous and damaging devices. Thusfar these devices have caused over two-million dollars in crop losses as well as destruction of forests and wildlife preserves. There have even been cases of using birds to carry devices attached to their limbs including one unfortunate falcon found incinerated hanging from a tree limb (see images below). This was not the only bird found murdered in this horrid manner. But Hamas and their minions believe that all is fair as it might damage Israel or murder Jews. That is another item people often miss, Hamas does not just desire Israel gone, they call for the murder of every Jew on Earth and lionize Hitler as proof that the Jews need killing.


Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


Hamas allowed the ceasefire to last almost two hours before having snipers open fire on IDF troops patrolling the border for damages to the border fence severely injuring one soldier who later succumbed to his wounds. After this event they re-announced their call for a ceasefire claiming that some of their people had not been advised and all were now prepared to observe the ceasefire. This is the Hamas means of conducting their war; they slowly increase the level until Israel begins to reciprocate. They then make a more intense and massive attack and run to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, any third party willing to allow them to call for a ceasefire. Then they break the ceasefire and then call for it to start after that attack. They will then wait almost a day or two and make another small attack and wait to see if Israel responds. After measuring the Israeli response, the less response the greater the chance that Hamas will slowly escalate until Israel responds. They then make another larger attack and scream for a ceasefire. They continue to do this until Israel does not accept one of their calls for a ceasefire and instead retaliates and then they scream to the world media that Israel broke the ceasefire and started the attacks because Hamas had called for a ceasefire and Israel attacked during that ceasefire. Needless to say, as history has born this out, the media repeats the Hamas view and Israel is condemned across the world in the media, the European Union condemns the Israel disproportional attacks, the United Nations demands an investigation, a transparent investigation, not any investigation by Israel, the Human Rights Council condemns the Israeli initiating of violence and on and on.


After the soldier died of his wounds and in response to the Hamas attack, the Israeli Air Force struck Gaza destroying several Hamas command and control centers, a main headquarters, training areas and numerous weapons stores (see images below). Israeli forces have stood down from attacks but remain in an alert status and have been told to be aware that Hamas will likely strike at any targets of opportunity, thus they are not to present any such targets for Hamas. Simple English, keep your heads down and no strolling out in the open near the Gaza border. Hamas will likely strike again probably by the time this article is posted and then claim it was accidental and that they hope Israel will continue to observe the ceasefire. We are always tempted at this point to simply add, rinse-repeat, but Word does not recognize those two words as a complete sentence. Hamas will continue cat and mouse games until Israel attacks in force across the border and then in the end, Hamas plan is enacted where they provide regions which they know the IDF will desire entering and destroying the stores of rockets and tunnel entrances. They set up ambushes and wait. But there is more to the perfidy they will enact.


IDF Strikes in Gaza

IDF Strikes in Gaza


Hamas knows that before Israel enters an area where there will probably be resistance, the IDF will send out phone messages, drop leaflets and make announcements on radio and any other means available warning the civilians to leave the area of operations. This gives Hamas all the warning they need to ready their ambushes, and still Israel risks her troops rather than have civilians in the line of fire. The problem is Hamas will often leave civilians in the area, often booby-trapped so they can kill the IDF soldiers when they try to remove the civilians. Does this trap kill the civilians in question? Of course they die, but their deaths are blamed on the IDF because if the Jews would all just die, then there would be no problem thus the Jews are the reason everything happens. There is another item one needs to know; all media in Gaza is required to clear their reports through Hamas minders before they are permitted to be filed and often the reporters in Gaza are Hamas operatives working as approved stringers for the major media outlets whose reporters are comfortable in Tel Aviv sitting in the café bars along the beach. The reporters with the Israeli soldiers, the few as they actually have to work, they can report whatever they witness and they do which is where many of the Israeli newspapers get their reports as they are not exactly permitted inside Gaza. There was one very important television report filed by a reporter out of India for NDTV. The video was recorded by his crew from his hotel room showing out his sliding door to his room’s balcony where just a short distance away Hamas was setting up a rocket launcher. We covered this with the video which is still on our site in our article, UNHRC Report on Israel Uses Disproportionate Accusations from all the way back on June 25, 2015. Our bet is after they smuggled this report or otherwise transmitted it out of Gaza, this station was very likely no longer permitted access inside Gaza without very close minding. The video is enlightening as well as very interesting and the reporter is almost amusing.


Let us return back to the current situation. Needless to add at this point, but much of what the mainstream media will end up presenting if a full-blown confrontation is inevitable, then they are going to point out endlessly how Israel is so mean because so many on the Hamas side are being killed and so few Israelis are being killed. Sometimes you can swear you can hear them asking, where are the dead Jews or Israelis. The answer is actually easily stated in the use of resources. Iron Dome interceptors cost fifty-thousand dollars each so every time you hear about Israel intercepting a Hamas rocket, Israel just invested fifty-thousand dollars to intercept a fifty-dollar rocket simply to preserve life. Israel has just invested a thousand dollars to every dollar Hamas spent such that no Israeli is killed. Israel requires every new residence and all business structures to provide bomb shelters within to protect the people. Hamas does not build apartments because they use 90% of the building supplies sent by the United Nations, European Union and endless procession of bleeding-heart-liberals for the construction of infiltration tunnels in order to kidnap and murder Israelis. Israel invested millions of dollars to invent the technology to uncover these tunnels which the IDF then summarily destroys. There has not been a new hospital built in Gaza since the 2007 takeover by Hamas. There has been an extensive tunnel and bunker system built to protect Hamas operatives and leaders and their rocket launchers. They do not permit the citizens into these bunkers because they want them to die as collateral damage so they can use their pictures in the media to condemn Israel. Israel spends unbelievable amounts to protect their citizens while Hamas does all they can to get their citizens killed including using them as booby-traps to kill IDF soldiers along with their citizens. Hamas had built an entire clinic with explosives in the walls just to blow it up and when they did, they killed three IDF soldiers who were investigating a tunnel entrance built within the clinic. This brings us to our suggestion on how to end this repeating scenario of wars with Hamas.


The IDF is very good at striking Hamas bases, training areas, weapons stores, rocket stores and manufacturers, command and control and all other sorts of Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions all without killing anybody. The most recent series of attacks were rumored to have potentially killed as many as four Hamas operatives when striking sixty positions and destroying almost an equal number of Hamas positions. We understand the desire of the IDF and the Israeli government in their care not to kill anybody, as we are the ones who cherish life; they are the ones who claim to cherish death. In cooperation with this operational directive, we have a suggestion for a whole new targeting system. This will require the same operational time frame of in the early morning around two to three o’clock. What this will not target are easily replaced Hamas weapons sheds. No, we think that perhaps we need to target the soft and easy life the multi-billionaire Hamas leaders live. Strike their fancy five-star restaurants, the water park, the new three-story mall and all the nightspots where they go for entertainment. Strike the areas where they shop and force them to live like the less fortunate in Gaza whose homes these leaders steal the material so they are unable to rebuild their lives. Take away the easy life that the Hamas leadership and their cronies enjoy and leave the regular Gazan alone for a while. If that does not force a change, then target their homes, when nobody is thought to be home, and see if they use any of their tunneling provisions, you know, the provisions with which they are supposed to be rebuilding apartment buildings and building schools and hospitals, clinics and repairing the damages caused in the destruction of their rocket launchers placed next to those apartment buildings. The leadership of Hamas has not been made to pay a price and until they are paying a price, what do they care about those others people, the little people. There is even the possibility when the people of Gaza see that their leaders care more about the new three-story mall than their apartment and care more over the restaurants and water parks than the schools and hospitals they might realize who are the ones really responsible for their crashed economy and near 50% unemployment and the radicalizing of their youth. Remember, while tens of thousands were rioting at the Gaza border with Hamas, many paid three-hundred dollars to participate, there were one and three-quarter million Gazans who were not rioting, demonstrating or having anything to do with the violence against Israel. Those are the Gazans the news seldom speaks about, as they are not serving the cause to destroy Israel. We can only pray that we do not end up with the necessity of another war to bring these Hamas assaults to an end.


Beyond the Cusp


July 8, 2018

Justice Department Inspector General Report on FBI and 2016 Elections


Why not just get the most over-hyped part out of the way right off the bat. Yes, FBI lawyer Lisa Page sent a text message to her lover at the FBI asking, “(Trump is) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” with an actual ?! which where we come from shows distress, uncertainty and heightened anxiety. Then the fateful reply from FBI agent Peter Strzok who texted back stating, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.” So, what can we conclude from this evidence? Well, that the rest of the five-hundred page report will end up as fodder for the mainstream media while social media will be tossing back and forth how that exchange is meaningless and also that it signifies the end of the world, it all depends upon which side of this battle you side.


We have a different take on the whole report and a few of the outstanding minutia which we believe should have sounded alarm bells somewhere within the FBI or the Justice Department but obviously did not. The first thing is this was the Justice Department selecting an inspector to inspect the FBI which is part of the Justice Department. The fact that this investigation found absolutely nothing untoward should have been the expected response. Basically you had an enforcement officer from the Justice Department investigating if the department which pays his salary did anything wrong. Why is it we see something not quite right here? Well, because this investigation which was largely to see if there was any bias in favor of Hillary Clinton and/or against Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle was performed by the agency where the bias presumably was centered while the investigation into whether Trump’s campaign was working hand in glove with the Russians went to a special prosecutor. The important difference there is the special prosecutor is paid independently and thus will often be more thorough. Both of these investigations should have been investigated by a special prosecutor or neither of these investigations should even have been executed. Having the Justice Department investigate the Justice Department is the quickest means to reaching a conclusion that nothing was done which requires any further investigation, now can we get back to running the country as we see fit while basically ignoring the President and Congress unless we agree with them.


But we believe there was one little item which really should have set off alarms. This concerns FBI agent Peter Strzok. Even before his little reassuring text message, there was something not quite correct in his behavior. Mr. Strzok was part of the investigation by the FBI into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server. Mr. Strzok was part of the investigation by the FBI into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Mr. Strzok was initially part of the special counsel probe being run by Robert Mueller. Any normal human being would probably grow suspicious of any person who wormed their way into every aspect of investigating and potentially affecting the Presidential campaign. One would think that Mr. Strzok’s immediate supervisor would have at least called him in for a consultation and inquired as to what was it that had him working on so many closely related investigations. Then, a good supervisor would have made him give up at the very least one of the positions if not just choose which one in which he most desired to take part. Leaving one person in all three of these investigations was an error of management. Additionally, Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, was appointed by President Obama as Associate Director of the SEC’s (Securities and Exchange Commission) Enforcement Division in 2016. We guess the good news is that Joseph Burrow, the husband of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, has a position which is not with the government and may actually be above suspicion of anything except probably really upset about his name being dragged like this because his wife was having too much fun at the office parties.


Peter Strzok and Lisa Page

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page


What we love about this entire boondoggle is that it exposed something those of us who grew up around Washington D.C. already knew, that there is a government within the government which actually runs the day-to-day operations and because Congress grew fat and lazy, they also decide how the general concepts and ideas which Congressional legislation contains are interpreted and applied into regulations which have the weight of law. President Barack Obama understood this which is why during his first term; Cass Sunstein was named the Administration’s Regulatory Czar. President Obama’s initial instructions to Mr. Sunstein were to go through the legislation passed during the last decade and look for regulations which could be derived out of these pieces of legislation. Needless to say, Mr. Sunstein was very efficient and the number of regulations during President Obama’s first term was significant. So, yes, Virginia, there really is a “Deep State” and it lives within the agencies which are largely manned by left-leaning to extreme left individuals with, every so often, a conservative who spends much time ducking to remain out of sight and hopefully out of mind. The reason for this is very simple to understand. During Republican conservative administrations, true conservatives, they more often than not put in place a hiring freeze, consolidate departments, which often lead to numerous government workers being sent to new agencies where they bump another worker who has less time in service at their level or is a lower pay grade who then bumps the next until the most recent hire found loses their job. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is a very strong and powerful union and has garnered near chiseled in stone guarantee that once you complete your probationary period you can only be fired if you really do something stupid like texting on your government provided computer, “(Trump is) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” or reply to this text saying on your government provided computer, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.” One of these people was forced from their position and the other merely demoted and barred from active investigatory positions. So, even doing such as these might not get you fired. So, Republican conservatives block hiring new personnel when they might have some sway in the process. Then when a Democrat or Republican Progressive and often leftist is elected, the flood gates open and the hiring circus begins and things are good in old D.C. This is how and why most federal government employees are liberal or even leftists and the promotion ladder is stacked even further to the left than the middle and lower level positions. President Trump has revealed this truth for the world to see. Unfortunately, most of the world, and even the American people, do not care and most honestly believe that there is nothing that can be done to repair this problem. The really sad news is that they are correct.


Deep State

Deep State


Thomas Jefferson realized that this would be a problem, that with parties that the government employees would tend to be more from one party than the other and with time would create a poisonous atmosphere which would threaten the people’s freedoms and liberties. Thomas Jefferson stated it outright when he wrote to his friend William Smith, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson once confided that he believed for the United States to stay true to its founding declarations that it would take a revolution every twenty years to force the nations to start again from scratch with only the Declarations of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. This, in his opinion would be found to be necessary otherwise; the federal government would usurp the power of the states and become tyrannical. He was very likely a tad too pessimistic thinking twenty years, but two-hundred and twenty would probably have reached that stage in his mind. When people who have positions of such power as obviously Peter Strzok must have wielded getting on every investigation of note about the election all to work to the detriment of one of the candidates and the favor of the other, then there is a problem. That it took an investigation by an Inspector General to make possible the airing of the full scope of the problems was significant. What became even more significant was that the Inspector General was so invested in the swamp that is the Deep State that he saw nothing inherently wrong or partisan in these events. Basically, the report states that everything was just as normal as could be expected, all things considered. This is what is considered normal then there is a deep-seated problem and it needs to be pulled up by its rotting foliage, roots and all. But, that is something the American people need to wrestle with and decide. We hope that the solution found will be peaceable but thorough leading to efficient and balanced government similar to the initial days of the nation where the government represents the people and not represses the people. We wish you well as you enter your two-hundred-forty-third year.


Beyond the Cusp


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