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June 11, 2019

So, You Thought Hezballah was Merely an Israeli Problem?


You read the news and almost every time, if not every time for most, when the Hezballah is reported, it is virtually always to do with Israel or some other conflict in the Middle East. Hezballah is mentioned in threats to fire missiles striking in Israel, tunneling beneath the Lebanon border into Israel with intent of infiltration raids on Israeli civilians, fighting alongside Bashir al-Assad Syrian forces aided by Iran and the IRGC in Syria, aiding with training as well as fighting allied with the Houthi rebel forces in Yemen and in that rare occasional report which mentions the tri-border region in South America where Hezballah has a series of training areas where Argentina shares borders with Brazil plus Paraguay. The areas you almost never hear references to Hezballah is in Europe, Asia, North America and southern Africa. Perhaps this is due to such events being swept neatly under the legal carpet presumably for the common good of the society. After all, no political figure wants to hear the news reporting of any Hezballah plots to carry out an attack using three or so metric tons of an explosive, say, ammonium nitrate, anywhere near their district, city, county, state or country, all depending on the political level which would be so threatened. Perhaps the political pressures could affect the way in which any such threat would be detected, investigated, possibly prosecuted or, to avoid any undue strain on the body politic, and arrange for other means of handling those involved.


Well, guess what. That is right, such a terror threat which was foiled with minimal fanfare and without anyone being charged, that despite one initially being arrested, all because the timing was off. This has come to light thanks to a deep investigation carried out by The Telegraph where it was reported that Hezballah had been caught planning a terror strike in or around London with, you guessed it, using metric tons of ammonium nitrate. MI-5, assisted by the London Police Department, uncovered the stash containing thousands of disposable ice packs filled with ammonium nitrate. This amount was considerably more than was used in the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people and damaged hundreds of buildings. The raids were carried out on three businesses and one home in North West London by MI-5 and authorities after a months-long investigation. It was stated that MI-5 was acting on a tip from a foreign government which uncovered the major terrorist plot linked to the radical Islamist terror organization and Iranian ally, Hezbollah.


Here is where everything becomes interesting and contains a political attempt to cover up the entire series of events as they came at an inconvenient time. What makes it all the more intriguing was that there was one suspect, a man in his forties, arrested in connection with the raids, though he was later released without charge. The fact that only one person was detained, and then no charges made concerning a plot of such size makes for numerous questions to arise. What had authorities so worried that there was a code of silence concerning the entire affair and no arrests, trials or other ramifications from a months long investigation. Presumably, citing “well-placed sources”, the report claimed that the terror plot had been disrupted by a covert intelligence operation “rather than seeking a prosecution,” which is puzzling. Where things become somewhat clearer is when we are told that this plot was timed during the time of the negotiations and pending of the Iran nuclear deal. This was where The Telegraph suggested that the matter was withheld from the public in order to keep “the Iran nuclear deal afloat.” Still, it was reported that the plot was so serious that then Prime Minister David Cameron and then Home Secretary Theresa May were personally briefed on the discovery of the explosive material. One need not read much further to see where to begin to look to see the origination of the demand that this be kept as quiet as possible and not to make any large display including arrests which could have led to some very uncomfortable complications. After all, this was around the point that the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) and we all knew instinctively that nothing, and we mean nothing, was to come between the P5+1 and the Iran deal.


UK supporters of extremist group Hezbollah

UK supporters of extremist group Hezbollah


The British public has every reason to be quite put out by such political suppression of such an important investigation to the point that there were no arrests or other actions taken beyond raids to impound the explosives while not pursuing further actions. We ask, how is it possible to have such a plot with three-metric tons of explosives but not have any people involved with the use of the explosives or even a group planning for its use. Nobody was found or even to be of interest to MI-5 or the London Police concerning what was definitively a major pending terrorist attack. This cover-up probably extended to high officials in the British government requesting the silence on whomever the unidentified foreign government which provided the initial tip to the British assisting in their preventing a potential tragedy. They were likely contacted and had the situation explained and thus the request for not reporting their efforts in preventing the attack. The threat of terrorism is far too great and is of great importance to the people of every nation. Such an attempt would be politically important as well as the right for the people to know the truth about the world we all live within. But the news and the ruling elite do not treat the people in all too many countries as being capable of handling the truth. Kind of reminds one of the critical lines from some movie. So, because the people are too unsophisticated, too ignorant, so delicate, so uneducated and so emotionally unstable that they are deemed not capable of living in a world where they are told what the reality actually is. This is why the news granted for public consumption is not the reality of the world but a picture of a world with just the right kind of problems which permit the political class to remain in power unchallenged and apparently with everything under control. Telling the people that a significant threat of a terror attack was planned in their precious city and was very probably prevented due to some unmentionable country providing a warning with sufficient information that MI-5 and the police could clean up the threat without even a ripple being told to those who were under this threat. Makes one feel as if the public is not entitled to the truth as they presumably cannot handle the truth.



This is where society has reached, the stage where there are two worlds, the one we are all left sleeping peaceably in our beds each night assured that all is well meanwhile the elites know the reality that they are fortunate that terror threats are discovered and it matters not by whom as long as the people are able to be left in blissful ignorance. This is a sad commentary on our societies as it provides a picture where the people are expected to simply accept the reality fed them by a coordination of the political class and their media allies. The media also does not believe that the people can handle reality, so they sell the people a story-line which lulls them into a sense of being fully protected and safe. The powers that be insist on keeping everyone within the lines they set out for the public and the media and the politicians work to provide as little of the real threats from being identified as it might upset their ability to be reelected, and that is all that matters, right? Why should the people expect for their ruling elite who are chosen time after time to return to their comfortable little jobs while the decision to place trust in these elected officials is all a mirage. So we have what is an important treaty in the wings, well, better not tell the people that those who the politicians are about to make a deal concerning the manufacturing of nuclear weapons were planning what would have been one of the largest terror attacks for somewhere in London to be executed by the terrorist groups which handles the worldwide terror network for the Iranians. The politicians wanted the treaty as it would allow for trade and making large profits for the people who really matter, so the regular folk need not be troubled with any such information which could be distressing. This goes double if it might make for difficulty in carrying on business as usual and making their financiers happy. So, rest easy, they made raids and took away all the explosives and nobody was responsible for the planned terror strike or for hiding three metric tons of explosives, it all just assembled all by itself without any human intervention. And not to worry, the people planning the attack would never attempt to try so again, they probably promised. You know, they promised that they would go home and never try such an attack as was spoiled again just as Iran has promised not to manufacture nuclear weapons or more advanced ballistic missiles, you know, just like the ballistic missiles they have been testing. Read about these tests here, here, here, here and here. We hope you have a nice day and remember not to worry; your worrying would only upset the governing class.


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August 10, 2018

Rockets Red Glare with Bombs Bursting in Air


As to Americans that sounds distinctly familiar as part of their National Anthem, it is unfortunately the situation for all too many Israelis residing in the southern region. There is this dichotomy with the government where as long as Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their friends attack and destroy anything south of Ashkelon, and even a rocket every now and again into Ashkelon or Ashdod, the reaction will be measured and limited such that it does not threaten to harm a single Gazan. This is done by striking weapons storage, rocket storage, mortar storage, launching sites and manufactures well after midnight and long before dawn, like between one in the morning and three thirty in the morning; then the Israeli government is seen as responding but the world is aware that the response is of a minimal and acceptable nature. The government aims to satisfy those under barrage that they care and are doing something to attempt to mitigate the situation while giving the message to the Europeans that all care has been taken to prevent any Arab even suffering a hangnail due to their actions. Such was the response to approximately one-hundred-eighty rockets launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel. The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted at least thirty of the rockets launched with the majority of the rest of the rockets hitting open areas. Allow us to remind you that the success of the Iron Dome is partially due to their launching between two and three interceptors to assure they strike the targeted rocket. This is required as the interceptor can, on occasion, strike another rocket close to the one intended requiring a second interceptor. At fifty-thousand dollars per interceptor, that becomes one large cost to prevent a twenty to fifty dollar rocket from striking within any neighborhood, but Israel will continue to allocate funding as the people are irreplaceable. In Israel, we place a very high priority on the lives of any individual and, as has been proven, Israel places a higher priority on the lives of the citizens of Gaza than does their Hamas rulers. This has been proven by their use of children as human shields. Unfortunately, this past evening at least two Israelis were injured as a result of rockets that landed in Sderot. The injuries, according to Magen David Adom, were a 34-year-old man with wounds from glass shards and a 20-year-old with light injuries both of whom were evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. Over a dozen other people were treated for shock, including three pregnant women who began having labor contractions from the stress.


Even the Iron Dome only intercepts close to 90% of the projectiles targeted. The problem in Sderot is the launch to strike time is often too brief for the interceptor to plot an intercept course allowing for it to launch. In Sderot, the people have approximately ten seconds from the launching of a rocket and making their way to cover before it strikes. This is an unimaginable situation for anybody who has not actually experienced such terror. The citizens in Sderot live with this Sword of Damocles over their heads three-hundred-sixty-five days a year, imagine such for your own family and tell Israel how she should respond to these attacks. This is what people in a city of around twenty-five-thousand and the numerous kibbutzim who also live perilously close to the Gaza border and are facing a similar threat. But Hamas and Islamic Jihad are smart enough to know that as long as they do not strike any of the larger populations centers, especially Tel Aviv metropolitan area and the Jerusalem greater area, that the response will be minimal and they need not worry about any serious Israeli reprisals. After all, the southern Israel region hardly even counts when demographic mapping of population density of Israel is mapped. As becomes obvious from the map below is that the vast majority of the voting public, as well as the general public, reside along the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem corridor and along the central coast centered on Tel Aviv. Around Gaza there are far fewer Israelis and the majority of these are not particularly wealthy, and as in every society on this imperfect planet, money talks and everyone else pays the price of their talking. Still, to the credit of the Israeli government, they do place a number of the Iron Dome systems in the south to protect the citizens and they have deployed a fair number of IDF forces along the Gaza border for the people’s protection.


Map of Israeli Population Density

Rough Map of Israeli Population Density


This brings us to the next series of considerations. Hamas or Islamic Jihad, it really does not matter which, will sooner or later decide to measurably increase the level of their rocket fire and might even use a few of their guided missiles, a large investment as these are few in number, thank Hashem. Still, they have what they call their M-75 Ballistic Missile Named the Jerusalem Rocket (also called the M302 from China originally but copied by Iran), the rocket so famous that they erected a statue to commemorate their great achievement (see below). This is the ballistic missile with which they can strike the near suburbs of Jerusalem and southwestern Jerusalem if they have a favorable wind. What makes this missile so vital is it easily reaches Tel Aviv and has a reported range of one-hundred-fifty kilometers carrying a one-hundred-fifty kilogram warhead. This rocket is capable of bringing down an entire building such as the Azrieli Center Towers, Kirya Tower or the Electra Tower among others causing massive numbers of casualties. The buildings are replaceable, the people are irreplaceable, and that is definitive Israeli logic. It is also why Iron Dome units are placed wherever they are required and we launch as many interceptors as it takes to safeguard every life.


Monument for the M-75 Ballistic Missile Named the Jerusalem Rocket

Monument for the M-75 Ballistic Missile Named the Jerusalem Rocket


Hamas declared earlier this spring that they were armed and prepared to challenge Israel again this summer. They pick their timing for when they believe that the Israeli government is weakest and most consumed with preparations for elections. There are no elections planned for this year as the next scheduled elections are in 2019, but Hamas is as aware as anybody that rarely has an Israeli government managed to serve their entire term without the need for early elections. Often such is done because the ruling party believes that their best shot at holding power is imminently now, so they dissolve the Knesset and call for elections. This has often backfired, and thus is always a risk. Other times a contentious issue arises where the ruling coalition is in conflict and the minority opposition parties believe they see an opening to take power, so they press that the issue dividing the coalition be used for a vote of confidence knowing it will fail. This has often led to consolidating the former coalition voters and thus simply strengthening the previous ruling parties and making the Prime Minister and his coalition even more secure. Elections, especially parliamentary elections, can often have very peculiar results which nobody could have foretold, which is why it is always risky for whoever brings on early elections. Hamas knows that such is a good time to strike Israel as when the government is feeling threatened, they also often are less likely to take any chances on a military offensive. For Hamas, Islamic Jihad and friends, this means they could possibly inflict severe destruction even on central Tel Aviv without suffering an IDF assault into Gaza to end their rocket and missile fire. As to whether Hamas and Islamic Jihad have the ability to strike deeply into Israel, below is an inventory of just some of the rockets and missiles available to them and their abilities. Where these attacks upon the south of Israel have utilized the smaller rockets, having one smash through your roof and blow apart your kitchen while you are in the living room is enough to send one into shock, and if unfortunately it strikes the room one is occupying, then there are deaths and severely wounded and all Israel mourns.


Hamas Rockets and Missiles Nomenclature, Ranges and Payloads


The other problem faced in Israel is the media never bothers to cover these rocket attacks upon Israel and we have seen times when the numbers of rockets increased to the point where there were hundreds launched daily for weeks without a word in the Western media. Finally, Hamas and Islamic Jihad started launching larger rockets deeper into Israel but as the media still viewed this as old news and not worthy of coverage, the world remained blissfully ignorant to what was happening in Israel. Even when rockets and missiles were launched their full range striking Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and even as far north as Haifa, the media remained relatively silent or reported that a couple of rockets were launched on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv ignoring the other three to five hundred rockets launched on the rest of Israel. When finally, Israel responds with the IDF moving into Gaza with tanks and infantry the media breaks their silence making it sound like the Israelis woke up this morning and decided, hey, why don’t we go invade Gaza and make their lives miserable for no reason whatsoever. The media reaction is one of complete and total shock claiming to have no idea why Israel would go and invade Gaza. After two or three weeks of four hundred rockets each day with an increasing percentage launched on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other heavily populated areas, the real question the media should have been asking for a good two weeks or more is why hasn’t Israel leveled Gaza to the ground. This has been the exact coverage Israel received the last three times when she responded to overt attacks coming from Gaza and yet the world and the media continue even now ignoring the constant attacks from Gaza using not merely rockets but these other attacks with incendiary devices attached to kites, balloons and even to birds such as the falcon found dead with such a device attached to its leg. How does one explain such cruelty and yet this was all but unreported outside of Israel. Should any Israeli resort to such brutality, you can bet it would make the news for weeks on end questioning the morality of the Israelis.


The above is simply another measure of the separate and unequal measure used by the media between their coverage of Israel and the coverage of her neighbors. Israel is expected to have such a high standard of actions and morality that anything short of perfection is considered a crime against humanity. While on the other hand, the criminal acts which do qualify as crimes against humanity and cruelty to animals by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezballah, the Palestinian Authority, and the various other Arab forces which have attacked Israel over the years are simply ignored as the media gives them a pass as such is expected from these quarters. Thus, when Hamas, Islamic Jihad or others in Gaza tie incendiary devices to birds and send them into Israel, if the media would report it they would claim that Israel failed to rescue the poor falcon which was caught in a tree. There would be no mention of why or how it was caught in the tree or that an incendiary device attached to the bird caused its death, just simply Israelis were unable to save a poor bird which was simply caught in a tree. When the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists proportionally to the number of Israelis they murder, hardly a peep from the world until President Trump held back aid to the Palestinian Authority over these payments, and he was criticized as causing hardship on the poor Palestinians living under Mahmoud Abbas who continues to demand that the United States continue their payments so that he can continue to pay these terrorists and their families for their having murdered Israelis, and they get additional if the Israelis happen to be Jews. But when an Israeli stops a terrorist who is attempting to stab people at a bus stop in Jerusalem by shooting him, the media demands that the Israeli face charges of manslaughter of murder because he shot a terrorist who was only using a knife as if the Israeli is only permitted equal or lesser armaments when stopping terrorism in action. Often such articles begin as such, ‘Israeli man shoots Palestinian dead in Jerusalem this morning. During an altercation at a bus stop, an Israeli brandished his weapon and shot a Palestinian who was amongst a number of people at the bus stop. The Palestinian was pronounced dead at the scene and the Israeli man was not even taken by police for questioning. Some of those waiting for the bus have reported the man was attempting to stab those at the bus stop but it is uncertain as nobody was injured other than the shooting victim.’ For those who believe we are exaggerating, below find an actual headline after a terror attack where two Israelis were injured by the Palestinian assailants who were prevented from causing further harm by an Israeli at the scene who was armed. One would be led to believe that the Palestinians were the victims of a stabbing attack, not that they were the perpetrators of the stabbing attack which was brought to an end by an armed Israeli.


Slanted and Biased News Headline Ignoring the Jewish Israeli Victims Appearing to Claim the Palestinians Were Killed Randomly and Not Because of Their Stabbing Terror Attack on Israelis Near the Jaffa Gate And the Revised Presumably More Realistic Title


This kind of coverage is largely responsible for the numbers of people who view Israel as the aggressor and the Palestinians as the victims. The media paints that picture no matter how much it must twist and contort their reporting to make Israel into the horrific perpetrator of the violence and not the victims of violence. We have seen reporting which stated that Israel fired five missiles towards Gaza while not bothering to mention that all those missiles fired by Israel were from Iron Dome, which is an anti-missile battery and cannot be utilized as an offensive weapon and only as an interceptor. These articles will finally mention that the missiles fired by Israel were in response to a dozen rockets fired out of Gaza. Still this gives the impression that the missiles Israel launched were offensive in nature and not fired to intercept the rockets from Gaza plus the wording is often so vague that one gets the feeling that Israel fired missiles into Gaza and then Hamas fired rockets in return when the reality is Hamas fired rockets, Israel intercepted a number of these rockets, and nothing was fired into Gaza. Reports have started off with Israeli IDF fighter jets struck over a hundred separate targets in Gaza. Again, it is not until the third from last paragraph that they mention Israel was responding to attacks earlier from Hamas and Islamic Jihad within Gaza. Often they do not report who was responsible for the rockets from Gaza, they simply magically were launched by a few Gazans out for a lark and not meaning any harm, but Israeli jets struck selected targets, thus Gaza did little if any damage and those Israelis punished them by striking accurately. They never mention that Israel strikes these targets more often than not in the early morning hours to minimize any chance of casualties. Hamas targets as best they can civilians. Below is a picture of a school bus which it was reported to have stopped an attack. This was a Palestinian who used a large construction vehicle on a Jerusalem street striking cars and other vehicles and which finally was stopped but only after he struck this fortunately empty school bus. The caption was as we copied at the time that this was the school bus which stopped the attack. The title should have read attack finally ended after striking vehicles upon striking this school bus, but that might have been too accurate.


School Bus which Stopped Attack

School Bus which Stopped Attack


We could continue with more and more evidence but the fact that at least seventy rockets were fired out of Gaza on Wednesday of this week and until your reading this, unless you read Israeli new sites, you likely thought that all was quiet on the Israel-Gaza front because a week ago it was announced that Egypt had arranged peace between Hamas and Israel. Well, they did and they did not. What happened was the political wing of Hamas made peace with Israel which was easy as they are not firing rockets or sending incendiary balloons and kites into Israel or as we reported a couple of days ago firing on IDF positions. Hamas military wing refused to accept the ceasefire and has continued their attacks. So Israel is at peace with the Hamas political wing while the Hamas military wing continues their attacks upon Israel to which Israel has finally responded. We expect to have some hear that Israel strikes Hamas against ceasefire agreement with Hamas from somewhere in the world simply because they have no desire to actually dig for the facts, they just find something with which to attack Israel, this will bring them accolades from their editors and a possible promotion so they run with whatever makes Israel into the monster. That is the realism which makes up the world’s news. The editors will refuse reality if it does not fit their political proclivities thus reporters find only the news their editors desire and the people suffer by not being told the truth about many of the situations the world over. Yesterday’s story is likely about an ongoing war where followers of Islam, the presumed religion of peace, have been waging a genocidal war of extinctions against the Christians and Animists across the African Transition Zone with the most recent atrocity in Nigeria. The story is worth reading if for no other reason than to be informed and the links provided. The same war is being waged by Turkey against the Kurds in northern Syria and by Iran and Iraq together against the Kurds in northern Iraq. These are the very same Kurds who were ready to declare themselves independent and form a nation state but were advised by the United States State Department that their doing so would be inconvenient for the United States. The Kurds complied and are now being exterminated for their failure to declare themselves a nation. In southern Syria around Damascus and the southern mountains the Druze are being selectively slaughtered by Iranian IRGC forces who are supporting Bashir al-Assad in Syria to hold on to power which he will maintain over an ever shrinking number of people. Have you heard about those stories, probably not as it paints what would be considered an Islamophobic picture. What a shame that the truth must be filtered to protect the very people who are the aggressors in most of these conflicts.


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March 19, 2018

Europe Has a Big Silent Secret


Europe still keeps statistics on crime, even violent crimes, and they show that violent crimes are continuing to trend downwards. Murders are decreasing. Robberies are decreasing. Sexual assaults are decreasing. Well, that is amongst the normative communities. Many European police departments have started keeping two sets of books. One set of books is about normative crime committed by normal, multigenerational Europeans. That book is the one that is reported to the people in Europe and is being used as a tranquilizing agent. The statistics generated by this set of books a calming, soothing and oh so very optimistic. These statistics and crime reports are for those who desire to continue on believing that Europe is on the verge of a wonderful and bright future. These optimists are dependent upon good news reports on statistical improvement of Europe and the advancement of European society and governance and all that goes with this. These are the people who read all the right papers which only cover the flowers and smiles unless something so overwhelmingly evil and immense, such that it becomes impossible to ignore, then it is reported and sterilized as much as possible with any hint that it might be part of a greater area of criminal acts and violence ongoing yet uncovered.


This is where the other set of books come in play. These are the books which report about the unspoken crimes which are taking place. These are the hidden-crime books which do not even begin to cover the full extent of these crimes and they only really matter if they manage to also get into the other set of books that they really matter. There are crimes which go completely unreported in either book as the police can only report those crimes of which they are aware. If there are communities where the police treat as no-go zones, then crimes within that community do not exist officially. What if a crime is committed, never reported to the authorities presumably responsible for where it occurred, instead handled by the neighborhood in which it occurred, if and only if they consider it a crime and not if they do not believe it is a crime even if there are laws against the act in the outside world, and no state official at any level is ever involved or even knowledgeable about said crime. Is that really a crime or is it an uncrime? This crime is not in the official general crimes kept book and not in the unofficial other than general crimes book. It may have been brought to the attention of the local unofficial authority within this community or to the head of the family and never goes any further. The community authority, family head or some level of authority decides that this is not to go further, they decide guilt, innocence or if anything wrong even occurred. This becomes an uncrime. But there is a greater form of what is best described as other-crime. Other-crime is what the other set of books report and they are the crimes which the police find out about or have reported from the immigrant controlled areas where the police rarely tread except on necessity and then only in force. Some of these crimes become known to the police and authorities when they are called upon to escort an ambulance into these closed communities. These books also cover another kind of crime which would be best called by the name of quieted-crime. Quieted-crime are those crimes where immigrant community members interact with the other Europeans and the police are able to prevent any repercussions outside of the police who took the report and the European is convinced to remain quiet and not make any big deal and to simply accept that the police will do what they can but there really is not that much that can possibly be done. This includes numerous cases of sexual attacks and other similar criminal acts such as the events during New Year’s Eve in Germany reported by Sueddeutsche Zeitung. This is a small crack allowing a small view of the hidden-crime books which escaped and is going to be downplayed once again until this report is forgotten.


Europe by National Flag

Europe by National Flag


The reality of crime diminishing must be preserved and the influx of immigrants has had no deleterious effects must be preserved at all costs. Political careers are completely dependent upon immigrations never becoming a contentious issue. Europe cannot continue to have unhindered immigration with completely open borders allowing as many “Asian” immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa if the hidden-crime books were to become completely public. But that is the whole reason why there are two sets of books covering criminal actions. Do not for a minute think that the politicians are not aware of the existence of both books. They are completely aware of the facts and that they are risking the entirety of European society by their actions but they are trapped by their own past performance. Some of these politicians have been around for much of the influx of the immigrants and a few have even been around since the start of the breakdown of European society. European society has changed dramatically since World War II and as time passed since that war, the changes have gained speed and the consequences have snowballed. One of the results of the changes in Europe was a decreasing population rate. This has been the result of what is referred to as the “me generation” and their interest in chasing their own enjoyment and sacrificing having families, or at least children, as families and responsibility steal the freedom to have life as one continuous party. When you stop having children, this creates a problem for those who govern, namely how to have sufficient workers to provide for the aging populations. This drove the need for immigrants, bodies who could be put to work to provide the taxes to pay for the retirees which were soon to come as the post-war generation retired. The idea was to allow a free flow of immigrants to fill jobs in order to pay for government and the future. The economies did not produce sufficient jobs and the 2008 crash turned many immigrants into unemployed immigrants. When the immigrant society got a taste of the unemployed life and the social safety net of payments provided by European governments, they realized that they could live a relatively comfortable life well above what they had in their home nation by simply living in groups and collecting government handouts. This has led to the immigrants producing an even more serious financial problem as they began to collect more funds than they produced in taxes. That led many of the politicians doubling down on allowing immigrants in hoping to get ahead of the collapse. They are not going to be able to prevent the coming failure of Europe.


The crime remaining unreported is just half of the problem which is snowballing. The economic problems are now a runaway train with its throttle wide open and nobody at the controls. There will always be hopes that the immigrants will find that taking jobs provide a better life than government handouts or the governments will find that they are forced by financial troubles to end many of their handouts and this might force the immigrant communities to seek employment or return home. Then Europe will simply have to seek some way other than immigrants to solve their financial difficulties. But there may be something in the not too distant future which could turn everything around. There is always that old favorite of Europe when economies are stagnant, everything is looking like a really sorry future financially, there appears to be no easily enacted means of solving the problem, taxes have been exhausted and all else appears bleak, there is always a great war to reset the economic scales and starting over from scratch with a society to rebuild offering jobs for all. What solution from Europe’s past, when facing economic difficulties, is it to which we are referring? It is everyone declaring war on one another and fighting until all resources are exhausted. One would hope that the Europeans might have progressed beyond that solution. But then again, there is nothing like tried and true methods perfected by thousands of years of history. Perhaps it is the perfecting of warfare which would make such a solution being unimaginable, but that solution should not be completely ruled out.


Fortunately, there is another solution on the horizon and we can only hope it does not come too late to save Europe. That solution is the end of economies, as we have always known them. Social economics have always been predicated on workers and spending to provide the employment for the workers. But what if workers did not require being paid and designing products also did not require paychecks, and the entire workforce was automated and people only had jobs if they desired to have them. People who worked would receive additional buying power allowing them to have a more extravagant lifestyle. They would have access to nicer pad, nicer digs, sweeter ride (which would be actually having a ride) and better seats at the restaurant, opera (performed by robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI) actors) and generally more variety in entertainment. Still, with all production and design generally provided by robotic entities as well as AIs and government has found a means of providing buying power without actually using money. The government should be capable of allowing certain levels of purchasing, government provided housing, and everything desired by the people freely as long as the production and other desired needs are provided by AI and robotics with a small workforce who receives compensation advantages in purchasing as purchasing is money free. Purchasing will be provided through personal card, kind of a credit card with the credit set by the government. This also would allow providing people who work a larger spending capability. All Europe need do is make it to the point where the AIs and robots are running our societies. Once the developed world is run by AIs and robots, they will have reached a point where the main drive from their world should, if they really hope to live in peace, spreading their economic abilities and life of ease to the remainder of the world. Then the sole item which would need to be guarded against would be any violent actions from any of the nations which are being transformed for inclusion in the advanced societal structure developed. The one item which might be required for the developed world to provide safety would be automated AI law enforcement which would prevent warfare from any point on the planet. This would also require the most difficult of all things, allowing the AIs to also become the government. How can we get politicians to surrender their fat cat easy lives of excess through insider trading to allow themselves to be replaced by a supercomputer? Perhaps by doing away with the stocks which provide them the trade advantage. The real challenge for the world is to get to that future before we annihilate ourselves in one huge exchange of nuclear weapons enveloping the entirety of the globe such that even Antarctica melts in the exchange. Anyone care to take bets on this?


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